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« on: July 15, 2021, 01:50:37 PM »
Silk covered eyes
Blue piercing orbs dart yet cannot penetrate the delicate black ribbon
Luscious dark lips match
raven hair combed into flowing streams which
crash over alabaster shoulders

Soft bedding cradles tender flesh
a luxury of down and perfume contrasts with
creaking leather at ankle and wrist
Supple yet tight restraints pull
limbs taut to each corner post

Consciousness returned with the scent of burning candles
Bare breasts quake with shallow panicked breath
Cool air dances seductively over exposed pale skin
forced to come alive with texture

Music soft and downy as the bed
accompanies a heartbeat marking double time

A heavy wooden door opens
A voice kindly greets
The unseen auras of silent observers encircle
shrinking the room as they steal the air

A hand deftly stills her
quivering jaw
Shall we begin?
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Re: Consummation
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Love it  the perfect sum up of a kidnap victim with her obsessive captor! Will merit when allowed!