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Re: Pharma (Chapter 16 Posted)
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Chapter 16

Author’s Note:  Action starts to pick up from here.  Well, sort of…

It took the men a couple hours to do what they needed to do.  James spent most of that time putting together the IKEA table and chairs, bitching and swearing most of the time.  It’s not that he couldn’t put the furniture together, it’s that he kept misreading the instructions and not noticing little things like number and placement of holes.  He spent an hour working on the table and an hour building the six chairs that came with the set.  The first chair was a little on the wonky side, but once he figured things out, the other five flew by.  They ordered lunch after he figured out the chairs.  Thai.

While James was working on the table, Sam and Steve were busy working on James and Tommy.  They had a little conversation about whether or not they should let the two of them into the Club.  After a little back and forth, they divided and conquered the work.

Sam reached out to Pedro, the IT Admin and de facto leader of the Club so the latter could run a background check on the two men.  Everything came back clean for their purposes.  Neither James nor Tommy were cops, neither of them had cops in their families, and they didn’t have any arrests or warrants on them.  That’s good, since that means there’s no probation officers or random appearances by the police in their future, and bringing a convicted felon into their mists would be very risky.  Pedro was a little concerned about Tommy since he wasn’t there to be vouched for, but they decided to hold him in a wait-and-see situation.

Steve went to work making sure the cameras worked and recorded everything, as well as setting up the user accounts for James and Tommy to view the footage from Morgana’s apartment.  What Steve didn’t tell James before was that the servers the cameras pointed to where owned by this Club he belonged to, and that it had a lot of security restrictions.  At first, he was going to give him a VPN proxy access through a backdoor, but seeing how James was cool with letting Steve fuck that little blonde bitch, he went ahead with setting things up for the two per Pedro’s specs.

After lunch arrived, the three men sat around the new table, talking about what was on the camera and what to do going forward.


“Are ya fookin’ shittin’ me?”  James said, not sure if he heard the other men correctly.  Steve and Sam sat across the table from him, with two laptops and three orders of Pad Thai separating them.

“No, we’re serious.”  Sam said between bites of his meal.  Steve kept eating away while looking at the two screens in front of them. 

On the first laptop, Steve showed the camera feed from Morgana’s apartment.  It looked like a Zoom call with three boxes showing cameras, each labeled CAM1, CAM2, CAM4.  CAM2 was set up for the Master Bedroom, CAM1 was in the Guest Bedroom, and CAM4 was in the Dining Room.  Right now, only CAM4 showed anything of interest.  Tommy, Morgana, and Drew sat around their living room, talking and watching TV.  All of the footage from these cameras was streaming to a specialty server on the dark web.

On the second laptop, Steve had logged into the website for The Club.  It didn’t really have an official name, but it was a site on the dark web where local rapists would hang out, share stories and videos, and set up attacks with each other’s help.  There was a ton of stuff on this site, including the camera feeds from Morgana’s apartment.

James sat befuddled for a minute, looking at both screens.  He couldn’t believe what he was hearing or seeing, much less that Steve was a part of this.  Okay, that part he could believe.  From how Steve talked about his ex-wives, it sounded like he had some issues with women over his life.  James leaned in closer to the first screen for a moment.  Tommy and the Williams couple were just bullshitting in their living room.  Nothing too much, but the cameras already caught Morgana changing earlier.  He looked at the second screen, and saw what looked like the front end of an old website that listed various sections including a Videos, Stories, and Classifieds section.

“Lemme see if I get this straight.  You two blokes just happen to belong to some type of club where you get together, pick a Shelia, and fook the shit outta her, and then film the whole bloody thing and put it on this website?”

“Think so, but I don’t know any women named Shelia.”  Sam said, pausing between bites.  James rolled his eyes a bit at his response.

“And you want me to join this little club of yours?”  James asked.  Steve nodded as he continued to devour his lunch.  Working out always gave him an appetite.

“How do I know you aren’t shittin’ me?”  James needed to know that this was legit.  He trusted Steve to a point, but didn’t know Sam from Adam.  For all he knew, he could be a Blue Heeler waiting to pop him for any of the dozen crimes they’ve already done today.

Sam spun the laptop around and navigated to a video called ‘Teagan and Aly – Highlights of Part 1 –  5 Minutes.’  He pressed play and spun the laptop back over to James.  It started with a blonde girl crying on video, giving her name.  Teagan.  She was a gorgeous petite blonde with a dancer’s body and long hair.  A man off camera was giving her directions to strip.  She obeyed, but it didn’t look like she had a choice.  Once she was naked, she was told to kneel in front of another man, one that was pretty fat.  The camera cut to a shot of Teagan on her knees in front of the fat man.

“Ask me if you can suck my cock.”  James recognized that voice immediately.  It was Sam.
“Can I suck your cock?”  Teagan asked.

“I don’t know, can you?”  Sam responded on video.

“Jesus fuck, man, what are you an English teacher?”  The voice was off in the distance, but clearly Steve.  The rest of the scene played out where Sam made Teagan take his pants down and suck his dick.  James looked at the video, then at Sam.

“To be honest, I was at my heaviest that night.  Steve helped me lose a lot of weight after I saw how much of a fat ass I was.”  Sam continued his Pad Thai while James continued the video.

As Teagan sucked Sam’s dick, the camera cut to another girl being stripped by two men on a couch.  One of the men was old but the other was Steve.  After that girl was stripped, she was raped by the old man.  The camera cut back to another shot of Teagan, this time she was being fucked doggystyle by Sam while Steve fucked her face.  James assumed it was Steve.  It sounded like him, had his body, but his face was covered.  All of the men so far had their faces covered.  It wasn’t a blowjob, it was a serious face fucking.  James wondered for a moment if she survived that, but the next scene showed her being dragged over to another man, this one on a couch.

“Wait, what the fook happened?  Who’s this bloke?”  James queried, not even noticing the biracial man on the couch until now. 

“Oh, that’s Blai…oke Number 1.  Sorry, no names until you’re in.  Even then, names aren’t common.”  Sam said, barely catching himself and doing a bad job of covering it up.  He reached around and hit the space bar on the laptop, pausing the video.

“Here’s the short version.  Bloke 1, guy on couch, wanted to fuck Teagan, the blonde.  The brunette was Aly, his stepsister.  He came up with this crazy scheme on how to fuck’em.  Drug deal gone bad.  We played the drug dealers who wanted their money but Bloke 1 didn’t have any.  Bloke 2, 3, and us made it look like we beat up Bloke 1, then we went downstairs and played this game.  We fucked those girls hard that night, and made them fuck Bloke 1 and each other.  A couple times, actually.  This clip is just a few minutes of highlights from a four hour fuckfest.”  Sam hit the space bar, bringing the video back on.

The video cut to Teagan stripping, sucking, and fucking Bloke 1.  The ring leader fucked Teagan while she blew this biracial kid with a huge cock.  Racial slurs flew like it was a night in rural Alabama.

“He was sort of cool with the slurs.”  Steve said between bites.  “Joe, I mean.  Listen, you interested or not?  I’m not playing Bloke 1 Bloke 2.”  James nodded.

“Yeah, I’m interested.”  James said, keeping his eyes on the screen.

“Good.  Bloke 1 was Blaine, we mentioned his name a few times in the full video.  He’s a member of the Club we met that night.  I met Sam that night too.  Old man is Ray, I work with him from time to time, he even helps me with some occasional work.  Joe was the brains of the operation, and one sick twisted fuck when properly motivated.  Joe had the idea of saying a bunch of slurs at Blaine to convince the girls that he wasn’t on our side and we were making them do shit with him for our entertainment.  From what we can tell, it worked.” 

James let Steve’s words sink in as the video continued.  As Teagan fucked Blaine, Steve and Sam DP’ed Aly.  Steve fucked Aly’s pussy while Sam fucked her ass.  From what James could see, Aly was a cute little thing.  Teagan was hot, Aly was cute.  They pulled on her hair, slapped her ass, bit her nipples and generally abused her.  Aly came, and came hard.  Both of the men sitting across the table from him came in Aly right after.  As they caught their breath, Aly’s moans turned to sobs.  The video ended with a graphic that said ‘See You In Part 2’.

James took a deep breath, then looked at the men across the table from him, then back to the video.  Then back.  What he saw wasn’t a porn shot, it wasn’t scripted.  It was real, intense pain.  These men, well into their 30’s and possibly 40’s, took what they wanted from these girls who wouldn’t give them the time of day in the real world, let alone go on a date with them.  They were so young they wouldn’t care about things like careers, jobs, paid off cars, or the like.  Sam and Steve raped these girls and got away with it.

“I’ve got some questions.”  James said, putting all the thought he needed into this decision.  He decided he was in, but knew not to show too much interest.

“Shoot.”  Steve said, finishing his lunch.

“How does this work?  Who picks the women?  Who records these things?  How much?  How have you not gotten caught yet?”

Sam spoke up, as he finished his meal.  James took some bites as Sam spoke.

“First rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.  Second rule of Fight Club is you don’t talk about Fight Club.  Same applies.  You never, ever talk about this to anyone outside of the Club.  Only reason we’re talking to you is we already had you checked out.”  James’s eyes went wide when he heard that.  “Yeah, we know a guy who does background checks and stuff like that pretty often.  He made sure you weren’t a cop, weren’t a felon, shit like that.  We also checked out Tommy, too.  Had a feeling you guys were a package deal.”  Sam paused.  James swallowed his Pad Thai quickly and spoke when the pause came.

“Sort of.  He’s still in the puppy love stage, but I’m turnin’ him round.  Pretty soon, he’ll need to have her.  I’m workin’ on a couple plans.”  James said, taking another bite.

“Good.  We need thinkers and planners.  That’s how we stay safe.  Basic rules are like this.  Once you get an invite to the Club, you can make trades with other members.  You provide a woman or women to the Club to get fucked, and someone who likes what you’ve got makes a trade proposal.  You agree to terms, they get approved by the rest of the Club as well, just to make sure it’s a fair trade, then you send the info to each other to P.O. Boxes you each get.  Things like keys, schedules, alarm passcodes, shut-off info for security systems, like that.  You then perform, but there’s two main rules with that.  First, everything is recorded for the Club to view.  However you film it, film it.  This is why most films you’ll see on the site are either home invasions, kidnappings off the road, or attacks in a motel room.  Need some way to film this stuff, and setting up cameras after breaking in takes time.  Second and most important rule, a deal is a deal is a deal.  Once you agree to take part, there’s no turning back short of crazy circumstances like you’re in the hospital or it was bad info.  And don’t give bad info, you’ll get blacklisted in a hurry if you do that.  Since you’re new, you have to offer before you can partake, to show that you’re serious.  You have to wait until after the woman, or person if you’re into fucking dudes, gets fucked and their video uploaded before they’ll send you the info for your victim.  Make sense so far?”

James nodded.  It all made sense, in a what-the-fuck-is-this-really-happening kind of way.

“Good.  As far as cost, just whatever supplies you use.  Cover yourself at all times from identification.  Masks are your best friend, cover up any tattoos you have.  Notice how Ray wore a t-shirt while fucking Aly?  Old guy has some crazy old Navy tats on him.  Also, you’ll need a burner phone, at least an app or something but a lot of us still use flip phones for that.  Much harder to hack one of those.  We stay safe by being smart, working the numbers, and not doing anything to draw attention.  To that end, the biggest rules are no kids, no killing.  You ever hear those stories about percentages of rape cases being reported being like 10%?”

James nodded.  He was trying to finish his lunch as soon as possible.

“Well, they’re true.  Most women never report a rape or sexual assault. Those that do have an uphill climb with the cops who almost always treat them like shit.  There’s enough assholes on the police force that every woman has a story about a cop not believing they were raped or one of their friends were raped.  We take advantage of that.  After the attack, take your camera, your bag of stuff if you brought one, and go.  Maybe make it look like a robbery but don’t take anything.  Don’t give them a reason to call the cops or the insurance.  Don’t beat the shit out of them, especially to the point where they call the cops or an ambulance.  And don’t kill them.  Cops won’t investigate a rape worth a damn but they will go balls out to bust a murderer.  You can threaten them all you want, tell them you’ll send the video to all their friends or their bosses to keep them quiet, but don’t fuck them up so bad they’re going to the police.”

James took in what Sam said.  It surprisingly made sense to him.

“How do you guys afford to run this?  Servers and bandwidth and hidden websites about organic roadkill takes money.  Someone has to pay for this.”  James said between bites, almost finishing his lunch.  Sam nodded and smiled before responding.

“If you want to participate in an attack but you don’t have an offering, you can pay to play, but only after you made your way in, and never with a rookie’s offering.  The Club also likes to hold the occasional fund raiser.  Car washes, bake sales, things like that.  They’re plays on terms, but someone or a few someones will provide entertainment for the night.  Anyone who wants to have some fun has to pay to get in.  Proceeds go toward running the site.  Make sense?”

James nodded.  “Yeah.”

“Good.  If you want in, we’ll call up Pedro and get things set up.  What are you thinking?”  Sam asked James, but the Australian man was, for once, at a loss for words.  He just wasn’t used to being this open and frank about sex and rape.  “Thinking of your first offering?” 

Sam’s words shook James and the logical, logistical part of his brain went into overdrive.  He immediately went through the list of exes, one-night stands, women he worked with, and his neighbors looking for someone who could be a viable option.  He immediately landed on his neighbor, Debbie.

Debbie was an attractive Asian woman in her 30’s.  She travels a lot as a stewardess, or flight attendant, or whatever they call waitresses on planes these days.  She’s married to a pilot.  For years, their schedules overlapped but when she switched rotations following a reassignment, they’re each home alone for a few days each month.  He’d have to check her schedule, but her time alone should be coming up in the next couple weeks.  She’d have 3 days at home without her husband.

“Debbie.  My neighbor.  She’s a sky waitress, her hubby is a pilot but their schedules don’t completely match up.  She’ll be at home by herself for a few days coming up in the next week or so.  She hides her door key by her front door and her alarm code is her address.  No doorbell cameras or any security cams.  Just an annoying cat.  I’ve fed that mangy feline a few times, as has everyone else in the complex.  Here.”  James pulled up a picture of Debbie and showed it to the guys.

“Damn, I’d fuck her.”  Steve said.

“Too bad.  We know him, which takes us out of the pool.  We get caught, they trace us back to him, he goes down.”  Sam said.  Steve knew that Sam was right.  “Still, shouldn’t be hard to get a good trade for her.  Let’s call Pedro and get this set up.”


After a couple hours, everything was set up on James’s account and he placed a proposed trade for Debbie in the Classifieds section under ‘Gifts and Offerings.’  Sam and James clicked through the different women available for trade.  Some were cute, some were hot, some were not.  James paused on a page with a couple of co-eds named Riley and Jordan when he received a message.  It was from a user who proposed a trade for Debbie.
James read the message aloud.  “One for one, straight up.  Details inside.”  He clicked the link and liked what he saw.  The series of pictures showed a white woman around 40, about average height and skinny.  She had brown hair with bangs, black rimmed glasses, and dressed like a schoolteacher in a fancy school with a white long-sleeved blouse, a skirt down past her knees, and tan stockings.  There were several pics of her dressed in a similar way, then a few of her in green and yellow workout gear, wearing a track suit that read “St. Hilary’s” on it.  Another pic showed her running with a group of high school students.  The last few pics showed her at and around her house.  There were some details that James read after looking at the pics.

“This is Stephanie Connors, a teacher at St. Hilary’s.  She’s 42 years old, married, and a mother of 2.  I work with her and live nearby.  I’d love to fuck her, but that’s not a possibility.  She teaches English and Humanities courses at the private high school and is also a coach for the Girl’s Track and Field and Cross-Country teams.  She is an avid runner, so don’t let her get a head start to the door.  Her husband travels often for his job, an average of a week and a half every month.  Her kids are getting older, ranging from 19 to 13.  The 19-year-old graduated last year from the same school and is enrolled at HCU.  The middle is 15, and the youngest is 13 and still in the junior high school.  The middle kid plays hockey and travels a lot with the team.  The youngest stays most weekends over at a friend’s house.  The oldest hangs out with friends or stays over her boyfriend’s house most weekend nights when not on campus.  Most weekends, she stays on campus.  If interested, please respond with a trade of similar value.”

James looked up from the screen.  “Think this’ll work.  How do I-“  Before he could finish, Steve spoke up without looking up from his other laptop.

“Scroll down, hit new message, accept proposal, submit.”  James did as instructed, and soon after he received a confirmation message.  Another minute later, and the trade was submitted pending group and admin approval.

“Okay, what’s with all the approvals?”  James asked.

“Just in case something weird happens, like the same woman has been traded before, or if for some reason she’s off limits.  Only heard of it happening once before, someone picked the wife of a cop.  Also, they keep it fair.  Rarely will the group speak up but if you’re submitting a 10 and he’s giving you a 3, or if someone was screwed by them in the past, it’s a chance for crowd to speak up.”  Sam said, looking at the screen.  “The approvals usually stay open for a couple hours or until someone objects.  Rarely happens.  Once the trade is approved, you’ll send our teacher friend Debbie’s address, schedule, and how to get into her place to his box, and then he’ll send you Stephanie’s stuff.”  The laptop dinged.  Sam and James looked at the screen.

“Wow, that was faster than expected.  Better get a copy of Debbie’s key made.  Remember, pay cash for everything, no paper trail.” 

James had some homework to take care of when he left.  But first, he sent a message to Tommy.  “Call me when you’re free and clear.  Check this link when you get home, not before.  Use a VPN.  I’ll explain later.”
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 16 Posted)
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As a pretty constant reader of your work, I think you missed a chance to tie to stories together. Could of had two of the girls from the summer camp being offered by a participant of the 'club'!. as it is you have just posted a perfect way to make a branch off story. I'm sure many around here would love to read of the inner actions of the club! Merit came from me for sure!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 16 Posted)
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Thanks.  The women in this chapter were requests I received, so I wanted to incorporate them here.  But don't worry, I have some big plans for the characters from the summer camp storyline.  My next story, Lake Hiawatha, will tie together the summer camp story and George the Detective.  The actions in that story will lay a lot of the groundwork for what happens in the later chapters of this work.  We've seen a cameo of someone from the summer camp and club stories here.  More characters from other stories will show up soon.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 17 Posted)
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Chapter 17

Tommy sat in the truck as it idled, reading that last message from James.  He wasn’t sure what to make of it, but figured it had something to do with Morgana.  He put the phone done, pulled out of the lot, and drove home.  It was only a 15-minute drive back to his apartment, so James could wait a few more minutes.

He waited until he was at home and in front of his laptop before he called James.  The young man had a feeling that James would try to give him some instructions, and getting instructions from James was like being yelled at by a grumpy old man.  Which, when he thought about it, was the most accurate description he could give about James.

Once inside his one-bedroom apartment, he sat at the kitchen table and opened up his personal laptop.  A moment later it was unlocked and he, dreadfully, dialed James.  He put the phone on speaker, he was the only person in his apartment.  The older man answered after a few rings.

“Took ya long enough, ya left her place 20 minutes ago.”  James said, over the phone.  Tommy put the phone down on the kitchen table, next to his laptop.

“I’ll take it the cameras are working.”  Tommy said, pulling up the Messages app on his computer.

“Yeah, they are.  You got a VPN?”  Tommy shrugged at the question.

“Yeah, got one a while back to watch Netflix from Europe.  Why?”  Tommy navigated to his VPN software while James was talking.

“Don’t ever connect to the cameras without using the VPN.”  James responded, before another voice spoke up from the phone.

“Tommy, it’s Steve.  The website these streams are hosted on has a tracking program built in to blacklist any local IP range if it sees you’re connecting from the U.S.  It’s part of the security for the site.  This keeps us from getting tracked.  When you connect with the VPN, then you can open that link.  It’ll open another link to another, trusted VPN.  They’re not all created equally.  Once that’s connected, you’ll have a login and password texted to your number from a burner phone.  Memorize it, then delete the text from your main phone.  If you write this down, don’t keep it anywhere near your computer or write down anywhere near it what it is for.  With me so far?”

Tommy nodded.  He had connected to his VPN, clicked the link, downloaded the new VPN and was in the middle of setting that up.

“Tommy, you still there?”  That’s when he realized he was nodding at the phone instead of talking.

“Yeah, here.  Setting up the new VPN.  Do I want to know why this is all necessary?”  Tommy asked as he finished up the setup and connected to the new VPN.

“Not really.  Let me know when you’re connected.”  Steve said over the phone, spoken with the calm that comes with a lifetime of tech support experience.

“I’m in.”  About 30 seconds later, Tommy’s phone buzzed.  A moment later, the same message appeared on his laptop.  It only contained three lines.  A URL, and two 8-digit numbers.  Tommy clicked on the link.  It launched a website which opened up a command prompt window which ran a quick connection check, then something else Tommy didn’t recognize but looked like an encryption algorithm.  Then came a login prompt.  Tommy entered the user name and password.  A moment later, and he was on a page that just said ‘CAMS’ at the top.  For a brief moment, Tommy saw a list of several names on the left hand of the screen, all women, then they flashed away.  Only one was left.  ‘Morgana W’.

“I think I’m in.  Let me check it out.”  Tommy said as he navigated to Morgana’s name and clicked on it.  When he did, 5 options appeared.  CAM1, CAM2, CAM4, ARCHIVE, CLIPPER.

“When you click on her name, you should see some cams, Archive, and Clipper.  Seeing that?”  Steve asked.  Tommy nodded as he spoke.

“Yeah, where’s Camera 3?”

“In your toolbag.  You didn’t need two, and it’s not like I labeled them.  Click through the links, tell me what you see.  I’m logged in as well, you tell me which rooms are which.  I’m pretty sure, but I want you to confirm.” 

Tommy nodded as he clicked on CAM1.  It was dark, running on backup power.  Tommy had a hard time making out what room it was in the dark, but it looked like the Guest Room.

“I think CAM1 is the Guest Room.  Let me check the others.”  Tommy clicked on CAM2.  It was also a bedroom, but the light was on and door was open just enough to see Morgana sitting on the couch.  “CAM2 is the Master Bedroom, CAM1 is the Guest Room.  And that means that CAM4 is…”  He clicked on the link, bringing up a view of the main living area “The Dining Room facing the Living Room.”  Tommy stayed on CAM4, watching Morgana and Drew cuddle on the couch, watching television.

“Good, gimme a second.”  Steve said.  A moment later, the labels changed to Guest Room, Master Bedroom, Main Area.  “See that?”

“Yeah.  Quality’s not bad, either.  Can we hear them, too?”  Tommy asked, looking for any controls that might activate the microphone.  Then he found the utility panel.  “I see something here under Utilities, will that work?”

“Should, but keep in mind these are pretty trashy cams with lousy mics.  How much do you know about drop frames and the like?”

“Drop frames?”  Tommy said, activating the mic in the Main Area.  The couple were watching some show on HGTV.  Something about flipping barns or something.

“Yeah, these cameras and mics aren’t calibrated properly.  The audio won’t sync up with the video after a while, you’ll have to play around with that yourself.  After a while, the audio won’t match, but that’s not your biggest problem.  If you keep the mic on for too long, you’ll get feedback, and if it’s bad enough it’ll be heard by the people you’re watching.”  Steve was so matter-of-fact about that subtle detail that could potentially get them all in jail.  Tommy immediately turned off the mic.

“Seriously?  They could hear it?”  Tommy’s voice was filled with panic.

“Keep it on under 60 minutes.  20 minutes is ideal, but also these can’t turn themselves off.  Fortunately, the mic shuts off when the camera shuts off 15 minutes after the light switch is turned off or the cam is left on.  Default is to turn on the mics when power comes on for 10 minutes and stays on if motion is detected but will shut down after 20 minutes no matter what.  It’ll kick back on after the next motion is detected.  Like I said, they’re junk.  We’re working on a plan, though.  It’s a long story that James will tell you about later on.  But for now, let’s go to the other sections.  Click on Clipper.”

Tommy wanted to ask more about their plan, but he was getting a tutorial right now and needed to pay attention.  He clicked on the Clipper section.  This showed a small window and a list of the feeds.

“Ever use Movie Maker, or any editing software?”  Steve asked.

“A little.”

“That’s what this is.  Click on one of the feeds in the little window.  You can go back up to 8 hours and grab a clip.  Mark a start point, end point, and then name it and save it.  Play around with this real quick.  Pull up one of the feeds and just make a clip.”

Tommy picked the Main Area feet.  He scrolled back to dinner and made a quick cut as they were talking about the Harbor City Bombers, the pro football team for the city.  Their newest drama was a former executive mailed topless photos of the cheerleaders to the coach’s brother and somehow the coach’s brother got fired from his head coaching job for receiving them.  Meanwhile, the owner was under investigation by Congress for his role in changing the teams nickname from a racists slur about black people to an even worse racist slur about Muslims before settling on Bombers, but caught flack for naming the mascot Ahmed and making it look like Jeff Dunham’s dead terrorist puppet.  Like Tommy said, that team was a shitshow.  He made a start point, end point, then saved the clip by calling it ‘Dinner’.


“Good.  Now click on Archive.”  Tommy followed Steve’s instructions.  There were two clips in the pane, along with timestamps and what cameras they came from.  The first clip was ‘Dinner’ with a time stamp of about an hour ago.  The second clip was from earlier from Master Bedroom titled ‘Changing’.  Tommy clicked on ‘Changing.’

Morgana walked into the bedroom, looked at the light for a moment, admiring it for a moment.  She then walked to her closet, bent over showing off her tight little ass, and picked up something from the floor.  It looked like a hoodie.  She threw it on the bed, then turned to the dresser next to the bed.  She opened a drawer and pulled out a sports bra.  Morgana turned toward her bed, in full view of the hidden camera.  She grabbed the bottom of her polo shirt and pulled it up and over her head.  She was naked from the waist up, showing off her full, beautiful tits.  She tossed the polo shirt on the bed, then pulled the sports bra on.  After a quick moment to adjust the girls, she grabbed her hoodie, a purple one with a Melbourne Storm logo on it and pulled it on over her head.  A quick adjustment of the sweater and pull of her hair from inside of the collar to free it and she was good to go.  She left the room, turning the light off behind her.

“These cameras can only hold 8 hours of footage before they get purged.  If you want to save anything, you have to make a clip.  Doing so puts it here.  You can hold up to about 3 days’ worth of footage here before we have to make space.  You there Tommy?  Tommy?”

It took a moment to shake him from his stupor.  He was mesmerized by Morgana’s tits.  They were firm, full, a solid C-cup, with pink nipples the size of half-dollars.  He was about to replay the clip when Steve’s voice brought him back.

“Yeah, I’m here.”

“Figured we’d save that one for you.  You’re welcome.”  Steve said.

“Thanks bro.”  Tommy replied.

“Looks like everything is working good here, we’re headed out to get some drinks.  If you want, you can come out, but I have a feeling you’d rather stay in tonight, maybe watch a little TV?”  Steve’s voice was slightly teasing, but not in any cruel way.

“I think I’ll stay in, make sure that this is working.”

“Cool.  Catchya later.”  Steve said.

“Later.”  Tommy hung up the phone and returned his attention to the young couple laying on the couch.


Tommy stayed in the rest of the night.  He must’ve watched that clip of Morgana getting changed at least a hundred times.  After jerking off to Morgana’s tits as she changed, he switched back to the live feed.  Her and Drew were watching some show on Netflix, ’13 Reasons Why’ if he had to guess.  They sat there, just cuddling and drinking a little wine.  He’d switch back to the topless clip a few more times, then back to the live feed.  The only distraction from this obsessive pattern was when Tammy texted him to see if he wanted to come over.  He didn’t want to, so he told her he was tired from working and just wanted to go to sleep soon.  He told her that he’d see her tomorrow afternoon.  She reluctantly agreed.

After the third time he beat his dick to Morgana’s tits, he switched over to the live feed.  He wasn’t expecting what he saw.  Morgana was riding Drew on the couch.  Tommy immediately went to the clipper page and rewound about a half hour. 

The two of them had put something else on TV.  The mic was working, so they were talking about what to watch next when Drew suggested something ‘a little naughty.’  He pulled up a browser the TV and accessed some video player he didn’t recognize.  It loaded something after a few seconds, and as soon as it started Morgana recognized it immediately.  She called Drew ‘Cheeky’ as soon as she saw herself on the screen, dancing on a beach wearing a red and white bikini.  It looked like Drew recorded it.  The video changed from the beach to a hotel room.  Tommy assumed it was a hotel room.  Morgana was wearing the same bikini as before, sitting on the edge of the bed.  The angle of the video was shot from above, like Drew was standing over her.  She looked up at him, said something Tommy couldn’t make out, then pulled Drew’s swimming trunks down.  She grabbed his dick with her right hand, stroking it to erection before putting it in her mouth.

On the couch, Morgana leaned into Drew and was stroking his dick through his shorts before she pulled it out.  She kissed him deeply as she stroked Drew’s manhood.

On screen, Morgana was going to town on Drew’s dick, sucking it like the cure to cancer was inside.  She looked up at the camera with prettiest blue eyes Tommy had ever seen, cheeks hollowed as she sucked and lick his dick.  Before he could cum, Drew pulled out of her mouth and stepped back.  The camera shook for a moment as he put it on a tripod.  On screen, Morgana took off her bikini top and slid her bottoms off.  Drew climbed onto the bed, head destined for her clean-shaven muff.  Drew ate her out on the screen.  After a minute, she grabbed his head and pulled her into her as she came on his face.
Back on the couch, Drew took off Morgana’s hoodie, sports bra, and shorts, and panties.  She took off his shirt and shorts.  They were both naked.  They made out for a minute more before she pushed him down on the couch.  As he laid on his back, Morgana climbed on top into a 69 position.  She planted her twat down on his face as she took his dick into her mouth.  They stayed in this position for several minutes.  She shook violently a couple minutes into this session as she came, and then again, a few minutes later.

On the screen, Drew climbed up the bed and started fucking Morgana.  They started in a missionary position, then switched to a cowgirl.  She came again in that position before moving around to a reverse cowgirl then into doggystyle.  Drew fucked her with abandon until he came deep inside his new wife.

Drew sat up on the couch and Morgana faced him as she rode his dick, bouncing up and down for all she had in her.  She sped up, getting closer to an orgasm when Drew leaned in and kissed her, sending her over the edge.  She came riding him, and as she was catching her breath, he spun her off of him and onto the couch.  He fucked her there for a couple minutes before they rolled off the couch and onto the floor, Morgana riding him again.  This time, it didn’t take him long.  He came deep inside her.  They cuddled for a minute on the floor before she dismounted him and did the duckwalk to the bathroom to clean up.

Tommy was beside himself.  One night, and he’s already got her on camera fucking.  Not only that, but she has a homemade video.  He had to get them. 

But first things first.  He saved the video clip to the archive.  He’d watch this before heading to Tammy’s tomorrow.   He’d fuck her, replaying this clip in his mind’s eye, and he’d fuck her into a coma if he had his way.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 17 Posted)
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Why do I suddenly have pity for Tammy when Tommy gets to her? Nice that they saved Morgana topless for Tommy, wondering if her show them what he found while watching? Merit from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 18 Posted)
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Chapter 18

The air was warm and salty on her skin, the sand smooth under her feet.  It was perfect.  Here she was, on Follonica Beach in Tuscany, with the man she loved, on her honeymoon.  Their honeymoon.  They’ve been in Italy for all of 3 days and it has been one amazing destination and experience after another.  She saw her Drew playing with his phone, must be shooting video again.  She played along, gave some cheeky answers to his questions, then they went along the beach, arm in arm.

It wasn’t the first time they made a video of them making love, but it was by far the sexiest she’s ever felt.  This week, from the wedding to the trip to arriving in Italy, has been a whirlwind but here she was, with her Drew.  She felt him, tasted him, felt him taste her, over and over.

Morgana opened her eyes.  She was in bed, in Harbor City.  Just thinking about that day on her honeymoon made her wet.  Not that she bothered with putting any clothes on after last night’s fun in the living room.  She looked over at Drew.  He was still asleep, but he wouldn’t be for long.

She pulled the sheets off the bed, crawling into position down by his crotch.  She grabbed his cock and kissed it.  She kissed it again and again until he came to full erection at 16 cm.  Like that old kids’ story, not too big not too small just right.  He grew in her mouth.  She loved how it felt, the control she had over him, and how they were a perfect matched set, knowing that this feedback loop of eroticism had one ending, a happy one.

She could still faintly taste herself on him from last night.  Somehow, this turned her on even more, like she had marked her territory.  ‘He’s mine, and only mine’.  She licked and sucked his cock as he moaned awake.

Drew looked down, seeing Morgie’s head bobbing up and down on his cock.  Fuck Folgers, THIS is the best part of waking up.  He let her go for a couple minutes before he grabbed her hair and gently pulled her up.  The only thing he liked more getting blown by Morgie was fucking Morgie.

She crawled up the bed, climbing on him as she kissed him deeply.  She guided his cock into her quim, taking control as she rode him.

It didn’t take her long to cum.  She was already toeir than a Roman Sandal when she woke up, and feeling her man’s cock in her was enough to bring her to the edge.  A few well-placed strokes was all she needed before she shook on top of him, stifling a moan before he rose up and kissed her, letting her scream into his mouth.

When she came down from her high, he rolled her over and fucked her with long, hard strokes that quickened as he went on.  After a couple minutes, he came deep inside her.  They collapsed in each other’s arms before deciding to get started with their day.


Tommy woke up, setting his alarm for 9AM.  He stayed up until almost 2AM the night before making sure there was nothing else to archive from Morgana’s cams.  He remembered what Steve said about the stream only containing 8 hours of footage at a time.  Until he could figure out their routine, he decided to set his schedule around theirs.  He’d sleep when they slept, ate when they ate, worked out when they worked out.  This morning, he’d take a quick look at the cams, have some breakfast, take a shower, then see Tammy.

He went through the routine of logging on to the VPN and connecting to that site.  Once again, a long list of women’s names showed up before resetting to only Morgana’s.  He made a mental note to take a pic of that when possible.  He had a feeling that there was more to this site than Steve was letting on.  He scanned the cameras.  Nothing in the Guest Room, the Master Bedroom was quiet too.  They were in the Dining Room having some breakfast.  Either they’re early risers or he stayed in bed too long.  He switched to the Clipper app and scrolled through the previous 8 hours of footage.  Nothing from the Guest Room, and the Dining Room only showed them walking out of the bathroom.  Morgana wore a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt that was a couple sizes too big.  It was probably one of Drew’s shirts.  Drew was in gym shorts and a t-shirt with a logo on it he didn’t recognize.  He looked at the time stamp, they’ve only been up for a half hour or so.

Tommy went to the Master Bedroom feed and rewound about an hour.  The two were asleep.  He skipped forward a few minutes.  Still asleep.  A couple more, still asleep.  He went up a few minutes and Morgana was blowing Drew.

“Fuck.”  Tommy rewound to her waking up.  He set the Clipper to start here, then watched the scene unfold.  He saw her wake-up Drew with a blowjob, then ride him till she came and then they kept fucking till he came.  Then, they cuddled for a minute before getting up for the day.  This included more than a couple good shots of Morgana naked getting dressed.  Tommy ended the clip and saved it.

In less than 24 hours, he had a clip of her changing and two fuck sessions, including one involving her watching her own sex tape.

Tommy texted Tammy, seeing when she’d be available.  She responded quickly, saying that she could meet him any time after 11 if he was free.  He said he’d be there in a little bit, right after he took a shower and grabbed a quick bite.  She sent him a winky emoji.

He took a quick shower, then watched Morgana’s clips again.  He wanted to be really horny when he met Tammy in a few minutes.  He was gonna fuck her raw, use her as a stand-in for Morgana, and she wouldn’t be any the wiser.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 18 Posted)
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Is it wrong of me to want Tommy to get caught by Morgana? From personal experience, I believe that Tammy will enjoy the "Morgana" side effect. Lord knows my Tammy enjoys the "Dawn" side effect! Can't wait to read how Tommy uses the "Morgana" side effect on Tammy, really hope he didn't let Morgana's name slip out! Merit from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 18 Posted)
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Thanks To-Get-Her.  The next chapter is a longer one, and should be posted today.  I'm spending a lot of my writing time working on Lake Hiawatha this month.  Bad news, I'm only posting one chapter this week.  Good news, I'm about 90 pages into LH's screenplay.  I'm maybe about a third of the way through that story, aiming for posting it it by the end of the month.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 19 Posted)
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Chapter 19

James checked the Club’s website a couple times on Sunday, mostly to explore what was there and to check for any progress on Morgana’s cam channel.  Even though James was a new member, he still had higher access levels than Tommy.  He knew that dozens of women were featured on the live cam feed section, and that none of them had a clue that their most intimate moments were being streamed live to a dark website for a club of local rapists.  James didn’t ask too many questions, but noticed that several of the feeds were from rooms with identical mechanical layouts.  The professional builder in him told him that these were apartments in either the same building or identical buildings.  Considering that almost all of them featured groups of college-aged women, and that his new buddy Sam Mapleton ran Maple Gardens Management, the largest landlord in Collegetown, and that Steve Wilcox had control over a lot of the IT aspects of Red Briar Security in Harbor City, he put two and two together very quickly.  Sam and Steve had an entire building full of co-eds to exploit.

He checked his personal messages on the Club.  He had a couple from his new friend about Stephanie Connors.  Turns out that this Friday coming up, Stephanie’s kids will be out of the house and her husband will be on a trip starting Thursday and won’t be back for 10 days.  Her oldest was at college, the middle was on a hockey trip, and she would drop off the youngest for his sleepover between 7 and 8PM.  As soon as she had the house to herself after 9PM, she would crack open a bottle of her favorite wine and drink.  He would provide James the alarm code, a copy of the key, and her address early if he was willing to drug her first.  He would even hook him up with the roofies if needed.  James was intrigued.  He wasn’t above violence, but this would make things much easier.  He agreed.  He still needed an address to send the information to, so he decided to use one of his P.O. Boxes he’d set up for one of the construction projects he ran a few years ago.  It was a corporate box that was rented under a former co-worker’s name.  The co-worker was dead, but the auto-renewal was set up on a corporate card.  James’s name was nowhere near the box.  He gave his new friend that address.

James checked his doorbell cam and looked at the footage for the last month.  His doorbell not only picked up every time someone came to his door, but also his neighbor’s townhouse as well.  He could see Debbie’s pathway clear as day, except for one blindspot if someone approached the front door along the house instead of the pathways.  He went back 90 days and made a spreadsheet of when her and her husband worked.  She was a flight attendant working on a 5 on, 4 off schedule while her pilot husband was 4 on, 3 off.  Every two months or so, their schedules would repeat, and they didn’t get holidays or weekends off.  Instead, they made a crapload of overtime and double pay.  Looking through the schedule, they started their cycles on a Monday and they were three weeks into it.  According to his spreadsheet, her husband, Harry, would be home today, but neither would be there on Monday or Tuesday.  Debbie would arrive on Wednesday and be alone both Wednesday and Thursday.  Harry would be home Friday.  That meant that Debbie would be alone this week and would be ripe for the picking.  He confirmed this with some idle chit-chat with Harry when he went out to make a copy of their key, which worked on both the front and back door.  He also confirmed that they didn’t have a smart doorbell or any other cameras, either, but his door did.  He wrote a note saying if he came in through the front door, wear a disguise.  Debbie usually comes home from her work trips around noon, but that could change by an hour or two either way.  There were no cameras on the back of the townhomes.  A quick trip to Home Depot then to the post office and everything was under way.

He checked his phone, and there were some messages in the group chat.  Morgana had an idea about asking if everyone was free for dinner at their place on Friday.  James agreed, said he thought it was a lovely idea and asked if they wanted him to bring anything.  He did say that he would have to leave early, be out sometime before 9.  As much as he’d like to stay late and take advantage of Morgana, he had other plans that night.  Morgana asked if it was anything special.  James said he might have a date that night, wouldn’t know until later.  A little back and forth and he described the schoolteacher Stephanie, saying it was a blind date and didn’t have her name yet, just that they were talking on a dating site.  James learned long ago to always put a little truth in a lie.  It made the lie easier to swallow.  In a matter of fashion, it was a blind date.  So blind she wouldn’t know it was happening.


The next couple days were business as usual at the construction site.  James felt some guilt about what he was going to put Debbie through, but every time he’d feel bad about her impending attack, he’d remind himself of all of the years of having to watch their stupid fookin’ cat and the arguments they’d get into over noise complaints.  It wasn’t his fault that they worked crazy schedules and the walls were paper thin, or the times their friends would park in his parking pad.

When he arrived home Wednesday night, he saw Debbie’s Toyota 4Runner in her parking space.  She was home.  He figured any time now, and it’ll happen.  He just needed to ignore the noise if he heard anything, and mind his own business.

Before he could even put his stuff down, there was a knock at the door.  His phone notified him that someone was there.  It was Debbie.  He went to the door and answered it, putting on his best straight face.  He opened the door.  She wore a pair of sweatpants, a baggy sweatshirt, and Crocs.  Her hair was a mess and her eyes were red and puffy.  One look at her told James that she’s had a miserable day.

“Hey.”  He said, taking a quick look at her as she kept her arms in close to her body.

“Hey, um, can you do me a favor?”  Debbie asked, her voice hoarse.

“What’s going on?”  James had a feeling, but tried not to show any hints.  He waited for her to speak.

“You have that video doorbell thing, right?”  He nodded, she continued.  “Any chance you could look at today’s video, see if you could see anyone coming over today?”  James knew then and there the attack already happened, but was ready with a retort.

“Lookin’ for a porch pirate?”  James said.  Debbie looked at him quizzically, then he continued.  “Ya know, those fookin’ wankers that see a FedEx package on yer doorstep and steal’em.  It’s why I got the little fooker in the first place.”  She nodded, then spoke.

“Yeah, porch pirate.  Could you see if someone came here before noon, please?”  She was lying to him, and wasn’t doing a good job at it, but he played along.

“Sure, I’ll let ya know if I find anything.  You want a drink’er something?”  He asked, almost kicking himself for being too nice.  He rarely invited her or her husband over, but he figured he could play the nice neighbor for a bit.

“No, no thanks.  If you see anything, just text me.”  Debbie said, slowly stepping back from James’s doorway.  She was strung out and on edge, the last thing she needed was to drink with James.  She knew if she did, she’d tell him everything that happened.  She hadn’t even told her husband yet.  Hell, she hadn’t decided if she’d tell Harry.  “Thanks James.”  She said as she walked back over to her townhouse.  James closed the door.

He made his way to his office on the second floor in a matter of moments.  He checked the video feed from his Ring doorbell.  He started with a little after 6AM when he left for work, it was still dark outside, damnedable daylight savings.  He fast forwarded.  Nothing for the next hour and a half until he saw a couple neighbors across the way going to work, a couple people walking their dogs, and a door knocker selling home security systems.  Oh, the irony.

At 10:03AM, a man of average height and weight dressed like one of the HOA yard crew came around spraying for weeds.  He wore a backpack that looked like it was one of those chemical tanks.  His features were hidden, but he looked like a clean-shaven white man.  That alone surprised him as most of the greens crew for the HOA were Hispanic.  Also, the man sucked at spraying the weeds.  He wasn’t spraying them to kill them, more like water them.  When the gardener left and sprayed the rest of the weeds, he had a feeling that something was up.  His suspicions were confirmed a few minutes later when the man slipped into view for a brief second at Debbie’s front door when he approached via the blindspot James told his new friend about.  A moment later, the gardener was gone.

Nothing much happened for the next hour on the video feed.  Another neighbor walking a dog, a UPS driver dropping off something across the street, then Debbie came home.  James checked the rest of the feed until he came home.  No one arrived or left Debbie’s house until he came home.
James checked his patio camera.  He never told Debbie about it.  Hell, he never told anyone about it.  Especially since it was hidden and had a perfect view of Debbie and Harry’s hot tub.  He checked the footage.  Shortly after 10AM, the gardener was in the backyard spraying weeds, or at least pretending to spray weeds, in his and Debbie’s backyards when he stopped to see that the coast was clear and no one was watching.  He dropped his tank by the door and walked away.  A couple minutes later, the basement door opened and the gardener emerged from the basement, grabbing his tank and bringing it inside.  There was no action on the rear camera until after 2PM when the gardener left, carrying the tank with him on his back.

He was glad that she didn’t know about this video feed, just the doorbell one.  He was also glad that the secret backyard camera was in his own home and didn’t have anything to do with the cloud like the Ring doorbell did.  He controlled the video feed and storage, not some twat from Silicon Valley.

James grabbed his phone and texted Debbie.  “Just looked through the doorbell cam.  Carol walked her little poodle, neighbors went to work, one of the gardeners sprayed for weeds, and Sheila or whatever her name is walked her lab.  At least she cleaned up the shit this time.  Sorry, no porch pirates.”

He waited for her to respond.  It didn’t take long.  “Thx.  Sorry for bothering you.  Have a good night.”

“You too.  If something didn’t get delivered, file a complaint with them.  Bogan probably delivered it to the wrong house again.”  He played up the package line.  He knew there was no way she wanted to tell him what actually happened.  She replied with a simple “Thx” and that was that.

James connected the VPN as soon as he was done screwing around with the cameras and logged in to the Club.  He saw a personal message from his new nameless friend and a link.

“Had a great time with Debbie today.  The videos are attached.  Enjoy.”

He made sure that his speakers were disconnected and that his headphones were plugged in.  He’d have to wait until later this week when she left to truly enjoy the video in peace and quiet, but he downloaded what was attached and pressed the play button.


Debbie Nelson was exhausted.  Another long week of work, doing the loop.  Harbor City to Atlanta, then Atlanta to Los Angeles, 3 days of back and forths from LA to Las Vegas, then back to Atlanta and back to Harbor City.  Another 5 days with over 60 hours of work.  All she wanted to do when she got home was shower, grab a bite to eat, and flop into bed for the rest of the day.

She couldn’t wait until June, when she would move to the route that her husband was on.  New York to London and back twice over 4 days, then 3 days off.  This current schedule worked fine, but she barely saw Harry.  Sometimes their schedules overlapped, but other times they could go a couple weeks without seeing each other.  Like today.  They were on Day 13 of a two-week stretch where they weren’t in the same time zone, let alone the same house.  On Friday they’d be together for 2 days, then another 5 without seeing each other.  She and Harry had put in for the same trips and were approved, but couldn’t start the new rotation until June.  She couldn’t wait for June.

She pulled into her parking space for her townhome a few minutes after noon.  She parked her Toyota 4Runner then grabbed her purse from the front seat and her carry-on from the back of the SUV.  After more than a decade on the job, she was well versed in living out of a suitcase.  She locked her vehicle and walked to her front door.  A quick moment with her key and she was inside.  One quick shove behind her, and her front door was closed.

On instinct, she turned to disarm her security system, but it was already off.

“Dammit.”  Debbie muttered under her breath.  Someone forgot to arm the alarm.  It could’ve been Harry when he left two days ago, or it could’ve been any of her neighbors checking on the cat.  Speaking of the cat…

“Chester?  Where are you, Chester?”  Many years of owning a cat and she still thinks he’ll come when called.  She took a quick look around the living room and dining room.  No Chester.

“Here, kitty.”  Debbie dropped her purse on the sofa and left her carry-on by the door.  She slipped off her heels as she walked upstairs.  A quick scan of the upstairs rooms told her that her home office door was closed but the other two rooms and main bathroom were open.  She looked in the gym/cat room first.  There he was, sitting in the windowsill as usual.

“Who’s a good kitty?  You are.”  Debbie pet her orange tabby cat for a minute before checking that the cat still had food and water in his dish.  She topped off his dish with some dry food and filled his dish from the sink in the main bathroom.  After petting her cat for a few more minutes, it was time for a shower.

Debbie opened the door to her bedroom.  She was home, safe and sound.

That’s when she caught movement out of the corner of her eye.  Then she felt the hand over her face and pain in her side.  Horrible, intolerable pain.


Two video files downloaded.  They were called ‘Fun With Debbie 1’ and ‘Fun With Debbie 2’.  James clicked on the first video.

The first video started with what looked like a positioning test.  It was placed on a flat surface, then picked up, jostled again, then wrapped around something higher up on the wall.  A little bit of tweaking and it had a clear view of the foot of Debbie and Harry’s king-sized bed.   A moment later and a man walked in front of the camera, carrying a second camera.  The man wore a black ski mask, a black t-shirt, and jeans.  James looked closely, it was the gardener from earlier.  At least, he had the same build and body size as the gardener.  The man played around with the second camera, making sure it was pointing at the bed.  After the camera was set, he spent a moment fiddling about with something on the headboard.  It looked like rope, or chain, or some kind of restraint.  A closer look showed that it was a pair of handcuffs with a really long chain.  He threw a pillow over them to cover the cuffs up.

There was a cut in the action.  The man was now in the corner of the field of view, behind a closed door, near the doorway to the Master Bathroom.  His left hand held a rag or bandana or handkerchief of some kind while his right hand held a stun gun.  In the distance, the camera picked up Debbie’s voice, calling for her cat.  Minutes passed before anything happened, the man waiting in the ready the whole time.

The door opened and Debbie walked in.  She was good looking as always, but somehow always looked better in her uniform.  Her long, black hair fell loose to her shoulders.  Red lipstick made her lips stand out while the rest of her makeup highlighted her high cheekbones and light Asian skin.  Her white blouse was tight, buttoned up almost most of the way, leaving the top two buttons undone, showing more than a hint of cleavage.  Her navy miniskirt hugged her hips and ass, stopping just above her knees.  Tan colored stockings covered her legs, making them appear a little more defined.

Debbie entered her bedroom and made it a couple steps.  She was looking toward the bed and nightstand when she stopped.  That’s when the man jumped to action.  With two quick steps, he lunged forward and grabbed Debbie’s face with his left hand and jammed the stun gun into her right flank, on the side of her stomach.  Just as she screamed in panic, a terrible buzzing sounded and Debbie screeched in pain, the man zapping her with the stun gun.  She collapsed to the ground, the man holding the trigger down the whole time until she was on the ground.  Once she was on the ground, he shoved the rest of the gag into her mouth and tied it behind her head.  She lay limp on the floor, convulsing from the recent pain.  He grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet with his left hand, right hand holding the stun gun.  She wobbled to her feet as he dragged her to her own bed.

Her mind must’ve realized what was about to happen.  She tried to move away, but her movements were awkward, like walking on numb feet.  The man saw this, and hit her with the stun gun again, this time in the stomach.  It was a short burst, but enough to get her to double over by the bed.  He threw her on the bed, keeping a hold of her hair the whole time.  She landed on her back, and he climbed on top of her.  He reached for the cuffs buried under the pillow and her right arm.  She tried to struggle, so he zapped her again and again and again.  Debbie shrieked through her gag each time, feeling the pain as the electricity show through her body.  He grabbed her right arm and cuffed it, then did the same with her left arm.  Before he stood, he zapped her two more times, quickly for good measure.

He went back to the bedroom door and closed it.  James wasn’t sure why until he remembered about that stupid cat.  The man locked the door for good measure before stripping, taking off his t-shirt, then jeans, underwear, and socks.  He did this in full view of Debbie, who was sobbing uncontrollably at this point.  She knew what was going to happen.

The man returned to her view, still holding the stun gun and another implement.  He climbed on top of her on the bed, putting the stun gun down right next to her head, to remind her what would happen if she didn’t behave.  He showed what was in his other hand – a folding knife.  The man opened the knife, letting the light in the room show her what he held.  She shook violently, panicking as he played with the blade for a moment.  She squealed into her gag as he brought the blade close.

“Shhh.”  He shushed her as he took the blade and sliced off her blouse buttons, one at a time.  Each time he did, he opened her shirt further, exposing her white bra and full breasts.  Another button, then another.  Finally, all the buttons were cut and he pulled the blouse free.  He took the knife, and carefully sliced her bra straps by her shoulders then between her cups.  Slowly, he stroked her stomach and sides before ending on her breasts.  He bent down and licked her nipples, brown and the size of a silver dollar.  She cried and pleaded through her gag, but he kept on playing with her tits.  Squeezing, licking, biting, sucking them.

He leaned up after a minute and slid down her body, knife in hand.  He paused, figuring out the best way to unwrap his new toy.  Part of him wanted to take his sweet time, but his cock was aching hard, and he wanted her here and now.  He scooched further down her body, sitting on her legs.  Using a knee, he forced himself between her legs.  She shook, afraid of angering him as he held the blade.  After pushing her legs apart as far as they’d go, he took the knife and sliced the taut fabric from the bottom of her skirt up.  She held her breath as the blade inched closer and closer to her body.  Before long, her navy skirt was sliced in half the whole way up to her waistline.  This exposed her stockings, which covered her white panites.

The man leaned forward and sniffed her crotch.  It smelled like sweat and fear.  He smiled, then grabbed the gusset and ripped it open.  A couple more tears and he had access to her panty covered pussy.  He slid the knife along the front of the panties from the left leghole and carefully sliced up to the elastic waistband.  Debbie held her breath as he did so, afraid of this monster hurting her again.  He did the same to the right leghole.  He grabbed the front panel of the now shredded panties and pulled.  He struggled with them at first, but got them off of her with a couple tugs.

Debbie’s pussy was now exposed.  It was covered in a thin layer of dark pubic hair, trimmed all around, rather short.  It was almost like she shaved everything off regularly, but had been lazy for the last couple weeks.  He bent down to smell and taste her, flicking his tongue over lips.  With his free hand, he spread her open, then flicked his tongue over her clit.  She shook at the feeling, careful to keep her eyes on the knife at all times.  He continued, but this wasn’t about her pleasure.  It was about getting her wet enough to fuck and humiliating her.

He slid back up her body, still between her legs.  He placed the knife on the nightstand, still within his reach.  She followed the knife to the table.  That’s when she saw the smartphone on a tripod facing the bed.  The realization struck her like a baseball bat.  This man was going to rape her and film it.

He grabbed her head with one hand, forcing her to look at him as he entered her.  He pushed his way into her pussy, a couple inches at first, then back, then in further until he was all the way in.  He held her head in place, staring at her as he fucked her, as he raped her.  He reached a steady rhythm after a minute. 

The stranger kept fucking Debbie in this position for a few minutes until she felt his pace quicken.  He held her head in place until the last minute when he pulled out and moved up her body as fast as possible.  There, he stroked off his naked cock, shooting his semen all over her face.  Jet after jet of his cum blasted her in the face.  One stream hit her right in the left eye, another ended up going in her nose. 

He rolled off of her to catch his breath as she cried.  She cried partly from the pain, but mostly from the violation.  Here she was, in her own home, being raped by a complete stranger.  ‘There was nothing to stop him from killing her’, she thought.  She tried to follow him as best she could as he got off the bed, but her vision was clouded.  She couldn’t see much, but knew that he was going to the bathroom.  He came back a minute later, and she felt a warm washcloth on her face.  He gave her a quick clean.

He sat on the edge of the bed for a while, thinking about what to do next.  He grabbed the pair of destroyed panties and used them as a makeshift glove as he rifled through her drawers.  It didn’t take long for him to find her sex toys in the nightstand.  He found a vibrator, some lube, and a blindfold. 

He took all three of them and climbed back onto the bed, making sure he didn’t block the cameras.  He took the vibrator, turned it on, and played with her, running the vibrator over her clit then penetrating her with it.  He explored, seeing what it took to turn Debbie on.  He tortured her like this for 20 minutes as she tried to hold out, but soon her own body betrayed her as he forced her to orgasm.  As she approached the edge, he grabbed her hair and twisted it, forcing her to face the camera as she came.
By this point he was fully aroused again.  He slipped on a condom he grabbed from his last bathroom trip and slid it on.  He grabbed Debbie and forced her around in the bed, moving her into a face down ass up position.  He lined his dick up with her pussy and started fucking her.  She cried again, but she was losing her fight.  That was until she felt the lube being spread out on her asshole.  She tried to squirm away, pleaded into her gag for him to stop, but her pleas were cut off when she felt him pull out and felt the stun gun on her pussy.

She froze, remembering how painful it was on the rest of her body.  If he pulled the trigger there…

She felt something apply pressure to her anus.  Then the pressure turned to pain, almost like being punched slowly.  She felt him apply more lube as he went, but that didn’t seem to help.  Pretty soon, her questions on what was being pushed in were answered as she felt his thighs against her ass, pushing into her body.

There was no doubt about it, he was raping her ass.

He took his time, getting used to being in her tight ass.  After what felt like an eternity to her, he started pushing back and forth.  As he did, he took the vibrator, set it to high, then shoved it into her pussy.

He fucked her ass for a solid fifteen minutes before he picked up the pace, causing her to howl and scream into her gag.  She pulled up as hard as she could on her cuff chain, hoping that maybe the chain would break or that she could climb away, but she couldn’t.  She prayed for this be over.

Soon, she got her wish.  His actions became herky-jerky and then he grabbed her hips as plowed into her ass one last time and came inside his condom.  As he sat there, her crying filled the room.  He pulled out of her ass to a satisfying ‘pop’.

He left her on the bed, but grabbed the knife from the nightstand and the stun gun from the bed.  The vibrator was still in her pussy.  At this point, any pleasure it was meant to derive had turned to pain.  She couldn’t focus on what he was doing.  All she heard was water running in the bathroom from the toilet and the sink.

She turned her head as much as she could without flipping onto her body.  Her ass was in pain, and she didn’t want to put any pressure on it.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw the man return.  This time he was fully dressed in his black t-shirt and jeans.  He held the stun gun in one hand and a phone in the other.  He grabbed her by the hair and pulled up, making sure he had her attention before pressing play on the phone.  Siri spoke.

“If you want to live, you will follow my instructions.  I will leave you here as I hide your phone in this house.  When I return I will clean you up.  Then I will remove your shackles but will tie your hands and feet in place.  You will be able to move your hands in front of you.  I will remove this gag but replace it with one of yours.  I will then blindfold you with your own blindfold.  You will lay on the bed and count to 100.  After that point, you will be able to untie your hands and feet.  If you try to untie yourself before 100, I will kill you.  If you report this to the police, I will come back and kill you.  If you do not follow these instructions, I will kill you.  Do you understand?”

Debbie nodded.  He let her go as he went about cleaning her and the room.  The stranger gave her a once-over as he wiped down her face, chest, and crotch.  He sprayed some stain remover on the sheets where he fucked her, destroying any DNA he might’ve left behind.  He found some of her other pairs of stockings and tied her hands as he uncuffed her.  He took the clothes he shredded and put them in a neat pile on the bed.  After tying her feet together with the same stockings for her hands, essentially hogtying her, he took the shredded clothes with him to the bathroom.  A minute later he returned.  He walked over to the bed where she was bound and put the blindfold on her.  He played another message from his phone.

“The next time you hear me, you will start counting slowly to 100.  Do not attempt to free yourself before then, or I will kill you.”

Debbie couldn’t see what the man was doing.  He reached over to the smartphone on the nightstand and turned it off.  He grabbed the other camera, the one she never noticed, and took it with him into the bathroom.  There, he angled it facing a blank wall.  A moment later, he picked up the camera.  Gone was the ski mask and back on were the gardening clothes, sunglasses, and hat.  He slipped his boots back on, and put his clothes and camera back in his bag.  He kept this camera out to document things.  He returned to the bedroom and saw Debbie, naked, blindfolded, and bound.  He pressed play on his other phone.

“You may begin counting.  Remember what I said, and that I have video of you being a naughty girl.  It would be a shame for that to end up on the web.”

He left, carrying his phone and bag with him.  He left the bedroom, made his way down the stairs to the first floor, then to the basement.  He stuffed his bag into the tank he used for spraying weeds, then turned off the camera.


James could hardly believe what he saw.  He just watched the systematic rape and destruction of that stuck-up bitch next door.  He played through the second video.  It was the same, but from the point of view of the nightstand.  His favorite shot was when she realized that he was filming her rape just as she was being raped.

He sent a message to his new friend, congratulating him on a job well done.  He was online, so they chatted for a bit.  The friend sent James the info for Stephanie a couple days ago, along with her schedule, how to get in her house, and the drugs he’d need to knock her out for the night.  When James asked why on the drugs part, the friend said he’d always wanted to see this happen to her, but held out hope that one day he’d be the one to break her.  This way, he could see her get raped while she could still pass it off as though nothing happened.  There was a sick, twisted logic to his thought pattern. 

James confirmed that no one else would drink the wine she saved for herself, and the friend confirmed it.  James’s plan was to sneak into her house Friday during the day, spike her wine, then come back late at night.  That way, she’d pass out and wouldn’t be a problem.  But, if things did go that route, he was prepared.

Now, James just had to wait until Friday.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 19 Posted)
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Love that Debbie was taken in such a way that anyone around could have been her rapist! Setting up the cameras was ingenious and really leads an sense of a well oiled machine at work. Merit awarded for continuing a great story from a different point of focus!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 20 Posted)
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After a long hiatus from this story while I finished Lake Hiawatha, I'm back with Pharma.  After this week, I'm posting 1-2 chapters per week going forward until the story is finished or I hit a wall and need a change.  This is part of the same universe as the other tales in Chester County.

Chapter 20

Tommy spent his week learning Morgana’s habits and patterns.  At least once every few hours outside of work, he would log on to the Club’s website and view her cam feed to see what he missed.  He was very thorough in his research, keeping a spreadsheet over the last few days of when she was home, when she got dressed, when she ate, had sex, took a shit, all of it.  He learned that Morgana was on a regular birth control pill that she took every morning during her wake-up routine.  He learned that her routine was to wake up, go to the bathroom, brush her teeth, shower, dress for work, make coffee, then leave.  She would leave their condo at 7:35.  From what he knew from Mitch, most of his co-workers started between 8:00 and 8:30, with Morgana being one of the earlier arrivals.  She would come home a little after 5:30 every day. 

Drew usually had dinner ready by the time she arrived.  He worked earlier hours, getting up at 5:00 and leaving the condo by 5:30.  He would go into the office early, work out, shower, and get dressed there.  He’d usually come home around 4:30PM, relax for a few minutes, then get dinner ready.  So far this week it was leftovers of ratatouille, a dish they made on Sunday.  He’d serve Morgana that, and he’d have some chicken and rice to go along with it.

After dinner, they’d talk for a while and usually cuddle on the couch watching something on television.  It was usually either a streaming show they were binging or some home improvement thing.  They would talk about what they were going to do on the weekend, or their next trip, or where they were going on their next trip.  Drew was becoming obsessed with American cuisine and wanted to go to Buffalo to try something called a Garbage Plate.  She was disgusted by that idea but he did point out that Niagara Falls was a short drive from Buffalo.

It was also during the evenings that they would call their families back home.  Morgana would Facetime her sister Aislinn almost every day between 7 & 9PM, and try to reach her bestie Tabitha as well.  Drew would usually text with some of his friends and call his parents at least once a week.

They would go to bed anytime between 9PM and 1AM, depending on what mood they were in.  So far this week, he’s recorded them having sex 8 times.  5 times at night in bed, once in the kitchen after dinner, and once in the living room and once in the shower.  He recorded all of those sessions except the shower.  The camera didn’t get a good view of it.

Now that Tommy and the couple were friends, he also scraped their photos off of social media.  Morgana was much more prolific of a poster than Drew.  She seemed to post everything from vacation photos to parties with her friends and even some modeling assignments.  One of Tommy’s favorite shoots was one where she was dressed like a naughty secretary, then changed clothes into a schoolgirl.  His next favorite after that was a photo shoot she was on with her sister.

Speaking of her sister, Tommy and Aislinn started following each other on the various social media platforms.  They talked once or twice through DM’s, but nothing too crazy.  He thought she was really cute.  Not as good looking as Morgana, but that’s like comparing a Monet to a Van Gogh.

Tommy did hook up with Tammy a couple more times during the week, but she noticed he wasn’t paying attention to her the whole time.  They had a small fight when he ignored her most of Tuesday and she was upset that he didn’t invite her to Morgana’s dinner on Friday.  He didn’t tell her what he was doing that night at first, but when she pulled it out of him he had to phrase it as though it was a business dinner.  “I mean, who invites James to a friendly dinner?”  That was the only thing that kept him out of a fight.

He asked if he should bring something to the dinner.  Morgana said no, but relented when he offered to pick up a pie on the way over.  James offered to bring something to drink, making a joke about leaving the ‘strong stuff’ at home because of his date that night.  They agreed to meet for dinner at their place at 6PM.  Drew would have everything ready by then, and it gave everyone else a chance to freshen up before arriving from work.

On Thursday, James skipped out of work for a little bit, telling Tommy he had an errand to run.  He went to the Post Office out by Cabanas Township and picked up a package from his new friend.  After driving to a safe location and making sure he wasn’t followed, he opened it.  It contained pictures of Stephanie Connors, her address, a copy of her key, her alarm code, her favorite type of wine, her schedule, and a rather large packet of generic Rohypnol from Mexico.  Well, large enough to be worrisome.  James had no clue how much to use, but knew enough that he had to be careful when he looked that up.

Tommy got into another fight with Tammy on Thursday, once again about the dinner.  He told her he couldn’t bring her this time, but maybe next time and that they would do something on Saturday.  This seemed to calm her down, but the young man was already seeing the signs on the wall that this little thing they had going wouldn’t last long.

Also, that night James packed his gear bag, or ‘rape kit’ like it was called in the Club, and did some research on the drug he had.  He needed to make sure it entered her system.  How much he needed depended on what he wanted to do.  If he wanted her awake but pliable, he should only use a little bit.  If he wanted her completely zonked out, he should use more.  He measured out a small amount, and tried to come up with a plan to get in and spike her wine.  That’s when he remembered the old work sign magnets he had lying around from previous companies.  Harbor City Contracting would sometimes be subbed out for other companies, and one of those relationships required him and his men to put their badging on their trucks, covering up their logos.  James searched for them in his townhouse, finding a few from a cable installation company that recently rebranded.  No one would think twice about the cable guy stopping over in the middle of the suburbs.

On Friday, both men prepared for their nights in different ways. 

Tommy punched out a little early so that he could shower in the locker room and put on some nicer clothes.  He then stopped at a local bakery and picked up a Chocolate Crème Pie for dessert. 

James left work early that day, too.  He drove to a place he knew right outside of Hillside Township.  It’s one of those nice, upper middle class to upper class suburbs of Harbor City.  This was the area that Stephanie lived.  Even though she was a schoolteacher, her husband was an IT consultant and made more than enough money for the both of them.  She worked mainly for the passion teaching.  At least, that’s what James’s new friend said.  He drove to this little spot he knew, out of the way from everyone and everything with prying eyes, and changed into a spare set of technician’s clothes slapped the logos on his truck, obscuring his H2C vinyl markings. 

He had a plan.  He would drive to Stephanie Connors’s house, arrive before anyone got home, break in, then open a bottle or two of wine, add some of the roofies, reseal them, and leave.  As he pulled up to her house, 1245 Crestview Drive, he remembered the Murphy’s First Law of Battle:  All plans go straight to Hell as soon as the first shot is fired.

As he approached the house, he noticed that he was stuck in traffic.  James saw that it was 3:25PM.  It was pretty unusual to get stuck in traffic this early in the afternoon, but as he drove through the suburb, he saw the cause of the traffic.  A big, yellow school bus letting off high school students.  Well, he thought they were high school students.  As he made his way to Crestview Drive, he saw that the students looked a little younger, like they were young teens.  He had a hard time telling any of them apart, but remembered something that one of those annoying twats he worked with in corporate said a couple years ago about school busing.  “They usually pick up the oldest, then the middle school, then the grade school kids, then drop them off in the same order.  That way, the oldest kids are there when the youngest get home and can keep an eye on them.”  James took another look at them at the next bus stop.  They weren’t almost adults, they were barely kids.  James realized that this was probably the middle school kids, or whatever they call themselves.  Stephanie’s youngest was probably on that bus.  That meant his plan wasn’t going to work.  There would be at least one if not two teenagers there, ready to ask questions and text their mom about the stranger in the house.

His suspicions were confirmed as he drove past 1245 slowly and saw someone, barely a young man, walking to the house.  James continued past, realizing he needed another plan.  As he drove out of the suburban neighborhood, he formulated two possible plans.

The first plan, the one he preferred to do, was break into the house earlier when he she drove off, spike her drink, wait for her to pass out, then fuck her.  The second plan was break in, wait for her to come home, and attack her.

If he had to choose violence, then he would choose violence.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 20 Posted)
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Love the continuation, nothing like Murphy's law coming in effect. Tommy Seems to have a problem on his hands with Tammy, will we see her become a victim of the "Club"?  Can't wait to read more, merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 20 Posted)
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Can't wait to see what happens next.

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 20 Posted)
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Thanks.  Action picks up in the next couple chapters.  TGH, I honestly hadn't thought that far ahead for Tammy but you've given me a great idea.  Well, depends on your definition of great.   >:D
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 21 Posted)
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Chapter 21

The smell of turmeric and cumin filled the apartment as Drew finished preparing tonight’s main dish, Torai Masala.  It’s Indian spiced zucchini, peas, and beans, and a completely vegan meal.  To be on the safe side, he also prepared some roasted chicken breasts and white rice.  Though Morgana was a vegetarian, he knew their guests weren’t.  They’d view the Torai Masala as more of a side dish while his wife had that as her main.  The dinner would be ready right around 6PM when their guests arrived.

Drew wore an apron over his light blue polo shirt and khakis.  He’d changed into something a little more “comfortable” for him.  They were having friends over for dinner, but they weren’t so close that it was shorts and pizza for dinner.

Morgana was still dressed in her clothes from work, a nice pair of slacks and a red and black blouse.  He looked over at her, seeing her cute little bum shaking around as she walked the place, tidying up and getting the dining table set.  She sauntered into the kitchen, his eyes following her the whole way as she bent over and looked into the fridge.

“Oy, what wine goes with Torai?”  Morgana asked from the fridge, putting a little extra wiggle to her backside, knowing Drew was watching.

“Umm, let me think.”  He took a hard look, mindlessly stirring the masala.  Tomato base, spicy, pair it with a fruity red, he thought.

“What reds we got?”  Drew asked, still stirring.

“Um…rose’ and Pinot Noir.”


She grabbed the Noir from the fridge and stood.  She saw the cheeky smile on his face.

“Anything else you need from there?”  She walked over to him and kissed him.  Lightly at first, but with a little more passion.  Just as they both liked where this was going, her phone buzzed.  She looked at it.  James and Tommy were downstairs, waiting to be buzzed in.

“They’re here.”  Morgana went to the buzzer by the apartment door and let them in.  They’d be upstairs in a minute.  She kissed Drew one more time as she walked over to the main door.  A moment later, Tommy and James entered.  Tommy was dressed in a nice lavender polo shirt that accentuated his skinny frame and black slacks.  He looked like he was just as ready for a day in the office or a night at the club.  Tommy carried a pie he picked up from a local grocery story, Apple Crumb.  James dressed like he was ready for a date with a nice pair of blue jeans, a sharp black button-up shirt and a dark blue dinner jacket.  He even wore nice tennis shoes, a pair of black Stan Smith’s.

“Oy, you look well turned out tonight, who’s the lucky Shelia?”  Morgana gave James a good look before giving him a quick hug.  James wasn’t expecting that, but he won’t turn it down.  She then turned to Tommy and gave him a hug, too, though Tommy could’ve sworn that she held it for a beat longer than the one with James.

“Thanks for having us.  What smells so good?”  James’s nose carried him to the kitchen.

“Here, in case we want dessert.”  Tommy carried the pie into the kitchen, walking with Morgana.  They saw Drew chop up some parsley and thyme into a thin chiffon cut.  Drew then grabbed a clay colored serving bowl and emptied the masala into it, sprinkling the herbs on top.

“Torai Masala.  It’s a bunch of veggies in a spicy Indian tomato sauce.  Also making roasted chicken and white rice.  Everything but the chicken is Vegan tonight.  If you want a seat, dinner is almost ready.”  Drew finished up in the kitchen as James and Tommy took seats around the dining room table.  Morgana grabbed the first bottle of wine, some Pinot Noir and poured everyone a glass.  Drew brought out the dishes and a minute later, everyone sat around the table, portioning out dinner.


Tommy wasn’t used to Indian food, but he could get used to this.  If it meant that he could spend more dinners with Morgana, he’d get used to eating horseshit flavored with piss and broken glass smothered in mayonnaise.

The four friends talked about the last week, about Tommy’s mystery girlfriend Tammy, about how work went, but the focus of the conversation was James and his upcoming date.

“So, you got a date tonight?  Tell us ‘bout her, mate.”  Morgana asked playfully.  James swallowed his masala, then smiled.

“Maybe, see how things go.”  James replied.

“Now what’s that supposed to mean?”  Drew asked.

“It’s a bit of a blind date.  She came up on one of those apps, we chatted for a bit, agreed to get some drinks, see where things go from there.”  James took a sip of wine, trying to flesh out the rest of his story.

“You at least know’er name?”  Morgana asked.
“Stephanie.  She’s a teacher in high school.  At least that’s what that fat bloke pretending to be her said.”  James played along.  Her name was Stephanie, and this was technically a blind date.  So blind she didn’t know it was coming.

“You think yer gettin’ catfished?”  Tommy asked between bites of zucchini. 

“Is that what they call it when a bloke pretends to be a spunky Shelia online?”  James asked Tommy.  The younger man could make out about half that sentence.

“If that means what I think it means, then yes.”  Tommy said.

“It does.  James thinks Stephanie is probably Stephen, getting a kick out of this from the street watching him be all sad and lonely.”  Morgana said, before continuing.  “But, lookin’ like you do tonight, and knowing how charmin’ you can be when you want to, you’ll chat up a twice divorced woman lookin’ for a good time.”

“Well, if that happens, I’ll make sure to give them a different name.  I’m not trying to be ex-husband number three.”  James chuckled.  The others at the table laughed as well.  He had another sip of wine.  “This is very good.  If we do this again, I have some Penley Estate I can bring.  Also a little Old Young’s if yer up fer it.”  Drew’s eyes went wide when he heard that.

“I’m game.  Haven’t been able to find any of those here in the states yet.  Where ya find it?”  Drew asked.

“I can’t give all my secrets away the first night.  Besides, might have to bring some goon, too.”  James said with a smile.  Drew and Morgana both winced a little.  Tommy looks confused.


“Cheap wine ya drink at parties when yer 15.”  Morgana said.  Tommy nodded in understanding.

“Like drinking Natty Ice up here.”

“Natty Ice?”  Drew looked at Tommy quizocally.

“Natty Ice.  Short for Natural Ice.  The nastiest beer on the hemisphere.  Also the cheapest.  It’s very popular among college kids that are dirt poor and can either buy a six pack of good beer or a case of Natty Ice.  Drink it fast enough, you don’t taste it.  No one of age voluntarily buys Natty Ice.  You either buy it because it’s all you can afford or life fucked you so hard you need to drink it.”  Tommy froze for a moment.  This is the first time he recalled dropping an f-bomb in front of Morgana.  How would she react?

“Miss the days of bein’ a two-pot screamer.  Get pissed on two drinks, on the third they’re fishin’ yer arse out of the river.  Now, it’s a challenge to get right rotten.”  Morgana said between sips.  She didn’t even blink at what he said.

James checked his watch.  It was a little after 7PM.  “I’m sorry, I have to head out soon.  See if Stephanie is real or if I spend the night getting stood up and keeping the bad plastic surgery away.”

“Let’s do this again in a couple weeks.  A nice night in before I head back home.”  Drew said.  That last part caught Tommy and James’s attention.

“Heading back home?”  Tommy said, trying to hide the worry that Morgana might leave.

“Got a business trip I have to make back to Melbourne for a few weeks.  Have a couple trips like that comin’ over the winter.  Summer here, winter there.  Go down for a few weeks, work, come back, rinse, repeat.”  Drew said.  Tommy saw Morgana’s gaze shift away for a bit.

“You going back down, too?”  Tommy asked Morgana.

“No, I’m staying.  I can’t take the time off work.”  Tommy noticed the melancholy in her voice.  She tried to put on a happy tone.  “Besides, someone has to take care of you two, make sure you don’t cause too many problems.”

“That’s a bigger job than you’d think.  Maybe start small like tryna cure cancer or turn water into wine.”  James said with a chuckle.  Morgana smiled and laughed.  James stood from the table.  “Sorry, I have to get going.  Drew, the masala was amazing.”

Morgana, Tommy, and Drew stood.  Morgana gave James a quick hug while Drew shook his hand and Tommy waved.

“Let’s us know if Stephanie is real.”  Drew said with a smile.

“Will do.  G’night mates.”

“Goodnight.”  Drew and Tommy said in unison.  Morgana walked behind James to the door and let him out.


James climbed into his pickup truck and drove off.  It was just starting to get dark, and James figured he had about an hour to get to Stephanie’s house.  A mile down the road, he pulled into an industrial park and changed.  He changed his clothes to look like a cable tech and put the magnets on the doors, covering the H2C logos.  He checked his rape kit and the roofies he packed away.  It didn’t take him long to get ready, and after a couple minutes he was back on the road. 

A half hour on the road through surface streets and he was in the housing plan where Stephanie Connors lived.  He went through two plans through his head, then came up with a third and a fourth.

The first plan was the one he thought would work best.  He shows up, no one is home, he breaks in, spikes her wine bottle, hides, then waits for her to pass out.  The second plan was he forces her into the bedroom and fucks her silly right after she gets home.  The third plan is a combo of the first two.  Spike the wine, then fuck her before she passes out.  Finally, just wait for her to pass out from drinking normal.  He ran through the plan a few times, then changed it around in his mind.

When he pulled up in front of Stephanie’s house and saw her load her teenaged son into her SUV.  He was a few centimeters shorter than his mother, but was in that awkward growth phase.  James waited a couple minutes as she pulled out and left.  After checking that the coast was clear, he grabbed his kit which was in a toolbox, put a ballcap on, some gloves, and went to work.
Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck