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Monks In Heaven (mile-high, historical & some interracial fun)
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Disclaimer: Rape in reality is despicable and wrong; the author of this story does NOT condone real-life rape in any shape or form. Rape in fiction can be a fun way to explore one's fantasies.

Note: This story first appeared in a contest on another site. Here, I've included pictures to give a sense of how the plane looks like and some of the main characters. The rest is committed to the reader's imagination, as always. Happy reading!

Monks In Heaven

Captain Judd McCormack, 38, sat on the left seat behind the basic instrument panel of the Lockheed Super Constellation L-1049 he had been flying for five years. He was at home in this cockpit, rather similar to the B-17 “Flying Fortress” he had flown in missions over Germany. He loved flying the Super Connie! He would jestingly say that Connie was the one and only name his wife could rightly be jealous of. A big statement from a man who loved brunettes!

He was scheduled for takeoff at 6 sharp. He and the First Officer went through their pre-flight checklists while the Flight Engineer, who sat sideways behind the co-pilot, proceeded with his own last checkups.
The Navigator reviewed his flight plan one final time. He sat at his in-flight console in the crew’s cabin, right next to the cockpit door. During take-off and landing, he was in the cockpit at the radio console right behind the pilot. The Navigator was vital for flying in poor weather or over the sea!

On this fine day of May, the weather was fair heavens and sunlight all the way from San Francisco to Honolulu. According to his calculation, the 2,400 miles flight was to take slightly less than 9 hours at an average cruising speed of 304 mph and flying at an altitude of around 22,000 feet in their comfy pressurized cabin.

First Officer Salming was a trusty airman who’d been flying for Qantas for six years. The Flight Engineer was another old hand who wore three stripes on his uniform sleeve. Only the Navigator/Radio Operator was new; he had joined the company only 6 months ago, but his work was faultless.

Mrs. McCormack, the Captain’s young wife, had found something sharp and uncanny in his eyes when she met him during a Qantas cocktail party last December. But again, he was an ace Navigator.

Today was a special day for Captain McCormack. His wife of two years had complained that their 1955 honeymoon had been too short, due to his relentless professionalism and obsessive passion for flying. Today, Mrs. McCormack was among the 45 passengers, for it was his last flight before they were off for a three-week holiday in Hawaii—a real honeymoon at last!

A fellow Captain would take over and fly the plane to Fiji and Sydney.

To attend the passengers, there were four stewardesses—Amy, 21, Bridget, 23, Mary, 26 and Sybil, 30.
In this picture, left to right -- Sybil, Mary and Bridget

As the passengers were walking down the tarmac and climbing the QANTAS boarding stairs, Sybil was warmly welcoming them while the younger stewardesses were patrolling the various cabins—the forward cabin (15 seats), the main cabin (24 seats), the lounge (4 seats), then the galley where the cook was busy with breakfast, and finally the aft cabin (8 seats).

The lovely stewardesses wore their white summer uniforms—belted short-sleeve dresses with shawl lapels; the dresses went just a little down the knees, showing their stockinged lower legs as they walked by on their black heel shoes. They all wore a navy blue pillbox hat featuring a golden badge with the company’s crest; all had the mandatory red lipstick and neatly coiffed hair. They looked trim, youthful and professionally gorgeous.

The passengers were now boarding the plane, most men in their usual suits and hats and their wives sporting long dresses, coiffed hair, perky hats or hair bands and heel shoes. Many passengers were older folks—those who could afford a holiday in Hawaii. There were of course a number of young and well-off couples, but very few children.

On that day, the crew had the honor of welcoming Ray Felton, a notorious crooner, who never went anywhere without his two vocalists—the two soprano singers were petite women wearing tawny knee-height dresses, with narrow belts that underscored their feminine hips, along with classy white gloves and a forest green scarf that matched the crooner’s necktie and handkerchief.

These scarves looked great on these green-eyed brunettes who almost looked like twin sisters, but they weren’t related. They were in fact lesbians who took advantage of the tours and hotel room stay-togethers to live out their love in proper secrecy.

The crooner looked eccentric—to say the least—in his satin black tuxedo coat and stovepipe; he wore the stovepipe to look taller, as he stood only 5 ft 3 in. The women loved his voice and manners, but rarely fancied him enough to bypass the height obstacle, but he was wise enough to confine his lustful hunting to the skirt-wearing game that stood 5 feet or less.

Also boarding the plane was a group of old monks—twelve of them, wearing dark tawny robes. They were headed for a convention in Sydney. They all sat in the forward cabin, fitted with 15 tourist seats. These white-on-red seats didn’t allow the passengers to recline like the sleeper chairs in the main and aft cabins, but the tickets were cheaper.

Sybil, the stewardess who greeted them, noticed that they all looked old and wrinkled, but most of them were quite tall and had broad shoulders.

Two of them were colored men. This was quite unusual. Colored people usually were too poor to fly, and even when they did buy tickets, the staff was specially trained to recognize their accents and voice tones over the phone and book them in a “colored and Latino flight”.

As the two colored friars sat in their seats only three feet to her left, a classy blonde whispered in her husband’s ear… “Darling, you know I have nothing against colored people, but when they sit next to me in a plane, then this is different!... I’ll ask if we can sit elsewhere.”

The four seats in the lounge were vacant; normally, passengers wouldn’t be allowed to change their tourist seats for sleeper chairs, but the stewardess understood their reason, and she felt this compensatory upgrade was well justified—we could hardly expect an honest woman to put up with being sized up and down by colored men!

The colored friars ignored the couple leaving. But they took note. One of them commented on how firm her perky breasts looked underneath her royal-blue blazer and how neatly bourgeois she was with her white pearl necklace and her equally white day gloves, not to mention her sky-blue crescent hat.

“Gee, she’s got a classy chassis! Did you ever play hot cockles with a white chick?”

“Yeah… Some lechecraft, some backseat bingo too… I hope to get some again soon!”

They both chuckled like young men, their white teeth lightening up their dark-brown grinning faces.

Captain Judd McCormack was now taxiing the four-engine turboprop airliner toward the designated take-off runway. It was 5:58 A.M. on Tuesday, May 7th, 1957.

As usual, his First Officer jestingly warned him about not day-dreaming too much of his cute young wife.

He smiled. Lucky man he was! He had almost bumped into her on a busy San Francisco street, in Chinatown, and immediately seized his opportunity by inviting her for a coffee & dim sums. A white man marrying a Chinese girl happened once in a blue moon. Their engagement had sent a shockwave in both families. But he had learned some Chinese and there was hope her father and uncles would someday accept him in their games of mah-jong. His parents now completely adored their daughter-in-law, who was so fascinating with her bronze soft features, darker than dark eyes and jet-black hair of silky mystery!

The public at the tarmac’s edge couldn’t help but watch the 113-feet-long queen of the sky gracefully passing by on her tall landing gears, her four engines powering her like a cinch with their extra-long propellers. The early morning sun exposed her elongated, somewhat fish-like shape displaying the sweeping curves of her continuously variable profile—her curves started at the tiny-looking cockpit windshields overlooking her long blunt nose, and swept wider and higher into her white-painted ceiling, highest about one-third of her length, where her body was thickest, and then got gracefully thinner down the “leg and ankle” to her trademark triple tail. QANTAS was displayed in capital red letters smack in her middle, above a matching red stripe where the square-shaped portholes were lined; the middle passengers had a perfect view on her powerful sun-reflecting metal engines—two on either wing. Such was the Super Constellation’s world-famous style and beauty.

Watching her taxiing to the runway was quite a sight to behold; watching her taking off and effortlessly climbing toward the puffy clouds was breathtaking! She was a true achievement of mankind’s masterful engineering. Such a gorgeous sight in the sky!

Leaving the Golden Gate far below, the Captain climbed all the way to 22,000 feet and set the autopilot on the called-for bearing. Then he left the cockpit to his First Officer and went to personally greet the passengers, his “collateral” intent being a nice chat with his pretty wife, who was only 22.

He had been fucking her to his heart’s content ever since their marriage in April 55. To underscore his happy status, he lighted up a Lucky Strike as he passed the cockpit door and hailed the navigator who sat at his in-flight console to his right.

To his left was the crew compartment where the stewardesses sat during take-off and landing. He passed the doorway and found himself in the forward cabin, where he shook hands and greeted some of his passengers, including some monks. The old and wrinkled father superior smiled and hailed him, his pale grey beard accentuating his air of God-fearing benevolence.

Then he passed through the main cabin, greeted some more passengers, hailed the Latino cook in the galley, and finally made it to the aft cabin and his young wife, who went by the name of Wang Yan, which meant “glamorous” in Chinese.

She indeed looked glamorous in her Mandarin-style dress, its dark brown color perfectly enhancing the brightness of her light-bronze complexion and mysteriously mingling with the darkness of her hair, which fell over her petite shoulders in a living curtain of silky straight locks. The dusk-rose seashell-shaped jewel she wore above her left temple added a further touch of glamorous elegance.

The spotless whiteness of her day gloves contrasted brightly with the bronze of her exposed forearms as she wrote a postcard to her parents, like a good girl should.

Warmly greeted by the other passengers, the flight Captain tenderly kissed his wife before chatting with her for a few minutes. Then he went back to the cockpit to look at the heavenly display of cotton clouds below the flying airliner and high above the dreadfully dark blue Pacific.

In the forward cabin, the father superior got up and went all the way to the aft cabin to use the toilets—although there were two toilets between the forward and main cabins. As he passed in the main cabin, he spotted the crooner sitting and quietly reading a book next to one of his female vocalists.

“That’s him all right! I should ask him for an autograph…” he thought. He did just that in the most civil manner.
The short diminutive crooner looked a little irked at first, but he quickly obliged the tall old friar. As he did so, the old man fully enjoyed the plunging view into the vocalist’s amazing C-size cleavage. “This brunette must really be something in the shower!” the venerable father thought as he sensed a nascent hard-on underneath his monk’s gown.

They were 45 minutes into the flight. The weather was gorgeous and everything was on schedule.

The Navigator asked the Flight Engineer to see him at his console; he wanted to show him something about possible turbulences they would pass through in about an hour. The senior flight engineer had just exited the cockpit when a hard blow fell on his skull and his world became a black void.

The monks left their seats all at once and irrupted into the main cabin. They began threatening the passengers with short bludgeons and ordering them to the back of the plane, the women screaming in terror. The men cowered back among the other passengers, albeit screening their wives against their attackers.

The bludgeons the peaceful monks had under their gowns were very handy for close-quarter fighting inside a plane.

They herded and crammed all the passengers in the aft cabin, along with the cook and the stewardesses.

In the meantime, the so-called father superior led a small party and stormed the cockpit. The First Officer rose from his seat with an astonishing speed, but the monks had surprisingly fast reflexes for old men, and the First Officer was quickly cudgelled down into a bruised half-unconsciousness.

The Captain stood in front of his Navigator… who was pointing a pistol at him! He instantly recognized a German-manufactured Walther PPK. The monk leader stood beside him, ready to bludgeon him down.

“Are you crazy?!” the Captain yelled at his mutinied subordinate. “You can’t fire a pistol here! You know this as well as I…”

“This is last resort only, and I’m sure you’re reasonable enough not to force me to use it.”

The raging and brave Captain made a desperate rush at his mutinied subordinate, who was expecting it and hit the Captain’s head with his small pistol, which wasn’t loaded. The Captain kept fighting.

Then the monk leader struck him with a sharp and precise bludgeon blow on his left temple.

Captain Judd McCormack woke up with his hands manacled behind his back and his ankles also tied up as he laid down uncomfortably, crammed on the carpeted cabin floor between two empty triple tourist seats. He tried to speak, but he found he had also been gagged. He deduced that his fellow airmen were in the same predicament as himself, except for the traitorous navigator… He cursed against him, emitting muffled, unintelligible sounds.

If he could have seen the group of attackers who were now masters of the terrified passengers, he would have been positively shocked!

The “old friars” had discarded their tawny gowns and their false silver hair and beards, as well as their subtle rubber “face skins” that had made them look so old.

The flabbergasted passengers were now faced with a group of tall, muscular men in their prime years!

They wore short-sleeve khaki shirts with some sort of insignias, along with matching pants. Each of them carried a sheathed bowie knife. Some of them even carried an ominous-looking holster with a pistol in it, presumably loaded.
They were elite mercenary soldiers on a mission—kidnapping the heir prince of a small kingdom to advance the political agenda of the rebel force who had hired them.

Their leader was a Major known for his ruthless efficiency. Their confederate who had posed as a navigator for Qantas for the last six months was now flying the plane along with a “monk” who was in fact a well-trained pilot.

The successful hijackers quickly spotted and seized the so-called Ray Felton, brutally pushing away some cowering passengers in the process and striking down the few brave men who dared to oppose them.

“Don’t try anything funny!” the Major screamed as his men dragged the heir prince, a short, dapper man in his early forties, along with his two vocalists.

In the main cabin, the hijackers began jeering and cat-calling the two terrified young women, one of whom let out a panicked scream as she felt a hand on her butt!

“Leave her alone! Don’t touch us!” yelled her fellow singer and girlfriend.

“Hubba hubba!” answered several men who kept jibing them.

“So, you thought you could outsmart us, eh?!” the Major said to the alias Ray Felton as he stood between two tall and strong mercenaries. “Well, Prince Fernando de la Santa Cruz, you are now our prisoner!”

They grabbed and handcuffed the prince and solidly tied him up to a sleeping chair.

“Now that our most distinguished guess is seated on his royal throne, we shall begin!”

The Major motioned to the five men who were with him in the now-deserted main cabin, and without warning these men began violently assaulting the two vocalists!

In the galley, four men kept a sharp look-out over the crammed-in passengers aft, their bowie knives menacingly unsheathed. In the forward cabin, another man stood watch over the tied-up pilot, co-pilot and flight engineer. The navigator turned hijacker was flying the plane with another man.

In the echoing main cabin, the two soprano singers screamed in shrill notes as the pack of khaki-clad men forcefully tore their tawny dress tops open, buttons popping out and flying!

They immediately yanked off their bras, ignoring their shrieks as they uncovered their superb average-sized breasts and pale nipples under the cabin lights.

The raven-haired cuties had men holding their arms above their panicked heads while other hands grabbed their pin-up worthy legs and ruthlessly peeled their dresses all the way up to their slender waists before ripping off their panties and mercilessly spreading their stockinged legs apart!

“Nooooooooooooooooo!... Please! Don’t! Don’t… Let us go!... We’re virgins!!!....”

Their pleas only made the men laugh and comment on who was going first.

The hostage prince, helpless and tied up, could only watch his lovely vocalists getting gang raped between the rows of red seats!

The two screaming lesbians were ruthlessly raped side by side, each enduring searing pain as she took her very first man’s dick inside her ultra-tight vagina without any lubrication nor foreplay! The hijackers were highly aroused and their erections were crazy-hard!

“Oh God! She is SOooooooooo tight!...” said one of them as he started pounding his raven-haired victim with utter savagery while she kept screaming in hopeless pleas.

The hostage prince cried and begged the Major to order his men to stop.

The Major smiled in devilish contentment, indulging shamelessly in his voyeuristic passions. These two cuties were gorgeous! No wonder one of his men was already about to cum!

Indeed, the mercenary watched the young woman’s perky breasts jiggling in violent motions, her tawny dress top wide open, her long wavy raven hair flying between her raised arms as he kept raping her like a hell fiend... His dick twitched and he uttered a beastly roar as he cummed in one massive bolt deep inside the soprano singer!

The lesbian sobbed bitterly as the evil warmth flooded her destroyed virginity.

As if this weren’t enough, she was also forced to hear her sweetheart uttering shrill screams and wails while being raped by a tall hijacker whose sweaty face was distorted with intense glee.

Then, in O-mouthed ecstasy, this man let out a victory roar as he cummed with savage and fulfilled satisfaction!

The two defiled vocalists, half-naked in the ruins of what used to be fancy dresses, their forest green scarves discarded, were still ironically wearing their white gloves as the men restrained their wrists while they took their turns on them.

At last, the two whored singers were brutally tossed back among the beyond-terrified women, with cum still dripping from their dark-haired cunts. They both fell to the ground, weeping with soul-piercing wails, and were comforted by the shocked stewardesses.

The two black mercenaries presently burst into the aft cabin and quickly spotted the young blonde lady who had complained to her husband about “these people of colored skin”.

With wicked smiles and devilish grins in their dark faces, they quickly dragged her away into the lounge. No one dared oppose them as they were escorted by several cronies. The male passengers cursed and threatened the hijackers at the top of their lungs from the aft cabin!

Once in the lounge with her, the two colored men began undressing the panicking blonde! Her sky-blue crescent hat fell down in the scuffle and a strong black hand violently undid her golden hair, “to put Milady in the style of a proper whore!” one of them jested.

As she began sobbing and cursing and yelling all sorts of racist slurs, they jeered loudly and decided to take their time and completely undress her for a thorough humiliation!

Her royal-blue blazer was gone in a flash! She screamed “Noooo!” as her spotless white blouse was savagely ripped off like the shredded white sail of a wrecked ship amid a Typhoon!

With a loud roar of victory, they yanked off her bra and immediately cupped her perky breasts with her pale vanilla nipples!

Then, as one man held her and black-hand cupped her boobs from behind, his mate undid her delicate skirt belt—the wailing woman begging them to stop—and then he brutally pulled all her remaining garments and undergarments down her superb legs, ankles and feet!

Her classy heel shoes were ejected under the clothes-yanking violence! The shamed blonde now stood naked and barefoot at the mercy of her colored rapists-to-be, except she still wore her white gloves and her double pearl necklace!

“Gee-whiz! What a classy chassis! She’s got a lovely turf of golden hair!”

“Yeah! She’s a baby-doll! Let’s give her our chocolate bang!”

Then the two men swung into position!

One bent her over and firmly held her arms and shoulders in place as the other quickly undid his pants, stuck out his huge brown erection and then urgently started raping her standing doggystyle!

He grabbed her hips and pounded her with animalistic grunting and telling her how she was going to love his negro dick as she pleaded, wailed and struggled hopelessly.

“This is just what this little white slut needs! Don’t you like it Ma’am?”

The white married woman kept wailing and pleading as the laughing and grunting colored man kept raping her with his massive, throbbing pillar of midnight punishment!

Other hijackers remembered seeing her next to her husband. They went to the aft and grabbed him. He bellowed loud despaired protests and racial slurs as they shown him his naked wife getting a good “shake, rattle and roll” from behind!

The white husband couldn’t take his eyes off the massive black shaft coming and going like a piston inside his cute wife, beneath her curvy pale butt. He felt unfathomable shame as he experienced a fierce erection from watching his wife being negro-raped! This was a secret, unspoken fantasy of his.

Her rapist fully enjoyed contemplating her gorgeous butt as he owned her rocked body. Soon enough, he uttered a groan of unspeakable delight as he released his full load of tropical-warm semen inside white America’s finest vagina!

The classy blonde housewife groaned her unfathomable debasement as the two black men switched positions and her rape resumed. The second colored man chose to rape her ass and had her screaming in soul-piercing pain!

Steve Duff heard the grim rape from the aft cabin where he stood next to Arthur Stanley, his long-time friend.
“We’ve got to do something!” he said to him.

They had planned to “double date” for holidays in Hawaii with their wives. Steve’s wife was a fair-skinned blonde looking a little like actress Grace Kelly; Louise indeed had dainty legs, Monaco-princess-worthy golden hair and dreamy blue eyes, all this with a “sweet teen” face. Louise still looked like a college girl!

Arthur’s wife looked remarkably like Betty Clooney, Rosemary’s younger sister—bang-style raven hair, same first name, average height and size and same fair-skinned face with jovial features and sparkly brown eyes! When he fucked her, he sometimes pictured her being raped by a pack of North Korean soldiers as a captured nurse; he had fought in Korea alongside Steve.

They were rightfully concerned that their beautiful 24-year-old wives would end up getting raped. Steve had a shameful erection from thinking of his friend’s wife getting undressed and gang-fucked right in the middle of the passenger cabin! Betty was such a dreamboat! His most secret self would indeed love to watch Betty naked and violently raped amid these foreign soldiers! If he ever fucked her, he would be thinking of this as he cummed!

In the lounge, the second negro kept ass-raping the pain-screaming classy blonde for several minutes with his coconut-hard dick!

All white men present—including the sobbing husband—were utterly fascinated and aroused by the piston-powered action of his midnight black pillar moving to and fro inside her pale-cream butt! Equally arousing were his black hands firmly gripping her ivory hips as he kept at it!

Then all hell broke loose!

The black rapist cummed hard with unrestrained groaning delight as his throbbing dick oozed ropes of semen home inside the white-gloved naked lady, just as many male passengers burst inside the lounge from the galley and surprise-assaulted the mercenaries!

A confused melee involving men in suits, a naked blonde, soldiers in khaki and two naked black men ensued!

Steve had rallied a group of male passengers and he presently struck down one bad guy with a vicious right hook—a blast from his teenage days in amateur boxing.

For a few fleeting moments, it looked like the good guys were about to gain an upset victory against their stronger foes, but this was NOT a movie!

The elite-trained mercenaries quickly recovered and rallied; they were far too rugged to let fisticuffs from angry passengers defeat them. Soon enough, they struck back with their cudgels. They didn’t even need their knives!

Even the black rapists quickly recovered from their surprise and fought naked with unflinching fists!

Honest citizens fell down on the aisle or against a seat with a strong concussion as the hijackers hit and smashed them and regained full control. Ultimately, Arthur was KO’d with a terrible blow from a taller and bigger man, while the Major personally had Steve crying in pain from a wicked cudgel strike smack on his forearm bone!

Steve and a still-groggy Arthur were quickly handcuffed. Steve was in agonizing pain, his forearm already swelling. Their sobbing wives were at their side.

“All-American heroes! Trying to get smart, eh?! Very well... Now, we’ll show you to behave!”

The Major bellowed these words while his men herded the defeated passengers back into the aft cabin.

He ordered the two couples to be kept in the lounge. As soon as the passengers were secured and most his men had returned, the Major gave the grim order:

“Five men! Use these two dames all you want!” he yelled loud and clear while pointing at Louise and Betty, who screamed and wailed in despair as their horrific fate dawned on them!

Handcuffed to sturdy parts of the plane, the two husbands could only watch helplessly as the pack of men grabbed Louise and Betty! Ignoring their shrill screams and panicked husband-calling, they began assaulting their clothes and groping them.

The lounge was filled with sounds of tearing fabric and female screams of despaired pleas as the rape-frenzied men mercilessly undressed them!

The Major himself ripped open Betty’s polka-dot white-on-dusk-rose blouse and yanked off her bra, discovering her spotless and superbly curved B-size boobs; immediately stooping down and starting to suck one of her pale rosy nipples with a groan of unrestrained contentment, while several hands forcefully peeled off her long dusk-rose dress down her shoulders, arms, tummy, hips, legs and feet, as they lifted her off the floor; the Major and another man kept assaulting her pale breasts with mouth and hands.

Near Betty’s ordeal, Louise had her black dress roughly pulled up to her slender beltline, and then her panties yanked off before the first man immediately inserted his rock-hard dick and began urgently raping her, ignoring her screams of pain as he started pounding her with frenzied abandon while two other men firmly held her against the top edge of a passenger seat!

The Major himself was the first man inside Betty, who had been swiftly stripped stark naked; the sight of the brunette’s dainty feet—and her luxuriant bush of black cunt hair starkly contrasting with her fair skin—had triggered a raging erection and an unstoppable urge to rape!

He uttered a wild animalistic roar as he felt his dick sliding home and forcefully penetrated Betty, who was sobbing and pinned with her back on the lounge table, her wrists firmly held by two jeering men while the Major was grabbing her slim waist as he raped her like a grunting madman!

He loved watching Betty’s nice perky breasts jiggling wildly and hearing her wailing as he kept pounding her on the mahogany lounge table. His grunts met her ears and intensified her already-unbearable sense of defilement. The Major raped her in vicious, quick thrusts!

Betty was panting, screaming, sobbing and moaning as her body reacted with juices drenching her invaded pussy. Louise’s husband had a painfully and shamefully hard erection as he watched Betty's rape!

As Louise was getting raped, with her body utterly shaken, her golden hair flying and her head bobbing against the upper edge of the seat, they burst open her dress top and ripped off her bra; her jiggling C-sized breasts popped out of her torn-open garments with her pale puffy nipples and areolas dancing atop her shaken mounds of white college-girl flesh.

Presently, the Major pumped his dick in total speed-frenzy inside Betty’s violated womanhood and let out a crescendo of increasingly loud grunts...

His penis exploded inside Betty!

The Major released a load of biblical scale and kept pounding Betty, enjoying his cumming to the very last drop as his balls emptied and his dick deflated inside her, while Betty felt the soul-numbing warmth of shameful stickiness polluting her marriage-owned sanctum.

“Nooohoohhhhoooohhoooooooooo... Oaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh... It’s too horr... ible!!!....” Betty wailed and wept as the beyond-contented Major exited her and her next rapist took his place and immediately started banging her on the mahogany table!

Louise heard her rapist uttering a long low-pitched groan as he shot his warm jism inside her destroyed matrimonial virtue!

“Wow! She’s such a good fuck!” said the elite mercenary as he pulled out...

Betty and Louise would each take three men inside them!

While the blonde and brunette pair was being gang raped, the two colored soldiers—still ebony-naked—had retaken possession of the still-naked white housewife. They forced her to kneel down, her amazing legs folding in a lovely display of erotic whiteness, and then threatened her into taking their big black dicks inside her mouth!

Each man greatly enjoyed the wet tightness of her submitted mouth as she did her mandatory duties. They also commanded her to hold and gently squeeze their black jungle trunks with her white-gloved hands!

Their tropical dicks were so long that she found room enough for both her dainty hands!

She took their successive cum shots inside her mouth and was forced to swallow a great deal of their jizz, but each negro made a point of pulling out before he was finished ejaculating and so she received loads of African cream on her face, hair and breasts. Her gloves ended up smeared with their coconut milk!

At long last, half-naked Louise and naked Betty were tossed into the arms of their unspeakably broken husbands, and the foursome was escorted back to the aft cabin, where an elderly woman kept the only four children on the flight busy with a game of cards.

“That’s a nice game!” said a six-year-old boy as he pointed his tiny finger at the Queens of Spades and Hearts, both queens being surrounded by a horde of low-value cards.

Then the hijackers had the stewardesses serving breakfast. No knives nor forks were allowed, so the hostage passengers ate bread and slices of cheese, but most women and many men were in too great shock to eat anything. The stewardesses gave them some water.

Since the aft cabin was fitted with two toilets, the passengers were not inconvenienced at all in that department. Two of the raped women vomited due to their post-traumatic stress.

One by one, the Captain, the First Officer and the Flight Engineer were escorted by three or four armed men to the toilets between the forward cabin and the main cabin. They refused to eat, but were given a cup of coffee provided that they behave. The First Officer tried to attack his guards and he was severely beaten up and even threatened to be thrown outside the plane by the crew exit, as the plane was flying very low.

Inside the cockpit, the mutinied navigator had turned the plane around to fly due South-East, toward Central America. He had quickly descended to a wave-kissing altitude and kept flying extremely low to avoid radar detection.

Flight 149 had vanished.

Jose—his real name—was actually a military pilot of exceptional talent and grit. Only one mercenary, a trained airman, had stayed with him as co-pilot.

Flying so low increased their fuel consumption. Jose was concerned that they might run out of fuel before reaching their destination. But there was no other choice. A U.S. Aircraft Carrier was cruising in these waters. If they had kept their cruising altitude while changing course so drastically without a proper explanation, they would soon have been escorted by a pair of F-86 Sabre fighter jets. According to his minute calculations, they had just enough fuel to make it.

Jose and his pirate co-pilot alternated the flight commands between them, as flying this low was mentally draining. Each of them had bread and cheese along with a generous helping of ham & eggs with strong coffee.

A couple of hours later, the rapes resumed. The two youngest stewardesses had their white summer uniforms ripped off and their youthful bodies defiled by several horny mercenaries!

Raping them proved beyond good!

After their rape, Amy and Bridget were kindly asked to kneel down and pleasure all their captors in honest succession! Guards would be relieved in the galley!

The Major announced this was a contest... Which one of these two mouth-workers would be crowned icing queen? The men laughed and jeered; their knives proved a compelling reason for the stewardesses to obey.

“Open your eyes and look at me when you do your mouth work!” young Amy was told in yelling tone as she had been closing her eyes and thinking of her fiancé while she serviced the scoundrel.

The men threatened to execute half the crew and some passengers if they performed poorly, so Amy and Bridget pleasured their respective dicks to the fullest of their talents, generously stroking the fleshy shaft up and down using a busy tongue and taking it deep inside their mouths and sucking it in long, powerful strokes...

Before long, the light-brown haired Bridget received a forceful cumshot on her face as the groaning man pulled out of her precum-sheeny mouth. Then the next man took his turn and she had to start all over again!

The blonde Amy now had a massive black dick in her mouth and rivers of tears streaming down her cheeks as the colored man was brutally raping her face and holding her head with both hands. He finally uttered a gorilla roar as his midnight dick exploded in jizz galore! The golden-haired stewardess was forced to swallow his entire cumload...

“Here it is, lady! The full taste of Africa! SWALLOW ALL, WHITE WHORE!”

Amy and Bridget were returned to the aft cabin with their face and hair smeared with the shameful white stickiness that presently started to dry and would soon form flaking crusts.

Now that the captors were carnally contented, they started to play little fun games with the passengers.

They forced an elderly man to fuck Betty!

“No! It’s wrong!” he had first answered. But at the end, the respectable-looking man had ripped off her already-torn clothes, bent her over a passenger seat and then raped her doggystyle and cummed inside her with long-forgotten delight! As he forcefully shot his bolt of semen while contemplating her naked hips and butt, he day-dreamed of a rape he had almost committed when he fought in World War One!

Then one of the colored men cut in... “I’ve never fucked a white brunette! MY TURN!”

Betty was thus colored-raped in front of her suicide-shamed husband, while his best friend had a raging erection from watching this!

The negro fucked her like a jungle tribesman with his tropical stick! He kept banging Betty with his giant dick while contemplating her amazing body! Before long, his savage groan echoed through the cabin as he shot his ropes of African jizz inside her! “Nnnnnnrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrhhhhhhhhhh...!”

Later, the Latino cook was paired with one of the crooner’s vocalists, and he obliged with secret joy!

These fun games helped to pass the time.

About seven hours into the flight, with about two and a half to go, Jose finally climbed up at 15,000 feet.
A few minutes later, he heard a beep sound. They had just caught the radio signal from their confederate ship cruising in stand-by some 100 nautical miles off the Mexican Coast.

He had flown with pinpoint accuracy!

The signal allowed him to approximate his position well enough. He set the right course to their final destination, a military airport in a small independent country in Central America—the Kingdom of Santa Luisa, which the rebel group sought to rule.

Once he had set the autopilot, Jose finally got up from the left cockpit seat—his legs quite rusty.

It was time to claim his agreed-on prize, at least the carnal part of it.

Along with three men, Jose went aft to fetch the Captain’s wife while the Major ordered the Captain to be brought to the lounge.

In the lounge, a loudly protesting Wang Yan, slightly dishevelled in her glamorous Mandarin-style dress, wriggled and squirmed in the vicelike clutches of two rugged mercenaries, as she stood in front of the mutinied navigator, who told her he had been dreaming of her for months!

As he spoke, she spat in his face and he slapped her twice, sending her dusk-rose seashell-shaped jewel flying down from her jet-black hair. Then he violently assaulted her dress as the two men kept holding her!

Wang Yan screamed loud in Chinese as Jose brutally tore her dark brown dress wide-open and forcefully peeled it down her shoulders and elbows, pinning her arms to her sides in the process.

The Captain arrived, escorted and handcuffed, just in time to witness the scene where his former navigator ripped her bra off and revealed her B-sized breasts with their delicate curves, their subtle light-bronze hue playing in lights and shadows under the cabin’s cozy light, her erotic light brown nipples and areolas atop her two firm mounds jiggling sideways as she screamed and wriggled in her captors’ clutches!

Captain Judd McCormack frantically tried to free himself, to no avail. He helplessly yelled and cursed.

The grinning Major had two of his men forcing him to watch his wife’s nightmarish ordeal.

Wang Yan was pinned on the lounge table. As two men held her arms, Jose finished pulling her long Mandarin-style dress down her legs and feet, the nakedness of which he fully enjoyed after peeling off her stockings and discarding her Chinese slip-on shoes!

Wang Yan had a gorgeous body! Naked except her panties, she looked like a topless Chinese teenage surf queen!
Jose yanked off her black panties and took great delight in viewing her delicate bush of jet-black pubic hair that made the surrounding light-bronze skin look pure-white.

Then Jose grabbed her thighs and lifted her petite body off the lounge table. As his ex-Captain cursed and threatened him of a slow and gory death, he feverishly worked his hard dick inside Wang Yan and felt unfathomable satisfaction as he forcefully entered her un-lubed vagina!

Wang Yan screamed in shrill pain and shame on the lounge table as Jose began raping her amid the jeering men, her husband’s yelling and cursing constantly audible. Jose uttered contented grunts as he discovered how ungodly tight she truly was!

He took great joy in forcibly fucking her right in front of her husband! As he felt himself nearing climax, he pulled out and had her flipped over.

If Wang Yan’s teen-like face and jiggling breasts had been a wonderful sight, then her light-bronze butt was positively breathtaking!

She simply had the most beautiful and erotic butt the Major had ever seen! This would be an epic voyeuristic fuck!

The Major watched intently and began masturbating... Jose knelt down and swiftly re-entered her, and began pounding her doggystyle with more force and lust than the first time. Grabbing her hips, he was now raping her in quick, frantic thrusts as her raven-haired head slid on the mahogany table surface and she was rocked and shaken under the beastly abuse!

Jose cummed hard! He kept fucking her like a madman as he shot his ropes of warm jizz!

“Ohhhhhh!! Good Lord Jesus!” he yelled as he finished cumming inside the weeping wife.

Then the Major and the two rugged mercenaries took their turns...

Good times must all come to an end! Jose returned to the cockpit to prepare for the final descent. He was concerned with the fuel gauges.

The radio control from the Santa Luisa military base guided him into the final leg to the short runway. Jose lowered the landing gears. The Lockheed L-1049 was now descending toward a lush tropical forest country. His fuel worries were put to rest as he extended the flaps.

The queen of the sky landed majestically under a bright afternoon sun. As the exhausted passengers were being escorted down the boarding stairs, their hearts sank—a small rebel army was awaiting them, faces grinning, on this foreign tropical tarmac!

As they reluctantly walked down the stairs, all the young women were catcalled and jeered at in Spanish.

The mercenaries’ mission was accomplished. The heir prince was now held hostage along with some thirty collateral captives, mostly American citizens. Negotiations would run their due course and these honest citizens would eventually be released “unharmed”.

But the rebels knew how to make negotiations drag on. In the meantime, they sampled and assessed the female passengers and crewmembers! The cutest ones would fetch a nice price from the local officials! Betty and Louise, Wang Yan, the two vocalists and the youngest stewardess generated the most profit! Just like the negotiations, these uniformed pimps knew how to make a good fuck last!

The End.

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Re: Monks In Heaven (mile-high, historical & some interracial fun)
« Reply #1 on: September 07, 2021, 05:03:14 PM »
Love the historical accuracy in you story. Nice to see the photos. adds to the feel of the story without detracting from the words. Nice that no female was spared from the monks. Great use to have the rapists made up to resemble monks for who would suspect them of being sex maniacs! Merit to be awarded when allowed!

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Re: Monks In Heaven (mile-high, historical & some interracial fun)
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Love the historical accuracy in you story. Nice to see the photos. adds to the feel of the story without detracting from the words. Nice that no female was spared from the monks. Great use to have the rapists made up to resemble monks for who would suspect them of being sex maniacs! Merit to be awarded when allowed!

Thanks carhamgrater! Glad you enjoyed reading my story. I think images are very useful to set the atmosphere for a historical setting and show the female characters' hair and dress style.

I absolutely love the fashion of women's dress in this time period; having all these bourgeois housewife brutally undressed and gang-raped by the hijackers was a huge, huge turn-on! I loved writing all the rape scenes, but if I had to pick, my personal favorites were Betty and Wan Yan. Wan Yan's rape was a treat I ended up serving for dessert.

This was a contest with a 7,000 word limit and I had to write the entire story as one long chapter, so it proved a great exercise to create a nice round completed story. A word limit is also awesome as a learning tool for a writer who tends to be too wordy in descriptions. I've read some of Roxxon's work, and I feel she's one of the very best in being concise while giving the reader a complete feel of being there and watching all the action unfolding.