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A Driving Desire
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Something set my story imagination off once more but this time for a consensual story that I have shared with my original inspiration. Told her I would change bits and post out of respect and admiration for her! What is posted below is the new version that is going to lead into another part. maybe more!

It’s been one of those days when all I really wanted was to sign off and say “Fuck the world!” Six fares that did nothing but complain about things, like I gave a damn about their lives. Hell think about it, the dweebs couldn’t even afford a car of their own to drive, no they had to hire me on the app and bad mouth me and the state of the world.

I swore I was so fucking close to chucking it all in and go home to an ice cold six pack and a frozen pizza, when my phone buzzed and suddenly today brightened up for me. On the screen, a vision of loveliness that was way out of my league to even be beside of, let alone drive where she wanted to go.  512 East Avenue, pick up one, Dawn Amberlain to go to Club Energy at 289 Darrow Road in Akron. Not the biggest trip I have ever made but then the picture I was sent to prove how I was to pick up was gorgeous. Man I hope the person wasn’t using a fake photo to get me to respond faster.

Ten minutes later I pulled up and the person who got into the back seat not only matched the sent photo but put it to shame.

“Evening Miss!” God how I hoped that she was a miss and not a trophy wife out for a good time to forget the senior she married for money!

“Hi, can you get me to Club Energy before the nightly rates go up?”

“Get you there as fast as the traffic allows Miss!” Oh great she didn’t admonish me for thinking that she wasn’t married. I took East Avenue until it dissected Route 91 then straight down to the entrance to Club Energy, making it just over the eight minute mark thanks to a senior who clipped the rear end of a state trooper car.

She paid and as my hand came in contact with her’s, electricity coursed through my body making a beeline right to my pleasure center. I don’t know why but I was out of the car in a flash, opening her door and helping her out before the bouncer had a chance to come to her assistance.

“Hey there Dawn, looking good as always!” The bouncer had the nerve to actually lower his mirrored glasses before holding his hand out to her. From that point on I knew that they both considered me just an extra wheel, no,  make that a flat tire on the rim!

I didn’t bother either of them, as they walked away from her to the front door guarded by another burly piece of beef in black jeans and a chest hugging black t-shirt. Getting back in the car I found that Miss Amberlain had accidentally left her clutch purse on the back seat.  I knew that she would need it before the night was done so I decided that I would log out and try my luck inside to return it to her in person.

Going up, the piece of beef., blocked me until I explained what had happened. He looked funny at me but he did wave me in after “If this is some sort of bullshit, you better have up to date paid health insurance!” I didn’t bother trying to say anything to the bouncer, obviously all his brains were in his biceps! Going inside I was almost shocked when I saw Miss Amberlain’s dress looked so much better in the club than it did in the back seat of my car.
Currently she wore a form fitting black number that defined her assets like I got when I looked into the rearview mirror.

She was in front of A Samsung phone getting a photo from  a guy that was old enough to be her father. I couldn’t help but stare at her beauty, ash blonde hair, that draped down her shoulders. But on her it really helped to frame her face and her eyes. God I could picture myself getting slapped for losing myself in those eyes.

As my eyes moved down her body where there was a perfect view of her magnificent breasts, you know the kind you could motorboat and die of dehydration! I don’t know why But suddenly I was self conscious of my appearance, and I hung back in the shadows until Miss Amberlain was alone.

Finally the guy left her standing there and I swallowed a bit of saliva  then started to go towards her.  Of course my luck reared its ugly head , this time in a form of a muscle bound guy dressed in a black t-shirt with “Security” written in large white block letters on the front and back.

“So what do we have here, a  pervert?”

Oh god not now! There were traces of saliva, running down the right corner of my mouth and I was staring straight at Miss Amberain. Add the fact that her clutch was in my hands and what the hell would you think when your biceps were larger than the size of your brain. It was then when I realized that there were two of them and they had arm each, forcibly moving me towards the back door.

One kicked his left leg out, opening the fire door when his foot made contact and pressed the bar on the door. It was dark there and before I knew anything a fist the size of a small roast was smashing its way into my face. Instantly I dropped the clutch purse as more fist struck me about the face and abdomen.

I have no idea how long that went on for I blacked out since I was such a wimp when it came to pain. When I did come to I was in a pale green room, on a gurney between two curtains that acted as walls.  Parts of my head hurt as did my stomach.  I tried to get up and the room spun like a carousel. I plopped back onto the padded surface as something started to beep in response to me moving.

Suddenly one of the curtains swished aside and I got a glimpse of other such curtains before a large Black woman in a yellow pants suit took over my vision. “ Now you just relax Mr. Cartier, you’re in no condition to get up!”


“”Summa Health System- Akron Center, Doctor Mendelson will be with you shortly. So you just lay there before you cause any more swelling!” She checked something above me then left after moving the curtain back around to prevent others from viewing me. Laying back down, I must have drifted back to sleep, for when the curtain opened again there was a Indian man standing at the end of my bed with a clipboard in his hands.

“So Mr. Cartier, outside of a broken rib and a pair of Ecchymosis you are healthy enough to be released and we ask you to follow up with the doctor of your choice!”

The doctor places the clipboard on a hook on the end of the bed  and walks away, as if I had no questions to ask  or that he thought he had something better to do than talk with me. With the curtain slightly open I could hear a commotion a few feet away from where I was.

I didn’t bother with it at the time, since I was basically under the impression that I was free to get out of there.  Getting up, holding onto the mattress and the one railing  that could be raised if I needed it I began searching for my pants and t-shirt. With them in sight I slowly bent over and tried to get a hold of them. They were just in my hand as I began to stand straight up when she came around the curtain.

One look at my face  and she burst out “Oh my god what did they do to you?”

I started trembling at the sight of her, the words the two guys can back clearly in my mind. “We hear that you’re around her again and this will be love taps compared to what we’ll do to you!”

Instantly, I froze and stammered “N-n-n-n-o-o-th-i-i-n-g-g-g-g I ran into a pole-e-e-e-e!” With what limited vision I had I could tell that she wasn’t buying what I was saying. “P-p-p-l-l-l-e-e-e-a-a-a-s-s-s-e-e-e I promise That I don’t-t-t-t-t want-t-t-t anything-g-g-g-g-g from-m-m- y-y-o-o-o-u-u-u-u!”

With that I turn around and ignore her, as I put my clothes on, wincing as I let my t-shirt settle on the area of my broken rib. Too bad she couldn’t let my appearance lapse.

“Nonsense, Jason and Mark had no right to do this to you!” Moving closer to me when I attempted to step away from the bed. “ Look at you, you can barely stand up let alone walk!” Draping her left arm around my waist. Must have been because she was seated but she was smaller than I thought. Now I was wondering how someone this small could be that built?”

I had to get those thoughts out of my head and away from her before those guys in the club found out  and came to visit me. That was when she dropped another problem on my that I never thought about.

“Where’s your car, here or at Club Energy?”

I had no idea and voiced it aloud “I have no idea!” As I started to move away, she was with me, as I made my way to the sign out desk.  We were just a few feet from the desk when the nurse manning the desk looked up  “Oh Doctor Amberlain, Do you need help? Shall I call for an orderly?”

Holy Christ she’s a doctor, no wonder they beat me to a pulp, probably their supplier of a steroid prescription. Now more than ever I wanted nothing to do with her! She made small talk with the nurse who came around and helped me into a chair while Doctor Amberelain got her phone out.  As the nurse went back around my file was pulled up and she verified my address. 1609 Romona Road, here in Akron.

I’ll admit, I was more focused on the information the nurse wanted than what Doctor Amberlain was up to. Only her voice getting louder as she spoke made me divide my attention between them. “You take his car to the address I just gave you or I’ll be the one to jam your head into a police jail cell door!” it was more there next statement that would have had me swallowing something  but that was a little hard for me to do right then.

“Did I say anything about opening the cell door? Just do it or else!”

The nurse said I was free to go, and since Doctor Amberlain was busy threatening someone, I did my best imitation of trying to walk with a hint of dignity! Am arm came around my waist and All I could do was swear under my breath, *God damn why don’t you take the hint and leave me alone!*

“I can’t believe that Jason and Mark would do that to you for trying to return my clutch to me!”  Fuck most of my face may have been swollen but every time I tried to breathe in All i could detect was the subtle hint of her perfume. If it didn’t hurt so bad to expand my chest, I swear I would have vacuumed off every bead of perfume from her skin!.

Out to the private parking lot she basically dragged my sorry ass, right to a sleek black BMW M2. Just the sight of the car made me wonder why she called for a pickup when she drove that!  I must have voiced my concern instead of just thinking about it.

“Oh I never drive myself to a club in case I get a little too intoxicated. But after they came to me with my clutch and their story of getting it off a pervert who was ogling me, I put two and two together to come up with you!” Helping me into the passenger seat , buckling me in so that the belt would pass an inspection from a distance but not rest against my broken rib. There now you just sit back and leave it to me to get you home!”

Fifteen minutes thanks to a busier night than either of us anticipated, Doctor Amberlain was pulling in front of my place. I could just imagine the type of palatial estate she lived in compared to the small one level place she was parked in front of. We were just about to get out of her car when my car came up the street and pulled into the driveway.

I recognized the guy behind the wheel and as he got out, I called out as I used the doctor’s car as a shield between him and me. “I promise, I told Doctor Amberlain that I would make my own way home!” I have no idea who was more scared. Him who was walking as wide as possible from my car and Doctor Amberlain or me who felt something hot and wet going down my leg, expecting another beating at any second!

“Jason McBride you get your ass over here and you apologize to Mr. Cartier or I swear I’ll stuff my foot so far up your ass you’ll be able to lick my toes from the back of your throat!”

Damn even I thought that if anyone, Doctor Amberlain could pull that off. No wonder the muscle bound moron took her at her word and came over  to me, falling down to his knees, spouting more words a second than I thought anyone could speak. I didn’t get much but “I’m sorry” and “I’ll pay you back”  did come through to me crystal clear.

“Now clear out while I remember that I’m a lady!”

I had no idea who she meant that too so I started a wonky walk to my house. “No you, I’m here to get you home safely!” Once more her arm was around me and  as we made it to my front door I managed to get my key out and let us in.  As usual the inside looked like a tornado had hit, clothes and empty boxes were everywhere, at least I thought most of them were empty.

She helped me sit down on the couch after moving a few empty boxes from one end. After that things got haze for me as I was once more drifting in and out of sleep, one time when I did come too there was a note left taped to the front of my TV screen.

  Mr. Cartier!
         I’ll be back when you are able to keep better company!
                                                                   Dawn Amberlain

I found my phone on the table across from me. Picking it up I see that it was a little after midnight and that I had a missed message. Opening it I almost dropped my phone. There on the screen was the sexiest picture I could have ever hoped to get of Doctor Dawn Amberlain. She was dressed as if she was an everyday girl next door and if it wasn’t for the throb in my face and my chest I would have continued to stare at it while beating one out. But I felt that I’ve been beaten enough for one day!


Oh man I drifted back to sleep with that picture in my head. For the next few days I had messages from Doctor Amberlain . even a cleaning service in to spruce the place up while I recovered my strength and for the colour of my eyes to return to a semblance of pink.  I even had in person visits from the Doctor to check up on how I was healing.

She was always professional and after a while when I never got any other visits from the guys from the club I started to relax around her.   Looking back, I couldn’t   believe that was how our friendship started. I still picked up Doctor Amberlain, er make that Dawn, up when she went clubbing or out to enjoy herself. The funny part, every time I happened to see either Jason or Mark, they suddenly had to break something up somewhere I wasn’t!

Now don’t mind me but I got a call to pick up Dawn at her office, it seems she had a doctor of the year award to attend!

                                                                                                          To Be Continued 

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Re: A Driving Desire
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CUMS all over this

"Crime is the soul of lust. What would pleasure be if it were not accompanied by crime? It is not the object of debauchery that excites us, rather the idea of evil." -- Marquis de Sade


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Re: A Driving Desire
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It's so fun to have a muse like Dawnamber to write about!

                                                                                                            Part Two

A quick check of my phone and I see a request from Dawn Amberlain to pick her up from her office at 222 West Avenue. Ever since she took me home from the hospital it’s been a dream come true for me to just be in her thoughts, maybe I should have gotten the shit beaten out of me  way earlier than I did. But I couldn’t bitch, every time she doesn’t trust herself to stay legally able to drive she calls on me exclusively, helping me to pay the bills and eat.

Pulling up I was surprised that She was standing by the front door in a beige dress and grey thigh high boots. Man was it wrong of me to be wondering if she would walk over me in those boots? Before  she could get closer I was up and out of the car, to open the back door for her, wincing a bit from my healing broken rib.

“Doctor Amberlain!” Opening the door for her like I was taught by my grandmother many moons ago. As she passed by me, I caught a subtle hint of a scent of some kind, like a flowery, spicy scent that had me wondering where it was about her.. In she got and closed the door and got back into the driver’s seat. “And where to Doctor?”

A look into the rearview mirror, my blackened eyes opened just enough that I could see enough of her to make me begin to harden where I sat. Dawn looked up at me.

“Are you sure you can drive Mr. Cartier?”

“Yan, Yan Cartier and if I couldn’t drive then this thing would be parked in a driveway!” Looking into the rearview mirror the smile that came back to me warmed me to my core!

“Well that it does Yan!” The way my name rolled off her lips thrilled me inside “So if you’re up to it we are off to The Sheraton Suites Akron in Cuyahoga Falls!”

Twelve minutes I had the good doctor at the front door. The concierge at the hotel got the door before I could get out of my seat, so all I got was a view of Doctor Amberlain swaying her ass as she walked to the entrance.  The concierge returned in a pissed mood “Get this piece of shit out of here buddy before I have the cops tow it!”

I didn’t need to be told again, driving off after figuring that I could find a place in Menards to park to kill a few hours before, I’m hoping that Dawn would call to be picked up once more and be taken home. A Reds game on the radio and a few cups of coffee helped me to pass the time away. A little after ten Pm I felt the twinge of pain starting so I pop a few of the pain pills washing it down with a large mouthful of coffee sludge.

The call came and I was back there before anyone else could pick her up. As she came out on the arm of what I took to be another doctor, I ‘ll admit I was jealous of the guy. Over to the car the pair came, so I just sat there staring straight out the windshield. The back door opened and in she got  and the guy leaned in his head,
“Take the lady to 512 East Avenue would you!”

Like I had no idea where she was going as the guy turned away from me and kissed Dawn on the cheek before closing the door. I didn’t say anything, just drove back to her place in just under thirteen minutes. Sure I was pissed off by her being with that guy but I did get out and open the door for her. Hell I even walked her to her front door and that was when I did the unthinkable- I kissed Dawn on the lips.

We were at her front door when she was about to put the key into the lock when Ii grabbed her by the shoulders and spun her around to face me.  Before she could do anything else I planted my lips onto hers, we were both in shock when I broke off the kiss and turned and ran before Dawn could do anything. I jumped inside the car and peeled out, leaving a streak of tar on the driveway.


It was two day since I did that and I couldn’t bring myself to turn on my phone in case there was a message from Dawn telling me that she never wanted to lay eyes on me ever again. When i did turn my phone on there was tw messages from her on my phone.

“We need to talk about what happened!” and “Well at least have the balls to talk to me!” I was just about to turn my phone off when the bing came telling me that there was a new message, “Well maybe you could come to my place tomorrow afternoon, so we can talk things over?”

Great apparently she wanted to tell me off in person rather than over the phone. My imagination took over from there, maybe Jason and Mark would be waiting to emphasize Dawn words to me. Maybe the guy from the awards wanted to use me as a personal punching bag. Or maybe Dawn had it planned to kick the living shit out of me! Only one way to find out and that was to grow a set and face her!


Ever notice how fast time goes when you’re dreading something! Before I fully comprehended things I was at Dawn’s knocking on the door. Nothing happened, no door opening, no fist making contact with me from a gap in the doorway. I waited a good two minutes before I knocked again, getting the same result.  Shaking my head I decided to go to the back door and see if she was home.

I got to the back fence, opened the gate and was about to go to the back door when I heard a horse whinny and she rode up on the beast.

Fuck the sight of her riding tall in the saddle with her purplish blue check shirt open gave me a view that I really didn’t have any reason to be seeing. Dawn noticed me “,  Yan you came!” Making a move to stable the horse “Just let me put The Doctor’s prescription away and change into something less distracting and I’ll be with you. In the meanwhile why don’t you wait for me over by the pool!”

She dismounts the horse and leads it into what I thought was a garage, it seems you learn something new every day! I go over and take a seat at the table by the pool. Looking all around thinking it must be nice to have that kind of money to spend! I have no idea how much time before Dawn cam back out

“So you came, I wasn’t sure you would!”

Just from the tree line came her voice and as I turned my head to find the voice, my eyes almost popped out of my head. There she was in a yellow crop top and a pair of those jeans that were considered retro by today’s standards. More than Dawn in her riding clothes, she was so sexy to me. I swear my eyes almost opened fully at her appearance.

I didn’t know if she said anything as I started rambling.  “About the other night, I was high on pain pills and had no idea what I was doing!”  Getting up, pulling a chair out so Dawn could sit down. “I promise I’ll neve try something like that ever again!”

“Really, too bad I kind of wanted more of that!”

In all my imagination I never expected something like that from her!

                                                                                                              To Be Continued

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Re: A Driving Desire
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A little different seeing you do consensual, Graham, but you got another winner going here. Using Dawn for a muse, always guarantees a great time.
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Re: A Driving Desire
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Got to flex the old brain every now and then to prove that I'm more than a rape story. With that here is part three...

                                                                                             Part Three

I was stunned speechless at that, what do you say to that?, how do you reply without making yourself look like a stalking pervert? In a way I wasn’t trying to deny that I was a pervert when it came to her but she didn’t need to know that! I started to open my mouth to reply but Dawn cut me off fast.

“Oh relax Yan, I know what medication can make people do, but I really mean what i said” Moving closer to where I’m sitting “I get kissed by guys all the time, most lecherously but when you kissed me I felt something different!” Laying her hand on my right shoulder and I swore I so badly wanted to pull her down  and kiss her all over.

As if sensing my inner turmoil, “Look Yan now is a really bad time, my daughter and her boyfriend are in the house or I would take you inside and physically explain things to you!” Fuck my cock started hardening only to deflate really fast at the mention that she had a daughter. Christ I don’t know if I was ready to get involved with a mother, let alone a hot doctor like Dawn.

“Look, I know you finding out that I’m a mother may change how you feel about me but I would like to see if this would have worked out between us!”

She wanted to know! Fuck in a big way this was a fantasy I’ve had for a long time, fucking a hot milf and not having to worry about getting a kid. One good look into my face and Dawn must have figured out what was running through my mind.

“So still going to claim that your medication was making you fantasize about taking a milf to bed, be it a young milf at that?”

I try to look anywhere else but at Dawn, but her hand dropping onto my crotch and her words told me that I was more transparent than I thought. “Oh please Yan, it’s so obvious!”  Patting the rise in my jeans “Something on you told me!”

Oh damn that was all I needed right now, sitting in her backyard with her touching my cock through my clothing. I could feel a slight surge and something wet and warm in my underwear, up by the waistband.  That was all I needed, so in a flash I got up twisting my way around Dawn and bolting for the back gate. I jumped it, like an Olympic high jumper  and tore off for my car. Inside I was about to jam my foot on the gas when I heard.

“Oh you can run but remember I know where you live and how to get a hold of you!” Followed by an infectious giggle. But that didn’t stop me from tearing off the tarred concrete, leaving layers of my tread on the cement. I was up around the nearest block before I lifted my foot up off the gas pedal. As if that didn’t make it appear that I was foolish, my phone, on the passenger seat buzzed and on the screen was a message from Dawn.

“See I told you so!’ followed by two smiley faces laughing  “You can bet you haven’t heard the last from me!”

Great outside of driving to interstate 91 and taking it until it dissected highway 90 and followed it until it branched off to the 275 which would take me to Detroit where I could cross over into Canada, I was screwed! Maybe I should call Cousin Graeme to see how he would handle the situation with Dawn. he had always been smarter than me when it came to women.

But I started to get the twinge of pain, once more so I drove home. Convinced that I would just ignore any attempts by Dawn to contact me. I justified that by answering what she saw in me (Nothing), what would she get from being with me (Again nothing!). Hell my entire place probably could fit in that garage cum barn  she has on her property. Lord knows it probably smells the same since I don’t shovel the manure I create from old pizza boxes and other take out food cartons.

No, I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, I had nothing to offer Doctor Dawn Amberlain. She only sees me as a pity case, nothing more. Getting back home I immediately go inside and pop a few pain pills and wash it down with a murky glass of water. Laying down I drifted off to sleep.

Strange dreams penetrated my sleeping mind, weird visions of my cock hardening. Something warm and soft excited me as my cock continued to grow. I have no idea exactly what woke me, all I knew there was Dawn kneeling by me. Her hand inside my fly, on my hard cock. “Well at least something that seems pleased to find me here!”

I wanted to say something but I was still out of it, so I just laid there and let Dawn have her way with me. The more she worked my cock the more clearer things came to me.  *Oh God Doctor Dawn only considered me a boy toy!* Once more Dawn took everything away from me and took over.

“Well that’s one way to wake you up!” Taking her hand off my cock then out of my fly/ Moving to the opposite end of the couch, moving a pile of discarded boxes and cartons  before turning and looking back at me. “So shall we have a talk between two adults or are you planning to run away again!

The red top she had on really highlighted the cleavage valley she possessed and I was staring at her breasts  thinking of how I could run my tongue between those  orbs of flesh. Could this be the reason why i opened up like a wall of a dam that just broke apart.

“I don’t get it, what could someone as drop dead gorgeous see in a loser like me?” Moving so that I was sitting up “What could I possibly offer someone who can have anything or anyone she wants, when I can’t even give myself a reason to get near you!” I hoped laying it on thick would make Dawn open her eyes, over our differences.

Dawn looked at me and I felt her eyes bore into me. “Well for one you thought that I was worth taking a purse to instead of making me come to you to get it. You suffered a beating at the hands of those two muscle bound morons over me.!” Moving closer to me on the couch And one of the things that truly turned me on was that you never tried to come on to me, either in the car or when I drove you home!”

Her next statement really told me how she felt “No guy has ever tried to do anything for me without expecting something in return!”

Hadn’t I expected something? At first I probably did but after the beating I could honestly say I never expected to see her ever again. Yet she keeps calling me, coming near me. In a way flaunting what I had no hope in hell of ever getting.

“Look Yan, I know you must be confused but when you kissed me, medication or not, you awoke something that I felt I never had before. You didn’t want ‘The Doctor’, “The Club Girl” or “The Cream Dream”, you just wanted plain ole Dawn and for once I felt truly special!”

Tears were coming to her eyes and a lump was in my throat. Just then a phone went off and I knew it wasn’t mine. Dawn got her phone out, looked at the screen and got up making her way to the door. She stopped before opening the door, turned back to me and blew me a kiss “Oh trust me when I’m not being called back to the hospital, we’ll figure out just what we are!”

Out she went and the lump in my throat threatened to choke me. Did she actually feel something for me? God only time would answer that if I didn’t scare her off!

                                                                                                      To Be Continued

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Re: A Driving Desire
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MMmmm , greatly anticipating the continuation of this!
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Re: A Driving Desire
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                                                                                             Part Four

I was still trying to wrap my mind around what Doctor Dawn wanted with a guy like me. Couldn’t be money, not looks or job prospects, lord knows I was severely lacking in all three!. I damn sure she seen me in bed, in the hospital, so she couldn’t be after the three inch that was in my pants. A girl like her had to have every size cock in the world sent her way daily!

I dropped onto the couch after clearing an old pizza box off it and promptly fell to sleep. A few hours later I was awakened by my smartphone going off. A text message to pick someone up at 512 East Avenue. Oh god, I so badly wanted to text back that I couldn’t make the pickup but the person there and my dispatch both knew that I would be lying.

I walk out and get in to drive to my latest encounter with Doctor Dawn. I expected to be greeted by her in a club outfit, not the way I did see her after getting there and going to the door. Dawn was dressed in a grey tank top over a pinkish bra and it was so clear that even Ray Charles could have figured out that she was crying.

Even crying she was gorgeous and it broke my heart that she was crying “What’s wrong?” escaped my lips before I could think that maybe she didn’t want to talk about it. Before I could get another word our Dawn grabbed me and buried her head into my left shoulder area.

Through her tears she spoke, “I don’t know why I wanted to be a doctor, I’m shit when a patient dies on me!” Damn how was I supposed to respond to that?

“I’m sure you did all you can!” leaning my head on top of hers “Some are destined to die no matter what you do.” Pushing her off me so I could raise her head to look into my eyes “I’m sure no one is blaming you for the patient dying!”

God even with tears blurring her eyes I still wanted to stay just staring into them, as if there was no one else in the entire world. It was then that Dawn stood up on her tiptoes and kissed me on the lips. I was so confused about how long I was expected to hold onto the kiss. I waited until Dawn broke the kiss.

Wiping her eyes Dawn moved a step back from me, “Only my mother used to let me cry on her shoulder. Everyone else just expected a doctor to suck it up and be strong!” I didn’t know what to say so I just stood there like a mute, looking at Dawn. Time passed by as we both tried to be comfortable around the other. Then I remember that I was called to pick Dawn up and take her somewhere.

“Unhh not trying to deliberately change the subject but I was texted to come here and pick you up and take you where you wanted to go!”

“Not really Yan, I just thought you would ignore me if I sent a text to you asking to come to keep me company!” The way she looked to the floor made me feel like a total asshole. Would I have ignored her text or would I have broken every speed law between my pace and here to get to her faster? Guess I wouldn’t know since I didn't get a text like that.

Eventually we moved into the living room and sat on the couch, talking about things that neither of us cared about. I don’t know why but I told Dawn that I had the next day off, I should have realized that it would only lead to another meeting between us. But I was getting ahead of myself.

I called it a night after Dawn promised me she worked the death out of her system. We said goodnight and I left before either of us tried to kiss the other. We were tied in that department so why change that between us. Back home I made my way into the bedroom and fell fast asleep. A little after seven I woke up feeling like a human for once in a long time.  Once more a text message was on my phone.

*Going to go horseback riding, will be back by ten, why don’t you come over and we can spend the day together if you’re willing!*

Great, she knew I had nothing planned, so what excuse could I text back that wouldn’t make me seem like a frightened little boy. Nothing that’s what so that was why at ten thirty I was pulling into her driveway.  Going clean back to the fence, I got out and looked over the top of the fence when I spotted Dawn coming out of the stable.

God if I wasn’t  confused by ‘us’ I would have burst through that fence and jumped her there in the backyard. God she looked so sexy in a red plaid shirt tied up about six inches under her breasts. She spotted me “Hey Yan come on in I’m going to change into a bathing suit and go for a swim!” Then she disappeared inside of the house as I went to the pool area and took a seat. When she came out I thank God that I was sitting with my legs crossed to hide my instant hard on.

Oh fuck I have a feeling that even a gay guy would jump at the chance of seeing Dawn dressed like that upclose! How the hell she didn’t fall out of what she called a bathing suit must have taken tanker trucks of “Gorilla Glue”  to keep her bikini in place. I could feel more than just my cock bulging at the sight of Dawn in that Burnt Orange bikini.

Was it wrong of me to pray to God that the water pulls that bikini off her, not that it was covering anything that I could imagine! Once more the time seemed to fly by. I don’t know how she did it but I stripped down to my underwear and joined her in the pool. From that paint on we were like a pair of children, splashing each other, playing tag and Marco Polo. the Sun went from high overhead to low on the west side.

That was when dawn disappeared back into the house, I sat by the edge of the pool. Minutes passed before I heard a scream. Like a maniac I jumped up and ran to the back door, going inside I called out “Dawn are you alright?” I was still in my soaked underwear when I heard from above “I’m up here!”

I made my way upstairs, forgetting that this wasn’t my house. At the top of the stairs, another call “I’m stuck !” I followed the voice until I was outside the door “Please hurry I’m frightened!” Now more than ever I bolted into the room, stopping dead as I glimpsed Dawn on the middle of the bed dressed in a red silk top and short set,

“Now how did I know that I could get you in here!”

I swear my jaw hit the floor and if parts of me were bulging looking at Dawn in that bikini then I could just guess what was bulging right now!”

                                                                                                       To Be Concluded
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Now the conclusion

                                                                                               Part Five

I knew by all right I should have turned around and ran out but, it was like my lower half had full control of me. I couldn’t move except to get closer to Dawn. The coy smile on her face told me that I was doing exactly what she wanted from me, She wasn’t only smiling . her hands found the hem of her top and lifted it up, over her head, taking it off. Then she lowered her arms to their respective side and pulled her shoulder back, highlighting her amazing breasts to me.

Just the sight of them, pulled me magnetically to the side of the bed. *Resist Yan, she’s so out of your league!*, but now my lower torso was controlling everything from my eyes down. My hands were out, touching her breasts, kneading them sensually. Small mews came from the blonde beauty as she moved her hands to my wet shorts.

Before I could even think to protest, my shorts and underwear underneath them down around my ankle, her right hand was stroking the entire swollen length of my shaft. Now her mews were matched by my sighs of pleasure. A gentle tug pulled me onto the mattress with her and I didn’t protest about that, for I was lost in the sensation her hand was invoking on my cock.

Then her right hand left my cock and a flow  of warm breath replaced it before a moist warmth took over. Somehow I managed to look down, only to see the crown tress of blonde hair. The longer I looked the more my left hand left her breast and roved along flesh to the top of her shorts, then inside them to more bare flesh that was above the paradise that I had always envisioned was there!

My fingers play with the warm flesh there. My middle finger slides between the flesh, seeking the control button hidden inside. By the moans escaping around my cock I know that I have found it. Now both of us were lost in sensations that the other was causing. With my cock still engulfed by her mouth, I swing around, moving my legs to either side of her head and placing mine between hers.

With us positioned, my tongue joins my finger, and the taste of her was driving me to think things I have never thought about another before.  Many minutes pass before my tongue is covered with her nectar and I hear “Hmmm! Salty  tasting!” before the warmth engulfs my cock once more.

By pure instinct, I swing myself around once more and start to kiss her lips. Breaking off long enough to attempt to say something. Dawn raises her left hand, the first and middle fingers pressed against my lips, “Now don’t talk, just go with nature!”

And with that I went with nature and mounted her. An electric sensation coursed through me as I penetrated her. Sparks in the back of my head, lit up like fireworks. I swear a choir of heavenly angels started to serenade us as I moved in and out of Dawn. Sure in my mind I was of the opinion that this was wrong but my body wasn’t agreeing with my assessment

“YESSSSSSSSSS! Yan, fuck me!”

As if I was a puppet and she was controlling my strings, I did just that. Sure I have been with others before but none had the ability to bring out the ability and emotions that Dawn was bringing out in me.  As if it was an out of body experience i came in Dawn without meaning too.

As reality came flooding back to me, I once more returned to the apologizing Yan “Oh Dawn I’m so sorry for cumming in you!”

“Nonsense Yan, I could have stopped you  but I didn’t!” Curling up beside me, “Long ago, I suffered trauma that rendered me unable to get pregnant, consider it a natural form of birth control!”

I had no idea how to respond to that. Sure I was stunned at the news but I was also deeply saddened that Dawn would never experience the joy of childbirth. Still that didn’t stop me from coupling with the sexiest female I had ever had the chance to have sex with.  After a third time making love we were both exhausted in each other’s arms and slept as if this was natural!


Six months later

Dawn And I came along the dirt pathway by the train tracks. We were close enough that we reached out and grasped hands,

“Well Yan for only being on horseback for a little over a month, you seem to be a natural rider!”

“Well that can only be chalked up to having such a dedicated teacher!”

Since that night in bed together we were only separated when one had to go to work. We were learning more and more about each other daily. Eventually it came as no surprise that I moved in with Dawn as long as she accepted me staying as an Uber driver. I made it perfectly clear that I had no intention to ‘feed’ off the good doctor.
Sure Dawn made what I made in a day in a couple of hours, but she never rubbed my nose into that fact. Even with us considering each other ‘a couple’, that didn’t stop me from driving Dawn to Club Energy, every Friday Night.

Even the bouncers. Jason and Mark came to accept us as being together, both still shook their heads at that fact which I had to admit deep down inside I questioned also.

But Dawn saw something in me that apparently only she could see. And when I was around her I was able to imagine it also!

                                                                                                             The End