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Re: Pharma (Chapter 68 Posted)
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Ah what a kind hearted man Steve is, he could have held Bianca's phone while she talked but he gave her a semblance of privacy! Getting the impression that Ray may show up in the long run and take over the whole operation! still hoping the Bob comes over and takes a liking to one of the ladies, really hoping it's Bubbles he wants the most! Merit to be awarded when allowed!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 69 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I did come up with a plan for Ray, and we'll see how that starts to shape up in the next few chapters.  He's a bit of a loose cannon, but will make a big impact in the story going forward.  Just maybe not that kind of impact.   ;)

Chapter Nice is incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 69 Posted)
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Chapter 69(FF,oral,69,snowball,inc,ncon,viol)

“Excellent.  Morgana, open wide for the camera.”  Sam said mockingly, and Morgana complied, showing a full mouth of cum.  “Perfect.  Now, we’re about to have some serious fun.  I want you to sit next to your sister on the couch bed, and face the camera.  Just sit there for a minute.  I have to change the battery and card, this won’t take long.  When I tell you to, I want you to kiss Aislinn, and share some of James’s juice with her, share what you have in your mouth.  Give her a taste.”  As Sam said this, he walked over to the camera equipment to get a fresh card and battery for Tommy’s camera.  Meanwhile, Steve retrieved the tiger-striped iPhone from the box and made his way to the bathroom, where Bianca waited to call her daughter.

Morgana sat there, humiliated and deflated, mouth open holding James’s cum.  She sat there and watched as the fat man with the camera fumbled with Tommy’s camcorder, replacing the battery and fiddling around with the settings.  He mumbled something under his breath about the stupid settings but eventually got back to his job.  She saw the pink haired Asian girl rummage through Joe’s bag of sex toys, and returned with a riding crop in hand.

“Know what this is?”  Bubbles said.  The girls nodded.  “You do what we say, when we say it, or your ass gets beaten raw.”

“Good, now that we’re ready to start.  Let’s get a few still pics.  Kimmypoo, mind doing that part?”

“With pleasure Honeybear.”  Bubbles said, using her cell phone to take pictures of Aislinn and Morgana covered in cum, and with Morgana holding her mouth open as it was filled with James’s seed.  Bubbles took pic after pic, doing her best job with the equipment she had.  It felt like an eternity that they sat there before any more instructions were given.

“Okay.  Aislinn, rub Drew’s cum into your skin, like lotion.  And smile, like you love it.”  Sam said.  Aislinn hesitated a moment before lifting her shaking hands to her chest.  She rubbed the semen around, pretending it was lotion.  Her years of modeling paid off as she plastered on a fake smile.  “Good, good little cum slut.”  He said as she kept up the work.  Drew had got some on her face, too.  As she moved her hands to her face, Sam spoke up.  “No, leave the cum on your face for now.”

Morgana saw Bianca and the guard with the dad bod return from the bathroom.  No one was screaming or getting shot, so it must’ve been a good call.  Bianca sat in the chair for a while, looking over the room while the guard looked in the box with the phones.  That’s when the Asian cracked the riding crop down as hard as she could.

“Pay attention, bitch.”  Bubbles said to Morgana.

“Morgana, show me what’s in your mouth.”  Morgana wondered how much longer she’d have to keep her mouth open like this.  Her jaw ached.  The fat guy took some video while the woman took still pics.  “Perfect.  Now, it’s time to share with your sister.  Aislinn, lean back and open your mouth.  Morgy, lean over your sister.”  Aislinn leaned back, doing as told.  She leaned back on her elbows and tilted her head back, then opened her mouth.  “Good, just like that.  Morgy, lean over her mouth.  Then slowly spit out James’s cum.”  Morgy leaned over and lined up her mouth with her sister’s before forcing the semen out of her mouth.  “Excellent, keep going.  Aislinn, once it’s all in there, show me.”  Sam said from behind the camera.  Morgana continued until it was all out of her mouth, then leaned back.  “Okay, Aislinn, lean forward, let me see.”  Aislinn propped herself up, showing the cum in her mouth.  Sam came closer to get a good shot, and Bubbles was taking pics.  “Good girl.  Now swallow it.  Then show me you did a good job.”  Aislinn girded herself then swallowed the vile load.  After making a show of swallowing, she opened her mouth again.  It was mostly empty. 

“Perfect.  Now both of you, sit up.”  The sisters did as told.  “Morgana, your sister still has a little mess on her face.  Lean over and clean her up with your tongue.”  Morgana could see what he wanted her to do.  Aislinn closed her eyes as Morgana leaned closer, licking a spot of Drew’s cum off of her chin.  “Good, good.  Now lean down and clean her neck and chin.”  Morgana did as told.  She felt disgusted as she licked her sister’s face and neck, trying to clean her husband’s semen off of her, but knew they wouldn’t hesitate to beat the shit out of her.  Morgana worked on Aislinn’s neck down to her chest.  She stopped before going down any further, then moved her way back up Aislinn’s neck.  They didn’t stop her, so she took that as a slightly good sign.

“Good, good.  Now, look each other in the eyes.”  The sisters looked at each other, dreading what was coming.  “Now kith.”  Sam said.  The girls knew what he meant and kissed each other.  They gave each other a quick peck.  “Keep going.”  They pecked again, and again.  “Go further.  Make it sexy.”  This time they stopped in front of each other for a moment before Morgana took the lead and kissed her younger sister.  This time she didn’t move back and slipped her tongue into Aislinn’s mouth.  They kissed lightly, then kept making out for a minute.  They both knew what they were being made to do.

“Now, do something with your hands.  Grab each other’s tits, play with them.”  Sam commanded them.  Bubbles kept taking pics.  Morgana broke the kiss quickly and whispered “I’m sorry” to her sister as she reached up and grabbed her sister’s little titties.  She grabbed them, lightly playing with them.  Aislinn did the same, doing to her older sister what she liked done to her.  The two women continued to make out and play with each other’s boobs for a couple minutes, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

“Okay, doing good so far.  Morgana, push Aislinn down on the bed and follow her down.”  Morgana took a deep breath before pushing her sister down.  She leaned with her, keeping the kissing going.  “Good, now move your hand down to her twat, slowly.  But not too slowly, we don’t have all night.”  Morgana was on the verge of tears as she kept kissing her sister and slid her left hand down from Aislinn’s boobs to her belly and further down to her legs.  Aislinn thought for a moment about resisting, but a crack of the riding crop against her exposed hip changed her mind.  Aislinn spread her legs for her sister’s hand. 

“Good, now start playing with her.  Aislinn, just lean back and relax for a moment.”  Aislinn felt Morgana play with her outer lips, caressing her and gently playing with her.  They continued making out.  She thought for a moment that if this weren’t her sister, she could enjoy it.  Hell, she tried to imagine that was any other woman, all the way from old friends from school to Bianca to that roommate neighbor of Drew’s down in Melbourne, but the fat guy calling them each out by their names took her out of her fantasies.  She had to admit, at least Morgana was good with her hands.

“Okay, Aislinn, return the favor.  Start fingering Morgana, get her going a little.”  Aislinn sighed, knowing this was bound to happen.  She slid her hand down Morgy’s tight little tummy to the top of her landing strip, then kept going.  She found Morgy’s slit and started playing it, doing to her sister what she liked to have done to her.  Aislinn gasped as Morgana found her clit and started to rub.  She now tried to return the favor.

“Good, keep going.”  Sam said.  He had no intention of stopping this show as the two beautiful sisters digitally manipulated each other’s nether regions, trying to elicit some level of pleasure from their shared trauma.  Morgana had a head start on Aislinn and could tell that her sister was enjoying this a little.  She couldn’t lie, what was happening to her felt good too, and if not for it being completely against her morals she might give in right here.  Still, she remembered what happened and what they said was the punishment for losing their little contest earlier.  She dreaded what the fat guy would say next.  Her wait was made worse by the delay as she figured they were getting their kicks out of watching the show in front of them.

“Okay, time for the main event.  Morgana, shimmy into position over Aislinn, put your pussy on your sister’s face.”  Sam said.  As Morgana stopped kissing her sister and looked up, Bubbles spoke up.

“You know, let’s make this a little bit of a contest.  You both have to eat each other out to two orgasms, but the first one to do so gets a prize.”  Bubbles said, that little mischievous tone breaking through.  Sam was curious what she meant.  “But if that isn’t motivation enough.”  Bubbles swung the riding crop, hitting Morgana in the flank just before she got her hand up in time to protect her face.  “Now ride her, bitch!”  Bubbles flinched at her with the crop again, and Morgana nearly jumped off of Aislinn and climbed on top of her sister.  The riding crop hurt, a lot.  The pain motivated her to move quickly, even if it was to do something against all of her morals and ethics.

She was about to eat out her sister.  This was, pretty much, fucking her sister, a thought that before today never entered her mind except with a revulsed shudder.  Now, she was climbing onto her younger sister’s face, and putting her head between Aislinn’s legs.  She took a deep breath before spreading Aislinn’s labia and sticking her face in her sister’s twat.

Aislinn did the same, but had a different vantage point, being on bottom this time.  She hoped that they wouldn’t call out their names, so she could focus on her fantasy partner.  She imagined that the woman on top of her and between her legs was anyone but Morgana.  She thought about co-workers, old classmates, fellow models.  Somehow, her mind tracked back to a barbecue she went to at Drew’s apartment a couple months back.  At least it felt like that long.  She’d been so busy before this trip that she had barely gone out for the past couple months.  Anyway, this party was mostly coworkers, but one of his neighbors came over, a pretty brunette named Marie, though she could’ve sworn she heard someone else call her Celeste.  Anyway, she was a playful and cheery brunette that was very cute.  Her body was close to Morgana’s, as was her attitude.  She thought that she would be a fun woman to hang out with.  In her fantasy, this woman made the moves on her and one thing led to another.  They started talking, then kissing, and finally Marie or Celeste or whatever her name was had taken the initiative and was going down on her.  Not to be left out or seem greedy, she insisted that she return the favor.  Now that the fantasy stage was set, Aislinn spread the lips in front of her and guided her tongue into the twat in her face.  She felt great as the woman above her licked and flicked and sucked on her, driving her wild.  It wouldn’t be long now.

Morgana, for her part, tried thinking about anything sexy to get her mind off of what she was doing.  It’s one thing to remember being eaten out by a male lover, but she didn’t have any women to fall back on that made her moan except Kim from earlier.  Still, she tried rubbing her twat up and down on the face below her, trying to think it was anyone but her sister.  It was working, but not as much as she wanted it to.

Aislinn came first, and hard.  She muttered and moaned, shaking beneath her sister.  “Score one for Morgy.”  Bubbles said, as Aislinn regained her composure and went back to licking the twat in front of her.  Back in her mind, she was with that cute brunette.  She licked and fingered the woman on top of her, feeling the rhythms of her movements guide her along.  She kept going and going until…

Morgana buried her head into Aislinn’s crotch and screamed.  She was embarrassed and disgusted at how this happened, but as far as how everything else went today, it wasn’t as bad as she thought.  Aislinn was nowhere near as skilled as Kim was, but then again she wasn’t some lesbian whore, either. 

Morgana quickly composed herself and went back to work licking Aislinn’s pussy as Bubbles spoke.  “Looks like we’re tied 1 to 1.  Next one to make their sister cum gets a prize.”  She didn’t want to know what sick idea this woman had as a prize.  Still, she could tell that Aislinn was enjoying what she was doing to her more than the other way around.

Aislinn had lost herself in her fantasy world, enjoying how Marie or Celeste or whatever felt and tasted.  She imagined her perfume and how she would smell.  She imagined how smooth her touch would be, and she imagined how she would make her feel when they were together.  That part she felt but she pretended her sister was someone else.  She was lost in her thoughts, and just leaned into the physical pleasure once again as another warm wave overtook her body, causing her to shake under her sister.

“That’s two for Morgana.  She’s the winner or this little contest.  Let’s give them a round of applause.”  Bubbles said, and Steve and JC clapped from the back of the room.  Aislinn paused for a moment to see what was going on, but a stern warning put her back on pussy eating duty.  “You’re not done yet Aislinn.  Get your sister off one more time.”  Aislinn didn’t need to be told twice, not with Bubbles holding the riding crop.

As Aislinn kept licking and sucking on Morgy’s clit, pretending it was that mystery woman from Drew’ house, Morgy leaned up and propped herself up, holding her upper body with her arms on Aislinn’s skinny legs.  She tried to focus on the action between her legs as Bubbles came closer with the camera.  Of course she took a ton of pictures.

“After you two are done over here, we’re gonna start up on getting ready for bed.  But there’s one thing to do first.  See, Honeybear has been watching this whole mess, no one has given him the attention he deserves.  And quite honestly, I’m feeling like I could use some dick myself.  So, what’s it gonna be?  Who do we fuck?  Who gets Honeybear’s dick in their ass?”  Bubbles said.  She knew what she was doing, playing this game.  “Don’t say it now, think about it and yell it out when you cum.”

Morgana was grinding her pussy on Aislinn’s face while her little sister sucked on her clit.  She was ready to cum, and just a few more licks would push her over the edge.  And after hearing the question, she knew what she had to do.

“Mari.”  Morgana said, short of breath as she felt her legs shake under her.

“Yell it out.  Who does Honeybear fuck in the ass next?”  Bubbles said.

“MARI!”  Morgana yelled out, bucking and shaking on Aislinn’s face.  She collapsed on top of her sister as Aislinn finally stopped her cunnilingus activities.  Morgana tried to gain her breath as she looked to the side.

“Guess that means you’re up next Mari.  Hope that ass is nice and tight for Honeybear.  Oh, and while my man is doing you, I think it’s only fair I return the favor and fuck your husband.”  Bubbles said mockingly.  Mari seethed, still in pain from the last fucking she received by JC.  Mari looked at Morgana and Aislinn with pure hatred.  She was gonna fuck them up so hard tomorrow.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 69 Posted)
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Now you have me wondering what would have happened if both girls came at the same time? In my opinion it would have been one hell of a decision if Morgana had to chose between Tommy or Drew to get fucked by as her prise for making Aislinn Cum first! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 70 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  That...would've been an interesting thing to figure out.  Instead I went in a slightly different tangent.  The next couple chapters answer some questions that have been lying around for a while that I've wanted to get to for 15-20 chapters at this point, and set up some things for long down the road.  Starting with 70 and 71.

Chapter 70 incoming
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 70 Posted)
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Chapter 70(MF,anal,FF,oral)

“After you two are done over here, we’re gonna start up on getting ready for bed.  But there’s one thing to do first.  See, Honeybear has been watching this whole mess, no one has given him the attention he deserves.  And quite honestly, I’m feeling like I could use some dick myself.  So, what’s it gonna be?  Who do we fuck?  Who gets Honeybear’s dick in their ass?”  Bubbles said.  She knew what she was doing, playing this game.  “Don’t say it now, think about it and yell it out when you cum.”

Morgana was grinding her pussy on Aislinn’s face while her little sister sucked on her clit.  She was ready to cum, and just a few more licks would push her over the edge.  And after hearing the question, she knew what she had to do.

“Mari.”  Morgana said, short of breath as she felt her legs shake under her.

“Yell it out.  Who does Honeybear fuck in the ass next?”  Bubbles said.

“MARI!”  Morgana yelled out, bucking and shaking on Aislinn’s face.  She collapsed on top of her sister as Aislinn finally stopped her cunnilingus activities.  Morgana tried to gain her breath as she looked to the side.

“Guess that means you’re up next Mari.  Hope that ass is nice and tight for Honeybear.  Oh, and while my man is doing you, I think it’s only fair I return the favor and fuck your husband.”  Bubbles said mockingly.  Mari seethed, still in pain from the last fucking she received by JC.  Mari looked at Morgana and Aislinn with pure hatred.  She was gonna fuck them up so hard tomorrow.

But first…

Sam handed the camera over to JC as he shooed the sisters off of the bed.  They slowly got up and made their way back to their chairs, refusing to look at each other.  They were deeply embarrassed and ashamed at what they just did.  As they cleared the bed, he grabbed Mari by the hair and pulled her to her feet.

“Should I skip the foreplay?”  He said, pulling her in close for a kiss before pushing her onto the bed.  Bubbles had grabbed a bottle of lube for him to use, to at least ease the attack.  He lubed his dick up and put an extra large dab on her asshole before lining his cock up with her bum.  “I’ll be quick, don’t worry.”  Sam whispered in her ear.  It wasn’t much comfort, but it was better than getting fucked long and hard for an hour.  As Sam pushed into Mari’s ass, she felt soreness and pressure, as she was still recovering from JC’s anal rape not too long ago.  She was glad that the ‘anything goes’ day was almost over.  Sam plundered her ass with smooth and slow strokes, building up to a nice rhythm.  Once that was established, he leaned over, pulling Mari to her side so she could see Joe still bound in his chair.

“Looks like it’s you and me, pussy.”  Bubbles said to Joe, cutting the zip tie that held his cuffs to the chair.  This gave her better access to him, and since he was once again sporting a hard-on, it didn’t take her long to mount him.  Bubbles moaned and groaned, loudly and obnoxiously as she fucked him.  She was looking for a quick cum, knowing that Joe had to be sore by now.  Instead, she could feel him become more aroused inside her. 

Morgana thought she was punishing Mari by picking her to get fucked next.  She had no clue they were in on this from the beginning and that 3 of the 4 of them are good friends and the fourth, Bubbles, was the newest member of the group.  Joe had wanted to fuck Bubbles since he saw her first video in the Club.  As soon as Tommy laid out the plan for the weekend, she knew she’d fuck every guy there at least once.  And now, she was enjoying herself. 

Mari watching her man fuck this tight little Asian while getting her ass reamed excited her like she didn’t expect.  She reached down and played with herself while Sam fucked her ass with long, slow strokes.  Mari shuddered a few minutes later, followed by Sam inside of her.  The only clue that he was cumming was a change in his breathing, followed by stopping altogether.

Bubbles muttered something in Korean as she rode Joe, making crying and squealing noises along the way.  She was so worked up from what she made the sisters do that it didn’t take her long to orgasm on Joe’s dick, and he followed right after by cumming in her.  She sat there for a moment before dismounting and climbing onto the bed.

Mari tried to catch her breath as Sam pulled his dick out of her ass.  Before she could get up, Bubbles was on the bed with her.  “Eat my pussy clean, you whore.”  She didn’t give Mari a chance to complain or escape, just simply knelt over her face and gave the MILF no choice in the matter.  She didn’t expect her to get her off, but just wanted to add this little extra level of humiliation to their ordeal.  It would make Joe and Mari begging to join them that much more believable.

After a few minutes of forcing Mari to eat her out, Bubbles climbed off of the bed.  She grabbed Mari by the hair and pulled her to her feet.  “It’s time to start bathroom breaks and getting ready for bed.  I’m taking Karen with me.  You guys figure out a batting order.”  Bubbles said, halfway to the bathroom.

“Good idea.  Let’s figure out sleeping arrangements and that phone stuff.”  Sam said.  He had a good idea of the layout from what he saw online, but wanted more details.  He turned to James.  “You, James.  How many beds this place have?”  James was still gagged.  JC put the camera down on the dining table before going to ungag James.

“Four, but a bunch of fold out beds.”  James said before stretching his mouth from having the gag in it for the last couple hours.

“Okay.  NotDave, go take an inventory of the bedrooms.  Dave, let’s get these people fed and cleaned up before bed.”  Sam said.  JC nodded and left to walk around the house while Steve aka Dave began releasing the men from the zip ties keeping their hands in place to the chairs.

Over in the bathroom, Mari was finishing cleaning herself while Bubbles waited by the door. 

“How much longer on tonight?”  Mari asked in hushed tones.

“Just a little bit.  Think everyone’s pretty beat.”  Bubbles replied in a low volume.

“I know.  So what, clean up and a snack, then get moved into the various rooms for bed?” 

Bubbles nodded.  “Yep.  Figure the other three women will each be separated in their own rooms, they’ll get visitors throughout the night, maybe some action with the men we stick them with.”

“What, no plan on that?”  Mari asked, jokingly.

“I can’t plan everything to the nth degree.  C’mon, time’s running up, let’s go.”  Bubbles said, waiting for Mari to finish up.

“Back in character.”  Mari said, trying to look as miserable as possible.  Bubbles smirked, grabbing Mari by the armpit under her left shoulder.  Mari walked quickly with Bubbles back out to the living room.

“Next.”  Bubbles looked at Bianca.  “You, bathroom, then get some snacks and drinks ready for everyone.”  Bianca stood up and walked to the bathroom as Bubbles followed.


JC was exhausted.  Beyond exhausted, but he didn’t know a word for it.  Somehow he just marked down that there were 5 bedrooms upstairs on a little notepad he found in one of the dressers before he realized that he was going in circles.  Once he got his bearings, he made a thorough check of the house.

There were four bedrooms in the house, each with a king-sized bed.  Upstairs had two bedrooms.  One had a jacuzzi in it where Drew and Morgana’s stuff was.  The other didn’t look like it was slept in, but had a bed and two fold-out couches.  The main floor had a bedroom that James and Bianca used as well as a fold-out couch in the living room that had seen a lot of use so far, and enough spare cushions to make an emergency place to sleep.  The basement had a pool table, a theater room with about a dozen seats and a fold-out couch, as well as a full bedroom that Tommy used with Aislinn.

He stood there for a second, bleary eyed as he came up with a plan for the sleeping arrangements.  JC didn’t like that he missed out on most of the planning.  It was one of his favorite parts of being in the Club, solving problems.  That, and rape.  But solving problems was something he loved to do.  Now he was looking at the sleeping system like it was that classic Fox Chicken Seed River riddle.  He knew there were three women and one man not in on the attack.  They would need to be separated to keep them from conspiring.  That was easy, the women would be secured in each of the three bedrooms without couches.  Morgana would be tied up in her and Drew’s room, the one upstairs with the jacuzzi.  Bianca would be back in her room where her stuff was, and Aislinn would be in the basement in her and Tommy’s room.  Mari would be ‘tied up’ in the room with the spare couches, along with the rest of the crew, more or less.  They might have to put Joe in another room for a bit but if they keep the girls away from each other, they could say they hid him in another room.  Same thing goes for Tommy and James, they will likely be in stashed away after Drew.  Maybe Drew would go in the theater room, or tie him down with his wife but make him watch his wife get raped again, this time in the middle of the night.  If they didn’t have a better plan for him, that could work.

As he jotted down his ideas on the notepad, he thought about what lay ahead tomorrow and Monday morning.  If the plan was still in place, Joe and Mari would join them in their assault as willing hostages and participants.  Otherwise, things could get messy.  He hated messy.  He just wanted to go to bed.


Back down in the kitchen, Bianca was putting together a quick drink and snack for everyone as they went through bathroom breaks.  Waters, sodas, some beers for the rapists, and wine for Kim.  They agreed to having the women each have a glass of wine with their snacks, which were mostly more chips and veggies.  The crew also made sure that Bianca was busy with cleaning up after them as well.

Once Morgana, Aislinn, and Mari were at the table, Steve handed the phone box over to Sam.  Sam looked through it, trying to figure out which phone belonged to whom.  Some were very simple, like Mari’s had a picture of her kids on it, as did Joe’s.  Aislinn’s was difficult as it had some random scenery from Australia on it.  James’s phone had one of the default lock screens that came standard.  Morgana’s and Drew’s phones had pictures of each other.  Drew’s had those missed notifications from someone named Charles.  Also, Morgana’s phone had a pop socket on it, to make it easier to hold.  Tommy’s lock screen was one that threw Sam off.  It had some random dog on the lock screen, some little ankle biter.  But as far as Sam knew, Tommy didn’t have a dog.  It wasn’t Steve’s phone, nor his nor Bubbles’s nor JC’s.  By process of elimination, it was Tommy’s.

As the women had their snacks, the men were taken to the bathroom, one at a time.  James went first, with Steve standing guard.  James ran the water as he washed his hands.

“Hey.”  James said, quietly.  Steve stood closer to the door.

“Yeah.”  Steve replied, trying to be as quiet as he could.

“Might want to check Drew’s phone.  Think the bloke might have a secret or two.”  James quietly said.


“Yeah, last night caught him sneakin’ ‘round makin’ a call to Melbourne.  Went outta his way to hide it.  It was Saturday Arvo, shouldn’t be work.  And if it were work, why sneak all the way down to the theater?”  James said, barely audible over the running water.

“He had some texts from Charles, getting all sexy, calling him Bubby.”  Steve replied, keeping the conversation to a very low volume.


“Yeah, on both phones.  He has one set up to hide texts when they come in, but the other showed everything.”  Steve said.

“Check the messages from Charles.  He probably saved Shelia’s number under a fake name.”  James said, finishing up washing his hands.

“Who’s Shelia?”

“Fookin’ yanks.”  James replied.  “Corner him in private with his phone, ya might have leverage.”  He turned off the water and dried his hands, exiting the bathroom.  Steve led him to his seat, where he grabbed Tommy for his turn.

As the men were going through their bathroom turns, Bianca made a couple bags of popcorn for everyone.  It was too late to cook anything extravagant or that required utensils, and even if she wanted to, she had vegans to deal with.  Well, mostly vegans.  They get hungry enough, they’ll eat the asshole out of a dead rhinoceros.  She searched through the fridge, bringing out some meats and cheeses to go along with the fruits, veggies, chips, and popcorn.  She found a bag of chicken wings and decided that she might as well make something a little meatier.  About 40 minutes later, she had a couple dozen wings cooked, and threw together a couple sauces on the fly.

While the wings cooked, each of the women were given some screen time to answer texts and make posts, under supervision.  After the earlier fiasco with Sophie almost calling the cops to come do a wellness check on them, it was decided that everyone should respond to a few texts and social media posts to keep up pretenses that things were okay.  Mari texted her sister Crystal who was watching their kids this weekend.  Morgana replied to a couple texts from friends, talking about how much fun she was having and how tired she was.  Aislinn was told to like a few photos on Instagram and respond to her messages.  Each of the women did as told, with some pretty heavy threats standing over them.  Once they were done, all of the phones were labeled with who they belonged to and returned to the box.

It took most of the time for the wings to cook before everyone had their bathroom breaks.  Bianca made sure that everyone had something to eat, and Steve and Sam made sure that nobody talked amongst themselves.  Morgana and Mari looked like they were ready to throw down at a moment’s notice, and James stared down JC every time he walked into view. 


JC and Bubbles decided to spend most of this time setting up the restraints for the girls to sleep in.  They ‘found’ some chain and bungee cords in Joe’s truck that would be useful in keeping the women in place as they slept.  Drew, too.  They didn’t worry so much about James and Tommy, but would have to keep up appearances.  Sam approved the plan of having Morgana sleep in her bed in the room with the jacuzzi upstairs, Aislinn in the basement in Tommy’s room, and Bianca on the main floor in James’s room.  Mari would be in the upstairs room with the two extra couches.  Bubbles called one of them with Sam.  JC and Steve could take the other one, but then figured that someone should be on guard duty for a little bit, just to be on the safe side.  As far as where the men would sleep, they discussed two possible ideas.  The first was gagging everyone and strapping the men down to the beds with the women.  Bubbles liked that idea for Drew, but not the rest.  The other was placing the men in different rooms around the house.  Of course, most of it was for show, but the girls and Drew needed to think it was real.  After a little back and forth, they decided that they should secure the girls first, then Drew.  Once they were tied up good and tight for the night, the guys could figure out the rest.  As long as the girls and Drew didn’t catch wind of the plans, the guys could sleep anywhere they wanted, or with anyone they wanted, if they could make that happen.  JC didn’t really care what happened after the women were tied up, he just wanted to sleep.  Bubbles advised him to keep an eye out for James.

“Why?”  JC asked.

“You beat the shit out of his girl, that’s why.  Duh.  You really laid into her early on.”  Bubbles said, with a mix of excitement and empathy he wasn’t expecting.

“That bitch ruined my life years ago.  I’ve spent nearly a decade dreaming of revenge.  I’m not letting it slip away.”

“How much more you got planned?”  Bubbles asked.

“I don’t know.  I promise I will abide by Club rules, but I still have to hurt her.  I don’t care how good she cooks, I need to crush her spirit next.  Hey, think I can make her fuck Drew while she 69’s with Morgana?” 

Bubbles laughed at the request.  “Don’t see why not.  I have no clue what’s planned tomorrow, but I’m hoping it’s a little more freeform.  We have this big ass cabin with all this cool stuff, we should use it.”

“Agreed.  I so want to fuck in a hot tub.  But that’s tomorrow.  I’m ready to get this fucking mask off, take a nice, long shower and sleep.”  JC said.

“You must be tired.  You were falling asleep during the sister eat-out show.”  Bubbles said.

“I’ll watch it back soon.  I’ve had maybe 5 hours of sleep in the last 2 or 3 days.  If I can get a solid 5 or 6 hours tonight, I’ll be golden.”  JC said, yawning.

“5 or 6 hours?”

“I’m in IT.  I’ve been on-call for years.  I can’t go a week without getting called in the middle of the night for someone else’s emergency.  I spent over a day on a tech bridge call when the Red Briar datacenter crashed.  I’ve rebuilt databases completely drunk off my ass.  A little sleep deprivation isn’t the worst thing I’ve done this month.”

“We’re only a few days into the month.”

“I know.”  JC said, laughing.


Back downstairs, the women finished up their food and drinks, and were given a few more minutes of supervised screentime, just in case any of their last calls or texts were answered.  Aislinn had a few mates from Melbourne talk about how lucky she was that she was moving to the states and couldn’t wait to see her off.  Crystal told Mari that the kids were doing good and they were having fun, and Morgana’s friend Tabitha asked some roundabout questions about Harbor City that the men helped her with when she couldn’t answer. 

After the screentime, each of the women were given bathroom breaks before being led to their rooms.  Steve and Bubbles escorted them one at a time.  Mari was first, to make a show of it and was led upstairs.  Once out of earshot, they told her the plan.  They’d gag her and chain her to the bed, leaving the door open until Morgana was secured in her room.  They’d make a show of Mari being bound to the blonde Aussie to set her expectations.  Mari liked this, as she knew it would scare that bitch even more.  It only took them a moment to secure Mari to the bed, padded handcuffs over her head attached to a chain connected to the wooden log headboard.

When they came downstairs, it was Morgana’s turn to head upstairs.  As she was dragged to her feet, Sam told her that if she didn’t obey, Aislinn would pay.  They gagged Morgana and recuffed her before leading her upstairs.  They made sure to drag her past the open bedroom where Mari was bound to her bed, then shoved Morgana into her room.  Bubbles and Steve made sure she was properly secured to the bed, then left the door open.  She was bound in a way so that the chain wrapped around the middle of the cuffs but would allow someone to flip her over and around if they wanted to have some fun with her.

They did a similar process with Aislinn, though they did have to slap her around a little more to get her moving, and then slap her again when she was in the bed.  Steve and Bubbles avoided her face for the most part, focusing on slapping her tits, ass, and torso.  One of the lessons they learned a long time ago from the Club was not to hit a woman where it would easily show.  A black eye leads to too many questions, which leads to someone calling the cops.  They bound Aislinn to her bed in the same manner as they did her sister.  This time, they closed the door most of the way, to prevent any light from getting in.  Knowing that Aislinn would scare herself senseless in the dark was kind of a turn-on for Steve.

The crew made Bianca eat, clean up, and do the dishes before giving her one last bathroom break and securing her to the bed in James’s room on the main floor.  She sent one last goodnight text to Sophie before they took her phone away for the night and cuffed and chained her.  They also put a blindfold on her to go along with the gag and cuffs.  She noticed only too easily how much she could move and that her legs were not secured.  She dreaded who would visit her during the night.

Tommy and James were both taken down to the theater room while the crew finished up with Drew.  As far as Drew was concerned, those two would be secured down there for the night.  Of course, that probably wasn’t the plan, but as far as Drew was concerned that’s what it was.  It was only when Steve and Bubbles returned, and everyone stood around Drew and they handed his phones to him that he realized what was up.  Sam pointed to the lock screen on his iPhone, the one that listed what the incoming text messages said instead of just the list of notifications as he spoke.

“So, who’s Charles, and why does he miss the feel of your body so much?”
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 70 Posted)
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I hoping that someone makes Drew unlock his phone so they get the real story behind "Charles". Can't wait until mari gets her hands on Morgana, if Morgana worried about getting torn below then Mari has my vote as the one to do that! Like the idea of the girls being separated for the night. Can't wait to read about the nocturnal visits! Merit to come when allowed!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 71 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I've got a feeling that "Charles" will come to light very, very shortly.   >:D.  Since the first rule of any prisoner is to escape, it makes sense to keep them separated.  Plus, who knows who's gonna visit them?

Chapter 71 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 71 Posted)
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Chapter 71(MF,rape,oral,bond,subF)

It was only when Steve and Bubbles returned, and everyone stood around Drew and they handed his phones to him that he realized what was up.  Sam pointed to the lock screen on his iPhone, the one that listed what the incoming text messages said instead of just the list of notifications as he spoke.

“So, who’s Charles, and why does he miss the feel of your body so much?”  Drew could feel everyone’s eyes on him as Sam sat down across from him, pointing to the phone.  “Are you going to unlock that, or are we going to get nasty?”  Sam kept his eyes on Drew, his mask hiding the rest of his face.  “Go on, Charles is waiting.”

Drew knew he had to do what they told him.  He didn’t want to, but he had no choice.  He grabbed the first phone, his work phone, the one that just listed the number of notifications he had.  He entered the passcode, 525252, to unlock it.  He looked through the messages and mails, trying to see what was there.  Most of it was work emails and texts from co-workers.  Except the 3 most recent ones, all from Charles.

“Call me when you’re available.”
“Call me please.”
“Are you okay?”

Bubbles read the messages out loud over Drew’s shoulder.  Those were the only three messages from Charles on this phone.  “That’s it here.  It’s his work phone, nothing much on this one.”  She said the crew assembled around.

“Okay.  Unlock your personal phone.”  Sam said to Drew.  Drew locked the work phone and grabbed his personal phone.  The lock screen was a selfie of the two of them from down in D.C. on the Fourth of July weekend.  He entered the passcode 240318.  The phone opened.  He had a bunch of text alerts and emails. 

“240318?”  Bubbles said.

“Sounds like a date.  24th of March 2018.  Anniversary?”  Steve said, shifting his voice down an octave or two after the word sounds.

“Emails first.”  Bubbles said.  Drew went to the emails.  Most of it was spam or bacn, those useless mails from places you want to hear from occasionally.  Drew had a few messages about sales at the nearest REI, several promotional offers from what seems like every restaurant in Chester County, and a few notifications from Facebook, Instagram, and Strava.

“Nothing much in emails, unless you need coupons for Red Robin.  Go to the texts.”  Bubbles commanded.  Drew hesitated for a moment, dreading this.  He seriously wondered if he could smash his phone right here and now.  But no, that wouldn’t work.  They’d probably beat the shit out of him again, then hurt the girls more.  He took a deep breath and opened the texts.  There were a couple from some of his mates from home in a group chat talking about Saturday Arvo Footy, a couple from his mother telling him about her day, and a series of texts from Charles.  He checked the other messages but didn’t reply to them before getting to the one named Charles.

“Mommy’s kind of a pill, and Fuck Penrith in a group chat.  What’s Penrith?”

“Penrith Panthers.  They’re a rugby team.”  Sam said.  Drew was surprised that a yank would know that.  Sam knew he made a mistake as soon as he said that, because he only knew about them from watching hidden video of Drew, Tommy, and Morgana.  He had to think fast.  “I once lost a hundred bucks on them betting against the Melbourne Storm.  Fuck the Panthers.”

“Why were you betting on Australian Rugby?”  Bubbles asked.  She could see that Sam made a mistake, but needed to help him out.  ‘He’s quick witted enough to get out of this,’ she thought.

“I was in a bad place, okay?!  I was betting on anything back then, even crazy sports like cricket and curling.”  Sam said, putting a little exasperation behind his voice.  He had to make up some bullshit to cover his tracks, and betting was as good a reason as any.

“Oh.  Well, fuck Penrith.”  Bubbles said.

“Yeah.  What does Charles have to say?”  Sam asked.  Drew opened the chat with the contact named Charles and saw the most recent messages.  Bubbles whistled.  She reached over and scrolled up through the conversations.

“Call me when you get this Bubby.  I miss you, I love you, I can’t wait til you’re back home again.  I know this is wrong but dammit, it feels so right.  Then some random texts about bills needing paid, then some…fuck.”

“What?”  Sam asked.

“FUCK!”  Bubbles exclaimed again.  She grabbed the phone from Drew’s hand and clicked on a picture.  She turned the phone to Sam.  It was a picture of a very good looking brunette, wearing nothing but a smile, left arm covering her boobs while taking a high angle selfie.  The next pic was a mirror pic, showing the same woman showing off her ass in a mirror.  The pics increased in lewdness until the last one was just a shaved pussy with a sex toy in it. 

Sam’s jaw was on the floor.  This woman on the phone was one piece of primo ass, in the same realm of hotness as Morgana. 

“There’s more.  He’s talking back and forth with her, calls her CeCe, baby, sweetie, and Celeste several times.  This isn’t some one-off thing, either.  Looks like she’s his roommate, too.”  Bubbles looked up from the phone, shocked.  “Holy shit, our boy Drew is cheating on his wife.  And not just some one night stand, either.  This is a full-blown second life.  You fucking dog, you.  She’s hot as fuck, too.  Wonder how she tastes.”

Drew hung his head.  Bubbles was already looking through his phone for more information on Charles.  There was no picture on the contact, but the email and phone looked foreign.

Sam cleared his throat as he spoke up.  “So.  It’s bad enough you want to play the hero and almost get your wife killed, but now you’re cheating on her, too.  Were you trying to get Morgana killed earlier, but just chickened out when it was going to happen?”

“NO!  I was trying to stop you, to get us away from you!”  Drew replied, voice shaking as he spoke.

“Bullshit.  You wanted us to off Morgy so you could go home and fuck what’s-her-name.  What is it, Charlie, Celine, Celeste?”  Bubbles said.  She saw Drew flinch at the last name.  “Oh, Celeste.  So that’s who’s barbie your putting your shrimp in when you’re down under.  Now you get to fly back to Melbourne and fuck Celeste while Morgy’s up here dealing with shit you caused.  We would’ve left by now if you hadn’t tried to kill us.  Now we find out you’ve got a little sidepiece who you can slink off to?  Pathetic.”

“Fuck you.”  It was the most fire Drew has shown all day, and surprised them a little.  Bubbles slapped him across the face with her free hand.  When he began to rise from his seat, Steve pushed him back down then held him down in his seat by his shoulders.

“Looks like we struck a nerve.  How you think Celeste here will react when we send her a video of you fucking Kimmypoo?  How’s Morgana going to feel when she gets a bunch of sexy photos of Celeste forwarded to her phone?  Assuming any of you get out of this in one piece, how long do you think your marriage is going to last when she finds out that you’re fucking this woman back in Melbourne?  How long?  How long until Morgana drags you to divorce court and demands half?”  Sam said all these things, and Drew knew he was right.  He was used to winning arguments, but this time he was bent over a barrel. 

“So tell us about your little hot brunette fucktoy.  When did you meet her?  She know you’re married?  Who sucks a better dick, her or Aislinn?”  Bubbles kept taunting him as she scrolled through his phone, trying to figure out how to save these pics and messages and forward them to her burner phone.  She’ll need a new number after this weekend.  Drew stayed silent for a moment too long.  Steve squeezed his the nape of his neck, causing him to scream in pain.

“Answer the lady’s questions, counselor.”  Sam said.  Drew looked at him with impotent rage.

“Her name is Celeste.  She’s a long time friend, best mate for a long time.  Morgy knows her, doesn’t like her.  We fell out of touch when we started dating because she didn’t like how close we were and we used to date.”  Drew said.

“So as soon you go back to Austria-“

“Australia.”  Drew corrected the skinny masked man at the end of the table.

“Down under.  What, you call her up and be like ‘hey, my wife’s up in the states, wanna shag?’”  JC said.

Drew rolled his eyes a little.  “No, it wasn’t like that.  I needed to find a place to stay when I was back in Melbourne.  I rented a bungalow off of a bloke I met.  It was a duplex, I rented one half.  When I was moving in, I find out Shelia’s my neighbor.”

“Wait, who’s Shelia?”  Bubbles asked.


“Is Shelia her other name?”  She asked Drew.

“No.  Blokes and Shelias, guys and girls, men and women.  Bloody seppos.”  Drew said.  The people around the table looked at him in confusion.

“Okay, so Shelia can mean any woman, but in this case it’s just Celeste?  Got it.  So did you jump her bones that day, or at least wait until you unpacked your clothes before you fucked her?”  Sam asked.

“It wasn’t like that.  She was s’posed to move in with ‘er boyfriend, but he flaked, stayed up the Gold Coast.  She was devastated ‘cause she picked up ‘er life to move for ‘im.  She was upset, chain smoking on the balcony when I invited ‘er in for Maccas and footy.  McDonald’s and football.”  Drew said.  The yanks seemed to understand the last part.

“Let me guess…” Bubbles said, finally figuring out how to export his text message chain from Celeste.  “One thing leads to another, you give her a shoulder to cry on, and next thing you know you’re banging her senseless.  You promise to make this a one-time thing, but then say ‘hey, move in with me, I’ve got the room.’  Cause you have texts here about splitting rent and utilities.”

“Pretty much.  It was supposed to be just one time, but then it got out of hand.  We tried not to do anything more than be roommates, but, well, things got out of hand.  She knows that I’m married and I’m not leaving Morgana for anything, but she’s okay with what we’re doing.  I’ve even told her she doesn’t have to pay rent or bills, but she insists on covering her half.  My company pays for my living expenses down there, she doesn’t need to pay but she wants to.  I’m just taking her money and putting aside in a savings account for when she wants to move out.”  Drew said.  The chubby man across the table from him nodded, then smiled.  It was obviously a big smile because Drew could see part of it through his mask.

“Here’s what we’re going to do.  Tomorrow, you do everything we tell you to do.  You don’t fight us, you don’t backtalk us, you don’t do anything to give us any reason to show Morgana those texts, because if you do, we show her everything.  We tell her everything.  Hell, I don’t know if anyone turned those cameras off, they could still be recording for all I know.  But you will do everything we say, or you will have to find yourself a very good divorce lawyer.  Understood counselor?”  Sam waited for Drew to respond.  He nodded.  “Say it.”

“I understand.”  Drew replied. 

“Good, now let’s see what you need to say…”

The crew made sure that Drew sent a reply to Celeste saying he couldn’t talk right away, and might not be able to until Monday.  She responded back quickly with a sad emoji, followed by some quick messages about how things were going.  They texted back and forth for a couple minutes before they told him he had to leave.  They finished their conversation with mutual ‘I love you’s’ and then they took his phone again.  As they took Drew to the bathroom to clean up for the night, Bubbles screenshotted all of his conversations and sent them to her burner phone.  These could be very useful in the right hands.

Drew was taken upstairs and secured next to Morgana.  He was gagged, cuffed, and chained down to the bed.  Morgana tried to say something to him, but looks and threats from the rapists stopped her.  Along with his hands, his feet were also bound, tied at the ankles with some rope and connected to the bed with a couple bungee cables.  He couldn’t move if he tried, and he tried.


From the outside, it looked like any of the other cabins around the lake.  Rustic, serene, large enough for several families to vacation in.  But inside, it was very different.  Instead of looking like a traditional log cabin, most of the rooms were modern, looking like a modern house with drywall and carpeted floors.  Aside from the living room, the rest of the house looked like a stand-in model for an HGTV show.  Most of the rooms were well-furnished and comfortable.  It was a large cabin, with 6 bedrooms and 8 bathrooms, and the pool house directly off of the cabin was well-visited. 

This large of a house could easily fit a couple families on a vacation, but it was the permanent residence of one man.  Robert ‘Bob’ Kuntzmann.  He owned more than just this cabin.  He owned all of the cabins on the resort, the resort itself, all of the property around the lake, almost every building on and around the lake, and half of the businesses around the nearby town.  For all intents and purposes, he owned Hiawatha County.

And right now, he was enjoying the fruits of his labor.

Bob sat in his private office in his basement in a reclining leather gaming chair, naked from the waist down.  While he could easily afford the top of the line office furniture, he trusted gamers for making good decisions in furniture when sitting for hours at a time was vital to their jobs.  The chair was leaned back as he focused on a massive monitor across the room.  He only wore an unbuttoned Tommy Bahama shirt.  On the wall played secret camera footage from Running Bear Cabin, not too far from here, filmed earlier in the day.  In his lap, Maddie Kosar’s head bounced up and down as she sucked his dick.  She was his until her parents came around to his way of thinking and sold him the property he wanted.  Until that time, she was nothing more than his personal fuck toy.

He focused on the video playing on the screen as much as he could while this cute brunette sucked him off.  He watched the hidden cam footage of James and Tommy’s friends as they attacked their cabin and had a rape orgy on his property.  He was watching Morgana getting her pussy eaten out by Bubbles when there was a knock and buzz at the door.

“Come in.”  Bob said.  He made no motion to stop Maddie in the middle of a blowjob.  The door opened, his majordomo Marcus opened the door.

“The man you requested for is here.”  Marcus said.  Without saying another word, a scrawny man with a bunch of tattoos that looked like a comic from SNL came in.

“Oh, Pete, welcome, welcome.  Want a beer, a joint, a blowjob or fuck?”  Bob asked.

Pete just shrugged.  “No thanks, I’m good.  You mean a blowie from her, right?”  Pete said, with a mischievous smile.

Bob laughed.  “Of course.  I like ya, but not that much sit.  So, getting to the point.  I’ve got a mission for you and the boys.  Remember our friends from when we met Miss Cocksheathe here?”

“How could I forget?  I still have sand in my ass I can’t get rid of.”  Pete said.

“Well, right now they’re having a little party over at Running Bear.  Monday morning, you, me, and the boys are gonna stop by and pay them a little visit.”  Bob pointed to the screen, not that Pete could miss it.

“What’s the plan?”

“We’re bad hunters nearby when the girls cry for help.  We check them out, have some fun.  I’ll stay quiet, but we’ll all have a round or two.  Once done, Marcus will send someone from the front desk that we can trust to stop by, see if they’ve checked out yet and find a disaster.  I’ll show up, smooth things over as best as I can, and wish everyone a safe trip home.  Any questions?”  Bob asked.  Pete just sat there and looked at the screen.

“Is that blonde part of the deal?”  Pete said, pointing to the woman getting eaten out on the large screen.

“She’s the star attraction.”  Bob replied.  Pete smiled wide.

“I’m in.  I’ll make sure we’re ready to go Monday morning.”

“Cool.  Sure you don’t want anything before you leave?”  Bob asked.

“Y’know, I think I’ll take a blowjob.”  Pete said.  Bob pulled with his right hand, pulling on a leash attached to Maddie’s neck.  She jerked, removed her head from Bob’s lap, and looked at him with sad eyes.

“Go over and ask my friend if you can suck his dick.  Go.”  Maddie sulked, then crawled across the carpet to stop in front of Pete’s chair.  She kneeled and looked up at him.

“May I suck your dick, sir?”  Maddie said.  Before Pete could respond, she felt a jerk around her neck.

“Incorrect.  Try again.”

“May this worthless whore suck your dick, sir?”  Maddie asked, the words themselves pushing her to the verge of tears.  Pete nodded.  As he did, Maddie undid Pete’s shorts and pushed them down his legs.  She then freed his cock from his underwear, then took it into her mouth, like the good obedient whore she was becoming.


Getting into Meg’s house was easy.  He had a key and knew which room was hers.  She had a bedroom on the second floor, right where the notes said it would be.  Well, at least from how the descriptions of the room and photos of it went.  Ray’s guess was that whoever offered her up had access to her webcam, as they provided pics of her in her room.  He matched up the decor and random trinkets with what was provided.  He made sure the rest of the house was empty before setting things up for the guest of honor.  Ray was always excited right before a mission.  That’s what he told himself as his heart beat a mile a minute.  That, and the coke he took before getting here.

Ray spent the next while setting up the cameras he planned to use around the room.  He had one GoPro mounted to the dresser mirror overlooking the bed, and another on the nightstand pointed to the bed.  He made sure he used devices that he bought second hand from pawn shops and were wiped between missions.  He also wiped them down before putting them in his bag and only handled them with gloves on.  It was one of the tips he’d learned a long time ago.  The cameras were all HD GoPro’s with their own mounts.  While some people preferred using phones, he liked using these because of the better battery life with the extended batteries.  He could film for hours and not worry about missing a single thing.  He made sure that he had handcuffs ready to go.  He had a method that he loved to use from years of practice.  Since he was never sure what kind of headboard he’d run into, he’d bring a long, thick chained dog leash and connect it to the leg of the bed.  On the business end, he had welded a handcuff loop from a broken pair of cuffs.  He would use that to connect to the cuffs or zip ties he used on the girl.  This way, he would have range of movement while she wouldn’t go anywhere.

After setting up the cameras, he made sure he was good to go.  Mask on, gloves on, stun gun charged, knife ready, ring gag ready, electric tape ready, spreader bar ready, wearing just a white t-shirt that covered his tattoos and a pair of sweatpants.  He’d change into some more fitting of Collegetown after he had his fun.  Leaving a house in the middle of the night dressed like a man trying to break into places might draw unwanted attention.

One last look at his watch.  It was getting late, she should be here soon.  His heart was still going fast, but this was the exciting part.  He went into his rape kit, a nondescript bookbag from 4C and grabbed a couple Cialis.   Pretty soon, he’d be harder than diamond and ready to rock.  Not that he would need a lot of motivation after seeing how smoking hot Meg was.  He washed those pills down with a swig of water from a bottle he brought with him.  All trash left with him.

He felt a little light headed, but chalked it up to the coke from earlier and not having had a real meal for a while.  He grabbed a Nutri-grain bar from his bag and ate it, then washed it down with some water. 

Just as the first thought of doubt entered his mind, he heard the downstairs door open.  He stood out of sight, stun gun in hand.


Meg had a long shift at work.  She was glad that it was over and that Starbucks had a firm end to the day.  She couldn’t stand these longer weekend shifts, but she needed the money.  The tips were a joke and most of the customers jerks, but the day usually went quick enough.  Tonight, time stood still.  All she wanted to do was leave work, go back to her new place, grab a quick bite, get changed, and go out to party.  She was supposed to meet some of her friends at the Kappa Rho house for a kegger.  It wouldn’t be hard to get in, and she already had a cute little outfit picked out.  She’d borrowed her roomie’s satin blue top, and changed into her black jean shorts before she left work.  All she needed to do then was change out of her t-shirt, wash up real quick, and put on some makeup.  She also wanted to check her bedroom, make sure it was neat.  This was her first weekend without any of her roomies.  Two of them were on a band trip as HCU went out of town to face Syracuse, and the other roomie was visiting her boyfriend in Humdinger.  She was looking at a chance to get laid in her own place and be as loud as she wanted.

She entered the house and went straight to the kitchen.  Nothing much in the fridge, just some leftovers from last night.  She nuked a couple slices of pizza and ate those while browsing Instagram.  Most of it was posts from TikTok a week ago.  After finishing the pizza, she grabbed a Truly Hard Seltzer and washed down dinner, finishing the drink as fast as she could.  Meg knew the best way to get a buzz going was drinking quickly.  With her skinny frame, it didn’t take much and a halfway decent pre-game goes a long way.

After searching through her roomie’s bedroom for the blue top, she went to the bathroom.  After doing her business, she checked herself in the mirror.  She was cute if she said so herself.  Her long blonde hair came well past her boobs, which were a healthy C-cup.  Of course, on her skinny frame they looked even bigger than they were.  She was accused of being anorexic more than once, but that’s just the way she was.  She had a great metabolism.  Of course, being this skinny meant she didn’t have much of an ass, but her cute face with piercing blue eyes more than made up for any lack of a booty.

She was almost ready to leave.  All she had to do was grab her shoes from her room, the wedgies with the straps she liked so much, and she’d be good to go.  Well, maybe do her makeup too.  As she approached her bedroom, she was confused.  She could’ve sworn she left the door open before she left.  She didn’t remember closing the door.  She also didn’t remember leaving the light on, either.  She opened the door with a little bit of caution. 

As she stepped into the room, that’s when she felt the metal prongs push into her skin, followed by sound of zapping and an intense, nearly inhuman pain.  Meg screamed as she lost control of her legs and fell to the floor.  Everything was fuzzy for a moment, until another blast of whatever that was hit her squarely in the back.   She screamed each time it happened, unable to make words over the pain.  She tried to focus on what was happening, but the next thing she knew she was being dragged across her floor, and someone was trying to pick her up.  Whoever this was got her halfway up when she tried to stand again.  They were on top of her, hitting her again with that …thing.  She screamed again, but this time something was shoved near her mouth.  Another zap and this thing was in her mouth.  It was hard, and round, and rubbery plastic.  There was some fabric inside that tasted weird.  As she tried to place it, she felt this man grab her arms and hold them above her head.  When she tried to fight back, he zapped her again, this time in the armpit.  Meg cried from the pain, but couldn’t say anything this with this thing in her mouth.

The man…she could tell it was a man because she could feel a hard-on press against her ass, clicked metal rings around her wrists, then she heard another click.  It was handcuffs.  She was handcuffed to the bed.

“We’re gonna have some fun little lady.”  The man said, his voice gruff and old sounding.  She screamed into her gag as she felt cold steel against her skin.  It was a knife.  This man, who she still hadn’t seen, sliced the straps of her shirt, then her bra.  As the knife went down the middle of her back, slicing her shirt and bra, the reality of her situation soon became clear.

She was going to be raped in her own bed, and probably die tonight.

Meg screamed and cried and kicked as she felt this man reach under her and unbuttoned her jean shorts.  As much as she struggled, she knew she was just delaying the inevitable.  A pop and zip later, and her shorts were unfastened.  When she tried to keep her legs squeezed tight, the man punched her in the back a couple times.  This distraction was all he needed to get her shorts down over her tiny ass and to her legs.  Another couple tugs and they were down.  The only clothing she still had on was a lacy purple thong from Victoria’s Secret, and that was no match for his knife.

She felt him move on the bed, sliding down to the foot of the bed.  She tried to turn but couldn’t see what he was doing down there.  Meg felt a hand grab her right ankle, then something was strapped around it, like a leather strap.  Another strap was placed around her left ankle, then a moment later her legs were spread wide apart, with no possible way of bringing them close.

“God, that looks almost good enough to eat.  But I think I’ll fuck it first instead.”  The man said.  Meg begged behind her gag, but no words came out.  She could hear what sounded like clothes being removed and the man ruffling through a bag for something.  He slapped her ass a couple times.  “Pull your knees up, stick that ass up if you know what’s good for you.”  Meg cried, knowing what was going to happen as she slid her knees up under her as much as she could.  They couldn’t go too far until they hit some resistance, like they were tied to the bottom of the bed.

Meg felt him apply some kind of liquid, sex lube probably, to her pussy as he stroked it.  She winced as he touched her in most private places, fearing what was going to happen to her.  She cried louder as he climbed onto the bed, feeling this man kneel between her legs.  His penis penetrated her as she felt his hands grab onto his hips.  He moaned as he slid himself into her, causing her immense pain as she was nowhere near ready for sex.  She begged and prayed for him not to hurt her as he pumped into her furiously, like a man possessed.  She could feel his cock rub her raw, sliding in and out of her like she was nothing more than cheap whore, or a toy or a piece of meat.

He kept up this pace for what felt like forever, but was really only a few minutes.  His breathing became ragged, his speech inconsistent.  Meg felt a pulsing from his cock, fearing that he just came inside of her.  The man pulled out of her, then sat on the bed.

“Woo.  That was great, you little cocktease.  Now, gimme a…gimme a minute to catch my breath, and we can go again.”  The man stood up from the bed.  “Oh my.”  The next thing she heard was someone or something crash hard onto the floor.


Ray pulled out of Meg’s pussy.  He was hot, sweaty, and a little tired.  It was his first fuck of the night, and he planned on getting a few more out of the way.  He had so much he wanted to do to her.

“Woo.  That was great, you little cocktease.  Now, gimme a… gimme a minute to catch my breath, and we can go again.”  He sat there, completely winded.  His heart beat a mile a minute and wasn’t slowing down, but that was par for the course.  His shoulder hurt, as well as his jaw.  Ray thought to himself that maybe he just needed a drink of water.  That discomfort in his chest, probably acid reflux, was picking back up again.  As he looked around the room, he couldn’t find his bag.  He knew he brought it in with him, but forgot where it was.  When he did find it, he couldn’t see it clearly.  Ray steadied himself as he stood.

“Oh my.”  Ray knew something was horribly, terribly, and categorically wrong as soon as put his weight over his feet.  Immediately, his left arm and shoulder cramped up in pain he hadn’t felt before.  The room spun around him as he lost his balance.  He put his hands out to catch himself, but only his left arm worked, and just slightly.  The dresser rushed up to meet him, cracking him in the side of the head.  As he hit the floor, another impact to his head caused him to lose consciousness.  The last thing he heard as everything faded to black was Meg crying after her rape.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 71 Posted)
« Reply #219 on: September 15, 2022, 05:19:52 PM »
Love the Blackmailing angle  you have introduced, now i wondering just who would be more mad if Morgana and Tommy relations became known. Would dear old Drew keep his cool? Would anything protect Drew from a vengeful Morgana?

Now do we have our first mortality in Ray. Serves him write for mixing drugs and strenuous exercise on a mostly empty stomach!

Can't wait to read of Bob and friends coming to the party. maybe Bubbles will regret ever agreeing to be part of the team!

Merit award from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 71 Posted)
« Reply #220 on: September 17, 2022, 10:55:25 AM »
Thanks TGH.  Now that everyone knows his secret, the question becomes who spills the beans first, and are some bargains that are just too hard to keep.

When Ray's doctor said that he needs to watch what he eats and exercise more, I'm pretty sure he didn't mean "Eat nothing but cocaine and pills for a couple weeks straight then fuck to your heart's content."

This chapter sets up a lot of the action coming forward in the next several chapters, as well as the next story or two.  Ray's mortality couldn't have come at a worse time for him or the Club, as will soon come to light.

Chapter 72 incoming.  It's a little shorter than first intended, but sometimes a short chapter showing one scene is better than a long one with several that don't fit together.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 72 Posted)
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Chapter 72(nosex)

James and Tommy were brought upstairs after Drew was taken to bed.  Steve brought them up from the theater room, where they were left to hang out while Drew and the women were secured.  They were gagged and cuffed to be on the safe side, but just left to sit in a couple chairs.  They doubted very much that Aislinn would break free or one of the other women would come downstairs, but they needed to maintain appearances.  They were led to the dining room, where they were uncuffed and ungagged.  As Steve uncuffed James, he looked him straight in the eye.

“Don’t cause any shit, don’t go after JC.  Whatever beef you have with him, leave it until we’re out of the cabin.” 

James looked his friend in the eye and nodded.  He knew there were rules in effect, but he still wanted to kick JC’s ass so hard.

As James and Tommy stood near the dining table, JC and Sam came downstairs with Mari and Joe, both still in their cuffs and gags.  James flinched towards them, but Steve stopped him.  “Hey, hey hey hey.  Don’t.  Not now.”  As the four came down the steps, JC grabbed the bottom of his mask but Sam admonished him.

“Masks on until we’re in our rooms, and everyone keep your voices low.  To the table.”  Sam pointed to the table, where they led Mari and Joe.  Once there, they were also ungagged and uncuffed before sitting down.

Bubbles emerged from Bianca’s room, the sound of heavy metal music coming from Bianca’s room during the brief period the door was open.  She then went to the fridge and grabbed a bottle of white wine and a six pack of beer, Miller Lite.  “Music should buy us some volume to talk.  Can’t get fucked up or loud, but I think we could all use a drink.”

“Yeah.”  James said, reaching for the swill yanks called beer as Bubbles dropped them off at the table.  She put the bottle down and Steve twisted off the cap before having a few swigs.  He put the bottle down as Mari grabbed it.

“Any chance for cups?”  She asked.  Bubbles shrugged.

“There’s some plastic cups in the cabinet next to the sink.”  Tommy said.  It was the first thing he said all night.  “And some vodka next to them, too.”

Bubbles grabbed a short stack of red Solo cups and a bottle of Smirnoff.  She brought them to the table.  Almost immediately, Tommy grabbed the vodka and a cup and poured himself a healthy dose, slamming it in one go.

“Slow down, mate.  We can’t get fucked up ‘ere.”  James said.  Tommy gave him a look that said what he said next.

“Shut the fuck up James.”  Tommy poured himself a second cup of vodka.  It wasn’t as big as the first one and he took his time with it.

Under any other situation, James would slap the shit out of Tommy for that.  But now, he let it slide.  He knew the guilt was eating away at the young man.  Unlike everyone else in this room, he wasn’t a hardened sociopath.  He was still very much a nice guy who just likes sex with women against their will, until today when he watched the woman he loved and her sister that he kind of liked get gang raped in front of him.  He had a lot to unpack from that, and alcohol might help.

Sam, Steve, JC, and Bubbles sat around the table with everyone else.  Sam, Joe, and JC each grabbed a beer from the six-pack.  Bubbles poured a little vodka for herself, and Steve and Mari split the bottle of wine.

“Okay.  Let’s go over things.  First day post-mortem.  Good bad other, go.”  Joe said.  He looked around the table, waiting for someone to say something.

“Went well, lots of fun, but that shit with Sophie scared the Hell out of me.”  Steve said.

“Agreed.  It got pretty hairy there for a minute.  We’ll have to keep up the phone stuff all day tomorrow.”  Sam said, taking a drink.

“Any slip ups we have to keep an eye on?”  Joe said, before pointing at Steve.  “Bro, you used your regular voice a couple times, mostly when the Sophie shit happened.  Gotta keep that in check.  Any other mistakes?”

“Well, Honeybear now has a gambling problem because he knew who the Penrith Panthers were.”  Bubbles said, hugging Sam before he turned to kiss her.

“Fuck the Panthers.”  Sam said.

“Fuck’em.”  James and Steve both chimed in.

“What’s the battle plan for tomorrow?  We have to do our turn early, but what else is there?”  Joe asked.  He was used to taking care of situations, and this wasn’t the first time he played QB for the planning of a gang rape.  James could see why Sam and Steve thought so highly of him.

“Yeah, what’s the plan for the Really Useful Crew?”  Tommy said with some snark, drinking more of his vodka.  Joe looked at him with confusion.

“I’m sorry, did you say Really Useful Crew?”

“Yeah.  You guys are really fucking useful at really fucking useful shit.”  Tommy wasn’t drunk, not by a long shot, but his giveafuckometer was pretty low after everything.

“Where did you get that?”  Mari asked, quietly humming a song to herself in between sips.  Joe joined in on the song.

“They’re two they’re four they’re six they’re eight, shunting trucks and hauling freight.  Green and yellow and red and blue, they’re the Really Useful Crew.”  Joe sang without skipping a beat.

“Huh?”  James said.  Bubbles, Sam, Tommy, and JC all looked at him with confusion.

“Not that fucking song.  I’m finally free of it.”  Steve said.

“What is that song?”  Bubbles asked while sipping her vodka.

“It’s the theme song for Thomas the Train.  And I kinda like it as a nickname.  We’re the Really Useful Crew.”  Joe said, laughing.  Tommy was still dour, but the more Joe laughed, the more he softened.  “We have to make a song out of this later on.  Real quick, what’s the battle plan?”

“Thinking more freeform tomorrow, explore the house, keep them separated and moving around.  I want to fuck Aislinn in the theater while watching video of me fucking Aislinn.”  Steve said.

“Agreed.  There’s a whole house to explore.  Always wanted to rape a bitch in a hot tub.”  JC added between yawns.

“Like it.  Find extra cameras if possible, but if I understand correctly, we have a friend that’s got every room covered?”

“Yep.  Bob’s got eyes on everything and for a price Monday morn’ is givin’ it to us.”  James said between sips.

“Excellent.  After we turn, you still have to keep a short leash on us.  Keep us in line, beat us around a little bit, hit me a few times if you have to.   I’m okay with it.  Avoid the faces and her shoulder, but make sure you establish dominance over us and through us them.  Do you want us to beg in front of them or say it was done in private with maybe a follow-up?”  Joe asked the guys at the table.  They looked at each other before Bubbles spoke up.

“Private with a follow-up.  We’ll say you begged in private and that you have to do everything we say before believing you.”

“I like it.  It’s more natural and fits better with what’s happening.  Anything else we need to look for?”  Joe asked.  Tommy finished his second glass of vodka but before he could fill it up, James handed him one of the beers from the six-pack.  One was left in the carrier.

“Oh, we got some good shit.”  Steve said, having another sip of wine.  “Drew’s having an affair.”  Tommy spit out his beer when he heard that.

“What?”  Tommy couldn’t believe his ears.

“Yeah.  Full blown, living with an ex-girlfriend down in Melbourne.”  Steve said.

“Bullshit.”  Tommy said.  Bubbles grabbed her phone and handed it over to him.  Tommy looked at the texts and pics.  He was speechless.  Dozens of texts between Drew and some woman with a fake name, followed by very sexy pics.  “What the fuck?”  Tommy barely said that above a whisper.

“I thought so.”  James said.

“Wait, you thought so?  Since when?”  Tommy was in disbelief.  Of all the people he thought would ever cheat on someone, Drew wasn’t on that list.  Drew was his friend, a good man…

“Since last night when I caught him sneakin’ down to the theater to call a Shelia.  Way he acted was too cagey, and it was Saturday arvo down under, so shouldn’t be work.”

“Well, her name’s not Shelia, it’s Celeste.”  Bubbles said.

“Celeste?  You sure about that?”  Tommy said, looking at the pics.

“That’s what he called her.  Know her?”  Sam asked.

“Know about her.  Drew’s old ex, long time friend.  Morgy never liked her, always felt jealous of her.  She tried to let things patch up over time, but each time they’d hang out, Celeste and Drew were thick as thieves.  They stayed in touch through the wedding but whenever they’d have plans to hang out, Morgy would cancel them or change them at the last minute until Celeste just stopped coming around.  Last I heard she moved up to the Gold Coast for work.”  Tommy said, looking at the pics and screenshots before handing the phone back to Bubbles.

“Lines up with what he said.  He said he ran into her by accident recently when she got a place with her boyfriend in the apartment next to his, then her boyfriend dumped her.  Now she’s living with Drew in his place instead of paying her own rent.”  Sam concluded.

Joe nodded his head.  “Perfect.  We have leverage on Drew to make him do whatever the fuck we want.”

“Oh, he is so fucking Aislinn tomorrow in front of Morgana.”  Mari said.  “Just to see that slut’s face when her hubby busts a nut in her sister.”  She took another sip of wine before continuing.  “How long do I have to pretend that I don’t want to hurt that bitch?”

“At least until after we establish that we’re working with them going forward.  You’ll take over the cooking and cleaning among everything else that happens tomorrow.”  Joe said.

An evil smile grew across Mari’s face.  “Which one of them is a vegan?”

“Aislinn’s the full vegan, Morgana’s the vegetarian.”  James said.

“Not tomorrow.”  Mari said, taking another sip of wine.

“Anyone have any other ideas for tomorrow?  Is there anyone who hasn’t fucked one of them yet at all?  I’m talking since we showed up, not before.”  Joe asked.  Everyone thought about it for a moment.

“Tommy and I haven’t fooked Ais or B yet, just some blowies.  Don’t think we’ve done Mari or Bubbles, either.”  James said.

“That’ll come up tomorrow.  I haven’t done Aislinn or Bianca yet, either.”  Joe said as he looked around the table.  “We’ve all gotten some action from all the women, just not every way.  Maybe a little Blind Woman’s Bluff?  Make them whose dick is whose, and if wrong, they get fucked by it.”

“Like it.”  Steve said.

“Someone should visit the girls tonight.  At least Morgana, anyway.  Give her a wakeup call.”  Bubbles said.

“Agreed.  Think each girl should get woken up in the middle of the night.  Both tonight and tomorrow, give something to dream about.  We can even use Tommy and James on this, make it look like they were forced to do so.  Any volunteers?” 

“Whoever wakes up first when the 4AM alarm goes off gets a piece of Morgana.  After that, pick one.”  Sam said.  No one really looked forward to waking up that early, especially after the day they’ve had.

“Okay, but after that, we go back to bed.  We don’t get up as a group until at least 8, if not later.  Get the girls last.  Tommy and James, you two will have be back to normal bindings by then.”  Joe said.

“Understood.”  James said.  Tommy was in his own little world, but eventually nodded.

As Joe and the rest of the crew finished their planning of the next Sunday and a little into Monday, Tommy couldn’t help but think about how all of this that happened, all of it, was because of his desire to have Morgana all to himself.  He told himself that he was doing this to her because he loved her, but the sad truth of it was that a part of him liked it.  But that was before he found out about Drew’s cheating.  Before, he justified this behavior as the ultimate wedge that will force them apart.  Now, he had proof that Drew was cheating on Morgana but couldn’t use it right away.  If he did, Drew would know how he came about possessing it.  What’s worse, Tommy made a deep, disturbing realization.

None of this was needed now.

Everything that Tommy put Morgana through was not necessary.  All he had to do was wait it out and Morgana would’ve eventually found out about Celeste.  They would have a massive fight, and Tommy would be there to console her.  Sure, it might’ve taken a little longer, but she wouldn’t be carrying around all of this guilt and trauma for the rest of her days.  Guilt and trauma that he caused her, by the way.  All he had to do was sit back, be a good boyfriend, and wait for the marriage to crumble.  Instead, he thought he had a plan.  That plan had so far caused irreparable harm to three women, all because he couldn’t imagine Drew doing such a thing.

Now, the laughing of the psychopaths around him taunted him.  How was he going to get through this weekend?  Would his will break, would he make a mess of things just because he could?  Now that he knew Drew was cheating on Morgana, he wondered if he could keep his mouth shut and when, not if, she should find out.  Would he take pleasure in the rest of the weekend now, knowing that this was all for naught? 

Or maybe, just maybe, this was the kick in the ass he needed to fully embrace his inner monster.  As much as he loved Morgana, he had to admit that he got a kick out of seeing her and Aislinn treated this way.  And knowing that he’d get to lay the pipe to Bianca tomorrow excited him.  Partly it was because he found her very attractive, and partly because it would piss off James.  But knowing that he could do this and get away with it, that was something he wanted more of.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 72 Posted)
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Why do I see Tommy being the one to blurt out Drew's little secret in a fit of jealousy. Wondering what James is going to do to JC when he gets the chance? What will the girls do when they learn that this was all orchestrated by Tommy to get Morgana? Now I'm dying to read more! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 72 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  Tommy's sitting there wondering how much of this he needed to do, but then again would he know about Celeste if not for the attack in the cabin?  There's a lot building to the next major phase of the story, and what is to follow.  But first, the girls need to get through the night.   >:D

Chapter 73 incoming.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 72 Posted)
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Chapter 73(MF,bond,anal,ncon,sm)

They figured out the sleeping arrangements quickly.  Tommy and James were taken back downstairs and slept on the fold-out couch after a trip to the bathroom and being bound and gagged again.  Just in case the girls got loose, they had a scam to maintain.  Sam and Bubbles took one of the fold-out couches in the main bedroom upstairs while JC and Steve took the other.  Joe and Mari had the bed, insisting on having the cuffs and gag put back in after getting to bed.

JC was the first in the shower and the first to bed.  He didn’t even finish his drink, he was passing out in his chair in the dining room.  He went upstairs, showered, then was asleep before everyone else came in the room.  Steve went next, taking a ‘long shower’ of about 15 minutes.  Bubbles and Sam shared the shower for a solid 45 minutes, having a little sexy time by themselves that was completely unplanned.  When they came back to the bedroom proper, it was after midnight, and he had an alarm clock set for 4AM.  Whoever answered and turned off the alarm had a chore to do.

Wake up Morgana by raping her.  Sure as hell beats taking out the garbage.


It took a long time before Morgana finally fell asleep.  She saw a clock that said it was around 10:30PM when they strapped her down to this bed, and she guessed somewhere around 11PM or Midnight when they brought Drew in and tied him to the bed.  It didn’t escape her attention that while her legs were left unsecured, his were bound and connected to the bed.  That left her with a sense of foreboding throughout the night that more punishment was coming. 

She spent most of the first hour or so by herself crying before her husband joined her.  After their futile attempts at trying to communicate failed, they eventually passed out.  She had no clue when it was, just that it felt late.  She could only hope that they all made it through this weekend in one piece.

Her mind was filled with memories and nightmares of the day.  She relived the pain of Dad Bod fucking her so rough, the debasement of fucking her husband while that Asian girl fucked him in the ass, and the utter humiliation of performing oral sex on her own sister.  She winced when Skinny Guy fucked her in the ass before making Bianca suffer, and was furious at Mari for kissing her husband.  She woke herself up a couple times throughout the night, only to realize that it was just her and Drew in the bedroom.  She would fall back asleep, but her sleep was light tonight.  Each time she heard something move, she panicked and woke.  As the night went on, she eventually slept through the basic noises of the cabin.

So Morgana didn’t hear the door open, or notice the bright light of the cell phone as one of the men recorded this event.  The first thing she saw, felt, or noticed was one of the men jumping on the bed with her.

Shock and panic woke Morgana up, as she felt someone on top of her, pushing her legs open with their body before she could recognize what what happening.  Her mind was racing at what happened.  One of the men, wearing a mask, was on top of her, spreading her legs.  She felt one of the hands grab her hair, twisting her head up while the other maneuvered his cock into her. 

“Smile for the camera.”  She heard a voice come from behind the bright light she was looking at now.  The man raping her twisted her head to stare right at the brightest light in the room, destroying her night vision.  Morgana cried and screamed through her gag, but that just seemed to egg this man on more and more.

Morgy’s screaming woke up Drew, who looked over and saw one of the men raping his wife.  He yelled and screamed, pulling on his restraints to no avail.  Everything he tried just hurt him more in the end.

The man running the camera turned it towards Drew to get his reaction.  Drew tried to close his eyes, but the light hurt too much.  As soon as he opened them when the camera was back facing Morgana, he opened them again but couldn’t even make out the man in front of him that raped his wife while he slept.

The man screwing Morgana was having a field day, grunting and huffing as he laid into her pussy with all he had.  Even after a long day of sexual activity for everyone, waking up at 4AM to torment a sleeping woman was definitely worthy of the early wakeup call.  He leaned into her and fucked her hard for several minutes before he felt the urge to climax build in his balls.

Instead of fucking her harder, he pulled out.  Morgana wondered for a moment whether she was spared from receiving yet another load of rapist’s semen in her womb when she felt her legs being manhandled.  This man was flipping her over onto her stomach.  She thought for a moment that he wanted to fuck her doggystyle.  That was until she felt him spread her asscheeks and spit on her asshole.  Fear and panic picked up again as she knew what this monster was going to do to her.

He was going to fuck her ass.

Morgana screamed as this man pushed his cock into her sphincter, making her moan and groan in pain even more.  Drew screamed at the men in the room but there was nothing he could do.  Inch by inch, the man pushed in further and further, until bottoming out inside of Morgana’s asshole.  He sat there, listening to Morgana cry for a moment before he thrust in and out.  She was tight, painfully tight, but he wasn’t going to let that stop him.  He built a rhythm, making sure that Drew saw and heard all of the cries and moans of pain coming from his wife as he sodomized her next to him. 

In and out, he kept it up for what seemed like an eternity to her, burning her ass apart with each painful thrust.  Each time she tried to move her head, he pulled her around by the hair, making sure the camera caught her suffering.  She tried to think who it could be, but the pain was too strong to block out.  Still, she realized it wasn’t the fat guy, and probably not the dad bod guy.  It was definitely a penis, so it wasn’t Kim.  She assumed it had to the skinny guy, though he seemed a little shorter than before.  Then again, everyone’s the same height when vertical.  Could it be they brought in a friend instead?  It wasn’t Tommy or James, and probably not Joe.  The fear of not knowing who it was compounded with the pain, sending her over the edge into a panic attack.

Whoever this guy was, he got more excited when Morgana freaked out even more.  He couldn’t hold back any more and grunted hard as he blasted shot after shot of cum into her asshole.  Blast after blast, draining his balls into her bum.  He collapsed on top of her, catching her breath.

The man kept his head facing Morgana’s back as the camera moved in to catch Drew’s face.  He was furious and hurt beyond words, only wincing away from the camera because of the bright light that destroyed his night vision in the pitch black room.  The cameraman did the same to Morgana, capturing the look of pain and panic as yet another man had their way with her.  When the camera turned away, the man that had just fucked Morgana pulled out, his cock making a plopping sound as he pulled it out of her ass.  He tussled her hair before leaving.

“Sweet dreams.”  The cameraman said in a mocking voice.  Neither Drew nor Morgana could place the voice, and with all of the bright lights in their faces, they couldn’t see who was who.   They heard the door open then close again.  Morgana laid there face down, crying from the pain and humiliation.  Drew joined in on the crying, knowing there was nothing he could do to comfort her.


Back in the main bedroom, the two men took off their masks as the first one made his way to the bathroom.  The cameraman, Steve, pulled his mask off over his head as he talked to his friend as he took a piss.

“Jesus, that was fun.  You up for running camera on the next one?”  He said, trying to stifle a yawn.  Excitement only goes so far after a long day and a quick sleep.

“Sure.”  Joe said, draining the snake.  His legs were still a little wobbly from just having had sex, and he was a little worn out from it, but felt excited.

“Hey.”  Steve looked behind him to the voice.  It was Sam, who had woken up to go the bathroom when they came back in.  “How was it?”  He said, trying to stifle a yawn.

“Fucking amazing.  Her ass is delightful.  I recommend everyone get a spin on that if possible.”  Joe said, finishing up before looking for a towel to clean himself up with.

“Was just about to go take a second round on another one of them.  Want to join in?”  Steve said.  Sam yawned, then thought about it for a moment, looking over his shoulder at Bubbles, sound asleep.

“Sure.  Which one are you thinking of waking up?”  Sam asked.

“I’m okay with either, but I didn’t get a good turn with Bianca earlier.  Mind if I wake her up?”  Steve asked his friend.

“Go ahead.  That leaves Aislinn for me.  I like it.  Start with Bianca first?”  Sam asked.

“Yep, let’s mask up and go.  I’ll run camera.”  Joe said, almost excited to be up this early.  It was only 4:30AM and he was already awake.  He was halfway to the door, waiting for Sam and Steve to put their masks back on before they went downstairs to pay a visit to the other women in the house.


Steve decided to pay a visit to Bianca Joe filmed.  Before Joe and Sam made their way down to the basement to wake up Aislinn, Steve stopped in Bianca’s room.  Sam and Joe stood by the doorway as Steve did his work, Joe filming from a distance.

The music was still playing, and she was snoring.  He thought about just going back to bed, but the hard-on between his legs and the sleeping busty MILF on the bed changed his mind.  Still, he was pretty tired so decided to do this quickly.  After grabbing a bottle of lube from the living room, he returned to Bianca’s bed, slathered up his cock, and hopped on board.  The sudden jolt woke her up, but she almost expected something like this.  As she was still getting her bearings, Steve was already pushing his cock into her, and started rutting at a quickened pace.  Bianca cried softly as Steve fucked her quick and hard for a few minutes.  It didn’t take him long.  By the time Bianca had fully woken up, she could feel Steve cumming inside her.

He left as quickly as he came, more or less.  He didn’t say anything, just slapped her on the hip for a job well done, and left.  Bianca cried herself back to sleep, praying that this hell would end and she’d get home to see her daughter before too long.


Downstairs, Sam thought about how he wanted to do this as he stood outside of Aislinn’s room.  He thought about sneaking in nice and quietly, but soon threw that idea aside.  He knew how he wanted to torment her.  He looked to Joe, and asked if he was rolling.  Joe started recording the video, turning on the bright flash in the process.  As he waited for the thumbs up, Sam slathered his cock with lube, stroking himself to a full erection, ready to jump in her room as soon as he was ready.  When Joe gave Sam the thumbs up, Sam pushed open the door as fast and as hard as he could.

“WAKEY WAKEY!”  Sam yelled, then ran and jumped onto the bed, pushing himself between the sleeping woman’s legs.  Aislinn started to come to life, and in the moment it took to realize what was happening, the chubby man slapped her tits a few times.  “WAKE UP YOU FUCKING CUNT!  TIME TO PLAY!”  Sam said, kneeling between her legs.  Her eyes were wide open with fear and panic as she felt the fat man assault her boobs while pushing himself into her.  She screamed for everything she was worth, but the gag kept her from forming any words.  Suddenly, there was a bright light in her face, destroying her night vision.  She couldn’t see more than a meter in front of her, and that meant all she could see was the fat man’s mask covered face.  Aislinn felt him push into her with his cock, violating her yet again.  This time, she was awoken so abruptly she had no way to defend herself or try to deal with this in another manner.  All she could do was cry, scream, and endure.

Sam pounded away into Aislinn while Joe filmed everything.  Joe made sure to get as close as he could with the light from the camera every so often to ruin her night vision.  It helped throw her off her guard, allowing Sam to flip her around into a doggystyle position.  He fucked her hard, pulling her hair back as far as he could, making sure she felt a ton of pain.  Sam groaned and grunted as he came inside her quim, then collapsed on top of her.  After laying there for a moment, he climbed off of her, grabbing a handful of hair and using it to clean off his dick.  Aislinn laid on the bed, crying profusely as the door closed behind her, the sound of the two men laughing as they left.


Across the basement, Tommy had a fitful sleep.  The revelations of Drew’s affair and how all of this was meant to drive a wedge between the married couple ate at him.  The guilt of watching the woman he loved being gang-raped at his request while her sister and friend were forced to participate was almost too much for him to bear.

Almost.  Tommy had to admit to himself that the darkest corner of his soul, the one that had seen daylight over the last few months, enjoyed it.  He could talk about the ends justifying the means all he wanted to, but the fact of the matter was he was aroused watching Morgana get raped by everyone, and he meant everyone, in the cabin today.  Watching her writhe and struggle turned him on something fierce, and the forced lesbianism almost caused him to nut himself right then and there.  Fortunately, he held off when he needed to, just to force Morgana and Aislinn to fuck each other.  Just the thought of those two together was getting him hard yet again.

As he was thinking about Aislinn’s perky little tits and her sexy little mouth, a scream penetrated his dreams and woke him up.  There was more screaming from across the floor.  It was Aislinn, followed by Sam.  He didn’t need to be psychic to tell what was going on.  As he looked around the pitch black room, he knew that they decided to pay the girls a visit during the night, terrorize them a little further.  Sam must’ve decided that fucking Aislinn earlier wasn’t enough and wanted another piece of that ass.  Tommy couldn’t blame him.  If he wasn’t already with Morgana on the side, he’d definitely give Aislinn a shot at a relationship.  Hell, he’d already fucked her 3 times at least this weekend, before everything went to shit.  He didn’t know if she was always that forthright with men, but if she was on a short vacation that could explain her being so forward.  But listening to her screams upset him for the most part.  And turned on the darkest corner.

He lay awake, listening to her rape across the basement floor, trying to picture it.  He could hear Sam laugh and call her names between grunts, so he assumed the chubby man was the one fucking her.  Another man talked, but he had a hard time picturing who it was.  Tommy regretted having his hands bound like they were, being secured to the couch bed in the theater.  If he were free, he might try to save her.  Or join in.  To be honest, he wasn’t sure. 

All he knew was that thinking of Aislinn’s rape took his mind off of Drew’s betrayal of Morgana.  He saw the texts and sexts, he knew what he saw and what the Really Useful Crew told him.  He knew he could destroy Morgana’s marriage with a single question, but knew he couldn’t.  Not yet.  He thought about it throughout Aislinn’s rape.  If he told Morgana about Celeste, he couldn’t use her name.  He’d have to call her Charles, and she’d ask Drew what’s up with Charles.  Drew would come up with story because he’s good at that, and she’d ignore it going forward.  If he told Morgy that Drew was fucking his roommate Celeste, Morgana would ask how he found out.  If he showed her the texts and she confronted Drew with them, then Drew would know that Tommy got those texts from Bubbles and the other rapists, and that would lead to a hundred different questions, not least of which “where did you get that?”  Drew understands that the only place those came from were from when Bubbles had his phone.  If Tommy had them, then Drew would know that Tommy received those from their attackers, and that would raise even more questions.  Tommy would need a way to explain this later.  Perhaps he could get the crew to do some kind of blackmail against everyone.  That way, if he received a random text down the line, he could explain that.  He’d have to make sure that the crew had everyone’s numbers.  Besides, Drew was the kind of man that didn’t make the same mistake twice.  He’s either going to delete every message after they come in, move to WhatsApp or some other encrypted channel, or change the name of the texts to someone else, maybe even a rotation of other names.  If Morgana ever saw the phone, it would be a different man each time and he’d just say it’s a “mate from work, mate.” 

Still, he knew he was sitting on a nuke.  If Drew ever went too far or if things ever became so shitty there was no chance of survival, he could ensure that no one else survived.

For his part, James slept like a baby.
Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck