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The HarborCon Case (MF, oral, anal, rape, drugs, viol)
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The HarborCon Case (MF, oral, anal, rape, drugs, viol)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction, set in the fictional universe of Harbor City.  All characters are imaginary.  The acts portrayed in this story happen between imaginary people.  Doing them in real life will get you thrown in jail.  This story is my submission for the August story contest.  It was originally going to be something else, but I had one of those "Follow that" moments when reading some of the other works and decided to just write a story I wanted to tell that fit the theme.

“Why don’t you walk me through this, from the beginning?”  The voice echoed off the bare walls and into Jonah’s ears.  He kept his eyes closed, focusing on what led him here.

“What don’t you get?  Huh?  What don’t you understand?  We’re in love, I would never hurt her.”  Jonah was getting upset at even having to stoop to answering these…questions.

“Please, indulge me.  Tell me how you two met.”  The voice was calm, but had a hint of sympathy to it.  Jonah took a deep breath, then spoke, never once raising his head or opening his eyes.

“We met online six months ago.  We talked every day, sometimes twice or three times a day.  She said I was funny and I made her laugh.  We have a good thing going.”  Jonah wiped a couple tears from his eyes, still refusing to open them.

“When did you two meet in person?”  The voice asked again.  It sounded like it was directly in front of him, but the echoes made it hard to pin down.  Jonah responded.

“Back in April.  We met at Sokatacon.”  Jonah tried to keep his composure.

“What’s Sokatacon?”  Jonah was getting weirded out about how calm this guy was.

“It’s an anime and comic convention, in upstate New York.  She told me that we’d meet there.  We had a great time, talked for a long time, then met up later for lunch.  After the con, she went back home to Boston and I came back here.  We kept up contact every day.”

“Every day?”  The voice asked.

“Every day.”  Jonah was fighting back the tears now.

“Even after she blocked you?”  The voice didn’t so much as change volume with that question.  It might as well be a computer asking Jonah these questions. 

Jonah finally raised his head and opened his eyes, just so he could confront this, this lie!

“She didn’t block me!  It must’ve been a mistake or something!” 

Jonah finally took a look at his surroundings.  He was in a small, spartan room, made of cinder block painted a dull yellow.  It could’ve been white and aged yellow, he couldn’t tell.  The table was cold, stainless steel with a loop and a chain in them.  The chain had something in it, looked like handcuffs or something.  Across the table sat a bald, middle aged white man with a reddish beard and a mute, large black man.  Both of them wore dark blue suits and white dress shirts.  The black man wore a pink tie and the white man had a red and blue striped tie.  Behind them was a windowed mirror.  The enormity of where he was landed on him like a ton of bricks and he weeped.  He was thankful he could still move his hands freely, as he buried his face in his hands.

“If she didn’t block you, what happened?”  The bald man’s voice was irritatingly calm.

“I don’t know.  One day we’re talking like normal, next thing I know I don’t here from her for a week.  I was worried sick that something happened.  I tried reaching out, but she just couldn’t hear me.  I saw a post she made about having to block some bots and jerks, but she apologized if anyone who wasn’t bad got blocked by accident and she’d work on fixing it.”  Jonah said, between bursts of tears.

“How did you see that post?”  The bald man asked once again.

“I have different Instagram accounts for different reasons.  I used one of those to check on her and say hi.  She said hi back and we talked for a bit, but she had to disable comments, said she was getting too many creeps and she needed to take a break.  When she came back, neither account worked.  It was her stupid PR team.”  Jonah was visibly upset, his chins quivering with rage as he mentioned the PR team.  The bald man waited a moment before asking his next question.

“What happened then?”  Jonah looked at the bald man.

“I knew I had to talk to her, but she’s really busy.  She was coming to Harbor City for HarborCon, so we decided to meet there.  We talked a little on the floor and she said we’d meet later in her hotel.  She gave me her room number and everything.”  Jonah smiled a bit, remembering how the night went.

“So, she invited you up to her hotel room.  What happened up there?”  The bald man was eerily calm.  The black man, though, looked a little perturbed.

“We hung out for a little bit.  We talked, we kissed, we, umm…” Jonah paused, his cheeks getting redder by the moment.

“Go on, we’re all adults here.” The bald man said.  Jonah swallowed for a moment before continuing.

“We made love.  Then she fell asleep and I left her alone.”  Jonah wiped a couple more tears away.

“After you left, where did you go?”  Once again, the bald man was calm.

“I went home.  I had work to do, so I had to go home.  A few hours later, you showed up at my door and asked me if I knew her and told me that she had an accident and that I needed to come with you right away.  Please tell me she’s okay.”  Jonah cried again.  He didn’t notice through the tears the look the two men gave each other, or the small head nods.

“Would you mind staying here for a few minutes?  My friend and I need to take a break and make sure that she’s fine.  Is that okay?”  The bald man asked, showing a little bit of empathy to Jonah.

“Sure, just please let me know how she’s doing when you get back.”  Jonah kept crying.  The bald man and the black man stood up, their chairs squealing across the concrete floor.

“Will do, Jonah.”  They left Jonah in the room while they exited into the adjacent hallway.


Detectives George Lewis and Xavier Harrison waited until they were in the sound-proof observation room before they spoke.  Xavier was extra careful, making sure his hearing aid worked properly.  X, as George liked to call him, suffered some hearing loss and because of that often yelled during conversations.  Having a large black man scream at them tended to unsettle most people, especially the victims they had to deal with every day in the Chester County Police Department Sex Crimes Division.

They entered the room and walked past their boss, Captain Janella Jenkins.  She was a light-skinned black woman in her 50’s and was dressed conservatively in a pants suit and blouse.

“What do you think?”  Janella asked the pair of detectives.

“He’s fucking delusional.”  George said, focusing on the back wall of the room and not the perp visible in the window.

“IS THAT…Is that your professional opinion, Doc?”  X said to George.  X looked at the blubbering mess sitting in the room, crying his eyes out.

“As a detective with a Doctorate in Criminal Psychology, my professional opinion is he’s fucking nuts.  He’s delusional.  He created a fantasy world that he’s so deeply invested in that he retreated to it during the most stressful time of his life, and he thinks that we’re buying it.  He’s not used to people listening to him in the real world, and he spends so much time in his fantasy world that he’s given up on interacting with most of it.  He’s convinced himself that he has this long, drawn out relationship with someone he’s met in real life twice and that they’re destined to be together.  Meanwhile, he’s probably never had a real relationship in his life that hasn’t involved paying for an OnlyFans subscription.  Patreon if he tried to ‘keep it classy.’”

“You don’t buy his story?”  Janella asked George.  The bald detective turned from the rear of the room and made his way to the front.  He grabbed a tablet and opened the case file.  In it stood a gorgeous woman with dyed magenta hair, pale skin, blue eyes, and an amazing figure.  She was dressed like Jesse from Pokemon’s Team Rocket.  George held the picture up, showing it to X and Janella.

“Look at her, then look at him.”  George pointed to Jonah as he sat crying in the interrogation room.  “This woman, Sasha Campbell, is a model and cosplayer from Boston.  She performs under the name TekinaSha, which was cobbled together from the Japanese words for ‘Enthusiastic Traveler.’ She has a following of hundreds of thousands across multiple social media platforms.  She makes a comfortable living on the convention circuit and from being an influencer.  Plus, according to her bio she came out as a lesbian a couple years ago.  Then we have him, Jonah Heichenrichdt.  He’s 38, lives with his mom, weighs 400 pounds if he weighs an ounce, hasn’t held a job down for more than a couple months since he was a teen, and has the hygiene of a homeless man.  Correction, homeless people get rained on, so at least they can say they had a shower this month.  His story at face value says they’re deeply in love.  If that’s the case, he’s punching way above his weight class.  And they’re so in love that she happened to block him on his normal and alt accounts, too.”

“Sounds like a stalker who got too close, his Waifu pillow wasn’t enough anymore.”  X said, looking at Jonah in the other room.

“How much you wanna bet he taped her picture to it when they ‘made love’ in his mother’s basement?”  George said to X.

“No bet, I ain’t buying lunch again.”  X chuckled a bit as he spoke.  Janella spoke up.

“Wait, Waifu pillow?”  Before X could answer, there was a quick knock on the door proceeding it opening.  In walked a young woman with long, wavy brown hair and hazel eyes.  She was dressed similarly to Capt. Jenkins, in a dark pantsuit and light blouse.  Around her neck she wore a police badge connected to a lanyard.  It was Detective Carly Graspper.  She carried with her a tablet and a manila folder.

“Whatchya got, Carly?”  George asked after the young woman closed the door behind her.  She looked at George as she spoke.

“I spoke to the victim, Ms. Campbell.  Her story matches what she told the officers on the scene.  She was in town for a Comic-Con after one of her sponsors offered to pay for her flight and hotel.  After a working the floor all day-“

“Working the floor?”  Janella asked.

“Yeah, she’s a cosplay model, spent a good portion of the day as various characters from Anime and, sci-fi, and video game culture.  Tifa, Aerith, Faye, Jesse, Bo Catan, Poison Ivy, etc.  She’d dress up as them, pose with other cosplayers, take pics with fans, and sell some merch from her booth.  Last night she was supposed to go out partying with some friends she met here but needed to eat and change.  She came back to her hotel room and there was a gift basket with a Coconut Crème Pie, a couple other baked goods, a couple pieces of fruit, some bottles of water and Diet Coke.  She had some of the pie and a half bottle of water before she felt sleepy.  While she was sleeping, she had a vivid nightmare about being attacked and raped by one of her, and I quote “creepy, disgusting fans.  One of the neckbeards.”  When she woke up, she was naked and sore all over.  She developed a black eye, had bite marks on her nipples, neck, ass, legs, shoulders, and vagina.  She had extensive bruising around her vagina and anus, and what looked like finger marks on her neck.  That’s when she called the police.”  Carly looked at the others in the room.

“Lines up with what we’re thinking.  Got any info on Jonah?”  George asked.

“Nothing too much.  No priors but his name did show up in a request for a PFA a few years ago.  He was harassing a young woman who also was a cosplayer.  The request was never granted by the judge because he wasn’t deemed a threat at the time.”

“Stupid judge.”  X said.  Carly nodded then continued.

“According to what we could find, he doesn’t have much of a consistent work history.  He spends all day online on 4Chan, 8Chan, and other creepy places.  When he’s not playing games, he’s bitching about them and being a total gatekeeper about JRPG’s.  Real asshole, full-on White Knight Incel that gives Gamers a bad name.  We haven’t executed a search warrant yet, but I’m afraid of what we’ll find.  Probably a couple terabytes of tentacle rape hentai and a crusty Waifu pillow.”

“Probably with her face taped on it.”  X added.

“Think he’d tape it on or use safety pins?”  George threw in at the end.

“Definitely tape, unless he took the pins from his mom.”  Carly responded.

“What the Hell is a Waifu pillow?”  Janella blurted out, feeling like she was behind the conversation.  The three detectives looked at each other, then their boss.  X spoke up.

“A Waifu pillow is body pillow with a pillow case on it of a waifu, an Anime character that they treat like a wife.  In ALL ways.”

George chipped in his two cents.

“That character is almost always either a buxom woman dressed like she’s fighting space monsters or a schoolgirl going through puberty.”

“My money’s on the schoolgirl.”  Carly added.  Janella just shook her head before continuing.

“Was the victim able to describe her attacker?”  The captain asked, hoping to take this conversation in a better direction.

“Vaguely.”  Carly responded before continuing.  “She gave a description of bad BO, greasy hair, multiple chins, and gnarly teeth.  It lines up with Jonah, but it could also be any of a few hundred men at that convention.”

George turned his gaze back to the interrogation room.  “That’s not enough.  The gnarly teeth could help.  My question is how did he know which room she was in without being spotted.”

“That’s easy.  He paid for it.”  Carly’s comment stopped everyone in their tracks and they all turned towards her again.

“WHAT?”  X asked, forgetting to use his indoor voice.

“Yeah, he paid for it.  He set the whole trip up as a fake sponsor.”  Carly said.

“You’re shitting me, right?”  George asked the younger detective.  She simply shook her head before responding.

“He set up a fake sponsor, LLC through Maryland, website, corporate card, the whole nine yards.  He paid for the flight, the room, the booth on the floor, everything.  Even threw in a per-diem for meals and swag.  She said that she accepted the trip because the sponsor, EverRyze, was looking to expand their products and create a new line of women’s health supplements.  Thing is, EverRyze wasn’t real, just an LLC with a website.  The name on the LLC is Katherine Heichenrichdt, Jonah’s mother.  The billing address for the credit card is her house.  There were two names authorized entry into the room.  Sahsa’s and Jonah’s.”  Carly cracked the case wide open.

“How did he afford this?  This wasn’t cheap and you said his job history is spotty at best.”  George asked Carly.

“He’s a miner.”  George looked at her, then briefly at Jonah, and back to Carly.

“A miner?”

“A crypto miner.  Bitcoin, Etherium, Dogecoin, all different types.  If he ever wanted to cash out, he could do pretty well for himself.”  Carly said, briefly checking her notes.

George thought about that for a moment.

“Please tell me we’ve got something with the food he put there?  I’m assuming it was him that put the food basket in her room.”  George said, looking at Carly.  She nodded.

“I spoke to one of the front desk clerks.  Jonah arrived yesterday morning, grabbed his second key after she checked in but left for the day, then went up to her room with a few things on a rolling cart, including a box of baked goods.  He said he came back down about a half hour later.  He saw him lingering around the lobby later in the day after Sasha returned to her room, just checking his phone the whole time.”

“And, “ X added “We have him admitting that he had sex with her.  Correction, ‘they made love.’”

Janella looked over her detectives.  They basically solved the case, but she left it to her lead detective to decide how to run with this.

“How do you want to proceed, George?”  George looked at the rotund man in the interrogation room.  He had stopped crying for a moment.  For a brief moment, George’s face betrayed him, showing his utter disdain for the suspect.  Then he calmed down and returned to normal.

“Has he had anything to eat or drink yet?  Figure he’s probably getting hungry.”

“Nothing yet.”  Janella said.

“Carly, did they get prints off of Sasha?  Skin samples?”

“I was able to get some prints off of her neck.  We also have pics of her bite marks and scrapped under her nails.”

“What about the food?”

“Most of it is in the lab.  There wasn’t much left of the pie, and the bottles of water had a weird plastic splotch on the bottom.  Almost like they were hot glued closed.  Sasha mentioned how she thought the water tasted funny at first, but paid it no attention.” 

George took a deep breath before continuing.

“Here’s my play.  Carly, put on a badge cam.  You’ll ask if he wants anything to eat or drink.  Get a good look at his teeth.  Bonus points if you can get him to smile.  Let him finish the candy bar.  Then X and I will go in, and I’ll ask him to retell his story.  We’ll get him to finish his drink.  You come back and take the trash to pull his prints and maybe a DNA sample.  I’ll tell him what happened to Sasha, that she was hurt really bad.  He’ll act like he didn’t do it, that it must’ve been someone else and that he would never hurt her.  After listening to his lies, I’ll lay out what he did and how he did it.  He’ll slip up and admit to being ‘a little rough’ while making love.  I’ll show him the photos.  He’ll get even more upset and lie some more.  We nail him with the payments and the room access.  Really don’t care what he does then but if he confesses, he’s looking at a decade right away.  If he doesn’t, we hit that house with a search warrant.  Pretty sure mommy won’t like that.  We arrest him and charge him.  Then, we get lunch.  I’m thinking tacos today, what about anyone else?”

“Tacos sounds good.  Street or fancy?”  X asked.

“Street, the bodega down the street has some amazing chorizo tacos.”  Carly chipped in as she handed the info to George before leaving the observation room.

“What about you Cappy, you want tacos?”  George asked.  He loved calling her Cappy, even though she barely tolerated it.

“We’ll see how long this takes.  Bring me back some Lingua if they have it.  Otherwise, steak is fine.”

They watched through the observation window as Carly entered, holding a bottle of Mountain Dew and a Snickers.  Jonah accepted.  They talked for a brief moment, and Carly was able to get Jonah to smile, showing off a mouthful of missing and rotten teeth.  She left, then returned to the observation room a moment later.

“How’s the smile?”  Janella asked Carly.

“Like a rotten Jack’o’lantern on November 3rd smoked a ton of meth.  It looks like a perfect match even without doing a casting.  Which, I don’t think they’d survive a casting.  What’s left would fall out when we took the mold out.”  Carly turned to George and X.  “He’ll be done with that stuff in a moment.  You’d think with his health he wouldn’t chow down like that.”

“Probably stress eating.”  X said.  George looked at Jonah.  He had finished the Snickers.

“Let’s go.”  George and X walked out of the observation room and back into the interrogation room.


Jonah sat in the room, feeling better now that he had something to eat and drink.  He crushed that Snickers and almost emptied the Mountain Dew when the door opened.  It was the bald man and the black man.  The black man sat down first.  The bald man grabbed the empty wire mesh trash can from the corner and gently put the candy bar wrapper in it.  He then put the can down and looked at Jonah again.  The bald man just stared at him blankly for a long time, almost in the eyes but just far off enough to be disconcerting.  Jonah was getting upset at this.  He waited for the bald man to say something, anything, he just sat there, motionless.  If it wasn’t for the occasional blinking, Jonah might think that the bald man was a statue.  He couldn’t take the silence anymore.

“Could you please tell me what’s going on?  Please?”  The pleading and stress in Jonah’s voice normally was enough to get a rise out of his mom, but not these men.  After another minute, Jonah was on the verge of tears.  Finally, the bald man spoke.

“Someone hurt TekinaSha last night.  They hurt her real bad.  Don’t know if she’s going to pull through.”  The bald man stayed eerily calm giving that news.  Jonah’s eyes went wide, showing surprise.

“What?!”  Jonah nearly leapt out of his seat, but a look from the black man kept him in line.

“You said you were with her last night, that you two made love.  Did you notice anything…out of the ordinary?”  The bald man looked at Jonah.  Then the bald man made a subtle move with his throat and mouth, like he was parched.  Suddenly Jonah felt the need to drink more of his Mountain Dew.  He finished it in a few gulps, then put the bottle on the table. 

“Did you notice anything off about TekinaSha?”  George asked, breaking his gaze only long enough to put Jonah’s bottle of Mountain Dew in the trash without touching it.  Jonah sat for a moment.  “Oh, take your time.”  The bald man stood and walked to the door.  A quick knock, then the pretty girl with the badge opened the door.  The bald man handed her the waste basket.  He leaned in close as she whispered something, then closed the door and returned to his seat.  “Well, Jonah.  Did you notice anything different about her when you were with her last night?  You were with her, right?  You told us you were with her making love last night.”

“Yes, I was with her.  No, I didn’t see anything unusual.”  Jonah was getting testy.

“So you two had a months long relationship online, where you were accidentally blocked twice by her PR team, and you met her at HarborCon where you interacted on the convention floor, then spent the night in her hotel room making love?”  The tone was neutral, no sense of disbelief or shock or dismay or doubt.  No belief, either.  Just, neutral.

“Yes.”  Jonah said.

“Are you sure you didn’t see anything unusual?  Think long and hard about this one.”  The black man said.  His voice was deep, yet gentle.  Like he was a giant who knew his own strength and tried very hard to not show it.

“Look, I don’t know what happened after I left, OK?!  Everything was fine when I left.”  Jonah was upset, nearly crying.  The bald man opened a folder and laid out a series of pictures on the table, all arranged so Jonah could get a good look at them.

“Fine?”  The bald man pointed to the first picture, one of Sasha’s left eye, showing bruising along her orbital bone and a puffy face.  “Fine?”  He pointed to the next picture, showing bruising on her neck, like she was strangled.  “Fine?”  The next picture showed bite marks on her shoulder.  “Fine?”  He pointed to the next, bite marks around both nipples.  “Fine?”  He pointed to the next picture, showing dried blood that came from her rectum.  “Fine?”  The final picture showed extensive bruising and biting around her vagina.  “Tell me, in what universe is any of this fine.”

Jonah sat there, staring at the pictures for a moment.  He was busted and he knew it.  He tried to say something, anything, but no words came out.

“Let me guess, you don’t know how any of this happened.  You two made love, it must’ve been someone else that came in after you and raped the shit out of her.  Beat the shit out of her, and left her for dead in a drug-induced state.  And you expect us to believe that.”  The bald man was getting more and more heated as he talked.

“I swear to God it’s the truth, I didn’t do it.  I wasn’t there.”  Jonah was grasping for anything.

“Oh, so NOW you weren’t there?  A minute ago, you two were making love, now you see the pictures and you’re telling me you weren’t there.  Which is it?  One of them is a lie.  You were either there or you weren’t there, which is it?”  The bald man leaned in a little, staring at that same spot right below Jonah’s right eye.

“I wasn’t.”  Jonah blurted out.

“Why did you pay for her room and her airfare?”  Jonah was stunned.  How could they have found out about that?  He was so careful…

“You’ve got one more chance.  Tell me what you did or I’ll tell you what you did.  You tell me, and you might make it through this yet with only a little jailtime.  If I tell you, you’re going away for a long time.  Last chance, Jonah.”

Jonah thought long and hard.  The bald man has to be bluffing.  There’s no way he could know about all that.  This guy was just a dumb cop, working with a black guy AND a girl.  He can’t be that smart.

“Too bad, Jonah.  Your silence just cost you 10 years in prison.”


Jonah’s face went from terrified to cocky to shocked to desperate in the time it would take him to eat a burrito from Taco Bell.  George was going to enjoy this.

“Where should we begin?  Should I start with EverRyze, the LLC you formed out of Maryland to hide the paper trail of the hotel and flight purchases.  Smooth move using your mom’s name on the legal forms and your home as the billing address for the credit card.   You just made her an accomplice.  She’s going down with you.  But enough of ruining your mother’s life on top of your own, let’s talk about the fake company you created and the fake website you used to convince Sasha Campbell, the woman who cosplays at TekinaSha, that your offer to come to HarborCon was legit.  That implies forethought and conspiracy.  Even if you didn’t plan on raping her yet, you committed fraud to bring her across state lines.  But we’re just getting started.  We still need motive.  How long do you think it’ll take us to get your social media history, showing you stalking Sasha for the last few months?  You traveled all the way to Boston to see her, and constantly harassed her online to the point that she blocked your sorry ass.  Twice.  On two different accounts.  And don’t give me that bullshit about her PR team.  She doesn’t have one.  You meaning to tell me that a young woman who barely makes enough money from her Patreon and OnlyFans pages to cover rent, food, and costumes can afford to hire a PR team?  She blocked your creepy ass twice.  You used two different accounts to stalk her, and told us you used others to follow her.  That’s stalking.  How am I doing so far?”

George took a moment to examine Jonah.  The obese man just sat there, sweating.  Whether that was from poor health, stress, or fear, that was hard to determine.  George assumed a mix of all three.

“We have fraud, we have stalking.  We have conspiracy if we find out that your mommy helped you or another case of fraud and identity theft if she didn’t.  Now we get to HarborCon itself.  Another possible charge of stalking, but then you entered her hotel room.  The desk clerk puts you there, and your credit card shows you paying for it.  You used the physical card as proof that you were who you said you were.  You get a card, you enter her room, and you bring up pastries, a fruit basket, and some drinks.  But this food was special.  You drugged her food.  You drugged her water.  Right now, it’s all down in the lab getting tested.  You know what they found?” 

George paused, giving Jonah a chance to answer and maybe get out of this in one piece.

“They found melatonin, Jonah.  A lot of it.  Over the counter sleeping pills, crushed up and sprinkled on her pie, the pastries, and injected into the water bottles and the Diet Coke.  So, you drugged her, with a potentially lethal amount of drugs.  Doesn’t matter if it’s over the counter or not, that’s a felony and possible attempted manslaughter.  Hell, might be second degree attempted murder since this was in the commission of another felony.”

“That doesn’t get to the really bad shit.”  The black man spoke up, his voice booming a little louder than before.

“That’s right.  Because while Sasha went back up to her room to relax for a few minutes and change, you were down in the lobby, constantly checking your phone.  It could’ve been Candy Crush, but I’ve got a different theory, one that answers the question, ‘how did you know when it was safe to enter her room?’  Well, how did you know?  She wasn’t live streaming getting changed, so how did you know that within an hour of her getting to her room, she was asleep on her bed in the early evening?  Two words.  Hidden.  Camera.  That’s my theory, anyway.”

Jonah’s eyes popped open at that statement.  No one knew about the hidden camera, how did he figure it out so quick?

“You’re a smart boy, Jonah.  You’re good with computers, you make a lot of money from crypto, so you’re smart enough to know that you can’t hack your way into a non-existent security system for a hotel.  But what about putting a hidden cam in her room?  Something small, connected to the internet to a static IP or private host using the hotel’s WiFi or a spare cell phone left in a drawer.  And people don’t think twice about nightlights or extra chargers plugged into walls in a hotel room.  By the way, did you turn off the camera BEFORE you had your fun?”

The look on Jonah’s face went from ‘Oh, Shit’ to ‘Oh, Fucking Shit Fuck Me Sideways’ in a heartbeat.

“Because transmitting what you did next, that’s some major time in prison.  But let’s get to what you did next, shall we?”

The bald man took a pause, letting this all sink in and hoping that Jonah would man up and admit what he did.  A confession saves time and energy.  If he didn’t confess, then that meant paperwork and a lot of effort spent on an open-and-shut case.  He wanted the confession, to be honest.  He knew how to coax it out of him, but wanted to make sure that Jonah knew that the police knew enough.


In the hotel lobby, a fat man wearing a black t-shirt, black jeans, and a fedora sat on a couch designed for 2, but he filled it like it was made for him.  He stared at his phone, only looking up momentarily.  It was around dinner time, but he didn’t want to miss what was coming next.  To his left, a woman with long magenta hair walked to the elevator.  She wore a short skirt, knee-high boots, and a white jacket with the letter ‘R’ emblazoned in red.  It was Sasha Campbell, TekinaSha to her fans.  She carried a stuffed cat behind her, strapped to the handle of a rolling suitcase.

On the phone, Jonah saw some movement a minute later.  The door to the hotel room opened.  She said something excitedly when she saw the gift basket and treats, then dropped her stuff.  She grabbed a bottle of water, opened it, and took a sip.  She walked out of view, entering the bathroom.  After 10 minutes, she returned, dressed in a bathrobe.  Sasha checked her phone, then grabbed a pastry, cut a piece of the Coconut Crème Pie, and ate it.  She washed it down with the rest of the water bottle.

“You sat in the lobby, staring at your phone for almost an hour waiting for her to show up.  You watched her arrive, get on the elevator, and enter the room.  Then you waited.”  George said.

Sasha got up and went to the bathroom, but when she came back, she looked…different.  She was having a hard time walking, almost like she was falling asleep on her feet.  She checked the time on her phone, then tried setting an alarm.  Maybe a quick nap was all she needed.  She opened another bottle of water and had some more.  She gave the bottle a weird look before putting it down and laying back on the bed.

In the lobby, Jonah was getting antsy.  He knew what was coming, what he was going to do, but needed to hold out just a little bit more.

“You waited.  Once she laid down, you knew it was just a matter of time before she was out cold.  That much melatonin would knock out a tweaker, so imagine what it does to a woman like Sasha Campbell.”  Once again, George narrated what Jonah did, even though Jonah was there.

After a few minutes of seeing her passed out on the bed, Jonah got up from his seat and went to the elevator.  He knew which room she was in, and pushed the button for her floor.  A moment later, the elevator doors opened and Jonah turned.  He went down the hallway to Sasha’s room, the room he was in just a couple hours ago.  He used his key card to open the door.

There, laying before him, was Sasha Campbell, in all her natural beauty.  She hadn’t reapplied makeup after that shower.  She was probably going to do that after this little snack.  She laid on the bed, passed out from the drugs in the food and water.  She wore only a white bathrobe and a pair of pastel peach panties.

Jonah stood there, motionless for a moment.

“You took in your handiwork.  All of your planning, all of your scheming, you accomplished your goal.  You had TekinaSha in your grasps.  And you almost chickened out.  Had you done that, we wouldn’t be having this conversation right now.  But instead, you checked to make sure she was out.”

Jonah approached Sasha and grabbed her hand.  No response.  He stroked her cheek, then brushed her hair from her face.  He kissed her on the lips.  She made no moves.  He opened her bathrobe, then slid his hand down her chest, grabbing her tits.  Not even a whimper.  He rubbed her legs, then stroked her crotch.  Barely anything.  He had to check to make sure she was still breathing.  She was.

“After a few minutes of playing around, it was time to get to work.”

Jonah moved her around, taking off her bathrobe, then her panties.  He sniffed them in deeply as he peeled them off her legs.  He spread her legs and looked at her. 

Then, he stripped.  He removed his hat, his shirt, shoes, jeans, and underwear.  Unsure where to start, he looked at her again, his hard-on struggling to rise up from under his massive belly.  Jonah mounted the bed, and mounted Sasha in the process.  He sniffed her hair, kissed her face, licked and bit her neck and shoulders, then worked his way down, sucking and biting on her breasts.  He went further down, until he was eating her out, occasionally biting on her clit.  These bites drew little whimpers from the drugged Sasha.

“You weren’t sure where to begin, and the next section is speculation on my part, but you climbed on top of her and did what you said.  You made love to her.  You kissed her whole body, until you had your face down in her pussy.  You couldn’t help but bite her a few times.  How long do you think it’s going to take us to match those peculiar bite marks with your peculiar set of teeth?”  George continued.

Jonah climbed up after Sasha’s body seemed to respond.  She was wet and ready, though she’d never know she was.  Jonah mounted her, and after a moment of trial and error, entered her for the first time.  Jonah couldn’t believe it.  He was fucking TekinaSha!  He thrust into her sleeping form a few times, and then a few times more.  It didn’t take him long to cum inside her.

“My guess is this first time was a little too much for you, and you didn’t last long.  That happens a lot the first time a man rapes, oops.  Sorry, I meant makes love to a woman.”  George let his disgust for Jonah show through.

Jonah got up and went to the bathroom.  He left the toilet seat up.  What he saw when he came back shocked him.   Sasha was moving a little.  Jonah panicked.  He grabbed another bottle of drugged water and climbed on top of her.  She struggled a little bit, but was drugged and drowsy.  He forced her to drink as much as of it as she could.  Sasha tried to fight him off, but couldn’t.  Jonah was excited from this and raped her again.

“This is when things went off the rails.  Sasha said she had a bad dream where one of her creepy fans was in her room, fucking her.  She didn’t remember much, but the notes say she drank something, tried to fight him off in this nightmare, and went back to sleep.”  George said.

Jonah dismounted and rolled Sasha onto her belly.  He tried to fuck her pussy from behind but had a hard time getting in.  Instead, he poked her in the ass and kept pushing.  As he sodomized her, Jonah wrapped his hands around her throat and tried to choke her.  He kept this up for a few minutes before he came in her ass.

“During this attack, you decided to try a little backdoor action with TekinaSha.  You were probably a gentleman about and asked her if she’d mind, and when she said no, just went ahead.  You raped her in the ass and choked her.  That’s sodomy and attempted murder where I come from.  Plus, the extra drugging.  You done fucked up, boy.”  George showed a little more emotion as he described the events.

Jonah was spent for the night.  He went to the bathroom and cleaned himself up.  He also tried to clean up Sasha as best he could, but it wasn’t very good.  He put her panties back on, but they were backwards.  He draped the bathrobe arms over her when he couldn’t get the arms back in the holes.  He took some of the food and drinks with him.  He then got dressed, grabbed his hidden camera, and left the room.

“You tried to clean her up and clean up the room.  That’s destruction of evidence.  You tried to do the proper thing and dressed her, but I’m going to assume you don’t have much practice with dressing women.  She was only wearing a bathrobe and underwear, and you fucked up both of them!”


In the observation room, George looked at Jonah long and hard.  George finally showed some anger, and Jonah was shellshocked.  It was barely 16 hours since Jonah was in TekninaSha’s hotel room, and only a few hours since they knocked on his door this morning.  ‘How could a couple cops figure this out so quick?’ Jonah thought to himself.

George looked at X, then back at Jonah.

“I started losing track of all of the crimes you committed this past weekend.  Fortunately for me and unfortunately for you, Detective Harrison has an uncanny memory.  Would you mind listing every crime he committed?”  George smirked as he asked his fellow detective this question.  The black man smiled a toothy grin.

“You’re looking at multiple counts of fraud, possible identity theft, stalking, illegal use of a computer to facilitate fraud, a couple more computer crimes with that little hidden cam trick, sexual assault, drug-induced sexual assault, sodomy, destruction of evidence, obstruction of justice, attempted murder, and the big scary sounding one, human trafficking.  Best case for you if this goes to trial is 25 to life.  That last one kinda fucks you, boy.”  X added, staring down Jonah who was shaking now.

“See Jonah, that last one is where you really fucked up.  Strangling her while you raped her ass was bad, but nothing compared to Federal Human Trafficking charges.  You enticed her over state lines, you lied about why she was coming, and you were planning on having sex with her when you put this plan together.  That’s federal shit right there.  The state has a similar statute, but let me tell you something.  The feds really, really hate what you did.  There’s no such thing as good behavior in a federal prison.  You behave yourself in state prison, you might get that sentence cut in half.  But the feds don’t fuck around.  20 years is 20 years.  You’re in your late 30’s, and let’s be honest, your health sucks.  20 years in federal prison might as well be life for you.”

George sat there, silently staring at Jonah.  The fat man was a mess.  George had him where he wanted him, and he knew it.

“I, I, I think I need a lawyer.”  It was all Jonah could say at that moment.  George stood up slowly.

“Yes, yes you do.  Do you have one available or do you need the state to provide you one?”


Two hours later, Jonah’s lawyer arrived and sat in the Interrogation Room with his client.  His lawyer was given a quick run-down of the events by the staff on hand.  It also took this time for Jonah to be officially arrested and processed.  Jonah’s lawyer was an older woman from a high-priced law firm.  Across the table sat a man in his early 30’s, the Assistant District Attorney.  The two lawyers went back and forth for a bit and shook hands before the ADA stood and left.  George, X, Carly, and Janella were eating tacos in the observation room, watching what happened in the other room.  The ADA entered.

“Well,“ Janella swallowed between bites of her lingua taco.  “How long?”

“15, 7 with good behavior, lifetime registry on the sex offenders list, his internet usage is monitored from here on out, and he’s not allowed anywhere near a comic convention ever again.”  The man said with confidence, looking around the room.  He had a victory, and he knew it.

“Was 20 an option?” George asked, wiping some chorizo grease from the corner of his mouth.

“They wanted to take this to trial originally, but mentioning the mom as an accomplice changed his tune quick.  They countered at 5 initially, and then I mentioned handing this over to the FBI for a trafficking charge.  They were very receptive to 15 after that.”  The ADA said.

“Excellent work.  Taco?”  George offered him one of his extra tacos, the younger man declined. 

“No thanks.  That’s from that place down the street that keeps failing their health inspections?”  His face showed a little disgust.

“Yeah, but they’re so delicious.”  George said.

“That’s not healthy, or safe.”  The ADA said.

“Yeah, but, look.  Tacos!.”  George said, grabbing one of his spare tacos.

“I’ll take your word on it, Detective Lewis.  Besides, I have work to do.  He’s going away for a long time, that requires a lot of paperwork.  Until next time Captain Jenkins.  Detective Harrison, Carly.”  He let his eyes stay on Carly for just a moment longer than everyone else, and he cracked a smile at the petite police officer in the conservative pantsuit.  She smiled back briefly between bites from a taco.  After she finished her taco, she turned around towards Captain Jenkins.

“I’m going to follow up with Ms. Campbell, let her know that her attacker is behind bars.  She deserves some good news today.”  Janella nodded her head, and Carly left.

The others watched as Jonah was led out of the Interrogation Room in leg irons.  Well, they would’ve been handcuffs, but those only expand so big.  It was easier to attach leg irons to his wrists.  He was accompanied by his attorney.  She looked as disgusted by him as everyone else, but hid it when he was looking.

“What next?”  Janella asked, finishing her lunch.

“I don’t know, we did our cop shit good today, what you think George?  Half day, go catch a movie?” 

“Sounds good, that’s some straight-shooter thinking right there.”

“NO!”  Janella said, cutting off the two detectives.  She knew they were busting her stones, but for once didn’t mind too much.  “There’s a whole stack of cases back there to work on.  What about that video exchange, or the Really Useful Crew?   Any leads on them?”  Janella asked.

“Nothing recent.  Nothing since that case with Stephanie a while back, and nothing on the Really Useful Crew.”   George said.

“Except someone has a sick sense of humor or is a huge Thomas the Train fan.”  X replied.

“Or both.”

“Definitely both.”

“Besides,” George said, “I need to duck out a little early today.  My oldest, Caleb, has a hockey game tonight.  They’re playing against St. Hilary’s.  They’re the defending state champs, so hopefully my kid’s team is at least competitive this time.  It’ll be nice if they don’t enact the mercy rule again tonight.”

“Try do something useful before you leave to watch your kid’s team get crushed.  How bad do you think it’s going to be?”  Janella asked George.

“Depends if their top two players are in town or not.  They’ve got two kids on the National Junior team.  If they’re out of town, it might be a respectable ass-whooping like 7-3.  If they’re in town, it’ll look like one of our cases.  We’ll be asking Caleb’s goalie to show us on the doll where the bad men touched him.”  George said.

“C’mon, how bad could it be?”  X asked, his voice booming a little more than before.

“The last game against St. Hilary’s where M.J. and Kayden both played, we lost 22-0.  The refs ran the clock at 5 minutes into the second period when they went up 10-0, and just ran it the whole way through.  The rest of the team is damn good, but those two are on another level.  M.J. Meadows looks like a first round NHL pick, and Kayden Swanson is probably a third or fourth rounder.  It’s like a high school team going up against the Lakers.  It shouldn’t be fair, but these kids will be talking about these games the rest of their lives when someone asks ‘play against anyone I heard of?’”

“22-0?”  X was bewildered.

“Yeah.  They’re not a bad team, they make the playoffs almost every year, but there’s only so much they can do against that team.  By the way Cappy, Kayden’s parents said hi after the last game.”

“Oh, that’s nice.  Say hi back.  I have some work to do, talking about high school hockey can only do so much to keep me from doing paperwork.”  Janella left the room.

“Wait, how?”

“X, it’s a long story…”

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Re: The HarborCon Case (MF, oral, anal, rape, drugs, viol)
« Reply #1 on: August 26, 2021, 09:09:57 PM »
Good dialog, and I like the convention scene references. A solid SVU style cop drama, done well. Would loved to have seen them carry out the search warrant on his place so we got to learn if it was tape or pins on his waifu pillow!
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Re: The HarborCon Case (MF, oral, anal, rape, drugs, viol)
« Reply #2 on: August 28, 2021, 01:25:57 PM »
I do love your Harbor City Universe and this was a worthy addition. I am also a sucker for a good interrogation scene, so I especially enjoyed this.

I need Frank Pembleton to meet George Lewis. Kindred spirits. I guess that makes X a much louder version of Bayliss. Love watching George work his magic in the booth. My mental picture of Jonah crystallized once you mentioned the fedora. lol

Good stuff and I now have a greater appreciation of MJ and Kayden's hockey skills. Very enjoyable read on this fine Saturday. It was also an educational tale as I learned what a waifu pillow was. Sounds like it beats a mypillow.
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Re: The HarborCon Case (MF, oral, anal, rape, drugs, viol)
« Reply #3 on: September 01, 2021, 09:46:13 AM »
Okay, having been one of those cosplay geeks, I can appreciate the creepy crawlies who show up at the conventions. OH, my God, a 400 pound rapist, how the fuck does that not kill a person?
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