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The Club's Bake Sale
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The Club’s Bake Sale

Author’s Note:  This story is fictional.  All persons and places are made up.  The events did not take place, nor ever take place in this world.  This story contains descriptions of rape, violence, bigotry, and drug use.  The author does not condone any of those activities.  Well, maybe some minor drug use, but not the stuff in this story.

This story is set in the Harbor City Universe along with most of my other stories.  It contains elements from the The Club of Chester County and a new series I’m working on with fbhkbki called Pharma.  A few characters from this story will appear in that story down the line.  This story is also a departure from my normal writing style, as I decided to try this as a first person, stream of consciousness story instead of a traditional third person narrative.  It was also supposed to be part of July’s story contest but apparently I don’t know what “Short Story” means and it grew a little out of hand.

Tags include multiple combinations of M+/F+, Bond, Drugs, BDSM, Interracial.

Many of the acts depicted in this story could land yo ass in prison.  Don’t fucking do’em!

I don’t know what I’m doing here, or how I got here, or even where here is.  Okay, that’s not exactly true.  I know the how like “did I drive or get a Lyft?” and “Am I still in Harbor City or am I in Humdinger?”  But, like, I don’t know what I’m doing here, in this basement, surrounded by all these people.  I assume it’s a basement, since there are no windows anywhere and we went down in the elevator to get here.  But, like, I’m not sure where here is.  Or why there’s about 20 people, mostly guys, and why there’s a couple tables with food and drugs off to the side, and even weirder why there’s what looks like a stage with a couple beds on it to each side of some crazy looking bench thing.

Let’s start from the beginning.  A few months back I lent my boy JC some cash, about 2 grand.  We’ve been boys ever since we were boys, and he was on some hard luck.  We call him JC cause he looks like Jesus Christ.  Not how he really looked if he wasn’t imaginary, but how all those dead Europeans painted him.  Long brown hair, pale skin, blue eyes, that shit.  Well, JC gets into some shit now and then and he needed a hand.  I happened to have some scratch on me that I could part with, and I let him borrow it.  I knew I’d never see that again, and he’d probably end up coming back after he got his ass kicked and a bone or two broken.  Well, color me shocked when I get a text from him last week asking if I remembered the money.  Shit yeah, who the fuck forgets 2 grand?  Well, he tells me that he can’t pay me back the money, but he can do me one better.  He spins some tall tale about how there’s this really exclusive party happening, and he can get us in, but the buy in is 3 grand for the two of us.  I smell something fishy, but he says it’s taken care of.  A little back and forth and he tells me he’s working on this big project and his boss, some bro named Steve, liked his work.  They had a little side project they were working on and JC helped Steve out one night, saved his ass and shit.  Steve invited him to this party as a way of paying him back, and JC brought up my name, saying I was a “real cool cat under pressure” whatever the fuck that meant.  So, I indulge the fucker, let him lead me along, and he tells me the details.  Get dressed up real nice, take an Uber to Blados, and meet there at 9PM.  If he didn’t see me, tell the doorman my name.  Also, he asked if I had any tats that I need to make sure they’re covered up, like with an undershirt or some shit.  That last part was weird, but okay.  Come to tonight, and I’m standing outside Blados waiting for JC, dressed for a night at a nice dance club.  Which, was exactly what I thought was happening. 

And just like every other time, JC is nowhere to be found.  I’m standing around like a dumbass waiting until the doorman sees me and asks what’s up.  I tell him I’m waiting for my friend who wasn’t there, then he asks me my name.  I tell him, and HOLY SHIT I’M ON THE LIST AT BLADOS!!!  He opens the red velvet rope and said “Head upstairs, VIP Room Number 3.  Enjoy your night, sir.”  Sir?  What the fuck?  Like, really?  Blados is THE spot on the Main Shore, and he just let ME in front of all of those model looking fucks in the line?  Fuck.

I’m not going into details about Blados, but that place was nuts.  A bunch of beautiful people all drinking and dancing, and here I am making my way up to the VIP lounge.  I get there, and there’s another bouncer.  I give him my name, and he shoos me over to the room.  There were athletes, artists, models doing blow, some pro sports player getting his dick sucked, and I’m walking by it like it was just a regular night out.  I get into room 3, and there’s about a dozen people I don’t recognize and JC, dressed to impress.  That fucker cleans up good.  He introduced me to Steve, who was a bit taller than me and had a dad bod going on.  I don’t get the names of anyone else, but aside from the cute little Asian girl, none of them looked like they belonged in the club scene.  Except some skinny dude dressed like a bartender and an old guy who looked like every stereotypical bar owner.  Turns out he was the owner.  I’m trying to make sense of all this when Steve comes over and makes some small talk.  He says that JC invited me to this party tonight, and asked if I had a clue what was going on.  I said no, not really.  Then he springs some weird ass shit on me.  This isn’t where the party’s at, this is just where we’re meeting up.  Like, who the fuck uses the VIP Lounge as the starting point of a party?  It gets even weirder when he tells me the ground rules.  We’ll hang out and drink for about an hour or so until everything is almost ready where we’re going, then we have to leave our phones, keys, and wallets behind.  Any other smart devices, too.  I think he must’ve just had a stroke, but JC says it’s cool.  Whatevs.  Where we’re going, we can’t have anything that tracks us or blows our alibi.  He also says that Petros, the owner, is a friend of theirs and will have a cover for us.  They’ll charge some drinks to our tabs and we’ll make a couple purchases to show that we’re here, but we’ll be somewhere else.  I’m wondering if this some Hostel type shit, but Steve and JC keep me calm.  Whatever’s going on that we can’t have cameras or GPS is getting me intrigued.

So, we hang out for about an hour, and I try bullshitting with people, but most are pretty quiet or give me some weird ass names.  They’ll talk about what they do, where they go for fun, what kind of bitches they like, but no names.  When I try to tell people my name, they cut me off like they don’t want to know that, but ask about my life like we’ve known each other for years.  Some of the weirdest shit I’ve seen.  Suddenly, the cute Asian girl gets a text on a goddamned flip phone, and leaves.  Like, a fucking flip phone?  In this day and age?  I watch her go down to the bar and meet the bartender from earlier.  They talk for a minute, and the bartender points out three hotties down at the end of the bar.  It was dark, but even I could see how hot they were.  Christ, what I wouldn’t give to fuck a girl that good looking.  Well, that shit ain’t gonna happen.  As I’m giving the action down at the bar a good look, JC comes up and says we’re heading out to the next part.  I ask “What’s up?”  He says some weird shit like “the game is in motion” and that we’re getting a ride to the next location, along with a few others from the VIP room.

This is where shit gets weird.  Okay, it was already werid, but here’s the next level of weird.  And I swear to God, I’m not making this up.  All but the prettiest of the people in the VIP room leave down the service steps.  This takes us down to the kitchen and loading dock.  Steve, some old dude, and one or two other guys take up the rear and then hang out in the kitchen by the steps.  We get ushered through the backrooms, then back out to the club floor, then back to another area that led to the loading docks.  On the way, we walk past the Asian girl walking with those three hotties.  They were heading up to where we were.  I’m about to say something when JC grabs me by the arm and pulls.  He’s got a weird look on his face, like he knew spoilers to a movie we were watching.  We get to the loading dock and there are two unmarked windowless white vans sitting there with the engines running.  All of us but some really old dude and the guys in the rear hop in the first van, me and JC included.  We’re sitting there in this van with no seats on a mattress that looks like it’s seen some action.  I’m getting really creeped out now, but I need to keep my cool.  It’s like almost all dudes in here.  Behind the wheel is Bruce.  Don’t know his name, but he looked just like Bruce Willis.  Then there was some 50-year-old dude with an Australian accent.  Finally, there was this married couple.  I assumed they were married from the way they acted.  He was average height and blonde, and she was a total Karen MILF.  A little on the thick side, but definitely fuckable.  Everyone was giddy and chatty, except for me.  I didn’t have a clue what was going on, and at that moment I was too afraid to ask.  We drove around for a few minutes before we ended up pulling into, well, I don’t know what it was.  I assume it was some kind of underground garage, considering we went in circles and there were no lights.  A moment later and we’re going into an elevator that goes down even further.

And that’s how I ended up here, in this strange ass room, wondering what the hell I got myself into this time.

I looked around the room, and the more I saw the weirder this place was.  The room, if I’m calling a large ass basement a room, was split into a couple sections.  The first was the stage, I described that already with three beds and some bondage gear.  Then there were a couple cameras set up, facing the beds.  Not cheap ones, either, but professional looking cameras.  That’s when I noticed someone setting up lights for the stage, like we’re getting ready to shoot a movie or something.  The middle area is where everyone congregated.  There were about 20 people now, but I didn’t see Steve or anyone else that hung back.  There’s a bunch of people that weren’t at Blados, but I figure they were here setting up this little shindig.  There were tables along the walls with refreshments, drinks, food, drugs, and clothes.  The drugs table looked interesting.  It had Weed, Cocaine, Meth, Adderall, Xanax, Ecstasy, and some shit I couldn’t place.  There was even a bowl of those little blue pills to stay hard all night long.  At the clothes table was a bunch of spare t-shirts, necklaces, and masks.  Like balaclavas.  I did a quick count, and there were about 25 or 30 masks.  One for each person here.  At the rear of the room were a bunch of beds, like they came from a dorm hall or some shit.

I found JC heading for a bathroom in the corner and tracked him down.  “Ok, what the fuck kind of party is this?”  I asked, trying to keep my voice down.  He looked around with this shit eating grin, and that’s when I noticed he was eating a brownie.  “Don’t worry, bro, you’ll see.  You’ll have a shitload of fun tonight.”  With that, he kept eating his brownie and went in the bathroom.  Two thoughts entered my mind at once.  What wasn’t he telling me, and what kind of sick fuck takes food into a public bathroom?  Like seriously, what the fuck?

There was a fridge next to one of the tables, and I checked it out.  All the cold drinks for a large gathering.  I grabbed a beer and drank.  Just then, some chunky balding dude came up behind me.  “Haven’t seen you around before.”  He was a little suspicious, but I told him my buddy brought me, and his friend from work brought him.  As soon as I said Steve, he relaxed, like being his friend was the secret password.  This guy asked if I knew what was coming, I said no, not really, everyone was being all kinds of strange.  He said “Don’t worry.  Just follow everyone else, enjoy yourself, and don’t freak out.  When you see someone do something, follow along until you get the hang of things.  And, if you have any tattoos or scars, keep them covered.  You’ll see in a bit.”  He then patted me on the shoulder and walked away.

After about a half hour there, people started milling around and relaxing.  It was a weird mix.  Those of us at Blados were dressed to the 9’s, while everyone else wore the plainest of plain clothes, like they were trying to not be recognized.  Like I said, a weird mix.

Suddenly, there was a commotion from the back of the room.  I tried to see what was up, but I was lost in the crowd.  The rest of the people from Blados arrived, but they weren’t alone.  Like I said, I couldn’t see what exactly was going on, but things got weirder when someone drew a curtain in front of the stage.  I thought I heard someone cry or something like that, but there was a lot of commotion, too.

Remember that one couple from the trip back, that married couple?  Well, the husband steps before the stage and tells everyone that the “Real party will begin in 10 minutes.  Grab a mask if you don’t have one and hang out for a bit while everyone gets in position.”  Real party?  What the fuck was he talking about?  There was a bit of a rush for the table with the masks, but before I could get up, one of the women stopped me and grabbed my shoulder, then whispered in my ear “Look for me later on.”  I turned, and it was this good looking blonde, like very professional looking, probably in her 40’s but still smoking hot.  I don’t know what she meant, but I hope it meant what I thought it meant. 

I make my way to the table and grab a mask.  I think about getting one of those necklaces, but I have no clue what they mean.  They’re just little chains, like those from dog tags, and each one is either Red, Yellow, or Green, like stoplights.  All of the women are grabbing them, and some of the men, too.  I notice that blonde from earlier grabbed a green one, as did that MILF from the van, the short little thick one with the Karen haircut.  A couple other women wore red necklaces, and a couple others wore yellow, like the Asian girl from Blados.  Most of the guys who picked one up wore red, but a couple grabbed green and yellow.  I had no clue what to do.  There was a short stack of red left, but more yellow and green.  I picked up a green one for the moment, but didn’t put it on. 

That’s when the lights were turned mostly off and someone turned on a couple key lights facing the stage.  I turned, and here was that blonde guy from the van, but this time he was wearing a mask.  He had a little microphone on, probably for the cameras.  Speaking of cameras, all three of them had people manning them, and a fourth controlling the lights and sound from a nearby table.  This was some professional shit right here.  The guy cleared his throat and started talking.

“May I have your attention please?”  Everyone stopped what they were doing and looked to the stage.  As soon as everyone stopped, he continued.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen to the Club’s Quasi-Annual Bake Sale!” 

A fucking bake sale?  What the fuck?  Everyone else seemed to clap and cheer.

“It’s been a while since we’ve been together, and we have some VERY special treats for you tonight.  Before I go over what we have and how things will work, I see some new people here so let me go over the ground rules.  First, no one talks about this outside of these walls.  No talking about the Club.  Second, no talking about the Club.  Third, if you’re new, you WILL PARTICIPATE IN FRONT OF EVERYONE!  No witnesses, only accomplices.  That’s especially true of the new people over there like him.”

Ok, that guy just pointed in my direction, why the fuck did he do that?

“It’s good to see some new blood, but until we can trust you, we don’t trust you.  Dig?”  I didn’t know what to do, so I just nodded like an idiot.  “Good.”  The speaker turned back to the crowd.

“The most important rule of the night, you see this yellow line taped down on the floor?  NO ONE CROSSES IT WITHOUT A MASK!  No exceptions!  Past this line, towards the stage, you are in full view of the cameras.  There are bright lights up here, and these are good cameras.  You will be identified if you come up here without a mask.  That also goes for covering up any scars or tattoos.  The last thing any of us want is to get busted because some dumbass forgot to cover up their distinctive backpiece of a unicorn buttfucking a dragon or some crazy shit like that.  There’s shirts and masks over there.”  Once again, he points in my direction.

“Next, I’d like to give a really big shoutout to the Really Useful Crew.  They helped put this together this year, from the venue to the refreshments, and especially in getting our party treats.  Why don’t you step forward and take a bow?”  About 8 people stepped forward, including Steve, the Asian girl, and that chunky bald guy.  They were all wearing masks, but not ones from this table. 

It was at this time that the speaker’s wife walked up next to him.  She wore a black party mask, a green necklace, and that’s it.  Aside from those two things, she was completely naked!  My jaw dropped.  What the fuck am I seeing?  Why is no one else acting like I’m acting?  This is some of the craziest shit I’ve seen, and they’re acting like they heard that it was raining in Kent.

“Let’s go over some ground rules, especially for the new people here.  We’re going to try to be civil with things, keep the batting order sort of normal.  Because they did the heavy lifting, the Really Useful Crew gets first dibs.  Fair, right?”  Everyone else nodded in agreement.  I stood there confused.  “After that, we’ll go in order of who signed up for which girl first.  Everyone will draw a number, then write down the order of the girls you want with your drawn number.  The MC at the time will call your number.  You get in line and wait your turn with that girl.  If you don’t want to share, that’s fine, but you’ll be waiting longer.  You want to fuck her a certain way or in a certain whole, understand you’ll wait longer.  You want to tag team the same bitch with a buddy, work that out amongst yourselves.”

Wait, what?  Did he say…

“Next, everyone see this necklace my …assistant is wearing?  There’s three colors, just like a stoplight.  Red means you have to stop and can’t do anything to them.  Yellow means you have to ask permission but they’re pretty much down for anything.  Green means go, you can do whatever you want to do to them.  Fuck them in the ass, make them blow you, eat them out, make them rim you, they’re down for anything and you don’t need to ask.”  I slowly put my green necklace down and grabbed a red one.  “Everything downgrades a step up here on stage, but if you see this bitch walking around the party back there, just take her fucking ass.  I’ll be upset if I don’t see her getting spitroasted at least twice tonight.”  There were some hoots and hollers from the crowd.  The woman blushed a little, then kissed the speaker.

“Now that everyone understands the ground rules, let’s meet tonight’s party treats.”  With that, the curtain was pulled back.

Hole.  Lee.  Shit.  I don’t know what I was expecting, but I sure as fuck was not expecting…well, whatever the fuck this was.  I don’t know how I didn’t see this shit earlier, but above the stage area were some small cameras pointing down and four large screen TV’s.  One TV showed what looked the beginning of a PowerPoint.  I couldn’t see the beds well, but the screens made up for it.  Right now, they were showing the faces of three of the hottest women I’ve seen in person.  It took me a moment to realize who they were, but those were the women from the bar.  But something wasn’t right about them.  It took me a moment to put my finger on it, but they were asleep, or knocked out, or some shit like that.  The screen with the presentation shifted, and showed a picture of the first girl, likely from her Instagram.

“Our first girl tonight is Erica.  She’s 27, recently graduated with her Masters from Harbor City University, and works doing some shit with abused children.  She also moonlights as a model and has even appeared in some magazines.  She’s in a long-term relationship and her boyfriend is out of town for the weekend.  Give it up for Erica.”

The crowd cheered.  There, sleeping, was one of the most gorgeous women I’ve ever seen.  She had slightly tanned skin, sun streaked light brown hair that came down to her ample bosom, emerald eyes, high cheekbones, and a pair of legs that just begged to be licked.  My God, I think I’m in love.

The presentation kept going through some of Erica’s pics, including her in swimwear and doing some cosplay shit.  Fuck, I’m getting hard just looking at this.  Eventually the presentation changed to the second woman, a brunette with huge titties.
“Our next girl is Mia.  She’s also 27, and looking for a good time on the city after breaking up with her husband.  She is a professional model with a healthy following on OnlyFans, give it up for Mia!”

Again, the crowd cheered for what they saw.  I didn’t think anyone this hot was real.  She has a real Middle Eastern/Mediterranean vibe to her with dark brown eyes, long black hair, and that darker skintone that says she just loves being outside.  And that body…Oww.  The pics they found of her are amazing.  DD tits AND a six-pack.  Whoever left her was a fucking idiot.  After a few more slides, it changed to a headshot of a blonde woman with long curly hair, a cute smile, and some of the bluest eyes I’ve ever seen.  The only flaw, and this is a minor one, was that her eyebrows were just a tad thick, but that’s like complaining about having to pay for parking when cashing in a PowerBall check.  How do women this hot exist in the real world?

“Our final girl tonight is Maddy.  Maddy is about 27 and comes to us all the way from Melbourne, Australia.”  A random noise came from that guy in his 50’s.  “Maddy moved to Harbor City for work, and has worked as a model, a party girl, an entrepreneur, and a travel blogger.  Let’s say G’day Mate and put a shrimp in her barbie tonight!”  More guys clapped, but it wasn’t as enthusiastic as the others.  Or I just wasn’t paying attention.

Bad puns aside, I watched the screens and looked at the girls some more.  Erica, the first girl, wore a turquoise spaghetti strap dress.  Mia wore a white halter that came down to barely past her ass, and Maddy was in a long, sleeveless black dress that was slit up the side to her hip.  I couldn’t tell if Erica had any pantyhose on, but Mia looked like she had some flesh colored ones on and Maddy wore black pantyhose.

“Now that we’ve had our introductions, the Really Useful Crew will start things off as they figure out who will do whom first and how, while everyone else will head over to the center table along the wall and pull numbers.  Each person will then grab a pencil, a sheet of paper, and write your number on it, and what your preferred order for the girls are.  Remember, just because you pulled a bad number, if no one else wanted her higher up on the list you still have a shot of going early, so there is some strategy to this.  And, we are here ALL NIGHT.  Why do you think we have so many uppers at the candy table?”  Laughter broke out.  That’s when I saw the Really Useful Crew break their huddle and walk over to the MC.  There was a little chatter, then the Asian girl walked over with the chunky bald guy and Steve over to Maddy.  They slipped some type of ring gag thing into her mouth, then uncuffed her from the bed.  Together, they dragged her to the center of the stage and connected her to that weird bondage bench.  Once she was restrained, the Asian girl climbed behind Maddy, who was strapped into this thing in a sort of doggystyle position, and pulled Maddy’s dress over her ass and planted her face right between Maddy’s legs.  The Asian girl was eating out Maddy, right on stage.  Maddy was still out of it, apparently drugged like the other girls, but she showed some signs of life was she was getting her pussy licked.  The Asian girl gave a signal to the guys, and one of them pulled out a smelling salt and popped it right under Maddy’s nose.  That’s when she woke up, and she freaked the fuck out.  She screamed, but the ring gag kept her from making any words.  The restraints kept her in place, no matter how hard she struggled.  And the licking on her twat confused her.

I’m not the brightest bulb in the pack, so it took until this moment for me to realize what the fuck was going on.  I was at a rape party, and the guests of honor were three of the hottest women I’ve ever seen, and I’d get a chance to fuck them.  No.  No, not get a chance to fuck them. 

I’d be forced to rape at least one of them.

If someone asked me before tonight, I’d be all like “Rape is bad, don’t do it, I’d never do it, I respect women too much,” shit like that.  But seeing these women, being in a veritable drug-fueled orgy, that kinda changes things.  This goes from a Hell No to Maybe real quick.  And being that I’m new here and they said flat out that all new people would have to perform in front of everyone, I guess I didn’t have a choice.  Besides, there’s like 30 people here and they just kidnapped 3 beautiful women for a night long rape party.  Beating my ass wouldn’t even be a blip on the rap sheet if shit went down.

I’m not gonna lie, the thought of being forced to rape someone kinda made me sick at first, but then I saw Erica’s pic again, and her legs and those pics of her in that bikini…

I made my way to the table right as two other members of the Really Useful Crew made their way over to Mia.  It was an old man wearing only a t-shirt and mask, and some skinny guy wearing all black.  I think it was the bartender, and he wore a mask as well.  They popped a smelling salt under her nose and she woke right up.  She wasn’t gagged yet, so when she regained her senses she screamed bloody murder.  The guys just laughed and slapped her a bit before pulling her dress down to expose her titties so they could suck on them.

Back at the table, the naked chick from earlier was running things.  She had people pull out numbers, write down their choices, then organized things.  I get to the hat and I pull a number.  8.  Not bad, not great.  8 out of about 20, plus however many were in the Really Useful Crew.  This probably put me in the top half of fucking.  I then grabbed a pencil and paper and thought long and hard about my choices.  From what the MC said, I should get a chance to fuck all of them, but if I had to choose an order, how would I go?  All three of them were fine as fuck, and even the worst looking of them was a solid 9, maybe 9.5 out of 10.  That blonde looked like she’d be a fun fuck, and I’d love to play with Mia’s titties while fucking her, but Erica really got my heart and my cock going.  Like, I could die happy after nutting in her kind of hot.  For me, it was a no-brainer.  I put Erica first, followed by Mia and then Maddy.

To be continued, post too long.
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Re: The Club's Bake Sale
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Part 2

I gave the paper back to the MILF, eyeing her up and down as I did.  She put it with the other papers and waited for everyone to finish.  It didn’t take long, but in that time, there were some developments on stage.

The old man worked hard to pull Mia’s dress off while the bartender was trying to get the ring gag in her mouth.  Steve and the bald chunky guy were taking turns fucking Maddy’s mouth.  This was made easy with the ring gag and her head being restrained.  And another guy, some tall black guy, was busy taking Erica’s panties off as carefully as he could.  I watched as he slid them down her legs before taking them off.  He then crumpled them up in a ball and put them in his right hand.  In his left hand, he held a smelling salt under her nose.  Erica snapped awake and screamed, but before she could get any words out, this guy shoved the panties in her mouth.  Genius.  And hot as fuck, too.  Erica tried to fight him off as best as she could, but being bound, gagged, and coming out of a drug-induced stupor didn’t help her cause.  The black man slid her dress up and after a moment, forced his dick into her.  God, did she wail and cry.  I knew I had to have her tonight.

Back at the table, the MILF tabulated the scores and put the batting order up on an easel for everyone to see.  I can’t believe it, I was third in line for Erica!  I thought for sure that I’d be way near the bottom, but it looks like the lines for Maddy and Mia are much longer.  Most of them had Erica as their second or third choice, which I could see why but dammit, they’re all hot.  The MILF made some announcements that as soon as the Really Useful Crew were done with their first round, then we’d get called up by number.  Some people were upset, a few others tried to make a trade or finagle their way into some group work so they could all have fun at once.  Me, I was content where I was for the moment.

Back at the stage, the black guy kept fucking Erica.  He had pulled her dress down to expose her bra and was playing with that, but he wasn’t going to last long.  He pushed into her a few more times, then shuddered as he came.  Erica was freaking the fuck out, trying to spit her panties out, but he just held them in place as he lay on her.  The old guy was fucking Mia, and the bartender got the ring gag in place and was forcing a blowjob from her.  Maddy was still getting face fucked by Steve and his bald friend, but the Asian girl waved them off for a minute.  She was going to town eating Maddy out, and it didn’t take long for Maddy to cum.  It was quite a sight, watching her shake like that, still wearing that long dress.  As Maddy tried to catch her breath, the Asian girl got up from behind her, walked to her head, and forced Maddy to kiss her through the ring gag.  She followed that up with “How’s your pussy taste, bitch?”  Then she slapped Maddy and gave a motion to her friends to go back to work.  Steve went back to facefucking Maddy with extreme prejudice while the bald guy stepped off stage quickly.  A little back and forth between him and the next pair up, I assume.  The bald guy then went behind Maddy and flipped her dress up, slid her panties out of the way, and started fucking her.

As the black guy got off of Erica, the MILF walked past me and joined her husband on stage.  She did a playful bump and brushed her hand over my junk as she moved, and since I was nowhere near her to start, that had to be intentional.  Up at the stage, she did this intentionally slow and teasing move as she got close to Erica, acting like she was going to help her.  As soon as she pulled the panties out of Erica’s mouth, the tied woman begged to be let go.  The MILF then kissed her, slapped and straddled her face.  She yelled “Eat my clit, cunt!” to the bound girl under her.  The MC joined his wife at Erica’s bed, climbing between her legs.  It didn’t take him long and he was fucking her.  The married couple met in the middle and made out as they fucked the helpless girl on the bed.  “You better make me cum before he cums, or I’ll beat your tits off!”  The MILF screamed, slapping Erica’s still-covered tits for emphasis.

Back in the center, Steve pulled out of Maddy’s face and blew his load all over her.  She was gasping for air as he still held her head in place, rubbing his dick in her hair.  At the other end, the bald man pulled out and shot his semen all over her back, staining her black dress.  Someone made a comment about needing to make sure it doesn’t get dirtier.  That’s when two other men, that older Aussie from earlier and his skinny friend from the bar, joined in.  They were already naked except for the masks, and they walked up to Maddy and fiddled with her dress for a bit, trying to figure out how to take it off for the crowd.  After a moment of playing around, they tore it off of her, exposing her fancy black lingerie.  The older man ripped her panties off, grabbed a bottle of lube that was nearby, then smeared it on his dick and her asshole.  The younger man started fucking her face while the older man raped her ass.

On the other side, Mia was stripped naked except for her stockings.  I sure hoped they stayed on by the time I got to fuck her.  The old man was done fucking her and the bartender was now in her pussy.  Another man, a brunette I didn’t recognize, was now fucking her mouth.  That didn’t last too long, as the bartender was pretty well ready to go from the facefucking right before.  That man moved down to her pussy and started fucking her.

As I was watching, JC came up and tapped me on the shoulder.  “What number you got?”  I told him 8.  “Lucky, I got 19.  By the time I get to fuck the blonde, it’ll be 4AM.  Where’re you at on the list?  Oh, third up for Erica, nice.  Hey, you wanna team up with her?  We both fuck her at once.  You got first dibs, and if you wanna switch after, we go ahead.”  Team up?  Was he serious.  Apparently he was.  “I don’t know, I’ve never done that before.  I kinda want some time with this one myself.”  I told him.  He was a little bummed, but he snapped out of it when he saw that one blonde in the crowd from earlier wearing a green necklace.  “Okay, but if you change your mind, let me know before things get busy.”  With that he walked to the back of the room, arm around the blonde in her 40’s.

The MC was having fun fucking Erica while his MILFy wife rode her face.  It was hard to see what Erica was doing, but it sounded like she was afraid of the consequences of pissing off the MILF, so she licked that pussy as best as she could.  The MILF was on the verge of cumming when her husband kissed her, then pumped into the bound girl with all abandon.  The two people on top came at once.

I looked at the order, and there were a couple numbers in front of mine, 3 and 5.  I saw two men out of the corner of my eye put their masks on and start stripping.  I didn’t get a good look at them, but it was pretty obvious that one of them was Number 3.  As the MC came down with this wife, they stumbled over to the batting order chart.  The two eager men were just waiting for the word to go.  After a moment making sure that everyone from the Really Useful Crew had gone, he called for them to come up.  3 was the taller of the two, but to my amazement 5 was with him as well.  The MC made an announcement “Erica is now serving numbers 3 and 5.  3 and 5 to Erica’s line.  Next up for each of the girls.  Number 8 for Erica, Number 1 for Maddy, Number 2 for Mia.” 

Shit, I’m on deck.  What do I do, what do I do?  Shit, think.  Umm, I need to put my mask on.  Then get naked.  I think.  Or is it get naked then mask?  Shit, I can barely think right now.  Ok, take a deep breath, look around.  What is everyone else doing?  Well, half the people are naked, the other half are stripping down, and a few others are having dinner at the snack table.  I looked like a fish out of water, which is why the MC came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder.

“Dude, you okay?”

“Yeah, just a little nervous.”  I was ready to shit a brick.

“First time?”

“Getting laid, no.  Doing this kind of thing?  Yeah.”  He saw my uneasiness and put a hand on my shoulder.  I do have to say that’s the first time I’ve had a naked guy touch me and I didn’t feel weirded out.

“Just relax.  Remember, she’s not going anywhere.  She can’t stop you.  This is your chance to do whatever you want.  Maybe you might feel better if someone went with you?  Got anyone you can tag up with?”

I thought about that for a moment.  The only two people I knew were JC and Steve, and Steve just went.  “Well, my buddy brought me here…” I scanned the crowd in the back looking for him, and found him getting a blowjob from that hot older blonde.  “He might be a little busy, though.” 

“Let’s go.”  The MC walked with me over to JC.  The blonde woman’s head bobbed up and down on his lap.  He saw us approach.

“Sup bro?”

“What number you, bro?”  The MC asked JC.

“19.  What’s up?”  The blonde kept moving her mouth up and down on his dick.

“Wanna tag up?”  I can’t believe I just said that out loud.  “I’m on deck with Erica.”

“Hells yeah.”  He pulled the blonde woman off of his lap.  She looked disappointed.  “Sorry babe, I’m next in line, but I’ll definitely be back.”  With that, he kissed her.  She gave his dick one more squeeze before we walked back to the front.

“Since your boy here is new, might wanna give him a break and let him call the shots.”  The MC said to JC, then turned to me.  “How do you want fuck that bitch?”

I thought for a moment.  “I don’t know.  Any limitations or anything, cause I’d love to fuck her every which way.”

“The round ends when you cum, then it’s the next person up.  If you can go around the world on her in that time, go ahead.  If you need anything, supplies like lube are up on the table by the end of the bed.”  He said this shit like we were getting ready to order pizza, not gangrape a stranger.  Still, after seeing Erica and how hot she looked, I knew I’d never have another chance to fuck her quite like this.

“Ok.  JC, I want her pussy and ass first.  I’d love to cum all over her face after fucking her ass.”  Did I just say that shit out loud?

“Alright!  I’ll fuck her face, then we’ll DP the bitch when you move to her ass.”  We high fived on that.  We were back at what I guess was the on-deck circle, waiting our turn.

“Only two things left, guys.  You’re wearing too much, and you need masks.”  I realized I was still fully dressed.  JC shed his clothes around the time he found the blonde, but we both needed masks.  I damn near tore my clothes off, and I was already diamond hard from watching the events.  It only took me a few moments to put my mask on.  That’s when the MC stopped me again.

“You got tattoos I see.  Need to cover them up.  Don’t need anyone getting ID’ed because of that.”  Oh, shit.  I put my t-shirt back on, covering my shoulder work I had. 

I was ready.  Nervous as shit, but ready.  Looking at the stage, things were progressing.  I’m guessing whomever had Number 1 was now titfucking Mia, and Maddy was getting nailed in the ass by the Aussie while his younger buddy was fucking her face still.  They paused and switched, forcing the bound blonde to go ass to mouth.  She looked like she was going to puke right there, and the sudden intrusion by skinny dude in her ass caught her off guard.

Over at Erica, Numbers 3 and 5 were taking turns fucking her pussy and mouth.  Her screams died down from English to some muted stuff, so it looks like they got a ring gag in her mouth.  One of them grabbed her head and held it in place as he came in her mouth, and his buddy wasn’t that far along behind in her twat.  They collected themselves for a moment.

“Number 8, joined by Number 19 for Erica, you’re up.”

I was up.  Well, we were up.  It was a surreal moment and a major thought just hit me.  From this moment on, I’m a rapist.  I’ve never done anything like this before, but here I am, about take part in the gang rape of three beautiful women, and I’m just another one of the crowd.  But this crowd is taking place in, God, I don’t even know how many crimes.  Pretty sure there’s kidnapping, rape, filming this is probably illegal, the whole kidnapping thing for purposes of rape, did I mention rape?  If not, that should be up there like 50 times.

JC slapped me out of my stupor by hitting me on the back.  “I got her mouth, let’s go.”  He was definitely more gung-ho about this than I was.  My steps were hesitant, like I wasn’t sure what was waiting for me.  JC damn near leapt up to Erica’s bed.  Once closer, that’s when I saw her.  She was still struggling against the padded cuffs and chain linked above her head.  Her turquoise dress was torn at the straps, and her tits were half-covered by her strapless bra.  Her feet still had the matching pumps on.  The last pair of guys put an O-ring in her mouth.  Her emerald eyes were filled with fear and hatred, almost like she was getting ready to kick our asses for even daring to look at her in this vulnerable position.

Whatever trepidation I had about fucking her disappeared.  I was officially harder than Chinese arithmetic.  I think I saw her once before tonight, and she didn’t give me the time of day.  I think it was a convention or something, she had this air to her that she was better than me.  Better looking, sure.  Smarter, probably.  Better paid, yeah.  Had better friends, definitely.  She would never think about slumming it with a guy like me, and she’d be damn sure to remind me that I was nowhere near her league.

“Do it.”  I said to JC, who grabbed her head and shoved his dick through the whole in the ring gag.  She wasn’t going to give a good blowjob, but no one asked her to.  As she was distracted with that, I climbed up on the bed and grabbed her legs.  She put up quite a fight, but after a moment I got myself between her legs.  I looked down, and there it was.  Her pussy, shaved clean before the night started but already starting to leak some cum from it.  She wasn’t having a good time, but I didn’t care.  I rubbed her pussy for a moment, just to make sure this was real.  It was.  She whined as I spread her outer petals a bit and lined my dick up with her entrance.  This was the moment of truth, no turning back.

I thrust into her, a little at a time.  At first, just the tip, just to see how it feels.  Then a little more, than more, until finally I was fully inserted into her.  Once I felt my balls hit her ass, I pulled out a little, then pushed back in.  Then again, and again.  I was fucking her.  Fuck, I was raping her.  I’ve never been so disgusted with myself and turned on at once.  But soon, the feeling of her warm twat overtook any sense of guilt.  If I didn’t stop to keep focus, I would’ve busted right then and there.  I had plans.  I pulled out.

“Turn her over.”  JC pulled his dick out of her mouth and helped me flip Erica over into a doggystyle position.  It took a moment, and she did put up a fight, but after a moment I had her where I wanted her, on her knees with that plump ass up in the air.  I popped back into her twat while I worked on her dress, undoing the zipper and bra clips.  Since the straps were already torn, I pulled the dress down to bunch around her hips.  I focused on this because her pussy felt so damn good, I almost bust my nut right there. 

“Hey, hand me the lube.”  JC obliged me, and handed be the bottle of KY.  I squeezed it while I kept fucking her doggystyle, smearing it over her ass.  She must’ve sensed what was coming, because she tried bucking like a crazed filly.  I spread the lube on her ass and got some into her tight, puckered asshole.  Erica made some mewling sound that was probably “Please, don’t” but fuck her.  I gotta say, that turned me on more. 

I pulled out of her twat and covered my dick in a lot of lube.  I’ve never fucked a girl in the ass, but always wanted to try it.  I had no clue how much I would need, so I went with a shitload.  I lined up, and pushed in.  Erica screamed around her gag something fierce.  My ears hurt, almost as much as her ass did.  I pushed in.  First an inch, then another, and another.  She’s sobbing by this point, and fuck is she tight.  After a moment, I’m all the way in.  She tried squeezing me out, but that just made her feel tighter and turn me on more.  I started pumping in and out, buttfucking this beauty that even in my wildest dreams I didn’t have a shot at.  I was in bliss, and it was all I could do to not bust my nut right away.

“Let me get in there.”  JC said, as he picked up Erica’s leg and slid onto the bed.  I wasn’t quite sure what he was doing until he got under her and pulled her back down.  I kept fucking her ass while he slid his dick into her pussy.  We were double teaming her.  He’d thrust into her twat, me in her ass, and eventually we got a rhythm going that was hot as fuck.  Meanwhile, Erica was crying at this violation.  It’s almost like she’s never been gang raped in both the pussy and ass at a party before.

I fucked her ass as long as I could, but I couldn’t keep this up forever.  I was ready to cum.  I had three options.  I could keep fucking her ass, which was glorious in its own right.  I could pull out and bust my nut on her back.  Great, but I might get some on JC, and that’s a conversation I didn’t feel like having with my buddy.  “Hey, sorry I came on you after buttfucking that model.  We cool bro?”  Or, option 3, I shove my dick down her throat and cum in her mouth and maybe on her face.

I chose option 3.  I pulled out and hopped off the bed.  “Move bro.”  JC moved across the bed, getting out from underneath Erica.  I walked up to the head of the bed and grabbed Erica’s hair with my left hand while stroking my cock with my right.  “Oh, shit, baby.”  I’m so glad she had that ring gag in, because there was no way in fuck that this would’ve worked without it.  That look of defiance she wore earlier was replaced with resignation, fear, and disgust.  Resignation that I was going to shove my dick down her throat.  Fear about what else was in store for her, and disgust because my dick was just in her ass.

A lesson I learned that night.  Nothing will break a bitch’s spirit faster than forced ass to mouth, especially when it’s the first time they taste their own shit.

“Oh, fuck!”  I shoved my dick in her mouth, and she looked like she was going to vomit.  I held her head in place as I came.  First one, then another, and another.  The hot spurts of cum shot down her mouth.  I pulled back just in time for the last couple spurts to go on her face.  When I looked down, I saw how much of a mess everything was, and did the only thing I could think of.  I wiped my dick off on her hair.

It didn’t take long for JC to get done and join me up at Erica’s head.  He blasted his nut all over her face, coating her like a glazed donut.  By this point, the defiant model was now a complete mess.

We stumbled back to the off-stage area.  As soon as I found a seat, I collapsed.  That’s when it all hit me.  There was no turning back now.  I was a rapist, pure and simple.  It’s not like I could argue that she passed out or this is what she wanted to start the night, this was brutal and vindictive.

And the hottest fucking thing I’ve ever done in my life.

As I was collecting my thoughts, the chubby bald guy and Steve stopped by my table.  They gave me a beer and some baby wipes.  I took a moment to clean myself and get a lay of the situation.  Lay.  Haha.

Another guy had replaced me fucking Erica.  The blonde that was blowing JC earlier was now making Mia eat her out, and two Mexican looking guys were fucking Maddy.  Like, real fucking hard, like they were her gardeners and she stiffed them on a bill.  In the back, the MC’s wife was getting railed by two guys at once.  Hey, he said he wanted to see her spitroasted twice, so he’s halfway there.

I bullshitted with Steve and his buddy for a bit.  We didn’t share names, but it turned out that wherever we were, he owned it.  This was the basement of a building he was renovating.  That would be important if I knew where we were.  I had a lot of questions, but we tried to keep everything vague, who everyone was and what this Bake Sale was.  Turns out that some of the people here belong to some crazy sex club, a rape club actually, and they do a fundraiser every so often because the tech shit to keep them out of jail is expensive.  Everyone here paid to get here, and it was an all-night party.  Like, we’re going home after the sun comes up kind of party.  I asked how this would work, how will we get away with this? 

They had a plan and a half.  The first part was that we all had a great alibi.  We’re at Blados still, partying and dancing away.  Once the bar closes, all of our phones will be delivered to a hotel not too far away where we’ll all go to later.  Our phones have GPS in them, we don’t.  If anyone slips up and gets caught, the GPS shows that we went to this hot bar, then went to a hotel party.  Not too out of the ordinary.  A couple people rented rooms, so that part lines up.  As far as the girls, once it got late, we’d drug them again.  Their phones are on the way to another part of town, at some no-tell motel.  The girls will get drugged before we leave, loaded up in an Uber, then dropped off there.  When they wake up, in some random ass clothes reeking of booze and showing obvious signs of being drug addicts, they’ll have a choice.  They can either each go home and act like this never happened, or call the cops and deal with some hardasses who will think they’re druggy whores and take them in for that.  Their phones are still at Blados, being worked on.  It didn’t take much to get access to them, but they had a guy who hacked them and will see what they do going forward.  He’ll send them some random link showing the worst parts of the video from tonight, making them look like whores who wanted it.  If they go to the cops, that video gets shared to everyone they know.  For added security, there’s a camera in the room they’re sleeping at.

As they finished the plan, the Asian girl they were working with came over and sat on the chubby guy’s lap and kissed him.  That was unexpected.  She gave an obviously fake name, like Bubbly or some shit like that.  They were definitely friendly, that’s for sure.  We talked for a bit but to be honest, I had a hard time paying attention.  She was so fucking hot, I was doing everything I could to not hit the underside of the table with my dick.  They joked about how really useful they were, then gave a quick toast.  She then finished her drink and dragged Steve on stage.  She said she wanted him to fuck Mia in the ass while she made her eat her out.  The chubby guy stayed behind, taking a long, hard grab of her ass before she left.  I took one more look at her.  Red necklace, shit.  We finished our drinks before he saw Steve beckon him up to the stage.  The Asian girl had an idea, and wanted the chubby guy to fuck her while making Mia eat her out.  Interesting.

I walked around and just relaxed, enjoying my first rape orgy.  I got lost in the randomness of everything in the back.  At one point, I was fucking that MILF from earlier, the MC’s wife.  She was blowing some black dude, and I felt someone stroking my balls while fucking her.  I don’t know who it was, and I dared not look down.  It’s not gay if you don’t see it, right?

I didn’t cum in her because while fucking the MILF, I got a tap on the shoulder.  It was the MC.  Uh oh.  I’m thinking this is gonna blow up, but instead he says “There’s a spot opening up with Maddy soon, wanna fuck her?”  Hell yeah.  “Good, then get out of my wife and get in line, you’re on deck.”  There’s a lot to unwrap in that sentence, but looking back it could’ve gone a hell of a lot worse.

I made my way up to Maddy.  By this point, I saw two guys fucking her.  One old guy wearing a t-shirt, and some roly poly looking fuck.  I’m guessing the roly poly guy didn’t get consensual sex unless it was from his Anime body pillow.  I wonder if it was Faye from Cowboy Bebop or that schoolgirl from Inuyasha?  Either way, he didn’t last long in Maddy’s pussy and came inside of her.  He stood for a second.  I thought he was going to have a heart attack.  Then he stumbled off stage and the old guy took over her twat.  He looked at me and waved me on.  “Fuck her mouth.”  I didn’t need to be told twice on that one.  I stepped up and slipped my hard-on into the ring gag.  I’ve never been as thankful for having an average sized dick as tonight.  Any bigger and it wouldn’t fit.

I slid into her mouth through the gag and started fucking the blonde’s face.  A good handful of hair and I was ramming away.  She sure as hell wasn’t giving a blowjob, I was using her face like another hole to fuck.  Looking down, the sight was sublime.  Her makeup was ruined by the tears and cum, her eyes red from crying and the drool dried on her chin from having to keep her mouth open for the last hour or so.  As much as I wanted to fuck her, I wasn’t going to last long.  After a few more thrusts, I pulled my dick out of her mouth and fired a few blasts of semen on her face, in her hair, and over her eyes.  A quick wipe off of my dick in her hair, and I was back to the main area.

After raping two women and fucking another, I was getting hungry and tired.  I knew it had to be late by now, but I sure as fuck didn’t want to miss out.  I grabbed a couple pieces of pizza, another beer, and a couple pick-me-up-pills.  No one told me what they were, but they sure as shit helped. 

As I was eating, there was a pause to the main action as the MC took the stage front and center.  “Thank you, ladies and gentlemen.  We’re going to take a break from the festivities for a moment as we all need a quick break.  But you know who’s not getting a break?  These fucking cunts up here!  We’re going to have a little contest, and ladies, you might want to pay attention to this.  We’re gonna have a little contest.  Each of you will have a toy attached to you, inserted in you, what have you.  When we say go, all of the toys will be turned on.  Whomever cums first, wins.  The losers, well, they don’t win.  The winner gets to choose the punishments for their friends, either getting spanked by everyone in this room, or having to wear nipple clamps the rest of the night.  Believe me, those clamps hurt, but getting spanked by about 30 people, you might not be sitting down for a week.  Whomever comes in second gets to choose to make the last place take the whole punishment from everyone, leave everything as be, or take it on themselves.”

I took in everything he said, and saw his wife the MILF and the older blonde walk around to the girls.  From what I could see on screen, they had a rabbit vibrator for each of the girls.  After some mewling, the women inserted the vibrators into each of the captive girls then left the stage.  I thought for a second about how this would be fair, but they had a remote control for each device.  They gave the third remote to the Asian girl.

“When I say go, these women will start.  They’ll have to figure out whose remote they have and how to get their girl to cum first.  On your mark, get set, GO!!!”  This was the first time I’ve seen this kind of race, fuck, I didn’t even know this was a thing until about 30 seconds ago.  They all fiddled with the remotes until they figured out who had who.  The MILF had Erica, the Blonde had Maddy, and the Asian had Mia.  I’m guessing they had the women control these because they knew what they liked, and guys would just crank that shit up to max and wonder why it wasn’t working.

The girls were helpless against the toys.  The shock of it caught them off guard, but I’m sure the on-off-change to figure out who had which remote didn’t help, either.  Pretty soon, the Asian figured out who she had and paid special attention to Mia’s ministrations.  The MILF and the Blonde were still figuring out who was who when Mia started moaning.  The other girls were too busy to notice, but Mia tried grinding on her vibrator.  The Asian girl changed the rhythm just a bit, and a minute later, Mia had an orgasm.  As she was coming down, the MC carried a set of nipple clamps over to her.

“Congratulations Mia, you won.  Now, which one of your friends will get spanked, and which one will wear the clamps?  Does Erica get the clamps, or Maddy?”  Mia thought for a moment, before motioning in Erica’s direction, though they were both in that way.

“Is it Erica?”  Mia nodded.  The MC turned to the crowd.  “Mia has selected Erica to wear the nipple clamps.  That means Maddy, your ass is gonna get wore out.  Everyone, line up for a good spanking.  Say, 5 per person.”  The MC went to Erica just as she was starting to get into what the vibrator was doing.  Then she felt excruciating pain as the MC applied the nipple clamps and chain. 

Just as Maddy thought she might get second place, the first person came up and slapped her on the ass, hard.  Then again, and again, and twice more.  Then another person took their place.  And over, and over.  The pain distracted her from pleasure the toy was starting to bring her.

Erica, on the other hand, was able to hyper focus on the toy in her pussy and on her clit.  She blocked out the pain as much as she could, and did everything she could to get off before Maddy.  It worked.  Erica let out a moan, followed by a shrill cry and weeping.  The MC approached.

“Congratulations, Erica.  Now, you get to choose.  Do you take on both punishments and save your friend, or make her suffer double?”  He grabbed the chain between the nipple clamps and pulled, just in case she forgot they were there.

“Tay em aww! Pwee tay em aww!”  Erica cried through her gag.

“You saying take them off?  Give them to your friend, whose getting her ass beat right over there?”  The MC egged Erica on, making sure he was loud enough for Maddy to hear.  Erica nodded and cried out.  “Ok, you asked for it.”  The MC barely loosened the clamps before pulling them off, almost taking her nipples with them.  Erica sobbed uncontrollably for a while, but that didn’t concern the MC.  He approached Maddy, who was now 6 or 7 men deep in line of spanking her.  Her ass was a bright red on both cheeks, and the newest in line started beating her thighs and back to spread out the pain.  One guy even slapped her pussy a couple times.  That had to hurt like Hell.  The MC approached Maddy.

“Sorry girl, but your friends hate you and want you to suffer even more.  Here you go.”  The MC put the nipple clamps on her hanging tits, tightened them real good, then gave the connecting chain a good squeeze.  I got a great view of this as I was like 3 back in line.  I slapped that ass as hard as I could, then yanked on her blonde hair and the chain as I walked past.

As he walked off stage and the next man in line spanked her, the MC told the blonde controlling the remote “Make sure she cums, real good.”  It took another 15 minutes of being beating, tugged on, and toyed before Maddy came, and when she did she would’ve fallen over if not restrained.  I’m sure they did that just for the humiliation factor.

We found out that it was getting close to 1AM by this point.  Even though the party was planning to go until after the sun came up, I was getting tired.  I tried a couple of the really nice uppers they had, someone said they were “Trucker Tic Tacs.”  Fuck, no wonder they’re up all night and have shitty breath.  After a few minutes, I felt like I was ready to vacuum the ceiling. 

Everyone had dispersed to the back while the MC made a couple announcements.  I had a hard time paying attention as everything in my body felt wired and twitchy.  He made some comments about how if there’s a girl you haven’t gotten to yet, sign up for them before it’s too late.  Seeing as how I was awake enough to try to vibrate through walls, I damn near ran to the sign-up sheet.  I signed up under Mia, the big tittied Middle Eastern looking girl.  By this point of the night she’s had to have at least 20 dicks in her, but none of them were mine.  I just wanted to fuck her.  It took a few minutes for everyone sign up, but the MC came out with the batting order.  I was fifth in line for Mia, but if I wanted to share with someone I could go right away.  Okay, I thought, why the fuck not?  I’ve already shared both other girls tonight.

My number 8 gets called, along with another number, 22.  Up she steps.  I don’t know how the fuck I missed her in this party, but she was absolutely amazing.  She was black, about 5’3” tall, and had a body that just didn’t quit.  Her ass was fine, her tits were at least a C-cup, and her face was damn near perfection.  She might’ve been hotter than the girls we kidnapped, and they were fucking models.  Her hair was, fuck, I’m whiter than sliced bread, I don’t know how to describe it accurately.  She looks like Zoey from Blackish, the hair is curly, looks like a well-maintained afro that, whatever it was, she’s absolutely gorgeous.  The only thing she had on at this point was a yellow necklace.  She asked me what she wanted to do, and for the 97th time tonight, I was at a loss for words.  “I’ll 69 with her for a bit, then you start fucking her pussy when I tell you.”  Then she slapped my ass and mounted Mia’s face.

Have you ever been so completely caught off guard by something that you forgot what you were doing?  Kind of an embarrassing thing when that moment comes when you’re taking place in a gang rape.  I just stood there like an idiot watching this amazingly hot black girl force the bound middle eastern girl to eat her pussy through a ring gag while the black girl licked on the bound girl’s clit.  This was hot as fuck.  I definitely didn’t notice the first time she called me forward.  Or the second.  It took a third time before I shook out of my stupor and stepped forward. 

I slid my dick into Mia’s twat while the black girl licked her pussy, her tongue hitting my rod every so often.  I kept this up as long as I could.  I was just about to cum when she changed positions.  She stopped licking Mia and was now resting completely on her face, grinding her pussy back and forth over her face.  Whatever she was doing seemed to work because she started moaning and grinding, moaning and grinding.  What she did next was unexpected.

She wrapped her arms around my shoulders and kissed me.  Hard, like making out kissed.  We made out as we both fucked Mia, who was softly crying beneath us.  We kept this up for a couple minutes until she came on Mia’s face.  She collapsed and leaned on me while I kept fucking Mia.  She started kissing me, playing with me, nibbling my ear, caressing me.  I gotta say, this was intense and too much.  I came hard inside of Mia, almost losing track of where I was.  I think she felt the same, because it took the next people in line to come up and tell us it was time to get off of Mia.

I walked back to the off-stage area, hand in hand with this gorgeous woman.  We sat and talked for a long time while we rested.  She called herself Jade.  She was funny, cute, smart.  I was hooked.  We spent the rest of the party together talking, fooling around, and fucking a couple times. 

We were both dead tired and dozed off for a bit when JC came around to wake us up.  It was time to leave soon.  We got dressed, but since we were going to the same place, decided to hang out a little further.  Besides, neither of us had a phone on us to get the other’s number.  I helped her as she chipped in with cleanup and such while the Really Useful Crew got the girls ready for transport.  The rest of us hopped in the transport van for the hotel.  I made sure to sit next to my newest favorite person on the way over.

All of us arrived at the hotel, half dressed and disheveled.  We were instructed to hang out in the rooms for a little bit before we’d be given our phones and stuff.  We could do whatever we wanted there short of busting up the place.  Honestly, I was tired as fuck but didn’t want the night to end.  Not with this woman in my arms.  I did something I didn’t think I’d do for a long time.  I asked Jade if she wanted to come over to my place.  To my great surprise and relief, she said yes.

As I was about to order us an Uber, the MC came in.  I didn’t recognize him at first, since he wasn’t wearing a mask and had clothes on.  He gave me a card to some computer repair company with a phone number and some order number on the back and to ask for Pedro.  Pedro would hook me up with access to the website where tonight’s videos were stored.  If I had any questions, I was to ask JC to get a hold of Steve.  Steve and Pedro would give me the info I needed.  He also said I could ask my new friend if I wanted, but I would need to talk to Pedro before anything else.

As we were talking, the MC got a message that the girls were delivered to the no-tell motel in Veneto.  Fuck, I would HATE to be three hot white chicks dropped off in Veneto.  That’s the kind of place you drive through all the stops signs with the windows up.  Well, parts of it are still rough.  The other parts are filled with coffee shops and vegan bakeries and enough opioids to kill half of the city.  Anyway, the girls were alive, so no murder charges for us today.  Yay!  Also, if I could wait about an hour we could get some breakfast downstairs and get a ride from the Uber that delivered the girls.  Turns out a few of us lived in my general direction, including Jade.

We went downstairs to breakfast, reeking of last night’s party.  The only other people in the lobby for breakfast with us was some women’s college sports team from out of town.  I never heard of them, so I guessed they were visiting one of the smaller colleges in Harbor City, like Polytechnic Harbor Universal College.  I swear, that place was named that just so someone could say “I went to PHUC.”  Jade and I had breakfast, talked a bit but didn’t get too into things around everyone else.  JC and Steve joined us at the table, followed by the chubby bald man and the Asian girl.  Jade and the Asian girl were friends or roommates or something.  She was surprised when Jade said she was gonna get a ride back to my place, then the Asian girl tried playing the 20 questions game.  After a half hour, we finished breakfast and hopped in the minivan Uber back to my place.  Jade stayed over for the rest of the day.  We talked, fucked, slept, talked, fucked, slept, and fucked some more that night.  She told me about this Club she was a part of, and how it worked.  She helped me get into it, even helped with a couple activities.  From that first night, we’ve been inseperable.  Partners in crime and in life.

And that kids, is How I Met Your Mother.  At the Club’s Quasi-Annual Bake Sale.
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Re: The Club's Bake Sale
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2021, 03:05:00 AM »
I truly did enjoy this. The fundraiser had been mentioned before and it was nice to gets a birds-eye view of just what that entailed. Guess they'll be funded quite nicely for a while. Just glad there wasn't an undercover George arriving to be a party pooper. lol

I liked the first person point of view so we shared in his initial bewilderment about what was going on then got to see him progress from a man who would never contemplate rape to becoming fully invested, so much so that he actually became a member.

It was fun to try and recognize certain masked characters that we had previously met before. It was a nice little easter egg for those who have read each installment. Some were easy given their first names but others were mostly educated guesses. I assume the flabby guy  with Bubbly was Sam and the married couple with the Karen wife seems like a direct follow up to Marital Strife.

This was an interesting read and a welcome addition that augmented The Club mythos. I love your stories and the overall expansiveness of them. You've created your own little universe and I can't wait to experience more of it.
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Re: The Club's Bake Sale
« Reply #3 on: August 16, 2021, 03:43:57 PM »
I truly did enjoy this. The fundraiser had been mentioned before and it was nice to gets a birds-eye view of just what that entailed. Guess they'll be funded quite nicely for a while. Just glad there wasn't an undercover George arriving to be a party pooper. lol

I liked the first person point of view so we shared in his initial bewilderment about what was going on then got to see him progress from a man who would never contemplate rape to becoming fully invested, so much so that he actually became a member.

It was fun to try and recognize certain masked characters that we had previously met before. It was a nice little easter egg for those who have read each installment. Some were easy given their first names but others were mostly educated guesses. I assume the flabby guy  with Bubbly was Sam and the married couple with the Karen wife seems like a direct follow up to Marital Strife.

This was an interesting read and a welcome addition that augmented The Club mythos. I love your stories and the overall expansiveness of them. You've created your own little universe and I can't wait to experience more of it.

Thanks Rex.  You were spot on with the guesses.  Sam was the chunky bald man, Joe and Mari the MC and his Assistant, and the old guy on the other side of Maddy was Ray.  There were also a few characters from some upcoming stories, but I'll wait until that story reaches the point where this comes into play to explain who is who.
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Re: The Club's Bake Sale
« Reply #4 on: August 17, 2021, 01:36:20 PM »
Great job! I agree the first person viewpoint worked really well.
Having a large cast of previously defined characters to draw upon is a real strength for you. It enables you to have them in a story like this where they’re not the main focus, but still feel like fully fleshed out characters, instead of coming across like shallow, generic archetypes.
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