Author Topic: We all get replaced eventually (F/F, M/F, strap on, painal)  (Read 2667 times)

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We all get replaced eventually (F/F, M/F, strap on, painal)
« on: February 23, 2023, 10:16:41 AM »

You wonder how life is funny and how it can lead you to places you never expected to be before. You look back on your life, the moments that came before, and you know at one time you were important. Not to the world, perhaps, but in your small section of it. You mattered. If you read off the biggest moments of your life, most would think you've done well for yourself. That you would be fulfilled, or mostly so. You went to college, you got married, and you have beautiful kids. What isn't there to like?

But that is only the front-facing window of your life, they don't see what's hidden behind. They don't see the hesitation when your much older husband brings his friends over. They don't see the bruises behind your sunglasses and makeup. They don't see the funny walk when your guts have been rearranged. They don't see how you twitch and flinch around quick movements. They don't know when your tongue tastes of ass or your belly is full of piss. They don't know because you don't want them to know. Because you love him and would do anything for him. Even the dark things that make you cry at night and could put you away in jail. They don't know any of that and they never will.

But you know the truth of things as well. He's a fickle man, as they all are. He's getting bored and no matter what you do, there's nothing new to it. He can break your bones but your spirit is already shattered. He can ruin your holes but you're already used up. It's nothing new. You're getting older and you know his tastes run counter to that. The writing is plain to see on the wall.

You've been shared with more than men. You know he likes seeing you ruined and replaced by another woman. And fuck, has he been doing that more and more. And you've happily gone along because being involved in any way, even if it is cleaning up a well-used cunt, is better than not being involved at all. And so, one night you discuss plans with him. You're happy to see him nod and smile. You suck his cock, swallow his cum and piss, knowing you have a purpose.

The night comes finally and all the work has been done. All bound and secured on the floor. Ready to be raped and abused by a woman while he watches. Something new, at last. It had taken you multiple nights to find her. Driving around, checking online for just the right whore. One that was still fresh-faced, one that still had her spark, one just barely legal and dumb enough to believe the pretty words you told her. Someone that reminded him of you when you were younger.

She's so sickeningly pretty there on the floor, leashed like a dog. Leashed like you used to be. She was nervous when you bound her legs and arms in the rigid metal, her ass up high in the air. She was wet and eager, and even he came by to smell her sex and kiss it. She was naked, you were not. He didn't care about seeing your body for the ten millionth time. He didn't care about your stockings, your gloves, or your see-through top. He barely cared about the strap-on you wore. It was just a normal-sized toy, but he paid attention when you grabbed the girl's leash. When you pulled it tight and knelt behind her. When you pushed inside her cunt and fucked her, rode her, like the little whore she was. Her head bobbed against the floor, unable to move. She was a cunt, like you, and probably had been used in such ways for years. If not, oh well. It didn't matter. What mattered was giving your husband something new.

That's why you pulled tighter and tighter on the leash and watched her face get redder and redder. Watched her get dizzy and fuzzy from lack of air. When her head started to go limp, you stopped. You let go of the leash and kissed the girl's head and smiled at your husband. He was more excited than he had seemed in years. You walked out to get changed. While you did, you heard the girl's screams as he took her ass and fucked it raw without lube. The girl had told her that was the one thing that was off-limits for the night. You happily agreed, told her that you understood, and didn't blame her. That's when you knew for certain she was the one. With your new toy attached, you came back in and stroked the girl's head as she sobbed while he finished cumming deep in her bowels.

She begged to be let go and you knelt and kissed her forehead, before sucking the girl's shit off your husband's cock. She watched, terrified, and then you showed her the new cock that was strapped onto your crotch. You kissed away her tears as she shaked her head, begging, then you french kissed your husband deeply. He parted the whore's ass, still leaking white and red, as you aimed the two-foot-long, arm-thick dildo at her ass. He might be watching the girl as she screams and is ruined, but at least you know you're still involved. And that is all that matters.
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Re: We all get replaced eventually (F/F, M/F, strap on, painal)
« Reply #1 on: February 24, 2023, 01:46:12 PM »
They type of story that We have come to expect from you BadSammie, one we pray is just a piece of fiction and not an account of your life! I'm disturbed by the idea that you picked your replacement, but then who better to know what your husband would like! Merit awarded from me for another fictional story  that coud mirror reality!
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