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Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
« on: July 22, 2021, 12:53:58 PM »
Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida

By Sliceblue

Mike Cash and Steve Boyers were two homeless men, living on the streets of Miami. Life was hard, gang members always trying to rob them, as if they had any money. Every day was a struggle to survive, to find food, a place out of the tropical rain. It made a person hard, fighting to survive. Mike though could still remember that night at the Roxbury Motel though. That little fourteen-year-old girl had made his dick hard all night. He was desperate for more pussy, but the homeless old hags on the beach just didn’t do it for him. One night he said to Steve, “Miami sucks. Always people trying to steal your things, shelters that demand an ID, no food and no pussy! We need to change this.”

“Yeah, well, you got any big ideas?” replied Steve. They’d stumbled around Miami for a month now, and it was getting old. Sunny beaches, women in bikinis, ha! All he ever saw was empty lots and hobo camps. But Mike was the brains. He’d had some good ideas in the past. Like that motel in Cheyenne, now that was a night to remember. And right now, his big plan was to do a repeat performance. Exactly the same way they had in Cheyenne. It just took time to find the best opportunity.

Mike said, “Let’s blow this town. I hear the southwest is the place to be, or Texas. Lots of ways into Mexico, even work without papers. We should go here,” he said, pointing to a map he’d found in the trash. “That crazy guy down in the yard, he’s been there. Says Texans throw out entire t-bone steaks! Imagine! A t-bone steak for dinner!”

Steve let himself be carried along. He asked how did he expect to get to Texas. “We’ll steal a car, get some pussy maybe, run down there quick and ditch the car. You just leave it to me, do what I say. Keep that knife handy. You remember Cheyenne? Well, we gonna do exactly the same thing here. Find us a motel and campout nearby. Watch who comes and goes.”

“Don’t forget the pizza box!” laughed Steve.

Actually, fortune was on them. They picked a motel on the edge of town, surrounded by woods. Doors that opened to the outside. They camped in the woods for two nights and days, then this red SUV pulled in.

Sally Bocca was driving with her daughter from Key West to Daytona Beach. It had been a miserable weekend. Her daughter, Laney, 15, had been a major pain in the ass the whole time. First there was the bikini argument, then the going out argument, it was one argument after another. She was glad to finally be heading home. She needed to teach her a lesson, show her that she doesn’t always get to stay in the Ritz or some other expensive Miami Beach hotel.

On the interstate, just outside Miami, it was already after sunset. Sally was going to drive straight through, but she felt way too tired. She’d teach that brat daughter of hers a lesson, make her stay in a cheap motel instead of some Miami Beach Ritz Carlton. Well, OK, it wasn’t much of a lesson, but it was better than nothing. She saw a sign at the interstate exit, said “motel”. She hit the blinker and took the exit. At the stop sign she saw the Miami Sands Motel. Cheap and right next to the interstate. Perfect.

She pulled in and naturally Laney started in. “What is this dump? We’re not staying here, are we?! No freakin’ way!” But Sally was a short, stout, round woman with an attitude at the moment. She stormed into the office and checked in, paid with her Visa card. “We’ll be leaving early,” she told the clerk. She was handed the key and marched back outside. Laney was still whining but she just ignored her. She pulled into a spot with her red Explorer and parked.

During his stay in Miami, Mike had gotten his own knife. Not as big as Steve’s hunting knife, but it was plenty sharp enough. He pulled it out and opened it. “I just hope this thing cuts fabric ok!”

“Stop worrin’!” said Steve. “The nearest occupant is two doors away. We just gotta keep them quiet. No talking!”

“Yeah, yeah, no talking. Just like we planned it.”

They walked around the back, through a vestibule and to their target, room 107. She could hear two people arguing inside. Not loud, but this would catch them off guard. Mike knocked on the door, big smile.
“Who is it?”
“Pizza delivery, courtesy of the front office, ma’am.”

Sally snatched open the door to tell the delivery kid to get lost, but when she did a large man rushed in and tackled her onto the floor, knocking the wind right out of her. She was on her back, he was laying on top of her, quite heavy. He quickly had one hand over her mouth and put this big knife in front of her face. “Shut up! Shut up! You stay quiet or I’ll cut you!”

When the man burst in, Laney jumped back a step. She was by the sink, next to the bathroom. A second man entered and slammed the door shut, turning and jumping over the bed right at her. She screamed once, but he slammed into her, knocking her against the counter, almost breaking the mirror. His dirty, big hand was over her mouth, a knife by her face. “Shut up! Don’t you say a word!” he sneered at her menacingly.

Mike looked around quickly while pinning the girl against the sink counter. It was only them, no one else. He saw a purse on the bed, a suitcase by the wall. He looked at the girl, “Come here! Come here!” He jerked her hard towards her mom, made her kneel between the beds, head down, eyes closed. He looked at Steve, nodded, then grabbed the sheet from one bed and began cutting it. The two were whimpering, the girl was crying. Every tear of the sheet made her cringe. Mike smiled. He took one strip and tied it around the woman’s wrist, tight. He and Steve struggled with her, got her arms behind her back, tied them together. Steve took one and tied her feet while Mike grabbed a hand towel and stuffed it in her mouth. “Now you be quiet, and enjoy the show, lady!” he sneered at her.

He turned around toward the girl. “You!” kicking her, “Get up! Stand up!” She slowly stood up, looking back, scared. Mike sat on the bed, Steve on the other one, the girl between them. “Well now,” Mike said, looking her up and down slowly. “Look what we got here!” He snorted, reached over and put a hand on her leg. She jumped back. “Look, little girl, you want me to tie you up like your fat pig mother? Huh?”

“No, no sir…” she whimpered, staring at the floor. “Well then, you just do what you’re told, and I won’t. But now you gotta do what you’re told. You don’t, my friend here, he’s gonna hit you. It hurts! Yo, show her!” Steve jumped forward, punched her in her ribs. She cringed, arms tucked in for protection, the pain making her double over. “Stand up I said, little girl!” Mike said angrily. Everything he said was with anger. “Now then, you want to play Laundromat?” He and Steve both laughed.

Laney shook her head. “No,” was all she could manage to say. The man kept talking at her, holding her leg tight with his hand. He said, “It’s easy! All you gotta do is go in the shower with me and wash me like a washing machine! Laundromat!” Steve let out a laugh. “Then I’m next!”

Laney stared back, scared shitless. She was shaking, clutching her ribs, the look of disgust on her face. “No! I won’t do that!” she said. She started to scream but Steve punched her again, and Mike did too. Mike hit her in her cheek, she fell back over the lamp, they grabbed her up, Steve punched her face one time with a vicious left cross.

“Oh yes you will!” snarled Mike and he grabbed her top. “And you don’t scream again, at all! Understand?!” the man yelled in her face. His breath was atrocious. He began to yank up her shirt, but she was quick. It took a bit to get ahold of her shirt, but when he did, he yanked it up quickly. Her arms are now pinned together, he left it over her head so she couldn’t see. “Strip this bitch!” yelled Steve. Outside a loud thunderclap boomed through the air, and rain began pouring down. They got Laney down to the floor.

Laney fought them but they were too big. She was on her back on the floor, her pink bra there for all to see. One man was sitting on her chest facing away, the other was grabbing at her belt. She kicked and kicked, but couldn’t get a good kick in. She felt him undoing her pants, she let out a stifled scream, then she felt the shorts going down. He pulled them all the way, then pulled her sneakers off. He grabbed her panties and pulled them off while the man sitting on her cheered him on. She pulled the shirt off and began to pound the man on his back with her fists, but he didn’t seem to hardly notice. Then, when her panties were off, the stopped, turned and look at her. The man on top stood up.

Mike looked down on the little girl. “How old are you, girl?”

She just kept crying, trying to cover herself. He kicked her as he pulled his t-shirt off. “I said how old are ye!” She stumbled with her word, “I, I’m, I,’m only fourteen sir, I mean fifteen, I just turned fifteen, please don’t hurt me! Please, don’t hurt me!”

Mike continued getting undressed. He tossed his clothes on the bed. His shirt actually had belonged to that man in Cheyenne. He’d taken it when they left. When he was naked, he grabbed her up and barked, “Come on! Get moving!”

She screamed, “No! No!” and struggled against him but the other man grabbed her other arm and together they dragged her to the shower.  Mike turned it on, and while they waited for it get hot, they made her remove her bra. They teased her, almost but not quite touching her young tits. Mike said, “Ok,” and pulled her into the shower. She was handed the soap and made to wash him all over. Mike made her jerk him off until he shot cum onto her face. Then he switched places with Steve, and Steve repeated the performance. Her little hands, wrapped around his dick, all slippery with soap, just made him cum pretty quick. They made her stand and wash the cum from her face. Then they dragged her out into the room.

Laney was still resisting, getting more and more violent as the time came for her being raped. She heard the sheet being cut again, they tied her wrist to a corner of the bed, then her other arm to the other corner. They tied her legs apart too, stark naked, dripping wet, she lay there completely and utterly helpless. On the way to the bed, they had stuffed her panties into her mouth, and now she could scream, even if it hardly made any noise. They said something to her mom, “Watch what we do to your daughter, lady!” and then Mike climbed on the bed.

He grabbed the tube of lotion he’d grabbed in the shower. He squeezed it onto his cock and rubbed it around, grinning at what was coming next. Her pussy was small, tight, virgin. She had some hair, not much. Her tits weren’t bad for fifteen though. She was fucking hot. He grinned. He knelt down between her legs as she wiggled around trying to get free. He grabbed his cock and put it right up to where her little snatch should be. He wiggled around, splitting the pussy lips, searching for the entrance. He felt and saw it, pointed right at it and began to push in. He was pretty fucking hard again, maybe even more than the shower. As he pushed in and started moving In and out, she began really screaming into her gag, twitching crazily, like a fish caught on a hook. He pushed deeper, then deeper. She was very tense, she was squeezing his cock and it felt tremendous to him, intense pain for her. Once he was in all the way, he began pounding in and out at a fast pace. She was grunting with every thrust, you could tell it hurt every time, and her body was really getting him off.

He started fucking her while Steve held her down, sucking on her tits and then forcing her to kiss him. After a bit, Mike pushed him aside and lay down on her, one hand on her tit, one gripping her mouth, his tongue squirming into her mouth, his cock moving in and out of that incredibly tight little pussy. He raped her for all he was worth, listening to her gasping, grunting, feeble attempts at stopping him. She felt him tense up, push in hard and hold it in, his cock pulsating in her tight vagina, cum filling her. He climbed off with a small pop, the other man jumped on. She found some strength, began to resist, but he pushed her face down, then pulled her hips up. He grabbed her hair, yanked it back, made her get up on all fours. He crammed himself into her cunt and began fucking that little fourteen-year-old. She was still very tight, and she kept fighting, which only made him fuck her harder. She heard them talking to her mom, saw them lift her into a chair while she was being raped, made her watch. She endured his rough sex, gripping the bed tightly.

When he came in her she thought maybe they were done. Far from it. She was dragged to the other bed, forced to straddle the first man. He began licking and sucking on her tits, one hand on her back pulling her closer, one hand feeling up her ass. A finger probed her ass, he whispered “I’m gonna fuck you in the ass, girl, I’m gonna fuck you good in the ass…” After he finished molesting her, she was passed to the other man. He sucked on her tits too, then went between her thighs and licked, sucked on her pussy and clit. He turned her over, did the same to her ass and asshole. She then got passed back again. He forced her face into his crotch, made her suck his cock.

He pushed up as he gripped her head and forced her down. It was too big, she kept gagging, she couldn’t breathe. This went on for a long time. His cock got bigger, harder as she did. Suddenly he threw her down on the bed and raped her again. When he finished, she had to do the same with the other man. Her jaw ached; her body hurt all over. Not one minute was she left alone, not one second were hands not all over her young body. They even dragged her up and threw her over her mom as they took turns fucking her from behind. They tied her face down on the bed, then took turns Sodomizing her fresh asshole.

Mike only planned on fucking her in the ass once, but the sight of her young ass jiggling as Steve took her only got him hard again. When Steve finished, he did her again. And a third time. And Steve did too, but raped her pussy once more. When they’d spent themselves, they tied her up, gagged her, grabbed the keys and the cash, about $350. Steve said, “Let’s take her with us!” but Mike yelled, “No! We stick to the plan, asshole!” They left, drove to Tampa, got tickets on a Trailways to Amarillo. They slept most of the way, but Mike woke once and set his eyes on a little Mexican girl. She was way too young to fuck, but it might be fun feeling her up some…




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Re: Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
« Reply #1 on: July 22, 2021, 01:57:23 PM »
Love the stories. It's really good. Keep it up.

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Re: Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
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Be sure to check out my other stories in my collection.  :emot_mrhappydick.gif: :emot_nana.gif: :emot_penis.gif:

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Re: Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
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You got skills Sliceblue, I've enjoyed reading this and several other things you've written. 
 Extends well on the first story.In my humble opinion these stories are hot despite the youth of the ravished, not because of it.
 I guess lots of guys dig the underage thing and certainly I'm not trying to take any moral high ground-- stuff I like is well against culturally accepted consensus--  but personally preferred full curves. 
It's a good story. Not exactly my cup of tea perhaps but still a fun read.Cheers,

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Re: Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
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They set that little spoiled princess straight for sure! Good job Slice!
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Re: Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
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Would've preferred to see mom participating.

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Re: Night At The Roxbury Part II- Florida
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I also think mum should have gotten some too... And that they should have brought them along to Mexico.

Still, you really write good even though Im not into those pictures and all that.