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Re: Pharma (Chapter 58 Posted)
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Chapter 58(MF,oral,anal,rape,s&m,a2m,viol,slight racism)

“Now, Tommy, since you’ve been such a friendly host, and you haven’t done anything stupid, I’ll give you a few minutes to use your hands and mouth.  Which is perfect, because you know what you’re going to do for the next few minutes?”  Sam said.  He didn’t wait for Tommy to answer the rhetorical question.  “Your friend, Morgana.”  Sam slapped Tommy on the back, and he staggered. 

His time had come, and he knew what he had to do.  Tommy looked into Morgana’s eyes and saw a pain that went a little deeper than just the physical toll of the ongoing gang rape.  It went further than having to make love to Tommy right here right now.  It was doing all of this in front of Drew.  But before he could climb on the bed, Bubbles grabbed his hard-on and tugged, stopping his momentum.

“Remember, fuck her good.  None of this half-assed 3 pump chump stuff.  She doesn’t moan, someone else pays.  Comprende mother fucker?”

“Comprende.”  Tommy said as Bubbles stroked his dick one last time before letting go. 

Tommy hesitated at the foot of the bed.  He knew what he had to do.  Hell, he’d done this with her at least a dozen times by now.  But to do it in front of Drew, in front of Aislinn, in front of a crowd?  This was a whole different matter altogether.  He was going to have sex with Morgana in front of her husband.  No…He was going to make love to Morgana in front of her husband.  He gathered up his nerves and climbed slowly onto the bed.  He got his first good look at her face up close.  She was a wreck.  He grabbed her face by the chin and turned her face towards his, between her and the back of the couch.  Here, they could have a brief moment of privacy.

“Shh, it’s okay, it’ll be okay.”  Tommy whispered to her.

Morgana broke down crying.  “It’s not okay.  None of this is okay.”  He shushed her as best as he could, but knew it wasn’t going to work. 

“Just, go along, follow my lead, pretend that it’s just us.  Can you do that?”  Tommy asked.

“It hurts.  I hurt so much.”  Morgana said, through the tears.

“Just be brave for a little longer, I’ll be gentle.  Trust me.”  Tommy said before kissing her tenderly.  Out of everything that happened today, this was the first time someone kissed her, and she was glad it was Tommy.  They kissed a couple more times, before Tommy moved his hand to her breasts while kissing her neck.

As Tommy started gently with Morgana, JC was fucking Bianca like she ruined his life.  Which, in his mind, she did.  Between the hard smacks to her tits, ass, and legs and the long and hard strokes he pumped into her, she was in pain like she hadn’t been in a long time.  There was no pretending she was somewhere else, no ignoring it, no thinking about a song or movie to pass the time.  Each assault on her flesh brought her back into the moment.

So when he stopped and pulled out, she knew she couldn’t relax, even for a minute.  She strained to see where he went, but he was out of her view.  She lost track of him as he walked past the couch, towards the bags of open luggage.  Her suspicions were confirmed when he returned with a riding crop in hand.  Bianca screamed as loud as she could, but the ring gag prevented her from forming any words.

JC held the crop in his right hand and his dick in his left.  He saw the fear in Bianca’s eyes and it turned him on more than he knew possible.  Her ass and pussy were on full display, splayed out in front on him with her feet tied up so that her legs were spread and the soles of her feet faced the ceiling.  He swung the riding crop with his right hand, keeping her attention on it as grabbed a bottle of the lube he had and poured a little on his cock.

“Let’s play a little game.  You tell me which hurts worse.  A, or B.  A?”  JC hit her on the right arm with the crop.  “Or B?”  He cracked her in the tit with the crop.  She cried louder on B.  “A?”  He hit her on the tit again.  “Or B?”  He smacked her in the belly with the crop.  She cried more at B.  “A?”  He hit her in the belly again.  “Or B?”  He whacked her on the bottom of her left foot with the crop.  She squealed after the last one, crying, trying to make a B sound.  “A?”  He hit her in the foot again.  “Or B?”  JC pressed his dick into her anus and pushed in as hard as he could.  She cried and moaned something fierce.  “Sorry, couldn’t make that out.  A?”  He hit her foot again with the crop.  “Or B?”  He pulled out almost the whole way out of her ass and plunged back in.  “A or B?”  He repeated the actions.  “A or B!  A OR B!”  He kept up the pattern, hitting her foot and fucking her ass until he switched it up to her other foot.  Each time he’d go in and out, he’d hit her with the crop.  After 15 or so strikes, he changed up to just hitting her anywhere on her body until he focused solely on fucking her ass.

While JC fucked Bianca’s ass raw, James gave him a glare that would’ve earned him the gas chamber if looks could kill.  He had a front row seat for this, but wasn’t enjoying seeing this arse hurt Bianca this way.  ‘Forget talking to this prick, I might just run his arse over.  Or ask Bobby to take’em fishin.’’  James couldn’t recall the last time he hated someone this much since last week at work.

Tommy slid his hand down past Morgana’s tits and down her belly to her pussy.  He rubbed and stroked her legs up and down before settling on her womanhood.  He caressed her while kissing her neck and ear, before moving his way down to her breasts, one kiss at a time.  He wanted to give her some pleasure during all of this torment.  When he made it to her breasts and licked her nipples, he saw Drew for the first time.  Tommy couldn’t describe the anguish he saw on Drew’s face, and wouldn’t have the words if he lived for another hundred years.  It was one thing to watch his wife be raped over and over again by thugs, and another to have to watch his friends join in, but to see Tommy be so gentle and loving to her, and watching her respond even after everything that happened to her?  His heart sank to the floor.  Tommy turned his attention back to the nipple he sucked on while he gently rubbed Morgana’s clit with his thumb.

As Drew watched, a dozen thoughts went through his mind.  The least of which was how this was his fault and Tommy’s fault.  Tommy was his friend, his mate, and here he was being forced to have sex with his wife, but instead of just fucking her like everyone else had done, he’s trying to make love to her.  Drew didn’t know if he should be happy that he wasn’t trying to hurt her or pissed that it wasn’t him.  But another thought struck him as he watched Tommy and his wife on the couch bed in front of him.

Tommy’s a little too good at this.  Like, no fumbling around, no crazy nervousness, no awkward exploring, no stuttering or stopping.  It’s like he’s been here before.  Almost like these two…

Drew shook his head, trying to get the thought out of his mind.  Tommy was too good of a mate and Morgy would never, ever cheat on him.  Just like how a few months ago he’d never thought of cheating on her with anyone, let alone his ex-girlfriend and current flatmate Celeste.

He saw Tommy elicit a small moan from Morgana, then kiss her.  She kissed him back.  The fire and anger and resentment and sadness and hurt and dejection grew in him like an explosion.  Just as he was about to lose it, he was splashed in the face with a jug of water.  With the rush of water, the shorts that Aislinn peed in that Kim draped on his head like a towel were sent flying.  He looked to his right and saw Steve and Bubbles, or as he knew them the guy that beat the shit out of him and Kim.

“Didn’t want you to smell too bad.”  Bubbles bent over, putting her hand on Drew’s cock.  “Like what you’re seeing over there?  Like watching your wife get fucked?”  Bubbles squeezed Drew’s cock through his shorts.  “I think you do, deep down.  I think you’ve always wanted to see this.  I mean, if not, why try to play hero earlier?”  Bubbles turned to Steve.  “I think he’s wearing too much.  You agree?”  Steve nodded.  Bubbles kneeled down and tried to cut the laces of his boots with her boxcutter.  It wasn’t working, so Steve handed her the scissors he used earlier.  “Thanks.”  Bubbles took the scissors, and made short work of Drew’s shoelaces.  She then went to work cutting off his cargo shorts, first up one leg, stopping before she cut through the waistline.  After a little shifting around, she sliced through the waistband enough to remove them, leaving his grey boxer briefs in place.  Unlike the other men, Drew was not visibly aroused.  “What’s the matter Drew, don’t you like me?”  Bubbles said, reaching into his briefs to fish out his cock.  It was flaccid, but wouldn’t be for long.  She stroked his cock a few times, then licked the head.  The briefs were still in the way, so she stopped playing with Drew’s little buddy and cut them off with the scissors.  Once she had a clear shot, Bubbles played with Drew’s cock, licking and sucking and stroking it until she brought it to erection against his will.  She moved out of the way, making sure that Morgana could get a good look at her playing with Drew’s cock.  “Hey Morgy, I think he likes it.”

Morgana saw the Asian woman with the pink hair playing with her husband’s cock, calling her by her nickname.  She wanted to yell and scream, or cry again, but she knew none of that would help.  Best case, they’d find it funny and torment him over it.  Worst case, they’d hurt them more.  She didn’t know what to do or say, but it soon didn’t matter.  She felt the bed shift as Tommy changed positions.  He was moving over top of her.

Tommy climbed on top of Morgana, like he’d done a dozen or so times in the last part of the summer and mounted her.  She kept her legs spread for him as he knelt between them and leaned in to kiss her.  A moment of hesitation later, and Tommy pushed into her love tunnel, causing her to moan a little.  He stayed inside her for a moment before moving, letting her get used to him before making love to her.  Once there though, he started moving back and forth in slow, deliberate strokes.

Speaking of slow, deliberate strokes Bubbles stroked Drew’s cock to the same pace that Tommy fucked Morgana.  Bubbles enjoyed the show, but enjoyed playing with Drew more.  She contemplated what she wanted to do next, and decided that blowing Drew while Tommy fucked his wife would be a great way to kick-start her part of the fun.  She let go of his cock long enough to take off her pink bra.  Her little B-cup titties popped out for the world to see.  “Like what ya see, loverboy?”  Bubbles said mockingly to Drew.  She then stood up and bent over, facing away from him, her ass right in his face.  She wiggled her butt a little bit as she pushed her jogging pants down, exposing her pink thong.  She bent over, wrapping her arms around her legs and getting her ass and pussy as close to Drew as she could.  She rose, kicking off her shoes and stepping out of her pants.  She turned to make sure he got a good look at her body, showing off the dozens of tattoos she had.  Of course, all of them were fake but he didn’t know that.  Bubbles stood between his legs, lifting her left leg up as far as it could go, almost doing a standing split.  Years of yoga were paying off.  She held her leg in place with her left hand and slid her panties to the side with her right, showing off her clean-shaven gash to Drew.  “You wanna know how an Asian girl feels around your cock, don’t ya?”  She lowered her leg, her panties still off to the side.  She then sat on his lap, facing him.  “You want me to fuck ya while Tommyboy there fucks your wife?  You’d love that, wouldn’t ya?”  Bubbles grabbed Drew’s cock and stroked it, rubbing it against her pussy.  “What’d ya think?  Ready for a shag of your own?”  Bubbles adjusted her position so that Drew’s cock had no choice but to go into her.  She pushed down onto him, forcing him to enter her.  “Oh, fuck.  You feel so good inside me Drew.”  Bubbles started fucking him in time to Tommy fucking Morgana.

Morgana heard the Asian woman, then looked over to see her moving up and down on Drew.  She couldn’t believe it.  Now this Kim woman was fucking…no.  She was raping her husband.  She felt hurt, wondering how she could even keep him hard long enough for this to happen.  But she didn’t think about it long, because what Tommy was doing to her was much more interesting in the moment. 

Tommy fucked Morgana with a faster rhythm, causing her breathing to get a little coarser, her body more excited.  He knew the effect he was having on her, she was building toward an orgasm.  He focused on her body, on her movements, making sure that each and every thrust was about her pleasure.  He knew she was getting close, but seeing and hearing Bubbles fuck Drew might turn her off.  Tommy grabbed her head by her ears and turned her towards him, kissing her fully and deeply.  She moaned into his mouth, then wrapped her legs around his, keeping him in position.  He thrust at the same rhythm, knowing that once she was on the edge, she wanted the same pattern to get her off.  She didn’t like him changing the pace too much, she wanted, no needed him to be almost machinelike when she was ready to get off.  He kept this in the back of his mind, keeping the same pace.  He covered her ears so she wouldn’t hear Bubbles talking about fucking Drew so much, but he could hear every raunchy thing she said.

“This is the best cock I’ve had, I can see why she married you.”  “Fuck me harder you Aussie Beast.”  “Once you go Chink, you never cross the brink.”  “Oh me so horny, me love you long time.”  “Fuck me Drew, fuck me like you wish you could fuck Morgana.”  Bubbles was laying on thicker and heavier as she went.  As much as Drew didn’t want to admit it, she was good at what she did.  She rode him hard for several minutes while Tommy continued fucking Morgana, trying to elicit an orgasm from her.

Across the room, JC was having his fun with Bianca at her expense.  He stopped beating her with the riding crop and was now focusing on fucking her ass as hard and as fast as he could.  He hurt her, but he wasn’t done.  Assfucking her into a crumpling mess was a start, but he wanted to humiliate her too.  As he fucked her ass, he listened to her cries of pain and moans of anguish.  This excited him to the point that he was ready to burst.  Only question he had was where should he cum.  He thought about pulling out and cumming on her stomach, or forcing her to go ass to mouth again, this time tasting her own shit and blood and santorum.  He could cum on her face or tits, or in her twat, let her worry about having his seed flow through him.  Then he thought about pulling out and forcing Aislinn over to eat her out.  Then he caught the look that Steve kept throwing to the skinny girl still tied up in her chair.  In the end, JC knew exactly what he would do.  He pulled his dick out of her ass and moved to the end of the benches at her head.  He grabbed her head again.  She tried to beg him off, but once again, was unable to do anything as he shoved his cock in through the ring gag in her mouth, forcing her to taste her own ass as he came.  Spurt after spurt blasted in her mouth.  “You better swallow it you fucking cunt.”  Bianca had no choice and swallowed what he shot in her mouth.  She was glad that he was done with her for the moment, but he left her trussed up in this very painful and very exposed position.

As JC pulled out of her mouth, he slapped her in the face a few times with his cock before making his way to Joe and Mari’s luggage.  Once there, he found an old t-shirt of Joe’s that he used to clean himself up with before collapsing on one of the recliners.

Sam filmed his girl fuck Drew while Tommy was fucking Morgana.  He focused back and forth between the pair but mostly paid attention to Bubbles and Drew.  The stationary camera was centered on Morgana on the bed with Tommy.  Drew was slightly off screen but just enough in frame to show that something was going on with him.  That meant if he wanted good footage of anyone fucking Drew, he had to get it.

Steve was on crowd control for the moment, looking back and forth between Mari and Aislinn.  He knew he was going to fuck both of them before the night was over, but was trying to figure out which one next.  As much as he wanted to do Mari, and knew that according to the plan his best chance would be today, he wanted to be the first one inside of the skinny Aussie cunt.  Well, first one since they arrived.  He found out that her and Tommy had already fucked at least once today, if not twice.  Still, he wanted to be the first one here to spear her with his cock.  But he had to wait a few minutes, at least until Bubbles had her turn with Morgana.  She mentioned what she wanted to do to the two of them, and Steve figured it would fuck with Aislinn more to watch that then get raped as opposed to raping her while Bubbles did her magic.

Tommy could feel that Morgana was on the brink.  He stopped kissing her a moment ago so he could focus on the rhythm she needed to cum, so that meant that her breathing and moaning was coming out now for everyone to hear, especially Drew.  The only time Bubbles shut her mouth was when Morgy began to moan.  Bubbles wanted Drew to hear his wife cum from another man’s dick.  And with Tommy doing his thing, that was coming up shortly.  Tommy knew from experience that the two things Morgana like the most when she was on the brink of an orgasm was being kissed on the lips and bit and kissed on the neck.  He kissed and licked her neck just as she moaned and shook, and as the first of her cries came out, he kept playing with her neck, waiting until it was undeniable that she was cumming.  Then, and only then did Tommy kiss her. 

Morgana felt betrayed that she enjoyed herself so much during this, but Tommy seemed to go above and beyond to give her a small slice of heaven during her time in hell.  After she came, she cried a little, and Tommy consoled her, kissing her cheeks.  She saw Kim fucking Drew, and something just broke inside of her.  She leaned up and whispered in Tommy’s ear.  “Cum for me.  Cum for me.  Fuck me Tommy.”  Tommy didn’t need much more invitation from that to do what he was already doing, so he picked up the pace.  He had to do everything in his power to keep from busting a nut earlier, but now that she gave him the green light, he was more than ready to oblige.

So why the hell couldn’t he cum?

Tommy kept fucking Morgana, trying to get through this moment of blue balls.  That’s when he moved his hands to adjust his position.  Doing so unmuffed Morgana’s ears, letting her hear everything that Drew and Kim were doing.

“Fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck, fuck me harder you big Aussie beast you, your cock feels so good, fuck me oh yes fuck me fuck me cum in my pussy cum in my tight Asian pussy, cum for me round eye, ssibal naleul hard hwaiteu sonyeon (‘fuck me harder white boy’ in Korean)”. Drew couldn’t say anything with the gag in his mouth, but his breathing increased and he was sweaty as he felt his balls constrict and contract.  He couldn’t help himself.  As much as he didn’t want to, not only was this Kim girl a good lay, the crazy shit she was saying played into one of his fantasies he’s always had about fucking an Asian woman.  And one as sexy and sultry as Kim was, with the dozens of tattoos all over her, was more than enough.  Drew grunted hard as he felt his balls contract for the last time, shooting his semen into Kim’s womb.  He shot again and again before he finally stopped and cried.

Bubbles felt Drew cum in her.  That wasn’t part of the plan.  She was supposed to toy with him until he was ready and make him fuck one of the other girls, but having a pussy full of Drew’s semen gave her an idea.  “Wow, you must’ve really liked this Asian pussy Drew.  You came so hard inside of me.”  Bubbles tried to catch her breath as Drew hung his head in shame.

Morgana was stunned.  That woman just raped her husband, and he enjoyed it.  She was furious.  The whispers of “fuck me Tommy” came out louder and louder, until she was almost screaming it.  Watching Drew fuck that pink haired slut right in front of her was one thing, but for him to cum from it…. Morgana was seeing red, and wanted him to know.  “Fuck me Tommy.  Fuck me harder, cum for me Tommy, fuck me fuck meee.”  The last one had a bit of a squeal to it, almost like she was about to cum again.

Tommy thought she was faking it, until he felt her shudder underneath him.  Feeling her get so into this and into him was what he needed to break his blue balls.  Tommy moaned as he came, back arching hard as he unloaded his balls into her womb.  He grunted then convulsed, then collapsed onto Morgana, breathing heavily.  The two lovers kissed again, momentarily ignoring the onlookers, like her husband.

Sam let them continue kissing for a moment before he decided to get the show moving on to the next act.  He caught Drew crying on camera, likely from a combination of Bubbles raping him and watching his wife scream out Tommy’s name as she came.  Bubbles still sat on Drew’s lap, his member shrinking and eventually popping out of her twat.  She sat there, egging Drew on for crying.

“Aww, what’s the matter, upset that your mate made your wife cum twice and she screamed out his name in passion?  Aww, that’s so sweet.  Remember, none of this would be happening if You. Hadn’t. Been. A. Hero.”  Bubbles tapped his chest hard with each of those words.  Bubbles turned to Sam.  “Hey honeybear, mind moving Tommy.  Think it’s my turn on wifey over there.”

Sam smiled.  “Sure thing.  Dave, NotDave, take Tommy back to his seat.”  The two men in masks stood and walked over to Tommy.  Steve grabbed a pair of handcuffs from Joe and Mari’s luggage and a couple strips of fabric left over from one of the shirts that was sacrificed to make gags and such.  JC had a few zip ties in his hands.  Tommy knelt on the bed, slowly getting up.  He waited for the men to approach.

“Hands out.”  JC said.  Tommy stuck his hands out in front of him.  Steve wrapped one of the cloth strips around Tommy’s right wrist, then clicked the handcuffs over them.  He repeated the process with the left wrist, making sure the cuffs were secured.  They walked Tommy back to his chair, where they zip-tied the cuffs to the chair.  Once Tommy was in place, Steve moved over to Aislinn’s chair.

Aislinn looked up at Steve with fear and panic.  She saw a lustful look in his eyes that scared the shit out of her, almost literally.  She screamed as he approached and it only got louder as he touched her for the first time.  He put his hands on her shoulders, and one would think she was being stabbed to death.  He slowly massaged Aislinn’s shoulders, but not in any way meant to give her pleasure or relax her.  He gripped her, then leaned down and whispered in her right ear.  “I can’t wait to fuck your brains out.”  She screamed as his calloused and rough hands wandered around her shoulders, neck, face, and upper chest.  Her chin trembled before he’d even touched her breasts.  When she tried to turn her face away, he grabbed her head and twisted it back to Morgana on the couch bed.  “Watch this.  Take a look at your future.”  Steve said in a whisper, right before he licked her ear.  She mewled in fear.

Bubbles climbed off of Drew, his cum leaking out of her pussy and down her leg.  She turned to Morgana on the couch bed, locking eyes with her.  “Damn, your husband sure cums a lot.  He made quite a mess.  Well, I guess it’s the wife’s job to clean up after her husband.”  Bubbles climbed onto the bed, crawling up Morgana’s body until her pussy was over Morgana’s face.  Bubbles put her right hand on her labia and spread her lips wide.  “Clean up your husband’s mess.  Get his cum out of my pussy.  Lick me clean.” 

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 59 Posted)
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Chapter 59(FF,MFF,peg,oral,anal,bond,psych)

Bubbles climbed off of Drew, his cum leaking out of her pussy and down her leg.  She turned to Morgana on the couch bed, locking eyes with her.  “Damn, your husband sure cums a lot.  He made quite a mess.  Well, I guess it’s the wife’s job to clean up after her husband.”  Bubbles climbed onto the bed, crawling up Morgana’s body until her pussy was over Morgana’s face.  Bubbles put her right hand on her labia and spread her lips wide.  “Clean up your husband’s mess.  Get his cum out of my pussy.  Lick me clean.”

Morgana looked up at the Asian woman that had who knows how many tattoos with fear and disgust.  She’d never in a million years even thought about doing anything like this.  She wasn’t a lesbian by even the slightest definition.  Now, this woman had just fucked her husband, made him cum in her, and now was squatting over her face with his semen in her, telling her to clean it out.  She recoiled in disgust, until the woman squatting over her grabbed a fistful of her long, blonde hair.

Bubbles pulled Morgana’s face a little closer to her twat, and she looked right in Morgana’s face.  “Listen you fucking cunt.  You either get your face in there, suck out Drew’s cum and eat me out to an orgasm, or I make your little sister over there do it, except while I’m doing that my friend Dave over there will fuck her tight little asshole while she’s eating me out.  You remember Dave, my big friend that made you cry.  You think little Aislinn can handle that meat dry in her ass?  Do you?”  Morgana tried to shake her head no, but couldn’t move it.  “So you either get your tongue in my twat now or my friend rips her shitter to pieces around his dick.  Either stick that tongue out or watch him fuck your sister into a coma.”  Morgana stuck her tongue out as far as it could go.  “Good choice.”  Bubbles lowered herself onto Morgana’s face and could feel the tongue move around. 

“What a shame, really wanted to do that, too.”  Steve whispered into Aislinn’s ear as he kept massaging her shoulders.  She shuddered under his touch.  Steve then licked her ear, causing her to squeal in fear.  “Guess you’ll have to wait for your fun.”  Steve kept massaging her shoulders, making sure she watched her sister eat out the Asian on the couch.

Morgana had no clue what she was doing, and was absolutely disgusted by what was on her face.  She stuck her tongue out as far as she could as the Asian girl lowered her twat down on her face.  Morgana squirmed her tongue into Kim, licking around blindly.  Never in her wildest dreams did she think she’d ever be in this position, let alone doing so under threat.  The closest she’d ever gotten to doing anything sexual with a woman was some slightly suggestive photos from her modeling days and once when a mate of hers kissed her on a bet back at the pub in Uni.  Even then with Tabby it felt weird, and she was her best friend.  This, what she was doing now was nothing short of another violation in a long line of them today.  Kim had a musky smell to her that was unmistakably feminine, but different.  But there was something else in there, too.  Something familiar.

Drew’s seed.  She could feel his cum on her tongue, and she did her best to lick it and suck it out of Kim.  She held her breath as much as she could and swirled her tongue around, trying to get whatever she could out of that horrible Asian woman.

Bubbles couldn’t help but laugh a little.  She was half-joking when she told Morgana to lick her husband’s cum out of her, but Morgana was doing her best to oblige.  Bubbles enjoyed the effort that Morgana was putting into it, but pussy eating was not her specialty.  She let the blonde go about with her cum spelunking for a couple minutes before grabbing Morgana’s hair and shifting positions.  “Alright you little cuntlicker, get that tongue of yours on my clit and make me scream.”

Morgana felt the Asian girl pull her face out of her twat and angled her head so that it was in a position where she could flick her tongue on her clitoris.  Morgana took a few deep breaths before diving in and going to work.  She pretended that she was doing anything else, maybe licking a tiny dick or a musky lollypop or some weird Indian dish, anything but eating pussy.  She moved her tongue around, trying to think how she liked it when Drew and Tommy ate her out. 

“Yeah, lick my pussy you little lesi whore.  Lick my clit.  Lick it.”  Bubbles laid it on thick and heavy with the dirty talk.  She knew that Morgana was trying to block this out of her mind, but wouldn’t let her disappear to the magical land of fairies and unicorns.  “God, keep it up, swirl that tongue, you little carpetmuncher.”

For her part, Morgana was doing a good job.  She swirled her tongue over Kim’s lovebud back and forth, making her shake.  Morgana kept it up as her head was pulled even further into Kim’s pussy as she could see and feel her ministrations eliciting something from her captor. 

Suddenly, Bubbles screamed out loud.  “Ohhhh Fuuuuck!”  She held Morgana’s face in place as she came, her juices dripping onto the blonde Aussie’s face.  Bubbles held Morgana in place as she came down from her climax. 

After a minute or so, Bubbles stood up, letting go of Morgana’s head.  She walked over to Drew, who was still despondent.  She bent over, then tilted Drew’s head up with a finger under his chin.  “Hey, you still here?  You know who hasn’t fucked your wife yet?  You.  So, now’s your chance, Mate.  I’m going to cut you loose here in a moment, and you’re gonna have 10 minutes to get hard and fuck your wife.  You don’t want to know what happens after 10 minutes if you don’t cum.  Now, just so you think I’m not fucking with you, I’m going to set an alarm on that microwave over there and press start.  Once it’s on, you and wifey there can do whatever you can to get hard and fuck her.  But you have 10 minutes of peace and quiet before you go back in the chair.  Oh, and don’t try to be a fucking hero again.  Try anything stupid and I will kill you last.  I will make you watch your wife bleed to death.  Now that I’ve set the mood…”. Bubbles motioned for Steve and JC to come over to Drew’s seat.  Drew was in another state mentally at this point, and they’d done enough to him that she wasn’t sure exactly how he’d respond.  Once JC and Steve flanked him, they stood ready as Bubbles cut the zip tie holding Drew in place.  He was freed, but only moved his arms.  JC and Steve each grabbed him under an arm, lifting him to his feet.  Once he was up, he just stood there.  Bubbles looked him right in the eye as she spoke.  “Your ten minutes starts as soon as I start that timer on the microwave.  You better get to work loverboy.”  She then leaned in and kissed him on the lips while she reached down with her free hand and rubbed his cock.  He couldn’t do anything about the kiss with the gag in his mouth, but the stroking was well received.  She then moved down his cheek to nibble on his ear while stroking his dick.  After a minute of this he started to get hard in her hand.  Not a full erection, but enough to show some signs of life.  Bubbles stopped nibbling on his neck but kept the stroking going.  “Well, someone likes that.  I knew you liked me.  Now go show your wife how much she means to you.”  They walked him over to edge of the bed by Morgana’s head.  She had tear streaks and her eyes were red, but looking up and seeing this other woman playing with her husband’s dick, her dick, upset her again.  “Oh, Morgy, be a good sport and help Drew ‘ere get all nice and hard to give you a good rooting, so he can put another shrimp in your barbie.  He’s got 10 minutes to cum before I join in.”  Bubbles spoke with the worst Australian accent possible.  Drew stood there, his dick by his wife’s head.  Neither of the pair did anything.  “If you need a hint…” Bubbles said, and Steve reached down and grabbed Morgana by the hair, pulling her head up off of the couch a little.  She screamed, opening her mouth enough for JC to push Drew’s cock to her lips.  Steve let go, only after making sure that Morgana got the hint to suck Drew’s dick.  Once she started, Bubbles stood back and watched her tentatively and reluctantly suck her husband’s dick.  A dick that just a few minutes prior had been inside the Asian woman.  Morgana could still taste Kim’s pussy on Drew.  She worked on autopilot, putting the smell and taste out of her mind as best she could.  That still didn’t help much.  The angle was awkward and she couldn’t get much going this way.  And Drew, he was in no mood or shape for this shit, but was along out of fear for what they’d do to her if he didn’t comply.

Bubbles stepped into the kitchen and started the microwave for 10 minutes.  It took her a moment to figure this one out, but soon enough it was running.  She stopped in the fridge and grabbed a couple bottles of water for herself, Sam, and JC.  Steve had one from earlier.  When she arrived, Morgana was sucking Drew’s dick, getting him hard enough to fuck her.  “Drew, you better fuck her good, or I will.  And I won’t be as nice about it as you will.”  She said, and Morgana stopped sucking Drew’s dick.  She couldn’t keep her head at that angle much longer anyway.  Drew stood there for a moment before reacting.  In that moment of hesitation, JC and Steve walked Drew over to the other end of the couch bed and positioned him between his wife’s legs.  JC jabbed Drew in the ribs.  Drew took the hint, then climbed onto the bed, taking his position above his wife. 

Morgana wanted to console him, tell him it was okay, but she didn’t have the words.  She didn’t want to do this, and neither did he, but they had no choice.  Drew did his part and was able to insert himself into Morgana, though it was awkward with how his hands were bound and how neither of them were in the mood.  Even after her fluffing him, he could feel his dick getting softer.  Normally Morgana’s sexy body is the salve that cures all ills, but now it wasn’t helping.  He started thrusting, hoping the natural motion would keep him going.  He tried as best as he could, but it just wasn’t working.

“C’mon, don’t you want to fuck your hot wife?  Everyone else has.”  Sam said, holding the camera.  The rapists laughed.  Bubbles came back from the kitchen, carrying the bottles of water.  She handed them out to her crew.

“What did I tell you Drew, if you don’t fuck her, then I’ll do it.”  Bubbles took a sip of water before making her way over to Joe and Mari’s bag.  She looked through it for a moment, before pulling something out of it.  “Oh, what do we have here?  You two must be real kinky.”  Bubbles held up a strap-on dildo and harness for the crowd to see.  Well, everyone except Morgana and Drew.  They were busy trying to fuck.  “Hey, mind if I borrow this?  Oh, no problem, just return it when you’re done.  Gee, thank you Karen.”  Kim said mockingly before kicking Mari in the side.  Joe taught her how to throw a wrestling kick earlier to make it look good but not hurt.  And it was Bubbles’s strap-on anyway, but none of the victims needed to know that.

While she strapped on the strap-on, Sam focused on her getting ready then took a pan across the room.  Steve and JC were still on guard duty around Drew, who was trying to fuck Morgana but couldn’t stay hard.  Mari was on the floor next to her chair, crying about the kick.  Joe looked like he passed out.  He hadn’t moved in a bit and the loss of blood along with fucking Morgana might’ve taken a toll on him.  Sam would wake him up later.  Tommy and James were back in their seats, and Aislinn was almost coming down from her 37th panic attack of the day.  Tommy looked conflicted and James was deadeyeing JC.  Sam would have to step between them later on.  Bianca was in rough shape.  Her arms, legs, feet, tits, hips, almost her entire body was covered in marks and welts.  Her asshole bled a little from the workout JC gave her, and she was still trussed up with her legs spread.  Sam almost felt sorry for her.  Well, sorry enough to want to fuck her before too long.  But they had a long weekend to go.  He turned back to Bubbles, who had made sure that the rubber dick between her legs was positioned just right.  She chose the smallest of the ones in the luggage.  She grabbed one of the bottles of lube and slathered as much of it as she could on her artificial phallus.

Back on the bed, Drew finally got into the spirit of things.  He thought back to many of the times the two of them made love, from their time in Uni to sneaking around her parent’s place on break and getting busted by her little sister to living together to their honeymoon in Italy to all the times in Melbourne and finally here in the states.  He thought about how sexy she was, and can still be.  And a stray thought about Celeste entered his mind.  He hated that he was thinking of another woman now but honestly it helped him get hard and keep his mind off the horror they were going through.

The microwave buzzer sounded.  BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP.  He was fucking Morgana with more conviction.  That’s when he felt the bed shift behind him.

“My turn.”  Bubbles said, behind Drew.

Drew didn’t know what to expect, but small hands on his ass wasn’t it.  His butt was being pushed open.  He then felt a cold, slippery pressure on his anus.  Drew screamed into his gag as the pressure increased, further and further.  Whatever it was, it pushed inside him.

“When I said I would do it, I didn’t mean her, I meant both of you.  Just try to relax, you might enjoy it.”  Bubbles said as she pushed the strap-on deeper into Drew’s ass.  He moaned and cried at the intrusion, then felt a little relief when she pulled out, only to push back in again.  She started fucking Drew with slow strokes, then mockingly leaned over his body and kissed him as she fucked his ass.

Morgana saw Kim climb on the bed then felt Drew try to escape further into her. He tried to thrust away, but the two men with masks standing by kept him in place.  Drew had no choice but to take it.  He paused fucking her to try to make sense of what was going on.  Just as he felt like he could make this work with a little more time, here comes the Asian girl who was now raping him for the second time in less than a half hour.  This time, instead of making him fuck her like a woman, she was now the man in the situation.  The pain in his ass made him cry again.

“Need a hand big boy?”  Bubbles said, reaching around to stroke Drew’s cock as she fucked him and he fucked Morgana.  She could hear the whimpers come from Drew as she wore his ass out, the motions getting easier and easier.  She cupped his balls between stroking his cock and playing with Morgana’s clit, when she could reach it.

Sam filmed the sight in front of him with glee.  Bubbles looked like a million bucks and as though she was having the time of her life.  She was getting into it, slapping her thighs and fake cock against Drew’s ass over and over.

“I can keep this up all day big boy, but you can’t.  When you cum, I finish with you.  C’mon, you know you like this.  Just relax and enjoy it.”  Bubbles said, just loud enough for the couple to hear.  Morgana tried to think of a way to get Drew to finish so his torment could end.  She moaned underneath him, one of those fake moans that a pornstar does that rarely happens in real life sex.

Drew, for his part, knew that his was Morgana’s way of getting him horny.  They joked about how he liked the moaning and screaming from pornos but she thought it was cheesy.  It helped distract him a little from what was going on behind him.  Which, as much as he hated thinking about, wasn’t bad.  The pain had subsided and the Asian girl was hitting something that made him feel alive.  That, plus her playing with his cock and Morgana’s moaning, turned him on more.  He fucked a little faster, then a little faster, until he built up to another orgasm.  He dared not say anything, only grunted and shook before he fell over, blasting a small load of his semen inside of his wife.  He collapsed on top of her.

“See, I think Mikey likes it.”  Bubbles said, teasing Drew again.  She pulled out of his ass and grabbed one of the shreds of Morgana’s clothes to clean off the strap-on.  She stood, letting Drew get up off of the couch bed.  JC and Steve walked him back to his chair where they zip-tied him back to it.  This time, his hands were off to the side of the base like everyone else except Aislinn. 

Bubbles walked back over to the luggage and grabbed another sex toy she brought, one of those magic wand vibrators.  She returned to Morgana, who looked on with dread at what the Asian girl with pink hair and tattoos was up to this time.  Bubbles leaned forward and spoke in Morgana’s ear.  “Bite me and I’ll cut your tits off.”  Bubbles made sure that Sam was recording and focusing on her.  “You got this honeybear?”  Sam nodded, holding the video camera and watching his girl getting ready to have more fun with Morgana.  Bubbles turned back to Morgana and grabbed her by the hair, then kissed her.  She put passion behind her kiss, forcing Morgana to French kiss her back.  Bubbles kissed Morgana for at least a minute before making her way down Morgana’s body, going from her mouth to her chin to her chest.  She spent some time playing and sucking on Morgana’s tits before making her way down her tummy, down further to between her thighs.  She stopped right at Morgana’s twat and gave it a lick.  Then another, then another.

Morgana hated it, hated Kim, and hated everything that was happening to her and what her body was doing to her.  She hated how this psychotic lesbian toyed with her, treated her like another piece of meat.  She hated how her body reacted to having her clit licked by this monster.  She hated how good she felt, she hated what they did to Drew, she hated what they made her do to her friends, she hated what those men did to her and what they took from her, she hated it.  She hated how she arched her back and pressed her pussy into Kim’s mouth.  She hated how she was being forced to take part in her own gang rape.

She hated how hard she came on the Asian’s face.

Bubbles loved what she did to Morgana, how she made the blonde bitch cum from her tongue, how even after all of the abuse, she could still elicit an orgasm from her.  She loved watching Morgana’s breath change, her body shudder, and how she tried to stifle a moan.  She especially loved how embarrassed Morgana acted after a woman made her cum.  But as much as she enjoyed that, she had one more thing to do to Morgana. 

The pink haired Asian girl with dozens of tattoos moved to kneel on the bed between Morgana’s legs and lined the strap-on between her pussy lips.  Bubbles pushed in, entering the blonde with her rubber cock.  She fucked her back and forth for a minute to establish a rhythm before she grabbed the magic wand from the bed and turned it on, applying it to Morgana’s clit.

It didn’t take Morgana long to give in to the moment again.  The evil woman between her legs was quite skilled with the magic wand.  Hermione Granger herself wasn’t this talented with a magic wand.  She shuddered and came again, and again another minute later.  She was spent physically, absolutely devastated spiritually.  It was only after she came for the last time that Kim climbed back up the bed and kissed her.  She couldn’t fight it anymore, and kissed her woman rapist back.  That’s when she felt something different.  Her hands were cut free from the bed and she was able to move them.

“Put some passion behind it.”  The fat man with the video camera said.  Morgana moved her arms up and around Kim, making out with her and trying to hold her as she was told, as she figured this man meant. 

After a couple minutes, Bubbles climbed off of the bed, grabbing Morgana by her bound hands.  The two men on guard duty stood her up and walked her to her chair next to Drew.  Neither of them looked at each other.  She looked up as her bindings were connected to the chair base, just like everyone else.

Almost everyone else.  Aislinn was still bound with her hands over and behind her head.

Sam checked the battery on the camera.  It was getting low again.  The SD card still had a lot of space, though.  He took a moment to replace the battery for that camera while he checked the one facing the bed.  The card was about half full.   While he was checking this out, he motioned for Steve and JC to come over.  Along with Bubbles, the four had a sidebar.

“What next?”  JC asked in a whisper.

“What time is it?”  Sam asked.  He couldn’t make out the clock from the microwave from their position.

“About 2:30.”  Bubbles said. 

Sam nodded, then looked at the crew.  “I’m getting a little hungry, but he only fucked once.  You’ve got dibs.  Who you thinking?”  The last statement was directed at Steve. 

Steve looked at Mari bound on the floor and Aislinn tied to the chair.  That’s when he had an idea.  According to the plan they worked out, Joe and Mari were to play victims all day today and beg to help them tomorrow to save themselves.  They’d become the bad guys.  As Joe told them earlier, this was known in wrestling at ‘turning heel’.  He knew he couldn’t go crazy with Mari after they ‘turned heel’ tomorrow, but Aislinn would be there all night and all day until Monday morning.  But he also knew that he had to terrify her.  And if his idea worked, he’d give Joe and Mari an excuse to be even more evil tomorrow.

“I got an idea.”  Joe found one of the knives laying around and approached Mari.  He grabbed her hands and cut the zip tie that held her in place.  He carried the knife in his left hand while grabbing Mari by her hair and pulling her to her feet.  She squealed in her gag as he dragged her to Aislinn’s chair.

“You see this bitch?”  Steve said, lowering his voice again to disguise it.  “You see her.”  Steve shoved Mari’s face into Aislinn’s.  He made sure they saw each other before he pulled Mari back.  He then got right in Aislinn’s face.  “You get to decide.  Which one of you two bitches do I rape next?”
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 59 Posted)
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I have no idea where my comment on Chapter 58 went so let me start with that chapter

Love that Tommy did his best to make Morgana feel human after her rapes. Love that Drew was jealous enough to think that Tammy and morgana might not have been acting to save them al. In a way isn't that calling the kettle black about them possibly cheating with each other on him- hello remember your roomie!

Now Kim is really taking this more serious that I would have though she would- What a deranged actress!

Now onto Part 59

Love that Morgana did what she thought was doing her best to pleasure Kim. Nice that she though that she had no lesbian intentions! Like that matters! Love how they made Drew do Morgana after Cumming in Kim! Hoping that it's time Aislinn has to pleasure the gang!

Merit to come when allowed
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 60 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  When Sexual Tsunami Bubbles hits town, all bets are off.  So far by my count she's either been inside of or had 6 people inside of her just in the last few chapters, and that doesn't count the stuff I'm writing but haven't published yet.

I might take a short break from this story next week.  I have a couple things I'm working on that are bumping against some deadlines and I want to focus on them this week coming up.  Right now my buffer on this story is almost a week out.  I might put a pause after Chapter 60 while I wrap up another story or two I'm working on.

Chapter 60 incoming in a few minutes.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 60 Posted)
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Chapter 60(MF,FF,bond,oral)

“You see this bitch?”  Steve said, lowering his voice again to disguise it.  “You see her.”  Steve shoved Mari’s face into Aislinn’s.  He made sure they saw each other before he pulled Mari back.  He then got right in Aislinn’s face.  “You get to decide.  Which one of you two bitches do I rape next?”

This was it, Aislinn knew her time was coming, but she didn’t know what to do.  She didn’t expect to be given a choice or any agency in her own brutalization.  Now, she was being asked to decide who should get hurt next, her or a complete stranger.  Worse than that, it was someone she actively didn’t like.  She barely knew this Mary or Marie or whatever her name was, aside from her acting like a total bitch earlier.  She didn’t deserve what this monster was going to do.  Then again, would Mari even think twice about sacrificing Aislinn up to this pack of rapists?  That was all the thought process she could work out between the shaking and screaming.

“Can’t decide?  Then I’ll choose for you.”  Steve said, once again disguising his voice.

Aislinn screamed again, this time shaking her head as much as she could.

“What you wanna say something?”  Steve asked.  Aislinn nodded.  “You gonna tell us who to rape next?”  Aislinn nodded.  “Shake for Mari, nod for you.”  Aislinn was still for a long second before she shook her head, sealing Mari’s fate.  Steve grabbed Mari and pulled her face to his.  “See that, that little Aussie cunt wants us to fuck you next.  Be sure to thank her.” 

Steve dragged Mari to the bed, his plan working to perfection.  He dropped her on the couch bed, then jumped on after her.  She tried to squirm away, but Steve was too big and too strong for her.  He grabbed her in a doggystyle position and spread her legs open.  After spitting on his cock, he tried to line it up with her pussy.  That’s when Bubbles tapped him on the shoulder and gave him some lube.  He took it and squirted it on his cock before plunging into Mari’s twat.  Even though he played with her body a while back, that was long enough for her natural moisture to run out.  Instead, he added more lube as he fucked her.  He built up a rhythm within a few moments and fucked Mari hard.

Sam was still on the video camera and took in the faces of the crowd.  Morgana and Drew were in another dimension at this point, not even paying attention to the action in front of them.  Bianca was in pain, still trussed up, and James was glaring at JC the whole time.  Sam made a note to step in between those two later on before this came to blows.  Tommy watched Steve fuck Mari but kept turning his attention back to Morgana and Drew.  Sam couldn’t get a bead on him, but he was more interested in her sitting on the chair than the brunette big tittied MILF getting railed on the couch bed.  Aislinn was counting her lucky stars that she wasn’t Mari right now, and Joe…

Joe was passed out in his chair.  Sam had to double check to make sure he was still breathing, but he either decided that watching his wife get raped was the perfect time to take a nap, or he lost so much blood and wore himself out fucking Morgana that he passed out in the chair.

Sam got a few good shots of Joe passed out in the chair.  He’d make sure to remind him of this next time they were in private.  He pushed Joe a few times to wake him up.  “Thought you might like to see this.”  Sam pointed to Mari getting hatefucked by Steve on the couch.  He did his best to focus, but had a hard time.  Sam knew this wasn’t normal, then realized that nobody had lunch yet.  As soon as he thought about lunch, he got hungry. 

He walked over to JC, who was now on guard duty and whispered in his ear.  “Thinking lunch might be a good idea soon.  See what’s in the fridge.”

JC turned to Sam.  “What about them?”  He pointed out at the crowd. 

Sam thought for a moment.  “We’ll feed’em in shifts.”

“And her?”  JC pointed to Aislinn.

“We’ll talk about her during lunch.”  Sam said.  JC nodded, then made his way to the kitchen. 

As he was doing that, Bubbles made her way around the living room.  Bianca was still trussed up like a big game trophy, and that pussy sticking up in the air was just begging to be fucked.  She walked over to the end of the makeshift table and knelt between Bianca’s legs, just high enough up for the older woman to see the Asian woman with pink hair and the strap-on dangling between her legs.

“Ever been fucked by a woman?”  Bianca didn’t respond to Bubbles’s question.  Either she didn’t hear her or didn’t want to answer.  Bubbles grabbed one of Bianca’s nipples and squeezed, causing Bianca to scream.  “I asked you a question, cunt.  Ever been fucked by a woman?”  Bianca nodded her head in embarrassment.  “Really?  Good, then I don’t have to be gentle.”  Bubbles spread some of the lube on her rubber phallus and pushed her way into the older woman.  Bianca moaned in pain at the intrusion, unable to make words with the ring gag in her mouth.  As Bubbles built up a rhythm, she grabbed the magic wand and applied it to Bianca’s pussy, aiming for her clit.  She wanted to make the older woman scream.

Bianca was in pain, both physically and mentally.  This was worse than anything Phil ever put her through, or any of her experiences in college.  Even when Phil was in one of his beating moods, he never did this to her.  This was different.  And now this woman was fucking her.  She knew it would get worse.  She could only hope that no one else was paying attention when that little Asian bitch asked if she’d fucked another woman before.  That was years ago when Phil brought home a ‘friend’ from the bar, as part of his swinging phase.  He made Bianca have sex with this random woman in their bed one night, then a week later they went to a party where she was passed around like a joint at a concert.  The only thing that spared her from being stuck in that scene was Phil being a jealous prick.  When she moaned a little too loud when the one bi dude fucked her, Phil took that as an attack against his manhood.  Yet another note in the divorce filing.

Back on the couch, Steve was fucking Mari like she owed him money.  Steve’s preferred sexual moves are ‘fuck-the-bitch-till-she-cries’ and ‘fuck-the bitch-till-she-cries-and-tries-to-run-away.’  This might explain why he’s a twice divorced father of 2.  Still, he was having his fun.  He knew this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to fuck Joe’s wife with no regard for her wellbeing or safety.  Today, he could rape the shit out of her.  And that’s exactly what he was doing.

Joe was awake now, watching Steve go to town on his wife.  He had to admit, a part of him loved watching his wife get fucked like this.  Up until a couple months ago, the thought of ever doing anything sexually crazy with her was not even an option.  Then she found out about the Club, and one thing led to another and now here they are, taking part in the biggest scheme he’s ever been a part of.  And so far, they’ve only been here for a couple hours and he’s already fucked the hot blonde Morgana.  Though, he was having a hard time staying awake.  He needed something in his system before too long.  He lost a little more blood than he originally planned on.  He couldn’t see what time it was, but had a clue it was past lunch time.  He thought he heard Sam talk about lunch, but couldn’t be sure.

Mari, for her part, was trying not to look like she was having too much fun.  Something woke inside of her in the last couple months, and she’s had a fantasy of being used against her will ever since her and Joe had their little discussion about his ‘extra-curricular activities.’  Hell, she’d had this fantasy of being used and abused for a long time, but always thought her husband was too chickenshit to act it out.  She never would’ve guessed in a million years that he was part of a club of rapists, let alone that he’s often the mastermind of such events.  Now, they have a much more open and understanding marriage, and two of her friends have fucked her in the last hour or so.  And all she could focus on was Steve pounding away at her like a jackhammer.

Back on the bench, Bubbles was fucking Bianca with the strap-on while using the magic wand on her clit.  If she had to guess, JC did a serious number on her and she was pretty traumatized right now.  Which, according to Bubbles, was the perfect time to make a bitch cum against her will.  There’re very few things more traumatizing or dehumanizing for a rape than to have her own body betray her with an orgasm, and Bubbles was going to make sure that happened here.  And Bubbles with her magic wand would have kicked He-who-must-not-be-named’s ass up and down Hogwart’s.  So while Bianca was pretty fucked up and in a bad state, getting her to cum for Bubbles would be as easy as a Lumos spell.

It took about fifteen minutes before Bianca felt that familiar thrum from inside her loins.  She couldn’t believe that after all of this, after all of the beatings, this little lesbian was going to make her cum.  She knew this happened during rape and assaults.  Hell, it was one of Phil’s favorite past times.  Wait until she didn’t want sex, force himself on her, then make her cum and act then act like this was all her fault.  She knew it was better to just let it happen than fight back, and that’s exactly what happened.  Bianca gave in, letting that little pink-haired dyke take over.  She shook and shuddered and moaned, then cried after, wondering what James thought of her during this mess.

For his part, James enjoyed the show that Bubbles put on with Bianca but was still beyond pissed at what that skinny fuck did to her.  Every time he looked at JC, he thought of new and interesting ways of disposing of his body.  He could make it look like an accidental run-in with a bear, a fishing accident, a hunting fiasco, anything.  He’d talk to Sam and Steve about that little twerp when they had a minute, and if their answer wasn’t good, he’d call Bob and ask him for a favor.

Tommy watched as things went on, but his attention was focused on Morgana and Drew.  For the first time since this started they were sitting together, but they barely looked at each other.  Morgana had just been raped several times, and Drew sat awkwardly and cried after getting his ass fucked by Bubbles.  They sat next to each other, but weren’t looking at each other, just wallowing in their own pain.  So far, the only one who was able to console Morgana was Tommy.  All according to plan.

As Steve gripped Mari’s hips and reared into her for the last time as he came, both of them grunted on the couch bed.  They collapsed, him on top of her, then lay there for a minute before he got up.  JC and Steve walked Mari back over to her chair and connected her to it again with zip-ties.

Bubbles left Bianca trussed up as before and mounted her face, removing the strap-on.  She didn’t need to give Bianca any more instructions, she just did as was assumed and licked Bubbles to another orgasm.  She could barely move by the time she was done and was absolutely parched and her jaw ached like never before.  Bubbles saw this and laughed at the older woman as she rubbed her pussy all over Bianca’s face.

The only one in the room that hadn’t fucked or been fucked was Aislinn, and she felt all of their eyes on her each and every time someone moved.  She knew her time was coming soon, she just didn’t know how bad or when.  Each time someone moved, or the floorboards creaked, or someone coughed or cried, she imagined that she was next.  Everything she saw, she put herself in their position.  She felt the pounding that Dad Bod gave Mari, the ass fucking and beating that Skinny guy put on Bianca, the forced lesbianism that Asian girl put on her sister, how each and every guy fucked her sister they ended it with Drew being raped himself.  She felt all of it in her mind which just made her feel even worse that she hadn’t gone through with it yet and made the anticipation terrifying.  When the skinny guy and fat guy walked past and touched her, she damn near jumped out of her skin.

Sam stopped in front of the group, making sure he had everyone’s attention.  “Okay, listen up.  It’s about 3 o’clock, and we’re hungry.  Here’s what we’re going to do.  We’re gonna eat.  Us first, then each of you in shifts.  You eat what we give you or you don’t eat.  You drink what we give you or you don’t drink.  Tommy boy over there told us he’s got this cabin until Monday morning, and ain’t no one expected to come up here.  That means 2 more days where you’re dependent on us.  Be good, and we’ll treat you good.  Be bad, and there’s an entire forest and lake out there to get rid of you.  Got it?  Nod if you understand.”

Tommy, James, Mari, and Bianca nodded.  Morgana and James weren’t paying attention and Joe passed out again.  Aislinn shook with fear.  Sam looked around the room.  About half heard him.  “Oh well, your loss if you don’t want to eat.  And as for you, little one…” Sam approached Aislinn and stroked her cheek menacingly, “you Aislinn, we’ll decide what to do with you during lunch.”
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 60 Posted)
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Might just be me but I think that Aislinn would be in a terrified frame of mind that only a spit roasting could drive her into depression, say by being forced to take James in her pussy and Drew in her mouth all the time Morgana is being made to lick her sister's tits! As soon as that is done she gets taken by the three guys in similar fashion.

Take all the time you need, someone who cares about the story will understand that a writer needs to recharge their batteries away from a story! Of course the site going down for two days couldn't have come at a more perfect time for you!  ;)

Merit awarded from me both pre going down and upon returning!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 60 Posted)
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Might just be me but I think that Aislinn would be in a terrified frame of mind that only a spit roasting could drive her into depression, say by being forced to take James in her pussy and Drew in her mouth all the time Morgana is being made to lick her sister's tits! As soon as that is done she gets taken by the three guys in similar fashion.

Take all the time you need, someone who cares about the story will understand that a writer needs to recharge their batteries away from a story! Of course the site going down for two days couldn't have come at a more perfect time for you!  ;)

Merit awarded from me both pre going down and upon returning!

Thanks TGH.  I'm going to take another week or two before I get back to posting.  Finished chapter 62 last week, but want to get to at least 64 before I publish more.  I have a side project I've been doing a little work on recently which has taken a lot of writing time and effort, but I'm reaching a good pause with that.  The part I was asked to write is nearing completion until the next episode/version/release.  Also, I ran full speed into writer's block with this story last week.  I have some good ideas to twist things up and spice up the action, but just needed to decompress.  Should be back to posting shortly.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 60 Posted)
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As I posted take all the time you need. Trust me I've been there many times at the bottom of a writer's block. many a time not only was i at the bottom of the block but it toppled over onto me! Refresh yourself, knowing that when you return I'll still be around to read!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 61 Posted)
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Chapter 61(nosex,bond)

Author's Note:  After a brief vacation, I'm back to writing and posting this story.  I'll be back to the Tuesday/Friday pattern starting next week.  Thanks for your patience.

“And as for you, little one…” Sam approached Aislinn and stroked her cheek menacingly, “you Aislinn, we’ll decide what to do with you during lunch.”  He leaned over and mockingly kissed her on the forehead.  She shrieked. 

Sam put the camera down on the kitchen bar, placing it so it faced Aislinn.  He then went to the kitchen with JC and Bubbles.  Steve was still in the living room on guard duty.  Sam checked the fridge.  It was fully stocked with bottles of water, beer, sodas, some wines, some salads, buns, hot dogs, burgers, steaks, potatoes, and all the fixings for several meals.  There was even a bunch of tofu and fake meat products there like Impossible Burgers and vegan and gluten free bread.

“Vegan bread?  Gluten free bread?  Fuck.”  Sam said, looking in the fridge.  JC looked in over his shoulder.

“Dammit, got a deal with a vegan.  Any bets as to who it is?”  JC said.  After everything he’s been through in the last day or so, he had a hard time keeping his eyes open looking in the fridge.

“Probably Aislinn.  Maybe Morgana.  Doubt it was the guys, and Drew looks like he could lose a few pounds.”  Bubbles said, rubbing her hand on Sam’s shoulder as he knelt in front of the fridge.

“Well, I haven’t taken inventory of the kitchen yet.  Just get some snacks or something, everyone gets some water and some veggies or chips or shit.  We’ll make a nice dinner tonight, but right now is just about some fuel.  Get some stuff out, each person gets a bathroom break and a food break, then back in the chair.”  Sam said.

“I’ll check the bathroom for any weapons.”  JC said.  He was too tired to deal with any shit but also was in that super paranoid level of tired.  If he stayed up for another few hours he’d be convinced that the microwave was listening in on his conversations.

Bubbles helped Sam get a veggie tray out and some water.  They also found a bag of potato chips and opened those.  They weren’t going to go nuts for lunch, and would probably have dinner in a few hours anyway.  But for now, it was a refueling trip to the kitchen counter for everyone.

JC came out of the bathroom.  He had a few odds and ends that he said could be used as weapons, and put them in another room.

Sam approached the bound group in the living room.  “Okay, listen up.  We’re gonna take a few minutes to get some food, something to drink, and sit back down.  Each person grabs a snack, a bottle of water, and takes a trip to the bathroom.  If you’re not done when your time is up, we’re dragging you out.  No funny business, or everyone suffers.  Let’s start with bloody boy over there, then go around the room.”  Sam pointed at Joe, who was having a hard time staying awake.  Steve shook him to wake him up, then sliced off his zip-tie connecting him to the chair.  After helping him to his feet, they led him to the bathroom.  A few minutes later, and Joe came out looking a lot less bloody than before.  They sat him down on one of the stools and he had some chips, veggies from the veggie tray, and a water.

Next was Mari.  She went relatively smoothly as well.  While Mari was in the bathroom, Sam and Bubbles snuck off to the side out of view of everyone else.

“So, I’ve got an idea for getting the rest of the tools and toys in play.”  Bubbles said, pausing for him catch up.  “While everyone here is eating, I’ll take the golf cart out for a spin.  Come back in a half-hour or hour after a stop at the local sex toy shop.  There’s one up on the main drag, off the road a bit.  Meanwhile, I’m just grabbing some Mickey D’s and bringing it back.  All our shit’s still in the bed.”

Sam nodded.  “Would you rather take the truck?”

“Nah.  Paths are too small.  Golf cart is fine.”  Bubbles said.

“Still, take his wallet and keys.  The tailgate will need to be unlocked, and he can pay for lunch.”

“Okay.  How much did that hurt to say ain’t earlier.”  Bubbles asked, and Sam laughed a little before responding.  “We all make sacrifices.”

She leaned in and kissed him, then gathered up her clothes.  She skipped the bra and panties, only throwing on her pants, shoes, and t-shirt.  She grabbed Joe’s keys and wallet from the box of phones-n-shit and left.  A minute later, she was gone, zipping off down the path in the golf cart towards the main drag.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew were taking the hostages through the bathroom and snack regiment.  Drew was a mess and almost didn’t come out of the bathroom.  He spent the whole time in there crying and moaning.  Once he was done eating and drinking, the gag went back on.  Same for Joe, Mari, and Morgana.  She was more despondent than Drew, almost catatonic after everything.  After them was Tommy, then James.  Tommy went along with things with no problem, but James threw a look at JC that made him think twice about releasing him.  Steve and Sam escorted James to the bathroom and snacks.  It took both of them to calm down James enough before ungagging him to keep him from screaming.  They promised James that they would talk with JC later on, and try to get both of them on the same page.  The whole time James ate his snacks and drank his water, he stared down JC the whole time.  JC caught the look and returned a few glares of his own.  If Steve and Sam weren’t careful, those two would come to blows before too long.

Around this time, Bubbles returned from her little journey.  Apparently, she wasn’t the only person driving a golf cart through the McDonald’s drive thru.  Before she entered the house, she unloaded most of the sex toys from the back of Joe’s truck.  He gave her a brief primer on how the tonneau cover worked before they left the hotel this morning.  She brought all of the cuffs and stuff inside, along with lunch.  All of the remaining toys they thought they needed were here.  As for lunch, she brought one of those large 40-piece nugget party packs with fries, a few cheeseburgers, and a couple drinks.  She also grabbed a couple regular hamburgers and Big Macs.  Gang rape takes a lot of out of a person, that’s a lot of calories to burn.

Finally, it was time for the last two women, Bianca and Aislinn.  As much as JC wanted to leave Bianca trussed up like a side of meat, they agreed as a group to let her go and put her back in her chair, even taking the ring gag out after lunch.  Sam even let her have a couple of the nuggets.  She ate those down quickly then returned to her seat, where she was glad to have that ring gag out of her mouth.

After each person ate, their zip-ties were replaced with handcuffs.  They were either padded like specific sexy bondage cuffs or were regular police-style handcuffs.  To provide a little bit of cushion, each person that had the police cuffs were given some strips of cloth underneath to keep the cuffs from chaffing and ripping through their skin.  Coincidentally, they had 3 pairs of the sexy cuffs.  One went to Morgana, one to Bianca, and one was held off to the side for Aislinn.

As for Aislinn, the group had to decide what to do with her.  They had their lunch while they talked about what to do.  Using their coded language, they agreed on all three of the men fucking her at once, completely going at her.  But they didn’t want her to know that.  Instead, they played a game.  They found a deck of cards lying around and decided to play Go Fish.  They argued about playing poker or Gin or even Spades to figure out who would go first, but in the end, they settled on a kid’s game.

The first hand was to decide who would start where on Aislinn’s body.  Winner of the first hand would get to choose which orifice of hers they’d fuck first.  Winner of the second hand would take second choice, and the last to win would get the third hole.  On the final hand, they’d play for the “right” to do her first, but already had an agreed-upon plan in place.

Bubbles ate like she hadn’t seen food in a week.  She had a good idea of what was going to happen and wanted to make sure the cameras were ready.  As the guys finished their meal, JC asked an important question.

“We’re having burgers now, but we’re having burgers later on?”  He said, eating a Big Mac as best he could with a ski mask on.

“It’s not the same.”  Bubbles said, putting some French fries on top of a cheeseburger before eating.

“But they’re burgers.”

“They’re not the same.”  She replied before biting down on her food.

“Bun, meat, cheese, toppings.  What am I missing?”  JC said.

“You’re comparing McDonald’s to a good, homemade burger.  They’re not in the same league.”  Bubbles said.

“Not following.”  JC said after another bite.

“Look.  Forget burgers, think of pizza.  Would you compare Pizza Hut to the best Mom and Pop shop in your neighborhood?”  Bubbles asked after another.

“Yeah, they’re pizza.  One is better than the other, but they’re still pizza.”  JC replied.  He wasn’t normally this argumentative but he was fast approaching 36 hours with less than 2 hours of sleep.

“For me, it’s like comparing two different categories of food.  Pizza Hut is nowhere near as good Giorigio’s or Pizza Mario or what was that place outside of Harbor City, Costello’s?  Those are good pizzas.  Pizza Hut is what you get when you’re on the road and you have no choice but to get it but you know what it is.  That’s McDonalds, it’s burgers when you have no other option.  And I didn’t want to drive for an hour looking for another place that wouldn’t give me shit about driving a golf cart through the drive thru.  We’ll have good food tonight, but this is just fuel.  Doesn’t taste bad, you know what you’re getting, but it’s not great either.  No one cried over how good a Big Mac tasted.” 

“Unless they were getting out of prison.”  Sam added, finishing up a few more nuggets.  He learned a while back the value of eating small, skinny foods while wearing a mask.

“True.  So, what’s the plan with Twiggy back there?”  Bubbles said, pointing at Aislinn.

“Her?  We’re gonna get all democratic on this.  Play some cards.  Whoever wins decides what to do.  Once we have that in place, we’ll figure out that cunt’s batting order.”  JC said.  He turned to Aislinn, making sure she knew they were talking about her. 

Aislinn screamed a little.  She still hadn’t had any food or drink by this point.  They wanted to fuck her first before giving her anything.  Sam felt that it would traumatize her more, and if there was anyone in the room who would panic puke, it was her.  Last thing any of them wanted was her ralphing on their dicks.

Steve broke out the cards.  Just as he shuffled, he realized that Go Fish required a lot of talking.  He’d have to disguise his voice the entire time they played.  As he dealt out the cards, he stopped after dealing out 7 cards.  They went through the game, playing as Bubbles made sure the cameras were still set up and ready to go.  She put a fresh SD card in the stationary camera as well as Tommy’s.  She also popped in a fresh battery.  Once that was done, she decided to strip again as the guys finished up the first hand.

The first hand went to Steve.  He smiled and looked Aislinn right in her eyes.  “I want her ass first.”  He spoke in that fake low voice but made sure it was loud enough for her to hear.  The second hand was between Sam and JC.  Sam won, and elected to fuck Aislinn’s pussy first.  JC made an “aww shucks” sarcastic face when he realized he would ‘have’ to fuck her face. 

Sam called Bubbles over and whispered something to her.  No one else could hear it, but most of the audience followed her out of the kitchen and into the living room.  She grabbed the scissors, some lube, and one of the ring gags from the bag of equipment.  Since she was now naked, she had nowhere to hide these tools, so several people saw that she held them in one hand and the video camera in the other.  Aislinn noticed this, as Bubbles took up a spot right next to her, but slightly behind her.  She was in the perfect position to catch all of the action when it broke open.

Steve shuffled the deck again.  He looked over at the men, and smiled.  “Ok, last game is blackjack.  Winner goes first, and so on.”  Steve dealt out the first row of cards, face down.  He then dealt the remaining card face up to each man, including himself.  He mouthed one word to them.  ‘Bust.’  The guys caught the plan.

Sam checked his cards.  He had a Jack and 4, Jack facing up.  JC showed an Ace, while Steve showed a Queen.  Sam asked for a hit.  5, bringing him to 19.  JC was next.  He went for a hit, getting a 7.  Steve took a card, a 3.  Sam passed on to JC who took another card.  JC received a 4.  Steve said “Dealer waits till end.”  Sam passed to JC.  JC took another card.  King.  JC flipped over his cards.  8, 7, Ace, and King.  27, he busted.  Steve looked at Sam.  Sam tapped for a hit.  He knew if this was Vegas, he’d stay at 19 as the dealer showed 13 and likely didn’t have a 6, 7, or 8 in the pocket.  But they had a plan.  Sam hit.  5.  24.  He busted.  Steve flipped over his cards.  Not that anyone could see them from the table, but he had a 3, Queen, and 3.  “Dealer has 16.  Dealer hits on 17, stays on 18.  Dealer hits.”  He pulled 3 cards, and one of them was a 7.  “23.  Dealer busts.”

Sam looked at the cards.  “Damn, so that means no one won, right?”

“Yep.”  JC said.

“Well, if no one won, doesn’t that mean no one lost?”  Bubbles said, standing near Aislinn.

“You know what Kimmypoo, I guess you’re right.  What do you say boys, that means we are all winners?”  Sam said.  JC and Steve nodded. 

“Yeah.”  JC quipped.

Sam turned to Aislinn, and smiled an evil grin visible through his ski mask from across the room.  “Which means, we all go first.”
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 61 Posted)
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First off welcome off the writer's block. damn hard to sit on for long isn't it!

Totally agree that Aislinn should be tripled teamed immediately. She so fresh that it's about time she gets all sweaty from action instead of paranoia! Maybe Morgana should be made to have James, Tommy and Dean doing her all at once at the exact same time Aislinn is getting done! Merit awarded from me!
When I get around to it, I'll write

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Re: Pharma (Chapter 62 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  I thought about the second part of the idea, but to be honest this chapter took a while to get through as it was and it seemed like a logistical nightmare to figure that one out.  If all of the guards are fucking Aislinn, what's to stop Tommy and Drew from finding all of the guns and trying them out one at a time?

Chapter 62 incoming.  This was the last one I wrote before my hiatus.  It took a while to get through and made me think that I could use a break after that.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 62 Posted)
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Chapter 62(M+F/F,ncon,oral,anal,rape,bond,fist)

Sam looked at the cards.  “Damn, so that means no one won, right?”

“Yep.”  JC said.

“Well, if no one won, doesn’t that mean no one lost?”  Bubbles said, standing near Aislinn.

“You know what Kimmypoo, I guess you’re right.  What do you say boys, that means we are all winners?”  Sam said.  JC and Steve nodded. 

“Yeah.”  JC quipped.

Sam turned to Aislinn, and smiled an evil grin visible through his ski mask from across the room.  “Which means, we all go first.”

That’s it.  It was Aislinn’s turn.  She couldn’t move or say anything, and instead of each of them taking a turn on her, they were going to gang rape her.  She freaked and screamed into her gag.  She panicked so much that she barely noticed her hands being held, then freed.

Bubbles slid the scissors between Aislinn’s wrists and the zip-tie holding them above her head.  They ached something fierce, they had to.  Once the hands were cut loose, Aislinn immediately swung them at the approaching men, to no avail. 

Steve grabbed her first, getting a grip on her right wrist as she suddenly remembered she could run.  Before she could get out of her chair, Steve had a tight grip on her.  JC was next, grabbing her left arm and bending it back behind her.  Sam made a move to the gag, cutting it off a small piece of her hair that was in the way.

“No, please, no, please, noooaaahhh!!!”  Her voice was hoarse from the hours of screaming into her gag, but the last part came when JC put some pressure on her arm.  As soon as he bent her arm, Bubbles was there to shove the ring gag into her mouth.  She picked the biggest one they had for two reasons.  One, so Steve could have some fun with her mouth if he wanted, and the other was to hurt the little bitch.  Aislinn made some muted noises and tried to get away as they finished getting the gag in place.

“One sec.”  Bubbles pulled on Aislinn’s blue tanga-cut panties a couple times until she heard a stretch and tear.  After pulling a little more, they were damaged to the point that they were pushed easily down her legs.  “Okay, bitch is ready.”  Bubbles said, backing up to watch the action from back by the camera on the tripod.  She had Tommy’s camcorder in her hand, waiting to see how things went next.  She didn’t have to wait long.

“You’re mine now, you little fucking cunt.”  Steve said, trying to disguise his voice as he dragged her over to the couch bed.  He threw her onto the bed with force, then jumped on top of her.  He pushed her legs apart, then put all of his weight down on her back to keep her from bucking out of place.  Steve put an elbow in the back of Aislinn’s neck as he spread her ass cheeks wider.  He pushed and and poked until he found her puckered little asshole.  He pushed in, and Aislinn screamed something ungodly.  Even with the ring gag, she was feeling pain she’d never felt before so she screamed like her life depended on it.  In her mind, it did.  Steve grunted a couple times as he forced his dick into her ass, not stopping until he was planted firmly in her bum.  Each push caused a new oncoming wave of pain.  What made it worse was that once he was settled into her ass, he started fucking back and forth.  She wept, screamed, and moaned in pain all at once.

“Flip her over, I want some of that poon.”  Sam said, stroking his hard-on waiting for his time to join in on the fun.  Steve flipped over onto his back, rolling her over and staying embedded in her ass.  He held Aislinn in some kind of wrestling move, like a full nelson.  He used his ankles to keep her legs spread.

She couldn’t move, and looked up and saw the fat man getting ready to rape her.  He climbed on top of her and awkwardly moved his cock around until he forced it in through her outer folds.  He pushed in.  “Oh, fuck.”  He said, finally piercing her pussy.  He pushed in hard, giving no thought to her comfort or any even health.  After a moment, fucking her became a little easier.  Steve and Sam both enjoyed how they felt inside the weeping girl.

Bubbles moved to a better position to catch JC climb on the bed.  He kneeled right over Aislinn’s head and grabbed her hair like a handle.  “Suck it if you know what’s good for you.”  JC said as he shoved his dick into the hole in the ring gag, smacking off of her tongue.  Any wetness she gave him was incidental.  JC facefucked Aislinn almost immediately, nearly giving her whiplash from how he grabbed her head and used her like a glorified sex toy.  Steve and Sam took the hint and all three fucked the little Aussie woman as hard and as fast as they could in the positions they were in.

Ass mouth pussy ass mouth pussy ass mouth pussy ass mouth pussy over and over and over.  At that moment in time, that’s all Aislinn knew.  The pain didn’t stop and the rhythm picked up.  The pain was unbearable, and the Asian woman with the pink hair laughed at her pleas to stop.  She couldn’t turn to see any reactions, she was just a piece of meat to them.  She prayed and hoped for them to finish, even if it meant them cumming in or on her.  She wondered if she’d be better off dead for a moment, but that thought was forced from her mind when the fat man bit her tits.  That pain brought her back to the moment, her momentary escape destroyed.  She noticed that the men were going faster than before.  Maybe they’d finish before too long.

Bubbles had an idea and walked over to Sam.  “I got her pussy next.”  She then kissed Sam and slapped him on the ass as she went back to watch the crowd.  Sam kept fucking Aislinn’s pussy like it held the cure for cancer.  Steve fucked her ass as best he could with everyone laying on top of him, and JC was almost hallucinating by this point.  He wanted to cum in her mouth, but each time he felt close, he imagined some crazy shit like a row of razor-sharp teeth rising up from her head or Estelle Getty putting on a strap-on while covering herself with baked beans.  He needed some more coffee and then a good night’s sleep.

She aimed the camera around the room.  Morgana and Drew were beside themselves with grief over what Aislinn was going through.  She walked up between them, and whispered “It’s all your fault” in Drew’s ear as Aislinn cried in between the thrusts into her throat.  Even with everything Morgana went through earlier, she’d instantly trade places with her little sister right now.  This was too much to watch, let alone bear.  Little Ais would never be the same after this. 

Joe and Mari did their best to hide their smiles at Aislinn’s predicament.  If anyone looked at them or asked, they could play it off as Aislinn deciding that Mari should be raped by the big mean guy instead of her.  Secretly, they wanted next.  Mari wanted to make Aislinn cry into her twat while Joe fucked her in the ass.  She was going to enjoy the fuck out of fucking her after their little ‘heel turn.’  And Joe, well, he was already counting the ways he’d make her cry, see what crazy shit he could come up with to push her over the edge.  He already imagined what she would look like sucking Drew’s dick or eating her sister’s twat.

Tommy couldn’t watch.  Aislinn was, in his opinion, maybe the only truly innocent person here and he’d be lying if he said he didn’t like her.  He didn’t care for her or love her like he did Morgana, but she was still pretty awesome.  Watching her, hearing her go through this abuse crushed him.  She didn’t deserve this, didn’t earn this.  She wasn’t supposed to be here.  It was just supposed to be Morgana, no other women.  Instead, it’s snowballed so far out of control.  And when Tommy saw how much this hurt Morgy, he was doubly crushed.  The only saving grace was that she had to blame Drew for how all of this was going on and how much of this was his fault for playing hero earlier.

James and Bianca were more interested in each other than what was going on with Aislinn.  They tried to communicate with looks and little gestures, but the best they could do was trying to console each other.  James looked like he was ready to slip some poison into the skinny guy’s coffee, and Bianca was just glad that for a moment, his attention wasn’t on her.  He avoided both her and James during their little lunch break, wasn’t sure why.  She was confused by the behavior of the chubby and dad bod guards, the ones currently fucking Aislinn’s pussy and ass.  They were almost nice with Bianca, while their compadre went above and beyond with the sadism.  She’d have marks and welts for a few days after that beating.  She tried to roll over in her mind if she might possibly know him from somewhere.  He didn’t say anything specifically about her, but acted like he knew her and vice versa.  Unfortunately, that narrowed down the list of creepazoids, scumbags, assholes, and pieces of shits to several hundred.  And that’s assuming that this scumbag was someone she personally hurt and not a friend of a friend of an asshole.  The list of jerks she knew was surprisingly long.  But how many of them would be motivated to rape and beat her, that was a different question.  She would need more info before this was all over.

Speaking of things being over, Aislinn couldn’t wait for this to be over, if just to get this pain over with.  Her ass was on fire, her pussy was sore and she almost passed out a couple times from being choked with a dick.  She wasn’t sure how much longer she could endure the three of them.  That’s when she finally caught a glimpse of a reprieve.  The fat man was ready to cum.

“Oh shit, oh fuck oh shit!”  He yelled out as he leaned into her one last time and screamed as he came.  She could feel his semen shoot in her, and she felt sick from it.  If it weren’t for the ring gag and the dick her mouth, she’d gag and retch.  The fat man pulled out and slapped his cock on her pussy.  He looked at the one in her mouth.  “Let’s make her clean this.”  JC pulled out of Aislinn’s mouth as Sam crawled up her body and pushed his slime-covered member into her mouth.  “Clean it you fucking cunt.”  Sam said.  Aislinn retched as she licked and sucked the best she could, afraid of what he’d do if she didn’t comply.

As Sam was getting his dick cleaned, JC stood around for a moment.  He looked around the room, realizing he was a lot more tired than he thought but he still had another nut ready to burst.  Seeing that there was an opening between Aislinn’s legs, he jumped up and slid himself in.

“Hey, I called next.”  Bubbles said.  She looked a little upset at having been cut off.

JC turned and looked at her.  “Don’t worry, I’ll only be a minute.”  He was right.  It didn’t take him long to feel like he was ready to cum, and as soon as Sam stood up and climbed off of Aislinn, JC got a good look at the woman he was raping.  She was his type, a proper skinny that looked like she loved to party with a cute face and a tight tummy.  Of course, he’d fucked many women of many different shapes and sizes over the years, but he always gravitated back to the skinny ones.  Something about them being so easy to hurt, yet so fun to fuck around with.  And since he wasn’t imagining a mouth full of razor sharp teeth or Bea Arthur putting on a strap-on, he could focus on the feeling Aislinn’s unwilling pussy as he let loose another orgasm.  He moaned as he shot his seed inside her womb, then pulled out.  Instead of making Aislinn clean him off, he walked over to Mari and grabbed her by the hair.  “I feel teeth, I knock them the fuck out.”  He forced Mari to lick his cock clean, enjoying how skilled her mouth was.  If he hadn’t just came for the third time in the last few hours, he’d have facefucked her right here and now.  He’ll have to do that after dinner.

As Sam relaxed for a moment, Bubbles handed the camera to him, then kissed him.  “My turn.”  She climbed onto the bed between Aislinn’s legs.  Steve was still fucking her ass raw, but that didn’t bother her.  Hell, it helped in a weird way for what she wanted to do.  Bubbles climbed between Aislinn’s legs and tentatively licked at the woman’s violated pussy.  Aislinn looked to see the pink haired Asian woman with her mouth between her legs.  She tried to scream something but it was unintelligible.  But the licking was only warm Aislinn’s up for was Bubbles wanted to do.

“Hey Ais, gotta question for you.  On a scale from 1 to 5…” Bubbles held up her hand, showing one finger then showing her right hand fully extended.  “How many fingers can I get inside you?”  Aislinn screamed when the realization hit her of what was going to happen.

Bubbles was going to fist fuck her pussy.

Sam made sure he had a good camera angle for this.  The Asian woman smiled as she inserted first one finger, then her second.  She fucked Aislinn with two fingers for a moment before adding her ring finger to the equation.  Aislinn cried as the violation continued.  When Bubbles squeezed her fingers together to get the pinky inside her, she knew it was going to be very difficult, but relished the challenge.

“You might feel a little pressure.”  Bubbles said as she forced her thumb into Aislinn’s vagina and squeezed her hand into the raped Aussie.  She pushed back and forth until she got the edge of her knuckles, the widest part of her hand, into Aislinn’s vagina and officially ‘in.’  The young Aussie screamed through her ring gag as Bubbles laughed with glee.

“5.  I got all 5 fingers in you.”  Bubbles said as she fist fucked Aislinn.  This wasn’t about any pleasure for the victim, this was about power and hurting her.  This was about sadistic cruelty.  This was about torturing Drew by hurting his sister-in-law.  Bubbles fist fucked Aislinn for what felt like an eternity to her but was maybe a couple minutes until Steve was ready to cum.

“Ohhh fuuck.”  It was all Steve said as he plowed his dick into her ass one last time and erupted in her bowels.  Shot after shot of cum blasted the inside of her shitter as he laid on the couch bed, trying to regain his composure.  As he did so, the only sounds heard through the room were Aislinn’s cries at being fist fucked, the accompanying wet sloppy sounds, and a slight buzzing coming from the edge of the room.  The buzzing stopped as Bubbles kept fist fucking Aislinn.

During this process, Bubbles somehow grabbed her magic wand and used it on herself.  It wouldn’t take long for her to cum, especially with as much as she was enjoying hurting the other woman.  And almost right on cue, Bubbles shook and shuddered as she had one more orgasm. 

But she wasn’t done.  She had one more humiliation left.  She applied the magic want to Aislinn’s clit while she kept fist fucking her.  “I’m not stopping ’til you cum for me.  Cum for me, show me how much of a little slut you are, show all of us how much of a greedy little whore you are, show Morgy and Drew how much little sis just loves getting fucked and used and abused, show Tommy over there how much you just love a big stiff cock in your ass, show us how much you just wish Tommy and Drew and James were fucking you right now, show us how much you just want your sister to eat you out, show us how much of a slut you really you, you god damned worthless fucking cunt.  Cum for me you fucking whore!  CUM FOR ME!”

Whatever the Asian woman was doing to her made her feel so dirty and used and filthy and worthless.  And helpless.  There’s no way she should or could have an orgasm, but whatever this lesbian bitch was doing to her, she couldn’t help it.  The pain combined with the sensations from what she was doing to her with her fist was too much, and after hearing what she said about how the pain would stop after she came, she thought about the sexiest things she could picture.  She remembered Tommy last night at the pool table, then again this morning in bed.  She remembered how naughty she felt running off the trail with him this morning, how pretty his eyes were looking into hers, how his breath felt on her neck, how he kissed her like she was the most important woman in the world right then and there.  It wasn’t a strong orgasm, but it was enough to count and enough to feel, to know that her body betrayed her but also to get this nightmare over.

“I knew you were a little fucking slut.”  Bubbles said, leaning up kissing Aislinn on her propped open mouth as she pulled her fist out of her twat.  It made a plopping sound as it left.   Bubbles then stuck her fingers into Aislinn’s mouth, giving her instructions to clean them without saying a word.  A moment later, Aislinn sucked Bubbles’s fingers as clean as she could, trying not to gag on the taste of her own juices.

After Bubbles got up, JC grabbed Aislinn and dragged her out of the living room and into the bathroom.  Steve stood up from the bed and cleaned himself off with one of Joe’s old shirts that was strewn about the living room.  Sam looked around the room, taking everything that happened in on video.

Everyone sat stunned at what happened.  Morgana’s attack was longer, and Bianca’s was more directed and violent, but Aislinn’s was so brutal and overwhelming.  They went from 0 to triple penetration right away.  When the skinny guard brought Aislinn out of the bathroom, she was still crying.  He took the ring gag out of her mouth so she could eat, but didn’t touch any of her food.  It was only after being told to drink several times that she even did that.  When she was brought back over to her chair, she was gagged again with a soft piece of cloth and her wrists were bound with one of the pair of comfy cuffs that the Asian girl said she just purchased.

As Sam looked around the living room, he appraised the situation.  It was getting close to 6 o’clock in the evening, and most of these people had only had small snacks all day since Noon.  He was tired and a little sore.  So far he had fucked Morgana, Mari, and Aislinn.  Everyone in the room was completely naked except for the ski masks he, Steve, and JC wore.  He wasn’t keeping score on who else fucked whom, but knew that it was still pretty early and that the women in the crowd were already hating life. 

When he walked around to one of the recliners to sit, he heard a faint buzzing sound.  There it was again.  It was getting louder as he walked to the recliners, and the box of smartphones he collected.  Of course, somebody was calling.  He looked through the box, trying to find the phone that just rang.  On the last ring, he picked up an iPhone with a tiger striped case.  It had the photo of a girl on it, probably around 10 years old.  Once the phone stopped ringing, the screen showed a missed call notification.

“Who the fuck is Sophie?”  Sam said, looking around.  Before anyone could say a word, several eyes turned to Bianca.
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 62 Posted)
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Now that is a true rape scene. Love how they didn't allow Aislinn to adapt to her abuse. Add bubbles fist fucking Aislinn without letting her rest was masterful. Great to get some of the others thoughts as this was happening. Merit shall be awarded when the time is up!
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 63 Posted)
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Thanks TGH.  After all of Aislinn's anxiety, what better way to bring her into the mix than all of it at once?  Next chapter is a slight change of pace.  Remember Murphy's First Law of Combat.  The best laid plans go straight to Hell as soon as the first shot is fired.

Chapter 63 incoming
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Re: Pharma (Chapter 63 Posted)
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Chapter 63 (MF,oral,threats of violence)

Sophie Jones stood in the line for ‘It’s a Small World’ in Disney World hating how right she was about this weekend.  The 11-year-old girl stood there in line with her father Phil and his girlfriend Cathy, listening to them be miserable with each other.  She knew this would happen.  As much as she tried to convince herself that this weekend would be different, she knew this would happen.

They were fighting, again.  Like they always do, like her father always does.  This time it was about how Cathy was visibly pregnant and couldn’t ride any of the ‘fun’ rides like most of the coasters.  Dad was bitching about how much money he spent and couldn’t enjoy the full weekend.  Sure, they’ve had fun when they could, but between not being able ride anything thrilling and standing in long lines, his anger was about to boil over.  Of course, Cathy wasn’t taking his bullshit anymore on this trip, and she was doing her best passive-aggressive tricks to undercut Phil’s masculinity.

Sophie wanted to be anywhere but here.  She looked around the crowd, noticing a couple boys smiling at her.  She smiled back, then turned away.  She was starting to notice that boys and some men were noticing her.  Sometimes it felt flattering, but most of the times it was awkward or disturbing.  She’s learning more about the world, and being an 11-year-old daughter of a soon-to-be-divorced couple means that she found out about sex earlier than most kids.  She found out what cheating was at an early age, and heard enough about it to know it’s bad.  She knew enough about sex that when Mom sat her down a couple months back for ‘the talk’, she already had a good idea about the basics.  Still, the idea of the whole thing made her uncomfortable.  Especially when an older boy smiled at her.  Surely they had to know how old she was, right?  She was in the most uncomfortable and awkward phase of development, surely no one could be attracted to that.

When she glanced back to the boy again, he was still looking at her.  She’d have to find some way to occupy herself when she passed his group in the serpentine line.  She didn’t want to seem interested.  At least that’s what she thought.  Sophie thought for a moment on a way to look busy, until she remembered the phone in the back pocket of her shorts.  It was so much a part of her her that she barely remembered it was there.  She grabbed her phone, unlocking it as the boy’s group came around the corner.

“Hi.”  He said, a hint of awkwardness in his scratchy voice.  He was older, at least 13 or 14.

“Hi.”  Sophie said, smiling before burying her head back in her phone.  The line kept moving, separating them from each other.  Maybe on the next double back they might ask each other their names.  She thought he was probably named Brandon or Mason or Evan, maybe even Logan.  Still, she had to think of something.  If she had her phone open and they paused, maybe she could get his Snapchat or Instagram.

Sophie looked down at her phone.  It was about 4 o’clock.  She had a dozen Snapchat notifications, a bunch of Instagram notifications, even some from TikTok.  Then she saw a couple notifications on that weird icon on the bottom right.  The phone.  Well, what her parents said a phone used to look like.  She checked the phone.  5 notifications.  3 missed calls and two voicemails, whatever.  She looked up for a second, that boy was just a few feet away.  He was getting close.

“What’s your snap?”  He said.  She blushed a moment as she stopped walking for a moment.

“PastyCakes801.”  Sophie said.  The boy smiled, then kept walking.  She looked at the line.  After this, they’d be heading to a point with no more turns.  Her only chance of getting his name now was to wait and see if he messaged her.  She didn’t have to wait long as a notification for a friend request from LogansCoolRunnings to come in.  ‘OMG, he sent me a request!’  Sophie thought as she saw it come onto her phone.  She tried to play it cool, but accepted almost right away.  She could see he was with his friends, so he didn’t respond right away.  That’s cool, she could message him later.  Now, it was time for the ride.

The ride itself wasn’t bad, but Cathy and Dad bickering was almost too much.  Somehow they could fight about anything.  This time it started about how she was hungry again and devolved into some snide comments about their baby not taking his last name unless he finalized the divorce to Bianca.  He made some comments about her being extra moody because of the pregnancy.  They each tried getting Sophie into the fight on their side.  She rolled her eyes at both of them.  The realization that this woman was about to be her stepmother and the baby she carried would be her stepbrother or stepsister made her sick.  She hated how much her mom and dad fought already, and adding in another woman and baby into the mix would just make things even worse.  Especially since Dad couldn’t ‘keep it in his pants’ as Mom said.  Hell, Dad cheated on Mom several times and probably cheated on Cathy already, too.  She was glad that in a few years the judge said she could have a say in where she stayed going forward, and how much interaction she had with her father.  As much as her mom frustrated her day in and day out, she had no question that Mom loved her.  Dad on the other hand…

When the ride finished, they waited by the end of the line for a bit.  She didn’t see Logan come out yet, but didn’t want to look too desperate, either.  She walked with Dad and Cathy for a bit, keeping an eye out for any new messages.  She looked through her phone again, seeing those missed calls.  Two were from Spam Risk and one from Mom.  She checked the voicemails, reading the transcribed messages to see if they were worth listening too.  The first one told her that her car warranty was about to expire and to contact them right away to avoid a lapse in coverage.  She rolled her eyes at the bullshit.  That message was deleted.  Then she opened the message from her mom and read it.  It looked normal then got all garbled and weird at the end.  She looked up to see where Dad and Cathy were.  They headed to a nearby food stand for something to eat and drink.  Sophie stayed within sight as she raised the phone to her ear to listen.

“Hey Sweetie, it’s me, Mom.”  Mom’s voice was a little stressed, but nothing too bad.  “Sorry I didn’t get a chance to call last night, hope you got my text.  I’m in the woods and cell service is a little hit or miss here.  Just calling to let you know that I love you and I miss you, and if I don’t talk to you soon I’ll text you again tonight.  Okay, Love you Sweetie.”

“NOBODY FUCKING MOVE!”  A man’s voice yelled from the distance.  It’s obvious he was yelling, but he was far enough away to make it hard to hear over the phone.  Then there was a loud bang, then some mumbling.  “I SAID NOBODY FUCKING MOVE!  HANDS UP, I WANT TO SEE EMPTY HANDS IN THE AIR!  PUT IT DOWN BITCH, NICE AND SLOW!”  After that, the message ended.

Sophie looked ahead of her in fear.  What did she hear?  Was Mom okay?  Was she being robbed?  Sophie called Mom right away.  It rang and rang, for 30 seconds until the voicemail picked up.

“Mom, are you okay?  You left me a really weird message, I’m kinda worried about ya.  I’ll text you as soon as I can, but call me as soon as you get this.  I’m worried Mom, I love you.”  She hung up, then immediately sent a text, then another and another.  Sophie was worried sick that something happened to her Mom. 

She went to tell Dad about it, but stopped.  What could he do?  What would he do?  He’d make some shitty excuse about not being allowed to call her by court order, then use this crazy message as more proof that she shouldn’t have custody and he shouldn’t pay her any child support.  And Cathy was even more useless.

No, Sophie thought.  She would wait a few hours, calling her every few minutes and texting her.  Maybe it was just bad cell signal and she was stuck in the middle of the woods somewhere?  She tried to calm herself down, but knew something was wrong.

If only she knew more about where Mom was.  That’s when she remembered that Mom had the same kind of iPhone that she had.  She could use the “Find My” app on her phone to find Mom’s phone.  She did this while the family sat down and ate the chicken tenders and fries that Dad bought, even though it was a little ‘juvenile’ for her at this point.  Sophie spent most of that time trying to get the system load up the app and let her look for Mom’s phone.  She made sure to not send an audio alert, just in case she was in trouble.  The phone came down to some place called Lake Hiawatha Resort.  The satellite map of the area showed that she was in a cabin.  Surely it had to have wifi.  There wasn’t much around them, and who knew how old the pictures were.  Sophie sent Mom another text, then another.  When Dad wasn’t looking, she called again and again.

In between calls and texts, she tried to figure out what she could about the cabin and the resort.  It was one of those lakeside resort places with boating and fishing and hunting and hiking and a bunch of other cool stuff.  She’d love to try it.  Might even be more fun than Disney World with Dad and Cathy.  She looked up the resort’s main desk and almost called them, but wasn’t sure what to say.  “Hi, Mommy left me a crazy voicemail, can you check on her?”  She’d sound like a frightened little kid.  Which she was, now that she thought of it.  When she decided to call, she got a recording at the main desk saying that it was after hours on a Saturday and to either try another number or press a button to get transferred.  She didn’t hear what button that was, as Cathy and Dad were yelling at each other again.  She pressed the wrong button and was hung up on.  When she swore at her phone, that got both of their attention and they yelled at her for a minute before yelling at each other.

It was almost 6 o’clock when she found the phone number for the Hiawatha County Sheriff’s office.  Sophie couldn’t get a hold of anyone at the resort’s main office and their only social media presence was an old Facebook page and Instagram account showing how cool it was to boat on the lake.  They didn’t have a police station up there, just a county sheriff.  If she didn’t hear from Mom soon, she’d have to call the sheriff to see if they could check this out.  She would give it until 6 or maybe 7 o’clock, then she’d call.

As Sophie was thinking that, her phone buzzed.  It was Mom calling.  She answered it on the first ring.  “Hello?”


“Who the fuck is Sophie?”  Sam said, looking around.  Before anyone could say a word, several eyes turned to Bianca.  Her eyes went wide as Sam followed the other’s looks and put 2 and 2 together.  He made a beeline to Bianca, carrying her tiger striped iPhone.  He held the phone in front of the dark-haired woman, stopping right in front of her.  Steve, who had just cleaned himself up after raping Aislinn’s ass, got the unmentioned clue and approached Bianca from behind, untying her gag.  Bianca spit out the gag, looking at her phone.

“This your phone?”  Sam said.

“Yes.”  Bianca said, her voice hoarse.

“Who is Sophie?”

“She’s my daughter.” 

“Unlock your phone, do exactly as I say.”  Sam said.  He handed the phone to Bianca who entered her passcode after the Face ID locked out.  Apparently Sam’s ski mask didn’t unlock it for her.  As soon as Bianca unlocked the phone, she froze.  Steve looked over her shoulder and saw it.

“Aw shit.”  Steve didn’t bother changing his voice.  The surprise in Bianca’s hand threw him off his game.

“What?”  Sam said, before looking at her phone.  14 missed phone calls, 5 voicemails, and about 40 texts, and a Find My iPhone notification.  “FUCK!  FUCK!”  Sam yelled.

“What?”  Bubbles said, coming closer.

“Her daughter blew up her phone.  Shitload of calls and texts, even did that Find My Device thing.”  Sam said, the nervousness in his voice coming to the surface.

“Oh, shit.”  Bubbles said.  She looked around for their guns, finding where they left them.

Sam turned back to Bianca, reaching for a knife he found nearby to cut the zip-tie holding her cuffs to the chair.  He handed Bianca her phone.  “Read the texts first.”

“Mom, call me as soon as you get this.  You left a really weird voicemail.  Scared, need to hear from you.  Please call.  Why haven’t you called yet?  Is it bad signal?  I’m scared Mom.”  Bianca shook as she read the last couple privately, then turned to Sam, tears in her eyes.  “I need to call her.  Please, let me call her.”

“What’s going on?”  JC said from the kitchen, as he dragged Aislinn out of the bathroom still crying and dumped her at the kitchen counter bar for her to get a snack.

“Please, let me call her.  If I don’t she’ll call the cops, please, I’m begging you, let me talk to my daughter.”  Bianca pleaded with Sam.  He looked around.  All of his co-conspirators were stunned.

“Give us the short version.  What’s this crazy voicemail she’s talking about?  When did you last call her?”  Sam said, holding the phone.

Bianca took a deep breath to try to calm her nerves.  It didn’t help.  “I called her after those two came, this morning.  I went to the bathroom, called her to tell her I loved her and missed her and I was sorry about not calling her last night.  Then as soon as I got out of the bathroom, you came in.” 

The realization of what Bianca said hit Sam, Steve, and Bubbles like a ton of bricks.  Sam couldn’t hold back his anger.  “FUCK!  FUCK!  FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUCCK!  YOU KNOW WHAT THIS FUCKING MEANS?!  HER FUCKING DAUGHTER HAS A VOICEMAIL OF US SHOOTING AT THEM AND HOLDING THIS PLACE UP!  FUCK!”  Sam was apoplectic.  Bubbles grabbed the pistol from the stack of guns, the one Sam brought in.  The one loaded with real bullets.  Steve stepped up between Bubbles and Bianca.

“Whoa, whoa.  No.”

“I don’t see how we have an option.  Her little cunt daughter has audio of us breaking in.  We take’em out, we get a head start to getting out of the state.”

“No, there’s gotta be another way.”  Steve said.  Sam stepped between Steve and Bubbles, asking for the gun.  She handed it to him.

“We have one option left.”  He turned to Bianca, then James then back to Bianca.  “Mommy puts on the show of a life to her daughter to convince her that this wasn’t what she thinks it was.”  Sam stepped around to James and undid his gag.  He then moved in front of James, making sure he had his attention.

“Kimmypoo tells me you and Bianca are kind of a thing.”

“I…sure, whatever.”  James said.

“Good.  Because you’re going to help her.”  Sam turned to Bianca.  “When I tell you to, you’re going to call your daughter on speakerphone, and you’re going to convince her that what she heard was a movie or something, anything to keep her calm and quiet.  If you don’t do a good job, you die.  You fuck this up, I will shoot you while your little Sophie listens, then I will kill all of your friends.  By the time the cops come, we’ll be long gone.  Got it?  Answer me.”

“Yes.  I understand.”  Bianca said.

“James, you do what you have to do to help her.  Make it convincing.  Lives are at stake.”  Sam said.  James wasn’t sure how serious Sam was about killing people, but he knew enough to not force his hand.”

“Understood.”  James said.

Sam turned to JC.  “Grab that skinny Aussie cunt and take her to the bathroom.  Don’t need her fucking this up.”

“Copy that.”  JC said, grabbing Aislinn from the counter and dragging her into the bathroom.  She screamed for a moment before the door closed.  Whimpering was heard after that, but it died down soon.

Sam turned back to Bianca, holding the gun in his right hand, pointed at her.  “Take several deep breaths, then call her.  Just act like you were busy and the cell signal sucks.  James, you were busy with her.  When you’re ready.”

Bianca took several long, deep breaths.  After what felt like an eternity, she pressed on Sophie’s number and called her.  It rang once, and Sophie immediately answered.

“Hello?  MOM?”  The voice of a stressed out 11-year-old girl answered the phone in a panic.

“Hey Sweetie.”  Bianca said, trying to sound as chipper as possible.

“MOM?!  What the Hell!  I’ve been trying to get a hold of you for hours.”

“I’m sorry, I’m so, so sorry.  It’s my fault.”  Bianca replied.

“What happened?  Tell me right now.  I’m worried sick about you, after that crazy voicemail, with the gunshot and the robbery.”

“What guns?  Oh my God, you heard that?”  Bianca said, faking surprise.

“Yeah, it was kinda hard not to.”  Sophie said.  Bianca froze for a moment, looking for an alibi.

“Oh, that’s my bad.  It was that weird trailer on Netflix for that action film.”  James said.

“Mom, who is that?”  Sophie said.

“My name’s James.  Your mum’s told me a lot about ya, look forward to meetin’ ya soon.”

“Mom?”  Sophie said, her voice taking on a note of sternness not often found in tween girls. 

“Sophie, James is a friend of mine from work.  He’s a man that I’m sharing a cabin with.  Please don’t tell your Dad about this, you know how he is.”  Bianca said.

“Yeah, tell me about it.  But why didn’t you call me back earlier?”  Sophie asked.

“Well, uh…” Bianca’s voice trailed off until James stepped up.

“That’s kinda my fault.  Um, ya see, um, we kinda got distracted.”  James said.  He wasn’t sure how much to tell her.

“Did you, you know?”  Sophie asked.

“Have sex?  Yes.”

“Twice.  With a nap in between.”  James said right on the heels of Bianca’s statement.

“Eww, gross.  Is that what adults mean by Netflix and Chill?”  Sophie asked, a hint of disgust in her voice.

“Yes Sweetie.  I’m sorry I scared you like that.  I’ll text you again tonight.  The phone service kinda sucks but your texts are getting through eventually.  I’ll text you again tonight and I’ll call you when I can.  How’s the trip going?”


“Fine?  Go on any cool rides yet?”

“Not many.  We went a few yesterday but can’t do anything fun since Cathy’s a few months pregnant.  Dad’s being dad about it.  Met a boy in line for It’s a Small World, his name’s Logan.  He seemed nice.”  Sophie said, adding that last point on as kind of an oh-by-the-way point.

“A boy?  What did Dad say about that?”  Bianca had a note of concern in her voice.

“Nothing.  He and Cathy were fighting again.”  Sophie said, pausing before continuing.  “Mom, I used that Find My Phone thing, it showed you in a cabin up by Lake Hiawatha.  From the website it looks like it could be pretty fun.  Could we go there one day?”

Bianca was a little shocked by that comment, but didn’t let it stop her.  “Maybe one day.  Not as fun as Disney World.”

“I dunno, I’ll take that bet.  You and James don’t sound like you’re fighting all the time.”  Sophie said.

“Well, the night’s still young.”  James said.

“I’m sorry I scared you.  You go have fun there at Disney World.  I’ll text you again tonight and call you when I can, okay?”

“Okay Mom.”

“I love you.”  Bianca said.

“Love you too.”  Sophie replied.

“Bye.”  Bianca said.

“Bye.”  Sophie said.  Bianca waited a moment for Sophie to hang up the phone.  As soon as the call clicked off and the ‘Call Ended’ message came on the screen, everyone in the room let out a sigh of relief.  Bianca cried from the exhaustion and stress, and James would’ve hugged and kissed her if he wasn’t bound to a chair.  Even the crew were relieved, as no one wanted to figure out what would happen next.

Sam walked over to the dining table, looking for a seat when he realized all of them were in use across the room.  He then settled for one of the kitchen counter stools.  Steve and Bubbles approached.

“Okay, we need to prevent that from happening again.  Ideas?”  Sam said.  He looked at Steve, then Bubbles, then the empty space where JC was.  “Where is he?”

“Bathroom, with Aislinn.”  Steve said.

“Mind getting him?”  Sam asked.  Steve went to the adjacent bathroom.  He opened it, finding JC fucking Aislinn as he kept his hand around her mouth.  Steve didn’t need to say anything, JC got the clue to bring her out.  A minute later and he was putting her back in her seat, zip-tied to the chair like everyone else.  That’s when JC noticed that Bianca wasn’t secured.  Before he could bind her, Sam stood up.

“No, leave her go.  In fact, uncuff her.” Sam said.

“What?”  JC replied, caught off guard by Sam’s request.

“She needs them to make dinner.  And we’re in this new mess because of her.  Bitch, I assume you’ve cooked dinner before?”

“Yes.”  Bianca answered.

“Yes what?”

“Yes, sir.”  Bianca replied.

“Good.  NotDave will uncuff you and you’ll start up on dinner.  The rest of you, while that bitch is making dinner, we’re going to make sure that this doesn’t happen, and each and every one of you will have some screen time tonight.  You will reply to your texts, post what we tell you to post, and act like everything is normal.  No more surprises.  You will do what we say, when we say it, or all of you suffer.  And while Bianca’s cooking dinner, one of you should be the entertainment.  Let’s go with…Mari.”

Joe and Mari looked at each other, not sure what Sam meant.  They didn’t have to wait long for clarification.

“Dave, make sure she doesn’t bite anyone.  You and NotDave will make sure she satisfies everyone in line.  Set a 5 minute timer, move her down the line.  Who doesn’t cum she gets back to.”

Steve nodded and approached the living room.  JC uncuffed Bianca’s hands but looked at her with rage while doing so.  “Move, cunt.”  That was all the instruction she needed to get her ass in the kitchen.  When she arrived, Bubbles stood there in front of her.

“Cook something good.  If it sucks, we’re whipping your ass.  You try to hurt us, you die painfully.  Got it?”  Bubbles said.  Bianca just nodded.

Across the room, JC and Steve cut the zip-tie holding Mari to her chair as she appeared to struggle against them.  It was all a show, but the others didn’t need to know that.  Once it was in place, they directed her to the first person in line, her husband Joe.

“Your five minutes starts now.  You bite anyone, hubby loses a finger.  Get to work.”  Steve said, disguising his voice once again as he used an old timer he found in the kitchen earlier.  Mari didn’t have a choice but to try to blow her husband as everyone watched.
Always close the program you were running before exiting the holodeck