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Making Her Understand "US"
« on: June 28, 2021, 03:00:27 PM »
The author of this piece of fiction does not condone violence against women and any form of rape. All it against the moral ethics of the law of society. If one does not understand that please seek medicinal help before the legal establishment.

What you are about to read is a little something that came to me in a period of near awareness this morning. Hope you enjoy!


Part One

       Please believe me when I say it’s not you, It’s me!
       I have known for a long time and I can’t continue
        on like I am!
      Don’t try to find me, it will be easier for both of us
        to go our separate way!

What bullshit I found when I opened my email. How dare she break it off with me? And what a fucking cowardly move to dump me via email. At least show you have some ‘balls’ and say this to my face. Don’t try to find me, what a fucking joke. Like I didn’t know every second of Lucinda’s schedule, every place she shows her two faced blonde head. Oh I wouldn’t try to find her, for I knew exactly where and when I was going to get her back.

That was why I was parked right  behind her Ford Taurus. There was no way in hell that she was going to get away from me without talking to me.  Oh, the little items I had on top of the dashboard of the hummer was all I needed to get her to come back to me., willingly or not!

People passed by me in the Aldus parking lot, commenting on how I was parked and that they hoped that the store employees would come out and send me on my way. I’ll admit that I did fear that but my prayers were answered. When I saw Lucinda wheeling out a cart full of groceries, a smile on her face  and what I‘ll bet was those fucking air buds she was constantly wearing. Perfect if she didn’t feel anything for me she damn sure would feel something from me!

As  she neared, oblivious to my presence thanks in no doubt to that shit she calls music playing at a high volume. Grabbing for the black pistol-like device just behind the steering wheel, I get out and wait for Lucinda to come so close that when I open the side door, those around would just think that a boyfriend was there to take his girlfriend’s groceries home for her. Oh, I planned taking something home, but it sure wasn’t groceries!
With the front of the shopping cart about six feet from the side of my hummer I moved to the side door and opened it.

“Excuse me, you’re blocking me in!”

“Am I?” Sounding so innocent. As I spun around and triggered the taser in my hand, embedding both darts into Lucinda’s stomach and letting the charge from the taser do its job. Just as fast as I made the taser appear, I made  it disappear into the holster A concealed in the small of my back under the hem of the t-shirt I wore. No words, just a surprised look on her face as Lucinda started to sink to her knees. In a flash I got her around the waist before she hit the ground.

“Oh god she’s having one of her epilepsy attacks!” Picking her up and carrying her to the open side door, depositing her on her back on the wide back seat. Just to make it look like I really cared, I took out a few bags of what she bought as passerbys helped unload the cart with me. With the back seat area covered with bags and Lucinda slightly jerking on the back seat, I shook the hands of those who helped me. One finally look at Lucinda laying there, I closed the door and got back into the driver’s seat and took off. Leaving the cart in the parking lot I slowly made my way from the parking lot onto the road and after a few seconds wait at the intersection I took off for a destination only I knew existed!

Fifty- five minutes of going so far only to double back and take another route to a small farm on the outskirts of what seemed to be Mennonite country. A house that was surrounded by wild growing vegetation.

Thanks to Uncle Stan, I was the proud owner of what Lucinda would come to understand when she came to as our love nest! Looking back in hindsight, it was a blessing that I took her groceries since I put this together so fast that the idea of getting supplies needed to survive on, slipped my mind.

After pulling up so the hummer was blocked from view thanks to the house, the first trip I made was to take Lucinda into what would become ‘our’ bedroom. A sparse room with a cedar chest of drawers and a handmade wooden base queen size bed. Damn forgot to get bedding for it, well for now Lucinda’s dress would have to suffice as both bedclothes and bedding until I could get away to shop.

I had know idea what Uncle Stan was into but I silently thanked him for the foresight to have half inch link chain with padded wrist and ankle bracelets attached to them. Laying a still trembling Lucinda onto the middle of what passed for a mattress. Placing a wrist bracelet around her left hand and a corresponding bracelet around her left ankle, I was fully ready to leave her there  and get the bags in from the hummer.

Maybe it was a trick of the lighting, but I swore I saw Lucinda’s lips moving. Leaning over her, lowering his head so he could hear what she was trying to say. Maybe it was the effect from the taser, but I couldn’t make out a single thing that Lucinda was attempting to say. Oh well there would be another time for her to say her piece to me. Going out I clean out the hummer.

Back inside I rummage into the bags and was wondering what the fuck Lucinda had planned to do with the shit she bought. Pasta noodles, sauces, canned vegetables, ladies items and two bottles of non alcoholic white wine. Christ the entire time we were together she never even had a can of Sprite let alone any type of wine. An hour later I had a fire going in the fireplace, the groceries in the cupboard that led to a root cellar. A fast check in the cellar, found jars of preserved peaches, apples and what I took to be green tomatoes.

Well if nothing else we would have something to supplement what Lucinda bought. Coming back into the kitchen I made my way into the bedroom. Lucinda was coming around, but this time she was shaking her left arm and leg, Oh yeah and now I was having no problem understanding Lucinda.

“Hey! whoever you are , let me go!”

Sticking my head inside the door “And pray tell why would I want to do that?”


                                                                                                               To Be Continued

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Well...Sounds interesting with lots of fruits to play with and an inviting home to honeymunch
Curious about he trains her understanding for "us"
Thank you for sharing your early morning thoughts
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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Another interesting setup.  Fun to see where you go with this

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Nice set up, looking forward to where we are heading ::):

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Oh yeah
What a lovely setting , nice and secluded, I'm sure she'll make the place feel more homely.

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
« Reply #5 on: July 05, 2021, 04:21:20 PM »
Pleased that I seemed to strike a chord in some readers, wondering how you'll feel about things after this part!

Part Two


“So it’s you now is it!” moving into the bedroom with her. “At one time it was Graham or snuggiebear!’

“That was when we were dating!” Rattling the chains “Now now that you kidnapped me and taken me to this god forsaken place!”

“I didn’t kidnap you and for your information this was to be a surprise for you Lucinda!”

“Don’t ever use that name again!”

I moved to the edge of the bed and swung my left hand at her, catching her across  the face. “I’ll use your name any way I want to!” leaning into her face and screaming at her “YOU’RE STILL MY GIRL!”

“I don’t want anything to do with you, that’s why I broke it off with you!”


Even though she was semi tied down Lucinda’s head was still able to move and before I pulled my back away from hers, she reared yo butting my face , breaking my nose in the process.  I fell back, landing on my ass on the floor as the blood poured down from my ruined nose. The pain should have kept me trained on Lucinda but in reality, all I could think about was that Lucinda just hurt me.

I knew if she was going to take me seriously, I had to hurt her back, but every time I attempted to get up, my vision blurred and the room seemed to be spinning. I didn’t want Lucinda to see what she did to me, so I crawled from the bedroom, swearing that Lucinda was going to pay for what she did.

Into the bathroom, I went. Using the vanity,  I pulled myself up until I could see myself in the grimy surface of the mirror over the sink. Gripping the left side of the vanity, I reached up to the misaligned nose with my right hand. Gripping the flesh there I moved the broken bones and the cartilage under it. A quick jerk and I managed to reset the cartilage before the pain made me sink to the floor again.

I lost track of how long I sat there, when I could get up the first thing I did was see if Uncle Stan had any aspirin in his medicine chest. I was in luck, a bottle that read best before January 2021, well it was June so they would still be good would just have to take a few to do the job. Dry swallowing two pills, I go out to the hummer retrieving the taser.

Going back inside I reset the darts and make a beeline to Lucinda’s bedroom. As I came into the doorway, she was on the bed trying to get her left hand free, when I drilled her in the back with the darts and discharged another charge into her. As she was still jerking from the current I go to her, sitting on her left leg then releasing her leg then moving so I could begin stripping her pants  and underwear off before tying her back up.

Naked from the waist down, I look at the space between her legs, fondly remembering how protective of it Lucinda was. In the six months since we started dating, she only let me inside the opening a grand total of four times, and one of them I had to swear and use a condom before she spread her legs to me. Today there would be no condom, no begging, no giving a damn if she got pregnant. Today she was going to learn that when I wanted sex, she was going to give me sex and not say “NO!”

Lucinda was still moving to the effects of the charge, so I had a bit of a problem getting her right hand chained. When I finally did manage, I pulled up her t-shirt and sat on her midsection. From there I rolled it up her trunk until I had it just below her chin. Her bra didn’t bother me at all, hell it wasn’t her tits that I wanted from her at the moment.

Reaching out with an open palm, I slap Lucinda’s left side of her face, bringing her back to a semi lucid state. Looking her in the eyes, the right iris focused on me, the left iris slightly enlarged. “I know you can hear me Lucinda, time to show your snuggiebear some lovin’”

I don’t know nor cared if she responded, all I knew was no sooner did I drop my pants than my cock started rising as I got off her and moved between her legs. When I was ready, I thrusted in fast and as deep as possible. Since she was dry, Lucinda screamed, pissing me off enough that I moved the rolled up t-shirt over hr chin and into her gaping mouth.

“SHUT UP AND FUCK ME BACK!” Lucinda just laid there making me do all the work, just like normal with her in bed. I didn’t hold that against Lucinda, I just thrusted in and out as quickly as I could. Give or take a few minutes Lucinda’s cunt began creaming itself, making it a bit easier for me to pound her cunt. Even with her t-shirt in her mouth Lucinda moaned and tears flowed from her eyes as I fucked her. Considering the other times, this was nothing unfamiliar to me when it came to having sex with her.

As usual I came inside her cunt but she didn’t bother reciprocating the self bitch! As usual I didn’t bother with her after cumming, just got up and made my way to the bathroom to clean myself up. Not that I didn’t trust Lucinda but she never showed a willingness to do the job before. Collecting my clothes I go into the bathroom and have a quick wash down with a face cloth. When dried, I don my pants and venture past the bedroom “Hey Lucinda are you hungry for something?”

No response except for a soft sobbing, really gets on my nerves. “Oh quit acting like a stuck up little bitch, Lucinda!” Coming back inside, moving to the bed and grabbing both arm chains, back shouting at her “UNTIL YOU SHOW ME THAT THE SEX IS GOING TO FLOW FREELY BETWEN US YOU BETTER GET US TO BEING CHAINED!”

Turning around and going back out, my attitude was *Fuck her, she will eat whatever I make and damn well like it!* . Going down to the kitchen I find some eggs in the fridge- scrambled eggs it is then! Getting a warped fry pan out from under the sink and sat about to make two plates. When they were done I scoop out a plateful for myself and some for Lucinda. Hers get a little extra something from me, in a form of some frothy spit.

Taking the plates up to the bedroom, “Here’s a little something to get you ready for the next round  of showing you why I’m the only one you’ll ever need!” To prove how much I loved Lucinda, I undid her right hand from the chain and presented her the plate.  She took it from me and promptly turned it so the eggs fell onto the bed as the plate came towards me like a frisbee. I was caught off guard by this, it struck me flat in the throat.

At first there was pain, then it became hard to breathe. I sank to my knee holding onto the edge of the bed when a
foot came crashing into the side of my head.

Then all became black!

                                                                                                     To Be Continued

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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                                                                                                 Part Three

When I come too, I’m staring at the floor, there’s a throb in my throat and the back of my head. I was on my stomach trying to move my arms and I say a silent thank you to God that I can still move them. Next my legs, they also move, now it was time for me to get up off the floor. As I raised my head up about six inches I felt a wave come over me, like I was drunk or something!

Reaching out I get a hold on something soft that moves as I try to pull myself up using it for help.  I was just about on my knees when something struck me on my left side and I was once more sprawled on the floor “If you try that again I’ll aim for more than an arm the next time!”

I was having a hard time to recognize the voice or to even remember what I may have done to the owner of said voice. I try once more and just as I’m level with the top of the soft surface, I’m struck again and driven back to the floor. Okay once could be a coincidence  but twice that was a sure sign that whatever I did had really pissed off the one hitting me.

Slowly so as not to shake my head I push myself backwards away from the soft surface. When I think that I went far enough I tried to stand once more. Whatever struck me, swished through the sir, missing me except for a current of displaced air. Looking down to the soft surface I’m at loss as to why someone on the bed would strike out at me.  “Untie me you fucking bastard or i swear I’ll kick the living shit out of you Graham!”

That was it everything came rushing back to me. Lucinda, the kidnapping, Uncle Stan and his cabin and the fuck that we shared before a plate(?)came crashing into my throat. Looking at Lucinda, I could see that she was furious with me. Her left hand and leg tied by a metal chain to the bed frame. I may have been swaying from side to side but I wasn’t going to let Lucinda see that I wasn’t steady on my feet.

“You bitch you hit me!” trying for a degree of violence in my voice. I could see that she didn’t have the ability to get me if I stood at the end of the bed, so I moved there and grabbed for her chained ankle. Too bad that was when Lucinda showed me just what she was able to grab with her free right hand, In this case a pillow!

I saw it in motion from the moment her right hand grabbed it. It’s moving up then away from Lucinda until it just missed me as I tried to get out of it’s pathway. “You little bitch, I’ll show you who is in charge here!” Jumping to the bed, leaning close enough to fall down on Lucinda and grab her free arm.

Unfortunately, what I should have grabbed her right leg. A knee made a solid hit to my balls, mashing them hard against the end of my spine. Pain blossomed throughout my body and In an instant I rolled off Lucinda, gripping my balls. Lucinda didn’t hesitate, grabbing me by the throat and squeezing until I found breathing hard to do. Light headed, I felt her let go and somehow Lucinda managed to get herself free from the restraints on her left appendages.

Somehow I can back only to find a chain wrapped around my neck like a hangman’s noose. There was no sign of Lucinda but a noise from outside told me all I needed to know. The sound of a motor trying to turn over- my hummer  but I took a precaution to dislodge the carburetor cap, so the hummer didn’t get a full charge to work.

I squirm and get the chain loose enough to slip it over my chin, taking a few layers of skin with it. Getting to my feet, my surroundings spinning slightly, I make it to the wall then the door and continue to the outside. “Lucinda, I have tampered with the hummer, so you aren’t going anywhere unless you make a run for it!’ Moving so she could see me as I drop the bomb I hoped I would never have to use “We are miles from the city but not from the “Black Widows Motorcycle” property and I’m sure that they would be very willing to help you in your current predicament”

That said, I turn and make my way back inside making my way to the kitchen to grab a frying pan to wait for Lucinda to return inside. Little did I know that Lucinda got  a pitchfork from the field before coming back inside.  The sound of movement coming closer to me, so I move to the left side of the doorway and raised the frying pan above my shoulder.

Before I had a chance to bring the frying pan into play, the tines of the pitchfork comes around the door jam, gouging me, making me drop the frying pan. Before I could move the tines of the pitchfork came up under my chin “This means things have changed Mister!”

Coming inside, making me back up or suffer damage. I was forced to move deeper into the house. A rut in the wooden floorboards was my only chance to turn this situation around. As I got close to it I took a bigger step than normal but Lucinda didn’t  and as her right foot went twisting to her left, I spun and batted the pitchfork out of her hands. Now I was back in control  and the first decision I made was no comfort for Lucinda!

In a flash I swung the pitchfork, turning it so the back of the tines struck Lucinda on the top of the head. Down she went and I used the time to tie her up with some of the rope I found when I looked around and leave her naked on the floor of the living room. Going to the kitchen I grabbed a picture of rusty water and returned back to Lucinda. Up ending it over Lucinda’s head, bringing her back to, “I overlook you’re trying to get away. But from now on you will do everything I say or the guys further up the road will have a new houseguest!”

Lucinda just looks up at me and remains silent, so I make her decide immediately “So either suck my cock now or go for a gangbang?” I fist my cock into Lucinda’s  face.

The sound of a motorcycle throttling up came in on the wind and the way Lucinda’s eyes opened large, was all the incentive she seemed to need. Silently Lucinda opened her mouth and moved her head to take my cock into it. Closing it to a tight ‘o, Lucinda worked her lips around, up and down my hardening shaft.

Maybe it was that she feared what could happen if the motorcycle club got involved or maybe she just couldn’t concentrate on sucking my cock but I had a better job from a bottle of mayonnaise than from Lucinda. Seconds turned into minutes, minutes into tens of minutes before I had enough, pulling my cock out of Lucinda’s mouth and jerking my cock until cum spewed out over Lucinda’s face and neck.

I got up and went back into the kitchen to the sound of sobs. I ignored them as I started to make a meal for us both. My plans for Lucinda still swirling around in my head!

                                                                                                                   To Be Continued

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Quite the story with a human, error making protagonist.  Gets served up by her damn near. I'm surprised she didn't end him when she had the chance ;p     I think she is in for it now, eh?  long as lover-boy doesn't pull some goofy blunder. 
I can't wait to see what comes next.
Good show

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Time for a little shake up!

                                                                                                Part Four


We were cresting up the bank of the road when I happened to notice sunlight glinting off something over on the old Watson place. At first I ignored it until we drove by the place on our way home. Hell nothing ever happened there in the two years we used the place up around the road from it. But something bugged me, why all of a sudden now of all time. The big gathering was due to occur this weekend.

As “Old Dog” pulls into our yard, I pull up right beside him and put my kickstand out before getting off my bike “Hey OD did you see a flash of light from the old Watson place?”

“Nothing Mateo, might have been the sun shining on one of the remaining panes of glass!”

OD started laughing as he started to unload his saddle bags “ Hell you were probably thinking of the sun glinting off a cap from a bottle of beer!” More laughter then, “Oh don’t tell me Mateo is gonna go all Sherelock  Hound on us!” With plastic bags of potato chips and a six pack of beer in hand, OD started to go inside, calling out “Mateo is at it again, seeing imaginary flashes of light from the old Watson place again!”

Oh that pissed me off, hurumping then looking back towards the Watson place “I know there was a flash!” Looking at the house then back to the old Watson’s place, I decide to go check it out, for myself!


I was so pissed at Lucinda’s actions that I had to put some distance between us or this might just turn out to be her final resting place.  I went back out to the Hummer and replaced the distributor cap. I knew Lucinda couldn’t get out of those ropes so I jumped in the Hummer and lay back, massaging my throat where the plate hit it.

While she was being this disobedient I knew there was no words in the world that would penetrate her pig-headed stubbornness. Maybe a drive to the nearest liquor store, and a case of her fruity piss, will change her mind about us!

Damn she better appreciate me for getting this fruity piss for her! Key in the ignition, reving the motor I put it in reverse and drive down to the road. I’m swinging around to face town when something catches my eye, coming towards me. Well too bad no one knows that we’re here so it must be someone making a trip on foot.

Well I would offer them a drive but the mood Lucinda has me in, was making me bad company to be around, so I put the gas pedal to the floor and drove away.


Is that a pick-up leaving Watson’s place? Looking at it the closer I get, I notice that it’s too large for a pick-up! What the fuck was going on? No one has shown any interest in the old place. Fuck even we in the Black Widows didn’t have any interest in the place. Now I was getting even more suspicious about what was going on around the place.

Whatever the vehicle was, shot off down the road, the back tires throwing up small stones from the road surface as it moved away. Well that was great for me, walking to the beginning of the driveway a good five minutes after the truck disappeared down the road. I don’t bother looking where it went, I turned my attention to the old place.

Another few minutes, I was by the opened back door. Looking around I couldn’t see anything that suggested that someone was there. Trying the door, I stuck my head inside and a quick look around showed me nothing. Now I was getting even more suspicious as to why a truck was around here. Going completely inside I make my way through the kitchen to what passes for a living room.

Another look around then I spot on the floor a bound person, who seems to be doing her best not to attract my attention. Getting closer I noticed that her arms and legs are bound but she was naked. I couldn’t help but notice the pair of tits sticking up from her chest. Damn now they wanted me to suck them until they squirted into my mouth.

I moved closer to her and could feel my cock begin to move in my pants. Oh yeah given the chance I would dip my wick into her honey pot. Now a foot away, my cock rock fucking hard. Fucking her was all I could think about!
“Well what do we have here?” My hands going to undo my pants, releasing my cock which I noticed the bound female was eyeing. “And tell me why someone would leave the likes of you all tied up?”

As I sank to my knees beside her, she didn’t respond , tried her best to look any place beside at me.  I was close enough that I reached out and got a handful of her hair and pulled her head towards my cock. “Well since you don't seem to be able to go anywhere and …!” Rubbing my cock along her lips.

At first she resisted until I forced the situation between us by pinching her right nipple, making her open her mouth, crying out in slight pain. Well that was alright by me, since I was able to shove my cock into her mouth. Just like when I came in she didn’t respond.  “Really do I have to twist your nipple off to get you to suck my cock?”

That did it as she started moving her tongue along my shaft.. I had to give it to her, she sure could suck a cock. I flexed my hip in and out  and before long I knew if her mouth was this talented then I had to get between those legs! Pulling my cock out of her mouth, I shifted around forcing her legs apart enough that I could get my cock into her cunt.

Fuck she was either tight from the way she was tied or she was just naturally tight. This fuck caused me to really work my hips so I could get more of my cock deeper into her. To say I was grunting was like say a pig is happy in a mud puddle! Sure every thrust into her basically made me cry out loud enough that I failed to hear the return of the truck.

I could feel myself about to spray inside her when from behind I heard..

“What the fuck are you doing?”

“What the hell does it look likeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!”

Cumming inside her which got her crying out “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!”

That was when everything went black for me!

                                                                                                      To Be Continued

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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
« Reply #9 on: August 23, 2021, 05:56:45 PM »
love the way how the luck in this battle swaps. Very thrilling. Poor Graham got a lot of damage :emot_weird.gif:
Lucinda is a hell off a fortified victim making him pay for raping her.
Seems this gonna be one of the liveliest storys I read here sice long.
Wonder if Mateos buddys gonna miss him. Since this is posted in one on one I think our curious couple has to flee
Untill then another merit when possible for this by now masterpeace.
Your fan
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Re: Making Her Understand "US"
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Well I hope this part lives up to your opinion of what's gone on so far, Spunk junk!

                                                                                                  Part Five


I’ve never seen the guy fucking Lucinda before but I knew he wasn’t going to get away with raping her like that! Pulling him off her I find an unused length of rope and hogtie him, leaving him on the floor over two feet away from Lucinda.

Turning my attention to Lucinda, she was lying there dazed, her mouth moving but I couldn’t hear or understand what she was mouthing. Well at least I didn’t have to see if she was hurt, going to a pile of clothing that I’ve never seen before, thinking it must be from the asshole who just fucked Lucinda.

Turning the pants back right side out, I dig a wallet out of one back pocket. Dropping the pants, I open the trifold wallet and the first thing I see is a laminated card from the Black Widows, “Mateo Sanchez”

Not realizing I was pacing between the pair tied up on the floor, I was by Lucinda, “Who the fuck is Mateo Sanchez and how could you fuck him!” Launching a kick to her ribs with my booted foot. “Christ you will fuck anyone won’t you you slut!”

Then it hit me “Black Widows!” the bikes from up the road. Just fucking great, what the hell was a member of their gang doing here fucking Lucinda? Christ now I was going to have to collect all of our things and get the fuck away from here or Lucinda would being fucking everyone around whether I liked it or not!

I duck into what I thought was going to be ‘our bedroom and gather the things in the dresser, stuffing them into a few duffle bags and taking them to the hummer. Stowing them, I return for Lucinda and find that this mateo was beginning to stir! A kick to the left side of his head, stops any sights of movement.


“Hey OD where the fuck is Mateo?”

“The last time I saw him he was on about something going on at the old Watson place!”

“Do you know if he went to check it out?”

“Do I look like I’m his fucking keeper?” Taking a long swig of his beer, the look on the face of the other and the way he just stood there shaking his head told OD that this wasn’t the end of things “Christ, let me get my jacket and we’ll go see if he’s there!”

Moving his bulk from the small couch to get his leather jacket “Christ I told then letting spics join us was gonna be nothing but trouble in the long run!” Making his way to the front door “Well Jesus you coming or am I going on this goose chase myself?”

The pair made their was out the door turning towards the Watson property


After a second trip the Hummer was ready to take us out of here. Going back inside to the living room the new guy was still out and Lucinda was still lying on the floor, cunt still dripping. Christ I hoped the new asshole didn’t knock Lucinda up. That’s the last thing I needed to support a kid that wasn’t mine!

Going over to Lucinda, bending to heft her up onto my left shoulder in a fireman’s carry, I could just make out. “Please no more, I can’t take being fucked once more!”

“Well you should of thought of that when you let that spic take you before I got back you little slut!” Carrying her out towards the Hummer I heard another spic and someone else outside.

“Christ Mateo was right there was something going on here!”


Christian and I get closer to Watson’s old place and I’m surprised when I see a black Hummer in the driveway. ““Christ Mateo was right, there was something going on here!” Damn now I suppose Christian is going to want to look inside! Christ will this day ever get back to a time when drinking was the only thing to do?

We split up, Christian going to look in a window while I go over to the Hummer and try my luck with the passenger door. Grasping the handle, lifting it up and what do you know, it opens for me. Looking inside there is some bags and what looks like clothing. Damn was someone moving in?

“Hey OD come see this!”

Christian, motioning to me with his left hand while his right hand acts like a sunscreen on the pane of glass he was looking through. “Does that look like someone tied up on the floor to you?”

Now I had to admit the little spic had my attention. Getting closer I put my hand up and look in just as someone with a body over his shoulder dumps it onto the floor close to what looks like a guy tied up on the floor! “Christ is that Mateo?”

Christian gets excited beside me, rattling off in that damn speak he spoke when pissed! “Christe Lucinda, si quisquis hanc laeserit, ego globos exscindam!”

I had to restrain him when he tried to get around me. “Shut up and let me think. You spic!”  Rummaging in my pockets for my phone I flip it open and without looking I call the clubhouse. “Mad Dog it’s OD gets the guys over here at the old Watson place, have some ready to ride if needed!” A pause then “Don’t fucking ask me just get your ass over here!

From somewhere inside “Ah fuck now look at what your whoring ways done you stupid bitch!

                                                                                                               To Be Concluded