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Re: Pharma (Chapter 30 Posted)
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See that a perfect reason why Tommy should concentrate on who he's with and not what he as done recently! Sounds like Ella will be one who confuses what Tommy did to here and fail to contact the police to report his raping her! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 30 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Tommy is so far deep down the Morgana rabbit hole that he's going to have a very hard time climbing out.  If he can.

Chapter 31 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 31 Posted)
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Chapter 31 (M+F+, oral, anal, coerce, drugs, ncon?)

James spent Thursday night relaxing in his condo catching up on some work and watching some YouTube series about Frank Lloyd Wright.  He scoffed under his breath repeatedly at how much the narrator was verbally sucking Frank’s dick, calling him everything from a genius to a ‘god among men.’  James made buildings that were functional, technological, and stylish.  Frank Lloyd Wright made houses for tiny people with bad nutrition and more money than sense.  He caught up on some of the various permits and paperwork that he needed for the new Pharma HQ and the associated building plaza, including the parking garage Tommy was in charge of.  He’d never say it to the kid’s face, but he was proud of him, of what he was becoming.  Especially in some darker aspects of Tommy’s life.  Before James went to bed, he perused the Outlook directory for Bianca again, noting her phone number and email.  He thought about inviting her out for some coffee sometime, or even along on his trip this weekend, but decided against it.  Besides, it’s been less than two months since they talked and she’s probably still in divorce court purgatory.

James woke up late for him on Friday at 7:55 AM.  For someone used to getting up before the sun, this was sleeping in very late.  After a breakfast and packing for a few days in the woods, he was on the road by 10:00AM.  He waved by to Debbie as he left in his white 2019 F-150 Lariat.  She smiled and waved back.  ‘She has no clue I’ve seen her get fooked’ he thought as he drove away.

The drive from Harbor City to Lake Hiawatha is a little over 3 hours and almost all of it are backroads or local highways.  There are no interstates that get close enough to the lake to make the drive easier.  He took his time driving, listening to various playlists before changing to an audiobook about the invention of the Stealth Fighter.  It was beautiful countryside, sure, but that gets tiresome.  3 hours staring at trees and trying to not hit any deer take a lot out of a man on the road. 

When he finally arrived at the lake, he pulled into a small town that looked like it had done some remodeling.  Newer businesses flanked a small series of shops that looked like they’d been there for close to a century.  Almost all of it catered to the tourist crowd that visited the lake.  Boat sales, rentals, jet skis, camping supplies, grocers, outdoor clothes.  The stores that felt out of place now were the older ones from before the boom period, the diner and bait shop bistro.  Harry’s Diner had stood the test of time, providing diner fare for customers for who knows how long.  Even that walking bottle of Mountain Dew Code Red visited here for an episode of Triple D.  But as good as Harry’s was, it paled in comparison to E&B’s.  When James first visited the lake, he thought his friends were joking about getting a meal at a bait shop.  It wasn’t until they walked in and saw a crowded restaurant in the middle of the afternoon that he saw that it wasn’t a joke.  Only after eating the greatest Rueben of his life did he find out that E&B’s was the only bait shop in the United States to win a Michelin Star.

After grabbing some lunch and bullshitting with a couple of the locals, James made his way to the resort.  It was located near the lake and was broken up into several properties over thousands of acres.  Most of the accommodations were individual or duplex cabins of various sizes, but there were a couple hotels near the main offices close enough to the lake, bars, and restaurants to walk to but far enough away to not be an eyesore to the lake.  James drove to the hotel and checked in.  He didn’t ask for any special favors, but once his reservation came up on screen that he was a friend of the owner, they went out of their way kissing his arse.  After getting to his hotel room and relaxing on the bed for a couple minutes, his phone buzzed.  It was a text from his old friend, welcoming him up to the town.  After a little texting back and forth, they agreed to meet that night for dinner in the hotel’s restaurant, on his friend.

A few hours later and James was downstairs sitting at the bar.  He was dressed in a grey polo and jeans with a pair of sneakers as he nursed a beer.  The bartender stood across from him, his eyes going wide as someone approached.  That was all of the warning that James had before he felt a large slap on the back.

“What’s going on, you kangaroo fucker!”  James turned and saw a man in his 50’s, around his age, stand at 1.8 meters tall and rather big at 140 kilos.  His arms and chest were big, but so was his belly.  His hair was thinning and white, and he had a full beard.  He wore a short-sleeve button up shirt that was light green and white with a pair of cargo shorts and dock shoes.  He smiled a big, toothy grin.

This man was Robert ‘Bob’ Kuntzmann, the owner of the resort and most of the property around the lake.

James shook off the large slap and stood.  Bob gave him a hug.  “Howya doin’ mate?”

“Good until ya knocked the wind outta me.”  Bob and James laughed.

“Shit, it’s been too long.  You ready for dinner?  Tonight’s special is real fresh, just pulled it out of the lake this afternoon.”  Bob said.

“Sounds great.”  James said.  As the two men turned to leave, Bob stopped and looked at the bartender.  The young man shook.

“You see this man?”  Bob pointed to James.  The bartender nodded nervously.  “He doesn’t pay for a drink this weekend.  All of his drinks go on my tab.  Any money he gives you is a tip only.  Got it?”

“Yyes sir, Mr. K. Sir.”  The bartender blurted out quickly.  Bob nodded.

“Good.  This is for you.”  Bob reached into his pocket and pulled out a wad of bills.  He peeled 2 $100 bills off of the wad and put them on the bar.  “We’re at table 74.  Keep’em coming all night.”

“Yes sir.”  The bartender relaxed when he saw the $200 dollar tip from his boss.  He watched Bob and James walk into the restaurant.


James and Bob caught up on a lot that night over dinner.  They laughed and told stories most of the night.  Bob regaled James with some stories about how he had to fight against some local native tribe that was trying to build a casino close to the lake.  Said something about how that would bring ‘Johnny Law in his backyard.’  They worked out a compromise right before they tried screwing him over at the last minute but he screwed them by contracting to build a casino near their lands and surrounding it with a bunch of gentrified suburbs.  Eventually they came to an agreement for the tribe to build the casino near their land and they’d enter into a marketing deal with the resort for free shuttles, trips, prizes, and whatnot.

“It’s always good to solve a problem without violence.  Not as fun, but better in the long run.”

The two men ate fresh perch and drank Macallan 30-year-old scotch.  They bullshitted for hours until well after the restaurant closed.  The kitchen stayed open for them, and Bob made sure to reward everyone that stayed late on this Friday night.  He dropped a $15,000 tip like it was nothing, making sure that everyone that stayed late received at least a thousand dollars.

They stumbled outside and walked around, finishing the bottle of scotch between the two of them before settling down for the night.


James woke up Saturday with a bit of a hangover.  Polishing off a bottle of $5,000 scotch is a much better idea at night than in the morning.  After a shower and breakfast, James made his way to the marina around noon to Bob’s boat, the ‘Ballbuster Deluxe VIII’.  It’s a beautiful boat, a new Beneteau Gran Turismo 36-footer with multiple decks, twin engines, and enough space for almost a dozen people to rest and relax.  It was gorgeous.  If it didn’t cost a million dollars, it was sure damn close.  The Ballbuster Deluxe VIII was the largest boat at the marina by a long shot.  Most of the other boats were much smaller.  This one looked like a giant among them.  Sure, there were a few boats around 30 feet, but they were few and far between.  This one was massive compared to those berthed around it.

James stepped onto the boat, wearing a pair of sandals, long swimming trunks, and a button-up Hawaiian shirt.  The sunglasses served both to protect from the bright sun and to shield how red they were from the night before.  He climbed on and up into the boat.  Bob sat on one side of the boat in an L-shaped couch.  He was dressed similar in a button-up short sleeve shirt and swimming trunks that came down to his knees.  Next to him on the floor sat Roscoe, his old Basset Hound.  The dog had to be 15 years old if it was a day.  James sat across from him.  Before James even settled down, Bob pushed a cold Miller Lite over to him.  James cracked open the can and drank it.

“Little early?”  James asked as he sipped this stuff Americans called beer.

“Almost noon.  Not Fosters or anything else, but figured we take it easy today, hang out, boat around later on.”  Bob said, drinking another sip.

“Yep.  A wise man pretendin’ to be an Aussie once said that American beer was a lot like making love in a canoe.”  James took a pause as Bob looked at him.  “Fookin’ close to water.”

“Cheaper than bottled water out here.”  Bob chuckled.


The two old friends caught up on things they couldn’t catch up on in front of a restaurant full of witnesses.  Bob talked about how he really got the tribe to stop trying to build a casino by kidnapping the Chief’s son and framing him for the murder of a rival.  The land moves were part of the front facing deal, but some of Bob’s boys took matters into their own hands and told the Chief that if they tried any shit the murder weapon with his kid’s prints on it would make their way to the Sheriff’s office.  He also talked about how he didn’t want gambling too close to the resort because he has enough underground stuff going on up here that any Dudley Do-Right could just trip and find enough crimes to put everyone away for life.  There was a high-stakes gambling operation, he had a group of escorts he hired out to the high rollers, and enough drugs flowing through the resort some people called it Northern Columbia.  A legal casino comes with oversight and paperwork and enough cops to scare people.  He has an agreement with the Hiawatha County Sheriff’s office to provide some coverage but for the most part it’s just for show.  Sheriff Ryland Holmes generally turns a blind eye to what happens up here on the lake, as long as it doesn’t draw too much attention.  A casino would draw nothing but attention.

Bob asked James what he’s been up to recently, and aside from work James tried to describe his activities with Tommy on the Morgana front.  James showed Bob a few pics of Morgana, including one he took after fucking her.  Bob asked for the details.  James tried to play coy, but it’s hard to say no to Bob when he wants an answer.  He tried to be cagey about what he’s been involved with, but Bob dropped a bombshell on him.

“Sounds like this crazy ass club I heard of down in Chester County.  Like a mutual rape society, booty club of the month.”  James went white as a sheet when Bob said that.  The larger man shook it off.  “Dude, you know how much shit I know about?  I used to run most of the vice down there and basically own Hiawatha County at this point.  Any crazy shit that happens, I know about.”

“How did you-“ James couldn’t finish the thought or sentence fast enough.

“I know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy, and that last guy said some things they weren’t supposed to.  I was approached about joining a few years back but declined.  Didn’t matter because I didn’t pass their background check.  Pedro said I was ‘hotter than the surface of the sun’ and would draw too much attention.  Can’t blame him at all, he’s right.  Besides, I’m not sure I’d want part of any club that would have me as a member.  Got an ID for watching some shit but I prefer the real thing.  By the way, that shit with the teacher and digging out the rubber, fucking funny man.”  Bob took a swig of beer.

“Well, it’s nice to see my small disasters were entertaining.  How did you… wait, you saw the Morgana video and put 2 and 2 together.”  James said before another sip.

“Like I said, I got an ID for watching some shit.  Just be careful with them.  Most of them will work professional and shit, but some have problems.  Avoid working with Ray if you can, man’s one coke binge away from dying on a mission.”  Bob took another sip.  James sat for a moment, thinking before he responded.

“They said when I joined if things got out of hand, they knew people that could make me disappear?  That you?”  James looked at Bob.  The larger man nodded.

“I’m probably not the only one, but between you and me I’ve been asked to take someone on a fishing trip and they never came back.  Boating accident was the official report.”  Bob took a sip.  “Hey, wanna go fishing later on?”  Bob looked at James with a stone-dead expression before busting out laughing.  The Aussie joined in on the laughing.

“Knowing how much you’d rather do anything but fish, I won’t take ya up on the offer.  How the bloody fook you get wrapped up in this shite?”  James leaned forward, curious to hear Bob’s answer.

“I don’t know.  One day I’m minding my own business, next day I get a call from someone named Pedro.  Not his real name, but he makes a deal.  I do him a favor, he does me one.  I thought it was shady as fuck, but he proved that he knew someone in a police department down in Harbor City was looking into something I was involved with.  Didn’t know what it was at first but fucker gets a copy of someone having a case of lead poisoning on camera, and I’m the one delivering the lead.  They were trying to tie me to a murder from ’02.”

“Didya do it?”  James asked.

“That’s not important, but if anyone asks we were out ballroom dancing 2 towns over that night.  Anyway, Pedro makes a deal.  He tells me that he has someone that’s on the radar of Chester County PD’s sex crimes unit for a string of rapes that needs to disappear before this one detective catches his ass and breaks him in the box.”  Bob said.  He paused to take a sip of beer.

“Which detective?”  James asked.

“That mother fucker.”  Bob replied.

“Oh, him.”  James nodded.  He knew from a previous story who ‘That Mother Fucker’ was and didn’t need to say the name George Lewis.  “I could see why ya wanted to help.”

“Yeah.  Pedro didn’t need to say anything else.  It’s like from Jerry Maguire.  ‘Stop, you had me at ruin George’s day.’  Turns out that the mother fucker was hot on this guy’s tail and he was a member of the Club.  The guy needed to lay low for a few days and it was recommended that he come up here for a little getaway.  Well, he got away all right.  Had a boating accident and was found by one of the locals.  I convinced the Sheriff to look the other way on this one and George’s case ended before it began.  Next thing I knew, I get a copy of the original security tape with my face on it.  There was a glitch in the evidence room and the copies disappeared.  After watching the tape, I recorded over it with a Harbor City Whalers game.”  Bob took another long sip of his beer before continuing.  “Ya know, looking back, I really fucking hate that guy, but he did me a favor by telling me to stay up here.  I’d be dead or in jail if I stayed down in Veneto.  Instead, look at this place.  I own a fucking lake and resort.  We’re on a million-dollar boat, I can call it a fucking yacht if I want to and I can do whatever the fuck I want.  Except go home and work.”  Bob finished the rest of his beer before grabbing another from the cooler next to him.  He pulled another one out and tossed it to James.  “What about you man?  You happy doing your thing?”  Bob looked at James, who was finishing his current beer quickly.

“Yeah.  Guess so.  I get to build skyscrapers for a livin’.  I’m a grown man doin’ what every boy playing with Legos has done for years.  My life is comfortable and quiet.  My biggest complications are from work and my little protégé, and he’s involved in both.”  James put the empty can to the side as he cracked open the new one.

“Any women on the horizon?”

“Not really.  Have one that I know, but she says she’s goin’ through a messy divorce.”  James took a sip of his new beer.  Bob laughed at the comment.

“Marriage sucks.  Don’t recommend it.  My dumb ass did it twice.  At the same time.  Not a good idea.”

“How’d that end?”

“Jail.  Did a short stint for bigamy.  That mother fucker interrupted my kid’s birthday party to deliver the divorce papers for his sister.  In front of my other wife.  That ended poorly.  Bitch stabbed me in full view of a dozen witnesses but they were all like ‘that’s what you get, esse.’  But the moral of the story is marriage sucks.”

“Or move to Utah and become a Mormon.  Probably arrest ya for not havin’ enough wives.”

The two men laughed at the joke, then drank some more.


There’s a lot to boat life that doesn’t include actually using the boat.  The three most common times that a boat owner spends with their boat is maintaining it, looking at it, and sitting in it.  Notice how actually using the boat for its intended purpose is not on that list.  As Bob has owned many boats in his life, he was very familiar with this.  If lucky, he might get the boat moving around the lake maybe twice a week, and he lives up by the lake.  He has people that do most of the maintenance and cleaning for him, but he still likes to get his hands dirty with the work.  That leaves sitting on the boat.  In this case, the main use for his boat was the boat party.

For those not familiar, most boat parties actually take place on the pier or the dock or on shore while the boats are tethered, not when they’re freely floating around.  A group of boats will get together and people will go from one boat to another, partying and frolicking.  Most of the time, lots of drugs and alcohol are involved.  Today, the Saturday of 4th of July weekend, was no exception.

James and Bob were still recovering from the night before so kept things simple, only drinking light beer for most of the day.  One of the nearby boats started up a grill and soon a party with a slew of people evolved.  Throughout the day, more and more people showed up to hang out with Bob and his friend from down under.  Being the guest of honor on the biggest boat in the lake has its perks.  For example, around 2PM three women climbed to the front of Bob’s boat and sunbathed topless for an hour.  No one said anything, asked for permission or anything else, just three attractive women climbed onto his boat and stripped off their bikini tops and laid down.  Then when they were done they just stood up, put their tops back on, said bye and left.  No one had a clue who they were.

After the grill was going, Bob sent one of the younger men to go grab something for them to eat.  A few minutes later, he came back with a couple burgers and hot dogs.  As the day went on, more random people floated through the group.  James kept to himself for the most part, but did pay attention to several of the hotties walking around.  One in particular that caught his fancy was this one brunette named Francesca.  She had a nice tan going, wore a black bikini that looked like the top was a cup size too small.  Her straight hair came down to her shoulders and her brown eyes drew in any man that looked at them.  She looked like she was having a good time with James and Bob until her boyfriend and their friends came looking for her.  Bob told her that they would go out on the lake in a couple hours if she wanted to come back.  James stared at her ass as she walked away.  Thank God for sunglasses.

As the day turned into the evening and then the night, the vibe of the party changed from friendly frolicking to a dance party with heavy amounts of fooling around.  At least twice couples disappeared into the cabin of Bob’s boat for an extended time only to come out rearranging their swimsuits.  Bob just shook his head and laughed.  As the night went on, he talked to a couple of the younger guys about getting them some ‘entertainment’ for the night.  The young men went to work.  Before too long, they had a few women on the boat, including Francesca from earlier.  This time, her annoying ass boyfriend was gone, she was by herself.

Bob unmoored the boat from the dock right as a couple of the girls on the boat left.  Francesca was distracted and ‘catching up’ with the rest of the guys on the drinks before she realized she was on the boat alone with 5 other guys, none of which she knew more than an hour ago.  It was only when the boat was a mile offshore and kept going that the panic set in that she was in way over her head.


This was supposed to be a special weekend for Francesca.  She’d been dating Derek for 6 months and was going to ask him if he wanted to move in with her.  She thought they were getting serious.  When she told him that she wanted to spend a nice, romantic weekend alone with just the two of them, she thought that he would actually listen instead of taking up an offer to go camping with a couple of his friends from college.  Instead, here they were at this lakeside campsite.  She hated camping.  The only thing that made this camping trip even slightly bearable was that the resort and restaurants were less than 2 miles from the campsite.  At least when she had to take a shit, she didn’t have to go in the woods like an animal.

Things went downhill when they arrived at the lake the night before.  She drove them down from Humdinger, a 2-hour drive that required a solid half-hour of local country backroads and the car started acting up.  As much as she wanted to get a new one, she couldn’t afford it now.  Maybe if she got that job she interviewed for before they left.  Pharma was always hiring talented people and she’d fit right in.  No matter what she did, she’d probably be happy at work, but it might require leaving Humdinger for Harbor City.  She wasn’t sure if she wanted to do that, especially as her and Derek were doing so well.  At least she thought they were doing well.  Derek didn’t talk the entire way down and spent most of the drive playing on his phone.  It wasn’t until the car overheated and they pulled into a gas station to check it out did she discover why Derek was so quiet.

He was applying for jobs out of town.

Francesca was stunned.  Only once before had Derek ever mentioned leaving, and that was in jest.  Now, he’s looking at job postings in Vegas, San Fran, and L.A.  She hasn’t even thought about going out that way.  That’s when he dropped another big bombshell on her.  He was downsized from his job a week earlier and would be moving in with his parents next month if he didn’t find a new job.

She was stunned.  Losing a job is the kind of thing a boyfriend usually tells his girlfriend right when it happens, not a week and a half later and only because she happened to ask him about the jobs he was applying to out of state.  She was flabbergasted.  And the worst part about it, he didn’t ask her for help.  If he’d have asked her for a hand or some money or a place to stay, she’d give it to him without question.  Instead, nothing.  He was making plans for the future and she wasn’t in them.

As much as she wanted to leave him at the gas station, she fought the urge.  Instead, she fixed up her beater 1994 Honda Civic by filling up the coolant and duct-taping the leaking hose and set back out on the road after buying a couple more jugs for the ride back.  The remainder of the trip to the campsite was quiet.  The only radio stations her car stereo picked up were a religious AM station and some crazy Right-Wing politics talking about Lizard People and some crazy conspiracies involving Q.  She turned off the radio, wondering how in the hell anyone could believe that shit, then asking herself how she let things get so bad with Derek.

The first sign of life Derek showed the entire drive was when they pulled into the campsite and met his friends from school, Mason and Esther.  They were recently married from shortly before Derek and her started dating, so this was a chance to go out and enjoy nature.  Derek was thrilled to see his friends again.

Francesca hated camping.  She thought she hated it before, but being around these two drove her up a wall.  Her boyfriend was a whole new person around his old friends and opened up to them about everything that he didn’t tell her.  He told the story about how his department was downsized but that he had received a 6-month severance from the company, and how his lease was running out in a couple months and he was thinking of moving anyway.  No mention of the girlfriend who drove him down to see them or how he didn’t tell her about the job change until a couple hours earlier.  Then there was dinner.  It was bad enough to sit around a campfire drinking IPA’s with a bunch of people look like typical IPA drinkers, but to get stuck with a vegan meal because Esther had a pet bunny was frustrating.  The three of them left her out of all of the conversations.  They treated her more like a glorified Uber driver than a friend or Derek’s girlfriend.  After an hour of listening to Mason go on about mustache oil or whatever the fuck it was, Francesca went for a walk.  She hoped that maybe they’d notice she was gone and ask why the sour mood.  Two hours and they didn’t even notice she was gone.  She returned to the camp and none of them even acknowledged her. 

The real kick in the teeth about the whole thing was that Derek asked Mason and Esther for help before asking her.  They offered him their spare bedroom in their house as long as he helped chip in with bills when he could.  He took them up on their offer and they planned on moving the next week.

She slept like shit.  Derek wouldn’t even touch her at night and ignored her completely.  The fact that he didn’t even think of her told her all she needed to know about their relationship going forward.  She cried, accepting that this wasn’t going to work out at all.

The next morning, she woke up and changed into some summer clothes she liked more than hiking gear.  She put on a black bikini and covered it up with a pair of cut-off jean shorts and a very short crop top that used to be an old Motley Crüe t-shirt.  She straightened her hair and put on a pair of tennis shoes.  Mason and Esther questioned why she’d dress like that for a hike, and quite frankly Francesca was sick of their shit.  She told them that she didn’t feel like hiking, she wanted to go up to the lake, see the resort, go to the marina for a bit.  When the couple asked Derek for his opinion, he suggested a compromise of hiking for a few miles, then going to the marina if there was time.  Francesca was done.  She grabbed her stuff and went toward the resort.  Derek moved to follow her, but gave up after a couple minutes.

When Francesca arrived at the resort, she saw a well adorned hotel along a small row of shops and restaurants.  It looked like a small slice of heaven.  Tranquil but yet exciting and enough to do to keep a woman occupied for a long time.  She shrugged, wondering why the hell anyone would want to sleep in the woods when there are actual hotels and log cabins to stay in.  She made her way to the hotel closest to the marina and entered, making her way to the main desk.  She asked for a room and, much to her surprise, she was able to get one.  There were a couple suites left for the weekend that had last minute cancellations and she was able to book one of them for the night.  It cost her more than she wanted to spend, but at least she could shit indoors.

After a shit, shower, and shave, Francesca was ready to go back out.  She left most of her stuff back in her room, only taking her phone, car keys, room key and travel wallet which attached to her phone.  No need to bring anything else with her.  She dressed back in the same clothes she changed into earlier, sans the t-shirt, and went to the marina.  In the two hours she was inside, a small party broke loose among the boats.  A lot of it had old man energy by playing Lynard Skynard and Allman Brothers and Van Halen, but for the most part is was a mix of young and old adults.  Most of the parents kept their kids away from this little bash.  Francesca walked over and said hello to a man in his 40’s setting up a beer keg and in short order had a red cup filled with Coors Light.  After a night full of IPA’s, she was glad to have some cheap, fun beer.  A short while later, she got a burger from a bald man running a grill on the back of his boat.  She wasn’t sure how safe it was, but she didn’t bitch about it.  It wasn’t her boat and this was the first meat she’s had since arriving at this place.

Francesca hung out with everyone she could meet, including two older men and a dog sitting on a yacht.  One man was an Australian architect and the other owned the resort.  They were both at least twice her age, but she would be lying if she didn’t at least appreciate the way they looked at her in her bikini and shorts.  They offered to take her on a ride later on if she was interested.  As she was thinking about their offer, she spotted three hikers off in the distance approaching the marina.

It was Derek and the Dipshits.

Francesca excused herself from the party on the yacht and went down to greet her boyfriend after a rough night and morning.  Instead, she got a fight.  She didn’t think about how much it hurt HIM when she didn’t want to go hiking with his friends.  He yelled at her about how inconsiderate she was for not staying with them.

She let all 3 of them have it.

She started by screaming at Derek for not only not telling her about getting fired last week when it happened, but only telling her after she caught him applying to jobs out of town.  Then she laid into him with how she wanted one romantic weekend alone with him and if things went right she was going to ask him to move in with her.  Before he could say anything, she let out everything from the weekend, on how she drove him 2 hours out here to hang out with his friends and spent the whole time looking for jobs out of the city and none of his plans included her.  He was crying about moving back in with Mommy but the second the “Walking Millennial Meme Couple over there shows up, you tell them everything.”  Esther tried to say some passive-aggressive shit but Francesca wasn’t having it.  She looked at Mason and yelled “You two are the perfect couple.  Annoying, obnoxious, pretentious, and so full of your own shit you need to go camping to cover the smell.  You three are so fucking annoying I left the camp for 2 hours last night, and no one noticed.  I’ve been here for four hours having fun and I didn’t get so much as one fucking call or text asking how I was?  Fuck you.  Fuck you all.”

By this point the crowd at the boats was enjoying the show.  A couple of her new friends took up position behind her and the hikers, just in case they started a fight.  Of course, Mason and Esther were ‘too good’ for that behavior, and Derek was too much of a sullen wimp to try anything.  For the first time in 6 months, she saw Derek for who he was.  An annoying, pretentious, spoiled man child with the body of a small, pathetic man.

Francesca stormed past them as Derek tried to follow, but it was all for naught.  She was done with his shit for good.  By the time she arrived at her car, she was moving past the tears and into the anger stage.  She wasted 6 months of her life on this little shit who got laid off from one of the easiest jobs in the world.  But she hurt.  She thought there was something special about this one.  Instead, he’s just another ex-boyfriend.  Another chapter in her life, about to close for good.

She sat in the driver’s seat of her beater Civic for a good 15 minutes crying, waiting to see if Derek would even try to fight for her.  If he would at least pretend that he had balls or a spine, she’d take him back in this moment.  Instead, nothing.  He never showed up, no calls, no texts, nothing.  Meanwhile she was getting texts from her other friends who heard about some big fight at the lake and one of the boaters recorded the whole thing and put it on Tik Tok.  In the hour it took her to walk to her car and cry, her fight went viral.  A few of her friends recognized her and Derek.  Meanwhile he couldn’t even send a text to see where her head was.  With that thought, she settled on the course of action and drove her car to the hotel’s parking lot.

A stop at a nearby seafood restaurant for dinner and a another at a gift shop for a phone case designed for the beach and she was ready to party to put the day behind her.  She thought about going to the bar or travelling down to the beach but to her surprise the boat party had picked up and turned into an outdoor night club.  She was a little embarrassed about returning to the scene of the fight, but those that recognized her cheered her return, like she was a conquering hero.  Within a few minutes, she had a White Claw in her left hand and a vape pen filled with weed in her right.

At some point Francesca ended up back on the yacht with close to a dozen other people.  She recognized the two older men from earlier, still sitting in the same spots they were in before, except this time the bigger guy had a young woman crawling over him.  The Aussie was still checking her out, making small talk.  The dog had moved about a foot to the left.  There were a few other guys on the boat that drew her attention, though.  They had a bad boy look to them, wearing only shorts and covered in muscles and tats.  The other women on the boat seemed to be interested in what they could get from the big guy and what they had to do to get it.  While she was down in the cabin hanging out with three of the muscular guys, she felt the boat move.  She wasn’t sure if she caught their names but was calling them Troy, Pete, and Darren.  Troy said he was a cook and this was his night off.  Pete looked like Pete Davidson, but a little less like a rat and more like a human, and Darren looked like Darren Criss from Glee.  She was trying her hardest to keep their hands off her long enough to get topside and see everyone else.  It was a challenge as her shorts and sandals had ‘disappeared’ at some point in the last hour.  She had to admit, being fawned over by three hot guys was not how she thought the night would go a few hours ago, but wasn’t complaining, as long as she still had control.

She made her way up to the control deck and couldn’t believe her eyes.  The young woman from earlier was kneeling between the big guy’s legs bobbing her head up and down while the architect was driving the yacht.  She thought about turning around heading back down, but that’s when she felt Troy grab her in a tight hug right under her boobs and kiss her neck.  The big guy saw this and waved everyone up.

“C’mon up, have some fun, share the wealth.”  She wasn’t sure what that meant but had a bad feeling she’d find out real soon.


After Bob unmoored the yacht, a few people hopped off and jumped back on shore.  James stood at the helm and slowly guided the boat into open waters.  He loved this.  This was one of his favorite things about coming to the lake, boating.  He didn’t care about the parties or the drinking or the crazy fun times, his most Zen moments were on the water.  As much as he’d like to buy a boat, he’d never have time to enjoy it.  But Bob, Bob would let him pilot his million-dollar yacht all weekend if he asked.  Bob gets to use his boat every day of the year if he choses to.  James gets to do this maybe twice a year if he’s lucky, and Bob knows how much this means to him.  Besides, Bob had something else to take care of.

While James was piloting the yacht to the open waters of the lake, Bob was having fun with this new girl he met earlier, Shania.  She was tiny compared to him, not even 5 feet tall.  She’d just moved to the states and was looking for a good time between jobs.  She was cute and petite, just the way he liked him.  Hell, he had to have someone vouch for her because he thought there was no way she was 18.  After they were safely away from shore, Bob sat back down in his chair and told her to show him how much she wanted to be on his good side.  She immediately kneeled between his legs and pulled his swim trunks down just enough to fish his dick out.  A moment later she was licking and kissing it, bringing him to full erection.  As soon as he was hard, she went to town sucking his dick right there on the boat.  Bob decided to just sit back, drink another beer, smoke another joint, and let the little minx do her thing.

That’s when both men got a surprise.  There were people in the cabins when they took off from the shore.  That really hot chick from earlier that dumped her boyfriend and his hippie friends came up, followed by three guys.  Bob recognized the one of the guys from the kitchen of the restaurant but wasn’t sure about the other two.  The rat looking guy was probably one of the managers and the tall clean-cut one, he knew him from around somewhere but couldn’t place him.  The woman stopped at the top of the steps from the cabin spaces, shocked at what she saw.  As soon as she stopped, the cook hugged her from behind and started kissing her neck.  The woman’s eyes were as wide as saucers as she watched Shania blow him.

“C’mon up, have some fun, share the wealth.”  Bob motioned everyone to come on up.  The woman hesitated for a moment, but the cook damn near picked her up and carried her over, sitting down across from Bob and his new friend.

To her credit, Shania kept going up and down on his cock without interruption.  The most she did was look over at the others and shrug as she sucked on Bob’s dick.  Bob took hit of his joint before passing it round.  The rat looking kid took it first.

“Didn’t know anyone else was on when we left shore.  What’s your name, sugar?”  Bob asked, looking at that fine ass woman in the black bikini.

“Fran.  Francesca, but most people call me Fran.”  She struggled to take her eyes off of the scene in front of her, then felt ashamed for looking and tried to cover.  As soon as she turned her head, the cook was there and kissed her.  He grabbed her chin and held her facing him for a moment.  After a second she turned away, back to Bob and the woman between his legs. 

“What do you prefer?  It’s your name.”  She thought for a second, which was just long enough for Darren to stroke her thighs and Troy to kiss her neck again.

“Francesca.”  She said, pushing the hands off of her for a second.

“Who are your friends?”  She looked around, and once again the groping was back.  The rat looking guy held the joint to her lips as she took a hit.  The cook was kissing down her back, and the other one was back to playing with her legs.  The rat looking guy didn’t take the joint away until she got a real good, real long hit. 

“C’mon Francesca, what’re they’re names?”  Bob asked again, seeing where this was going.  Shania continued sucking his dick, her curly, dirty blonde hair cascading over her shoulders.  He loved it when a girl sucked his dick and let her hair down.  Francesca blanked for a second on their names.

“They’re um, they’re…Pete, Troy, and Darren.”  The guys looked at each other and smiled, then laughed.  Bob couldn’t place their names but he knew damn well these weren’t it.  Pete, the rat looking guy, passed the joint around to Troy and then it went to Darren and back to Bob.  While it was making the rounds, Pete now took his turn kissing Francesca and playing with her body, sliding his hands inside her left thigh.  Darren worked on the right thigh, and Troy placed his legs inside of hers to try to keep them open while he cupped her tits.  He smiled, knowing that this night was about to get a little more interesting.

Francesca’s brain was in a fog, high and drunk.  She didn’t remember the last time she smoked this much, but she knew something wasn’t right.  Three men.  Three really hot men, where molesting her on a yacht in the middle of the lake and were taking things farther than she expected.  To top it all off, there was a man in front of her getting head.  She didn’t know whether to watch or turn away.

“Like what you’re seeing?  It’s okay to say yes.”  Bob said, sipping his beer while Shania continued pleasuring him.  She was stunned.  “Life is about pleasure, and finding it where and when we can.”  Bob continued.  That’s when she felt the first man, Troy, slide his hands inside of her bikini top.  Before she could protest, Pete kissed her again, grabbing her head and forcing a French kiss.  Darren slid his hands over her bikini bottoms.  “Finding pleasure, in its various forms, bringing it to fruition.”  Darren slid his fingers into her bikini bottoms, finding the outside of her pussy.  Pete was holding her leg to the side with one hand and used his other to reach behind and unclip her bikini top.  Troy was grabbing her tits and playing with her nipples.  She tried to move her hands to stop all of this, but suddenly her wrists were behind her back, in Troy’s grip.  Darren found her entrance and started probing it with her finger.  She tried to squirm away, but couldn’t. 

Bob placed his hand under Shania’s chin and guided her up.  “Show her what pleasure is.”  Shania smiled.  As she stood, she peeled off her orange one-piece swimsuit and stepped out of it.  Bob sat there, erection at full mast, as the little waif moved over to the seats across from them.  She kneeled between Francesca’s and Troy’s legs, face inches away from Francesca’s bikini-covered pussy.  Shania kissed her way up along the inside of Francesca’s thighs as Darren continued his ministrations, clumsily trying to find her tender spots.  Troy had covered her mouth with one hand while Pete went to work sucking on her tits.  Once at her destination, Shania grabbed Francesca’s bottoms by the waistband and pulled.  After a moment of awkward movement, Francesca’s clean-shaven pussy was exposed to everyone on the boat.  Shania leaned in and took her first tentative tastes of the confused brunette.

Francesca stared down at what was happening.  She couldn’t believe it.  She didn’t believe it until the first jolt of contact on her clitoris ran through her like an electric shock.  Out of all of the things she’d done sexually up to this point, nothing compared to this.  Three.  No, four complete strangers were using her for their own sexual pleasure.  She looked down, watching this tiny woman’s face disappear between her legs and find her clit.  Immediately her breathing went ragged.  Whoever this woman was, she knew what she was doing.

It didn’t take long for Shania to drive Francesca to the edge of an orgasm.  But what she did when she got there both surprised and frustrated the brunette.  Instead of plowing through, she pulled back.  Shania brought her to the edge but stopped just short.  She let the men continue to play with her breasts but waited for Francesca to come back down.  As soon as she did, Shania went back to town, assaulting her clit with her tongue.  Again, she brought Francesca to the edge, just to leave her there.  She repeated this cycle again and again.  On the fifth time, she changed things up by fingering Francesca while eating her out, but once again she stopped denying Francesca the release she craved.  Shania looked behind her and motioned for Bob’s beer bottle.  He gladly handed it over.  Shania finished it in a couple swallows, then took the end of the bottle into her mouth for a moment.  She was warming it up.  After playing with it in her mouth, she pulled it out and took up her position again, sucking on Francesca’s clit.  This time as Francesca neared orgasm, Shania inserted the beer bottle into the brunette, letting her cum. 

Francesca shook and screamed as she came.  Troy uncovered her mouth.  They were easily a couple miles from the nearest party.  No one was close enough to hear her.  As Francesca came, she looked down at Shania with the strangest sense she’s ever felt.  Shania saw her and climbed up, meeting Francesca’s face and kissing her.  The two women kissed passionately for what felt like forever.  That’s when she felt the beer bottle being pulled out of her pussy and something replaced it.

It was Troy.  More specifically, his penis.  In the confusion of her orgasm, Troy had slipped off his shorts and was now fucking her.  She had a stranger’s dick inside of her and a strange woman kissing her.  Her hands were still behind her back and eyes closed when she felt rocking coming from in front of her.  She opened her eyes when the woman broke off the kiss.  The big guy was fucking Shania doggystyle.

Before Francesca could say any protests, she felt her head being twisted down and to the right.  It was Darren, and he was guiding her head down onto his dick.  It was big, easily one of the bigg ones she’s seen or felt in her life.  Darren grabbed her hair and kept her head in place while Troy fucked her pussy.  While she’d given a few boyfriends head in the past, this wasn’t her forte.  Still, that didn’t seem to matter to Darren who took control and slowly fucked her face with short strokes.  At some point during this, the positions changed and Troy let go of her hands.  She tried to push herself off of Darren’s lap, but to no avail.  It turns out that Troy was only changing positions to get better access to her pussy.  He fucked her hard for a few minutes, bringing her to another orgasm before cumming inside of her.

The shock barely set in before Darren pulled her up and onto his lap, sliding his whole dick in at once and bottoming out in her.  She felt full, a sense of pleasure bordering on pain that she hadn’t felt before.  She rode on Darren’s lap for what felt like an eternity, enjoying his muscular body next to hers.  What she felt next was not something she ever expected.

As she was on the verge of another orgasm, something started to press on her backside.  Then she felt something cool and slimy on her ass, followed by a warmth accompanied by stretching and pain.  She turned over her shoulder.  It was Pete, and he was gonna fuck her ass while she fucked Darren.

Francesca screamed, shouted “No, no, no, no, don’t” before her cries were silenced by another dick.  This time it was Troy, grabbing her head and pulling it onto his dick.  She cried on his member as Pete squeezed his way into her anus.  She tried to look at the bright side of this.  Pete’s dick was the smallest of the three and he wasn’t being too much of a jerk about it, but it still hurt and she didn’t like it.  At least at first she didn’t like it.  While she had three dicks in her, she felt a set of fingers find her clit again.  The stimulation was different, though.  It wasn’t the woman, Shania was what the big guy called her, and all of the other hands were accounted for.  Two on her head from Troy, two on her breasts from Darren and two on her shoulders from Pete.  No, this was a seventh hand.

She looked out of the corner of her eye and saw the Architect, the Australian man from earlier.  He was piloting the yacht when they came upstairs.  Now that she thought about it, they weren’t moving so she figured they must’ve stopped.  This man was easily old enough to be her dad, and here he was playing with her clit while three other men fucked her.  Between oral sessions, she saw that the other woman was blowing the Aussie while the big guy fucked her from behind.  Well, with age comes experience because he knew what he was doing and brought Francesca to another climax, almost causing her to pass out.

Soon, Pete launched a load into her ass while Darren came in her pussy.  Troy decided it was time for round two as they laid out the bench into a bed and he fucked her on it.  Then it was the big guy’s turn, then the Aussie used her body.  As the guys sat around for a rest, they had the women put on a show for them.  Francesca had never done more than make out with another girl before, and that was at a frat party in college.  Here, she was on a boat in the middle of a very large lake, sharing a tender embrace with a woman she’d never met before tonight while they fingered each other then shifted into a 69.  As they finished, the Aussie decided it was time for another go and grabbed Francesca and fucked her over the railing of the yacht, with nothing but the darkness of oblivion around them.

Shania got a workout of her own as well.  What was supposed to be just her, Bob, and James turned into a full-blown gangbang orgy.  She was going to have to charge a lot more for this.


By the time midnight rolled around, everyone was tired.  Normally, they’d just sleep out on the lake but Bob had a bad feeling about that.  He knew who and what Shania was, but this other girl got a lot more than expected.  James agreed to pilot the boat back to the harbor and dock it.  When they docked the boat, they found the three young guys below decks in the cabin with both women, seeing who could take the best ass fucking.  Shania won when she took all of Darren without crying. 

Once they arrived at the shore, Francesca grabbed her clothes and phone and split, barely putting her bikini back on before making it to the hotel.  She left before Bob could say anything to her.

Francesca made a bee-line for her hotel room and immediately jumped in the shower.  The whole night was just crazy, but the last hour down in the bed with the guys seeing who could fuck their asses the best, that was too much for her.  They were well past the point of listening and she was past the point of crying about it.

She was in the shower until close to 3AM, running through everything in her mind.  This was a crazy 24 hours.  Okay, 36.  She went from thinking about asking Derek to move in with her to being gangbanged on a boat in the middle of a lake at night by 6 complete strangers, one of whom was a woman.  They ignored her as she tried to tell them to stop and used her as they felt.

And she’d never been more aroused in her life.

She couldn’t even count how many times she came.  She’d be sore for weeks and probably think about this night until she was old and grey.  Fuck, even thinking about what happened was getting her wet.  She lost complete control of the situation, was in way over her head, and paid the price.

By God, did she learn a lesson.  Unfortunately, it wouldn’t be don’t talk to strangers.  Even after cumming at least a dozen times throughout the night, she couldn’t help but play with herself as she went to bed.


She woke up for breakfast and checkout.  She had no intention of staying up at the lake for the fireworks show.  She needed to drive home and move on with her life.  Derek sent some texts last night, mostly begging her to take him back and when she didn’t respond he went on a bitchy little tirade.  She thought about texting him to tell him what happened, but decided against it.

Francesca changed into a green bikini and her jean shorts with sandals.  Most of her clothes were either camping gear she bought just for this trip or wishful thinking clothes meant for the pool or beach.  After a quick breakfast, she returned and cleaned out her room.  Next step, checkout.

When she approached the desk for checkout, she was nervous.  She booked this room at the spur of the moment and wasn’t completely sure if the full cost would fit on the card.  When the desk clerk had a confused look on his face and made some noises, she expected the worst.  When the manager showed up, her heart sank.

“Oh yes, Miss Chandler.  What seems to be the issue?”  The man in his early 30’s said, pulling up information on the computer screen.

“I don’t know.  I’m just trying to check out and pay my bill.  Is there a problem?  Did the card get declined again?”  Francesca was nervous, wondering how she’d possibly get out of this mess.

“No, there’s no problem with the card.  Your bill was already paid.”  The manager said matter of factly.


“Yes.  Your room was already paid with an executive loyalty program discount.  Let me take a look… Ah yes, that explains the issue now.  One moment, I have a package for you.  One second.  I’ll be right back.”  The manager turned and entered into a small room behind the desk, then returned with what looked like a small FedEx box.  Francesca looked at the box.

“What’s this?  What’s going on?”  She was confused and scared.  Something wasn’t right.

“Your room fee was paid for by…Oh, Mr. K.  That explains a lot.”

“Who’s Mr. K?”

“Mr. Kuntzmann, he owns the resort.  I guess you’re a friend of his.  Sometimes he likes to pay bills for his friends without telling them ahead of time.”

Francesca thought for a second.  It couldn’t be, could it?

“Does he own a really big boat?  A yacht perhaps?”

“The Ballbuster Deluxe VIII, yes.”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“The Ballbuster Deluxe VIII, that’s the name of his yacht.  The Beneteau Gran Turismo 36-footer.  It’s the eighth in a row of boats named in honor of his beloved grandmother.  His grandfather named a boat that as a joke about her, and he kept the name going.  Anyway, I’m also instructed to give you a package.  We had it ready to ship just in case we didn’t catch you in time.  Here you go, ma’am.”  The manager handed her a box.  It already had her name and address on it, ready to ship.

“Thank you.”  She looked at the box and the man with some confusion.

“If you would like, your room is pre-paid for another day.  If you choose to come back, let me know.”

“Thanks.”  Francesca was confused and tried to act like she wasn’t completely lost.  A quick walk out to her car with her bag and she sat in the front seat, opening the package.  Inside was a thumb drive, an envelope, a small pack of pills, and a letter.  She read the letter first.


Depending on when you receive this package, it will be either the morning after your trip to my boat, or a few days after.  I trust you had a good time.  I do understand that you didn’t anticipate what happened and did not plan on it.  You were thrust into an extraordinary circumstance.  You were not supposed to be there, but the night proceeded on anyway.

You were not supposed to be there.  Neither were those other guys.  That was my mistake for not doing a complete sweep before leaving dock.  Lessons learned.  If you did not gather from last night, the woman named Shania was a trained professional.  You were not.  But you were a great sport about things.

Enclosed you will find a pack of pills, a USB drive, and an envelope.  The pack of pills is a 72-hour dose of Plan B.  The USB stick contains select footage from the night.  I have security cameras on the boat and there were more than enough cell phones floating around.  Just in case you get any ideas about what happened.  The envelope contains what I hope is more than enough to assuage any feelings of guilt or remorse you may feel after Saturday night.  It is considerably more than I initially paid to Shania.  Think of it as seed money for starting a better life without that dweeb and his hippie friends.  If you need to see any medical professionals, info for them is on the USB stick as well.

If you ever want to party again, hit me up.  Deets are on the stick.


Francesca was in shock.  There was so much to take in.  Did he record this whole thing?  Was Shania a whore?  Was she a whore if she accepted this gift?  She grabbed the envelope and opened it.  There were two bands of cash and a note.

‘Do not deposit all of this at once.  It brings unwanted attention from Johnny Law and the IRS.  Keep it safe as a rainy day fund and put a little in the bank at a time.  If you need help or have any questions, hit me up.’

She looked at the note then put it back and picked up the stacks.  She couldn’t believe her eyes.  In front of her were two stacks of wrapped hundred-dollar bills.  Each band contained 100 bills and was marked as $10,000.  2 of them was $20,000.  This was more money than she’d ever seen in her life, and it was hers.

Just as she was trying to figure out what to do, her phone buzzed.  Caller ID just showed ‘Bob’.  How in the- She opened the message.

‘Heard you’re heading out.  Have a safe trip home.  I’d stop by and say bye but I’m in the middle of something.’

The next message came in.  It was a picture of him fucking Shania.

She laughed, then responded.  “Something or someone? Lol”. She thought for a moment and typed a few things before settling on “Thanks, for everything.  I might hit you up sometime.”
He responded with a smiley face and “Have a good one.”

Francesca drove back to Humdinger in a much better mood than she left.  It’s almost like losing all that dead weight cleared her head.  Still, she had a lot on her mind.  One thing she did figure out was how to spend some of that money.  It was time to upgrade from the beater.


James and Bob spent most of Sunday relaxing with Shania on the boat.  And by relaxing they fucked her brains out.  When they weren’t fucking her, they were making sure the fireworks show was set up and would go off without a hitch.  They also stopped by the camp and his old cabin.  He told James of some of the stories that took place there, and how he came to own so much of the land around the lake, reminiscing on things like meeting some life-long friends there like his first wife now sister-in-law, Eric who supplies him with most of his camping and hunting gear, and one of the best cooks he’s ever met in Brandon of the E&B’s down the road.  The camp was now run by his good friends from Veneto Baptist Church and helped disadvantaged youth get a chance to spend the summers in nature.

When night fell, they watched an amazing firework show from the bow of Bob’s yacht.  This would be a vacation that he’d have a hard time ever topping.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 31 Posted)
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So not everyone connected with James is a total scumbag! Nice of him to pay her for the services she provides without prior knowledge. Still wouldn't surprise me if highlights of her evening shows up on the site! Merit for this chapter!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 32 Posted)
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Thanks TGH. This was a chance to see Bob as an old man.  He's still a murderous, rapist scumbag, but not to his friends.  Then again, having more money than he needs and having an entire region afraid of him helps.

Chapter 32 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 32 Posted)
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Chapter 32 (FSolo,FF)

Drew and Morgana spent the 4th of July weekend down in Washington, D.C., the nation’s capital.  They did all the touristy things that come along with the package trip.  They visited the various monuments, toured the Smithsonian, watched some protests, went to the National Zoo, and ate some good ole soul food.  Drew enjoyed the food the most.  They spent a great weekend together and capped it off by watching the fireworks over the National Mall.

They were back in town for work on Tuesday, after deciding to crash in the city for another night.  It was another chance for the two to be alone.  Monday morning, they experienced DC traffic for the first time.  The phrase ‘9th circle of Hell’ was used more than once.  At one point they got so turned around and fed up with the beltway that they got off on the first exit the saw.  Thus, that’s how they spent an hour going in the wrong direction toward Richmond, Virginia.  After navigating away from there and back to Harbor City without taking the main routes, the couple spent the rest of the day exploring the backroads and old mountain ranges.  After a few hours, they were home.

While Drew did most of the driving on Monday, Morgana asked her friends how their weekend was on the group chat.  James replied that he had a relaxing weekend with a friend of his up on the lake and went boating for a while.  This led to the rabbit hole of 20 questions that James feigned ignorance to.  He didn’t want to mention his friend by name, and the boat was the only one on the lake that big that was permanently berthed there.  He mentioned that it was big and white and fast.  He did say that if they ever visited as a group, he’d recommend renting a boat or seeing if he could borrow it for a few hours. 

Tommy didn’t respond to the group texts until after the workday.  While everyone else took the day off to travel back, Tommy was at the construction site overseeing things for James.  For the most part it was a typical Monday where half the crew didn’t show up, a few suppliers had issues, and those that did come in were dragging ass.  Still, Tommy used the day to help wrap up a few small projects in the basement mechanicals.  When he did get time to talk, Morgana immediately asked him about his planned white-water rafting trip.  Tommy told her it never happened.  Everyone but Mitch cancelled and Mitch doesn’t like camping.  Tommy mentioned how they hit the bars and coyly mentioned meeting a woman on Saturday Night.  Morgana was all in for wanting the details.  She replied that she was happy that Tommy had a good weekend, but felt a little better when Tommy said that she was heading back down to Australia.  As Tommy described Ella, Morgana felt a brief pang of jealousy hit her.  She shouldn’t be jealous, Tommy was single and she was married.  Still, she couldn’t help but feel a little bitter towards this new woman she’s never met.  The group agreed to meet soon before Drew went back down to Melbourne next week.


One of the many things they talked about on the drive was possibly moving and getting a new house.  They liked living in the condo, but agreed that it wasn’t big enough for an entire family.  Sure, they have the second bedroom but Drew was thinking about turning that into an office for the times he could work from home in the future.  It was also the first time they seriously talked about having a kid.  They could easily live in the condo for the next few years as a couple, but bringing in a kid means all the extras that go along with it, and living in company sponsored housing with a kid just felt risky to them.  Besides, the housing was supposed to be only for 6 months to a year until they found a place of their own.  Why not make that now?

While Drew was home for the rest of the week, they started the home buying process.  They were amazed at what they discovered.  Unlike some other housing markets, Harbor City was relatively sane.  With their combined income and savings, they were approved for a mortgage in the mid six figures.  In L.A. or San Francisco, this would get a shed or a two-bedroom bungalow in major need of repair.  In Harbor City, they were looking at small mansions and gated communities. They could easily afford a brand-new home in a new development or find a place in any of the trendy spots around town.  Almost everything was theirs.

Except time.

As much as their money went a long way in Harbor City, houses weren’t staying on the market for long.  If a new house was on the market for a week without at least 3 offers, something must be wrong with it.  Each time they’d call about a new house or see a place pop up online, it was just a matter of days until it vanished.  Even the new construction plans were filling up quickly.  They knew this was going to be tough, but doing so with Drew out of the country half the time for the next few months would make house hunting a monumental task.  They decided to ask their friends for help.

On Thursday, the four of them met up for dinner.  They settled on a Greek place nearby.  As they ate, Drew and Morgana asked Tommy and James if they could help them with finding a new house.  They figured that they were both in construction and James had spent many years in the area so he was familiar with the city.  James said they’d love to help.  Tommy asked what timetable they were looking at, not trying to sound too anxious.  Morgana told them they weren’t in any rush, but just that the market was nuts right now.  If they scheduled a meeting for a house for the weekend, it was cancelled by Friday because the owners accepted an offer.  Tommy came up with an idea of one of them helping the couple by standing in for Drew when he was out of town.  And James offered to help with the home inspection.  Depending on the time of the viewing, they could Facetime Drew and shoot some videos of the house and neighborhood.  Drew thought it was a great idea and together the crew went to work house hunting.

Drew and Morgana went on a couple open houses that weekend, but it was mostly just to dip their toes in the water.  This let them see what their money would get them in different areas.  They checked out all different kinds of houses and in many different locations.  Tommy and James helped them come up with a list of neighborhoods to look at and places to avoid.  Heartland and Veneto had big red X’s through them, while Hillside, Farrell Township, and the Westchester area were high on the lists.  Staying close to the office in Farrell was a bonus but not necessary as the other areas were relatively close and had good school district grades.

When Drew left for Melbourne again, Tommy was there to help Morgana out of her funk.  That’s when Tommy helped to lift Morgana’s spirits, whether it was with a witty joke, a funny story, or sometimes just being there.  Morgana didn’t know what she would do if Tommy wasn’t there.  She was glad to have someone as awesome as him in her life.

‘If only she met him a few years earlier,’ she’d catch herself thinking on more than one occasion.  These thoughts of Tommy interrupted her daily life more and more as Drew was down in Melbourne.  She would talk to her husband every night, but as she longed to feel him, she’d indulge herself in fantasies of a forbidden friend.  She’d feel guilty after, but she felt so good during.

Her daily routine was basically the same as it was when Drew left the first time.  Wake up, run, breakfast, shower, work, come home, talk to Drew and relax.  Except now she’d add in house hunting to the list.  She admitted that there was something both so right and so wrong about looking for a home to make a family with Tommy there instead of Drew.


The more time Tommy spent with Morgana, the more it drove him nuts not being with her as more than a friend.  He helped with everything that he could, but the day to day was wearing on him.  He did what he could to pass the time and distract himself, but it didn’t seem to work as well as it did before.  Sure, he loved watching the rape videos on the Club’s website and his continuous voyeurism of Riley and Jordan was starting to pay off, but his obsession with Morgana grew.  And with as crazy as he was, he was certain that when he’d flirt with her a little, she’d flirt back.  Especially when they went house hunting.

When Tommy met Morgana’s realtor, they explained the situation.  The realtor was a new friend of theirs named Gina.  She was a woman in her late 40’s, a little thick but good looking for her age.  They both thought that she might be a good match for James, assuming he were interested.  Gina knew the deal and had talked to Drew over Facetime.  It wasn’t the weirdest situation she’d dealt with.  Tommy and Morgana would physically look at the houses and record the walk-throughs while Drew would connect to a call if able.  Where things got weird is if they went to a showing or an open house and another agent was there.  Even in this modern age, it’s pretty unusual for a married woman to go house shopping with a good guy friend while her husband is overseas.  Each and every other agent assumed they were married and buying the house for themselves.  At first, they explained the situation, but at one open house the agent was a real Karen and refused to listen.  She insisted that they were buying the house for themselves, even when they had a Facetime call showing Drew the house.  Instead, Morgana decided to have some fun with her and admit that all three of them were looking for a place to set up a brothel, and she was the head whore.  Drew would collect the money and Tommy would wash the cocks.  Tommy and Drew then argued about why did Tommy get to wash the cocks, all to piss off Karen.  They went through the house, loudly talking about what kinds of freaky sex they could have in each room.  Karen kicked them out after a while, but not until they had a long and drawn out argument over who got to use the special butt plugs in the walk-in pantry.

The playful flirting didn’t stop there.  When Morgana and Tommy went to a couple open houses one Sunday when Drew wasn’t available, each one of the realtors they met just assumed they were a recently engaged couple since Tommy wasn’t wearing a wedding ring.  He was going to tell the first realtor the truth when Morgana just played along, holding the tall skinny man close the whole time throughout the house.  He flirted back as much as he thought he could get away with, stopping just short of kissing her on the lips.  Right when things were getting a little awkward, that’s when Aislinn called and asked how things were going.  The three of them chatted for a while with Tommy’s flirting with Aislinn being a little more obvious than before.  While Morgana was driving and Tommy was talking on the phone with her sister, he swore he could actually see her get a little jealous.


After that day, Tommy needed a couple hours alone watching the hidden cams.  Of course, he checked in on Riley and Jordan.  Just as he figured would happen one day, they had a drunken make out session the night before.  He rewound to the night before and saw what happened.  They went out to a party and came back proper sloshed but still in a partying mood.  They had a little bit of vodka hidden away so they made mixed drinks and played some music.  When they turned on some dance music, they started dancing and grinding with each other.  Riley wore a tight red one-piece dress with spaghetti straps and a skirt that came down to her mid-thigh.  Jordan wore a black halter top and matching miniskirt.  As they danced and drank they got more handsy with each other.  Riley made the first move and leaned in for the kiss, and Jordan gladly reciprocated.  The two made out for a few minutes before moving to the couch.  They made out for a while, but stopped short of doing anything else.  Neither complained about the other going too far, it’s just that no one made the first move.  When he fast forwarded to the next morning, they were both hung over in their own bedrooms.  Tommy switched the camera feeds back and forth to see how the morning went.  Neither described the night before until well into the afternoon when they had a long conversation about it.  Right after they both agreed to stay friends, that’s when Jordan made the next move kissed and Riley.  This led to a rather brief but intense session of making out and feeling each other up.  Riley was shocked when Jordan took off her shirt, but didn’t stop.  Jordan continued the initiative, removing Riley’s shorts next.  Seeing as it was a lazy Sunday, both were in their pajamas and stripped easily.  They fooled around for the rest of the day, culminating in their first lesbian session when they both fingered each other to climax.  When Tommy caught up to real time, both of the young women lay on the couch in each other’s arms.

He switched over to Morgana’s camera.  She had just gotten off of the phone with Drew and was relaxing for the night.  Normally this meant watching some TV or getting something to eat.  Instead, she went on a jog.  It was her second of the day and she was gone for about an hour.  Tommy checked the clock and saw that it was evening now.  It wasn’t the dead heat of the afternoon so this made some sense.  When she came back, she was hot, sweaty, and sticky.  She made her way to the bedroom and closed the door.  She peeled off her sports bra and the running legging shorts she wore.  She went into the bathroom to start the shower, but soon returned.  Morgana climbed into her bed and pulled the covers back, splaying naked for only the hidden camera to see.  She stroked her nipples for a moment before moving her hands down her body to her twat.  She played with her clit with her right hand while she fucked herself with her left hand.  She went at it hard and fast.  She was in one hell of a mood.  As she fucked herself, that’s when Tommy heard something he’d never heard from her room before.

“Tommy, oh fuck me, fuck me, fuck me Tommyyyyyyy…”

He was stunned.  Stunned and drained, as he busted a nut all over himself when she moaned his name as she came.  Did that just happen?  Morgana got up and, after looking around cautiously out of habit, went to the bathroom for a shower.  While showering, Tommy rewound the footage.  It was low, but it was distinctly Tommy’s name, not Drew’s that she moaned when she came.

Tommy sat there dumbstruck for a while, trying to think about what to do next.  He knew that she was attracted to him, but he still couldn’t make the first move.  He needed her to move after him.

But how?  He sat there for the next couple hours trying to come up with an idea.  Finally, late at night on Sunday, he had one.  He had a plan that make Morgana fall into his arms and into his bed.  He just needed some help to accomplish that.  For that, he required James and some help from The Club.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 32 Posted)
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Nice to see that Morgana and Drew were up to including Tommy into their antics. Wonder if they would be the gossip of the real estate circle? Might even get black balled by potential agents! Great twists having Tommy spying on Morgana just as she s fantasying about him. Will Tommy blow his cool by accidentally going to fast without realizing it? Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 33 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Have you been spying my notes again?   ;)   Tommy would NEVER do something like that. /s

Chapter 33 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 33 Posted)
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Chapter 33

James listened to Tommy’s plan at work the next day during a break from spot checking welds.  It’s hard to call anything easy on a construction site of this magnitude, but they were performing walkarounds of the upper floors as the last of the superstructure was going up.  Pretty soon, the final parts of the metal skeleton would be complete and they would be one step closer to having a full-fledged building.  James figured that within a month the superstructure will be complete and they can focus on everything else, like the interior structures and whatnot.  The pair made their way through the 11th and 12th floors, checking to see that various welds and joints were properly made before making a call for the inspector to come out and check things over.  James sat on a large empty spool to rest his feet.  He also checked to make sure that no one was around before talking.

“I wanna see if I got this straight.”  James said, stretching out his lower back.  “Because she yelled out yer name while wankin’ one off, you think it’s time to make a move?  And how the bloody fook ya gonna do that?”

Tommy stood for a moment as he talked.  “I can’t just ask her out and start making out, that won’t work.”

“Of course it won’t, ya daft cunt.”  James replied.  “The minute ya make a move, she bolts.”

“Which is why she has to make the first move.”

“No shit, Sherlock.  Howya gonna do that?”  James said, a little exasperated at the stupidity he felt coming.  That’s when Tommy started pacing back and forth.  His ‘thinkin’ walk’ as James called it.

“I’ll have to make her make the first move.  And the best I could come up with a little risky.”

“And what’s that?” 

Tommy stopped right in front of James and looked around a couple times, making sure the coast was clear.  It was.  No one was within earshot of the two.  Tommy leaned in closer and spoke quietly.

“She makes the first move after she gets attacked.”  Tommy said, a look of consternation on his face.  James was shocked.

“You fookin’ serious?  You makin’ her an offerin’?”  James asked, confused and interested on where Tommy’s mind was going.  The younger man shook his head.

“No, no, no. No.  Not that.”

“Well what then?”

“Well,” Tommy paused for a moment, looking for the right words as he fidgeted back and forth.  “I was thinking a random attack.  It happens when Drew’s out of town.  She goes on one of her runs, and someone jumps out and…”  Tommy’s words trailed off.

“And what, fooks her right then and there on the path?”  James answered in the worst way possible on purpose.  He wants to drive Tommy to the path, not the destination.  He knew what Tommy wants to say better than Tommy could say it at first.

“No, no.  Just a good scare.  Someone jumps out, like an attempted mugging.  If they try anything else, it’s just to scare her.  But they let her go before things go too far.  She runs home, freaks out, and needs someone to talk to.”

“And that someone is you?”

“Exactly.  I drop everything and come over, be there for her, and then get her to make the first move.”  Tommy looked like a man who thought he planned the perfect heist.  Once again, Tommy looked around to make sure no one was approaching.  They were still in the clear.  James thought about what Tommy said for a moment, stroking his chin.

“So you think this’ll work?”  James asked.  Tommy nodded.  The older man had some serious doubts about what Tommy proposed.  But he saw an opening.  A very tempting opening.  But he needed some answers.  How well did Tommy think this through?

“What happens if she calls Drew instead of you? Or Aislinn or Bianca?  Or the cops?”  James asked.  Tommy was quick with the answer.

“We time this for her run in the evening.  Both Aislinn and Drew are at work and are usually in meetings.  Do this on a Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, and both are in meetings they can’t get out of from 7PM to 10PM.  She goes on her run in the evening at 7 and gets back by 8.  She’s timed it to coincide with when they’re not available to talk.  She likes Bianca but isn’t so close that the first person she’d call after this would be Bianca.”

“Which leaves the cops.”

“She won’t call the cops.”  Tommy was absolutely certain of his statement.

“Why’s that?”  James asked, wondering how the young man could be so sure.

“She’s won’t.  Calling the cops on a work visa short of anything other than a murder or robbery brings a lot of unwanted attention.  If she calls the cops, they’ll take her ID and info and confirm with Pharma that she works for them.  Then the rumors will spread about why she had the cops called on her and best case she’ll be embarrassed, worst case transferred back to Melbourne because she’s a distraction.  As long as the attack is just a scare, she won’t call them.”  As Tommy finished his statement, James knew he was right.  Get the wrong cop on the wrong day and next thing she knows she’s dealing with a world of legal problems.

“So that’s the plan?”

“The basics of the plan, yeah.”

James sat back on the spool for a moment thinking about what Tommy laid out.  There were several ways this could go wrong.  For starters, they’d need someone to try this and the only people he could think of were professionals of sorts in this field.  They might be a little too successful or try a little too hard once they saw her.  Second, this assumes she calls Tommy right away.  That could be mitigated with some planning but there’s still the chance of getting the cops involved.  Third, the hitter goes for the wrong target.  Fourth, someone spots him and blows the cover.

“How populated is it where she runs?”  James asked.

“Not too busy.  There’s a trail that goes past a park nearby, leads to some shady woods.  Could easily hide in there, ambush her, scare her.”  Tommy said, convincing himself more and more that this plan could work.  James wasn’t as convinced, but at least Tommy had the details.

“Where’s he gonna park?  How’s he gonna get away?”

“The trail goes near the park.  He could park near there.  It’s an open parking lot, no cameras or anything.  What do you think?”  Tommy stood there silent for a minute as James played it over in his head.

The older man ran the plan through his mind a few times, looking for the flaws.  Aside from the unexpected random visitor or cop on a patrol, there weren’t many holes in the plan.  James knew from experience about Murphy’s First Law of Combat and Project Planning:  The best laid plans go straight to Hell as soon as the first shot is fired.  He searched for the failure.  He could only find one.

Tommy might succeed.  If he was too successful, he might not be evil enough to get the young man to make Morgana fuck him.  But he was working on a plan for that, too.

James nodded.  “Okay.  When does this go down?”  He asked Tommy, who stood there flustered as he looked for an answer to an unexpected yes.

“Drew comes back middle of next week for a long weekend, then is back out of town until right before Labor Day.  Drew and Aislinn are in meetings all evening from 7 to 9 or 10 Tuesday through Thursday.  This week works best.  Otherwise, we’ll have to wait until next month.”  James shook his head at the response.

“Not much fookin’ time to work with.  I’ll call up a friend tonight, see if we can make this happen Wednesday.  Thursday’s a backup in case the weather sucks.”

“Thank you.”  Tommy was beside himself with excitement.  He almost leapt over and hugged James, but caught himself just in time.

“Don’t thank me yet, Twinkletoes.  There’s still a thousand ways this goes wrong.  I’ll call someone and see if this can even be set up.  You need to make the most of this on your side.  Now go, walk ‘round, wipe the smile off yer face, and let’s get back to work.”  James scolded the young man but could feel his excitement.  He wouldn’t show it, but he was excited, too.


After work, James messaged Steve on the Club’s encrypted chat and gave him the story.  Steve liked it, but wondered what the endgame was for James.  The Aussie told him that he hoped that Tommy would come close to achieving his ultimate goal but would fall short.  Steve was a little confused on that, but James confided in his friend that he wanted to fuck Morgana again and get a chance to enjoy it and her.  Tommy was sliding further and further into corruption, but if he succeeded too soon, he’d never reach the dark side.  But if he were denied just at the last moment, he might be pushed hard enough to do something incredibly crazy.  Steve said “Oh, so you’re Palpatine and he’s Anakin, and you need him to kill some children.”  James caught the reference, but said “eventually, but right now he needs to suffer a little.  His plan has a major flaw in it.  Morgana is happily married but a little stressed.  She’s not far enough along to throw everything away for a spur of the moment shag, but Tommy doesn’t see it that way.  What we need is for him to almost succeed.”

They went through the details, but Steve had a problem.  Wednesday night was church night with his kids.  He didn’t want to go, but part of the divorce settlement was that they’d take them until the kids were adults.  They enjoyed the youth group nights, but for the most part they only showed up because the mother insisted on it and Steve was well past listening to her bitch about it, so they do it just to keep the harpy quiet.  They would show up, look for their friends, then either hang out or be bored.  If neither of the kids had any friends show up, then Steve would make an excuse to leave and they’d go get ice cream or dinner or just go anywhere else.  Thursday night didn’t work for him, either.  Once again, he had the kids and his daughter was having a few friends come for a sleepover.  Plus, Steve also met Morgana before and she might recognize him.  He didn’t want to risk everything for Tommy’s hairbrained scheme.  But he did know someone who might be crazy enough to help.


Jonathan Crenshaw sat in his small apartment in Peachtree, playing The Witcher on his PS5 when his phone showed a message from Steve through the Club’s encrypted WhatsApp chat.  After pausing the game, he answered.  Steve wanted to talk about a special project, one for a friend of theirs in their club of mutual interests.  They went back and forth for a moment before Jon got to the point.  After a minute, Jonathan got up and went to the bathroom, turning on the exhaust fan and the shower for some homemade white noise.  They had a VoIP call to go over what was being asked, who it was for, and why.

Jonathan, or Jesus to his friends, looked in the bathroom mirror as Steve told him the plan.  They called him Jesus because he looked like how the old European masters painted Jesus back in the day.  Pale skin, long brown hair, blue eyes, short beard, and skinny.  He even had the 8-pack and cum gutters that have become famous on all those paintings.  He’s thought of trimming the hair, but he’s grown so used to it that he’s even had fun with the whole JC thing, showing up to parties dressed as the old carpenter.

The plan was crazy.  He was to almost attack a specific woman on a specific running trail Wednesday night shortly after 7 but no later than 9.  JC wasn’t supposed to hurt her, just scare her.  He didn’t like it.  He told Steve it was too risky just for a scare.  He would have 1, maybe 2 days to scout the trail, find a place to set up shop, not draw attention from anyone else, and he’d have to get out in a heartbeat as soon as she left.  And if this was a good hunting spot, he’d burn it for months if not years as soon as reports came out about a molester or rapist on the trail.  He wanted to know why he should put himself into this much risk.  Steve said that he would owe him a big favor, and that the next time a one-sider comes up on the Club, he’d recommend that he got it.  A one-sider is a gift or offering in the Club without compensation.  Someone makes a post saying ‘Here’s this woman, please rape her and film it.  I don’t need to receive.’  JC thought about it for a minute before he agreed.  He’d already watched two guys fuck the woman in question in her sleep and her footage was well known inside of the Club.  Besides, doing things the wrong way for a night might feel refreshing.  It’s been a while since he was up for a mission like this.  Normally, he had his favorite spots out in the county or on the other side of the city for the quick snatch off a trail.

After the call was over, JC went to work planning things out.  Steve gave him the woman, the trail location, and the approximate time of day.  After connecting through a VPN and pulling up Google Maps Street view he had the perfect spot for the mission and the perfect spot if he ever decided to come back.  The trail was a loop of a little over 4 miles, so easily a 5k plus a cool down section.  Women running from the condos towards the trail would run due East about two miles then loop around a small park that was more or less natural woods, then come back heading West to the condos.  In the morning, they’re running into the sun to start the run and their return has the sun to their back.  In the evening that was reversed.  Morgana would run East for a while then turn back and run directly into the setting sun.  There was a dogleg in the trail where many dark spots existed at that time and the contrast with the blinding sun would be perfect.  He could set up shop there after striking out on Morgana and have fun all night long or come back in the future and take advantage of the setting sun.

JC sent a message to Steve.  He was in on two conditions.  He owed him big time, and as long as scene was clear he would try to hunt later that night.  He had access to the security cams of the condos so he knew more than one sexy woman ran on the trail in the evening.  Steve reluctantly agreed.  If it were anyone else he’d say no outright, but JC had a talent for this.  If things went sideways, he had a few other spots he’d go to and come back when the heat died down.  In the meantime, JC had some research to do on Morgana.  The most important questions were if she carry any weapons with her when she ran, and what her tits looked like under that sports bra.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 33 Posted)
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And this chapter proved the dedication to the overall story- the breakdown of planning a successful attack! most would have wrote the attack without taking into account what could go wrong! Merit Awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 34 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I like the planning as much as the story sometimes.  It's one thing to just cut to the chase, but major plot points should have some in-depth work.  This story is more like a heist film than other types of stories.  And we're about to get to a major point in every heist film, where things go sideways.

Chapter 34 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 34 Posted)
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Chapter 34 (MF oral, setup)

Morgana enjoyed her new daily routine, now that the sun wasn’t directly overhead so late into the night.  Instead of waking up at 5AM to run, she’d wake up at 6, talk to Drew for a bit, then jump in the shower and head to work, eating breakfast on the way.  After work, she’d call him again while he was on his way into the office.  They might chat a little bit more before his day got filled with meetings, but then he’d wrap things up with a call on his lunch break between, usually between 9-11 PM where Morgana was.  They’d repeat this each day of the week.

It was Wednesday, and she looked forward to her run.  After a light dinner and a quick break, she gave Drew a call over Facetime.  He started work when she was coming home, but he was usually free for a couple hours.  Today was no exception.  They talked about a few of the houses her and Tommy saw the week earlier and how one was really nice but by the time they called the realtor back it was already off the market.  She didn’t like the idea of buying a home for their family without Drew at least stepping foot in it first, but she would if that’s what she’d have to do.  Her and Tommy would check out some more houses for them on Friday evening and then again on the weekend.  They were going to check out some houses tonight but instead he said he had to catch up on a little work, but if she wanted to hang out later and look at some listings, he’d be free.

She decided that this was the perfect night for a run.  After the call, she changed into a yellow sports bra and her running shorts.  A quick check of the text messages and telling Tommy that she was going on a run but after that if he wanted to get some Mexican for a late dinner, she’d be up for that.  A smiley face, thumbs up, and ‘Cya l8r’ was all that was needed to confirm.  Morgana put the phone in her pocket and closed the apartment door behind her.  A quick walk down the steps and out the front door and she was almost ready.  A stretch, a tap on the watch to record the workout, and she was on her way.

Morgana had run this trail many times before.  A concrete path to the back of the condo complex, then transition to a gravel path as it wound around a small park.  A 6-kilometer lap, more or less.  It would wind past some trees, some bushes, a small pond where some ducks lived, and then back the other way.  The first few times this summer she ran it was in the morning, and the lack of daylight scared her.  What if some sick pervert was waiting in the bushes?  She couldn’t see anything and there was no one around to help.  That fear subsided over time, and completely disappeared when she switched to running in the evening.  Surely, no one would be stupid enough to try something in broad daylight, right?

As she rounded the corner heading at the end of the first kilometer, Morgana saw something different up in the distance.  The light was coming from behind her, so she caught a good look at a figure off in the bushes.  She almost didn’t see him at first, he was pretty well hidden.  If it weren’t for the reflection coming off of his sunglasses, she wouldn’t have seen anything.  She tried to figure out what they were doing in the bushes.  That’s when she noticed that she couldn’t make out his face.  She thought about it for a moment as she quickly approached.  Something was off, though.  It was a hot day in July, and this man was hiding in the bushes wearing long sleeves.  It was a man based on the size as she got closer.  His face was obscured.  His sunglasses blocked his eyes and his face…

His face was covered.  Her brain froze for a moment.  There were only two reasons why a man would hide in the bushes at this time of night on a running trail.  He was a mugger, or he was a rapist.  Maybe both.  She wouldn’t have to wait long to find out which.

She was less than 5 meters from the shrubs when she stopped.  As soon as she did, the man lunged out from the bushes.  He wasn’t brandishing a weapon that she could see, but she didn’t want to take that chance.  She froze for a moment, her feet refusing to work.  She tried to run, but she couldn’t.  The man made no demands for anything, immediately reaching for her arm.  A gloved hand caught her wrist. 

“HEELLP!  HELP!”  She screamed, the touch bringing her out of her shock.  The man was bigger and stronger than her, easily pulling her to the side of the trail.  He spun her around, still holding her left wrist with his right hand.  He was next to her, right up against her.  He grabbed her breasts through her sports bra.  She could feel him behind her. 

Morgana had one thought only, escape.  She kicked back, hitting the man in the leg and feet.  He stumbled back and let go.  She sprinted away at full speed.

“Get back here you bitch!”  It’s all she heard as she ran.  She dared not look over her shoulder, not knowing how close he was.  After about 10 seconds she looked over her shoulder, she couldn’t see him.  He wasn’t there.  Still, she couldn’t take the chance.  She ran until her legs almost gave out.  She sprinted almost a kilometer back to her apartment where she frantically opened the door with her key.  She didn’t wait for the elevator and used the last of the adrenaline rush to climb the steps and get back into her place.  As soon as he was inside, she collapsed on the couch and cried.  She couldn’t believe what happened.  And just outside of her condo, too.  She shook uncontrollably on the couch, a combination of the nerves and coming down from the adrenaline rush.  Her legs hurt, her sides hurt, everything hurt. 

She picked up her phone, but froze on who to call.  Drew and Aislinn were in meetings.  She thought about calling the cops, but second guessed it.  She was on her work visa and didn’t want to cause any trouble.  Besides, knowing her luck she’d get one of those asshole cops who blame the victims.  She thought about Bianca for a second, but her friend was under enough stress as it was, she didn’t want to add to that burden.  Morgana called the only person who could help right now, the only person she wanted to see besides Drew.  The phone rang a couple times before Tommy answered.

“Hello?”  His cheery voice was its normal chipper tone.  That changed as soon as he heard the crying.  “What’s going on?”

“Come over, please, just come over as fast as you can.”  Morgana said between sniffles.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, what happened?   Are you okay?”  His voiced changed to concern.  She could hear rustling in the background, like he was already halfway out the door.

“No, I’m not.  Please, come over.”

“I’ll be there in a few.”  Morgana hung up without saying anything else.


Tommy sat at his desk, watching the hidden cams in Morgana’s apartment.  About 20 minutes ago she finished getting dressed and left on the run.  She normally completes the lap in a half hour.  He knew if the plan worked, he’d have to act shocked when she called.  It didn’t take him long to find out if it worked.  Less than 15 minutes after she left, Morgana came running back into the apartment, locking everything behind her and collapsed on the couch.  She was crying profusely now.  Tommy felt sick, seeing what he put her through.  He could never let her find out that it was him behind this.  Then his phone rang.  He took a deep breath, getting into character.

“Hello?”  His cheery voice was its normal chipper tone.  He changed it as soon as he heard the crying.  “What’s going on?”

“Come over, please, just come over as fast as you can.”  Morgana said between sniffles.

“I’ll be there in a few minutes, what happened?   Are you okay?”  Tommy was halfway out the door, keys in hand by the time he said that.

“No, I’m not.  Please, come over.”

“I’ll be there in a few.”  Morgana hung up without saying anything else.  Tommy hopped in his work truck and was at their place in ten minutes.  A moment later he’s buzzing the door and then at her door.  As soon as he knocked, the door swung open and she saw him.  Morgana wrapped him in a bear hug and brought him inside.


Morgana told Tommy what happened after bringing him to the couch.  She was crying, face in her hands.  She still wore the same clothes from earlier, a yellow sports bra and running shorts.  Tommy wore a gray V-neck t-shirt, checkered shorts, and boat shoes.  He sat with his arm around her, comforting her.  He let her cry for a moment, thinking about how he could make this work.

“I can’t believe it.  All of a sudden, everything’s fine.  Next, this man has me by the arm and grabs my tit.  It’s just, just, too much.”

Morgana cries a little more, and Tommy pulls her closer to him, letting her cry on his shoulder.

“It’s okay, it’s not your fault.  This could’ve happened to anyone.”  Tommy said, putting as much care as he could into the phrase.  She just kept crying.  He put his hand under her chin and tilted her face up to see his.  Her eyes were red, bloodshot from tears.

“It’ll be okay.  I promise.”  He smiled softly, then brought his head down to meet hers, his forehead resting against hers.  They were close, dangerously close now.  He could feel her move closer, her face right next to his, her lips.

That’s when the first splash of vomit hit him in the face.


Tommy held Morgana close as she cried.  She hadn’t felt this bad and this good in a long time.  The assault played back over and over in her mind as her muscles still ached from the run.  There’s a world of distance between running for fun and running for your life.  As she cried, her mind explored everything that could’ve happened in if she didn’t fight back.  That man, that masked man without a face, would’ve dragged her into the woods.  From there, he would hurt her.  He’d probably beat her, punch her a few times then find a way to bind her arms to keep her from fighting.  He’d pull her bra up, her pants down, and violate her in the foulest ways imaginable.  She hadn’t been with another man for years, since before her and Drew started dating.  The thought of that man raping her made her sick.  Hell, could he have killed her, too? 

At the same time, she sat here with a friend that truly cared for her, that wanted to see the best for her.  This friend, after all these months, seemed to genuinely care for her as a person.  He was doing everything right.  When Tommy lifted her face towards his, she saw care in his eyes that she’s only seen a few times in her life.  Dammit, if he wasn’t going to make a move now, then she would.  Besides, she thought, she could blame a simple kiss on being stressed out from the attack.

It only took Morgana a split second to decide to kiss Tommy, but when she moved in, something happened.  Images of the attack ran through her mind, images of what could’ve happened, being raped by that monster, then suddenly Drew was there, watching everything, watching her be violated, watching her kiss Tommy. 

All of her emotions roiled up into one massive outpouring as her stomach immediately expelled its contents.  She didn’t have time to run or move.  The panic of almost being raped and the implied guilt of cheating on her husband manifested itself as the contents of her pre-run meal came back up and all over Tommy’s face.  As she stared into his eyes, she then leaned over and vomited on his lap. 


Out of the hundred or so ways this could’ve gone, being puked on was not on Tommy’s list.  He didn’t have to ask if it was puke, he could smell it and taste it as soon as it hit his face.  He tried to open his eyes, to see what happened, but there was some in them and he dare not open them.  A moment later, his pants were covered.

“Oh my God, I’m so sorry.  Gimme a moment.”  Morgana got up and ran to the bathroom.  Tommy heard another retch in the bathroom, followed by a flush of the toilet.  He didn’t move, just sat in his own mess.  Well, Morgana’s mess all over him.  He tried to carefully remove his shirt in a way to keep it from seeping further on him.  That was a fail.  He just made a bigger mess.  A moment later he heard Morgana return, and felt as she put a towel in his hands.

“Here.  I’m sorry, I just-“

“It’s…it is what it is.”  Tommy was at a loss for words after that.  Even that sentence let some of the bile drip in his mouth.  He wiped off as much as he could from his face, but his shorts were covered, too.  She helped wipe up his lap without even thinking about how awkward it would be.  Once she realized, though, she stopped.

“I-I’ll go start a shower.”  Morgana bolted to the guest bathroom and started a shower for Tommy.  The tall man sat there dumbfounded at what happened.  A few seconds later, she emerged.  “Shower’s running, go clean yourself.  I’ll get some spare clothes for ya.  I’ll start the laundry for ya.  Gonna do a load here anyway.”  She tried to laugh it off.  It didn’t work.  Tommy made his way to the bathroom and left his clothes in a pile on the floor.  She collected them and took them to the washing machine.  She added the towels and the couch cushion covers as well.  She cleaned up as best she could in a few minutes before grabbing a pair of Drew’s gym shorts and an old t-shirt of his and leaving them by the shower.  She left the door open to the guest bathroom, and she’d be lying if she said she didn’t try to sneak a peek. 

While Tommy finished up his shower, Morgana cleaned herself up quickly and changed her clothes into a Melbourne Storm t-shirt and shorts.  A few splashes of mouthwash and she had the taste of vomit out of her mouth.  She may not be presentable to meet the Queen, but at least she’s not covered in sick anymore.

Tommy exited the shower, shaking his head at how everything went.  ‘How could I be so stupid?’  He blamed himself for not seeing how this could’ve happened.  He never expected her to vomit on him.  Cry, yell, throw things, hit him, screw his brains out, sure, but not throw up on him.  He dried off as best he could with the one remaining towel in this bathroom.  He found an old t-shirt and gym shorts on the floor.  All of his clothes were in the wash, so he’d have to wear Drew’s old workout gear for a bit.  Tommy was taller than Drew but skinnier.  The t-shirt fit and the shorts had a pull string.  He had to freeball as his boxer briefs were in the wash.  Tommy was breaking a cardinal rule about going commando in another soldier’s fatigues, but he had no choice. 

When he came out, Morgana was there scrubbing the bathroom.  Even in this situation, she was still sexy as fuck.  Although, the mood was kind of ruined.  He offered to help her clean, but she insisted on doing it.  Tommy sat at the dining table, trying to figure any way to turn this to his advantage, but he was at a loss.  After 20 minutes of sitting there, he knew she wasn’t going to let up.  He saw a new side of her.  It was Morgana’s ‘stay-busy-and-bury-things’ method of dealing with trauma.  After scrubbing the couch and carpet, she went to work on the kitchen, only stopping when the washer dinged.  Since his clothes would be another hour at least, they agreed to meet up tomorrow night and check out some house listings.  Morgana wouldn’t run on the trail anytime soon so she might as well do something else with that time.  She’d get his clothes back to him then.  They had a deep hug, but that was it. 

Tommy slinked down to his truck and left.  As soon as he pulled out of the parking lot, he was greeted a slew of text messages from James.  Most of them were GIF’s laughing at him, followed by a long string of “HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” texts.  Tommy wasn’t in the mood for James’s shit, so he ignored him for the rest of the night.  He also got some good-natured ribbing from the Club members who saw the video.  ‘The best laid plans of mice and men’ he thought as he drank himself to sleep, watching recordings of the young college coeds Riley and Jordan exploring each other.


James couldn’t help but laugh at the situation when he saw it.  Out of all the ways this could’ve gone, getting puked on wasn’t on the list.  Yet, it was so perfect.  Tommy’s perfect plan went up in smoke.  And he knew that all this would do is push the young man further and further down the path of corruption.  His frustration would boil over into rage one day, and he will make a drastic choice.  James’s job now was to make sure he would benefit from that choice.


Morgana forced herself to clean the entire condo, even though only part of the living room was covered in sick.  How could she be so stupid?  Not only did the attacker catch her off guard, but here she was, sitting in Tommy’s arms, ready to kiss him, when thoughts of Drew come flushing back.  She needed her husband up her right away, and for good.  She was starting to have feelings for Tommy and the more she thought about it, the more she questioned whether she would’ve stopped at just a kiss.  She was an emotional wreck and vulnerable.  Only her nerves kept her from making a grave mistake.  Or would it be a mistake at all?  She’s never even thought of cheating on Drew, but she’s never been away from him for so long.  And it sure wouldn’t help that the next time he was in town he’d only be around for a few days.  He was moving the schedule around so that he’d spend more time up here for the end of August and beginning of September, but that meant less than a week back home.  She laughed, catching herself calling this place home for the first time.  Aside from tonight’s run-in with a pervert, she loved it in Harbor City and wanted to settle down here.  She wanted to raise a family here.  That’s when she realized her answer.

If she could have Drew’s baby, he’d be forced to put in for a transfer or new position that would keep him in the states full time.  Hell, they’re already looking for a new house and have talked about having a kid, might as well make someday into someday soon.  Besides, they’re not getting any younger and Tommy and James might have fun having a little kid to coo over.  Tommy’d probably help watching the kid, and even James has a soft side that he hides.

Morgana scolded herself at the thought of using a kid to keep Drew and Tommy close.  Why was she even worried about Tommy in the first place?  She didn’t know if she could do anything to scare him away after tonight.  She was terrified about what she did, but considering he didn’t run out of the condo, she took that as a good sign.  She assuaged her worries as she scrubbed the kitchen clean for the third time tonight.


JC hated this plan from the word go, but he could see why this Tommy fellow was so smitten with that blonde.  She had a banging body, great tits, and an ass that he could bounce a quarter off of.  Those videos of her didn’t do her justice.  If this wasn’t part of some great scheme, he’d have done this right.  He would’ve waited across the trail by the tree outcropping and waited for her to circle back after running, where the sun would set behind him, blinding anyone who ran up the path.  She’d be physically and mentally tired.  She’d be lost in thought and had expended all her energy.  She would be thirsty and not able to scream as much.  But most of all, she’d be all hot and sweaty, just like he liked them.

He played his part to perfection.  He gave her one hell of a scare.  Too bad, she’d make an excellent story.  She was good enough to make a movie.  He grabbed her, copped a feel, and let her escape.  If he was doing this to win, he would’ve grabbed her right arm first and left hand straight over the mouth with a gag, followed by high lift and tumble to the ground, his full weight knocking the wind out of her.  Then while she was dazed, he’d finish gagging her and tie her up for some fun times.  Instead, he missed out on a primo piece of ass and likely burned this trail for a while.  Best case, it’ll be a few weeks until he can come back hunting.  Worst case, they set up security cams and burn it for good.

When JC let her go, he gave chase for a few feet.  He wasn’t catching her, not in his combat boots.  There was no way he was keeping up with that blonde in a foot race.  But he didn’t need to, not this time.  He just needed to scare her.  Lucky for her, that was the plan.  Lucky for him, no one else was on that section of the trail when it happened.  This allowed for him to make a quick getaway.  He walked back through the woods, getting as muddy as possible while taking off his hoodie, mask, and gloves.  JC knew how to make a bindle out of a sweatshirt, and his long hair and beard were disheveled after removing the mask.  With a little creative application of dirt, he looked like a hobo.  He knew that no one would pay attention to him as he walked through the park, looking like a homeless man.  And he wasn’t carrying any weapons on him except for a short knife that he never pulled out during his time with blondie.  He didn’t want to use it unless he needed it.  Things get ugly when knives are involved, and when things get ugly, cops show up and ask questions.

A quick walk through the park and he was back at his company van, sans any markings.  As it stood right now, it was just a windowless white van.  The only thing that screamed ‘rapist’ and not ‘homeless’ was his vehicle.  Everything else looked like he could blend in anywhere he wasn’t welcome.  He hopped in his van and drove off calmly, not drawing any attention to himself.

By the time he was back in his area of the city, it was getting dark.  Another thing he hated with this plan, the timing.  If it were earlier than he could go back to his normal hunting grounds and find himself something to play with for the night.  A few months back he picked up a jogger, a cute little thing with curly black hair.  She might’ve been 19 or 20.  That one he did it right.  He waited till she was done running, grabbed her at the end of a workout, subdued her right away, and got her to a secluded spot.  He fucked her three times in the pussy and once in the ass before he eventually let her go.  She cried so beautifully for him.  He kept tabs on her, apparently, she OD’ed at a party a little later.  Too bad, she was quite a fuck.

JC was going to call it a night and head home until he realized where he was driving through.  He was in Shannon Borough, not too far from a friend of his that deals.  He texted to see if his friend Matt was up and what was going on.  His friend had some bitches over looking to party.  A little back and forth, and JC agreed to bring some drive-thru to their little shindig.  He rolled up to his friend’s place, a little house on the edge of town far enough from the neighbors that they leave him and his business alone.  Matt was a small-time dealer, mostly working with weed, coke, and a little meth.   Matt wouldn’t let the tweakers get high in his place, but was all up for the cokeheads and stoners hanging out.  Cokeheads always seemed to have hot chicks around, and stoners were usually pretty funny.  Tweakers were just weird as fuck.  JC arrived with the Taco Bell and made his way back to the second bedroom Matt used as his hang out room.  After a little meet and greet between Matt, JC, and a few of the girls in the room, JC let him pick which one would pay for the meal.  He eyed a cute little brunette, maybe 5’2” or 5’3”, long curly hair with crazy emo makeup, tight jeans, and a tank top showing that she wasn’t wearing a bra but that she had nipple piercings.  She didn’t have any tats, which was good for JC as he wasn’t into that.  Matt asked the girls if they were hungry, and when they said yes he told them the price.  The little brunette could either suck JC’s dick or one of her friends would eat her out.  She didn’t need to be told twice, as she was already on her knees crawling over to JC on the couch.  She pulled down JC’s pants and had his dick in her mouth before he could ask “What’s your name?”  With as horny JC was after tonight’s mission, he didn’t last long inside this bitch’s mouth, blasting a big load right down her throat.

He wasn’t thinking about that emo bitch at all when she was sucking his dick.  In his mind’s eye, he was fucking that blonde from the trail.  What he’d give to get a piece of that ass.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 34 Posted)
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Well has Tommy just introduced Morgana to her next admirer! Not going to lie that last thing I expected was Morgana vomiting onto Tommy. Supposed raised Adrenaline levels can do that to some people! And talk about a mood killer!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 34 Posted)
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Looking forward to watching Tommy's descent and seeing JC and Morgana together.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 35 Posted)
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Thanks TGH and JV.  I think we're building to something pretty big starting in the next few chapters, want to make sure all of Chekhov's Guns are in place, all of the pieces are on the board.

Chapter 35 incoming.
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