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Raped Jr Cheerleader
« on: July 28, 2021, 08:38:31 PM »

(Someone let me know if I'm breaking any rules or laws with her age)

Raped Jr Cheerleader

Rocco stumbled out of the trees and onto the high school grounds behind the football field. He was homeless and had been living in a camp deep in the woods next to the school with 8 other men. Yesterday he discovered that one of the two trailers that the gym coaches use was unlocked. There was nothing worth stealing inside but it did have a bed and he was going to try to get the mattress back to camp.
Yesterday the area was empty but today there were lots of people walking around. Luckily for Rocco, they were all at the other end of the stadium so he thought he could still get it out of there and not be seen.
It was a hot day and even hotter in the trailer. He had to move several boxes out of the way to get to the bed and being 6’ 3” and weighing about 240lbs it made moving around in that cramped trailer an ordeal.
When Rocco looked out the windows to make sure no one was around he saw a cute blonde girl dressed in a blue and white cheerleader outfit slowly walking towards the trailer.
She was so adorable he couldn’t take his eyes off her and the closer she came the harder his cock got.
Wearing white sneakers, a short pleated skirt, a tight tank top and her long blonde hair held back by a blue headband she looked like the stereotypical all-American cheerleader.
And a small one to be sure.
Her breasts were B size at best and her legs were skinny like sticks.
But Rocco liked them young and small like that.
Her name was Willow.
She was a 4’ 11”, 90lbs,blonde-haired, blue-eyed soon-to-be-freshman who had just tried out for the Jr Varsity cheerleading team.
And most importantly she was by herself and no one was around.
She was walking while holding a piece of paper in front of her trying to find Coach Collins to ask her if she made the team but Willow went to the wrong side of the stadium.
Thinking quickly, Rocco looked around the trailer and came up with an idea of how to get her in here quietly so he could fuck the shit out of her.
He saw what he needed on one of the tables. Grabbing a clipboard and putting a few old school lanyards over his head he just brazenly walked out to her and asked her what her name was.
Willow was a little scared by just the size of Rocco as he walked towards her and also by the fact that he didn’t look nice and clean cut like all the other coaches but he had a clipboard and was wearing several school lanyards so she trusted him and told him her name.
Rocco then pretended to be looking for her name on whatever paper was on his clipboard and asked her what her age and her grade were.
Willow told him that she was 14 and going into the 9th grade in the Fall. After hearing that, Rocco’s cock was threatening to explode in his pants.
“Ok, Willow. You’re on my list. Just come into the coach’s trailer to sign some papers and you’re on the cheerleading team.” he said lying to her.
Willow was so thrilled to hear that she made the team that she practically ran into the trailer.
But after walking in and seeing that the trailer was empty and a mess she turned to leave only to find Rocco blocking the door.
“What?” was all she managed to say before Rocco punched her in the side of the head and sent her flying back down to the floor.
He grabbed her by her hair and dragged her to the back of the trailer where the bed was and threw her on top of the mattress.
Willow was absolutely stunned and just quietly looked at Rocco with bewilderment as he started taking off his clothes.
She was so young and innocent she had no idea what he was doing or what was going to happen to her.
Rocco removed all his clothes revealing his muscular hairy body and started stroking his massive 9-inch cock in front of her.
It was the first cock the poor little girl had ever seen outside of pictures in health class.
But those cocks were all small and clinical.
This cock looked huge and evil in comparison.
After pulling off her shoes and socks he jumped into bed and laid on top of Willow pushing her cheerleader shirt up to her waist and pulled her white panties down her legs leaving her virgin pussy exposed.
Rocco had to have a taste of that first so he dove down and smashed his mouth against her innocent soft mound.
She was so small that his mouth was able to completely cover both the tiny little patch of blonde hair that she had down there and her entire pussy.
He pushed a finger into her and smiled as he felt that her hymen was still there.
Willow just froze and stared at the ceiling while her mind tried to comprehend what was happening to her.
After a while, Rocco moved his mouth up to her hips and stomach but was stopped from going any higher by her tight-fitting cheerleader top so he grabbed it with two hands at the base and ripped it open from top to bottom leaving her breasts only covered by a black sports bra.
Willow started screaming but 3 quick punches to the side of her head followed with a harsh “DON’T MAKE A SOUND!” command left her dazed and quiet.
Soon both her top and sports bra were on the floor of the trailer and Rocco was sucking and squeezing her small tits.
His large hands could completely cover each one as he played with her tiny hard nipples between his fingers.
Rocco made a few stabbing forward motions with his cock against her pussy in anticipation of what he was going to do. The sight of just the massive head halfway into her slit was driving him crazy.
He started thrusting harder and got 2 of his 9 inches into her when he stopped sucking her tits and moved his face over hers.
He wanted to see her face as he raped her virginity away.
In utter terror, she just stared at him with tears in her eyes and kept whispering “Please, please, let me go. Please. I want to go home……”
“What will you give me if I stop now and let you go?” he asked her not caring what the answer was but wanting to give her one last hope.
At that, her eyes went wide like saucers and she pleaded, “Anything. Anything you wan….ARRGGGHHH!!!” she screamed as Rocco used all of his 240lbs body to force his whole 9-inch cock balls deep into the small cheerleader in one thrust.
He covered her mouth with his hand to keep her quiet and then started raping her to his heart’s content.
He’d pull almost all the way out and then SLAM! all the way back in.
And again, SLAM! And again, SLAM!
Over and over.
Her pussy was so tight that it held his cock firmly from the very tip to base.
He was fucking her so hard that he noticed that the trailer was shaking but he didn’t care.
If someone was looking down from above the bed all they could see of little Willow was some blonde hair under Rocco’s shoulders and her bare feet and calves sticking out from either side of his hips.
After several long minutes of fucking her he felt the cum building up in his balls and started going faster until he was literally rising up and throwing his body down on top of her.
With a massive groan, his cock exploded inside her and coated her once virgin pussy with his sticky white cum.
Willow could feel something squirting inside her and for a split second she again remembered something from her health class about how girls get pregnant but she barely had time to worry about that before Rocco collapsed on top of her.
She couldn’t move and could barely breathe.
She just laid there crying and praying to God that someone would save her from this horrible nightmare. Rocco didn’t want to get off her but he knew that he had to take a look around to make sure no one heard them in the trailer.
He laughed when he saw that his barely softening cock was streaked in her blood.
Telling her not to move or make a sound he looked out the windows and saw that nobody was even close. Whatever activity was going on at the other end of the stadium was ending and people were scarce.
So he had no reason to leave in a hurry and looking at her ass barely covered by her cheerleader skirt as she was curled up and crying on the bed gave him a few reasons to stay a lot longer.
For one reason, and the best reason to stay, he needed to keep her quiet so he looked for something to tie her up and gag her with.
The only thing in the trailer that he could use was a short piece of rope and several lengths of plastic pennant tape with colorful triangles that they use to decorate at sporting events.
He stuffed her panties into her mouth and then tied the rope around her head to keep the gag from falling out. Using the pennant tape he then tied her hands behind her back and positioned her so that she was face down on her knees with her ass up high in the air.
Willow was covered in sweat and her inner thighs were streaked with blood but he only noticed her sweet-looking butt.
Rocco ran his rough dirty hands all over her perfect 14-year-old ass that was only just beginning to develop a nice sexy curve to it.
He spread her cheeks and looked at the tiniest asshole he had ever seen in his life.
His cock started to get rock hard as he thought about how he was going to destroy that asshole.

Stepping away he made one last check outside all the trailer windows to make sure no one was around and saw for the first time that there was a small refrigerator under a bench. Looking inside he found some bottles of water and also a few apple juices. After having some water while looking in some smaller cabinets he found some hand cream that he was going to use but not on his hands.
Poor little Willow was weeping and moaning into her gag as Rocco got into bed and positioned his now rock hard and hand cream-covered cock at her ass. Squeezing a large glob directly on her asshole he pressed his thumb inside her until it was all the way in. And then after working it back and forth for a while he added his other thumb too. Once he had both thumbs in her asshole he started to spread them apart trying to stretch her out a bit before he fucked her ass.
Satisfied that he made it a little easier on himself he grabbed her hips and pressed his cockhead against her asshole and shoved it forward getting only a few inches inside her.
Willow’s head whipped back off the mattress as she screamed into her gag.
Rocco couldn’t ram it in hard like he did her pussy because she was so tight he felt his cock start to bend before going deeper.
So he took his time and went little by little and poured more hand cream where her asshole was stretched around his cock.
It took about ten minutes before he was halfway inside her and he felt safe enough to really push it in slowly and not stopping until she took his whole cock in her ass.
Willow was in absolute agony.
She felt like her body was being ripped out from the inside as his 9-inch cock pulled almost all the way out of her and then hammered all the way back in and feeling like it was a red hot piece of iron rather than only flesh and blood.
But she was beyond even crying at this point as her mind was shutting down to protect itself.
Noticing that she had gotten quiet and not wanting her to sleep through any of this Rocco grabbed her by her blonde hair and pulled her up so she was upright on her knees.
Willow woke back up and her eyes went wide in agony as he was fucking her ass and now squeezing her tits cruelly as well.
Rocco was in heaven.
Every time he watched a football game and saw a cheerleader he always wanted to fuck one up the ass and now he was.
It was a good 15 minutes of pure ecstasy before he felt that familiar feeling that he was getting close to cumming so he let go of her tits, pushed her forward, and laid down on her back so he could use his whole body to fuck her ass as he had done to her pussy.
He was absolutely brutal.
Earlier his cock had streaks of blood from breaking her hymen but now blood was dripping off his balls from her broken ass.
Grabbing her blonde hair and pulling back so hard Willow thought he was going to tear her head off he bit her neck hard enough to draw blood as his cock exploded deep in her bowels.

Rocco stood up and used her torn cheerleader top to wipe her blood off his cock before going to make sure that no one was around the trailer.
He didn’t want to leave her but knew that it had been a few hours since he first grabbed her and it was only a matter of time before someone came by looking for her.
But he kept staring at her….thinking.
He was a rapist but not a killer so he needed to get the hell out of town fast before she gave his description to the police but he didn’t have enough money for a bus ticket.
Then he had an idea how to earn the money that he needed to make his escape after this was all over.
First, he untied her wrists and then laid her on her back in the bed. Then he used 4 lengths of the pennant tape and tied her wrists and ankles to the bed so she was spread-eagle.
He wanted her to look perfect so the only article of clothing that he left on her was her blue and white pleated cheerleader skirt.
Just before he left he made sure her gag was secure and then started kissing her tits and sucking on each of her nipples before saying to her that he was going to be outside for a while but if he even heard a sound from her inside the trailer that he’d come back and slice her throat.
As he was walking out of the trailer, Rocco grabbed a folding chair and leaned it up against the door so he could safely tell from the woods if anyone had gone into or out of it while he was gone.
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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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For a while, after Rocco had gone Willow stayed still and didn’t make a sound but soon she tried to pull on her bindings. It was no good though, she was too weak to break them. She started to yell but doubted that anyone could hear her through the gag. Exhausted and defeated she fell asleep.
A few hours later the sound of the trailer door opening woke her up.
It was getting dark.
Most of the light in the trailer was from the stadium lights high above.
She saw a man come into the trailer and it wasn’t the one that had raped her!
She was rescued!
But then he came into the light and she saw that he was just as scary looking as the man before.
Then two more equally scary-looking men followed in behind him.
“Shit! I don’t believe it. He wasn’t fucking lying!” the first one said as he started taking off his clothes.
Willow screamed into her gag and pulled on her ropes trying vainly to free herself as three smelly and dirty homeless men crawled into bed with her and began rubbing their hands all over her perfect teen body.
The first one got his cock into her and started fucking her for all he was worth. While he was doing that the other two’s hands never stopped roaming her body. One was especially fascinated with her legs. Stretched out as they were, he ran his fingers across each muscle that stood out. The other one paid a lot of attention to her blonde hair. His fingers were stroking it off her face and over her shoulders.
The first one groaned as he came inside her and was quickly replaced by the hair-obsessed one. He was sucking on a mouthful of her blonde hair the whole time he was fucking her.
The leg guy was next. He positioned himself under her slightly so his thighs were under her legs which spread her legs out wider and showed her leg muscles even more.
Willow was still so sore she screamed into her gag each time a cock invaded her pussy.
But that didn’t matter to any of them anyway.
When the leg guy was done she heard Rocco’s voice quietly say “Next group.”
Willow looked on in horror as the first three men left only to be replaced by three more.
The first one in this batch was black and his cock was even longer and thicker than Rocco’s.
She felt every inch as it slid back and forth inside her and he was fucking her in a way that was meant to hurt her as much as possible.
Willow could barely breathe by the time he was done.
The second guy was old and hairy with a cock that was short but wide like a Coke can. When he couldn’t get it in her he got angry and started punching her in the ribs and tits before the other two pulled him off her.
“I paid for your cunt, bitch!” he yelled “Open the fuck up! I hate all you fucking cunts!”
Rocco grabbed him by the throat, told him to keep his voice down and to try again.
It took some effort but he finally got his can of a cock into her little pussy which almost caused Willow to pass out from the pain.
He finished quickly and the 3rd one in this group took his place.
This guy was also black and told Willow to look at him in the eyes as he fucked her. Every time she looked away he bit her tits hard until she started screaming into her gag.

All of a sudden one of the lookouts whispered as loudly as he thought it was safe that someone was coming.
It was two guys from the school's Maintenance Dept walking across the field.
Everyone stayed perfectly still in the darkest parts of the trailer as Rocco quietly moved to the door to keep the lock from moving.
The maintenance men split up with each one going to a different trailer.
“Joe, this one is empty,” one called out to the other.
“This one…..the key doesn’t work. I can’t get in.” was the response.
“That’s weird,” he replied as he walked over to the door. “See anything inside?”
“No, it’s too dark. Willow!” Joe cried out. “You in there? Nope, I don’t hear anything.”
“It’s too dark. Let's come back in the morning with another set of keys.” the other suggested.

When they were far enough away Rocco said “Party on boys. And somebody go to the woods and tell Black Pete that it’s almost his turn”

The black guy fucking Willow during all this also stayed perfectly still but kept his cock buried deep inside her the whole time while covering her gagged mouth with both his hands.
Which was a good thing because Willow screamed so loud when she heard her name that if those hands weren’t there the maintenance men would have heard her.
The two other guys in the bedroom held her arms and legs so tight that she literally couldn’t make a sound by moving.
When the maintenance guy was trying to open the door the black guy was so jacked up on adrenaline he just spontaneously ejaculated without even moving. It was the best orgasm he had ever had in his life.

The next “group” of guys was only one man, Black Pete.
Black Pete was an enormous black man weighing over 320lbs.
Two bets were going on with Black Pete.
One was if he could even get his body into the trailer.
The other was if it was even physically possible for him to fuck the cheerleader the way she was tied up.
Unfortunately for Willow, Black Pete took all his clothes off outside and was able to squeeze his body into the trailer and make it to her on the bed.
Willow didn’t even know what was coming towards her. In the semi-darkness, he looked like an enormous black mass that shook the trailer as he got closer. By the time he squeezed himself through the bedroom door and stood in front of her stretched-out legs she was losing her mind in terror.
Black Pete had a penis but no one could see it because of his enormous gut that hid his entire groin area but from Willow’s point of view, lower down on the bed, she could see his cock clearly.
It was 6-inches long with a head like an ugly mushroom. After he got into bed with her and laid on top of her, the other men in the trailer crammed into the bedroom to see who would win or lose the second bet.
The men couldn’t even see Willow.
The little teen cheerleader was completely engulfed by Black Pete.
When he started to rock back and forth trying blindly to get his cock inside her the whole trailer started moving with him.
This went on for several minutes and it looked to the men that he had indeed gotten his cock into her but no one was 100% certain so they canceled the 2nd bet.
Willow was sure though. She felt the misshapen cock head push into her but that was not her concern.
She couldn’t breathe!
Black Pete’s heavy body was keeping her chest from expanding out to take a breath and her whole body was so covered by him that the other men couldn’t see her face turning blue.
Just before she passed out from lack of oxygen she pissed herself.
When the sudden heat from her urine washed over Black Pete’s cock it was enough stimulation to make him cum faster than he would have and saved her life.
The other men helped him get off her and laughed when they smelled her piss.
When Black Pete left the trailer and headed back to camp Rocco said it was now White Pete’s turn.
White Pete was a 25-year-old meth addict that looked like he was 60 and his face was covered in sores.
He didn’t mind the smell of her piss. In fact, it turned him on and he started licking any piss that was on her thighs or pussy area.
White Pete rarely had sex with women despite his trying constantly. He was a meth addict but that wasn’t the problem.
His problem was his dick.
It was 11 inches long, which some women might enjoy but it was also ridiculously thin which women thought was either hysterical or horrific. This also meant that White Pete never got laid unless the woman was highly paid (which never happened) or unconscious.
So he was very excited tonight to get a chance to fuck a girl that, although tied up, was awake.
Willow just stared emotionless at the next horror that was moving up to her between her legs.
She groaned in pain as she did every time a cock of any size entered her brutalized pussy but this one seemed to go in farther than anything else before. It was hitting something almost in her belly and causing a brand new kind of pain. She thought that she had run out of tears but she didn’t. They came flowing down over her face which White Pete saw and made a point to lick them off her. He didn’t stop when the tears were gone either. It was like he wanted to lick her eyeballs. The fact that she moaned in agony as he fucked her made him so happy.
She couldn’t laugh or reject him!
He was in control!
He was powerful now!
She was his bitch!
And with that thought, he came inside her deeper than any of the other men there had.
His sperm was splashing against the walls of her cervix.
After he got up off her and left, Rocco came into the bedroom and used her cheerleader shirt to wipe the sweat, blood, and sperm off her body.
Willow was totally limp at this point as he untied her, rolled her over onto her stomach and then tied her spread-eagle again like before.
Black Pete and 3 other men who couldn’t pay for the second session walked back to camp.
The remaining men sat in the trailer and drank all the water and juice in the fridge while Rocco had some alone time raping Willow’s asshole.
Listening to her muffled screams from the next room was like music to their ears.
After Rocco, it was the large black guy, then the hair-sucking guy, then White Pete, and then finally the Coke-can dick guy.
The Coke-can dick guy was last because they figured his cock would rip her ass wide open and no one would want to go after him.
But it turned out that after a lot of effort he couldn’t even get his cock into her ass at all which just totally pissed him off. So he took all his rage out on her by beating the shit out of her back, her sides and the back of her head while he fucked her pussy as hard as he could.
By the time he was done Willow was unconscious and her pussy was bleeding again.
Rocco left her tied up as she was and walked with the others back to camp to get his things and be on a bus out of town before sunrise.

That morning the two maintenance men from the day before came back to the trailer with another set of keys. They were both looking at a photo of Willow that was being given out to help find her.
“I feel bad and I hope she’s ok but this girl is fucking adorable. I’m going to be jerking off to this pic tonight.” Joe admitted to his co-worker.
“I totally agree,” replied Max. “If someone snatched her yesterday he must have had one hell of a good time.”

When they got to the trailer they both stopped short when they saw that the door was partly open. Quietly they walked inside expecting to catch some kids doing some vandalism or better yet, having sex. Then they both stopped and stared at what they saw on the bed at the far end of the trailer.
Willow, the girl everyone was looking for today, was laying on her stomach tied spread-eagle and naked except for her cheerleading skirt.
Joe started to move forward to help her but Max grabbed his arm and made a shushing sound.
It took Joe a few seconds to understand what Max was thinking but then he smiled and nodded his head yes.
Both men took out their phones and recorded what they saw.
And what they saw made both their middle-aged cocks rock hard.
This blonde 14-year-old was naked, gagged, and tied in a way that just begged for her to be fucked.
Max whispered to Joe that if they covered her eyes and stayed quiet that there was no way she’d know who they were. Joe picked up a black sports bra off the floor and quietly moved up to her head.
He feared that she would put up a struggle when he blindfolded her with it but she didn’t even move. Max took that as a good sign that she was not waking up any time soon so he got naked and started to massage her ass and legs as he got in position between her legs.
Ass or pussy he debated.
“Ass of course!” he thought “when would I ever have another chance to fuck a beautiful teenage girl in the ass again?”
With that thought, Max spread her cheeks wide, spit on her asshole, and pushed his cock in hard. He was surprised with how easily it went halfway inside her on the first try. One more hard thrust forward and his six-inches were buried in her asshole right to the hilt.
He stayed still for a minute enjoying her tightness and heat around his cock and checked with Joe to make sure he was recording this on his phone before he started to fuck her ass aggressively.
Other than a few weak moans Willow didn’t move or show any sign of waking up which just told  Max that he could really fuck her as hard as he wanted to.
Which he did.
Even after he came in her ass he kept on fucking her.
He never wanted the feeling to stop but at last, he got up and let Joe have a turn.
Joe also wanted to fuck her in the ass but the thought of cumming in her unprotected pussy and maybe getting her pregnant was something he wanted to do more.
So he took out his knife, cut the tape at each of her ankles, and pushed her knees forward a little to raise her ass and give him better access to her pussy.
After that, he was fucking her so hard that the trailer started to shake.
Willow started to wake up and moved her legs around a little.
When she started to moan and cry out whenever Joe rammed himself fully into her Joe couldn’t hold back anymore and flooded her pussy with his cum.
Both men fucked her one more time and then left to go to another part of the school for a few hours before coming back to the trailer to “discover” Willow and report it to their supervisor.

Both Willow’s parents and the School Administration wanted to keep any mention of this violent sexual assault out of the news so no police report was filed and only a few people ever knew what happened that night. The school had both trailers taken away, paid off the parents and Willow recuperated over the summer. The teen was going to transfer to another school but decided that since no one in her class knew what happened to her and it happened before she actually attended high school she could handle going there and she also wanted to stay with her friends.
She did not try out for cheerleading again though.
Max and Joe enjoyed seeing Willow in the school hallways for the next 4 years.
They both took pictures of her whenever they could get away with it because looking at fresh pictures of her while watching old videos of when they raped her made jerking off to it so much better.

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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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A very good story 👏
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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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A good story with a good setup and execution.  The age is within bounds for this part of the board.  Good work.
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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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good work indeed!!
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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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Thanks everyone.
Appreciate it.

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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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Thanks everyone.
Appreciate it.

Yes, very good story, headless! Love cheerleader rape scenarios!  Just, the next time you post a story, try to space it out a little more so you don't have the "wall of text".  Makes for easier reading.
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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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Thanks everyone.
Appreciate it.

Yes, very good story, headless! Love cheerleader rape scenarios!  Just, the next time you post a story, try to space it out a little more so you don't have the "wall of text".  Makes for easier reading.

Or you could be like the rest of us blind folk and get a bigger monitor.  Sort of helps with reading the walls of texts.
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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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Nice set-up. An all-nighter with homeless men is always a winner!  :emot_mrhappydick.gif:

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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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Nice set-up. An all-nighter with homeless men is always a winner!  :emot_mrhappydick.gif:

This one was influenced by you actually.
Love your stories.

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Re: Raped Jr Cheerleader
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Brutal and sweet. A pity Willow wasn't blackmailed into further fun with her captors. She was an interesting victim for sure.