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Re: LK (Revised)
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Chapter 15
The Final Betrayal

     The trio arrived to find Melinda out in the open. Everything was eerily quiet. There was a sense of danger in the air. Something was very, very wrong. Even the birds that frequently visited the base were silent as if their voices had been taken from them.

     "Oh did the three of you all come to capture little ol' me?"

     "Where are the others?" Molly asked.

     "The other agents? They're a bit tied up at the moment and won't be joining you. They will join me though when all of this is over!"

     "How could you have overpowered all the others?" LK Leader wondered aloud.

     "Did you know the Underground Railroad had a path in Texas that lead to Mexico? Before slavery was abolished in the USA, Mexico happily accepted anyone who crossed the border as a free person."

     "What does that have to do with anything?" Tina impatiently asked.

     "That old farmhouse used to be a station on the Underground Railroad."

     "Oh God fucking damn it! Melinda you didn't!" Molly exclaimed.

     "Oh but I did. When The Hunter got bored with his victims he turned them over to me."

     "What the fuck? How did? That doesn't make sense!" Tina said in shock.

     "Oh Paul and I came to an understanding once I told him what really happened! His victims came to an understanding too. I didn't plan on Paul getting killed of course. I had hoped to have him here on this day. But we did plan on you 'finding' his journal and have you waste resources looking for women right under your nose! Oh girls? Come on out!"

     "How many victims did The Hunter have?" Tina whispered.

     "Around 40" Molly answered.

     "Oh shit" Tina swore as she saw multiple women come out into the open. They slowly gathered around Melinda. Tina looked into one of their eyes and saw a vast emptiness. Tina could barely recognize her friend Caroline from so many years ago. She was thinner and had the same empty soulless eyes. The humanity had been driven away from all of them. Reasoning with any of the women would be impossible. Tina wanted to try anyway.

     "Caroline she's kept you against your will and brainwashed you! It's me! Tina! Don't you remember?"

     "Why Huntress, I'm disappointed in you. You should have avenged your mother's death!"

     "It's all your fault. You arranged to have my grandma killed. You must have corrupted my mother like you did these women. I refuse to turn on them."

     "Such a shame, but if you choose to die then that's on you not on me. That includes you too, my sister," Melinda said with glee and sparkling eyes "surrender. You could try fighting but it would be a fatal mistake. You are outnumbered and outmatched. They will only listen to me! Take off your suits, lay down all your weapons, and you will all be spared. I will take my rightful place as leader of Lesbian Kidnappers while you forget all about us and live the rest of your lives away from us! Live or die. Make your choice."

     Tina was too scared to speak or move. She looked over to Molly who had a hard expression on her face. Molly had fear in her eyes but looked like she was going to stand her ground. Tina then looked at the LK Leader whose calm expression hadn't changed. The LK Leader rose her hand and for a moment Tina thought she was going to really surrender. Instead she spoke into her ring.

     "Code Alpha."

     Melinda cackled "Who are you speaking to? My girls got all your other agents tied up! It's just the three of you against all of us!"

     LK Leader smiled "Not everyone. You aren't the only one with an underground secret."

     The ground shook softly. The women with Melinda looked uncertain as the shaking gradually intensified. A huge rumble filled the air from just outside the base. Everyone watched something slowly rise from the earth. A giant neuralyzer as tall as a city skyscraper eventually loomed over them.

     "You're bluffing, Hannah!" Melinda exclaimed, using the leader's name to insult her. "You can't power this to be effective! It's impossible!"

     "Not if you charge it between each use."

     "No! You're insane! Whoever's controlling it will have their mind completely erased! Yours will be too!"

     The LK Leader reached into one of the pockets of the black full body suit. She opened up a folded sheet of notebook paper and held it in front of her. Tina looked toward Molly and saw that she had done the same.

     "That's the plan. Execute Code Alpha."


     The women with Melinda screeched in unison and ran towards the trio, but it was too late. A blinding yellow light exploded from the giant neuralyzer. It swept through everything and everyone. In an instant everyone forgot who they were. The horrors the women experienced being raped by The Hunter were gone. Melinda's rage forgotten. All were blinded momentarily by the bright yellow light.

     Tina looked around. Where was she? Who was she? Why was she wearing all black? Why were multiple women here? A blonde woman was reading something on a piece of paper. Next to her a dark haired woman was doing the same. Did she have something like that with her? No, there was nothing.

     Hannah and Molly looked at what was in front of them in confusion. What in the world was this? Suddenly as they read the information all of their memories came back in a snap. Hannah sighed with relief. Her desperate last resort had worked. The sexy scientist lesbians were right. You could regain your memory back by reading about yourself just after being neuralyzed.

     "Hello," Hannah said "your name is Tina. We'll explain what just happened. But first, Molly secure Melinda and the others."

     Hannah once again felt relief. It was all over. She congratulated herself on a job well done. Finally the Society could be in paradise. All they had to do was...

     "FBI! This is a raid!" a booming voice came from the front gate.

     The LK Leader quickly fished her neuralyzer out a pocket in her suit. She pressed the button. Nothing happened. Terrified, she looked at Molly and Tina.


     A gunshot rang out. One of the FBI agents must have seen the neuralyzer in Hannah's hand and thought it was a gun. Molly and Tina looked on in horror as Hannah fell to the ground with a bullet wound in her head. The pair ran as far as they could, hoping they wouldn't get shot at or caught.

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Re: LK (Revised)
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     The FBI had long thought the area Lesbian Kidnappers base was located was involved in criminal activity. When the ground shook and a yellow light was reported they feared a bomb had been set off. It was enough evidence the FBI needed to execute their raid. The FBI never dreamed of finding all the victims of The Hunter, multiple women tied up, and all of the women had no idea who they were or how they got there. Of course, the case led to a lot of nasty discoveries once they found the library. They knew then to search the Louisiana location for more criminal activity. Yet all the FBI found when searching Louisiana was empty buildings.

The Society

     Molly was able to warn the Society located in Louisiana. There wasn't enough time to hide or destroy evidence in Texas, especially since everyone had just gotten their minds erased. She warned them all to abandon everything and flee. The remaining agents scattered all over the United States and led normal lesbian lives. Agents who had their minds wiped from the giant neuralyzer were detained by the FBI for a time, but eventually let go. There was no point in charging them with anything since it was clear they couldn't remember who they were. Eventually after a period of years the agents did remember and were sad to see that the Society dissolved. They like the agents in Louisiana returned to the civilized world and led normal lesbian lives.

Victims of The Hunter

     The victims of The Hunter returned to their normal lives. Eventually like all the other agents in Texas they slowly regained their memory of the horrors that had happened to them. Some of them led successful productive lives despite what they went through. Others turned to substance abuse. Some even took their own lives.

Molly and Tina

     Molly and Tina were able to flee and evade the long arm of the law. They successfully fled to a mansion in Canada. The mansion was a safe location to start over in case the Society were to crumble. Hannah, the old leader owned the mansion. With Hannah dead, Molly did become the leader and had rights to own the mansion. Molly was sad the Society dissolved, but she couldn't risk starting it again. Tina and Molly were married in Canada. Each day their love continued to grow taller than the highest mountain and deeper than the deepest ocean. Their favorite sexual fantasy continued to be kidnapping and rape, but they only performed it on each other inside the mansion away from prying eyes. Most of the time, they stared at each other lovingly and had sweet, sweet lesbian sex.

Melinda Warren

     Melinda was captured by the FBI along with all the other women who had their memory erased. Like the others they couldn't charge her with a crime since it was obvious her memory was gone. She slowly regained her memories and moved to Mexico where she still resides to this day.


     I finish writing. The world needs to know the real story. We were a terrorist organization that dissolved when our leader was killed according to the FBI. That isn't true. We didn't want to terrorize people. We only wanted to fulfil our fantasies. The secret never should have gotten out. I call the stories The Kidnapping Trilogy.
     Molly walks in and puts her arms around me. She wants to know what I'm doing. I show her. She is skeptical at first but I assure her no one really knows where in Canada we are. If we cause no trouble where we are we are fine. Molly agreed. The truth needs to come out. She looks into my eyes lovingly. As I stare deep into her eyes, I slowly bring my face closer to hers. We kiss and slowly close our eyes. We breathe through our noses and touch tongues, lightly exploring and teasing the other.  We move slowly to the bed, never breaking our wonderful kiss. She lays on top of me, her mouth busy with mine.  Her hands roam over my body and her fingertips flutter everywhere.

     The kiss breaks and we look into each other’s eyes again. She moves her head to my pussy and blows on it.  Moaning, I beg her to lick me. She teases me by licking my pussy lips and clit. She kisses my labia then kisses my legs. Her finger slides inside me and moves in rapid circles as she kisses my legs. Another finger slides inside and I moan with pleasure. As her fingers go in and out of me I can feel an orgasm building up slowly.

     I feel a finger slide into my ass and I moan with pleasure and passion. Her thumb presses inside my vagina, strokes the fingers inside my vagina and waves them from side to side. She pushes against me hard and her fingers go deep inside me. I moan louder when I feel her mouth sucking on my pussy. My breaths come out in gasps as she sucks me harder and harder, my body bathed with my sweat. She sucks even harder and I feel nothing but pleasure from her mouth. As I cum, she laps it all up inside her mouth.

     She kisses me and I invite her tongue inside my mouth. Our tongues intertwine with each other. I can taste my wonderful juices from my pussy.  I moan and our hands grope each other. After our kiss, she lay next to me. We snuggle close and each fell asleep at the same time. I dream wonderful dreams about my love and can't wait to wake up with her in my arms.


Melinda Warren

     Melinda awakened in a good mood. Soon the day would come where she would finally get what she wanted. The Society was gone, but the people remained. Her last effort to get even with the remnants of Lesbian Kidnappers was nearly complete. They had no idea what was going to come next! She rose and went to her laptop where she made the finishing touches of her plan...

...The story continues with part 4 of The Kidnapping Chronicles The Masked Marauder