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Re: Pharma (Chapter 44 Posted)
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Thanks TGH and Amanda.  I have to admit I'm more on Tommy's side when it comes to the Swedes and their furniture, but usually because I'm too cheap to pay for shipping and don't want to wait a few months to get it delivered.  The next few chapters put the final pieces into play.  It would be a real shame if someone's phone was unlocked during a vacation trip.   >:D

Chapter 44 incoming
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 44 Posted)
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Chapter 44(nosex,setup)

Tommy spent Tuesday night shopping for supplies.  He had to get enough food and drinks to last half a dozen people or more for a few days, plus the various other gear they’d need for this adventure.  He couldn’t make it too easy for the men attacking them, but didn’t want to leave them high or dry, either.  He packed enough clothes for a weekend, and also made sure that he had a couple nice cameras and extra storage to record to as well.  He was fairly certain he’d never see the cameras again, but viewed that as a small price to pay to play the game.  One thing he made sure they didn’t bring were any weapons.  If this plan worked, he didn’t want someone trying to be a hero and popping a cap in Steve’s ass.

James did the same as well Tuesday night, but focused more on technical, tactical, and logistical preparation.  He knew that the most important part of a plan is contingency preparation.  He had plans in place in case one of the crew backed out, plans in case Tommy needed more cameras or equipment, and plans in place in case they had visitors.  A large part of the plans involved talking with his old friend Bob, making sure that no one crossed any lines.  Last thing any of them needed was one of the crew pole vaulting over an unwritten rule like not tipping at E&B’s or setting the cabin on fire.  He sent a text to Bob, letting him know that he’d be up soon.  A little back and forth about having sex with marsupials and they agreed to meet shortly after he checked in.

During their preparations, they talked with the rest of the crew on the Club’s site.  Bubbles had a plan that since she still had the pink hair, she might as well play that up.  She ordered some really good temporary tattoos and would be marked up with a bunch of those by Saturday morning.  She knew that people focused on the differences, not the similarities.  Morgana and Drew would focus on what made her different from every other Asian woman they’ve met if they ever described her to the cops.  A woman with a dozen or so tattoos and pink hair and green eyes is easy to find.  One with black hair and black eyes fits into a crowd.  Sam confirmed that he had enough guns for everyone in the attacking crew to each have one and had enough blanks to go around.  Only one gun would be live and that would be his.  Also, they talked to JC but he was still out.  The only way he’d be available is if he drove up early Saturday morning, and considering he was fucking his girlfriend on her cam stream Friday night, he wasn’t interested unless something big came up.  Ray was still MIA, and their other friends weren’t sure if they’d be available until at least Thursday.  They said something about getting a babysitter for the weekend being a pain in the ass but doable.

When Wednesday rolled around, Tommy was as anxious and excited as a kid on Christmas morning.  However, he still had a few hours to wait until James came around to pick him up.  James wanted to drive because he liked his truck better than Tommy’s and knew the way up to the lake.  Tommy didn’t argue that point, but wasn’t looking forward to sitting in the passenger’s seat for three straight hours as James listened to Justin Bieber or some podcast about the invention of the automatic dryer’s lint trap.  Since he still had some time to kill, Tommy checked out his favorite lesbians, Riley and Jordan.  For the most part they were too busy with their sports to spend any sexy time together, but they did enjoy a couple showers together.  He saved them for future viewing.  He wondered about how, once this whole thing was over, he could arrange a little meeting with those two beauties.  He’d have to talk to Sam about it, since they lived in one of his buildings and didn’t like anyone shopping from there.  Hell, they have to move out sometime.

James picked up Tommy and after loading up all of the supplies in the truck, they began the 3 hour drive up to Lake Hiawatha.  The pair talked for a bit as James drove, learning a little more about each other.  It wasn’t much, but James isn’t the kind to open up to people.  Even finding out that James spent some time in the Australian Army as a young man was hard enough to get out of him.  He was a paratrooper for a short time before an injury from a jump sidelined him.  He then transferred to a unit that specialized in logistics until his time was up and he went to Uni to study architecture and design then followed that up with another degree in Civil Engineering.  James then traveled the world, working various jobs and places until he landed a gig with a company that was eventually purchased by Pharma.  They appreciated how he took over failing projects and put them back on the right track.  He became their go-to guy for large construction projects and was their top choice for the new North American HQ.  He was used to moving around a lot but he’s been in Harbor City for the last few years and wouldn’t mind retiring here, when that time comes.  Tommy joked about James retiring about 20 minutes after he died, only because he was catching up on emails.  James nodded, but also said that he would like to start slowing down over the next few years.  He knows he can’t keep up the crazy pace forever and at this point works more out of habit than anything else.  It’s easy to save a bunch of money when there’s no kids to pay for.  Tommy did find out that James had a few serious relationships over the years, but they never lasted.  Most serious one was with a woman named Lisa back in the 00’s.  He thought about settling down in one spot, but he wasn’t ready.  Tommy told James about growing up in Chicago, coming to school in Harbor City, and some of the stuff he’s done but none of it was as exciting or interesting as being a skydiving architect.

“Nonsense.  Make yer own fookin’ story.  Most blokes never do anything fun and then whine about it when they’re old.  Whatever ya do, put yourself into it and ya won’t regret it.”


One advantage with two blokes driving, they could hold it until they needed to hit a gas station.  They only stopped once, going to a large gas station and made-to-order food store in one.  Nothing says a gas stop like getting fried cheesesticks and a burger.  James made Tommy finish the food before getting back inside the truck, but was gracious enough to not strand him in the middle of nowhere and drive off.  James grabbed a bottle of Iced Tea for the road while Tommy did the same.

After a three-hour drive, they arrived at the outskirts of Lake Hiawatha.  There were a series of stores and restaurants along the main drag.  Since it was getting late in the afternoon, James decided to stop a local diner called Harry’s.  It has been in operation since the 50’s and looked like an old-fashioned diner, complete with a jukebox in the corner.  Of course, it was digital now but the food was still more or less old timey diner food.  Tommy was a little nervous about leaving everything in the back of the truck, but James assured him it would be fine.  The town didn’t tolerate thieves.  Besides, there were two deputies sitting in a booth a few spaces down.  This helped Tommy calm down a little but not take his mind off of how much shit he was stirring.  James made some small talk, saying that once they checked in and settled in a bit, they were gonna meet a friend of his.  He described Bob without saying Bob’s name.  James hated it when people dropped names to sound impressive, and this was one of those names that in this town was meant to sound impressive.  Saying that Bob was a friend up by Lake Hiawatha was like saying “I’m friends with the Proud Boys.”  It usually impressed the wrong kind of people.  They enjoyed a quick lunch, James getting a chicken salad and Tommy a Western Omelet.  The older man was amazed at how Tommy could eat so much and stay so skinny.  ‘To be young and have a metabolism again’ he thought as he watched Tommy clear his plate.

They drove to the resort’s main office next, and Tommy checked in.  They had the Running Bear cabin, off by the edge of the resort’s property.  The pair went through the customary steps and spiel, don’t go too far off the property because it doesn’t belong to the resort, if you see a bear play dead, the resort is not responsible if you are eaten by a black or brown bear but will gladly pay for any injuries caused by a polar bear, and there is a concierge service available if they wanted to leave their truck at the main gate and drive golf carts back and forth.  James asked about that, it was supposedly to cut down on traffic around the resort.  Plus, they could be directed to an off-road track nearby if they wanted to get their truck dirty, ‘like the good lord intended a truck to be.’  Tommy said they were going to drop off their stuff first, but that they might take them up on the golf cart service shortly, especially since they had some friends coming to visit in a couple days.  Tommy saw that James was thinking the same thing. 

Leave the truck at the gate.  That way no one can hop in and drive to safety.

They drove carefully to the Running Bear cabin.  The car path was barely wide enough for a truck and anyone going around would have to wait at dog legs in the road or drive off into the woods.  Meanwhile, they could see the golf cart path from where they drove.  It was smooth, wide enough for traffic both ways, quiet, and serene.  As soon as possible, they were coming back up to the main gate and getting a cart.


James parked the F-150 in front of the Running Bear cabin.  It was a gorgeous log cabin, three stories tall with a green metal roof and decks along the main and upper floor.  Everything had a red cedar sheen to it.  The parking pad was level with the main floor, and a set of steps led down to a stone patio with a fire pit and seating for 4 around it in matching chairs and an outdoor fireplace that could also be used as a makeshift pizza oven in a pinch.  A built-in charcoal grill stood off to the side.  The view overlooked a burbling creek below in the distance.  Off of the patio was the bottom floor’s deck.  It wrapped around half of the cabin and was where the hot tub was located.  There was an outside worthy TV stationed above the hot tub.  The backyard of the cabin led to a pool that was shared with another, identical cabin.  It was far enough away that anything short of a gunshot would be hard to hear.  Still, James would have to talk to Bob about the neighbors.

While Tommy was in awe of the place, James held his reactions a little closer to the vest.  Fortunately, he was able to save his reactions until they were inside.

Tommy opened the door to the cabin for the main floor.  There was a large living room, complete with fireplace, entertainment center, a large couch, and multiple leather recliners.  A fully stocked kitchen with an eat-in bar was flanked by a dining room with a table ready to seat 8.  This didn’t include the half-dozen stools around the kitchen bar.  Peering outside, they found even more places to sit at.  On the first floor before getting to the steps, they found the first bedroom and the first two bathrooms.  The half bath connected to the main living area while the bedroom had a full on-suite.  The pair put their stuff down in the middle of the living room floor.

“Let’s see the rest of the place before picking rooms.”  Tommy said.  James nodded in agreement. 

The pair went downstairs.  The main area was spacious with a billiards table and two video game machines.  Outside on the deck, they could see the hot tub.  There was another bedroom with a full attached bathroom.  Another king-sized bed was in this room, along with some furniture and a place to sit.  Under the steps was a washer and dryer.  Behind the steps was a full-blown home theater room.  A massive TV hung on the wall in front of a full brown leather couch and two rows of stadium seats behind it, easily sitting 10 people in the seats.  James was getting ideas for this room.  Almost certainly the same ideas that Steve and Sam would get when they toured the place.

They both went upstairs.  The stairs overlooked the main living area, so someone could stand up here and get a bird’s eye view of the festivities.  The top floor had two more bedrooms with king-sized beds and full bathrooms, and decks outside to enjoy the view.  One of them had a jacuzzi tub as well.

“This should be their room.  They’ll probably want to use the jacuzzi at some point.  Camera should go…there.”  James pointed around the room looking for some place to set up a hidden camera.  To be honest, it was very difficult, what with the exposed beams and lack of knick knacks lying around.  He selected a point near the TV wall mounted above the dresser on a swivel mount.  Tommy agreed.  He looked behind the TV and around it, looking to see if he could find a place to mount it.

“That’ll work.  We’ll have to get creative, though.  At least with downstairs we’ll have other cams set up and available for them to use.”  Tommy said as he checked out the situation.  He peered around the television, straight into it, over it and under it.  He poked and prodded at the surrounding area, looking for a place where he might mount a hidden camera.

That’s when James’s phone buzzed.  He pulled it out and looked at it.  It was a text from Bob.

“Da Fuq U 2 doin n ther?”

James looked down at his phone, then looked at the TV mounted on the wall.  Another text came.

“Yeah, smile 4 da camera bitches.”  James laughed.  Another text came.

“Come 2 my office, main lodge.”  James typed a response. “Be there soon, will unload truck first.”  The letter K was the reply.  The older man then tapped Tommy on the shoulder.

“Let’s go meet a friend of mine.  I told him ‘bout ya, kinda keen to get to know ya.”

“Really?  You said nice things about me?”  Tommy quipped, and James shrugged. 

“I know, musta been drunk.  Let’s go.”  With that, the pair headed downstairs and finished unloading the truck.  After that they left, driving the truck back to the main gate.


It was another one of those days for Bob Kuntzmann.  Wednesday, which meant that he had to at least pretend to do work.  Not that it mattered much, he was in charge and had people for this, but he figured out a while back that as long as he was connected to the business, he needed to do business things.  He needed to meet with investors, approve marketing strategies, talk with various department heads, fire idiots, hire the next batch of idiots, rehire people he fired, go over budget information, all of it.  He hated doing this, so that’s why he scheduled all of this work stuff for one day a week.  Wednesday.  It was the slowest day of the week, rarely did it have a holiday fall on it, and people were usually sober enough to be semi-professional on Wednesday.  That’s why he scheduled all of his weekly meetings for Wednesday.  Doesn’t mean he likes Wednesdays.  Even with running a summer resort, he still needs to put pants on for these meetings.  Especially with the investors and politicians.

In some ways, it was so much easier and quieter when all he had to worry about was the next 24 hours.  Now, he has to play by the rules…most of the time.  One of his favorite sayings was “What good is a rule if you can’t break it?”  Back in the day he didn’t care about zoning regulations or OSHA or unions or lobbyists or competitors or any of that shit.  Now, he’s lucky if he can go a week without having to grease some palms, get a politician rip roaring drunk and record their debauchery to get his way on some project.  It was so much easier back in the day as a drug dealer, a thief, and a killer.

He spent most of the day in meetings going over proposals for the Hiawatha Winter Resort.  One problem with running a summer resort is that nothing happens during winter, but when someone says Winter Resort, the first things they think of are skiing and snowboarding.  There isn’t a hill big enough or steep enough in Hiawatha County to build a ski slope worthy of a top tier resort…yet.  That’s what one of today’s meetings was about.  Should they try to buy a mountain in a nearby county or build one?  Real estate is the craziest he’s ever seen it, so this might be the one time in history where it would be cheaper to make a mountain than buy one.  They also have an advantage that a nearby strip mine is up for sale.  Some developer wants to build a bunch of condos and white people housing on it.  That means a bunch of stuck-up NIMBY fucks breathing over his shoulder.  Sure, he could make some serious bank selling drugs to their kids on the side, but eventually a Karen shows up and ruins all the fun.  It was at the heart of his fight with the Indian casino down the road.  When Bob asked why they hadn’t purchased it yet, one of the lawyers in the group said that the owner of the development company had rebuffed their previous offer.  Bob’s team had an agreement in place to buy the abandoned mine for a fair price for all parties involved, but the developer kept outbidding them.  They decided on a plan of action.  They would convince the owner of the development company that building on an abandoned strip mine would be a bad idea, which it is.  If they didn’t respond to carrot, maybe they’d respond to stick.  After the ‘official’ meeting ended, they discussed some possible options once those that needed plausible deniability left the room.  One of Bob’s ‘good men’, Marcus, anticipated Bob’s decisions.  He had a plan in place for how to deal with this ‘good Christian family-run business.’  Bob looked at the plan and smiled.  It could be executed as early as tonight or tomorrow.  He asked to be kept in the loop.

By the time that meeting was over, it was after 3PM.  He made a beeline for his office, told his secretary to hold his calls, locked the door behind him, and checked his phone.  He ran a no phones policy for his important meetings, and that rule applied to him.  Don’t need his own phone or a smartwatch being turned into a listening device by Johnny Law.  When he made it back to his office, he looked at the messages.  A bunch of stuff from real friends wanting to talk, so-called friends wanting a favor, lawyers wanting a piece of his time, and messages from the staff keeping him informed of things.  Apparently his oldest kid’s college payment was due soon and he had to authorize that with the lawyers.

He checked the messages and responded in order of importance, until he saw the last two.  One was from the front desk saying that a friend of his had just checked in, and another text from Kanga.  He texted the front desk first and while waiting for their reply, pulled up his secure laptop.  It had a connection to Bob’s personal camera network.  He learned a long time ago that people are assholes and will destroy shit they don’t own.  He has security cameras in many of the public areas around the various cabins and a dedicated security team.  What they don’t know is that Bob has a second series of cameras installed in various cabins and rooms throughout the resort.  He had to hide them well, couldn’t risk getting caught so he had to be particular.  He knew from experience that people that pull the whole ‘friend of a friend’ shit tend to be the ones to cause the most shit, especially if they only know the friend a little.  He’s had more property damage from people dropping the name of a friend than he’d care to count.  That’s why he made it a habit that each person that called and dropped a friend’s name, he put them in a cabin that was wired for security in every room. 

As he waited for the security system to load up, he checked the phone again.  James, the kangaroo fucker, texted earlier saying he was on his way up and that he’d like to meet.  Something he had to discuss.  Bob shook his head.  James was always too formal, even after all these years.  It’s like he was allergic to opening up and letting friends be friends.  In a way, he loved that about him.  No matter how close they were, he never wanted to be a bother or a burden to him.  Just as he was about to text James back asking if he’d arrived, the front desk replied.  The friend of a friend was Thomas Gearheardt, and he checked into Running Bear.  Bob remembered him.  Called himself Tommy.  He sounded like a young man on the phone, was looking originally for a two-bedroom cabin but he pushed him to Running Bear and gave a discount for an extra day.  He said he worked with Chuck, and that he gave him his card.  From how he responded he at least knew Chuck and Angie and a few of Chuck’s crew, but still sounded like a new acquaintance.  He booked him into Running Bear himself.  He thanked the front desk for the reply and went to the security cams for Running Bear.

He damn near fell out of his seat laughing.  Tommy Gearheardt was Kanga’s Roo.  And they’re looking directly into one of the hidden cameras, talking about how they could rig the room for a hidden camera.  Bob could see right up Tommy’s nose.  Bob regained his composure and texted James.

“Da Fuq U 2 doin n ther?”  He could see James as he looked down at his phone, then looked at the TV mounted on the wall.  Another text came.

“Yeah, smile 4 da camera bitches.”  James laughed.  Another text came.

“Come 2 my office, main lodge.” 

“Be there soon, will unload truck first.”  James replied to the text.

“K”. Bob sent the text, laughing his meat off.  Of all the crazy shit…. Then a thought struck Bob.  Why did Kanga bring Roo all the way up here to Hiawatha County?  That’s when Bob went through the way-too-many-steps to log into that weird Club James was a member of and looked a couple things up.  He saw that Tommy, who had been in a couple videos with a hot blonde Aussie twat was organizing a field trip.  This could be vital information.  Bob kept the security cam feed on his laptop.  It’s always good to not let the other side know what you know until you need them to know.


James drove Tommy back to the main gate.  He wasn’t exactly sure what to expect from Bob, but wanted to make sure he laid all the pieces out.  After all, if this went bad, it was his sandbox they were shitting in.  James knew that Bob didn’t fuck around with people doing stupid shit near him.

They arrived at the main gate office and asked to see Bob, saying they had an appointment.  The front desk clerk was confused and called up to the secretary.  She didn’t know of any appointment.  Just as the clerk was going to shoo them away, her phone rang.

“Hello?  Why, yes sir.  Yes, you could say that…  I might not say that, sir. … Yes, I’ll bring them right up.”  She hung up the phone and smiled.  “Right this way, sirs.”  Tommy and James followed the cute young woman to the rear of the building, the furthest back office down the row.  In the antechamber was an older woman in her 60’s named Patti, sitting at a desk typing emails.  She looked up at the young woman and glared.  She didn’t like it when people she didn’t know went past her.  The young woman knocked on the door.  There was a nameplate next to the door.  “Robert Kuntzmann, Owner”.  Tommy had heard this name before.  Chuck’s friend.

A booming voice from inside just said “Send them in.”  She opened the door.  “Here you go.”

“Thank you.”  Tommy said, smiling at the girl.  She smiled back.

“Thanks.”  James smiled.  For some reason, she blushed a little when he smiled at her.  After they were inside, she closed the door and returned to her station.

Inside the office, a big man wearing a green polo shirt with ‘Hiawatha Resorts’ on it sat in a large leather chair, looking at a computer monitor. 

“The fuck is going on Kanga.  You finally bring Roo around?”  He stood up from the desk.

Tommy got his first good look at him.  He was in his 50’s, around James’s age, standing at about 6 feet tall and was 300 pounds if he weighed an ounce.  His arms and chest were big, but so was his belly.  His hair was thinning and white, and he had a full beard.  He smiled a big, toothy grin.  The kind of grin that was both relaxing and unsettling at once.

The big man made his way over to James and bear-hugged him.  It was funny seeing James get squeezed by a man a couple inches shorter than him, but this man easily pick up the much skinnier James.  James hugged him back.  When he let go, he looked up at Tommy and grabbed his hand.

“I’m Bob.  You’re Tommy?”

“Yes sir.”  Tommy replied.  Bob turned to James.

“You got this fucker trained good.  What brings you fuckers up to my playground?”  Bob let go of Tommy’s hand, damn near crushing it.  He motioned to the chairs in front of his desk.  They made their way over and sat.  Bob sat behind his desk and opened a drawer.  He handed each man a can of cold beer, Miller Lite.  He took one for himself.

“So, what are you guys up to?  What’s up with looking to wire hidden cams in my cabin?”  Tommy was stunned.

“Umm…” Before he could say anything, Bob pressed a button on his desk and a monitor facing the pair lit up.  It showed Tommy staring into a hidden camera, looking around and behind it, talking about finding a place to wire one.  Tommy realized that the hidden camera was in the TV.  It was confirmed when he moved the TV and it put James in frame.  A second later, James laughs as he looks at his phone.  Tommy looked at James, then back at Bob.

“Go ahead boy, answer the question.  Whatchyo doin’ in my playground?”  Bob sat there, relaxed.  Tommy was anything but.  Less than an hour in the resort, and they’ve been busted.  He stammered and stuttered, trying to find an answer.  That’s when James cracked open his tinny of cheap beer and spoke.

“He knows ‘bout the Club.  He’s been a member of sorts for a while.”  James had to remind Tommy about this little fact.  This helped Tommy relax a bit.  Not much, just a bit.

“Well, we’re looking at hosting a little event here, a party of sorts.”

“A party?  So who’s the guest of honor?  Don’t supposed it’s that little Aussie twat you’re nailing, is it?”  Bob saw how Tommy reacted when he said that, and he knew he had his answer.  “Oh, she is.  Now, tell me Tommy.  Why up here?”  Bob opened his beer, leaving Tommy as the only one not drinking.  As Tommy looked for the answer, Bob looked at him with a ‘better open that’ look.  Tommy opened his can of beer and took a couple swigs.  “So, why drive 3 hours for something you can do in her own home?”  Tommy said the first thing that came to mind.

“Don’t shit where you eat.”  His voice showed a strain of nervousness.

Bob nodded, appreciating the logic behind the comment.  He took a sip of his beer and sat, waiting for Tommy to continue.  Tommy eventually got the hint.

“Both their old condo and new house are wired up for cameras that they don’t know about.  Something happens there, any halfway decent cop would poke around and might trip over something.  And they just moved to Hillside.”  Tommy spoke, trying to regain his composure.  As friendly as Bob’s words were, he could be quite off-putting.

“Go on.  What’s so bad about Hillside?  I have family that live there.”  Bob said, gauging Tommy for a reaction.

“It’s really nice.  So nice that a bunch of cops live there, including one or two that might not mind their own business.  I met some of them recently at Chuck’s house.”

“Chuck’s house?  You’ve been there?”

“Yeah.  I was there on the Fourth of July.  The Wop’s parents-“  Bob cut off Tommy.

“The Wop?”  Bob looked at Tommy squarely.  The younger man squirmed.

“Antonio Castriota.  Tony.  He’s my brother from DTD, we called him The Wop because there were 4 other Tony’s in the fraternity.”

“What was your name?”

“Stick boy.”

“Got it.  Keep going.  What about the Wop?”

“His parents are Chuck’s next-door neighbors, and he invited us over to Chuck’s house for his barbecue on the Fourth.  It was kinda weird at first but when I saw Chuck and Angie, I relaxed a little.  We talked for a bit, even brought this place up, right until he changed the subject on a dime when this guy came in the room.  A few weeks later I asked Chuck about that, and said that was Angie’s brother, that he was a cop and didn’t like you.”  As Tommy said that, Bob twitched a little.

“Go on.”

“Well, Chuck and I got to talking, and he mentioned a little of the history between you and George.”

“That Mother Fucker.”  Bob interjected.

“Huh?”  As Tommy replied, Bob’s facial expression changed just for a moment, from jovial to homicidal then back to jovial.

“Don’t say that name up ‘ere.”  James said.  Tommy looked confused, but Bob interrupted.

“You’re new here, so that one you had the benefit of the doubt.  I only have one rule up here.  Okay, I have like 347 of them but they’re mostly different versions of don’t be a dick.  But the big rule, the one I’ve fired people over and shot someone with a bow and arrow over was saying that name.  We’ve got a lot of history between us.  I figure up here I’m allowed one crazy eccentricity.  Instead of George Lewis, his name is That Mother Fucker.  TMF for short.”

Tommy paused for a bit, trying to figure out his next question.  Bob could see it a mile away.

“If you’ve ever talked to that prick, I’m the Asshole up by the lake.  You’re probably wondering what my issues are with That Mother Fucker.”  Bob turned to James.  “You trust him?”  James nodded.


“Good.”  Bob lifted up his shirt, showing off his chest.  There were a series of scars along his flank.  “These.  These I got the first time I met That Mother Fucker.  I was at my son’s first birthday party, and some pig shows up with a process server delivering divorce papers.  This kinda pissed off my other wife and her family.  You know what happens when Abuela finds out that her nieto’s papi was married to another woman?  The bitch cuts you.  7 stab wounds that day, lost the tip of my ring finger as well.  Chuck tried to stop the pig before he left, got maced for his part.  After going to the hospital, I got arrested for bigamy.  I had just beat two murder charges, and I go away for bigamy.  The pig that delivered the papers was That Mother Fucker.”  Bob lowered his shirt and rolled up his sleeve, showing a scar on his shoulder.  “See this one?  A few years after that in 2004 That Mother Fucker is working on a case that brings him up here to Lake Hiawatha.  He’s looking into the previous owners of the kids camp next door.  This was before I bought most of the lake.  He comes around and sees that I live next door.  Knocks on my door with a gun drawn, demanding to look around.  We go back and forth, eventually settle shit down, then go for a walk to talk about his case.  One thing leads to another and we beat the shit out of each other.  I broke his ribs, he tore up my shoulder.  I needed surgery a few years later.  All thanks to That Mother Fucker.”  Bob pulled his sleeve down and took a sip of his beer.  Tommy looked terrified.  “That’s the background on why I hate that name.  You know what’s even more fucked up?”

“What’s that, sir?”  Tommy said.

“We’re related.  Again.  He’s my fucking brother-in-law.  He’s my brother’s wife’s brother.  Technically cousin but technically Chuck ain’t my blood either.  I can’t do shit against him.  He can’t do shit against me.  I drown him in the lake, my nephew and nieces will be devastated.  He arrests me, same.  Doesn’t mean we won’t go out of our ways to fuck the other over.  He’s messed with people I’ve had business with, I’ve messed with a few of his investigations.”  Bob stopped, took a drink, and regained his composure.  “What brings you up to my playground that you couldn’t do down there?”

“Well sir-“

“Just Bob.  We’re trying to be friends here.”  Bob sipped his beer again.

“Okay.  Like I said, don’t shit where you eat.  James said you’re familiar with the Club and what…we do.  We’re having a little party this weekend, but it could be big enough that if this happened down in Chester County G…That Mother Fucker might catch wind of it.”  Tommy said.

“And you’ve heard enough about him that you knew if he so much as smelled a crazy sex crime he’d be on you like flies on shit?”

“Pretty much.”  Tommy sat for a moment, realizing how stupid this whole thing was.  To drive a round trip of hundreds of miles, to spend thousands of dollars-

“Good call.”  Bob said after sizing up Tommy.

“Huh?”  Tommy was surprised.

“Don’t fuck with him.  Game respects game.  Don’t give him a reason to come after you.  Chuck probably told you some stories about how good he is at his job.”

“A couple.  Nothing too specific.”  Tommy replied.  Bob looked at James.  James nodded.

“So, Chuck didn’t tell you about any cases he worked on?”

“No, just that he was pretty good at his job.  He mentioned that he’s done a case here or there that made the news, but nothing in particular.”  Tommy wasn’t sure where this line of questioning was going.  Bob sipped his beer again.

“So Chuck didn’t tell you about how we were all tied up in the First Union Holy Church case back then?”  Bob looked at Tommy.  The younger man froze for a second.

“I’m sorry, did you say First Union?”  Tommy asked.  Bob nodded before he continued.

“What do you know about it?”

“I had to write a paper about it in college.  There were some crazy stories with it, like suspects disappearing, getting killed in horrible ways, the cops took down this megachurch that was trafficking sex slaves.”

“Kids.  It was kids to be precise.  But yeah, we were involved.  Sort of how Chuck and Angie started dating.  That Mother Fucker was the lead investigator on that case.  We kind of worked together, in a very…oblique sense of the word.  I pointed him in a certain direction, he brought Johnny Law down on them like hellfire.  Those that escaped, they entered our domain.  They wished they went to prison.”  Bob took a sip of his beer.  Tommy looked like he just saw a ghost.  Then Bob laughed a booming laugh.  “Just fucking wit’ya.  They didn’t live long enough to wish for that.  Good times.”

“Think ya mighta scared the boy.”  James said lightheartedly.  Bob got up from his seat and moved to the front of the desk.  He slapped his hand on Tommy’s shoulder.  Tommy nearly cried.

“It’s okay.  I knew about your plans to come up here way before you came up here.  James told me earlier.  I ain’t gonna take ya fishin’ unless ya gimme a reason.”  Tommy looked at James, who could barely hold back the laughter.

“You.  Mother.  Fucker.”  Tommy said straight at James.

“No, he’s down in Chester County.”  Bob and James laughed for a moment until Tommy caught on that they were just fucking with him.  He smiled a bit, though awkwardly.

“So, who’s the target, who else is coming up?”  Bob asked the pair.

“Target is Morgana, the blonde he’s been shtoopin’.”  James said.  “Though, if one of our friends has her way, the hubby’s getting laid, too.”

“That’s that hot blonde?”


“Nice, go on.”  Bob said, sipping his beer while leaning against the edge of his desk.

“Crew is us two and at least 2 others.  Probably 3, maybe 5.”  James replied before taking a sip of this excuse Americans called beer.

“That’s a lot of variable, why’s that Roo?  That’s you, Tommy.  He’s Kanga, you’re Roo.”  Bob explained to Tommy.

“We need two to act as robbers on the path.  The third is the decoy, getting in the house.  She splits the party and keeps anyone from running out the back door.  The last pair bring supplies and cause a distraction.  If they’re on board.”  Tommy said.

“What kind of distraction?”

“They go full Karen.”  James said.

“Got it.  Who’s your extra guests?  What have I seen them in?”  Bob asked.  Tommy spoke up first.

“The three we know are, wait can I say names here?”  Tommy looked at James.  James nodded.  “Sam, Steve, and Bubbles.  Those two guys helped Bubbles attack her girlfriend Brittany a few months back.”

“Bubbles.  That’s the little Jap girl?”

“Korean, but yeah.”  James said.

“She’s fine.  Liked that video.  Ray’s not on this job, is he?”  Bob asked James. 

“No, he’s out.  No one’s heard from him in a couple weeks.”

“Probably dead from a coke binge.  I know his dealer.  He comes in every few months, buys a shit ton, then disappears.  With as much as he uses, just a matter of time before he croaks balls deep in some poon.”  Bob said, pausing only to take another sip of beer.  “Who’s the couple?”

“Might be a married couple.  Assuming ya didn’t scare ‘im off with yer little fishing stunt.”  James said.  Bob thought for a second, then laughed.

“Those fuckers.  HAHAHAHA!  Pedro vetoed it, I just told him he made a good decision in abandoning the course.  But his wife was the one that offered up Angie.”

“Wait, he offered Angie?”  Tommy was shocked.  Sure, she was very good looking and he wouldn’t mind getting a piece, but from what he’s heard today, there’s too much baggage attached.

“Yep.  His wife offered up Angie.  She didn’t know all the shit Angie was tied to.  Pedro knows.  He vetoed that shit right away and told them to back off.  He hasn’t had to do that in years.”  Bob said.  Tommy tilted his head in curiosity. 

“He’s vetoed before?”

“A few times many years ago.  Mostly when stuff was starting up, guys would offer up teenage nieces or neighbor girls, but most of those were underaged and against the rules.  One thing to fuck a grown woman, but raping and filming kids is a big no-no, too much risk.  Other big one I remember was a long while back, some guy offered up this older black woman.  Good looking if you’re into black women in their late 40’s or early 50’s.  Turns out she was a cop and that this guy got busted a while back by her for rape.  Somehow he got through the background check, but as soon as Pedro found out he kicked the guy out and called in a favor.  This was another guy I took fishing.  Legend has it if you listen real close in the middle of the night, you can still hear him beg for his life.  Good times.”  Bob took a sip.  Tommy wasn’t sure what to believe at this point.

“Haven’t gotten confirmation from the couple yet, should know before Saturday.  Well, we need to, that’s when this goes down.”  James said, getting close to the end of his beer.

“Saturday?”  Bob stood from the desk and walked back behind to his chair and sat.  The monitor sharing was still in place, so Tommy and James saw what he was doing.  He went to the booking schedule and saw that Running Bear, their cabin was booked from Wednesday to Monday.  The one next to it on the list, Walking Bear, had a couple spaces in it for Friday until Monday morning.  Bob moved a couple things around, then jotted a quick email.

“Here’s what I’ll do for you.   You and your party will have total isolation starting Saturday.  I’m moving the family from the cabin next to you to another one on the opposite side of the camp with the more amenities for the same price.  Guests hate it when you downgrade them but love free stuff.  I’ll have someone in there most of Friday and Saturday morning, nothing like false hope.  They’re my eyes and ears outside, people I trust.  They’ll act like fellow campers but in reality, just there to make sure you guys don’t do something stupid like burn the place down.”

“Don’t you have cameras for that?”  Tommy asked.

“Yeah, I’m getting to that.  The official security cams will be down Saturday afternoon in that complex from 10AM to 4PM.  Only the hidden ones will be live, and only I have access to those.  I’m giving you access to the camera feeds from around the house.  Every TV has a secret cam built in that records in 4k.  I’ll give you the footage from the feeds to do with your heart’s content.  My crew in the nearby cabin will check in to security for the all clear, but they will report in if they see something crazy, so no killing anyone, got it?  Good, now don’t go off property after the attack starts.  Pool is okay but assume neighbors are there.  Hot tub, decks, fire place, patio are okay, but no further.  You keep your little party to yourselves.  I want four things in return.”

“What’s that?”  James asked.

“I want a meeting with Sam and Bubbles.  Sam to discuss some business venture.  Bubbles, well, she’s fucking hot.  I wouldn’t mind catching me some Yellow Fever from her.  If Sam’s smart, he uses her to seal the deal.  I keep a copy of all of the footage recorded, including cams you set up.  Even if it’s just on the Club site, I want copies of it.  You get me a piece of that Aussie’s ass.  Finally, you two help me with a favor.”

“What kind of favor?”  James asked.

“The kind you’ll like.  Should be either tonight or tomorrow, but let’s just say this should be right in your wheelhouse.  When do your friends show up?”

“Friday.”  Tommy replied.

“Good.  This’ll be before Friday.  We got a deal?”  Bob asked.  Tommy thought about it for a moment before agreeing to Bob’s terms.  He stood up and extended his hand to shake Bob’s.

“Deal.”  Tommy said, grasping Bob’s hand.

“Deal.”  Bob said, nearly squeezing Tommy’s hand.  Tommy moved his index finger up from his other fingers and applied it to the pressure point right inside of Bob’s wrist, locking his hand in place to prevent him from crushing the younger man’s hand.

“Nice move.  Guys want another beer?”


The three sat around and bullshitted for a bit before Tommy and James returned to the Running Bear cabin, this time in a golf cart.  When they returned, they unpacked and picked rooms.  They decided to give the married couple the room with the jacuzzi bathtub.  As much as they’d both like it, the odds weren’t in their favor.  Maybe they’ll find a way to get some time with her in the hot tub outside.  The pair also each picked their own rooms.  James then picked the main floor bedroom and Tommy the one in the basement.  James made a cheap excuse about his knees, but it didn’t matter to Tommy, he wanted the basement anyway.  It was closer to the pool table.

They took a few minutes to get cleaned up before going to dinner.  They figured some surf and turf from a restaurant down by the marina would be good tonight.  Bob said if he had time he’d meet them for drinks later, assuming that their favor didn’t get called in tonight.  Bob would know either way in a couple hours.

As they changed into some nicer touristy clothes, the group chat pinged.  It was Morgana.

“Hey, any room for another this weekend?”
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 44 Posted)
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At a couple of times I really got the impression that Tommy was about to shit himself over the way Bob asked him about things Now i'm thinking that Drew has had Morgana ask if her sister can come along with them! Can't see either saying no to an extra set of holes to fill! Damn sure it won't be Tammy coming with them! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 45 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Tommy's been around a few 'bad apples' in the last few months, but few even play in the same league as Bob.  I think it would be fair to say Bob's killed more people than Tommy's punched out of anger in his life.  But we're gonna find out real soon who that extra person is.

Chapter 45 incoming
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 45 Posted)
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Chapter 45(nosex, setup)

‘How in the bloody hell does he do this twice every month?’  Aislinn Walker said to herself as she sat in the back of an Uber on it’s way to Pharma’s HQ in Harbor City.  She had been travelling for the better part of 28 hours.  She slept when she could on the plane and in the terminal at LAX while her flight to Harbor City was delayed, but this took a lot out of her.  She would be lucky to get to the office on time for her interview.  She emailed the interviewers as soon as she landed to keep them apprised off the situation.  Her interview was scheduled for 1PM.  It was a little after 12:30.

“Excuse me, how much longer?”  She asked the Uber driver in the front seat of the Subaru Forrester, and older man with a ponytail.

“About 10 minutes.  15 with traffic if we get stuck at a light.”

“Thanks.”  Aislinn replied.  She typed away at her phone, sending a mail to whom she hoped would be her new boss.


With less than 10 minutes to spare, Aislinn arrived at the Pharma office in Farrell Township.  It was a wide, spread out building that sat in the shadow of a rising skyscraper.  She looked at the looming structure, taking it in for a moment before getting her bearings.  ‘Morgy’s friends are building that.’  She’s heard so much about them, she looked forward to meeting them.  Especially the cute one, Tommy.

She snapped back to reality, grabbing her carry-on rolling bag, her laptop bag, and two suitcases.  Aislinn was a few hours behind schedule thanks to some unplanned maintenance in LA, so she had to come straight from the airport to the office.  Her interviewers said it was okay to reschedule to another day or time, but Aislinn was as ready as she’d ever be.  After a little assistance getting into the building from security, they made a quick call to her department to send an escort and processed her with a temp badge.  As she waited, she checked her makeup and her hair in her compact.  Good enough for a job interview.

Two men in suits approached the skinny young woman.  One was younger, in his 20’s, and another older, a little taller and balder, probably in his 40’s.  The older one approached her first.

“Miss Walker, Carl Brokers, good to finally see you in person.”  He came in and shook Aislinn’s hand.  She reciprocated.

“Likewise, it’s great to finally be here.  Hope you don’t mind, but I came straight here from the airport.  Hence all the baggage.”

“That’s fine.  This is Aaron Mosby.”  The older man pointed to the younger man in the suit.

“Good to meet you.”  Aislinn shook Aaron’s hand.

“You too.  Here, let me.”  He grabbed the suitcases and pushed them through the hall before Aislinn could say no or protest.  She had her carryon and lappy bag anyway, so she walked between the two of them.

“Ever been to the states?”  Carl asked, taking a quick look at the young woman to his left.

“No, this is my first time.”  Aislinn looked around the building, getting a sense of the size and scope.

“How long are you staying?”  He asked as the group reached a door.  He moved forward, opening the door.  Aaron went through first, followed by Aislinn.  She smiled as he held the door open.

“Thanks.  Just a week this time.  Hopefully next time it’s a much longer stay.”

“I hope so too.”  Carl said.  He let his eyes linger a little longer than normal on Aislinn’s body.  She wore a black pantsuit that was at home in courtroom.  Her long brown hair was straight and pulled back into a quick ponytail.  Her skin was a little darker than normal, likely from being in the Australian sun so much.  She was taller than him with her heels on by a couple inches, he figured she was about 5’7” to 5’9”.  Her brown eyes were soft and friendly, and she wore large, circular framed glasses.  He followed behind as long as he could reasonably be expected to, checking out her little butt in her suit.  She was very skinny and a little on the smaller side as far as her bosom went, but overall very pretty. 

But she wasn’t here because she was pretty, she was here because she was a qualified lawyer and would fill the position well.  At least that’s what he told himself.  Being pretty certainly helped.


They made their way to a conference room where Aislinn sat across from five other people.  Carl sat directly across from her, with Aaron to his right.  To the right of Aaron sat another man, this one older than everyone else in the room.  He introduced himself as Tim, someone from HR overseeing the interview for their input.  On Carl’s left sat a woman, Melissa.  She was also part of the legal team and would work with Aislinn on a day to day basis.  The last spot belonged to Drew, the man she would replace if everything worked out. 

The interview lasted close to 2 hours and covered everything from her previous work history to emigrating to the United States to where to get a decent cup of coffee.  She took it as a good sign that they went on a tour of the building and when she returned to the conference room they had an offer letter ready for her to sign.  After thinking about it for about a minute and doing a little math to figure out the currency conversion, she signed on the dotted line with a starting date of approximately a month from now.  That would give her almost enough time to fly home, pack everything up, say goodbye to her mates, then fly all the way back here.  She would travel light on the return trip, leaving most of her stuff in Drew and Morgy’s place until she found a flat of her own.  While they discussed living arrangements, Drew asked Tim from HR about transferring the lease from their flat in the company owned condo over to Aislinn.  Tim said it could work, but it would be above her rent stipend.  She’d have to either pay a large chunk of change out of pocket or find a roommate.  Either sounded acceptable to Aislinn.  Seeing how her rent would be covered and she would get a company car, that was two major expenses she didn’t have to spend money on.  Still, it would be nice to have a flatmate to break up the boredom.  As long as she could find someone she could get along with.

Aislinn agreed to come into the office the next day, on Thursday, so that she could wrap up some paperwork she needed to do to kick off her transfer to the states.  The rest she would do when she returned to Melbourne in a week.  She hadn’t planned on taking a vacation while on this visit until she found out that the office would be closed Friday.  Even though it wasn’t a holiday, Monday was Labor Day in the states and since most people called off Friday anyway, the company decided to give all non-essential personnel the day off and all essential people a floating holiday.  Since she was flying back to Melbourne Tuesday night, she had one day to get everything done and a whole weekend to herself.


As 4PM approached, Drew realized a few things.  First, Aislinn would be staying with them for the next few days.  She could get a hotel and have the company pay for it, but she hasn’t seen Morgy in way too long.  As soon as Aislinn stepped foot in the flat, she’d invite her to stay.  Second, she’d be going with them on this weekend getaway.  There was no way on Earth that she wouldn’t be invited.  Hell, Tommy even said he had extra rooms.  Finally, he never told Morgana about the new job.  That thought slipped his mind the last few days in all the craziness of the new house.  He knew how the conversation would go.  “What are you doing here? Me sis, I got a new job? Really, which job? Drew’s old job.” Then the death stare, followed by finding out how much travel the new position entails followed by “look at my new salary, I’ll only have to do this for a few years and we’ll have the house paid off” followed by being upset about keeping this from her followed by taking both women out for veggie burritos for dinner.

At least he knew how screwed he was this time.  He wasn’t adding anything else to the mix.

Now, all he had to do was get all of her baggage to fit in the Mercedes E350.  How one woman who was so tiny could carry so much baggage…


The last several weeks of being by herself changed Morgana’s daily routine, so when Drew texted and said he’d be home a little late, she wasn’t surprised or concerned.  She’d spent the last few weeks fending for herself for dinner.  She figured he’d be home before too long, and they’d have some leftovers or takeout.  That’s all they’ve had for the last few days.  One of the problems with a move is reaching that part where straddling two homes becomes a hassle.  Half of the equipment is in the condo, the other half in the house.  Want to make stir fry?  The wok is in the house but the peanut oil is in the condo.  Bread?  Pizza?  Knead the dough by hand because the KitchenAid Stand Mixer is in the new house.  Salad?  Too bad.  Dressings are in the new house for some reason.  By the time she finished the inventory in her mind, she was already checking off all of the places she wanted to go for dinner.

But she also looked on the bright side.  Being home alone for a few minutes might give her a few minutes to message Tommy on that secret app.  For the most part she’s left him alone since Drew came home, but she’d be lying if she said she didn’t miss him.  As much as she loved her husband, she felt a longing for her new lover.  She knew it couldn’t and wouldn’t last, but it was good to think about it for a little bit.  She’s been in baby making mode for the last week since Drew came home and it was almost getting a little boring.  The sex is great, but screwing to try to get knocked up is different from making love to express love.  During their last couple sessions, she’s caught herself thinking of Tommy instead of Drew, and had to bite her lip or cover her mouth to keep from saying anything stupid.

When she pulled into the apartment building’s parking lot, she was surprised to see Drew’s car already in the lot.  Usually when he says late, he means late late.  Like, ‘I’m working late, do you want me to pick up breakfast on the way home?’  Perhaps today wasn’t as late as he thought.  She parked next to his car and made her way upstairs.  It took a few moments for the elevator to come back down to the first floor.  She thought about the stairs, but decided against it.  She needed to work out, but not right now.  As she entered the elevator and pressed the button for her floor, she was lost in thought.  She knew that they needed to get some dinner, pack some more things up, maybe take another few boxes over to the new house.  She mindlessly unlocked the door to her apartment and walked down the hallway, dropping her stuff on the kitchen counter.  She wasn’t paying attention to the figure on the couch, or the one walking towards her.

‘Wait, huh?’  By the time Morgana realized that something was off, Aislinn was behind her with an airhorn.


Morgana jumped, spinning on her heels and looked for a weapon before she realized what happened or who it was.  She’d pulled back for a punch with her keys in her fist by the time she recognized the face in front of her. 

Her baby sister Aislinn.

“OH MY GOD!  WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE?  OI, HOW, WHEN, WHY, HOW?”  She was at a loss for words, still not believing what she saw was real until Aislinn reached in for a hug.  They hugged for what felt like forever.

“I’ve missed you so much, when did you get here?  What are you doing here?”  Morgana asked Aislinn, looking over her little sister.  She looked like she was dressed either for court or an interview.  Considering she was in the states and not back home, that kind of ruled out court.

“I just thought I’d stop by, fly across the world for dinner, ya know?”  Aislinn quipped.  “No, I just got in today, it’s why I was so cagey on the phone the last couple days.”

“What time?”

“My 2AM so your Noon.  Went straight from the airport right for the office.”  Aislinn thought for a second.  Time zones suck.

“Really?”  Morgana looked at her, shocked.  This is when Drew stepped forward.

“Surprise.”  He came forward, cheesy grin on his face.

“Oh my God, you two worked this out?”  Morgana asked the pair.

“Yeah, he thought you’d like it.  Ya wouldn’t worry too much ‘bout me traveling if I did it as a surprise.”

“Also, the look on your face was priceless.  Here.”  It’s only then that Morgana noticed he filmed the whole thing on his phone.  He played the clip of Aislinn scaring the living shit out of her with an airhorn.

“Oh my… When did you come up with this?”

“A few weeks ago, as soon as I heard about the job opening and they wanted to see me.”  Aislinn said, smiling.

“What job?”

“His.”  Aislinn motioned to Drew.  Morgana turned to Drew, a little confused.

“What’s she talkin’ bout?”  Drew saw the look Morgana gave him and knew it was coming.

“Surprise.  You’re looking at the newest Senior Legal Advisor for Pharma’s International Research and Development Division.”  He tried to gauge Morgana’s reaction.  He could see that she was upset, and he had a good clue about what.  Senior and International usually means lots and lots of travel.  But that was an argument for another time.

“Oh my God.  When did this happen?”

“A couple weeks ago.  I wanted to tell you right away but as soon as I found out Ais was in the running to succeed me, I wanted to see how that went.”  Drew pulled that answer out of his arse quickly.

“And how’d that go?”

“I start in a few weeks.”

“OH MY GOD, CONGRATULATIONS!”  Morgana hugged Aislinn tight.  Very tight.  She knew what this meant, but wanted to hear the words.  “I wanna hear ya say it.”

“I’m moving to the states, here to Harbor City, and maybe even this apartment.”  The sisters could barely contain their smiles. 


The three of them decided to go out for dinner.  No one wanted to cook and half of the kitchen was in the new house.  As they were figuring out dinner, Morgana grabbed her phone and took a couple selfies with Aislinn.  That’s when she had an idea.

“Oi, you got any plans this weekend?”  Morgana asked Aislinn as Drew tried to figure out a place for dinner.  Now he had two vegetarians to feed.

“Nothin’ yet.  Hoping to hang out with you ‘fore I left next Tuesday.  Maybe yer other friends.  Is Tommy still single?”  Aislinn said, not really hiding her desire to finally meet him in person.

“We’re going campin’ this weekend with’im.  Wanna come?”


“Yeah, he’s got a big cabin and stuff up on a lake for the weekend a couple hours away.  You in?”

“Yeah, as long as he’s okay with it.”

“I’ll make it okay.”  Morgana said, pulling up one of the selfies she just took.

“How about veggie burritos?”  Drew asked.

“That works.”  Aislinn said.  Morgana was typing on her phone.

Drew’s phone buzzed in the group chat they had with Tommy and James.  ‘Hey, any room for another this weekend?’  A moment later, a picture of Morgana and Aislinn appeared in the chat.  The first response was ‘OMG, is that Aislinn?’ from Tommy.  Before anyone else could say anything, James responded.  ‘Sure, got lotsa room.  More the merrier.  She can have the third bedroom of four, unless she’s looking to share.’  He followed that up with a winky emoji.  Drew laughed, then responded with a series of fruit-based emojis.  Morgana shook her head then typed ‘Cheeky fucks.’  Tommy said ‘Yeah, bring her up.  Love to meat her.’  ‘Shit, meet.  I’m never going to hear the end of this, am I?’  Drew and Morgana both replied ‘Nope.’

“What do they do at an American camp?  Do they drive trucks and shoot guns all day?”  Aislinn asked.

“Nah.  Well, maybe.  Not sure about that.  Didya pack summer clothes, like a swimsuit?”

“A little but not much.  Guess we should do some shopping.”  With that, the ladies had a plan for the night.  Drew just hoped he would get something to eat that he enjoyed enough to make the pain of clothes shopping go away.  Or he might send a message to Celeste while waiting.

He shook his head, trying to excise the thought.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 45 Posted)
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Leave it to Tommy to type a message from his little head, even if it was absolutely true!. Now I'm wondering if Aislinn does leave on Tuesday will she ever return to America?. love the scare tactic Aislinn and Drew used against Morgana, would have served Aislinn right if Morgana clocked her with her keys after what the pretend mugging did to her! Really looking forward to the weekend. Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 46 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Aislinn showing up was completely unexpected for Tommy and their plans, but as long as nothing else unexpected happen, they should be okay, right?  I mean, what are the odds that THAT would happen.   >:D

Chapter 46 incoming
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 46 Posted)
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Chapter 46(M+/F, ncon, oral, anal)

As soon as the text came through showing Aislinn and Morgana together, Tommy knew his plans were taking a turn.  If he said no to her coming up for the weekend, then Morgana wasn’t coming.  If he said yes, then either the attack would have to be called off or Aislinn gets thrown into the mix.  Before he could react, James made the call and said the more the merrier.  It wasn’t the worst thing that could happen, but it was still pretty unexpected.  She was supposed to be on the other side of the world.  The two argued a little bit about including Aislinn, how they could make this work, whether they’d have to make changes or call it off.  As they discussed this, Bob texted James.  “Drinks and dinner at hotel bar in about an hour.  That favor will be tomorrow night.”  A simple back and forth and plans were set.

Tommy drove the golf cart back to the hotel by the marina.  He really enjoyed the scenery and all that nature had to offer.  It helped get his mind off of Aislinn.  He enjoyed how in a 15- or 20-minute golf cart ride they went from rolling hills and forests to a beach and marina.  It felt so peaceful and serene.  He could see why James enjoyed this place so much.

They arrived at the hotel and made their way to the bar.  Before Tommy could order a drink, he was slapped hard across the shoulder.  He turned.  The bartender froze for a moment.  It was Bob.  Tommy saw who it was between him and James.

“Hey Franco, these two are with me, table 74 tonight.  I’m gonna get this boy so shitfaced he’ll wrap a golf cart around a tree.  We got top priority tonight.  Send over a bottle of Macallan’s 15-year-old.  Three glasses, no rocks.  Also give me a Miller Lite bottle.  And whatever else they want.  You order yet?”  Bob put $300 on the bar.  Tommy shook his head.  James spoke up.  “Two negroni’s.  If ya got Old Young’s Gin, we’d love that.”

“Yes sir.  Want those here or at your table?”

“At our table.”  Bob said.

“Unless you’re Barry Allen, they’ll be there waiting for you.”  The bartender Franco said.  James didn’t catch the reference, but Tommy and Bob both nodded.

“Barry Allen?”  James asked.

“The Flash.  The fastest man alive.”  Tommy said.

“Don’t be surprised, his favorite super hero growing up was Crocodile Dundee.”  Bob quipped.  The three walked to the restaurant.


They ate well and drank better that night.  Tonight’s special was blackened perch that was swimming in the lake a few hours ago.  They also each enjoyed a filet mignon served au poivre with a side of risotto and caramelized Brussel sprouts.  The three of them lived well on a Wednesday night, and Bob had no problem dropping a very large tip to cover the bill.  James and Bob spoke their own language, but Tommy caught a lot of the double-talk between them.  They were planning and discussing something.


After dinner, the three of them retired to Bob’s boat, the Ballbuster Deluxe VIII.  Tommy hadn’t been on a lot of boats, but this was by far the nicest one he’d ever been on.  They sat around, smoking cigars and finishing off the bottle of scotch.  James brought up the first complication in the plan with Aislinn coming up.  Bob asked to see what she looked like.  The young man showed him the selfie from a couple hours earlier.  Tommy almost half expected Bob to call things off, based on how reticent he was earlier.  Instead, he laughed at the irony.  He said that they, James and Tommy, needed to plan for this contingency.  Also, Bob gave them a small change to their conditions.  Those coming up should be here at the lake Friday night.  He gave two reasons.  First, to make sure they didn’t get stuck in traffic or lost and miss the window the cameras would be off-line.  Second, he wanted to have a business meeting with Sam and Bubbles.  He had a proposition for Sam for a future venture if he was interested and he really wanted to fuck Bubbles.  If he could solve both issues at once, that would be amazing.  Bob made sure to give James the name they should check in under when they arrive. 

As far as Tommy could tell, everything was going according to plan.  He wasn’t sure if he should be excited or miserable.


Tommy and James woke up Thursday with a hangover in the cabin.  They had no idea how they got back home, but the golf cart was parked sideways and half up the ramp to the cabin.  Somehow, they didn’t die.  After a breakfast of toast and jam, they decided to relax for a bit after making a few arrangements with the Club.  Inside the Club’s encrypted chatroom, they discussed Aislinn’s last minute addition to the weekend’s festivities, and this threw things for a loop.  Sam and Steve agreed that they could still pull this off with just the three of them, but just to be on the safe side reached out again to JC.  JC declined, saying that he had plans Friday night that he couldn’t cancel.  He was fucking his cosplaying FWB on her OnlyFans channel that night.  They were doing some video game themed stuff which went right over James’s head.  They still couldn’t get a hold of their “other friends” to confirm their arrival until later on that night, something about whether or not they could get a babysitter for the weekend.  They’d have an answer by Friday at the latest.  Steve had a plan if that failed, but admitted it would be a lot easier if they were there.  James also told them that he talked to Bob.  They had a room set up for them Friday night under an assumed alias that should be paid for, and that he wanted to meet Sam and really, really, really wanted to meet Bubbles.  When Bubbles asked why, an unknown account that was loitering in the chat pipped up.  It was Bob.  He said he was a fan of her work and rambled on for a bit before all but saying he wanted to fuck her brains out.  She reciprocated the fandom, asking about some stuff from the ‘early to mid 2000’s’ and how much of it was true.  They agreed to discuss these things on his boat Friday night.

As the conversation continued, Tommy began doubting himself.  As much as he wanted this plan to go through, he was worried with all of the extra variables.  He missed Morgana but having Aislinn here could put a damper on his plans.  She was innocent in this mix.  The more he thought about it, the more he worried if they were in over their heads.

Tommy calmed himself down.  Maybe she would disappear before the attack and spend the weekend doing other things?  Maybe she’d have a change of heart and go to Vegas for the weekend?

As long as nothing else unexpected occurred, he’d be okay.


Morgana spent as much of the day at work filling time as she could.  It was one of those days that was painfully slow.  She completed her work for the day before 10AM, and couldn’t find anything else to do.  She volunteered to show Aislinn around the building but her little sister was stuck in meetings all day filling out immigration paperwork and work permits and the like.  Aislinn talked with Tim from HR and they agreed that since Drew and Morgana would be leaving their apartment shortly that Aislinn could move into it and assume the company-sponsored lease.  She balked a little when she saw the rent amount and that her stipend didn’t cover the full amount, but it wasn’t the end of the world.  She agreed to either find a roommate from the company who also qualified for this same benefit or pay the remaining portion on her own. 

They met up for lunch, each grabbing a meal from the cafeteria’s Indian section.  It was one of the few sections where getting a vegetarian or vegan meal was the standard, not the exception.  They talked about how she was going to transition to her new role in the states shortly.  Aislinn was excited to see the U.S.  She was excited to go new places, meet new people.  But she was absolutely excited to finally meet Tommy face to face.  She admitted to her older sister that she had a bit of a crush on him and always enjoyed talking to him or messaging him.  She thought of going out of town for the weekend, maybe hit up Vegas on the way home, but as soon as Morgy told her what Tommy was doing for the weekend, she was game. 
Morgana couldn’t help but act a little jealous about how Aislinn was talking about her hidden lover.  Aislinn chalked it up her being a protective sister and how she was trying to have a kid with Drew and knew Tommy was off limits for her.  Morgana knew what she was doing with Tommy but couldn’t say anything to anyone, even her sister.  The fact that she knew that Aislinn very rarely lets go of someone she has her sights on until after she gets them in bed meant that her Tommy would likely be sleeping with her sister by Sunday.  She just wished it was her instead.  Still, she could be very cheeky and sneak in some alone time with him, maybe get him to compare and contrast the two of them.

After lunch, Morgana looked at the clock as it crawled along.  She was going to leave a little early today, just needed to tell Bianca about it.  She tried to reach Bianca through Slack, but her boss wasn’t showing online.  She walked over to her office.  She looked through the smoked glass windows and saw a silhouette and the lights on.  Morgana knocked.

“One moment.”  Bianca said.  There was some movement, and the door unlocked and opened.  Bianca’s eyes were red.  She’d been crying, a lot.  Before either could say anything, Bianca waved Morgana in and closed the door behind her.

“What’s going on?”  Morgana asked, taking a step to one of the chairs in front of Bianca’s desk and sitting down.  Bianca made her way back to her seat.

“Oh, it’s, nothing.”

“Don’t look like nothin’ from ‘ere.  What’s wrong B?”  Morgana asked, sad that her friend was this upset.  Bianca took a moment before responding.

“It’s Phil, again.  This was supposed to be my weekend with Sophie.  She just started school, just turned 11 a month ago, and is getting into that tween phase.  I had planned a little getaway, just the two of us, going out of town to see my family.  You know what that asshole did?”

“Somethin’ big and shiny that screams ‘look at me and my small peck…ing chicken?”  Morgana caught herself a little late.  Morgana paused for a moment to regain herself.

“Pretty much.  He tells her ‘let’s go to Florida this weekend, Universal Studios and Disneyworld and such.’  What kid is gonna say no to that?”

“Are you kidding me?”  Morgana was stunned.  Bianca pulled out her phone and handed it to the blonde.  Morgana didn’t recognize the app but it looked like some type of messaging thing.

“What is this?”

“It’s called OurFamilyWizard.  The court required we get it after the last custody hearing.  He refused to use it until the judge threatened him with a night in jail.  All communication between us has to go through here.  No texts or calls are allowed with trying through here, first.”  Bianca said.  Morgana swiped through a series of messages.

“Does it work?”

“Sort of.  At least there’s a paper trail for every time he pulls his ‘I forgot it was my weekend’ shit.  This time, he stomped all over my plans and wants me, no, DEMANDS that I bring Sophie over tonight so they can get to the airport early in the morning.  Meanwhile, school just started yesterday.  He’d know that if he actually gave a shit.”

“I’m sorry.”  Morgana said.  Bianca was getting worked up and had to catch her breath.

“No, I’m sorry for laying this on you.”  The older woman replied.  “Now, what’s up?”

Morgana felt guilty about even bothering Bianca during this, but she did come in for a reason.  “I was lookin’ to head out early.  Everythin’s done, half of everyone have already left, and I’ve got some packin’ to do tonight.”

“Going somewhere fun?”  Bianca asked.

“Yeah, friend of ours rented a cabin up by Lake Hiawatha for the weekend, gonna relax up there.  Taking my sister since she just landed here yesterday.”

“Wow, she’s finally in the states?”

“Yeah.  Landed yesterday, took an interview, and starts in Legal in a few weeks.”

“That’s quick.  I’ll have to congratulate her next time I see her.  No problem heading out early, I was thinking of doing the same but didn’t want anyone to see me like this.  Have a good weekend.”

“Thanks.”  Morgana stood up and walked to the door, but as soon as she put her hand on the knob, she had an idea.  Morgana turned back to Bianca.  “What are you doin’ this weekend?”

“Now, just sitting at home, watching Netflix, hatescrolling my ex’s Instagram with all the ‘fun’ they’ll have.”

“Come up with us, get away from everything.”  Morgana was surprised at what she said, and she’s the one that said it.

Bianca waved it off.  “No, that’s okay.  I’m okay.”

“No, you’re not.  You need to have some fun, get yer mind off of that arse, and just get lost in the woods for a bit.  I think you’ll have fun.”  Morgana knew all the shit Bianca’s been through for the last few months.  “Besides, they have an extra bed and it’s one of these cabins that fit a full footy team and staff.”

Bianca was going to say no on reflex, but thought about it for a second.  “You sure they have room?”

“Sure.  James said they had 4 bedrooms.”  Morgana said.  Bianca perked up a bit at hearing James’s name.

“Your friend James rented the place?”  Bianca’s voice rose a little at the question.

“Tommy did, but James is up there with him.  What’dya say?” 

“I don’t know, that’s a long drive.”

“Nonsense.  We’ll drive.  We’ll pick you up morrow morn, then head on up.  Say, 8 or 9ish.  Pack stuff for outdoorsy things like a beach and hiking.”

“If it’s okay with everyone, I’m in.  I’ll drop off Sophie tonight at Phil’s, put in the message app that I’m going out of town for the weekend to a lake that might not have good cell coverage, and relax.  As long as we’re back by Tuesday.”

“Awesome.  You won’t regret this.”  Morgana said.  For the first time in a while, Bianca had a smile on her face.  ‘She’s gonna have a great time this weekend,’ she thought to herself as she left her boss’s office.


As Morgana packed up everything for the day, she checked with Aislinn and Drew about when they would finish up and head home.  They’d be ready to go in a half hour.  She rounded everything up and headed home.  A half hour head start wasn’t much, but she did try to make the most of it.  She called Tommy, but he didn’t pick up.  She sent him a message on WhatsApp, asking how he’s doing and that she missed him.  As she pulled into her parking spot at the old apartment, he replied that he missed her too.  They chatted for a bit, getting lost in how crazy things have been.  They talked about Aislinn, when they were coming up, and other things.  She had to wrap things up when she saw Drew’s car pull into the lot and she was still in the car. 

Morgana was so wrapped up in talking to Tommy that she forgot to mention Bianca.  ‘I’ll tell him later tonight.’


The three of them visited the new house, went shopping, ate some dinner at an Indian restaurant, then went back to the apartment to pack.  It was a long and busy night for them.  Morgana told Drew and Ais about Bianca, but she felt like she was forgetting something.  Drew took the whole thing in stride.  He shrugged his shoulders and agreed.  It wasn’t until late at night, well after Midnight going into Friday, that she realized that they were bringing Bianca.  She sent a message in the group chat, but no one responded.  ‘Probably asleep, they’ll see it in the morn.’  With that, she went back to bed, excited for the next day.


As Tommy sat around on the deck, overlooking the forests before him, his phone buzzed.  It was Morgana on WhatsApp.  He missed her, and she him.  They chatted for a bit, talking about how crazy the past week has been, how much they all need a weekend off, and how she missed him.  It was that nothing conversation that means everything, and Tommy was glad to have it with her.  But it didn’t last, because Morgana said that Drew and Aislinn were coming home soon and she needed to go. 

He sat there for a bit, lost in thought when James found him.  One of the great things about not having anything to do was the lack of rush.  However, it’s quite unsettling to a man like James, who always seemed to be under deadlines.  Having a few hours with nothing to do felt weird.  After sitting on the deck for a while, they went downstairs for a few games of pool.  They played traditional 8-ball, and much to James’s surprise Tommy was quite good at the game.  It turns out that one of Tommy’s past times at his fraternity house was playing pool.  He preferred 9-ball over 8-ball because of the differences in strategy.  In 8-ball, one only has to eliminate their colored balls then pocket the 8-ball on a called shot.  In 9-ball, the players have to go through the balls in sequence but if one can sink the 9-ball on a called double shot, they win.  James played some in his time and was pretty good in his own right, but couldn’t hustle Tommy even if he tried.

They settled on burgers for dinner when James’s phone buzzed.  It was Bob.  He needed to meet them about the favor he was calling in.  They’d meet up for dinner, hand their phones over, get their supplies, then go to Bob’s boat.  The phone part confused Tommy for a moment, but James didn’t fight it.  A little back and forth and they chose met at this little place that sold burgers and chips.  And fries.  They sold fries and chips.  They sold what Americans call fries and the rest of the world calls chips but they also sold chips which everyone else calls crisps.  HAPPY NOW???!!!

Bob joined the two men for a quick meal.  Tommy was in a blue polo shirt, checkered shorts, and boat shoes.  James was in a button-up linen shirt and tan shorts with boat shoes, and Bob wore a Hawaiian shirt that was only buttoned up a couple spots and swimming trunks.  They all looked like tourists, which is how Bob liked to travel around.  As they finished up their meals, a taller, skinny acquaintance of Bob’s arrived, several years younger than him.  Bob didn’t introduce him, but the friend knew who Tommy and James were.  He asked that they put their phones, ID, wallets, smart watches, and anything else that could have a GPS tracker inside of a small safe.  It was a time locked safe, programmed to open at 9AM Friday morning, in a little over 12 hours.  They would be driven around the beach and the shops for the next hour before being taken back to the cabin, where they would sit on the kitchen counter, secured to the wall.  The whole thing seemed strange to Tommy, but he understood the kind of precautions this entailed.  After one last check of the messages, everything was safely locked away.  As his associate left, Bob walked James and Tommy over to his boat. 

When they arrived on Bob’s boat, there were 3 other men already on it waiting.  They introduced themselves under aliases of Troy, Pete, and Darren.  Darren was a clean-cut good looking man, like he could be an actor.  Pete looked like a drug addict that does stand up, and Troy had a real bad-boy thing going with all of the tats and burns he had.  All of the burns were superficial, mostly likely from working in a kitchen.  The three of them wore swimming trunks and sandals.  Bob introduced James and Tommy as Kanga and Roo.  James recognized the men from the last time he was on the beach.  Once on board, they unmoored from the dock and James took the wheel at Bob’s request.  Tommy didn’t have a clue what was going on, but pretty soon the boat headed for the middle of the lake.  The five sat around, playing Texas Hold-em.  Tommy was confused, but too nervous to ask what was going on.  Bob broke the tension.

“Relax Roo, we ain’t doing shit to you two.  You’re here to help with a negotiation I’m working on.”  Bob said, dealing the cards for the next round.  They had some playing chips they were playing with.  Tommy’s stack was right in the middle, behind Troy’s and Pete’s but above James and Darren’s.  Bob stayed out of the hand.


“It’s a long story, but the short of it is someone refuses to play by the rules up here.  I’ve tried being nice, I’ve tried being mean, I’ve tried playing to their ego and I’ve tried threats.  Nothing seems to get through to them.  Well, tonight, I found something that will get through to them, and you and Kanga have a specific set of skills that are perfect for making this negotiation a success.  I’ll just leave it at that.”  Bob said.  It was very vague, very oblique, almost like he was talking to Tony Soprano.  He left it at that.  It took two more hands until Darren was out.  James was barely paying attention to the game and was out on the next hand when he went all in on a pair of 3’s against a 3 Jack King showing on the flop.  When the Turn card showed a 3, James went all in.  The only way he could lose was if the Pete had a pair of Jacks or Kings.  Pete had a King and Ace and when the River card came up King of Clubs, he hooted and hollered.  While James had 3 of a kind or a full house 3’s over Kings, Pete had a Full house Kings over 3’s, and a Full House beats 4 of a kind.  James was out.  Next out was Pete, who blew everything in the next three hands to Troy and Tommy.  Troy won when Tommy, who was already the short stack, had Ace King when King 2 10 flopped.  The turn and River were both 2’s.  He would’ve won if Troy didn’t have 2 10 offsuit in his hand and just wanted to see how that hand went.  Troy won, so he would go first, followed by Tommy, Pete, James, and Darren.  After that, it was anyone’s game.  Tommy was still confused until the boat slowed down around a small island in the middle of the lake. 

The island didn’t show up on any maps, only cresting a few feet above sea level.  There were some beaches on it and a little bit of grass, but that was about it.  The entire island was smaller than a football field or a soccer pitch.  There were three structures on the island, the pier where another small boat was already docked, and two sheds.  They were the kind that was used to store garden tools and whatnot.  Bob stood, and flashed a flashlight a couple times to the island.

As Bob’s boat approached, a motor started up on the island, and a series of lights turned on.  Tommy couldn’t see what was going on yet, but saw that the lights were pointed at a clearing on the beach and there was some kind of skinny thing in front of it.  From this distance, it looked like a camera tripod.

As James maneuvered the boat closer to the island, Bob reached into a box and pulled out ski masks.  He gave one to each of the men except himself.  Tommy wasn’t sure exactly what was going to happen, but had a feeling that they weren’t going to a bake sale.

They exited the boat onto the dock and then the beach.  Two men stood nearby, both wearing similar masks.  One was a little taller and skinnier, and the other a short guy.  The short guy was fidgeting with the equipment.  Upon closer look, Tommy could see two cameras pointing at the landing.  The shorter man grabbed a gimble mounted DSLR camera with a mini boom mic attached to it.  The taller man approached Bob.

“We’re ready.  She’s been awake for about an hour, screaming and crying in the shed.  We recorded footage earlier of her identifying herself under the guise we were making a travel documentary.  Proof of life has already been shot.  She’s still dressed the way she was earlier, like she was headed to a bridal shower or party or something.  Security wasn’t a problem.  Though, I would like to request a little time with her after your party here.”  The man said.

“Thank you, Marcus.  Shouldn’t be a problem.  Once we’re done, have your fun and clean her up, then we’ll bring her back.  I have some plans for her for the next couple days.  But first…” Bob said, turning to the men assembled behind him.  “You’re wondering why we’re here.  Well, let’s find out.”  With that, Marcus walked over to the other shed.  He opened the door, and a woman came out of the shed.  Even in the dark, Tommy could tell she was pretty.  She had long dark brown hair, a cute face, and would probably have a pretty smile if she wasn’t screaming and crying.  Marcus grabbed her from behind, causing a big scream, as he pulled her to the lit-up area.  There, everyone got a good look at her.  Especially the cameraman.

“Gentlemen, meet Madelyn Kosar, daughter of Henry Kosar and Barbara Kosar, the husband and wife team behind Kosar Development.  They are currently driving up the price of a piece of property I wish to acquire and are not being good sports about things.  After multiple attempts at working out a deal with them, I’m forced to play hardball.  Madelyn, this isn’t personal, but your parents are making it that way.  So we have a game we’re going to play.  Right now, you are standing on the middle of a deserted island.  No animals live here, no trees grow here, only two sheds stand on its surface.  When the tide comes in, the area of this entire beach disappears.  If we get a strong enough rain, this island will submerge.  On top of that, there’s no food or water.  You’re probably a little hungry and very thirsty by this point.  I understand.  So, you’re trapped here.  You are trapped here on a deserted island with…1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8.  8 horny men.  8 very horny men and 1 good looking woman.  What do you think is going to happen?”

Madelyn screamed.  She couldn’t even form the words to describe her panic.  Marcus held her by his side.

“But, I’m not a complete monster, I’m going to give you a fair shot at escape.  Behind us are two boats.  Both have enough fuel to get to shore and get help.  You will have a sixty second head start.  After 60 seconds, my friends will come after you.  They have to grab you, bring you back here, and strip you completely before they can have any fun.  Once they get you naked, they’re gonna rape the shit out of you in a predetermined batting order, then the rest of us are gonna fuck you, too.  Do you have anything to say before the clock starts?”  Bob said, watching the terror in Madelyn’s face grow as he explained her predicament.

“Please, please don’t do this.  I swear I won’t tell anyone.”  She was afraid, terrified. 

Now Tommy understood why they all wore masks.  A few months ago, he’d be sickened at the thought of chasing down and raping this poor, defenseless girl.  Now, he’s only mad that the stakes of the poker game was the order of who gets her.  If he knew that he would’ve played harder.  He sees the way her chest swells with fear, her baby blue dress clings to her sweaty skin, and how ridiculous she looks with those heels on at the beach.

Bob raised his hand, looking at his Rolex.  “Oh, you won’t.  After we’re done with you, you’ll never want to tell anyone about this.  Clock’s running.”  Marcus let go of Madelyn, and she froze, trying to figure out where to go.

“50 seconds.”  She stumbled towards the docks, her heels sinking into the sand.  She tried to run further, falling into the ground.  The guys around her laughed.  “40 seconds.”  Madelyn struggled with taking off her pumps.  The strap to her left shoe wouldn’t unbuckle.  “30 seconds, you’re nowhere near the boats.”  Finally, she removed the last strap and could run.  She didn’t get far fast as her feet were too soft for the rocky, sandy shore.  “20 seconds.”  She was a few feet from the pier.  She moved as fast as her body could carry her to the small boat.  “10 seconds.”  She jumped into the boat, looking for the key to turn, or the start button, anything to turn it on.  She couldn’t find it.  “5, 4, 3”. She slammed the buttons on the dash, hoping one of them did something.  “2, 1.  TIME’S UP!”  The guys each ran to the pier and the first boat.  Madelyn searched for the key in the ignition, around the wheel, near the seat, in a cup holder, anywhere.  She couldn’t find it.

Madelyn screamed in frustration as she couldn’t find the key, then screamed in horror as the first pair of hands grabbed her.

Tommy ran past the boat to the end of the pier.  At first it looked like he was just an idiot, but Troy caught on pretty quick that he was covering for a potential escape.  Pete and Darren reached into the boat and grabbed Madelyn, making her scream.  Darren pulled her up by her hair as Pete bear hugged her.  Troy moved in to grab the back of her dress while Tommy closed in and got her legs.  She tried to kick and claw and scratch, but she wasn’t enough for four men.

“Back to the light.”  Troy said, leading the group back to the lit-up area.  The cameraman followed, recording the action. 

When the guys arrived, they dumped Madelyn on the ground, letting her get to her feet.  They circled her, waiting to see which way she’d jump.  She looked around.  The only one she was bigger than was Pete, so she lunged between him and Tommy.  They closed the gap, grabbing her as Darren and Troy grabbed at her dress and pulled.  The top half gave way, exposing her in a white strapless bra.  With the first look at her tits, they had to be at least a healthy C-cup.  Darren pulled harder at the dress while Troy grabbed the back of the bra and pulled, snapping the clips and breaking it off.  Madelyn screamed.

“Break.”  Bob yelled.  The guys looked at him.  “Let’er go for a moment, let’s all get a good look at that cunt.”  Tommy and Pete let go, pushing her into the center of them.  She turned to move, seizing on the opportunity, but Troy grabbed her by the remnants of her dress.  “Continue.”  Bob yelled.  James walked over, enjoying the show.  This time Troy held her in place as Tommy and Pete pulled on the last bits of her dress.  During the struggle she broke free, but was now almost completely naked, aside from her panties and stockings.  She didn’t get far barefoot.

“Bring her back.”  Bob said.  James leaned in to ask Bob a question.

“Where’s the key for the boat?”

“In my pocket.”  Bob said, making James laugh.  “C’mon, gotta give’er some hope.  Makes it a fun game to watch.”

As the two older men talked, Madelyn was surrounded once again by the guys.  This time, she lunged at Tommy, the only one of them not dressed for a swim.  Tommy grabbed her and held her tight.  “Get the bitches’ britches!”

“Hey that rhymes!”  Pete yelled, grabbing her panties in his hand and yanking up hard, giving her a painful wedgie.  This gave Darren enough slack to grab the other side and pull them off, ripping them into pieces. 

She was now naked, and knew where this was heading.  Tommy carried her to a spot under the lights where, while they were playing Strip The Bitch, Marcus had set up a large beach towel.  Tommy dumped her on the blanket, holding her down.  Troy walked up first, pulling his trunks down.

“Yo, flip the bitch over, I want her to see me.  You two, grab her legs.”  Pete and Darren helped flip Madelyn over and Tommy kneeled on her wrists once she was in position.  Pete grabbed her right leg and Darren the left.  Troy knelt, spit on his cock, and lined it up with her trimmed pussy.  Madelyn let out a horrible scream as Troy penetrated her, causing her back to arch up.  The cameraman caught the look of fear, pain, and disgust on her face as Troy fucked her on the beach.  It didn’t take him long before his motions became quick and he was ready to cum.  “Oh fuck!”  He screamed as he spurted inside her, slamming his hips into her as hard as he could.  She cried as he pulled out and climbed up.

“I’m up.”  Tommy said.  He waited until Troy took his place with Madelyn’s hands before he stood.  She felt him get up, then saw him strip.  If this were any other situation, she’d love to see him naked.  Not tonight, though.  Tommy knelt between her thighs and enjoyed the view before he pushed into her.  He unzipped his shorts and pulled his dick out after pushing his underwear down.  This time, there was no middle ground, no room for debate.  He wasn’t drunk like when he raped Morgana in her sleep.  He wasn’t fucking Emma and losing control.  This time, it was a full-on rape.  And he was ready.  He pushed into her twat, causing her to wince and cry.  She screamed and moaned.  As much as he enjoyed fucking her, it was her screams that were hurting his ears.  He had an idea.

“Hey, you wanna shut this bitch up?”  Tommy said to Pete, the next in line.  Pete’s eyes lit up.

“With pleasure.  Bitch, you bite down I’ll knock your teeth out.”  Pete said as he pulled his dick out of his trunks and held it in front of Madelyn’s face.  She kept her mouth shut until he pinched her nose, cutting off her air supply.  As soon as she opened her mouth, Pete shoved his cock into it.  Meanwhile, Tommy knelt down and sucked on her titties as Pete forced a blowjob from her.  Well, blowjob implies she did something.  It was more of a facefucking than anything else.  Tommy kept fucking her twat while Pete fucked her face.  James was up next and took up position near the group.  Tommy was nearing his first orgasm of the night when he grabbed onto her hips and slammed hard into her, cumming with force.  Madelyn cried at the assault, but it only got worse as Pete busted a nut in her mouth, nearly drowning her.  As the two men pulled out and moved, Madelyn laid on the beach blanket.

“Flip the cunt over.  I’m coming for her arse.”  James said, stripping down.  Darren held her in position as he said something to James.

“Wait, let’s do this together.  Turn this bitch into a starfish.”  Darren laid down on the ground, pulling Madelyn onto him.  He slid his dick into her abused pussy, then held her in place.  James figured out what was going on when Troy climbed up to Madelyn’s face and slapped her a few times, causing her to open her mouth.

“Make sure she doesn’t bite.  I’m going in.”  James pushed his dick into her ass without any lube.  It hurt like hell, so he could just imagine how much pain she was in.  Troy had slipped a ring gag into her mouth as she screamed.  James wondered where it came from, but figured it was either Bob or Marcus.  Madelyn screamed at the anal intrusion stretching her worse than she’d ever felt before.  Troy, satisfied that the ring was in place, pushed his dick into her mouth.  Tommy and Pete looked at each other, then went to each side of her, grabbing a hand and wrapping it around their dicks.  Madelyn had one dick in her pussy, one in her ass, one in her mouth, and one in each hand.  5 dicks.  More than she’d ever had in her life to this point, and all this was likely to get worse.

The cameraman got some great footage of all five men turning her into a ‘starfish’ for a few minutes.  Eventually Darren came in her pussy, followed by James in her ass and Troy in her mouth.  Tommy then took up position in her mouth as Pete went for her pussy than ass.  After those two came on her, Marcus arrived with a riding crop, whipping her on her tits, ass, and the arches of her feet before he made her beg to fuck him.  As he was fucking her, the cameraman managed to keep the camera steady while he fucked her in the ass. 

The fucking marathon went on from after 10PM until about 2AM. By the time it was all said and done, the men were sore and exhausted and Madelyn was a mess.  They had fucked her about 15-20 times and treated her like a whore.  She was covered in piss, blood, and cum.  A lot of cum.  She had bruising over a lot of her lower body and a few slap marks on her face.  Nothing that would give her a black eye, but she’d be wearing concealer for a few days.  They tossed her in the lake to give her a quick rinse before throwing her in one of the bedrooms on Bob’s boat.  At the end, she was a shell of herself when the night started.  And since it was a long trip back to the shore, they tied her up and attached some toys to her to force her to cum.  She moaned, screamed, and cried most of the way back to shore.


By the time they arrived back at shore, James and Tommy were exhausted.  Still, they weren’t the only ones out at 3AM in the Lake Hiawatha Resorts on a Thursday night.  They ran into some tourists who were rip roaring drunk and some boat owners who were too drunk to fish, let alone power a boat.  That didn’t stop them from getting a few drinks on the way back to the cabin from a guy named Sal.  Or was it a Sal named Guy?  Somehow, they were able to drive back to the cabin in the golf cart and didn’t get into too much trouble with any of the guards, other campers, employees, or bears.  They might’ve scared off a deer with some crazy rendition of Seven Nation Army, but they made it back in one piece.

Tommy passed out around 4AM but had to figure out the manual alarm clocks and old-style telephone to set up a wake-up call.  His phone was his alarm, and in the time-lock.  James had some plans for brunch or lunch that he knew everyone would enjoy, if they could get there on time.

Tommy thought to himself about how crazy the night turned out.  He almost doubted that he had it in him to do that to a woman, but being a stranger made it easier.  As long as nothing threw his plans even further into disarray, like a missed text message about another person joining, then he’d feel better about Saturday.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 46 Posted)
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Nothing like getting a little pre-action action to make things go smoother. Love the addition of Bianca to the mix. Really don't think that her addition will mean anything to James, just another set of holes to fill! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 47 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Nothing like a little pre-gaming before heading to the bar.  Guess the same analogy applies here.

Chapter 47 incoming.  Also, I'd originally planned on having things line up to really get going around 50, but the next two chapters I wrote are very long and will be broken into bite-sized pieces.  48 was too long for the posting rules, and that was after I'd cut a few things out of it.  Better to tell the whole story the right way than trim things for a deadline.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 47 Posted)
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Chapter 47(MF, setup)

Bianca sat in the driver’s seat of her Chevy Equinox, looking at Sophie in the passenger seat, lost in her music.  It was late on a school night and here she was, driving her daughter to her ex’s house so he and his floosy girlfriend could take Sophie with them down to Disney World on a spur of the moment trip, when it was supposed to be her weekend with her daughter.

Whatever love Bianca Jones once had for Phil Jones was gone, replaced only by anger and resentment.  Each day she woke up, the first thing she was thankful for was that she no longer shared a bed with that cheating prick.  The second thing she was thankful for was that their daughter Sophia, or Sophie as she went by, was one day closer to being and adult and Bianca was one day closer to no longer having to deal with Phil or his bullshit.  If she was able to go a whole day without dealing with his shit, it was automatically a good day.

They were together for 11 years, married for 9 of them, and even then, the marriage was a struggle.  Okay, they’re still technically married but that’s only because he has dragged the divorce out longer than it needed to be.  She kicked him out of the house for the last time 3 years ago, after she caught him cheating on her again.  It was the fourth time in 3 years that she knew of, and the way she found out was she discovered she had an STD.  Phil caught the Clap from one of the whores he fucked and he gave it to her.  As much as she hated it, it was the proof she needed to help nail his ass to the wall in court.  All of the years of emotional, psychological, physical, financial and even sexual abuse were too much for her.  She put up with it as long as she could because she knew how much of an asshole he was and how miserable he would make things for her and Sophie.  And Bianca was right.  Phil was a classic narcissistic sociopath who was very charming when he wanted to be but a goddamned bully when he didn’t get his way.  His wants took precedence over everyone else’s needs.  Which that made the alimony, child support, and custody process a pain in the ass.

Bianca has lost count of how many times Phil was late with one of the checks or ‘forgot’ which weekend was his, or had plans and she had to cancel what she was doing so he could go have fun.  Even the judge was sick of it and ordered Phil to set up autopay on the alimony and child support payments or go to jail.  Not that she needed his money, she made enough for the two of them to get by, but Sophie is his kid, too.  She could understand the alimony not getting paid, but every time he screwed up paying the child support, she died a little inside.  But the custody problems were the worst of it.  They have a simple arrangement.  Phil has every other weekend, 2 weeks in the summer, and they alternate the holidays.  Instead, Phil ‘forgets’ his weekend more often than not, requests time when it’s not his, and then ignores her for the time he has her, unless he’s lovebombing her like he’s doing now.

Lovebombing, that’s a term Bianca learned from her therapist.  When a narcissist feels like they’re losing control, they’ll shower their target with love and affection to win them back, usually with some grand gesture like a surprise trip to Disney World.  Phil’s good for 3 or 4 of these tricks a year.  Last March he bought Sophie a new iPad, even though she has one.  ‘It’s for her to use here.’  He didn’t pay attention as usual.  Last Christmas is was a new TV for her room in his new house and an Xbox.  She already has a PS4 and Bianca’s promised her a PS5 as soon as she can get her hands on one, and all her friends are on PlayStation.  In typical Phil fashion, he lost his cool when Sophie told him she couldn’t play because the account needed a credit card attached to it.  He had a tantrum like a toddler and Sophie didn’t play it again until she went and got her own prepaid refillable card.  Still, his classic threat when she doesn’t do all of the house’s chores is to take away the Xbox.

As Bianca pulled up to Phil’s house, she took several long, deep breaths.  She tried to hide this from Sophie but her daughter was smart and old enough to know that something wasn’t right with Dad or how Mom reacted around him.  Sophie also noticed a major difference between Mom and Dad.  Mom would bite her tongue whenever Dad did something forgetful or hurtful, while Dad would call her every name he could think of.  She learned the phrase ‘cum guzzling whore’ from Dad when she didn’t come right over to pick up her up during one of his weekends because his new girlfriend wanted to go out to a fancy dinner, just the two of them.  She heard Dad say terrible things about Mom, blame her for all of his problems, even direct the anger towards her sometime, talking about how ‘all women are evil’ and ‘only put on this earth to make men suffer.’  She didn’t mind his girlfriend Cathy that much, but to be honest, Sophie didn’t want to spend any time with Dad anymore, even if a trip to Disney World was involved.  She knew how the weekend would end.  They’d generally have fun but Dad would make it about him, complain about how much money he was spending, get upset because he wanted to do something that his girlfriend Cathy couldn’t do because she’s pregnant and now he’s going to blame the baby for ruining his day, and if anyone does anything that goes against his wishes they’re the asshole.  The whole weekend will be some thinly covered attempt to show how he loves her more than Mom, but as usual he misses the point.  It’s not about the big flashy things, it’s the little things that make up every day.  What good is Disney World once a year when Dad ignores you every other weekend?

They walked up to the house and mother and daughter said their goodbyes.  When Cathy opened the door, Bianca was relieved.  A fight postponed for another few minutes.  Cathy said that Phil stepped out to get some groceries for the trip.  They both knew that was a lie, he went to the bar for a couple rounds, but didn’t need to say anything.  Bianca told Cathy that she would be going on a trip this weekend up to the woods and might not have cell coverage.  After a few minutes they said their goodbyes and left.  As soon as Bianca was in the car, she notified Phil on the OurFamilyWizard app that Sophie was with Cathy and that following his offer of a Florida trip including Disney World, she would not be available this weekend as she would be on a trip of her own with friends to Lake Hiawatha and might not have cell coverage during the weekend.  Of course, the first message that came through was Phil calling her selfish.  Bianca replied with his initial demand of taking Sophie on her weekend with their daughter.  She also sent the calendar and the recent history of him ‘forgetting’ his weekends.  She ended the conversation with “Have a good trip, stay safe, see you Monday night.”

Bianca put the unpleasantness with Phil behind her and packed for the weekend.  It was very spur of the moment but she hasn’t had any spontaneity since March when she went to that work party and hooked up with James.  She was looking forward to seeing him, hoping that he’d still be interested in her.  If not, it would still be a win in her eyes.  There was no way the weekend could be more awkward or miserable than dealing with her ex.


Drew slept in until 6AM.  For him, that was a long time.  He wanted to get an early start to the day, get on the road, and get to the cabin before noon.  It wouldn’t take him long to get ready and pack, but he wanted to enjoy a little privacy before he road trip started.

Of course, the privacy was so he could call Celeste without anyone in the apartment hearing.  After grabbing a water bottle and putting on his running shoes, he went outside and walked the trail, talking to his new roomie, old friend, and secret lover all in one.  He apologized for not calling more often, saying he hasn’t been able to get any alone time in the last week, then asked her how things were going.  She’d officially broken the lease from her half of the flat and was fully moved in.  They made some jokes about being lonely, saying that she could ask the next set of neighbors to move in with them, keep the cycle going until a hundred people live in the flat.  He told her he probably wouldn’t have any time in the next few days to call, seeing how they’re in the middle of nowhere essentially and also he’ll be busy with his wife and sister-in-law, who just accepted the job and will be moving up to Harbor City.

“So no more telling your coworkers my name is Marie?”  He smiled.  He might have to keep the charade going in the future, but for now he was feeling good.

They said their goodbyes and hung up.  As much as he didn’t want to fall for her, there’s a part of him that couldn’t help it.  He knows they should both break it off, but he just can’t pull himself to do it yet.  ‘I will do it face to face, when he was in Melbourne again.  Celeste deserved at least that much.’  Drew told himself this as he walked back to the apartment.

When he returned to the apartment, he saw that Aislinn was up and about already.  Even with being exhausted the last couple days, she was still on AEDT time.  6:30AM in the US was 8:30PM in Melbourne, and she’d be up for a while before she would feel tired enough to sleep.  They chatted a bit, he said he went out for a walk since they wouldn’t have time for him to hit the gym.  They made coffee and brekky, then each packed. 

Morgana woke up a quarter after 7, almost running out of their room naked.  Only hearing Drew and her sis talk reminded her that she was staying with them.  After a quick change she joined them in the living room, telling them about Bianca.  After getting over his initial “this would’ve been great to tell me yesterday” reaction, all three put a little get up in their go.  Morgana jumped in the shower, Drew joined her to ‘save time.’  Funny how their joint shower sessions always end up with a little in-and-out.  After, it only took Drew a few minutes to get ready, as he’d become accustomed to living out of a suitcase for the last few months.  Aislinn didn’t have much to bring aside from the clothes and bathing suits she bought the night before.  It took Morgana a little longer, but nothing too obnoxious.  They texted Tommy and James, letting them know they were leaving soon to pick up Bianca.  She noticed they hadn’t even read the messages from last night yet.  “Must be having a lot of fun if they’re that hung over.”

It was a little after 8AM when Drew started up Morgy’s white Mercedes GLB.  They now had 4 adults and their luggage to carry.  This wouldn’t work in his sporty sedan.  They offered to split the driving, and since Drew already had his first cup of coffee, he offered to start.  Morgy texted Bianca, letting her know they were on their way.  A quick reply from Bianca let her know that she was ready.

They were in front of Bianca’s house around 8:40AM.  A quick introduction with Aislinn and hello to Drew and Morgana and the four of them were on the road.  They agreed to get some food at before too long when they stop to fill up the tank.  Not long was about 15 minutes, when they pulled into one of those gas stations that serves its own food.  Right as everyone had their food and drinks, Morgana took a selfie of everyone in the car and sent it to Tommy and James.  On the road, be there in a few hours.  It had just turned 9AM.


The alarm buzzed and the phone rang.  Tommy rolled over and saw the clock, 9:00AM. He really needed a shower, some aspirin, a coffee, and his phone.  His head thumped like a bass drum and all of the action last night with that brunette wore him out.  He decided first things first that a shower was in order, followed by coffee and phone.  He’d have to put aspirin or ibuprofen on the list of things to grab while out.

It took him a little longer than usual to get going from the shower.  By the time he went upstairs from his room in the basement, it was 9:30.  He started the coffee maker, then looked at the weird box on the counter.  It was the timelocked safe with his phone in it.  As the coffee brewed, he opened the box and retrieved his phone and smartwatch.  They were both in need of a charge.  He’d deal with that in a little bit.  Tommy opened his phone, and after a minute all of the missed notifications came flooding in.  Most of them were mundane stuff, like “Check out this new series on Netflix” and “Your credit score has changed overnight” and “Weather for your area will be hot and dry the next couple days.”  Among those notifications were a few others.  There were a couple messages from WhatsApp, some social media notifications, and a slew of texts and pics from Morgana in the group chat.  His coffee was ready, and poured himself a cup of mediocre sludge.  Free hotel coffee, it’s on par with free office coffee.  He opened the texts and took a sip.  Tommy spit out his coffee in disbelief.  Not at the vile taste, but what he read.

“Oi, hope it’s not a problem but I invited Bianca.  She’s having a rough go of it and needs some friends.  Plus, James could use a special friend.”  A series of winky emojis followed. Tommy looked at the time, it was after midnight when she sent that text.  The next one was from Morgana this morning.  “Picking up Bianca, leaving Harbor City.”  About 8:15.  “Getting Petrol, then heading up.  C U Soon.”  That was 8:45.  The final message was a picture.  Morgana took a selfie of everyone in the car.  She was in the passenger seat, Drew was driving.  Behind Morgana was Aislinn, and behind Drew was Bianca.  That text was right at 9 o’clock, more than a half hour ago.

“Oh shit!”  Tommy ran through the living room and up to the stairs.  At the first landing, he stopped and came back down, grabbing James’s phone, then returned to the steps.  That’s when Tommy remembered that James was sleeping on the first floor in the bedroom right off of the living room and kitchen.  He made a beeline to James’s bedroom door, pounding on it.

“James, c’mon open up, open, James, c’mon, we got a problem!”  Eventually, a very tired and hungover James came to the door, with a borderline homicidal glare in his eyes.

“The fook?”  James said, feeling his phone pushed into his chest.  He grabbed it, and saw a pic on Tommy’s phone.  His bleary eyes still hadn’t focused.

“Look.  4 people.”  James didn’t register right away what Tommy said.

“Fookin’ arse.”  James closed the door on Tommy’s face.  10 seconds later, the door swung open, looking like he’d seen a ghost.  He grabbed Tommy’s phone and zoomed in on the picture.  “FOOKIN’ SHITE!  FOOK!  FOOK!  WHEN’S THIS FROM?”  James handed the phone back to Tommy.

“About 40 minutes ago.  They were getting gas and breakfast then took this pic.”  Tommy said, motioning James to the kitchen and coffee.  James only wore a pair of gym shorts to bed.  Tommy poured James a cup of black coffee and they sat for a moment.

“Sitrep?”  James said, looking at the cup of coffee.

Tommy took a deep breath to calm himself.  “Morgana texted last night that she invited Bianca.  You’ve got the text too, but just said she had a rough day and we have the room.  Since we didn’t respond and say no, they picked her up this morning.”

“It’s just Bianca, no Sophia or Sapphire?”  James said, hesitating on taking a sip.

“Who?”  Tommy wasn’t sure what James was talking about.

“Her bloody kid.”

“No, I don’t think so.  She’s not in the pic and Morgy’s car isn’t that big.  Unless kids ride in trunks, but I’m pretty sure she’s not in there.”  Tommy said. 

James finally opened his phone and looked at the pic and texts himself.  No Sophia.  “At least there’s that.  So they’re an hour out of Harbor City, about hour and a half to two away.”

“Which is too far to tell them no and take her home.  Plus, we’ll piss them off and they’ll say fuck it and stay home.”  Tommy said.  He nervously drank the really hot coffee, regretting it instantly.

“Agreed.  And if we call things off now, Bob won’t take kindly to that.”  James said.  His shoulders sagged at the realization of their only option.

“Which means-“  Tommy said as James cut him off.

“Which means we have to find a way to turn chicken shite into chicken salad.”  James said, then sipped his coffee.  “Well, it’s your plan Einstein, what’s yer contingency?”  James was a little harsh at Tommy.  “I’m sorry, it’s just, the last thing I expected was Bianca Jones showing up.”

Tommy was taken aback a little.  James never apologized to him before.  Not directly, at least.  He took a couple deep breaths and formed his thoughts as he spoke.  “Okay.  We have no option but to go forward.  Calling it off won’t sit well with our hosts, but we now have two extra women.  A 3-person team will have a hard time subduing the …6 of us.  We still have to play victims, so we can’t show our hand unless we want to go to jail.  Only way I see out of this is more people.  At least 1 more assailant, if not more.  We need backup.”  Tommy said.

James sipped his coffee.  “Agreed.  I’ll contact Steve and them, see if they can scrounge up anyone else.  If they can’t, we’ll have to get creative, see if our friends from last night are free.”

“If not?”  Tommy asked.

James shrugged his shoulders.  “They aren’t stupid.  If they see it’s too risky, they’ll back out.  I’ll see what they can do.”

“Yep.  Meantime, I’ll text them let them know what we’re doing.  What are we doing today?”  Tommy asked, a little confused.

“Everything.  I got us a reservation for lunch at 1 nearby, then some time on the lake or hiking, whatever they want.  Leaning towards the lake, though.  Then dinner, do the other, hang out, have a great night.”  James said, sipping his coffee.

“Where’s lunch?”

“E&B’s.”  James replied.  Tommy reacted.

“Wow, we’re really going all out.”

“Well, have a day of heaven before a weekend of hell.”

“Makes sense.”  Tommy nodded as he said that.  There was some wisdom to James’s statement.  Give them a great day today so they don’t suspect anything bad will happen tomorrow.  Might even help make the impact of everything hit harder.

As Tommy typed away on his phone in the group chat, he looked at James.  For the first time since this started, he looked like had regrets.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that all this came about because of Bianca.  He likes her.  She came up, possibly because of him, and now she’s on the precipice of disaster.  Tommy returned to typing, saying they were out a little too late and couldn’t find their phones until the morning.  She asked what kind of party was that, and Tommy said they went boating with one of James’s friends.  It was the kind of party where it was better to leave the phones in the cabin, and they were pretty sloshed when they got back.  The hangovers are real but they’ll be good for lunch, place James knows.  Morgana asked which place, and he said it would be a surprise.  They texted a few more times, mostly gauging where they were on the trip.  Tommy figured they were about the halfway point.  James and Tommy would meet them by the main lodge when they got closer.  Tommy described the use of golf carts around the camp, how they’ll pick them and their stuff up from the main gate because the paths for cars are tight and only douchebags drive their trucks to the cabins.

While Tommy chatted with Morgana, James had a little conversation with Steve over WhatsApp.  They were still in Harbor City packing things.  After some back and forth, they decided to drive Steve’s work truck.  Bubbles’s Hyundai would be a tight fit for the three of them and their gear, and Sam’s truck had his name on it.  At least Steve’s said ‘Red Briar Security’ on it and their company had some business in that part of the state.  Plus, in a pinch he could cover up parts of the truck with some magnetic signs.  As they got into the minutia of the planning, James gave Steve the news about Bianca.  This threw their plans around.  They could justify three people holding 4 or maybe 5 people hostage and do some crazy things, but now, there were too many people just for them.  As Steve said, according to Advanced Rape Calculus, the number of known assailants to known hostages should never get below a 1:2 ratio, otherwise the Hero Factor, known as HF, rises to an unacceptable level of risk.  When HF exceeds the ratio of Assailants to Hostages, A2H, the chance of an incident becomes almost certain.  The only ways to reduce HF are add more assailants, hurt more people, or both.  Steve agreed to try JC and Ray one more time each, and Sam would get confirmation from Joe and Mari.  James expressed his displeasure with reaching out to Ray, but Steve said he hoped it wouldn’t come to that.

Tommy and James looked at the clock on the microwave.  It was now 10:38AM, and they both needed to get showered and dressed.  Drew would be arriving to the camp around Noon and they wanted to meet them by the gate with the golf cart.  Plus, they would have to trade in their 4-seater golf cart for one that could fit 6 people now that they had two extra guests.  They did what they could to get things moving before they headed to the main gate, but hoped that their work wouldn’t be in vain.

James and Steve shared one last set of messages.  James and Tommy were leaving the cabin around 11:15 to 11:30.  After that, they wouldn’t have access to the Club’s site for the rest of the day, possibly until the next morning.  Steve said they’ll move ahead as planned but if something comes up or they don’t get any backup, they’ll abort the mission.  As of now they had one plan, and that was sketchy at best.  James and Tommy agreed that for safety’s sake they wouldn’t log in to WhatsApp until at least 1PM on Saturday.  It would be well after the planned timing of the attack.  If they logged in before and shit went sideways, they’d be connected to it quickly.  Tommy asked when they’d know when things were happening.  The response didn’t thrill him.

“You’ll know it when you know it.”


Joe was in his home office when Sam called him.  It wasn’t unusual for his best friend of almost 20 years to call, but given the context it certainly was.  They spoke in a little code, trying to figure out what Joe’s plans were for the weekend.  Sam said they could really use a couple pair of hands this weekend to help him move a couch, and that there was some extra furniture that was required to move.  Joe asked if he needed his truck to help him move it, and Sam said yes.  Joe asked for a pic of the extra furniture, and also said he had to make sure he could get some time this weekend, and that he’d hit him up as soon as possible.  The phone call was the quickest way to get a hold of Joe, but they both knew what was up. 

He logged into the Club’s site and was greeted to a new pic.  4 people, 3 women and a guy, driving in a car.  The one taking the picture was Morgana.  He didn’t recognize the other two.  The message said they were Morgana’s sister Aislinn Walker and her friend and boss, Bianca Jones.  Not a bad looking one of them in the crowd.  Now Joe could see what the problem was.  They needed backup in case things went sideways. 

They’d discussed the plan before, they just needed to know if they were in.  Joe said he’d get back to them ASAP about that.

Joe called his wife Mari, who went into the office for a half day of work.  Unlike Joe, she liked going into the office to work.  She enjoyed seeing everyone and talking to them face to face.  But that’s why she was in Marketing and he was in IT.  Marketing people like talking to other people.  IT people prefer solitude and silence from their coworkers and know that unless they need to physically touch a machine, they can work from anywhere in the world with an internet connection and a laptop.  When he got a hold of her, he asked if she’d been able to convince Crystal to watch the kids for the weekend.  He heavily implied that it would be a good idea if she could and that anything was on the table to make it work.  Mari said she’d make it work, but it might cost him.  An hour later, he received the text from his wife he was looking for.  Crystal will watch the kids for the whole weekend, but only if Joe and Mari agreed to pay for everyone’s trip to a local amusement park.  After a little back and forth about which park, Joe agreed and just needed to know how many tickets to buy as long as Crystal took the kids Friday evening.  Before lunch was over, he purchased 8 ride all day tickets for Saturday, and Mari was on her way home to pack for the weekend trip.

Joe called Sam and told him he’d help with moving the furniture this weekend.  They, him and Mari, would head up to the furniture store tonight after dropping off the kids at Crystal’s house.  He asked if they needed any extra ‘moving supplies’ and if so give the list to him as soon as he could.  An encrypted WhatsApp message later and Joe and Mari had a veritable shopping list of sex toys and bondage equipment to bring, as well as spare cameras.  Joe responded, telling him that shouldn’t be a problem but that they wouldn’t be able to leave Harbor City until at least 4 or 5PM.  They’d try for earlier, but needed to wait until the youngest was home before taking the kids over to their cousins for the weekend.  As soon as Sam and them had a room and a place to meet, they’d meet there.

It was shortly after 4:30 when Joe and Mari dropped off the kids at Crystal’s, along with Joe’s credit card for their trip to the amusement park.  He told her the card has a $5,000 limit but try not to go nuts and that if they use their own cash, just buy something for themselves of the same amount.  They would try to check in whenever possible, but they would be in a cabin in the woods for a romantic getaway.  Which is technically true, and technically true is the best type of truth.  After saying goodbye, Joe and Mari hopped in his F150 King Ranch and drove up to Lake Hiawatha.


Steve tried calling, messaging, and even texted JC a few times before giving up around Noon.  If Jesus didn’t have his phone on him, there was no way to reach him.  Not even through the power of prayer.


Ray Hibberton was an eccentric man.  He was a well-thought and well-spoken man in his late 50’s who lived life to the fullest, often indulging in vices that most of polite society thought were perverse or excessive.  That’s a polite way of saying he was an economics professor who had a coke habit and liked rape.  While he indulged in his vices as often as possible, it was only during the semester breaks that he could really go to town.  As soon as the summer session ended at Chester County Community College, Ray made a trip up to Lake Hiawatha where he purchased ‘enough coke to kill a horse’, as his dealer put it.  Ray felt he did his best thinking and writing wired out of his skull, and still had a week until the next session started.  His first class wasn’t until the Wednesday after Labor Day.  Ray was in the middle of another one of his binges.  Thursday night was the first time he slept in 4 days, and that was only because the hallucinations from being up for so long doing so much cocaine told him that he needed to go to sleep.  He woke up around 2PM to a message from Steve in the Club’s WhatsApp chat, asking him how he was doing and if he had any plans.  Ray responded, saying he was good, working on a project for this weekend.  When Steve relayed the issues they were facing, Ray said he’d like to, but already had a date during the upcoming weekend.  He then did a bump from the 8-ball he would have for breakfast while looking over his plans for the weekend.  A young woman by the name of Nicole, courtesy of a friend from the Club.


Bubbles, Sam, and Steve packed everything into Steve’s work truck for their little adventure and hit the road.  This included their collection of various sex toys, their rape kits, changes of clothes, a couple cameras, some knives, 4 Glock 19 pistols, 2 AR-15’s, a pump-action sawed-off shotgun, and enough blank ammo to give Michael Bay a hard-on.  Everyone in the truck knew that the guns came from houses and apartments that Sam owned and cleaned out over the years.  Funny thing about the law is that turning the guns in would be a bigger hassle for him than just pretending that they didn’t exist.  Besides, he’s had to use them a couple times since for his Club activities.

While Steve tried to get a hold of Ray and JC, Sam received confirmation from Joe that they would arrive later at night.  If things didn’t go any further off course, they’d have enough people for this operation.  They’d work out the specifics of the plan in the hotel room, once they arrived.

Since it was Steve’s truck, he agreed to drive for the most part but didn’t argue when Bubbles offered to drive for part of the journey.  They left Harbor City around 1PM, but made a couple stops along the way.  Bubbles had a great idea about ordering some random business magnets for Steve’s truck to cover up his Red Briar Security signs.  This way if they drew attention from the law or any witnesses, they’d look for a window cleaning service that didn’t exist.  When they stopped for gas, they switched around, letting Bubbles drive for the next hour in the large pickup.  An Asian woman with pink hair and green eyes driving a white RAM in the middle of the country turned more than a few heads along the way.

Steve finally heard from Ray for the first time in a couple weeks.  He was out of action for the weekend.  To be honest, Steve was glad to hear that.  From everything he’d heard about Ray the last week, he wasn’t excited about bringing him along on this mission.  Still, he did care about his friend and wanted to hang out with him again.  Hell, he could use Ray’s help with some jobs he had coming up, both legit and otherwise.


By the time JC checked his phone, it was late in the day.  It was another one of those days at work where everyone that could take the day off did.  And, like any other half-assed project at Red Briar, the server patching had to be done today of all days.  It couldn’t wait until Tuesday when everyone would be in the office or earlier in the week when everyone was available.  No, it HAD to be done Friday, and not just any Friday but the Friday before Labor Day Weekend.  That meant JC, Jesus to his friends, Jonathan Crenshaw to those looking at his ID, had no choice but to cancel his planned vacation day and spend it working in the office, manually rebooting servers that hung in the middle of the patching process.  For anyone who has never worked in IT, the server room is a modern-day nightmare.  It’s always too loud, too hot, too cold, and too crowded all at once.  JC took pride in his work and his immense ability to deal with bullshit, but even he couldn’t stand to be in the server room longer than 10 minutes without wanting to slap someone.  He’d long ago been driven to the edge of his patience by the crazy temperatures that occur in the room.  One spot the AC blasts away at full even in the middle of winter, while just a foot or two away the room is 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  Today, he had to spend the entire day on a conference call physically restarting the various devices in the server racks because the other IT admin on call today didn’t know how to properly reboot the servers remotely.  This meant JC spent 9 hours in a glorified Faraday cage, not getting a break of more than 10 minutes throughout the day, to do a job that should’ve been automated and taken no more than 2 hours, all while sitting on a conference call using the landline in the server room that didn’t have a connection to a headset.  He made a note to find the PM’s coffee and piss in it the next chance he got.

When JC left the office, it was well after 6PM.  He had enough time to jump in his car, grab some drive thru, drive to Holly’s apartment, shower and change for their little show tonight.  She was going to livestream their sex tonight.  He was Mario, and she was Princess Peach.  Which that was something that bothered him about the Mario games.  Princess Peach wore pink, but peaches are yellow.  Daisy wore yellow, but daisies can be pink.  There’s never a pink peach.

It was while waiting in line for his Classic Double meal and extra fries and frosty for Holly that he finally checked the messages from Steve.  He figured that once again Steve was asking if he wanted to join them up in their little shindig.  He’d already turned him down a few times this past week, but Steve just keeps going after him.  What he saw almost made him rear end the car in front of him.

Bianca Jones.  That bitch that got him fired from Pharma all those years ago.  She was in the photo.  It looked just like her.

JC texted Steve, asking him to call him right away using the WhatsApp VoIP protocol.  Right after JC had his food he pulled over to a safe spot and answered Steve’s call.

“Hey, just got your message, you free to talk?”  Steve asked.  JC looked over the order, making sure they didn’t forget too much.  Just the ketchup this time.

“Yeah, I’m here.  You safe to talk?”

“I am.”  Steve replied.

JC took a breath.  “I saw that pic you sent me.  Is that bitch in the back seat with the huge tits Bianca Jones?”

“Yeah, you know her?”  Steve said, surprised that JC got the name right so fast.

“When and where?”  It’s all JC had to say to Steve to confirm that he was in.


“You remember that cunt that got me fired from Pharma a while back?  It’s her.”  JC said, staring at the phone as he talked.

“Holy shit.”

“I’m in.  When and where?”  JC made up his mind as soon as he saw her picture, those big tits of hers straining under her tank top.

“Tomorrow morning, up at Lake Hiawatha.  We’ll meet at the hotel we’re staying at, then make our way over to their cabin.  We can go over the plan when you get here.”

“How early tomorrow?”

“Probably between 10 and Noon.”  Steve said.

“I won’t have much time.  After I’m done with my girl tonight, I’m heading over to my apartment back in Peachtree, grabbing my stuff and some NoDoze, then driving up.  I just have one condition.  I get that bitch first.  I’ve waited too damn long to get my dick in her ass, and I’m not letting a 3-hour drive keep it from happening.”  JC was more than a little pissed, and it showed.

“You gonna be okay?”  Steve said with more than a hint of concern for his friend.

“Oh, I’ll be right as rain once I make her fucking scream.  The others are a goddamned bonus.”

“Just to be clear, one of the guys in the op is an older man that she has a thing for, and he’s one of us.”

“Good.  She can beg him for help while I’m raping her ass.” 

“That’s not what I meant.  I’ll send you the hotel info and where to park your van when you get up here.  If you can, catch some sleep once you arrive and call us before knocking on the door so we don’t accidentally shoot you.”  Steve said.

“Got it.  Thanks.  I’ve been waiting a long fucking time to get back at that bitch.  I won’t blow my cover, but I’ll know what I did to her, even if she won’t.”

“Okay.  Be safe, see you in a bit.”

“You too, bye.”  JC hung up the phone and screamed.  For the first time in years, he had a legit shot at revenge against Bianca Jones, and it was delivered on a silver platter.  There was no way he’d let it slip through his fingers this time.

He drove to Holly’s apartment and he told her that he’d have to head out after, that something came up that he’d have to go out of town for the weekend.  She tried to act like she was cool with it, but was still a little upset.  JC hadn’t seen Gintama and she wanted to spend some time with him getting caught up, but she understood.  He told her he’d make it up to her soon, offering to help her get and set up a new 3D printer.  After dinner, they got into costume, then put on their show for her adoring fans.  He was used to fucking on camera by this point of his life, but still insisted on keeping his Mario face costume pieces on.  From how he fucked her that night, she thought he must’ve taken the green and red mushrooms together.

It was after midnight when he left.  Peachtree was across town from her apartment on the Main Shore.  He drove with purpose to his apartment, gathered his equipment, made an extra-large cup of coffee, then hit the road.  He was on his way to Lake Hiawatha, and a date with that bitch Bianca’s ass.

He would make her pay.  He would make her regret ever being born after this weekend.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 47 Posted)
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Why do I get a feeling that Ray will show up unannounced and that JC won't be able to contain his resentment of Bianca! Let's add Phil to the mix and this weekend has more chance than a snowball in hell to be a disaster! Still hoping that Bubbles is used by all the guys present just to keep her in character! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 47 Posted)
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This is a tremendous binge xx well done and enjoying every word.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 48 Posted)
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Thanks TGH and JustJess.  Ray is one person I can say definitively won't show up at the lake, but that's only because his "dance card was full."   >:D   Let's just say the next story I write in the Harbor City Universe features Ray...and a few others.

Chapter 48 incoming.  This was originally a very long chapter that I had to cut some stuff out of but was over the character limit.  Better to split them into two chapters and pace things out a bit.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 48 Posted)
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Chapter 48(M/F, setup)

When Drew pulled the Mercedes into the parking lot for the lodge, he was amazed at what he saw.  They drove through forests and rolling hills, and arrived at the main guest entrance for Hiawatha Resorts.  A beach surrounded a large lake, and near the main gate stood the hotel and parking are.  A small community of shops stretched along a small street off of the main lot that led in one direction to the free community park and beach nearby and another to the marina, where dozens of boats were moored.  The place was busy with people milling about, yet serene.  People of all shapes and sizes dressed in everything from swimming trunks and bikinis to jeans and long-sleeved shirts.  Families dressed for swimming and playing hanging out with hunters dressed for getting lost in the woods chit chatting with hipster nature freaks.

It reminded him of home.  Melbourne.

He looked for a parking space in the sea of cars and found one in the Wolf Den lot.  The parking lots all had cute names for different places animals in the forest lived.  Wolf Den, Bear Cave, Eagle’s Nest, stuff like that.  After parking, everyone got out of the Mercedes and stretched.  It was a long, long drive.  As much as he wanted to hand the driving over to someone else, Morgana wasn’t feeling too good on the trip, Bianca’s just along for the ride, and Aislinn has never driven on the ‘wrong side of the road.’  Morgana claimed she was just a little tired but seemed to cheer right up as soon as she texted Tommy and James.  Well, Tommy.  James was just in the room.

Speaking of texting Tommy, as soon as the car stopped Morgana sent them their GPS location.  A moment of back and forth and they replied that they’d be there soon.  Soon was about 5 minutes, just long enough for Aislinn to score some weed from the party that parked next to them.  Drew shook his head.  That’s when Tommy beeped the horn from their rented golf cart.  Tommy drove a red 6-seater All-Terrain Golf Cart with a canopy and a little trailer attached, obviously for their luggage.

Tommy stopped the vehicle and jumped out.  He made a bee-line to Morgana and they hugged, almost forgetting where they were.  He then went over and bro-hugged Drew.  James made his way over, slowly getting the lay of the land.  Tommy wore a gray polo shirt, shorts, and boat shoes.  James was in a light linen short-sleeved button up shirt and cargo shorts and boat shoes.  Drew was in a red polo and khaki shorts.  Morgana was in a white t-shirt and tasteful blue shorts with sandals, her hair up in a bun.  Tommy took a long, hard look at Aislinn while James did the same with Bianca.  Aislinn had darker skin than her sister, and her hair was straight, long, and light brown.  She was skinny.  Very skinny, but very cute.  She wore a pair of black and white striped shorts and a black tank top.  Her sunglasses hid her eyes, but she was smiling at him the whole time he looked her over, slipping on her flip flops that she didn’t feel like wearing on the drive.  Bianca wore a shoulderless crop-top-type shirt and a pair of jean shorts.  Her wedge shoes made her look a little taller.

“Oi, bout time you met someone.  Tommy, this is Aislinn.  Aislinn, Tommy.”  Morgana said, nearly dragging Tommy over to her sister.  He smiled.


“Hi.”  She smiled back, moving her head up and down a little, taking in his frame and body.  He was better looking in person.  He went in for a shake, and she hugged him.  “Oi, been talkin’ for months, finally get a chance to see ya.”  Once he got the signal, Tommy hugged Aislinn.  She smelled like lilacs.

James and Bianca were a bit more reserved in their meeting but warmed up quickly.  As James helped load the luggage onto the attached trailer, Bianca brushed up against him, trying to remember how to flirt when sober.  It took a minute but she got the hang of it.  They loaded up everyone’s bags into the golf cart and left the parking lot, heading for the cabin.  Tommy drove, and Aislinn insisted on sitting next to him.  Drew and Morgana were in the middle row facing forward, and James and Bianca sat in the back, facing backwards.


The group made a quick stop at the cabin to drop off their stuff and freshen up.  Morgana and Drew claimed the upstairs bedroom with the jacuzzi while the other four tried to figure out who would get the other three bedrooms.  Tommy was already in the basement and James on the first floor.  That left one bedroom on the top floor open.  James and Tommy offered to take the top floor room with the spare couches, but Bianca and Aislinn said no.  Both women offered the other the bedroom only to politely decline.  The phrase “we’ll figure it out later on” was bandied about more than once.  When Aislinn said that, she smiled at Tommy in that cheeky way her sister did right before initiating sex.  Bianca was less over the top with her flirting, but even Stevie Wonder could see something between her and James.

Eventually the two women took their stuff up to the top bedroom, but neither one insisted on taking the bed.  The two had just met a couple hours ago so they were still feeling each other out.  They both realized what the other was thinking, and finally put their thoughts to words.  If each woman played their cards right, neither would need the bed.  But, whoever struck out first would get the bed and the other one of the couches, and they’d switch tomorrow.

As they left, Tommy ran upstairs and grabbed his video camera.  To record things for posterity.


About a quarter before 1PM, James made sure that everyone was in the cart for their trip to lunch.  He told everyone that he had reservations at the best place to eat in town.  Drew was more than a little confused then when instead of driving back to the resort James instead headed off the camp’s property and onto the main road outside of the camp.  He was even more confused when James drove this glorified golf cart on the same highway they drove on to get here.  James took them a couple miles down the road to the oldest parts of the town, to the buildings that were here before the recent expansion by the resort and corporate interests.

At first everyone thought they were going to local diner Harry’s, or to one of the other slightly upscale restaurants along the main drag.  It was only with pure shock that everyone looked at the sight they saw as they pulled up to the building that they would eat at.

E&B’s Bait Shop and Bistro.

The only thing more shocking than pulling up to eat a bait shop was the line out of the door.  It wasn’t a big place but at least 30 people were standing in line.  This didn’t include the twenty or so tables that were filled up outside.

“Here we are.  C’mon.”  James waved everyone on, helping Bianca out of the cart.  Drew looked at the place with the same look that a golden retriever looks at a diesel engine.

“The fuck?  A bait shop?”  Drew said incredulously.

“Yeah, a bait shop.  Best food in the state.”  James said, walking to the end of the line.  A young woman with a tablet was going through the line, taking orders and confirming reservations.  Morgana looked at the line, then around at the crowd.  It wasn’t a joke, people were eating and enjoying themselves.  She overheard the young woman ask about reservations.

“What kinda bait shop takes reservations?”  She asked.

James pointed to a sign in the window, which before was obscured by patrons standing in line.  “The kind that has one of these.”

Drew’s attention followed James’s pointing, and as soon as he saw the red and white six-sided rounded star, his jaw dropped to the floor.  He had to stare at it for a moment to make sure it was real.

“Is that-“

“Yeah.”  It’s all James had to say.  Drew was on the verge of tears.  Morgana was confused until she read the part under the logo.

“2018 Michelin Star.  This isn’t a fookin’ joke, is it?” 

“Of course it’s a fookin’ joke, I paid a hundred people to sit around and act like they’re havin’ the best meal of their lives, just to see if I could get ya to eat fish food.”  James said, getting the sarcasm out of his system.  “It looks crazy, but Brandon is one of the best cooks alive, and he’s run this place for almost 20 with his partner.  A good friend of mine recommended this place when I first visited, and I thought it was a joke too.  I almost married a BLT sandwich that day.  You mean no one Googled this?”

Everyone shook their heads no.

The young woman came over.  “Welcome to E&B’s, is this for here or to go, and do you have a reservation or pickup order?”

James straightened up a bit and addressed the woman.  “Yes, we have a reservation.  It was originally for four, but could we bring in two more chairs?”

The woman looked through her tablet.  “As long as you’re okay with it being a tight fit.  Name on the reservation?”


She scrolled through the tablet.  “Hmm, not seeing a James.  Could it be under another name?” 

James rolled his eyes.  “Kanga.  Look for something that starts with Kanga or Kangaroo.”  As soon as James wasn’t there, he knew what name Bob called this in under.

From the way her eyes went wide she saw the name on the list.  She turned the tablet to him.  “How is that pronounced?”

“Fooker.  My friend called it in.” 

She nodded.  “Right this way Mr. Kangaroo Fooker.”  James shook his head.  The young woman said it just loud enough for the rest of the party to hear.


E&B’s had been in business for about 20 years.  It started when two gay men, Eric and Brandon, decided to open a business around Lake Hiawatha.  They originally met at a bible camp there, but didn’t start dating until years later.  Eric was always much more of a traditional outdoorsman but Brandon had a passion for food.  Eric saw the need for hunting and fishing supplies for people visiting the lake, and Brandon wanted to make some good food.  What started off as the weirdest paired restaurant in the tri-state area quickly grew into a place of legend.  Once the resort was built, more travelers came and discovered the secret the locals hid all these years.  It was completely unexpected when the place was recommended to the Michelin Group as the best restaurant in the region.  The group and even Brandon thought they were being pranked.  That was until they served the food to the judges.  From there, the rest is history.  E&B’s is the only bait shop in the United States to be officially recognized as the best place to eat in it’s region.

Lunch was impressive, to say the least.  James and Tommy each had a pulled boar sandwich where the boar was butchered within the last 72 hours and cooked on homemade rolls with an aioli that was also homemade.  All of the ingredients were either made in the shop, out back from their farm, or sourced locally.  Only one other ingredient besides the salt traveled more than 20 miles to get on the food.  Bianca had the BLT that James talked about earlier, and he was right; it was a sandwich worth marrying.  James ordered a Ham and Swiss that was served on fresh-made sourdough and Tommy also had the BLT.  Morgana and Aislinn both had the Vegan Sausage rolls, and noticed something vaguely familiar in the taste.  Drew ordered the chef’s special for the day, a little experiment he was working on called G’Day Mate.  It was a kangaroo burger with beetroot, pineapple, bacon, cheese, onion, tomatoes, and an over easy fried egg.  The kangaroo was locally sourced, security at the zoo being very lax nowadays.  But there was something extra, beside from the homemade ketchup.  There was a flavor that he hadn’t had since he was a kid.

When the waitress came back over, she confirmed not only Drew’s suspicions but Morgy and Ais’s as well.  One of Brandon’s secret ingredients was Vegemite.  He used it to add a little umami flavor in the vegan sausage rolls, and made a spread of that and avocados that he used as an occasional mayo substitute or enhancer.  Drew asked if it would be possible to get some of that spread to go.  As they settled the bill, the waitress game him not just a container of the spread for his toast in the morning, but also some bread and a little jar of his childhood, Vegemite.


After lunch, they returned to the cabin to figure out their next steps.  James received a text from Bob.  The BBD8 would be ready for a little run around the lake in about half an hour, he just needed to unload some cargo from it first.  If he wasn’t there, Marcus would have the keys for him.  James thanked him, then told everyone the new plan.  They took this as a chance to change into some swimwear and boating clothes.

It took Bob’s staff a little longer than a half-hour to unload the cargo.  Since they were running behind, Marcus suggested that everyone enjoy themselves on the promenade for the next half hour.  This worked out well, since they had a chance to relax for a bit, grab some drinks to go for the boat, and hit a little bar near the boat.  They settled down at an outdoor tiki bar called Tiki Taki Toe.  For as bad of a pun as the name was, they made an excellent margarita.  With the bar’s generously sized to-go cups, everyone made sure to order a round to go once they had the go-ahead to board the boat.  That came when a young woman in shorts and a green Hiawatha Resorts polo shirt approached James and gave him the keys.

She was a little too eager to give the keys to James, as they caught a glimpse of a few of Bob’s men moving a large box off of the large boat and onto another boat.  A box large enough to fit a person inside.  James and Tommy had a pretty good clue who was in there, but to the rest of the group, it was just a large trunk.


“Ballbuster Deluxe VIII?  I have so many questions.”  Bianca said, noticing the name of the boat as James helped her on board.  “Like, why?”

“It’s my friend’s boat, eighth in the line of Ballbusters.  The original was his grandpap’s, which he named after his wife, my friend’s grandma.  She was the original ballbuster.”  James said, climbing onto the main deck.

“Oi, ya didn’t tell us yer friend had a yacht.”  Morgana said from below decks, seeing the two full bedrooms, kitchen, and multiple baths on board.

“He does pretty well for himself.  Everyone on board?”  James asked.  A chorus of aye’s and yeah’s echoed.  Tommy and Aislinn walked through the lower deck with Morgana and Drew while Bianca settled herself into the seat next to the Captain’s chair.  James fiddled with the controls for a moment, Bianca watching him closely.

“That friend of yours, he the same one that called in the reservation, Mr. Kangaroo Fooker?”  She watched James laugh.

“Yep.  His name’s Bob.  He and I go back a long time, kind of a misunderstood bloke.  He had some stuff to do but let me borrow his boat.”

“Must be close if he let you borrow his boat.”  She said.

“Guess you could say so.  I wouldn’t go around braggin’ ‘bout it.”

“He didn’t seem very friendly earlier.”  Bianca stated.

“Who, the tall skinny guy?  Nah, that’s not Bob.  That’s one of his assistants.  The girl works for ‘im.”

“Wait, your friend has an assistant who has resort employees working for him that recognize you?”  Bianca was a little confused and intrigued.

James had the boat started.  He turned toward her and leaned in, talking softly.  “My friend Bob is kind of a big deal in these parts, but I don’t like to brag about it.  I hate being that guy that asks for favors, and I don’t like being a burden on people.  He offered to let us borrow the boat for the afternoon as long as we have it back before nightfall.”

“He must like you if he trusts you enough to take out a million-dollar yacht.  This is…this is really nice.  And you know the controls well enough to turn the engines on and pilot it.”

“I come up when I can.  It’s a great place to relax.”

“I can see why.  It’s beautiful up here.”  Bianca said, looking out over the lake.

“Hey, mind not telling the rest of them about him?  Especially the lawyers down below.”

Bianca looked at him for a moment with a quizzical look, then caught the meaning.  She then did the zipper-across-the-lips movement.

“Thanks.”  James smiled, then finished the launch prep, including untying the mooring ropes.  Within a few minutes, they were off, headed for middle of nowhere.


There is almost nothing as relaxing as lounging about on a yacht in the middle of a lake, completely separated from the world.  Doing so while with good drinks and great friends is the only way to top that.

James steered the yacht, keeping the bow facing the sun while Morgana and Aislinn laid out for a tan.  Aislinn wore a brown and white striped bikini that helped ‘boost up the girls.’  Morgana was in a blue bikini with white polka dots.  They both laid out, drinking, smoking, and catching some rays.  Aislinn rolled a tiny joint and the two sisters got a little baked while they baked.  James just piloted the boat, enjoying the view on the way to their destination, the middle of nowhere.  There was a sweet spot in the middle of the lake where the water was calm, clear, and refreshing, where most other boats generally left everyone alone.  The perfect spot to stop for a swim or dump a body.  James came here to swim.  Bob showed him where it was, and he doesn’t like to swim this far from shore.

He stopped the boat, letting its momentum carry them along.  Tommy and Drew went to the back of the boat and stripped down to their trunks.  James joined them, then jumped in the water first.  Drew followed.  Tommy swam for a moment, but wasn’t that strong of a swimmer so he stayed very close to the boat.  He climbed back up after a few minutes, feeling refreshed.

Bianca made her way to the back of the boat and sat, striking up a conversation with Tommy.  Drew and James went for a swim, and they figured they’d watch from the boat for a couple minutes.  Bianca had removed her t-shirt and was in a bikini top that somehow strained the laws of physics by keeping her huge breasts in place.  If Tommy had to guess they were a DD at least.  When James swam past, Tommy asked Bianca if she could swim.  Her first mistake was saying yes.  “Don’t you dare-“ were the last words she said before he pushed her into the water, right next to James.  A moment later and the skinny young man was in the water with them.


When they arrived back at the marina, James handed the keys back to Marcus and thanked them for the pleasure of using the BBD8.  Everyone was sort-of dressed enough for walking around the marina.  Aislinn had put on her jean shorts and tied a button-up shirt to cover up.  Morgana did the same, but Bianca just carried her t-shirt with her as they walked around.  She would never normally be this brazen out in public but she didn’t have a kid or asshole ex-husband with her, and she enjoyed the attention she received, especially from James.

They made their way down the street to a little place called Hook’s that served fresh seafood and some vegan entrées.  It was good food.  Not as good as E&B’s, but comparing every painting to a Van Gogh isn’t fair to the other painters.


After dinner, they returned to the cabin and relaxed for a bit, just sitting around the fire pit bullshitting.  It was still a little light outside, but they figured it was a good time to start it and have it going for the rest of the night.  It was also a good time to get the next round of drinks, too.  Aislinn took this as a hint to roll a nice, fat joint and light it up.  It was a mix of White Claws and beers around the campfire when they got to talking.  As James talked, Aislinn noticed something about his accent.  The more she smoked, the more she noticed it wasn’t what she expected.

“Oi, where you from mate?”  Aislinn asked, trying to pin something down.

“Perth.  Born in Perth but mum’s from Glasgow, we spent some time in Scotland when I was a tike.”

“That explains it.”  Aislinn said, nodding.  Drew and Morgana nodded along.  The yanks Tommy and Bianca were out of the loop.

“Explains what?”  Bianca asked.

“My accent.  It’s just different enough that some Aussie’s pick it up.  Surprised they didn’t catch it after all these months.”  James waved at Morgana and Drew.  They shrugged.

“Well, you’re kind of a dick, mate.  First met ya, wasn’t sure about ya.  Over time, it just became a thing that if you wanted to talk about, you’d bring it up.”  Drew said between sips of his beer.

Aislinn puffed away, having a sip of White Claw.  “Anyone want some?”  She looked at the rest of the party.  Morgana and Tommy both wanted some, but had weird side glances, considering that both of their bosses were sitting next to them.

“Sure, pass it around.  I’m not having any, but everyone else is free to do what they want.”  Bianca said, sipping her beer.

Aislinn passed the joint to Morgana, who took a couple healthy hits.  “Thanks, means more for the rest of us.”  Aislinn laughed a little at her own joke.

“Don’t you have a drug test in a few weeks?”  Drew asked before Morgana passed him the fatty.

“I checked with HR.  It’s mostly legal here, like back home.  Even more so since more conditions are covered here.  As long as I’m not tripping balls or smoking meth, it’s fine.”  Aislinn sipped her drink.  Drew puffed puffed passed to James, who took a small hit then passed Bianca over to Tommy.

“Not a fan, B?”  Morgana asked.

“No, I love the shit, just can’t risk anything during the custody process.”

“Makes sense.”  Morgy responded.

“You said you had a card for this?  Like cancer or some shit like that?”  Tommy asked before coughing.  He passed the joint to Aislinn who had a long hit but didn’t cough like some little punk ass bitch.

“Nah, anorexia.  I was always skinny growing up but just got really hard to put weight on.  Well, did some modeling and it was the only place in the world where I was the fat one.  There was always pressure to maintain the perfect body, and even a simple meal came with anxiety about getting fired and replaced and bullied and whatnot.”

“That sucks.”  Tommy said. 

Aislinn took another hit.  “Yep.  Got so bad that I couldn’t eat without having an anxiety attack.  This, I don’t feel bad when I eat or drink.”

“Awesome.  You modeled, anything I might’ve seen?”  Tommy asked.

“Oh, just some small magazines and videos here and there.  And then there was the hardcore lesbian pornos and the time I fooked a horse for coke, but who hasn’t in the modeling world?”  Aislinn said with as straight of a face as possible.  For a moment, Tommy almost believed her.  She started laughing.  “Just fookin’ with ya mate.  It was meth, not coke.”  Aislinn took another hit before passing the joint around.  After she passed the joint to her right, she slid her chair over a little closer to Tommy on her left.  Close enough she could put her hand on his arm.


After a little bit, Morgana needed to head up to the cabin for a trip to the loo.   Tommy followed her, saying he was getting another round.  When she saw him follow her, she went to the bathroom on the main floor instead of the one downstairs by his room.  Just in case anyone asked why he was in his bedroom getting drinks.  She asked if he could check something out in the bathroom for her, and after making sure the coast was clear he agreed.  She closed the door behind him, locked it, then quickly kissed him.

“I’ve missed you so much.”  She said, enjoying the feel of being in his arms again.

“Me too.  Don’t have long, anyone can come up any moment.”

“Right.  See how things go this weekend.  Y’know Ais wants to fuck ya.”

“Kinda got that hint.”

“Lemme know who’s better.  I know a thing or two she doesn’t.”  Morgana smiled a cheeky smile and leaned in to kiss him again.  This time he broke it off.  He left the bathroom.  Lucky for him, the coast was clear.  He grabbed another round of drinks for everyone, but waited for the cheeky little blonde to come and help him carry everything down to the party.


It wasn’t long before someone recommended the hot tub.  Since everyone more or less still had their swimwear on, it was just a matter of turning it on and hopping in.  Officially it’s supposed to fit 4 people, but that didn’t stop people from coupling up.  Morgana and Drew squeezed together, as did Aislinn and Tommy and Bianca and James.

After the second round of drinks and more smoke, Morgana and Drew retreated upstairs.  Soon after, Bianca and James decided to get out and return to the campfire with another set of drinks.  That left Tommy and Aislinn to finish the last joint and shut off the hot tub.  That was when she leaned in to kiss him for the first time.


Morgana led Drew to their bed, stripping the whole time.  It didn’t take them long to get down to business.  Thinking back, today was the longest they’ve gone without having sex since he’d returned to the states.  They made love on the bed once before moving over to the private jacuzzi, sans clothes for round two.


Tommy was a little surprised when Aislinn kissed him, but he didn’t stop her.  It was a quick, friendly kiss.  He kissed her back, then she led him inside where they dried off.  That’s when she eyed the pool table.

“Wanna play a little pool?”  She said, already putting the balls on the table.

“A little friendly game, or you wanna wager something?”  Tommy said, eyeing her up one way and down the other as she set up the balls.  She looked damn sexy.  Even sexier when she looked at him with that cheeky smile.

“How about, a little strip pool?  Loser sheds some clothes.”  She racked the balls for 8-ball.  Not a great job, but that wasn’t the rack Tommy was paying attention to.

“Seems a little unfair.  You’ve got a bikini and glasses, I’ve got just trunks.”  Tommy said, sidling up next to her. 

“Well, try not to lose too quick.  You break.”  Tommy grabbed a cue.  He knew how flirty the game would get as she played with him as he shot, blowing in his ear and touching his back.  He returned the favor when she was up to shoot.  They somehow made it through the first game in which Tommy won and she said goodbye to her top.  During the second round, the flirting ramped up to groping as one would fondle and kiss the other during their shots, making them intentionally miss.  Aislinn lost the second frame, and Tommy helped her out of her bikini bottoms.  They never finished the third game.  After caressing her pussy while she leaned down for a shot turned into him fingering her over the pool table, she decided it was time to get down to business.

“Let’s go to your room.”  She said, slipping her hand into his swim trunks.

“Good idea.”  He said, pulling her across the hall to his bedroom.


The older pair sat by the fire on an outdoor couch for a while finishing their drinks and talking.  It had been a while since she had a date and James wasn’t used to being with a woman he liked talking to.  When he finally caught the clue to go up to his room, she damn near had to hit him over the head with it, asking which bed was his and insinuating that since Aislinn had the other room, she might need a place to sleep.  He recommended a spare couch.  Eventually she had to shut him up. 

“For as smart as you are, you can be pretty dense.”  Bianca said right before leaning in to kiss him.

“What, you wanna go up to my room and check out my rock collection?”  James said, trying to think of something witty to say.

“Sounds like a plan.”  Bianca stood and grabbed him by the hand, taking him back to the cabin.  Before they got too far, he went back and smothered the fire.

“Not tryna start that kinda fire.”  James said, returning to Bianca with a long kiss.


There’s a fine art to fucking in a hot tub or jacuzzi, but Morgana and Drew hadn’t figured it out yet.  She enjoyed the feeling of the water and bubbles all over her body, but she had to do all of the work, and it was hard to keep herself in the same position.  Still, the situation was quite erotic. 

They climbed out of the tub and finished on a towel on the hardwood floors.  Fortunately for them, the towels were near the tub and easy to deploy.  After finishing up, they dried off and went to bed.

Morgana drifted off to sleep, satisfied and feeling loved.  Drew couldn’t sleep.  He blamed it on the time change, but he knew it was something else. 


By the time the door to Tommy’s room closed, Aislinn was already peeling off his swim trunks and wrapping her dainty little hand around his swollen member.  She was toeir than a Roman sandal before the pool game finished, but him fingerblasting her on that last frame was all the foreplay she needed.  At least that’s before they landed on the bed and he kissed his way down her body.  He sucked on her cute titties and damn near made her see double with what he did with his tongue on her clit.  She was just looking for a good fuck but gladly returned the favor, sucking his dick.  He wasn’t hung like a porn star, but was bigger than she’d had recently. 

Tommy fucked her for a solid half hour before cumming, making sure she climaxed at least one more time.  Before she passed out in his arms, she made a mental note to tell Morgy what it was like fucking Tommy.


It had been a while since Bianca last had sex, so she was a little nervous with James.  Just nervous enough to want to be good but not so nervous that she forgot what she was doing.  Fortunately, fucking is a lot like riding a bicycle but without the greasy chain and recommendations for wearing a helmet.  Actually, now that she thought about it…

This wasn’t the time to think.  This was the time to lay back, relax, and enjoy the world.  That’s what she did, as James savored every inch of her body.  She couldn’t even remember the last time she came from sex, it had to have been years.

If this was the first night, she couldn’t wait to see how the rest of the weekend went.


Drew couldn’t sleep.  He was exhausted and a little drunk and high, but he still couldn’t sleep.  He tried to blame it on the time change and jet lag, but that wasn’t it.  As much as he tried not to let it happen, Celeste entered his mind while making love to Morgana. 

He grabbed his phone and went walking through the cabin, looking for a private place for a text or phone call.  He found that down in the basement.  Across from Tommy’s bedroom was a fully equipped home theater with stadium seating and a large-screen TV.  He texted Celeste to see if she was up.  Of course, it was Saturday afternoon where she was.  Drew turned on the TV, putting on some Netflix show about kids doing strange things as background noise before calling Celeste.  They talked for a couple minutes about nothing.  Mainly, he just wanted to hear her voice before he went to bed, and she missed him too.

After the call, he finished the episode and turned everything off.  He made his way back up to his room, not noticing that Aislinn and Tommy were in the next room fucking.  Or at least not wanting to notice.  Just like he didn’t notice someone walking around on the floor above his head as he made his way up the steps.

Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck