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Re: Pharma (Chapter 21 Posted)
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So Tommy just has to be patient and he'll have a clear path to Morgana. Maybe he'll invite her to his place and start his seduction! Love that James is on his way to a teacher to be her 'teacher' Can't wait for more to come! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 22 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Speaking of teacher conferences...

Okay, that was a bad pun, but the next chapter is coming in a few minutes.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 22 Posted)
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Chapter 22 (M/F, drugged, rape)

Stephanie Connors was looking forward to this all week.  She couldn’t wait to be by herself for the night.  At first the nights alone terrified her, but after a couple years of this she began to enjoy herself.  Just her, a bottle of cheap sweet red, and some true crime documentaries.  Her chance to unwind for the week.  And this week was a little rougher than usual.  As much as she loves teaching, she could do without so many parts of it.  She loves the kids, even the older ones.  It’s the parents that she can’t stand and make her want to drink.

Speaking of drinking, she was glad she didn’t have a long drive.  Hell, if the weather was nicer or if Justin wasn’t so…no, it’s not his fault he doesn’t like to run yet.  They’re only going a mile away for his weekly sleepover and she could cover that distance in a few minutes, but Justin didn’t like to run.  Marching in band was enough for him.  She was grateful that Justin had friends that he was this close with, and always enjoyed a drink or two at her friend’s house before returning home.  Stephanie felt guilty that the kids always stayed over there and not at her house, but there were a couple good reasons.  Emma and Casey.  Justin’s friend had older sisters that he was smitten with, and they’d often have friends come over.  Stephanie understood that he was going through that phase and that “boys will be boys.”  Still, she offered to host sometime.

She looked in the rear view mirror, making sure everything was clear.  She only had one drink, but it was a strong one.  A screwdriver that was more screw than driver.  Stephanie knew from experience that she would be fine, it took about an hour to feel the effects, and by then she’d be home, on her couch, drinking wine.

Speaking of wine, she just hoped that stupid cat didn’t knock down her glass again.  She left a glass of sweet red sitting on the countertop when she left.  She took a few healthy sips before leaving, but knew that she could easily finish it off when she got home and start her night.  As much as she liked a nice, cold sweet red there’s something to be said about finishing a warm glass in a hurry.  She even had a couple bottles of her favorite ready to go in the fridge.  Just as soon as she was home.

Stephanie pulled her dark grey 2016 Mazda CX-9 into the driveway.  It was a little after 9PM now, and it was dark outside.  She parked and walked inside after unlocking the door.  She went to disable the alarm, but it was already turned off.

“Hmm.  Must’ve forgot when I left.”  She shrugged, then plopped her keys down in the key basket by the door.  She looked across the hallway at the nearly full-length mirror for a moment.  Stephanie wore her comfy clothes, a dark blue sweatshirt and a pair of matching joggers.  Her long, curly brown hair fell down around her shoulders, and her brown eyes were covered by her glasses.  Even though her body was concealed by the frumpy clothes, she knew she was good looking.  Sure, she wasn’t in her 20’s anymore, but she still had it where it counts.  Her legs, breasts, and butt are more than impressive for a woman in her 40’s and she’s heard more than a few students over the years call her a MILF.  They act like they’re being smart but Stephanie saw American Pie in the theaters.  She was there when MILF became a thing.

Friday night was her night.  No papers to grade that couldn’t wait until the weekend, no kids at home, no track practice, no meets, nothing.  Just her, some wine, and some good TV.  Well, TV anyway.  No telling if it’s good or not.

She walked into the kitchen and found her wine glass, a little more than half full.  She could’ve sworn it was a little fuller than this.  Maybe Justin snuck in a sip before leaving?  Maybe she had a little extra?  Oh well.  It was nice and warm, and she finished it in a couple gulps.  That hit the spot.  She grabbed the bottle from the fridge.  She opened it earlier and put a silicone stopper in to keep the fridge smells out of it.  A quick pop and pour, and she was topped off.  She finished a third of the glass right there before topping it off again and heading into the family room.

Stephanie walked downstairs and turned on the ID channel, the one with constant true crime shows.  She couldn’t help herself, but she always got a thrill out of watching these shows.  Something about how the killer always made a mistake to get caught, how the victims always trusted the wrong person.  Plus, these shows excited her.  She’d never tell anyone, not even her husband, but she had some dark fantasies.  She’d watch these shows about women getting beaten, raped, and murdered, and picture herself in their shoes.  She’d fantasize about being out on a jog one day and a stranger would jump out and drag her into the woods and force himself on her, or how one of her students would have enough of her and attack her after class.  Sometimes she’d even imagine the entire class raping her, even the girls.  She’d never tell anyone about it, that was her secret.

This episode was about a man who raped and murdered a woman he met online.  After 20 minutes or so, her eyes were getting heavy.  Real heavy.  She thought about how much wine she had, but her glass was…well, it was empty.  She must’ve been more tired than she thought.  She tried to stand, but her legs didn’t want to work.  Stephanie did her best to get back to her bathroom, but every step was a struggle.  She was definitely drunk now.  Time to get to bed and call it a night.  With considerable effort, she made it to her bathroom and nearly fell asleep on the toilet.  She flopped on top of the bed, struggling to remove her clothes for bed.  Her vision spun and the room tilted.  She was out.  The last thing she saw was something, or someone, move in the shadows.


James sat in the truck as Stephanie loaded her son into the car.  It took a few minutes for them to leave.  He got a few looks at her.  She was dressed for a quiet night alone.  Too bad he’ll have to ruin her plans.  When she pulled out, he waited for a minute before moving his truck further down the street.  He saw a house down the block that was dark and had a For Sale sign in the front yard.  A dark house with a For Sale sign meant that no one lived there, which meant no nosy neighbors calling the cops because a cable repair truck was parked out front for hours.  He parked the truck, put on some black nitrile gloves, then grabbed his gear.  His rape kit was in an old tool box.  He carried cuffs, tape, a gag, rubbers, lube, a knife, cameras, chargers, cables, spare gloves, an extra mask, and a set of lockpicks.  And tools, too.  He had the roofie powder in an envelope, ready to use.  All he’d have to do was get in, add it to a liquid, and wait.  If he chose some kind of alcohol, he wouldn’t have to wait as long.  The drug would interact with the alcohol and intensify the effect.  That’s why it’s so effective at bars.

He kept an eye out along the street.  No one was outside playing, and no one was hanging out on their porch.  That was a plus.  It was dark enough that the street lights turned on, but they were far enough away from each other that James could avoid them.  A few houses had their lights on, but no one was staring out their windows.  He got nervous when he passed by Stephanie’s neighbor and saw a dog in the front lawn.  It was a big dog, like a malamute or husky.  The dog looked at him, then put its head back down.  It was an old dog with no fucks left to give.

James made it to Stephanie’s house.  Before walking up to the door, he took a look at the doorbell from the street.  Just a regular doorbell, not one of the Ring doorbells.  A plus for him.  He was still out of the brightest of the streetlights and the lights from the house when he steeled his nerves and walked to the front door.  A quick glance didn’t show anyone watching him.  Good.  Another moment, and he was on the porch.  It was now or never.  Another breath and he opened the door with the key his friend gave him. 

It worked.  James was in the house.  He turned and saw the house alarm console.  It beeped at him to enter a code.  James typed in the code given to him.  “5 4 2 1”, the address in reverse.  The alarm beeped twice, then said “DISABLED” on the screen.  He studied it for another moment.  It was a basic home alarm system that would’ve been state of the art 10 years ago.  These days, it’s just there.

The first major hurdle was cleared, he was in the house.  Now, he had to get to work.  He made his way to the kitchen, keeping an eye and ear open for anything around the house.  That’s when he realized if anyone was home, they’d see his face.  He quickly stopped and pulled his gaiter mask up over his nose.  They came in handy hunting on a cold morning.  A moment later, he had a mask covering most of his face.  He didn’t know how much time he’d have, but assumed it was a few minutes.  He made his way to the kitchen.  It was a mess.  The dishes were piled up, a couple pizza boxes sat on the oven, and a nearly full glass of wine sat on the countertop.  James’s eyes lit up when he saw it.  It was still cool to the touch.  He took a sip, then another. 

“Shit.”  He said, realizing that she’ll notice someone drank from her wine glass.  James went to the fridge and found an opened wine bottle with one of those little stoppers in it.  He grabbed the wine and was about to pour more in when he remembered the roofies.  He grabbed the small envelope, the kind that a person might put keys in for an apartment, and poured some in.  After pouring in the powder, he added some wine to the glass to help the drugs mix and dissolve.  He dumped some more of it into the wine bottle before putting it back where he found it.

That’s two hurdles cleared.  Next up was setting up the cameras in her room.  It didn’t matter where he took Stephanie, but he needed to film it.  He went to the Master Bedroom.  It was perfect for his plan.  He put a couple small spy cameras facing the bed.  They were great in low-light conditions so he could wait until she passed out, then have her.  He also had two more small cameras that he would set up after she was subdued.  At least, that’s what he thought originally.  Instead, he placed one on a nightstand facing the bed and the other up high enough to get a good shot of the action.  They would need the lights to be on, and that would happen one way or another.  He also checked the curtains.  They were closed.  No pesky neighbors looking in.

Now, he had to wait.  If he and his friend were right, Stephanie would come home, finish her wine, have some more, then go into the family room and watch TV.  James needed a place to hide until she came home.  The Master Bedroom was out, as her bathroom was connected to it.  She might need to have a slash or change, even though she was already dressed for lounging about.  He thought about the garage but ruled that out quickly.  If she came home through the garage door, she’d spot him right away.  Same thing with hiding near the back door.  Plus, he doesn’t know if she has a motion light or not.  His best bet is a kid’s room or the office.  He immediately settled on the oldest daughter, the one in college.  James’s logic was simple.  No one is home, but if Mommy decides that nothing screams Party Time like doing laundry, she’ll go into each of the rooms to get dirty clothes.  The boys live here, the girl doesn’t.  There’s no reason to enter unless she’s looking for that stupid cat he saw traipsing around.  He would enter the daughter’s room and waited out of sight.  He had to be careful where he stood, the bedroom faced the street and could easily see when Mommy came home.

James tried to open the daughter’s room, but the door was locked.  He looked at the lock.  It was a normal indoor bedroom doorknob that locked from the inside and used a key from an old can of SPAM to unlock from the outside.  No bother, he had something for that.  He’s had to pick so many locks like this over the years he always carried a key for them.  Even more handy now that he’s in the rape game.  A moment later he was in the oldest daughter’s bedroom.  He carried his tools inside and left them out of sight from the door.  He sat on the floor, out of direct view of the door.

James checked his watch.  It was a little after 8:30 at night.  She could be home any minute.  That’s when he realized a gap in his plan.  If she’s downstairs and gets rip roaring drunk and passes out, how will he know?  He won’t if he’s hiding upstairs.  He didn’t have a lot of time, so he thought fast.  He put two cameras in the bedroom that work in low light.  He’ll take one of them and put it downstairs in the family room.  He can stream it to his phone and see what she does.

He got up and moved quickly through the house, undoing the one spy camera and moving it downstairs.  He placed it near the TV facing the large couch.  It was small, had its own battery, and looked like just another random piece of tech.  He placed it among some video game controllers.  He doubted she’d go near them, but the first rule of trying to get away with a felony is don’t assume things will go right.

A quick move back up to the daughter’s bedroom and he closed the door behind him.  He locked it just to be on the safe side.  It was locked when he came in, it should be locked to anyone else coming around.  He looked around the room.  He didn’t have any kids so he wasn’t sure if this was normal or not.  There were a couple small stuffed animals on the bed, likely since childhood.  Several pictures were taped up on the wall.  The same brunette was in all of them.  He assumed that this was her room.  She was quite a looker.  Her hair was shorter and straighter than Stephanie’s, but her body was smoking hot.  The only other difference between the two that James saw was that Stephanie has brown eyes while the daughter has blue eyes.  Probably from her father.  Looking around a little further, James found a picture of her with what he assumed was her boyfriend at a high school dance.  It was taken a couple years ago, judging by the giant ‘2018’ stacked up in the background.  A hanging certificate from some music competition said her name was Brenda Connors.  James burned that name into his memory.  He might have to pay her a visit sometime over at Harbor City University.

His attention jumped to the lights coming up the driveway.  It was a little after 9PM when she pulled into the driveway.  He fought his urge to look, but moved into position just in case.  The door opened.  He thought he heard her say something, but it was too muffled to understand.  James froze, waiting to see what she did next.  He didn’t hear any footsteps or running away.  A couple minutes later, he heard the TV turn on downstairs.

Pulling up the spy camera on his phone, he saw Stephanie sitting on the couch, drinking a glass of wine.  She was not going easy on the wine.  He wondered if this was the glass she left on the counter or a new one.  He didn’t have to wait long as he saw her start to nod off on the couch.  She forced herself awake.  James made sure that he was recording on this camera and started recording on the other spy camera as well.  His other cameras recorded locally and had hours of charge and recording space.  He found himself silently wishing that she would go upstairs.  It seems like his wish was granted.  Stephanie forced herself up off of the couch and up the stairs to her room.  She was out of view of the camera when he heard her stumble down the hallway.  That was the stumble of someone about to pass out soon.  He switched to the bedroom spy camera.  She made her way into the bedroom and barely into the bathroom.  A few minutes later, just when he wondered if she fell asleep having a slash, she comes back into her bedroom, her sweats off and trying to take her top off.

This was it.  This was the time to act.  James opened the door to the hallway and crept into Stephanie’s bedroom.  He was extra quiet about it, staying in the shadows.  He paused when she moved her head a little, almost like she recognized the movement.  But a moment later, she was snoring on top of the bed, half laying on half off, half dressed.  He gave it another minute to make sure she was completely out.  He walked right next to her, touched her for the first time by lifting her arm.  She didn’t recognize the movement, nor notice him.  He lifted it again.  Nothing.  He left the room for a moment, then returned with his rape kit.  Once everything was in the room, he turned on the lights.

In front of him laid Stephanie Connors, dead to the world.  She snored loud enough to drown out the TV downstairs.  She wore only a pair of bikini brief panties pale blue panties, a blue sweatshirt, and her glasses.  He stepped forward, taking her glasses off and putting them on the nightstand next to the bed.  He then grabbed her panties and pulled them down.  It was a little difficult getting them off of her while she was passed out, but once they were down over her knees, the rest was easy.  After getting her naked from the waist down, he went to work taking off her sweatshirt.  He knew he had to be careful and not destroy anything.  Slicing this shirt would be an obvious clue he was here and did something to her.  After a few minutes, he had her naked on the bed.

James admired Stephanie’s naked body for a moment.  She was quite a spunk all right.  Her tits were the right size, her ass was firm, legs toned, and a cute face.  She’d stop traffic if she wanted to.  Especially those legs, they were earned from lots and lots of running.  He got hard looking at her on the bed.  Any hesitation disappeared when he reached down and slid his hand between her legs, feeling her slightly damp slit.  Whatever she was watching got her hot.  He’ll have to check out the audio on the stream later.

He went to his toolbox and pulled out a few items.  A rubber, a Ziploc bag, and a bottle of lube.  He used the plastic bag as a makeshift rubbish bin, and opened a condom.  After unzipping his pants and freeing his hard-on, he climbed back onto the bed, standing over Stephanie’s body as she lay mostly on the bed.  A moment later, and the condom was on.  A quick squirt of lube on his latex-covered cock and he was ready to go.  He kept his clothes on for two reasons.  One, he was still nervous that he might be caught.  The second, he had enough scars on him that he’d be easy to identify.

He lined his cock up with Stephanie’s quim and pushed in.  She moaned slightly as he entered her, but she didn’t move.  She was out, and would be for hours.  He bottomed out in her, enjoying how great she felt from the inside.  A moment later, and he picked up the rhythm and fucked her.

The thing with fucking a bitch when she’s passed out is the guy does all the work.  James shifted position a few times, but there’s only so much he could do without her getting involved.  Pretty soon, it didn’t matter.  He was about to cum.  The rubber was still on, so he stayed in her and let loose inside.  Shot after shot after shot sprayed into Stephanie’s pussy, the thin latex barrier the only stopping him from leaving a calling card for anyone who cared to guess who he was.  Sure, he didn’t have any little swimmers after that vasectomy years ago, but why chance it.

James pulled out, jimmy hat full of cum.  He took it off, tied it closed, then put it in the Ziploc bag.  He grabbed another rubber then sat on the corner of the bed, making sure he didn’t block the cameras.  He played with her tits while he caught his breath.  After a few minutes, seeing this hot MILF laying on the bed made his dick rise to attention.  Before fucking her pussy or ass, he decided to get himself a little oral satisfaction.

He kneeled on the bed and climbed up the bed, stopping by her face.  He stroked her cheek for a moment before prying her mouth open.  James slid his cock into her mouth, enjoying how her tongue and mouth felt.  He thrust in and out of Stephanie’s mouth for a couple minutes before he felt that he was hard enough to fuck her again.

James pulled out of her mouth and put on the rubber.  He grabbed some lube and spread it on his cock and some on Stephanie’s pussy.  He started fucking her, nearly bending her in half by resting on her legs which he had up around his chest and shoulders.  ‘She’s gonna be sore morrow’ he thought as he fucked her like she owed him money.  Stephanie moaned a little, but didn’t move.  She could still feel what was happening, but didn’t wouldn’t remember and couldn’t respond.  He didn’t last long with the vigorous fucking he gave her, and came one more time.  This time it felt great, amazing, wonderful.

So good he worried.  When he pulled out, he knew why.  The condom broke.

“Fookin’ shit!”  He knew this was bad.  His semen would only carry a little of his DNA if she moved fast, but she’d notice a piece of latex coming out of her twat.  James cleaned himself up, grabbed some paper towels from the bathroom, and went on a treasure hunt.  He laid out the condom on the towels.  Looks like the head ruptured but when he reconstructed it, it wasn’t all there.  He kneeled down between Stephanie’s legs and felt around looking for the rest of the condom.  Doing this isn’t easy under normal circumstances, but doing this with black nitrile gloves is damn near impossible.  James took the glove off of his right hand and went fishing, poking and prodding, looking for the missing piece to the treasure map.

At last, he found it!  He pulled out a piece of latex, just a few centimeters square in area.  He pieced it together with the rest and the puzzle was…missing a piece.  A tiny piece.  James shook his head, muttering under his breath.  This wasn’t going to be easy.

He went back in to look, but couldn’t get a good angle to see anything, and a vagina evolved to keep things in, not let things out willy nilly.  Even when he opened her up enough to see, he didn’t have any light.  That’s when he went to his toolbox and grabbed a headlamp, some electrical tape, a couple more gloves, q-tips, rags, and two long shafted screwdrivers.  He MacGyvered a gyno’s exam table in Stephanie’s bedroom.  He used the screwdrivers like a speculum and taped them in place to spread her open while using the headlamp to shine some light on the subject.  This wasn’t the kind of cave diving he thought he’d do this weekend, but such is life.  The electrical tape leaves little residue and is easily cleaned, and if needed can be used to tie her legs back and out of the way.  Duct tape is much stronger, but is messy and noisy.  Electrical tape is quiet and when twisted acts more like a rope.
A few minutes of examination found all the pieces, and while he was in there he decided to clean up after himself.  He hadn’t planned on this much work, but was glad he brought his tools.  After undoing his handiwork, he checked the time.  It was after 11PM.  He thought about giving her another go, but after this last debacle decided against it.  James cleaned up his tools, Stephanie, his rubbers, and lastly his cameras.  He made sure that he didn’t leave any marks on her that couldn’t be explained by an awkward night’s sleep, and packed up.  He locked the daughter’s bedroom before leaving, making sure it was just like he left it and grabbed the spy camera from the Family Room.  The TV was still on and showing some show about true crimes.  This one was about a serial rapist terrorizing a town.  James laughed to himself.  If this is what she watched that turned her on so much…

The last thing he did before heading out was empty the wine bottle down the sink, rinse out the bottle, and throw it out.  There was still a ton of roofies inside and he didn’t want to chance that she was a morning drinker.  If she saw a bottle of wine from last night and decided to polish it off before picking up her kid from the sleepover, she’d crash before getting home.  He took a quick look around the house and saw that they recycled glass.  He put it in a container next to the rubbish bin.  There wasn’t any other glass in there, but he wasn’t sure.  He bet on her thinking she was so drunk that she forgot what she did with it.

One last check around the house and he was set.  Stephanie laid on the bed, sprawled mostly on the comforter but her legs hanging off.  All of his items were in their places in his toolbox, and he was ready to leave.  A minute later, and he’s walking out the front door.  Better to go out the way he came than through an unknown and uncharted path.  He avoided the streetlights as best he could and made his way back to his truck without any nosy neighbors peeking out their windows.  He got to his truck, put his toolbox on the floor of the back seat, and left for home.

James was still riding the high of what he did and couldn’t sleep.  He checked the footage from the cameras and uploaded that to the Club’s website.  He sent his friend a copy of the footage first, and it was released to the general public after the friend viewed it later Saturday.  Steve and Sam congratulated James on ‘popping his cherry’ and they met up for a workout and lunch on Sunday. 

James’s new friend was ecstatic and loved the video.  He said he enjoyed watching her get fucked even more than fucking Debbie, and Debbie was one of his favorite fucks of all time.


Stephanie woke up Saturday morning feeling like shit.  She was on top of her bed with a four-alarm hangover, and didn’t know how she got there.  Her head was sore, her back was sore, her legs were sore, her neck was sore, her mouth was sore, and her crotch was sore.  She looked at the clock.  10:13 AM.  She shook her head, causing it to hurt her more.  She knew that sleeping in felt good for a moment but she was old enough now that she’d probably regret it later.  Speaking of regret, how much did she drink last night?  And where were her clothes?  She looked around, realizing everything was fuzzy and couldn’t find her glasses.  She found them on the night stand.  At least there’s that.  She put them on, and found her underwear on the floor, her sweats in the bathroom, and her sweatshirt halfway across the bed.  She stood up on groggy legs and went to the bathroom.

As she sat on the toilet, she tried to replay last night’s events.  She dropped off Justin, had a really stiff drink, came home, alarm was off, finished her wine on the counter, had another glass right away, topped it off, then went downstairs.  After that, everything was fuzzy.  She remembered nearly passing out watching TV, then forced herself to bed.  The room was spinning when she landed on the bed.  For a moment she thought she saw something move, something bigger than the cat, but the room was spinning too much.  Then she woke up.

After a quick brush and shower, she dressed in some fresh clothes and went downstairs.  The wine was in the recycling bin.  She didn’t remember finishing it off, but she was pretty drunk and tired.  She might’ve had more or finished it off on the way to bed.  No one else was there, so no one to blame.  As she got breakfast ready, she heard the TV play from downstairs.  It was still on.  After making some coffee and a quick breakfast sandwich in the microwave, she went downstairs and turned off the TV.

She was too tired and sore to run today.  She’d go for a quick run later at night after picking up Justin.  Her middle boy was out at a hockey trip all weekend and her daughter was away at college.  She’d probably stay up at campus this weekend, party a little, then come home during the week to do laundry.

The rest of the weekend was uneventful.  Cook, clean, run, groceries, that sort of thing.  On Monday she went back to school and bumped into David, the AP History teacher.  He was always a little too flirty with her, she thought.  They were both married, but she could tell that he, how did the kids put it?  Oh yeah, ‘wanted to hit that.’  They chit chatted about their weekends.  David and his kids went out for a little on Sunday to do some hiking.  She stayed in.  Stephanie couldn’t help but notice that he was looking at her different, especially when he thought she wasn’t looking.  She shook it off, thinking that maybe he had some interesting dreams over the weekend or thought of her while banging his wife.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 22 Posted)
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Another great chapter. Love the suspenseful build up by telling us all each went though before the "climax coupling" Hope he plans to visit Stephanie again! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 22 Posted)
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Please let me tell you LB, that you have created a truly masterful story here. And as one that loves the creation of a universe, you have excelled. Thank you, even though I'm not up to date, your story reads like a film noire, creeping darkness... Well done
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 22 Posted)
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Another great addition.  Looking forward hearing about the next "trade".

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 23 Posted)
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Thank you TGH, Justvisiting, and Seeker.  Next chapter coming in very shortly.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 23 Posted)
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Chapter 23

While James cut out of dinner early, Tommy stayed for a couple more hours, just talking with Morgana and Drew.  They shot the shit about everything they could think of.  Eventually, Tommy got the clue that the couple wanted to be alone, and he went home.  Tammy texted a couple times wanting Tommy to come over, and he took her up on the offer.  A booty call later, and he was asleep.  Drew and Morgana made the most of their time alone, making love twice before going to bed and once more after getting in bed.

The weekend came and went.  Tommy spent some time with Tammy but for the first time realized he’d rather be at home watching videos of Morgana than out with Tammy.  He knew this had to break off at some point, but he decided to wait until they had another fight.  Shouldn’t be long.  Drew and Morgana spent some time together walking through a nearby park.  They asked James how his date went.  James said “wasn’t bad, wasn’t great.”  When they prodded for more details, he said “It’s like she was just lying there, not contributing to the conversation.”  James said he probably wouldn’t see her again, but “never say never.”

Work on Monday was work.  James and Tommy spent too much time tracking down a supplier and getting permits approved when James received some good news from Steve.  The cameras they ordered came in and were ready to be installed.  They had enough to cover every apartment in the complex.  And Steve had a brilliant plan.  Every apartment would be outfitted with these hidden cameras that were also functional smoke detectors, but they would also offer a special on surveillance cameras.  If people wanted to sign up for those, techs would come in and install the cameras, but they were a moot point.  The feeds from those would go to a specialized server that Red Briar would only access if required for legal purposes.  Meanwhile, the hidden cams would be live and on a separate wired server across the buildings.  The feeds would look the same to Red Briar and they would decide which ones were live or not to keep the traffic under control.  They were smart cams with motion detection built in so if no one was in the room, they wouldn’t record.  If someone moved in and didn’t want the cameras, just remove the dummy ones and the feed is still live.  They think they’re not being spied on.

James stopped by the complex after work and started posting signs on the buildings telling them about the upcoming work.  His crews would take care of most of this while some techs from Red Briar did the back-end IT work.  Steve would lead the back-end work.  He told everyone in the group chat that either he or Tommy would stop by sometime during the week and do the job personally.  He was aiming for Thursday.  The Red Briar people would spend a day doing the IT work tying in the new detectors into the existing network and whatnot, getting them on the network.  Morgana asked why the big deal, but it was Drew that defended the idea.  Apparently, there was a lawsuit he worked on with their real estate lawyer a while back where improperly wired smoke detectors led to a bunch of people dying.  He didn’t want that to happen to them. 

Tommy also agreed with the upgrade.  He echoes Drew’s concerns, but his reasons were more nefarious.  Over the past few weeks, he noticed the cameras he installed were acting up.  One of them barely worked at all, and the others would cut out in the middle of recording.  The one in the dining room cut out when Drew was nailing Morgana on the couch the other night, and the guest bedroom one barely worked.  The bedroom one started getting some interference if it ran for more than an hour at a time.  It was so bad Morgana even complained about some weird noise when she was sleeping.  James told her they’d look at it when they came in to install the new detectors.


Steve and his crew crushed through the networking of Morgana’s building on Monday and finished the rest of the complex by Wednesday.  It wasn’t hard, most of the place was already wired for Cat5 so upgrading to Cat6 was easy.  He was able to do the job with a minimal crew of just him and two others.  The first one was an older man named Ray.  He was a college professor at 4C, Chester County Community College.  The other man was a younger guy they called Jesus.  He looked like how the old European painters depicted Jesus all the time.  Steve picked these two for the crew because they work hard, think on their feet, and don’t have any moral qualms about wiring an entire apartment complex with spy cameras.  Turns out they’re both members of the Club.  Ray and Steve go back quite a ways and Jesus is relatively new.  Steve worked with Ray, Sam, and Joe on the Teagan and Aly video while Jesus set up his own sister to get in.  Together, the three of them finished a job that should take three weeks in three days.  The rest of the time they had budgeted to server setup, camera installs for those who wanted it, and testing the new equipment.  Oh, and watching some hot bitches get naked and fucked.

A couple of the residents requested the cameras from each of the buildings.  Most of them did so to keep track of their pets or their kids when they weren’t home.  This helped Steve and his crew go through and test all of the official setups.  It also gave them cover to test the unofficial setups once installed.  They installed the hidden cameras in an empty apartment that was due to be rented out in a few weeks.  Jesus set up the connection and tested it.  The video feed routed from the Red Briar switch to a dedicated server that connected to the Club’s servers through a permanent VPN.  He then verified that the switch traffic veered off on a dedicated line before it hit the official Red Briar switch that’s monitored offsite.  It might sound like extra work, but that’s what’s required to keep things hidden.


James showed up on Thursday in the middle of the day.  He told Drew and Morgana in the group chat that either he or Tommy would show up early afternoon and install the new smoke detectors.  Drew asked if anyone needed to be there.  James said no, they had a master key for maintenance.  James stressed that it would be one of them, not some stranger “dicking about.”

The older Aussie knew it would be him from the beginning.  Tommy wasn’t in on the main part of the plan, but he had a clue what was up.  Why else would James be so insistent on installing these himself?  Plus, Steve mentioned something about this a few weeks back when setting up the cameras that these ones were utter shit.  Considering that not even a month out and 1 is dead, another on the fritz, and one makes a weird noise, that seems accurate. 

Tommy wasn’t surprised when Thursday morning rolled around and James said that Tommy needed to stay onsite and run things for the day.  Well, he was kind of surprised.  Surprised and terrified.  Terrified is more like it.  He had no official control over any of the contractors at the construction site, just a fancy office title and James telling the staff if they had any problems, go to Tommy for them.  Fortunately, Thursday was the easiest day of the week to take the reins.  Everyone was in their rhythm for work, there weren’t too many deliveries coming in, and no one had a case of the Friday Flu.  They all showed up, got to work, and kept Tommy’s life relatively simple for the day.

James showed up at the apartment around 11AM.  He wanted to get this working before too long and verify with Steve that the feed was going to the right places.  Also, he needed to remove the old cameras and inspect Tommy’s handiwork.  The building hadn’t caught on fire yet, so that’s a plus.  He made his way up the stairs with his recently cleaned and restocked tool box and smoke detector cameras.  He didn’t know how many he needed, so he brought six with him upstairs in a backpack.  He also brought with him two more small spy cameras that he intended to put in the bathrooms.  Since he brought his own step ladder, he had to make two trips from the elevator.

Smoke detectors are required in all living and sleeping areas, and they have to be in an area that airflow is not stopped.  For an apartment their size, that meant one in each bedroom, one in the kitchen, and one in the living room and dining room.  They could get away with one for the shared living and cooking space, but they originally installed 4.  James certainly wasn’t going to argue with getting a dedicated view of the kitchen and dining room and one of the living room.

Using a master key, he entered Drew and Morgana’s apartment, knocking as he entered.  Just in case anyone was home.  As he expected, no one was home.  After making sure that no one was home, he put a door hanger outside indicating that maintenance was inside and went straight to the master bedroom.  He knew that if Morgana or Drew came home, he couldn’t do any extra work and would have to cut things short.  He prioritized the work.  Install the new detectors and camera in the master suite, then the guest room, then the living room.  He thought about doing the living room first, but put it off for the moment.  Putting a smoke detector in the bathroom is a bad idea, so he can’t do any work in those rooms if they come home.

Swapping out the detectors was easy, and thanks to Steve’s wiring job they were hooked up in a matter of moments.  James texted Steve via WhatsApp encrypted messaging and let him know the first one was up.  While Steve did his work, James went to the master bath and installed the bath fan grill.  It was a much higher quality camera than the ones he gave to Tommy a few weeks ago, and he installed it in a few minutes.  Once Steve confirmed the first camera was online, James went to the bedroom light fixture and removed the old camera.  He did a similar process in the guest bedroom, the main bathroom, and the living room.  Install the smoke detectors, wire them up, put the spy cam in the bathroom, remove the old camera.  Steve confirmed that each were up and running, and aside from a small glitch with the bathroom camera not having a good field of view, everything went smooth.

James was making good time when he finished the kitchen detector install.  Steve confirmed everything was good to go and that the last of the old cameras could come out.  He was just unscrewing the light in the dining room to remove Tommy’s bad camera when James heard the door open behind him.


Morgana sat in her cube on Thursday, not really wanting to be there.  It was one of those days she absolutely hated.

She was bored.

She hated it when it was this slow.  It’s one thing when it’s a trickle of work and it can be spread out.  Hell, she doesn’t even mind it when they’re flooded with audit requirements and have 2 days to do a week’s worth of work.  But this… she’s been playing with the same spreadsheet for the last half hour.  She was done 28 minutes ago, but is playing around with new formulas just to see what they do.  Morgana had that look that said ‘I’d rather be anywhere than here.’  Her friend and manager Bianca saw the face when she walked down the cube hall. 

“Hey.  Feel like going offsite for lunch?”  Bianca asked, stopping at Morgana’s cube.  Morgana looked up and blinked.  She was so bored she vanished into the Twilight Zone.

“Oh, oh yeah.  Where ya want to go?”  Morgana asked, looking up from her monitor.

“I don’t know.  There’s a new Thai place in the mall.  How about that and then walk around a bit?”  Bianca asked.  Morgana nodded.

“Sure, just let me…” She opened her desk, looking for her walking shoes.  That’s when she remembered that she left her gym bag at home.  She took forgot to bring them this morning.  Her and Drew, well, she didn’t need to tell Bianca that part.  She really didn’t want to walk around the mall in her heels.  Besides, she had another thing in mind.  “Mind if we stop by my place first?”

“Sure.  You driving then?”  Bianca asked.

“No probs.”  Morgana responded.  She was already grabbing her purse and locking her laptop.


It took a few minutes for the two women to get to Morgana’s condo.  Bianca had never been there, so she was curious to see it.  She knew that the young couple lived in the company owned housing, but never had time to come over.  Not with work and being a single mother.  Well, mostly single mother.  Her next to useless Ex wasn’t great, but when he felt like being a father he was good at it.  The problem is he only wanted to be good at it when it suited him.

They pulled into the complex and Morgana parked in her parking space.  “Should only be a minute or two, want to come up?”

Bianca nodded.  “Sure, thanks.”  Bianca was curious to see her place, and Morgana was hoping that if she timed this right, she’d see either Tommy or James.  They walked into the building and to the elevator.  As they entered the lift, Morgana thought for a second about whom she’d rather see up there.  Bianca already knew James and hit it off with him well, but she hasn’t met Tommy.  Morgana liked Tommy as a friend, but the more she hung out with him…she wasn’t sure.  He was dating some woman named Tammy but he didn’t seem interested in that.  As much as she thought Bianca and James would make a cute couple, she couldn’t help but hope that Tommy was up there, working, showing off his-

The lift doors opened, and they walked out.  Morgana snapped back to attention.  She noticed the signs taped up in the hallway, and so did Bianca.  The older woman stopped and read one of them.

“What’s this?”  Bianca asked.

“Oh, maintenance is rewiring the smoke detectors.”  Morgana replied as she put her key in the lock.  She saw a door hanger on the knob.

“No, this thing about the cameras?  Did you see this?”

“I heard a little about it from some friends, nothing to worry about.”  Morgana said, opening the door.  As she opened, she saw straight away James on a step ladder looking at the dining room light.


James acted quickly and tightened the screws he undid.  His back was to the door, so he didn’t know who it was until they spoke.

“Oy, old man!”  Morgana spoke, playfully ribbing James on his age.

“Oy.”  James replied, tightening the last screw on the fixture.

“Thought you were doing the smoke detectors?”  Morgana asked as she walked in.  Bianca followed her.  James climbed down the ladder and caught a look of the two beauties.  He was surprised.  He didn’t expect Morgana to show up, let alone the other woman.  The other woman who looked very familiar.

“James, this is Bianca.  Bianca, James.”  The two recognized each other.  James smiled a little, and Bianca did the same.  The two shook hands.

“Good to see you, James.”  Bianca smiled a little more as she spoke.

“You too.  What brings ya ‘round?”  James’s smile grew a bit.  Neither wanted to break the handshake but realized it would be weird to keep it going.

“Left my gym shoes here, and we’re heading out to lunch.  I’m not walking 3 clicks in the mall in heels.”  Morgana said, looking for her workout bag.  It wasn’t in the living room.  She went to the bedroom looking for it.  Bianca and James turned back towards each other.

“So, you know Morgy?”  James asked, using Morgana’s nickname.

“Yeah, I’m her manager.  I think we’re friends, but it’s, well…” Bianca trailed off for a second, and James filled the sentence.

“It’s kinda weird being friends with someone you boss around at work.  Not sure if ya can call’em a friend or not.”  Bianca’s expression lightened up at that remark.

“Exactly.  As much as you want to say you’re friends, you still have a job to do.  What about you, how do you know her?”  Bianca asked.  James shrugged.

“Kinda by accident.  My new PM is friends with her, met her at a…one of those get togethers.  I’ve worked with her husband, got on his bad side during a meeting so I apologized by buying the next couple rounds.  We started hangin’ out after that.”  He took a moment to take in Bianca’s figure.  Even dressed in conservative work clothes, she had a banging bod with amazing tits and a tight stomach.  From what he remembered of their hookup, everything on her was tight.  She was absolutely gorgeous for a slightly older woman in her 40’s.  He averted his eyes before he thought she’d notice.

She noticed.  And she didn’t mind it, from him.  She tilted just a bit to give him a slightly better look at her curves.  But she needed to say something to get her mind off of the flirting.

“Ok, but what’s the GC of the new Corporate HQ doing fixing lights?”  She tried to ask it playfully, not accusing him of anything.  He played it off.

“This?  Well, H2C has the maintenance contract for this complex.  Their managers report to me, and if we’re doing this project, better someone she knows than some stranger traipsing about, going through her stuff, leaving a mess in the dunny.”


“Loo.”  James replied.  Bianca recognized that term.

“Oh, bathroom.  But, that wasn’t a smoke detector, that was a light fixture.”  James was about to respond when a voice came from across the condo.

“That’s because he doesn’t trust Tommy with any tools yet.”  Morgana walked up to the two, carrying her workout bag.

“To be honest, he did a lot better than I expected.  Place hasn’t burned down yet, so that’s a plus.”  James said.  Bianca laughed a little at his bad joke.

“So, you’re installing new smoke detectors?”  Bianca was looking to make small talk.

“Yeah.  These new ones are smart devices, wired to a server to notify the firies…sorry, fire department when the alarm goes off.  They’re supposed to be smart enough to know the difference between a kitchen fire or burnt toast.”  James answered.  She looked like she had another question on her mind.  “Something else you’re thinkin’ ‘bout?”  Bianca had a few things on her mind, but needed to go in a different direction.

“This isn’t that camera thing I saw out there?”

“No, nah.  That’s different.  If people want to install those, we’ll do it for’em.  They’re secured and we don’t have access to that without them telling us what to get.  So far it’s popular with the parents and cat ladies.”

“Cat ladies?”  Bianca asked.

“Yeah, cat ladies.  Both the crazy and not crazy kinds, but mostly the crazy ones.  They can’t help but log on and see their little pussies runnin’ ‘round.”  Bianca chuckled.  Morgana saw this and realized her boss was laughing a little harder than she should at this bad joke.  She caught the hint.

“I’ll be back in a sec, head out in a minute?”  Morgana said.  Bianca nodded.

“Sure, just give me a moment.”  Morgana walked into her bedroom.  James was about to say something about grabbing a cup of coffee when Bianca jumped in.

“Listen, it’s great seeing you again.  That night was the most fun I’ve had in years, and I’d love to do something again, but…”Bianca’s face dropped a little at the ‘but.’  James knew this wasn’t good.


“I’m going through a messy divorce right now.  My ex, well technically soon-to-be ex, is being a real dick about things.  I just want to walk away from him, but he’s making the custody battle a nightmare.”  She was upset.  James grabbed her hand and squeezed.

“Guessing the custody battle’s not for a pooch?”

“Sophie, my daughter.  She’s 10.  My ex is a good father when he actually tries, but he only tries when he feels like it.  We’ve been going back and forth on custody for almost a year.  Some months he wants visitation only, others he fights for full custody.  He pulls some bullshit almost every week he’s scheduled so I have her basically full time but then loses his mind if I don’t cancel my plans because he wants to have the weekend off to frolic around.  I’m sorry, I shouldn’t…”. She was getting upset thinking about her ex and his bullshit.  James held on to her hand.

“I understand.  How about when things calm down, we grab a coffee.  See how things are looking then.”  James smiled when Bianca smiled.

“I’d like that.  Don’t know when, but I’d like that.  My number’s in Outlook, email as well.”  James let go of her hand before Morgana returned.

“Ready?”  Morgana asked.  Bianca nodded. 

“Yeah, ready.  See you later, James.”  Bianca said.

“Bye James.  Thanks.”  Morgana came over and gave James a hug.  He hugged her back.  James smiled and watched the women walk out of the apartment.  He made sure they weren’t watching as he stared at their arses as they left.  Morgy’s arse was smaller than Bianca’s, but both looked very firm.  Where Morgy’s firmness came more from youth, Bianca’s came from effort.  An ass that good doesn’t come naturally to a woman in her 40’s.


Morgana and Bianca returned to the car.  They drove off in silence for a moment before Morgana said anything.  She was happy that Bianca and James talked for a while, but when she turned to see Bianca reaching into her purse for a Kleenex to wipe some tears from her eyes, her mood change.

“What’s wrong?”  The younger woman asked, keeping her eyes on the road while talking.

“It’s just…Did you know he was going to be there?”

“No.  Not really.  He said afternoon and it’s not even noon.  Wasn’t supposed to be there until later on.”  Morgana looked out of the corner of her eye, seeing that Bianca was crying.  “What’s going on, I thought you liked him?”

“It’s not that.”  Bianca replied.

“Then what is it?”  Morgana asked, keeping the car going forward.  Bianca took a couple deep breaths before replying.

“It’s, it’s Phil.  Every time I think about doing anything for myself, that asshole finds a way to ruin it.  Last custody hearing he had to audacity to imply I wasn’t a good mother because I had coffee with another man.  Meanwhile he’s off fucking his secretary while his girlfriend is at home knocked up.”  Bianca sniffled as she talked.

“What?!”  Morgana looked at Bianca quickly before turning back to the highway.

“Yeah.  He’s allowed to have all the fun in the world but I can’t even talk to another man without being harassed about it.  I just can’t wait until this shit is settled.  No, I can’t wait until Sophie’s an adult and he can fuck right off.  I’m done defending that asshole.  He wants to go to war, I’ll go to war with him.  Once I’m done dealing with that shit, I’m calling up James and rocking his fucking world.  Then I’ll send pictures to Phil, telling him he’s never getting this ass again.  Then I’m sending his girlfriend his secretary’s name, number, and address.  Fuck him.”  Bianca was heated.  Morgana kept her eyes on the road.


“I’m sorry, this has been building for a while.  Sophie doesn’t like spending time with Phil because she feels like she’s taking up space at his house, but with the current arrangement she has to go there, but this hypocritical bullshit is too much.  I’m through walking on eggshells while he stomps around like an elephant.  He keeps fighting for full custody but cancels more than half of his weekends.  He tries to love bomb Sophie with these big trips and holidays, but he’s never there for the little things.  His favorite excuse is ‘he forgot his weekends’.  He has every other weekend, how hard is that to remember?  But, I can’t have plans because he’ll forget which weekend was his and I have the kid again.  While he goes out and has fun.”

“Sounds like a big baby.”  Morgana replied.  Bianca laughed.

“No, babies are cute and they grow up.  That asshole’s neither.”  Bianca said.

“Still up for lunch?”  Morgana asked.

“Sure.”  Bianca said.  The two women kept driving to the mall for some Thai food.


After the women left, James went back to finishing the smoke detector installation.  He worked with Steve on setting up the cameras and making sure everything looked good.  The hidden cameras in the smoke detectors had much higher quality cameras and microphones than the cheap ones from a few weeks ago, and could record constantly without any issues.  James packed up most of his tools and thought he forgot something when Steve said he needed him right away.  Turns out that one of Morgana’s neighbor’s on the first floor where the crew first started work this morning had come home and decided to have a little sexy time with her co-worker.  James packed up his stuff and left.  It wasn’t until he was halfway over to Steve’s makeshift office that James remembered what he forgot.

He forgot to uninstall the old spy camera from the dining room.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 23 Posted)
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Why do I get a feeling that James might be paying Phil a little visit, Nothing settles a custody dispute like violence. Wondering how the camera is going to be discovered! Merit awarded  from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 24 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I'm a strong believer in Chehkov's Gun.  Don't introduce a gun in Act 1 if you won't fire it in Act 2.  And we're still in Act 1.   James has a couple friends that we haven't met in this story but long time readers of the Harbor City Universe know all too well.  >:D.

Next chapter incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 24 Posted)
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Chapter 24

For a man that just broke up with his girlfriend, Tommy was in high heaven.  As soon as the new cameras were live, he was ecstatic.  The picture quality was better, the audio better, and he even had the ability to zoom in and out and pan the camera.  And the locations were better, too.  James installed the spy cam smoke detectors in the living room and dining room area, and the kitchen.  He also installed spy cams in each bathroom.  This came in handy when Drew and Morgana decided to shower together Thursday night after they came back from a bike ride.  Sex in the shower is a great idea for about 4 minutes until it becomes time to shower.  Tommy spent most of the weekend watching Morgana in high quality 4K.  Well, aside from the fight he had with Tammy.  Tommy knew he wasn’t going to last with her, and she surely had to have known something was up when Tommy said he wasn’t looking for anything too serious or long-term.  Still, when she wanted to celebrate their two-month anniversary and Tommy had no clue about the day of the week, she got mad.  One thing led to another, and he egged her on until she said “Let’s see other people.”  He reluctantly agreed.

James was also in a good mood the week following the camera install.  His video attack of the sleeping teacher drew several good reviews and some well-natured ribbing for breaking the condom and having to go spelunking in her cave to get the rest of the rubber out.  He spent some time going through the feeds that he and Steve’s team installed throughout the complex.  As they said many times, they had no access to the individual cameras and those recorded.  What they didn’t say was that they had unfettered access to the spy cameras built into the smoke detectors in each apartment.  They didn’t go the extra mile with the spy cams in the bathroom, that would be too risky.  Steve and James spent several hours that week labeling which feeds the cameras came from, which condos and townhouses they originated from, and which rooms were which.  A lot of them were duds, either single working men or older women whose best days passed long before the 90’s started.  But they did have quite a few gems.  There was the townhome with the 19-year-old goth girl that loved trying new and crazy things with her girlfriend when her parents weren’t home.  Then there was the 21-year-old college girl and her roommate who walked around the condo only in their underwear.  Morgana’s neighbor downstairs, the 29-year-old brunette who was fucking her boss on the down low for a promotion, was a favorite on the Club’s site.  Of course, Morgana took the cake for, as Sam said “the piece of ass we want to see get fucked and cry the most.”  James wasn’t sure about the making the last part happen, but he had a plan for the first part.


Drew and Morgana planned a going away weekend coming up before Drew left for Melbourne.  On Thursday, he’d meet some of his co-workers.  On Friday, a nice dinner at the apartment with Tommy and James.  Saturday, they’d hit the bar with some of their friends, and Sunday would be a nice, quiet day at home alone.  Monday they’d pack and he’d be in the air sometime Monday night.  He’d leave on Monday, and come back in a few weeks for the end of June.  Then stay in Harbor City for a couple weeks, then back to Australia for a few more weeks, then repeat for the next few months.  Sometime within 6 months to a year, he’ll be done with this rotation, and they can settle down and start working on a family.

While he was looking forward to each of the nights and what they meant, he really didn’t want to leave Morgana for that long.  Sure, he’d be back in a few weeks, but even a day or two apart sucks as a newlywed.  That said, he’d make the most of his upcoming farewell weekend.  Thursday, he’d spend with his coworkers.  Friday, he’d make a nice dinner and relax with these new friends.  Saturday, another night on the town, then one last romantic night with Morgy.


The four friends discussed their plans for Friday night.  Drew decided to try something different and make some Lebanese food for their dinner party.  He was going to pick up some baba ghanoush, yogurt sauce, tabbouleh, and pitas from a new place he stumbled across and would try making chicken shawarma. If that failed, he’d grill up some small strips of beef and they’d have something to go with their food.  James offered to bring the wine and gin he had from back in Australia.  Tommy offered to bring dessert or weed.  Since Drew would have to go through checkpoints a couple days later, they settled on dessert.

While Drew put together his shopping list, James did his research.  He watched a bunch of older videos of Morgana and Drew, looking for patterns.  James noticed that when they have sex at night, they’ll often sleep in the nude for the night.  He also saw how much they have to drink to get right rotten and just a little tipsy.  It took a lot for them to get really drunk but if they started drinking early they’d handle it.  James could drink them both under the table if he needed to but he had other ideas.  He checked to see how much Rohypnol he had left.  It was an obscene amount.  He used maybe 10 percent on Stephanie Connors and that was enough to knock her out for an entire night.  He could use the same amount and put everyone at the party out for well into the morning and still have a ton left over.  He thought about his play and weighed the risk.  If it worked, he’d get into a fight with Tommy for sure.  If he tried and it failed, it’d be a lot worse than just an ass-whooping from a beanpole.


Since it was a nice, warm night in June, the four of them ate on the balcony.  Everyone was dressed for the nice weather.  James wore a grey polo shirt and jeans, or as he calls it his “relaxed clothes.”  Tommy wore a v-neck white t-shirt paired with blue shorts and a pair of dock shoes.  Drew was similarly dressed, though his t-shirt was grey.  Morgana wore a blue sundress that came down to her mid-thigh.  This was warm for Harbor City, but not even close to a hot night in Melbourne.  As the night wore on, the temperature dropped.  Morgana counted on the wine and Drew’s touch to keep her warm.

Dinner went well, for the most part.  The food that Drew picked up was good, and his attempts at Chicken Shawarma and Lebanese beef weren’t bad.  He was upset that he didn’t practice this recipe beforehand to perfect it.  He doesn’t like it when someone sees a dish they want to try online and do it for the first time for guests.  “No chance to fix the cock-ups.”  Any flavors that weren’t 100 percent on point were covered up by the wine.

Tommy was really liking the wine, and nearly shit himself when he looked it up and saw how expensive it was.  “800 dollars a bottle?”

“I didn’t pay anywhere near that much.”  James told the tale about how one of his friends who came back from Perth recently picked him up a few bottles as a favor for helping him move.  He paid him back by giving him a few bottles of Penley Estates.  “800 is an ‘are you fooking daft?’ price to get it through customs.  It’s good, but not that good.”

“Well, I think it’s really good.”  Morgana said, starting on her third glass of the night.

“If ya think that’s good, wait’ll the gin.  Brought Old Young’s.  Whatchyer poison?”  James asked Drew.  Drew thought for a second.

“Got some tonic and soda water in the fridge, citrus in the bowl.”  Drew said.  “Got some vermouth and Triple Sec for a Negroni.  Couldn’t find Campari at the local liquor store.”

“It’ll do.”  James said as he walked into the kitchen.  He paused for a moment, looking at the wrong cabinets to find the glasses.

“Top one, above the dishwasher.”  Drew yelled from the balcony.

“Found’em.  Thanks.”  James said as he pulled out four rocks glasses.  Drew and Morgana didn’t have an ‘Old Fashioned’ glass but this wasn’t bartending school.  James put one glass to the right and proceeded to make the other three first.  He opened the Old Young’s Gin and put a solid shot and a half in each glass.  He followed that up with an equal measure of sweet vermouth and triple sec.  He then went to the fridge and pulled an ice cube tray out of the freezer.  James put a couple ice cubes in each of the three glasses and about twice as much ice in the fourth glass.  James poured about a half a shot of gin into the last glass, along with a little less vermouth and triple sec.  This last one was his drink.  He tasted it.  Not bad.

James carried the drinks out to the balcony and gave everyone theirs.  Drew sniffed then drank.  Morgana sampled a little then had a couple healthy gulps.  Tommy had a couple sips and looked like he was in love.

“What is this?”  Tommy asked, having another sip.

“It’s called a Negroni.  It’s something grown-ups like to drink at bars when they outgrow the Sex on the Beach shooters.”  James said.

“It’s like Pine Sol and Orange Juice had a baby, and it tastes good.”  Tommy said.  Morgana and Drew laughed at Tommy’s joke that wasn’t a joke.

“Technically, it’s not the same as a traditional Negroni, I couldn’t find Campari at the local liquor store.  Tommy, what the hell is it with this state?  They don’t sell liquor in the grocers, I have to go to something called a state store.”  Drew asked.  Tommy had another sip of his Pine Sol OJ Baby before responding.

“It’s kind of a long, stupid story going back to Prohibition.  About a century ago Alcohol was banned in the U.S.  When people couldn’t buy booze legally, they either made it themselves or gangsters came in to sell it.”

“Like Al Capone?”  Morgana asked.

“Yep.  Al Capone and mobsters up north, bootleggers and moonshiners down south.  Organized crime became a big thing, and bootleggers had to outrun the cops chasing them, so they made faster and faster cars.  Around this time, the Great Depression also happened and someone had the bright idea to tax booze.  Prohibition ended almost overnight.  States like this one said ‘We want that tax money and don’t trust that we’ll get our share.’  So, they made it illegal to sell booze in this state outside of one of their stores.  Meanwhile, down south the bootleggers didn’t want to pay taxes on their hooch so they kept running from the cops.  Eventually they’d race each other to see who the fastest was.  That’s why we have the Puritans to blame for gangsters, state stores, and NASCAR.”  Tommy finished his little diatribe as the Aussies looked at him.

“Wait, the Yanks outlawed liquor?”  Morgana asked.

“Yeah.  It’s kind of complicated, but this was like a century ago.  Maybe James remembers it from Junior High.”  Tommy said, laughing.

“Ha ha fuck you.  I was in Preparatory a century ago.  At least gimme a few years.”  James said before taking a drink.

“You gonna be alright?  If you can’t drive, couch and spare room are available.”  Drew asked James.  James nodded.

“Thanks, but I should be good.  If Tommy gets too sloppy I got a wheelchair in the truck to wheel his arse home.  I made mine a little weaker, be on the safe side.”

“Good call.”  Morgana said, smiling.  She didn’t want her friends to get into any trouble.  James smiled, because he had other plans.  Besides, she thought he was joking about the wheelchair.


By request, James made the next round a little weaker than the first.  The round after that, he was back to his normal mixing and his drink was nearly water.  He guessed right when he figured that Drew and Morgana would have one more round after this one.  He had a plan to force the issue if needed, but didn’t want to go that route.  It would get too messy and risky.  Instead, his gamble paid off.

While he was mixing this next round he pulled a small, rolled-up envelope out of his pocket.  It was the same envelope he used with Stephanie Connors a few weeks prior.  As he poured the drinks, he added a splash of Rohypnol to Morgana and Drew’s drinks.  He hesitated when it came to Tommy’s drink.  The young man was pretty well pissed by now, so he might be amenable to James’s plans.  But if he wasn’t, or if he was too far gone to help, he could fix that.  James also added a little something else to the drinks, a little something he picked up from another friend of his.  In another small container, a hollowed-out chap stick, James had some Molly.  Not a lot, just enough to add a little heat to the night.  He sprinkled a dash in all three drinks and stirred, making sure they dissolved before adding more ice.  Then he added a couple more dashes to each, and a last heavy dash to Tommy’s drink, then stirred again.

He carried the drinks out to the party and made sure everyone got the right one.  Tommy was 3 sheets to the wind and made short work of his drink.  Drew and Morgana barely finished their drinks before they were all over each other.  Whatever decorum they tried to exhibit earlier disappeared as Morgana grinded on her husband on the balcony.  They excused themselves from their guests and made their way to the bedroom.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on.  The sound of the bed squeaking helped James keep track of when they passed out.

The funny thing with ingesting multiple drugs is that they affect the body at different times.  Take Molly and Roofies for example.  Even when taken at the same time and the same way, the stimulant in Molly hits the body faster than the Roofies do, even if the date rape drug is in larger quantities.  This creates a brief moment of euphoria and hyper arousal before ultimately crashing for several hours.

The squeaking stopped.  There was some slurred talking, followed by snoring.  A minute or two later, more snoring.  The irony was not lost on James.  If he were at home watching the video feed, he’d know everything they said.  Instead, he’s just a few feet away and can’t hear shit. 

He checked on Tommy.  The young man was in the guest bathroom, passed out on the floor.   James tried to wake the young man up, but couldn’t get him to budge at first.  Looks like his plan of giving Tommy a little present wasn’t happening tonight.  Just to be sure, James filled a glass with some water and some roofies and tried to wake Tommy up long enough to have him drink it.  The young man didn’t budge.  The last thing he needed was Tommy trying to play White Knight.  If he wasn’t gonna play along, he can watch the replay and deal with the fight later.

James grabbed his keys and went downstairs, wedging the door to the apartment open behind him.  He brought the set of master keys that unlocked each apartment in the complex with him just in case, but didn’t think he’d need it.  A quick ride down the lift then out the door to his truck where he had a folded-up wheelchair for when Tommy drank too much.  He went back up the lift to their apartment.  The door was still propped open when he returned.  He closed it behind him.

He wished that he brought his laptop with him or one of his little spy cameras, but the risk was too high.  Instead, he had to rely on his knowledge of chemistry, guile, and cunning.  He had an out at every stage until the last one.  All of his boxes were checked and all of his exits covered.  He still had an exit strategy or two in case things failed.

As he came back to check on Tommy, something was amiss.  Tommy was sitting up on the floor.  Just as James was about to give Tommy the roofie-laced water, Tommy spoke.

“Where are dey?”  Tommy was drunk, having a hard time focusing on James.  The younger man kept running his hands through his hair, enjoying the sensation.  The Molly had kicked in.  James thought quick and put the glass down.

“Here, I’ll help ya up.”  James offered Tommy a hand to get him off the floor.  The skinny man took a moment to get his bearings, but gained his footing.  He was sweating and when he wiped the sweat from his brow, he made an “ahh” sound, enjoying it.  “Howya feelin’?”  James asked Tommy, knowing that he was under the influence.

“I feel…warm.  Real warm.”  Tommy took off his t-shirt and let it drop to the floor.  He felt amazing, the wind from the ceiling fan blowing cool air on him.  James knew Tommy was ready. 

“Need a shower or somethin’?”  James asked innocently as he saw Tommy sway under the effects of the drugs.

“Yeah.”  Tommy turned to face the bathroom he just left, but James stopped him. 

“No, not this one.  No towels in here.  Need to go in the other bathroom.”  The excuse made sense to Tommy, and he nodded.  Tommy walked over to Morgana and Drew’s bedroom and opened the door.  To James’s amazement, no one screamed when Tommy walked in.  The drunk and high man left the door open behind him, letting some more light into the room.  A second later, a light turned on from the bathroom.  That’s when he heard Tommy say something.

“Holy shit, bro.” 

Tonight, they were gonna fuck Morgana Williams.  James was certain of it.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 24 Posted)
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What perfect timing with Dean on his way back home a night of hot sex would be easily explained between the two. Nice to see hin include Tommy, kind of surprised that James didn't plan on making him a scapegoat if something were to go wrong! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 25 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  James has a plan, but he's been around long enough to know that every plan is shit and will fail so you need a backup plan and a backup to the backup.

Chapter 25 incoming, some real fun times.   >:D
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 25 Posted)
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Chapter 25 (M+/F, drugged, rape)

Tommy couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw her, lying naked on her bed.  She had fallen asleep half off of the bed, almost like she tried to stand up then just fell over.  Her face and tits faced the ceiling, lit only by the ambient light from the attached bathroom and hallway.  Both the husband and wife snored from the bed.  Tommy couldn’t believe that they didn’t move when he came in their bedroom.  ‘Must be heavy sleepers’ he thought to himself.

Any thought of taking a shower or why he was in this room disappeared when he saw Morgana lying there on the bed.  If he were sober, he’d nope out of there right here and now.  If he were even slightly less drunk, same.  Fuck, if he weren’t so fucking horny and hot…

Tommy stepped closer to the bed.  No movement from Drew or Morgy.  He stepped again.  And again.  He thought he was being sneaky, but that wasn’t possible.  But they didn’t move, so he must’ve been sneaky.  Before he knew it, he was standing over top of Morgana’s naked, sleeping body.

He didn’t know what came over him when he reached out and touched her face.  He gently touched it, stroking it for a moment.  She didn’t move.  He steadied himself to lean in for a kiss, to make sure he didn’t fall over.  To his amazement, he didn’t fall and she didn’t move.  He kissed her again and again until he leaned up and put his mouth on her nipple.  He sloppily licked and sucked on her titty for a moment before the ridiculous hardness from his legs drew his attention away from her tits.

Tommy stood, placing himself between her spread legs.  He mindlessly unbuttoned his shorts and let them fall to the floor.  He steadied himself from swaying as he grabbed his cock.  It was a decent size, above average length and a decent girth.  He wouldn’t star in any pornos, but the women seemed to like it.  He stroked his cock a few times, and whatever sensation he felt from feeling the wind cool him down was nothing compared to his dick.  It was like he was on fire and ready to cum right then and there.  He couldn’t believe how great he felt.  Then he looked down at Morgana, splayed on the bed.

In any normal situation, any other night of his life, with any other woman, he wouldn’t even think of fucking a sleeping woman.  He wouldn’t be so high on whatever he had going through him to even think about it.  But if stroking his dick felt this good, how great would she feel wrapped around him?

Tommy leaned over and put himself into a better position.  The disadvantage of being tall.  He lined his dick up with Morgana’s pussy and flicked it back and forth over her opening.  She was still moist from fucking Drew, and this was wonderful.  He was only going to put the tip in, just for a second, just to see how it felt, but he lost his balance and went all the way in.  He panicked, waiting for her to move or scream.
Nothing.  She didn’t move.  She kept snoring.  Tommy didn’t believe it.  He moved a little, trying to pull out, but she just felt so good.  ‘If she’s not waking up now, might as well keep going.’  Tommy told himself this as he fucked her with short, awkward thrusts.  This wasn’t even close to the best fucking he’d ever do, but this was by far the best sex he’s had in who knows how long.

He was fucking Morgana, in her bed.  He wanted to remember this for the rest of his life, not just as some drunken move.  If only there was some way to remember this, to keep track of this.

Then he remembered the camera in the smoke detector.

A moment of confusion and panic set in, as he felt himself ready to explode.  He pulled out just in time to cum all over Morgana’s stomach and chest.  He didn’t nut in her, but he must’ve shot the biggest load of his life all over her. 

As he stepped back, he realized he fucked up.  He just raped his friend in her bed, and she didn’t so much as move.  She’s covered in his jizz, and he had nothing to clean her up with.  He tried to think fast but thinking wasn’t his strong suit right now.  Tommy tried using the duvet from the bed but Drew was on top of it, too.  Tommy flipped her over, tried wiping her onto the bed cover.  That’s when he heard the voice from the doorway.

“Mmhmm.”  James cleared his throat, and Tommy looked like a deer in the headlights.

“I I I I don’t I.”  Tommy tried to talk, but this scene sure as hell didn’t look good.

“Save it.  Pull yer pants up and come ‘ere.”  Tommy sheepishly pulled up his shorts and buttoned them, not even bother to clean himself up.  He walked over to James in the doorway.  The older man led him out of the hallway.  Tommy sat down on the couch and collapsed.  While Tommy sobbed, James went back in the bedroom and turned off the bathroom light.

“What have I done?  What did…” Tommy was on the verge of a breakdown when James gave him a glass of water.

“Drink.  Get some fluids in ya, think about it in the morn.’  James said.  Tommy didn’t think twice about downing the drink in just a few gulps.  When empty, James went to the kitchen and grabbed him another glass.

“What do I do?  What do we do?  Oh god…” Tommy shut up when he felt a stinging slap across his face, breaking him out of his stupor.  James looked at him, a combination of angry, disappointed, and thrilled.  Thrilled?

“Whatchyer gonna do is drink and sleep it off, and act like nothin’ ever happened.  You sit back here for a while, maybe go take a slash…piss and sit down in the wheelchair there while I clean up yer mess.  Follow?”  Tommy nodded, his face hurting.  He rubbed his cheek, which was a bad idea with how he was turned on by every touch.

“Why the wheelchair?”  Tommy asked.

“Cause I drugged yer arse, and don’t wanna throw my back out putting ya in there.”  James said incredulously.

“What?”  Tommy was dumbstruck.  Did James just say he drugged him.

“Don’t worry, you won’t fookin’ remember it in the morn anyway.  Roofies tend to fuck with yer memory.”  James helped Tommy stand up and walk to the bathroom.  “Now go, and sit in that chair when yer done before ya fall down.”  Tommy made his way into the bathroom, confused and frightened.  And a little sleepy.


As Tommy went to the bedroom, James stayed back by the hallway and watched.  As Tommy assaulted Morgana in her sleep, he recorded it from his phone.  He looked forward to seeing the look on his face when he showed him this in the morning.


James checked on Tommy before commencing with the festivities.  Tommy was passed out again on the bathroom floor.  He couldn’t even follow a simple direction.  Better to make sure Tommy was unconscious this whole time than wake up and act all chivalrous.  When James was satisfied that Tommy wasn’t going anywhere, he proceeded to Morgana and Drew’s room.  He knocked on the door.  No answer.

“Hello, anyone in there?”  James said.  No response.  He knocked again.  Again, nothing.  James opened the door.  It took a moment for his eyes to adjust to the darkness, but Morgana and Drew laid on top of their blankets, naked and passed out.  Drew laid on his side of the bed, facing up.  She was half on and half off the bed, facing down.  Just like how Tommy left her.

James looked around.  The curtains were shut.  He stepped in and turned on the light from the bathroom.  The way it up the adjoining bedroom was more than enough to give the camera in the smoke detector above the bed a good show.  But it’s not like the cameras needed too much light, they were designed to work in the dark as well.  Though having a little light for making a secret rape film goes a long way. 

He checked the couple on the bed after turning on the lights.  Nothing.  If it wasn’t for Drew’s snoring he’d have thought he might be dead.  Morgana was still breathing as well, and James savored the look of her arse and back rising and falling on the bed as she slept.  After a moment, he went to the bed and shook Drew’s leg.

“Psst, hey mate, you there?”  Drew kept snoring.  He’d ingested enough roofies to knock him out for a few hours.  “Oy, mate.  Mind if I cop a root with’er wife?  Say no if you don’t wanna.”  Drew kept snoring.  “Well, works for me.”  James walked over to Morgana hanging off of the edge of the bed.  As convenient as this was, he wanted to look at her face and tits as he fucked her.  He shook her a couple times to see if she’d wake.  Not a move.  He grabbed her under her right armpit and hooked her over, flipping her onto the bed.  She flopped in place, just lying there. 

James admired how beautiful she was in this naked state.  Her breasts were a solid C-cup, which was impressive for her skinny frame. Her abs were tone, her legs were smooth yet firm, and he could finally see her twat, sparsely covered with a blonde landing strip.  She groomed herself for bikini season which was finally upon them.  After looking for a minute, he reached down and touched her for the first time.  No reaction.  He slid his hands over her belly, up her flanks, and onto her tits.  A couple good squeezes to gauge her reaction and…nothing.  She was out for the count.  Emboldened, he leaned down and kissed her on the cheek, then again on the lips.  He tasted something on her lips that he couldn’t place.  Maybe it was the drink, maybe Drew, not sure.  He kissed down her face and across her chin and neck, going down her chest.  He stopped at the nipples and sucked each one of them to full, upright attention.  Her breathing only changed slightly, but she was still unconscious.  He kissed further down, placing kiss after kiss on her belly, then to her belly button, then further and further down.  He moved into a kneeling position on the floor, taking up post between her legs, kissing his way down to her muff.  He knew that Drew most likely creampied her a short while ago, but damn he wanted to taste her.  He’s wanted to taste her since he saw her those months ago in the parking lot of the office building.

He flicked his tongue over her clit once, then once again.  He checked Morgana for a reaction.  Her eyes were still closed, but her breathing had changed.  James was deathly worried that she’d wake up, but he knew that a woman who was drugged could still have an autonomic, reflexive response to sex without consciously knowing it happened.  The drugs just shut down the brain’s response to awareness.  She could orgasm without even knowing it happened.  At most, she might think she had a sexy dream until she woke up and found some dude’s cum in or on her.  But in this case, she’d just think it was Drew.

That’s the bet James gambled on as he flicked his tongue over Morgana’s clit a few more times, savoring her flavor.  He’ll have to tell Tommy how delicious she is one of these days.  He tried to stop his ministrations before he brought her to the edge, but it doesn’t look like it takes much to get Morgana to cum.  A few ragged breaths and her lower body shook uncontrollably.  James froze for a moment, waiting to see if she moved, screamed, or said anything.

Not a peep.  If anything, she started snoring louder than before.  Normally, James would be thoroughly insulted if he ate a woman out and she fell asleep on him.  In this case, he’d gladly make an exception.

Seeing, feeling, and tasting how wet she was, James decided it was time for him to have his own fun.  He stood up and unbuttoned his jeans.  They fell to his knees, then to his ankles.  He pulled his polo shirt up over his head, binding it over his shoulders.  He was still more or less dressed, in case he needed to make a quick exit.  No reason to bounce then have to explain why his polo shirt was in their bedroom.

He looked down at his already hard dick and positioned himself at the opening of Morgana’s love tunnel.  A moment of sliding it around for a moment to add to the feeling, then he was ready.  He turned quickly to the smoke detector and smiled, then back to the bed.  He spread her legs a little further apart as he pushed into her.  A little further, then some back and forth motion, and he was fully inserted into Morgana’s quim.  He held position fully inserted in her for a moment, trying to appreciate the feel and the scene. 

Here she was, this beautiful woman that he didn’t know a few months ago, married to the man of her dreams, and he was fucking her in her bed while her husband laid next to her.  And he did this by manipulating a man’s puppy dog crush into a full-blown obsession.  She looked ever so angelic on the end of his cock.

James started thrusting back and forth, fucking Morgana at a quick and smooth pace.  He knew he wasn’t going to last long, and he didn’t want to.  He wanted to nut as fast as possible.  As much as he wanted to fuck her, he knew he was doing some dangerous shit right here.  Even if he got away with it now, he knew Tommy would see this and throw a fit.

Tommy.  For some stupid reason, knowing that he’d come out on top and make Tommy do this same thing again to Morgana in the coming months just turned him on more.  Knowing that he’d break her perfect marriage and completely ruin their lives, kind of got him harder.

He fucked Morgana harder and faster, putting more effort into it.  He was close.  Looking at how Morgy just laid there and took this fucking was incredible.  The only thing that might make this better was if she was awake and he was fucking her in front of Drew.  Make her husband watch.  And her friends.  And her sister.  And Bianca.

The thought of Bianca and those big, luscious tits was it.  That did it.  James doubled over as blasted his cum deep into Morgana, firing jet after jet after jet of semen into the young woman beneath him.  He looked down.  Morgy was still drugged and out of it, her head flopped over to the side. 

James pulled out, his dick covered in both of their juices.  A glob of semen fell on her leg.  He duck-walked over to the bathroom where he cleaned himself up.  He returned a moment later and clothing restored to normal with a small towel.  He knew from the research he did on them that this was what she usually used to clean herself after sex.  No need to break habits and leave evidence behind.  The best way to get away with one crime was cover it in another.  The best way to get away with unwanted sex is cover it up with wanted sex.  James cleaned the extra semen off of Morgana and rolled her back into bed, loosely covering her with the blankets.  He did the same with Drew.  After that was staged, he turned off the bathroom light and left the bedroom.


Tommy was still passed out on the main bathroom floor.  ‘Out of all the places he could’ve passed out…’ James thought to himself, realizing how hard it would be to get Tommy off of the floor and into the wheelchair, then from the wheelchair and into the truck.  He seriously contemplated just letting Tommy sleep it off, but he promised he’d take care of the young’un.  He might be a liar, a thief, and a rapist, but when he makes a promise, he keeps a promise.

James struggled for a few minutes to get Tommy into a sitting position up against the toilet.  Once there, he was able to get Tommy onto the toilet, and from there it was another struggle to get him onto the wheelchair.  The next part was the easy part.  James did a sweep of the condo to make sure that they had everything; wallets, keys, phones, glasses, whatever.  Once satisfied, he unlocked the wheelchair and pushed Tommy down the hallway and into the lobby.  James locked the door behind him with his master key, then pushed Tommy to the elevator.  A quick ride downstairs later then the real fun started.

It took James probably a good five minutes of maneuvering to get Tommy into the cab of James’s F-150.  These vehicles are not low to the ground by any stretch of the definition.  Once he had the door opened, he had to push Tommy one limb at a time up and into the cab.  After a lot of struggling and seriously contemplating throwing Tommy in the bed for the ride to his place, he waved it off and got the young skinny man into the truck.  James was never so thankful that Tommy wasn’t built like an average fat Yank like he was in this moment.  A couple minutes of stretching and loading the wheelchair in the bed before hopping in the driver’s seat and it was off to his place.


James drove cautiously on the way home.  He knew he was technically sober at this point, but didn’t want to take any chances.  Besides, he still had enough drugs on him that could land him in the pokey for a brick.  Best not to do anything stupid now.  Like his ol’ mate used to say “One crime at a time.”  After a few minutes, they were back at his townhome.  He unloaded Tommy into the wheelchair and brought him inside.  He wheeled him over to the couch and dropped him unceremoniously on it.  He grabbed a blanket and threw it over him.  Just in case Tommy woke up and didn’t piss himself, James wrote ‘Dunny’ and an arrow to the powder room.  He then wrote ‘Toilet’ under that.  Tommy should be picking up his Aussie words, but he didn’t trust keeping his carpets clean on that assumption.

He made his way upstairs and got ready for bed.  He knew the morning would be rough, and not just because of a hangover.  He needs to show Tommy the footage while he controls the setting.  Tommy sees it at home, he might do something stupid like call Morgana and tell her.  Then there’s questions about the cameras and whatnot.  No, James needs to control this, and he can do that from here.  But he needed to figure out how.

As he laid his head down, he thought about how to control Tommy in this matter, and his thoughts shifted to another woman he knew.  Another skinny good looking blonde that he worked with from time to time.  Emma or Ella, something like that.  Cute, but not his personal tastes.  She looked a little like Morgana, though.  He had a meeting with her coming up about some green initiative about plug-ins or whatever.  James’ll have to make sure Tommy ‘plugs it in’ to her.

James both laughed and cringed at his own bad joke before drifting off to sleep.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 25 Posted)
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What a pity Tommy might not have full recollection of fucking Morgana, just video proof. Can see Tommy feeling that he needs to do it again to get the full effect. Wondering what James Plans to use the knowledge of what Tommy did to ensure hid obedience! Merit from me for more to be written when you can!
When I get around to it, I'll write