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English Waitress
by Regis

My goodness this is a strange job interview!  My high school counselor Ms. Delirious told me I don’t get to set the rules, that’s not the British way, and she made me promise to do everything I was told to do, precisely as specified.  This is a very important job, she said, and she doesn’t want me to blow it. 

I can’t believe they need me to get bare-naked!  Its chilly, and the cool air is making my nipples stand up.  They gave me these black nylons to wear, and a garter belt to hold them up, but without any nickers or anything.  My cunt is uncovered!  I suspect this is really a job tryout rather than just an interview.

I say that because I saw two other girls from my class in the same nothing costume, and they wore spike heels, and they had a long hair tail sticking out of their bum!  Like the tail was horse-hair attached to a wooden post stuck up into their little bumholes so that the tail wagged when they walked!

They had leather halters on their heads too, with reins tied behind their backs, as if they were horses!   They were serving rich people canopies from trays.  I don’t want to be a bare-naked waitress, but Ms. Delirious is here, and so I have to.  I can’t go against what she tells me I have to do.

The women who run this restaurant seem nice, and that’s good, because one of them, the brunette with the sexy bangs, winked and told me I’m so cute I’m already hired.  I’ll live in the dormitory up in the attic with the rest of the girls, and they’ll give me work assignments to do every day.  They said I’ll live here and have the job always!

I was hoping to go to law school after I graduate next year, and was just looking for some summer work, but it looks by what they say that I’m going to become a full-time waitress.  A nude waitress, at that.  With my pretty pussy on full display, shaved clean as it is now, the way they say their customers like it.

Oh oh, here comes a guy with a big wooden stick with long hair attached to it.  I think the stick is going to be pushed right up my bum!  I hope it doesn’t hurt.  I’ve never had anything put up my bum before.  I mean once at school some guys threatened to stick radishes up my bum, and they were serious, but a bunch of girls said they’d tell, and the guys quit.

I’ve heard there’s a restaurant and show bar in this area where some really horrible stuff happens, but Ms. Delirious wouldn’t send us to a place like that. The story is that some girls get raped, tortured, and it’s so bad that some of them can even get killed for entertainment.  Can you believe people would stand for that? 

I can’t imagine people getting off on seeing a naked girl being hurt and put to death, like just for the sport of it.  Hunters kill for sport, but not entertainers.  I know things like that can happen in some foreign countries, like Germany or Brazil or someplace, but here in England that sort of thing could never happen.

Something I learned in Social Studies and Contemporary History is that an unexpected outcome of allowing so many people into the country from 3rd world countries is that our British culture has started to shift, and my Dad said things could get a lot worse, and likely will.  We already see the changes all around us.

Although women can still vote here, they now have to be married to a property owner.  Ladies’ ballots are counted in a way that it takes five to make one vote, and all females have slowly been incrementally downgraded as citizens.  Our men find it attractive to have women considered chattel, just property like females are in India and Saudi Arabia.

Things are continuing to get worse, like it’s only been in the last 20 years that girls can be held in unpaid servitude, sort if like it used to be for slaves.  I’m thinking this job might be something like that. I’ve heard that over in America rich people own slaves again, like their considered a form of wealth.

It’s not quite like slavery or anything stupid over here, because from what I’ve heard slaves are supposed to be gender-neutral, like I mean men will copulate with both male and female slaves, and if you check this pretty pussy and these full tits of mine you’ll see that I’m definitely a female. I guess at this Club the guests like to see breasts displayed, and even vaginas.

As it stands now, just like the Saudis, only land owners can own women, except now our teacher or parents can sell us to a fully licensed cunt-holder.  That’s what they’re called.  Once we’re sold the only way our parents can get us back is to buy us, and that almost never happens, for obvious reasons. 

I think Ms. Delirious has sold me to this place.  I can’t think of any other explanation for the way things are happening so fast.  When she talked with them, I saw one woman give her an envelope, which most likely contained money.  I expect it would be in cash, so there would be no paper trail to identify the transaction. Cash money to pay for me!

I guess the ladies that own this place are really cunt-owners. I just hope that I can be a full-time waitress, and, Lord help us, that this isn’t one of those evil places where beautiful girls are killed just for the entertainment of an audience. I know that worse has happened in clubs down the back lanes of London.

I wonder what that sparkling red liquid was I saw dripping from the back of that black van that was leaving from the back when we got here?  The men were working fast, and looked like they were in quite a hurry to be gone. I hope it wasn’t blood. If it was, then those plastic garbage bags they loaded might have been filled with human body parts! Can you imagine?

I saw the gynecologist chair on the stage, so I’m pretty certain public genital exploration and even some late-term abortions are part of the entertainment, because I saw some really pregnant teens in the back. A couple of the very young ladies appeared ready to pop their pups if put in the chair!

Because those two looked ready to drop, I’m wondering if they might even do post-partum abortions! You know, the kind where the baby is born alive, but they don’t let it stay that way. I’m talking about killing a freshly whelped little sprog. It’s been done, and I believe often.

Believe it or not, some people with nothing better to do would like to see that kind of thing happen, and possibly even become sexually excited. Like we learned in Social Studies, even here in England a lot of people don’t believe a baby is really a person until it can walk and talk.

Our teachers believed it important that us girls understand that some people think that way, and so if they watch one being killed in an abortion or birthing show, it’s just not a big deal. I think Ms. Delirious believes that’s true, so she might be the kind of person who could enjoy that kind of entertainment.  I think its butchery!

On the other hand, some like to see the killing of beautiful young girls too. They told us that really happens, it even says so in our textbooks, the new ones, at least. Those are people who believe it’s fine for people to enjoy watching a girl being killed, as long as everyone approves, and nobody knows her.

The new textbooks are really modern, and tell it like it is. What happens in real life is now a regular part of the curriculum, so we will graduate knowing all about life. That’s important, so that if we become rich we’ll appreciate radical entertainment, or if we become the subject to be killed, we’ll understand.

They teach us all of that in school. I also know from being told by our teacher that they do such terrible things to naked girls in totally despicable secret underground shows where naughty schoolgirls complete their pregnancy!  Terminate them, really. It might sound shocking, but I’ve heard it gets even worse.

We learned that sometimes they don’t let the young mothers live either, they think it’s exciting to see someone kill them for sport! I know this for sure because one of our teachers brought a private video from his collection that was secretly made of a real post-partum abortion and snuff show. She thought we should se it.

I‘ve got to tell you I found it incredible! It was so violent three of us actually puked our guts out. I shouldn’t put it that way, but we did. There was a really evil woman who performed a C-section abortion for an audience. She used a butcher knife to rip the belly of a pregnant teen open.  It was totally gross!

The girl was only 13 or 14-years-old, and was bound belly-up to a table.  The woman wore rubber gloves, and removed everything from inside the screaming girl, including the baby, the uterus and all her intestines! She even dug out some of the girl’s organs to show them to her and the audience. It was unbelievable!

I also hope they don’t use us waitresses to be in some of their filthy sex shows, especially if they’re as bad as what we saw done in that video at school. !  I mean London aristocrats will pay good money to see just about anything, and there are people who are willing to provide that kind of gross obscenity for them.

Who knows, maybe even the two nice ladies who operate this fancy restaurant place might do some extreme shows. I’m sure the patrons would like to see something unusual, and the killing of a young girl was certainly unusual. It’s the kind of thing I think is getting to be popular these days.

What really makes me nervous is those cute chubby naked teenage girls in that pen in the garden, right beside the barbecue pit.  There are even chairs around the pit so guests can witness whatever they barbecue being spitted, gutted and roasted over the glowing coals!  I hope its not people!

I don’t know of any law to keep them from impaling and then roasting some of those cuties, because by law owners can now do what they want with their legal property.  That means if one or more is killed, even just for entertainment or for food or something, it would just be butchering, and wouldn’t be murder. 

If they actually barbecued a girl as meat, then I guess as a waitress I’d have to serve her to them as meat!  That’s really gross, even if I didn’t know her or anything, and she was fully, properly cooked. And I guess it would be pretty interesting, too. Those naked girls by the barbecue were just kids.

Like if they really do use girls to prepare as food here, then I suppose that they have a real chef here, so if it’s done properly and served as prime cuts as in a fine restaurant it would be suitable. I can just imagine a spit being run up through a young girl like these to get her ready for the coals. Astounding thought.

Everything I’ve seen tells me this is a fine restaurant, and the guests expect the best in dining and service here. I suppose if they properly roasted, carved, spiced and served the girls as they would for regular fine dining, the guests who ate them couldn’t be considered cannibals, could they?

I’m pretty sure the lady owners of this restaurant pretty much own me now, don’t you think?  I doubt that with the new liberal laws now in effect that a girl’s chance of living very long is pretty much left to the discretion of her owner.  I don’t think that bodes well for me now, does it!   

From now on I know I’m going to have to make the guests like watching my new tail wag when I walk in my spike heels, my breasts bounce with every step, and my cuntlips gleam moist and flared so they can appreciate me as a living woman and not as potential steaks or butt-roasts!

I remember Ms. Delirious telling us things had got all gutsy in the UK, particularly in England, and I suspect she was talking about the shows, and not about the niceties and refinements of fine dining. In a top-flight restaurant, it was all up to the guests and the chef as to how exotic food was perceived.

My parents had once been guests of a very wealthy couple who took them to one of London’s finest restaurants, and they had the pleasure to dine on a woman.  The eight tables, all of them for four, were arranged around a small round stage, and when everyone was seated, sixteen young women wearing only heels stepped up onto it.

They were paraded around and required to dance so that all of the guests got to admire their charms and inspect them before selecting the one they wanted to be prepared for them. They and their hosts agreed on a vivacious French girl, they guessed her to be fifteen, and a portable spit was rolled up beside their table.

They watched in fascination as the girl, hysterically screaming French obscenities, was humanely impaled, ripped and cleaned into a tub, washed and then ceremoniously lifted over the coals.  Daddy confessed to thinking of me, and creaming in his pants as she was killed and gutted.

I know Daddy loves me, so I took that as a statement of approval. They reported that she was delicious, her meat reminded them of the flavor and texture of venison, and that the specially prepared vegetables and potatoes were a perfect complement to the girl’s delectable meat.


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What an amazing story, I hope you'll continue!

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That kind of London sounds v hot to live in
Teasing bi teen who cant defend herself from stronger women and men

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It was a beautiful sunny day, and my owners, the two beautiful women who were cunt-holders, were hosting a party in the garden.  Three of us serving girls were selected to work that afternoon, and because it was a special occasion, we were to work in a special way, in quite striking costumes, if you could call them that.  There was very little to them.

It was an equestrian theme. The three of us were fitted with a broad belt around our waists, and mounted on the back of it was an upward curving post that resembled a curved dildo.  A thick curved dildo with a flared head on the end. Little did I suspect that these were intended to be used as saddles, and that we wore them because we were to be ridden.

Next, they put a ball gag in our mouths, and the hard rubber balls were so big it was all they could do to get them behind our teeth with our mouths stretched painfully wide open. I can tell you, I’ve never been so humiliated in all of my sixteen years. I was dribbling saliva constantly onto my beautiful breasts.

The crowd of guests that had gathered, all in formal wear, were watching our unusual preparation with interest. We were being prepared in public. Instead of a string around our heads to hold the ball gag in place, there were reigns attached to them, like they were bridles.

I had heard of wealthy men with large estates on which they kept nude athletic women as horses. These large partially wooded properties were completely private, of course, and although I suppose everybody knew of them, I never thought I would ever personally become an Equestricunt!

To complete our costumes, we were fitted with tiny hoof-boots, that forced us to walk up on tiptoe, like a ballerina! It was very difficult to move in them, but we managed by walking around for several minutes to get used to them. I stumbled at first, but before long was able to get by reasonably well.

That changed quickly.  Three tall eight-year-old girls wearing only cowboy boots with spurs and cowboy boots came forward, and with the help of wranglers, were lifted to sit on our backs. The dildos slid into and were firmly planted in their vaginas. I couldn’t believe it.  These little girls were going to ride us like horses! 

To make matters worse, the naked girls were each handed a riding crop with a broad flap of leather on the end. With the extra weight and shift in balance all three of us found it difficult to walk in our little leather and steel tiptoe booties. We had no other choice but to manage it.

With our center of gravity moved by the added weight on our backs, it was an ongoing challenge. The young naked girls riding us on their bizarre dildo saddles made things worse by moving around, trying out their crops on us, lashing at any bare skin they could reach.

They were doing a good job at keeping us off balance, and I came close to crashing to the ground twice. Making things worse, we were now handed trays loaded with full champaign glasses we were expected to serve to the guests, who were delighted to see how their drinks would arrive.

I’m certain only the British could think up suck a perverse form of service.  We did our best, and because we were all athletic, we somehow managed it. I can assure you there is nothing more humiliating than to be in the control of a young girl with a whip. Mine was even able to reach and smack my cunt with hers.

Most of the guests were scattered on the lawn, and the bar was set up on the patio, which was flagstone.  I found it easier to walk on the grass, but the evil little bitch riding on me had suddenly discovered her spurs, and put them to work on my thighs, causing new troubles for me.

Because the ends of the rolling spurs didn’t have sharp points but little balls instead, they didn’t dig into my meat, but the girl put so much pressure into them that they hurt like hell! It was very hard to not spill the champaign in those narrow tall little glasses, but somehow I managed it. Failure was out of the question.

As I went further across the lawn, I saw something unusual.  The fire pit near the other side was filled with glowing coals, and a big shiny steel spit pole was leaning on one of the two metal stands placed to hold it.  They were planning a barbecue!  The reason that sounded ominous was because I was getting the measure of this place.

Sure enough, a chef with a white smock and a tall white chef’s hat appeared, along with two assistants, also in white smocks. They had between them one of the naked girls I had seen in the pen in the back. I was sure she was going to be spitted and roasted!  I’m glad it was not possible for me to stay and watch, because I would have done so.

I made sure to return as quickly as possible, and when I did the chef was holding the girl bent forward. His assistants were holding the steel shaft, and were working the tip between her buttocks and starting to push it into her anus. This was as horrible as I could imagine, and it was clear these kitchen workers were going to go the whole way.

It was then I noticed all three of these men had nothing on beneath their smocks, and their rigid penises were sticking out, almost proudly.  They were all sexually excited by the terrible thing they were doing! I could clearly see the hole in the end of their cocks were flared open, as if ready for action.

Even though the screaming girl was not, they were enjoying this, and were sexually stimulated by it, as there was a shiny bead of male sex spittle leaking from the end of each rigid cock. I could see why they were excited. The bare-naked girl, a bit pudgy and no more than 10-years-old, was struggling and screaming at the top of her lungs.  I thought she did look quite sexy.

She also knew what they were going to do, and she didn’t like it a bit. I could understand that. The steel spit was nearly two inches thick, and was causing her tight little rectum great distress as it slid through her anus and entered her colon. This was a new concept for me, as I had previously heard only of vaginal impalement.

She was as certain as I was that the men had no intention of quitting once they got it going into her. She was going to be spit from her shaft-stretched little bum hole to her screaming mouth and more, and then I was sure they would gut her alive before putting her to rest over the bed of glowing coals. 

That’s how roasting of animals of any size was properly done. The chef and his assistants were most certainly going to roast her properly, as this was a well-placed establishment the two women who were cunt holders ran. I now understood why they had an ongoing need for new female stock, as it appeared some of us were regularly used up.

With continued effort and determination, the two assistants finally achieved their goal when the end of the shaft emerged from the young girl’s mouth. Her screaming had stopped, but I could see from the movement of her eyes that she was not only alive but also fully awake and aware.
One of the assistants held the shaft upright, with her suspended on it, while the other left for a moment and returned with a sharp butcher knife and a big plastic tub. He placed the tub in front of the impaled young girl, and handed the chef the big knife. My jaw dropped.  She was going to be eviscerated!

My tray was still half full of glasses, as the guests were all busy watching the chef at work. Because they were otherwise engaged, I could stay and watch the atrocity. He skillfully inserted the blade in her upper belly just below her sternum. I could see how this was developing. He had obviously done this before.
With a powerful arm he abruptly ripped it downward, opening the girl’s rounded tummy all the way down through her navel and all the way down to the top of her clean pubic mound. The poor girl had no bladder control at this point, and a stream of her pee came gushing from her flared cunt. The stream ceased as he sliced free her bladder.

The chef soon filled the large bucket with her tripe, thoroughly cleaning her out. The assistants raised her ankles up behind her, and cuffed her wrist to them.  Then they lifted the pole and set it on the supports so that she was suspended over the brightly glowing coals.

They were stacked deep, and would remain hot long after she was completely cooked. That was the efficient way to roast a beast of any kind, even one as young and tender as this.  Only a fine dining room was able to do a decent job on unusual fare and game. This one, I discovered, specialized in wild game and girls.
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A  splendid start, Sir!  I'm glad this restaurant isn't having problems finding staff!

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Within a minute flame enveloped her head as her hair caught fire, and within another minute bits of ash were all that was left of it.  As a youngster she had no other body hair, and her meat began to redden.  One of the assistants clamped a handle on the head end of the shaft to allow for her to be rotated to prevent burning.

They took turns slowly turning the handle so the young female human carcass would roast evenly, and the one not turning the spit brought out a butcher block on wheels.  The chef brought from a drawer two large bottles of sauce which he put on the top just as my last glass of champaign was taken by a guest.

When I got back to the bar I was relieved of the young monster on my back, as were the other two serving girls, who were equally pleased to be free of the pests.  The saddles and ball gags were thankfully removed, as they caused me to constantly salivate, which was annoying, dribbling out of control onto my breasts.

The hoof booties were removed and replace by our regular spike heels, but things did not entirely return to normal.  We were one at a time seated on a stool, our legs spread wide and a heinous device was implanted in our vaginas. A small removable crank stood out of my cunt.

These were mechanical cunt spreaders, and the handles were turned to open them to an impossible 3.5-inch diameter. It was insanely painful. I felt as if I were giving birth, at least from hearsay, as I have never personally delivered a baby, although some friends had. Gradually the pain eased, but only a little.

We were taken into the great hall, which had been cleverly transformed into a pub.  To enter we passed under a sign that read Cock & Balls Public House.  On one side of the sign was a large erect and flared head penis, and on the other a large well-filled scrotum.

This was a racier name for a typical English Pub.  Inside it had a long bar along one wall, and the remainder was set up as a small fight arena. A small elevated stage had been erected in the middle, surrounded by seating. The stage was square, and about 12 feet across. It was like a fight ring with a canvas deck, but there were no posts or ropes.

The three youngsters who had ridden us with their spurs and riding crops, sitting on the dildo saddles, were brought in by the wranglers, and we saw the eight-year-old nasty girls’ cowboy boots had been replaced by perfectly fitting spike heeled shoes.  In them the slender young girls appeared to be much more naked than they were.   

They were lifted up onto the four-foot-high platform, and to stand as the guests entered. They drifted over to the bar, ordered and collected drinks, and made their way to the seating provided around the elevated stage. As they were seated many of them made lewd comments.

These were about the naked children, and centered on their puffy cuntlets that stood open after the attention they had received from their saddle dildos during their ride aboard us. As I looked at them, embarrassed to be the center of attention, I realized how sexual young girls could be when properly presented.

My attention returned to the pain in my greatly stretched cunt, and shifted again when the people were all settled in their seats, and the wranglers handed to each of the naked young girls an open Swiss Army Knife.  The large blade was presented, and it was clear these were very sharp weapons, intended to be used in splitting tender flesh.

The guests were about to be treated to a potentially lethal knife fight between relatively innocent young girls! Even the toughest girls reform schools that used naked fights between their inmates as fundraisers, some of these incredibly vicious, didn’t permit the girls in their care to fight with knives.

When I was five my Mommy hired me out to be a naked nymph at one of those events at a reform school, and the girls in the last fight, they were older, like 8 or 9, had one-foot lengths of pipe to fight with, and they used them as clubs.  There were four girls in the ring at once.  Three of them ganged up on the other one, and they stuffed two pipes up her cunt.

They used the other two pipes to beat her brains out. Her face was smashed and bleeding, and her whole body bucked every time a pipe hit her on the head, even after they’d killed her.  It was amazing, and I vomited while I watched it. Mommy was mad at me for that. Now I can understand why.

That was the last time she was able to hire me out like that, and the only time I got to display my cunt to people. She took me to fast food outlets where teen girls worked in only spike heels and leather collars, and maybe a little cap or something, but nothing else. 

I never got to be naked in public. That was with the exception, of course, at the kiddies’ beach at the King Alfred Leisure Centre in Brighton where our family spent the summer.  That was a beach were mostly just parents with little kids and guys with long-lens expensive cameras went. The men were there just to take pictures and jack off.

Only kids eight years old and younger could go completely naked, after that the girls had to wear a little bikini top, and when our cunnie started to grow hair we had to cover it with a bikini bottom, or else shave it off. Mom said it was okay if I just shaved. She said the experience would serve me well when I was older.

It turns out these three girls up on the platform were friends, and when they actually started to fight, they pulled hair, punched and kicked, but didn’t use their knives at first. Because there were no ropes, one of them got knocked off the platform, and the other two helped her to get back on.

That was the ‘good friends’ part. The other part got the fight going. The naked youngster who had been knocked off the platform was furious, and for the first time a knife was part of the play. She had kept hold of her knife when she hit the floor, and now was ready to use it.

She stabbed one of them in the lower tummy, an action that brought a little spurt of blood and a lot of screaming. In retaliation the stabbed girl slashed her across her titless chest. The other girl moved behind her, and she suddenly swung around and drove her blade into the upper tummy of the girl behind her.

The one on whom she had turned her back lunged at her, driving her blade into her back in the vicinity of her kidneys. That brought her a vicious slash across her face, slicing her cheek below her eye, and a gash across the ridge of her nose and down across the other cheek.

Now all three of the girls were screaming terrible obscenities at each other. Obviously their parents or their schoolmates had used such language so that they developed vocabularies far beyond the norm for grade three girls. Perhaps it had been the boys on the playground who had contributed to their filthy tongues.

Now the three of them were fully engaged in the brutal battle, with their knives flashing and stabbing wherever they could strike a telling blow. The blades were short enough that they were not making fatal strikes when they stabbed, but they drew blood and screams to keep it interesting for the audience.

As a serving girl I was shocked at what I was witnessing, but it was not up to me, nor did I have the power, to stop it. Grade 3 girls can be quite vindictive, and these obviously were. Their friendship was a frail relationship at best, and the fabric of this one had been rent in two.

The element of trust between these young girls had been far too thin, by that I mean not well established, and now all they had on their minds was revenge for the blows each gave. There is nothing more intensely passionate than the malicious hurtful response of young girls whose trust is broken. 

The knives made this a very dangerous game of retribution. One of the slender nude 8-year-old girls repeated the stab to the one with the punctured lower belly, driving it into the meat very near the earlier wound.  And then, instead of pulling the blade out, she began tugging it upward.

This was extremely dangerous, because the little blade was long and sharp enough to slice easily up through the child’s tender tummy-bacon. It did. The aggressor jerked it up above her foe’s navel, and as the stabbed girl bent forward in agony, her ripped tummy meat parted, and some of her wet gleaming intestine bulged out.

With this inner-self revealing development the three young girls suddenly realized they were fighting for their lives, and that the cheering audience likely hoped to see them die. That made them become both more cautious and, when the opportunity presented itself, exceedingly more aggressive.

This was to be a fight to the death, and none of them wanted to die. They all knew that one mistake could be their last. These short blades had proven effective for gutting, and that was all it would take for any of them to be eviscerated by their friends, gutted like a stuck pig, and that would be it.

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The paying members of the audience were as attentive and watchful as I was, but for different reasons, of course, to see what would happen next. Any move could prove to be the one that ended it for one of those naked eight-year-old girls with their spike heels and jackknives up on the platform, and nobody wanted to miss seeing that.

Even the three of us girls in service, all of us I’m certain having had a proper upbringing, like myself, were anxious to see how these naked young girls on the platform were going to do. I don’t know about the other two, but I had already picked the one I hoped would win.

The one with her tummy already opened, with her innards wiggling out, was easily in the worst shape and at a distinct disadvantage. I certainly hadn’t picked her. She was a definite loser, and was probably going to take a lot of serious slashes and stabs from the other two just because she was badly injured.

When the second girl took a knife in her lower tummy and was ripped, this time it was right up to her sternum, assisted by her pitching forward when the blade went into her. I was surprised at how easily her bacon parted, but I suppose much of it had to do with how very sharp those blades were.

She too quickly lost internal integrity, and we could see her inner pack of intestines, neatly arranged inside her but now exposed through the opening, slowly unravelling as it slid out of her.  She lost much more of her inner tripe than the first girl to be ripped, and was in more serious condition than the first.

I was amazed at how willing these pretty young girls who had ridden us were to hurt each other. Clearly they had no concern for the safety of the others, wanting only to do as much damage with their knives as possible. Her emerging wet viscera soon dangled all the way down to the canvas so that when she moved, her freed guts dragged between her legs. 

The girl who got her spun around and slashed her knife blade across the tummy of the other girl who was leaking her bowels, and that caused her belly to open wide. The results were not good for her, and watching what was happening, I leaned forward and quietly regurgitated my lunch.

The girl whose tummy was intact got a bit cocky, raising her fists as if in victory. As she stood there, her legs spread and braced, the last girl she had ripped brought her little knife up between her legs and stabbed her enemy’s cunt as hard as she could. The cunt-stabbed girl screamed and dropped her knife.

That proved to be very bad for her, because the other girl came up behind her and stabbed her in the back, by her kidneys. The knife in her cunt was jerked out, followed by a gush of blood, and the little blade was thrust into her tummy so that within a minute she too was ripped and leaking her intestines.

Success had bread success, as the girls were copying what they could clearly see worked for them. Who would have guessed at the beginning that these charming youngsters who had ridden us and stood naked in their spike heels and nothing else would end up gutting each other?

That was exactly what happened. The assault to our ears of their screamed profanities continued as they grabbed at gleaming loops of girlie viscera and began jerking more out of each other, and they were soon viciously eviscerating one another, with the eager encouragement of their audience.

I noticed the other two serving girls now also tossed their biscuits watching the gross obscenity being performed up on the raised platform. They bent low as they puked, and after cleaning up their own mess, they both turned back to see what was going to happen next.

As offensive as they found it, like me, they didn’t want to miss anything. Even with our proper upbringing as girls, we had been taught that carefully observing was how we learned, and if we missed anything that happened, no matter how upsetting it might be, we would learn nothing. That was my rationale.

The audience, on the other hand, clearly loved the disgusting action. The first girl to be belly-stabbed fell, and was so weakened she was unable to regain her feet. The other two ignored her, and began a more traditional form of combat between young schoolgirls, punching, pulling hair and scratching.

One of the girls still standing suddenly grabbed the other’s hair on either side of her head, and jerking the captive head downward, brought her leg up fast so that her knee smashed into the other’s face, breaking her nose. Blood gushed from the broken nose to join that already spilled amid the gore on the canvas.

She then stood back and kicked her opponent between her spread legs, driving the toe of her spike-heeled shoe deep into the exposed cunt. When she lowered her leg the shoe remained jammed firmly into the other’s sex organ. She tackled her opponent and they both crashed to the canvas.

The fight was now horizontal, and they wrestled, scratched, pulled hair, punched faces and jerked out the remaining intestines from their opponent.  Within minutes they were both fully gutted alive, and somehow they both continued the fight, until through loss of blood they both began to fade as the first had done.

One of the two lady cunt-holder owners of the place, the blonde, had wranglers lift her up on the stage. She wore a strange outfit. Her spike-heeled leather cowboy boots went up past her knees and half way up her thighs. Her groin was naked, with her cunt flared as if it had been recently masturbated to stand open.

She wore a very tight girdle that squeezed her waist into an extremely reduced diameter, with leather thongs laced up both sides.  At the top it in front the bizarre underwear, in this case her outer costume, had large leather curved cups that lifted and squeezed together, but did not cover her amazing breasts.

She was smoking a big cigar, and on her head she wore an old and weathered brown cowboy hat. She did an amazing trick for her guests. Spreading her knees and thrusting her hips forward, she pushed the cigar into her cunt, which gripped it firmly, and amazed everyone as it drew in a puff of smoke and exhaled it.

She carried a small pistol, and with lively encouragement by the audience, one by one she dispatched the three naked and gutted young girls with a bullet between their eyes. The fight was over, but there was no winner, just the eviscerated carcasses of the three young girls.

They had all put up a valiant battle, displaying how vicious young girls could be when they wanted to. None was a winner, not even the girl I was pulling for, but I realized the people in the audience weren’t interested in winners in this deadly sport, just butchered losers, which is what the got.

I had no idea what lay in store for me, but was certain it was not going to be nice.  I stood shivering as I watched the wranglers pulling the hollowed bodies of the three naked and butchered girls off the platform and hauling them away to who knew where for some kind of disposal.

to be continued . . .

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Wouldnt be surprised if the bodies got  played with by a couple of the  high paying spectators before being fully disposed of
Teasing bi teen who cant defend herself from stronger women and men

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They could place them as urinals in the men's room, but I expect the men would rather humiliate live girls by pissing on them, don't you think?


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Wow! What a wonderful story, Regis. Loved the part about the little pig getting spit-roasted over the fire. Merit earned.
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Re: ENGLISH WIATRESS - sold by her school counsellor to an upper class restaurant
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Now I know what kind of place this is, for sure, and I can’t believe I work here!  Like females have no rights and their lives are at risk just because they’re here.  We’re here! I don’t know how they get away with it, but their customers, even the women, seem to enjoy the outrageous things they do here.

It seems nobody turns them in for infractions of law or moral code. Who knows, maybe the terrible things they do are legal! I must say, as embarrassing as it is for a girl my age to do so, I find it quite stimulating to be naked with the tail I’m getting used to, wagging behind me while I walk.

I know all of the customers admire by entire body, including my gorgeous breasts and my delightful naked cunt. Girls don’t usually get admired so openly, and I find it satisfying. They like me.  They really do.  Like the man I just passed at that table of six, as I squeezed by him his hand found my vagina.

He knew what he was doing. He easily got three fingers into my ring-stretched cunt. He was trying to make me hot, and he succeeded. The men and women here do that quite often, inserting three or four fingers even when I’m not wearing an expansion ring, and it makes me feel appreciated.

They lick their fingers afterwards just to taste my personal juices. The patrons believe we’re really accepting of what goes on here to be serving fillets from that girl that was roasted on the lawn. I would personally never eat human flesh, but I can tell you when I go out to the barbecue where the chef is carving her, it smells delicious.

It’s punishment night tonight, and there was only one girl staff member to be punished, so they brought in three girls they took from the beach to make up the regular four. Everyone’s been so good, which shows the cunt-holder ladies are running a tight ship, so volunteer stock was needed.

None of the girls volunteered, of course, but any extras brought in like that are called volunteers. They lined them up, put nooses over their heads and pulled them up off the stage to hang slowly, in order to prolong their delightful struggle before they finally die, dancing at the end of a rope.

Men who are new here pulled out their penises to masturbate as the girls dance their last tango. I didn’t used to cum when I saw girls die on punishment night, but there’s something about it that is highly erotic. I’m starting to get what these people like so much about this kind of entertainment.

There’s nothing quite so stimulating as the groans and moans of a strangling naked girl when she is almost done her dance and starts to pee. Before that her arms and legs are flailing like crazy, but with the rope tightening around their necks they can’t scream or anything, just dance.

I could be wrong, but I suspect some of them actually like it, since it appears they actually cum. Their cunts become quite active, and will pulse, gaping like the mouth of a fish breathing under water, and they’re always damp and dribbling their special moisture. It looks quite sexy! 

With their wild kicking, their buttocks often spread, providing a clear view of their rectum, which also pulses and opens, like a second mouth. Later they will all produce a stool, at the end, but thankfully I’ve never been present when one of them does that. I’m pretty sure I would find that disgusting.

The most expensive cut on the menu for a roasted 10-year-old girl is, of course, her cuntlet, and I was at the barbecue pit when the chef carefully carved the pussy off the girl on the spit. He placed it on the plate so delicately that it was clear the master respected her contribution, even though she had died hours before, and I got to serve it.

It made me smile, looking at her delightful peach, a little girl’s severed pussy spread wide open as it lay on the plate. I could imagine the man who ordered it opening his fly and sliding that lovely female organ over his penis just to get in one more insult to the girl before enjoying her tender offering. 

That was just my imagination at play, of course, it didn’t really happen. Sometimes I can be quite naughty, but only in my imagination. My parents taught me to be a prefect little lady, and to never say what I really thought. That was for the commoners, the people who were without class.

At night in my bed I would think of the most wicked things, and I would masturbate as I thought of such violence and obscenities, but here they are what happen regularly. One of life’s tricks, wouldn’t you say? What you think of as being unspeakable is what people now do for entertainment. How the world evolves!

When I arrived at the table to serve the girl’s cuntlet, the man who had ordered it reached down and inserted fingers into my gaping cunt. He extracted my juices, and spread them with his fingers over the roasted cuntlet of the girl. He clearly wanted it to have the aroma of fresh cunt. What a pervert!

As I was leaving that table to serve another, one of the two cunt-holders who owned this restaurant, the blonde, climbed onto the
stage followed by a pair of her wranglers. One led by a chain linked to a ring on her steel collar a naked brown-skinned woman wearing an Afro. She was in her late teens, with a voluptuous figure.

The other led a white girl of about the same age, who also had her hair done in an afro.  There’s no way you could call ever say I am judgmental, but I could tell just by the way these naked girls looked and moved that they were definitely whores, prostitutes, ladies of the night.

It was in their demeanor, and the way they moved their bodies in those spike heels. I could also see it in their faces, and in the haughty way they looked at their audience. They were hot items and they knew it. There was only one word for females like this. These two were trash, beautiful trash, both black and white.

Each had done her face in extravagant makeup, the way whores regularly do.  They wore inch and a half curved eyelashes glued onto their own, full pancake makeup with excessive rouge, mascara and lipstick, bold in color that screamed ‘I’m a prostitute and my sexual services are readily available for a price!’

Now they were ready to perform, but it was not what they were ready for, and they most certainly would not be paid. In fact I knew they would be lucky to survive, and likely would not. Here the games were for real, the consequences extreme, and the patrons preferred to see killing of naked ladies where possible.

Once on stage one wrangler held both the vivacious cunts while the other caught two ropes that hung from the ceiling, where they were attached to a pair of winches.  The ladies of delight were moved under them, their arms raised, and their wrists were bound together to the ropes, which were drawn up tight.

They stood facing the audience about six feet apart.  Cuffs were attached to their ankles, and they were forced to stand with their long legs spread, the cuffs hooked to hoops in the floor. This was clearly not the first time naked young ladies had been suspended in this manner on this stage.

With their arms raised so severely, their breasts were lifted and bunched in front of them, bulging beautifully, the way female breasts were intended to be displayed. Their long protruding nipples pointed at the audience, sticking out defiantly.  With their legs spread, their clean-shaved cunts stood also on display, open and lewd, the pink inner lips dangling!

I couldn’t imagine what was going to happen to them, but was certain that they would not enjoy it. London hussies were both common and without any value. Whatever happened to them would be appropriate for such an obscene display of human flesh, and I wondered if their punishment was to be terminal. Secretly I hoped it would.  That way I would cum when it happened. After all, my enjoyment was as important as anyones.

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