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Michelle's Torment (Mm/f MMMf mmf)
« on: October 28, 2021, 07:28:25 AM »
Michelle falls under the control of a gangster and is
totally degraded.


Michelle stood trembling before Mr. Black. She had only
heard of him from her sixteen year old boyfriend Ryan.
Ryan worked for Mr. Black sometimes. How a sixteen-year-
old boy got a job for one of the world's richest and most
powerful men, Michelle didn't know. There was a lot she
didn't know for instance, how she had gotten herself into
this mess.

She was a good girl, from a good family, not rich,
decidedly not rich, but good. She was a virgin, had never
had a boyfriend before Ryan. The other girls at school
had warned her that the hunky sixteen year old was no
good, trouble, but he was so darn attractive and so sweet
to her, she fell head over heels in love. It was
love...that's what got her in this mess.

"Michelle, Ryan tells me that he is having relationship
problems. Now we can't have that, because you see, when
Ryan has problems that affect his work for me. So you are
going to have to help us with his problem. He says that
you and he have intimacy problems, is that right?"

Beautiful little fourteen-year-old Michelle shook her
head and frowned. She didn't even know for sure what
intimacy problems meant. "Ugh, I don't know sir. I mean,
he's my boyfriend, I really like him." She wanted to say
love, but was afraid to in front of an adult.

Now Mr. Black frowned. He was a tall well-built man in
his thirties. "Ryan tells me you won't let him fuck you!"

Michelle's pretty face turned pale. Mr. Black had used
that word! He had talked about that thing. Had Ryan told
the man about how he kept trying to make moves on
Michelle, and she out of fear kept backing off? One cute
tennis shoe clad foot pawed the carpet. He put a hand to
her slender naked tummy so tempting and cute beneath her
pink summer cut off tee shirt.

"Ugh, I'm not ready for that yet sir. I'm only fourteen."

Mr. Black shook his head. "You are a cock tease Michelle.
Do you know what that is? Look how you dress. Like a
little slut. Can you blame poor Ryan for getting all
hard-dicked around you? And what do you do to help him
out? Do you even suck his cock?"

Michelle's pretty little face screwed up. "That's dirty."

Mr. Black smiled. "That's sex Michelle, a natural part of
life. That's why you are here today. To learn about sex.
I need Ryan healthy and happy. So I need Ryan's
girlfriend to keep him healthy and happy. When we are
through teaching you, you will let Ryan fuck you anytime,
any place he chooses. You will beg to suck his cock the
minute you see him. A boy likes that kind of flattery.
You will even beg Ryan to allow you to suck his dick in
front of all your school friends."

Michelle was a quiet, shy girl, but now she drew her
petite little figure up to its full five foot two height
and made fists of her tiny hands. "That is disgusting
talk and I don't need to listen to it." She spun on her
heels and headed for the door.

"Michelle, do you love your parents? And your little

The words were so strange, so powerful, that she stopped
in her tracks. She turned back to look a the tall
handsome man who had uttered them.

"Look at the TV Michelle. See the videos we have taken of
your daddy and mommy and little sister. We know
everything about your family life. How easy it would be
to arrange an accident, let's say an explosion at your
house. Or a workplace accent for your poor pathetic hard
working father. Or maybe your baby sister getting raped
by a gang of street thugs on the way home from school.
How would you feel if you knew you were responsible for

Michelle's full pouty lower lip trembled. "What are you

Mr. Black smiled. "You know what I am saying. I think
it's better if you cooperate. After all, you say you like
Ryan. I'll bet you even love him. He's such a handsome
young stud." Ryan hooked his thumbs in the pockets of his
jeans and grinned a boyish grin. "And I can swear to you
Michelle, that after Ryan fucks you five or ten times,
you are going to begin to really love it. I know how
little sluts like you work. Once you feel that tingle in
your clitty, once we get those cunt juices flowing. Once
you taste the delicious salty taste of boy
will be hooked for life, believe me. You won't have to
pretend or be polite, you won't be able to get enough
prickslop down your facetwat."

Michelle couldn't believe what she was hearing. Her
slender tummy fluttered, her small firm breasts heaved
and a tear formed in one violet eye.

"So let's get started then shall we, my sweet little

Michelle's long hair swirled around her head in slow
motion as she shook her head in disbelief. "What? Here...

"Yes of course here and now. We have to turn you into a
little cocksucking cum dump for our boy Ryan here. So why
don't we start by having you remove your tee shirt and
showing us your fine fourteen year old titties."

"Please..." the tears ran down both soft young cheeks.

Michelle's slender fingers twisted together in front of

"Oh sure, now the begging starts. It's no good Michelle.
A pretty girl like you, turning all the boys on, you
should have been sucking dick years ago. Now, I am a very
busy man, and unless you want me to arrange a little work
place accident for you daddy... just so show you I mean
business... take off the fuckin tee shirt and show me
your udders."

Michelle looked to her boyfriend for some compassion, for
some support. He just stood there smiling and rubbing the
big lump at the crotch of his jeans. This was not the
same boy she fell in love with... this was some kind of
animal. With shaking arms she raised the pink tee shirt
up and over her head... revealing her small cloth bra
holding her fourteen year old apple tits in modest yet
perky repose.

"Personally if I were Ryan I'd have one of those big-
titted cheerleaders for my cunt, but to each his own.
Take off the bra Michelle... I want to see those sow

"Yeah, show us your fucking tits..." those were the first
words Ryan had spoken. Michelle saw with horror a round
wet spot form at the crotch of Ryan's tight jeans.

"Oh God..." she wailed, her fingers fumbling at the clasp
of the bra. It opened and she stood with her naked
breasts visible to these two horrible men. She covered
her fine young tits with her hands, but knew that Mr.
Black would object, so she lowered her trembling arms.
Both males looked at her tits.

"Ryan tells me that you won't even let him suck on your
tits when you go on a date. Is that true Michelle, are
you a fucking cocktease?"

"I don't mean to be. I just... it seemed so wrong to do.
I never meant to tease him."

"Michelle, you sweet dumb cunt. Look at that leaking
prick in that boy's pants. How can you ignore something
like that? That is a natural reaction to cunt...and as a
cunt, it is your job to help a boy in that condition
unload his balls. That's why twats were put on this
earth. And speaking of twats...take off the rest of your
clothes and show us yours!"

"I... oh God... I can't..." it was real cute how her
nipples got all pebbly and hard from fear. Such pretty
brown/pink titty tips.

"Michelle, I won't tell you again. The next time you
disobey, your father loses a leg at his workplace
accident. And that will be just the start of your family
problems. Now take off the fucking ass hugging whore
jeans and your panties if you are even wearing any you
cheap piece of cunt meat you... and show us your teen

Ryan would have given anything for a camera to capture
the sweet sad, pathetic look on poor Michelle's face just
then. His dick jumped in his pants and squirted out
another dollop of prefuck. Shit he was leaking like a
fucking faucet. He didn't know that Mr. Black was indeed
taping Michelle's little strip act. Taping it for his
multi-million dollar underground porno business.

Mr. Black poured himself a vodka martini and watched the
terrified little girl remove her tennis shoes, socks and
jeans. She now stood in a pair of pretty little pink
panties. Little pussy huggers they were. You could see
the puffy cuntal mound real clearly...and the smattering
of twat hair that was just starting on the little tramp.

"You are a fucking cheap slut, aren't you Michelle. I
could have guessed that from the minute I saw you, but
the sight of those twat huggers confirms it. And to think
you wouldn't even give your sweet innocent young
boyfriend who spent money on you and everything, a
fucking handjob before he went home at night. Shame on
you. Well, all of that is going to changed, starting
today. Your boyfriend will never have blue balls again.
Peel down those cunt soaked panties of yours and show us
some fine teen pussy!"

Michelle was crying really hard now. "I don't wanna have
a boyfriend any more."

"Too late bitch! You got five second to show us some

Michelle hooked her finger tips behind the tiny waistband
and lowered the pink panties. Ryan and Mr. Black both
smiled at the sight of fresh, young, unspoiled teenage

"Don't you dare put your hands in front of your pussy!
Put them up behind your neck. Now stand up straight, tits
out, legs apart so we can see those cunt lips! I got to
hand it to you Ryan, she's not bad at all for a frigid
stuck up cocktease. Turn around girl, show us your ass. I
like that, not all flabby and melon shaped... nice and
tight. Now cunt, sit in that arm chair over there and
throw your legs over each arm to open up your cunt so we
can get a really good look."

"I... oh God... I can't... I think I'm going to faint."

"You faint and your daddy loses a leg. Sit in the fucking
chair. Now hook your legs over the arms. Now reach down
and spread your cunt lips for your boyfriend. Come on,
you must have done this at home when you played with
yourself. Spread those pussy lips wide. I am losing
patience with you. Now stick some fingers in that dick
ditch. Come on, in and out... get it juicing for us, you
fucking whore.

"You are a natural. Look at how she secretly enjoys
finger fucking her hole Ryan, sluts like that are all the
same. They are just walking cumdumps. Jesus, what a piece
of fuck trash. Oh for fuck sake, stop balling cunt... we
haven't even gotten started with our fun and games yet."


"Now Michelle show us your clit and no nonsense or I'll
send my men over to pay a little visit to your baby
sister." Poor fourteen-year-old Michelle spread her
pussylips wider to show the men her teen clit.

Ryan rubbed the huge prick in his jeans, a prick that was
leaking all over the fucking place, leaving huge circles
of slop on the material. Michelle couldn't even look at

"That's a real sweet clit honey, but when we get through
with it, it will be a lot bigger and more sensitive. It
will be all puffy twenty-four hours a day, and when you
walk down the halls of your school, you will have an
orgasm every five minutes. It's amazing what a little
sandpaper on a teenage girl's clit can do.

"And speaking of school, Ryan here tells me he doesn't
like your school attire, and from what I've seen, I must
say I agree. If you are going to be the girlfriend of one
of the most handsome and popular boys in school, you have
to dress like an attractive young lady. So from now on
you wear a nice white sheer blouse to school... you will
know if it is sheer enough... because you won't be
wearing any bra and the brown of your nipples had better
show through!"

"Oh God, please sir, I can't, I can't do that.
mother would never let me go to school dressed like

"You can and you will... or I just might have to fuck
your mother! You stupid cow, wear the fucking bra to
breakfast and then when your handsome wonderful boyfriend
picks you up for school, throw the udder sling into the
rear seat."

"But we car pool, Ryan's two little brothers drive to
school with us."

"Well then, I guess Ryan's little brothers get a free
titty show."

"Oh fuck yeah," Ryan moaned, rubbing his fuckslab. He was
an animal and Michelle had believed she loved him. "Also
honey, we don't want you to hide those beautiful legs of
yours, so no jeans, from now on you wear a nice cute
short cheerleading skirt...and no panties!"

Michelle was in shock...she didn't know what to say.
Couldn't speak. "And any time, no matter where you might
be at school, at the mall, in the movies anytime that
Ryan here, our favorite jock boy, snaps his fingers and
says the magic words "Pussy", you Michelle will lift up
your skirt and show him your teen twat! After all, he
might want some of his teammates to see how pretty his
girlfriend looks. The first time you disobey or fuck up
your Daddy will not be coming home from work!"

Michelle sobbed. "Stop crying girl, I can't understand
you." Mr. Black had another martini. "Next, you need a
nickname. Everybody calls you Michelle... you need a
special name for your boyfriend to call you, to show you
two are lovebirds. A name he can call you in front of his
friends, let me see... I've got it, what about Cuntface?
Isn't that a good name Michelle? Cuntface!"

"There's a problem Mr. Black...a nickname is supposed to
describe the person..."

"You are so smart Ryan... and so right. Well strip down
boy and let's give little Cuntface here her first face

Ryan stripped bare assed naked in five seconds flat.
Michelle had never seen Ryan or any other boy naked, and
the sight terrified her almost as much as Mr. Black did.
She shivered as she sat there legs over the arms of the
chair, pussy visible and pink and open, naked titties
heaving with each horrified breath, looking at the hard
lean body of this sixteen year old jock.

Everything about him scared her... the dark bush of pit
hair under each muscular arm...the solid flat tummy with
the trail of hair leading down to the pubic bush. But
most of all... it was his cock. Eight inches of bobbing
drooling prick waving above a huge teenage fucksack. He
bounced from naked foot to naked foot...eager for sex,
and that bouncing made his big prick bob all the more,
rising up sometimes to slap his stomach. Michelle
actually screamed when she saw it dance and drool, and
Ryan and Mr. Black had a good laugh.

"Now darling, we can't very well call you by your new
nickname...'Cuntface', unless you are in fact a real
cuntface. Unless your mouth is a cunt for your sexy
handsome boyfriend. wide and stick out your
tongue as far as you can."

"Pu-lease.... pppplease sir... I can't. I'll get sick.
That's perverted."

Mr. Black slapped the girl's tits so hard one banged into
the other and the poor thing almost puked from pain. "Now
that's what comes from ineffective Sex Ed classes in
school. Every girl of nine years old and older should be
taught that the main purpose for her mouth in life is not
to eat, but to suck cock! Fuckhole slop sluts like you
are here on earth for only one reason; to serve men's
sexual needs. The sooner you learn your purpose in life,
the happier everyone will be. I've made it my goal in
life to help confused teenagers adjust to a healthy
sexual life. Now how can you be a Cuntface if your face
isn't a twat? What is your nickname Michelle?"

He raised his hand to hit her again, and Ryan giggled and
his prick sprayed some pre fuck. "My name is... my name
is... Cuntface." she sobbed.

Mr. Black smiled, lowered his hand and sipped some of his
martini. "That's a good girl. You can learn, see. Now,
remember if you had been a smart little twat and
masturbated and sucked your boyfriend after each date to
thank him for spending money on you, none of this would
have happened. I'll bet Ryan would have been content with
a blowjob and a least for a few months. Now
open your mouth, Sow, and stick your tongue out as far as
you can... Now Ryan, be patient my boy. We want Cuntface
to enjoy this, don't we? Won't be long now, the whore
will go nuts if she hasn't got a dick in her mouth every
couple of hours. Oh they're all shy at first... but we
can help her. Now my boy... hold your dick over her

"Mr. Black let me fuck the bitch's face...please..."

"Ryan, don't make me angry. We have to think of
Michelle's pleasure too. Now hold your big fine thick
dick over her tongue. Now gently masturbate it so lots of
that nice slimy pre-fuck drips down onto her tongue.
Michelle wanted to die. She could smell the sex smell
coming from the teenage boy's cock and balls. She felt
the fuckdrool slime down and puddle on her tongue and
then begin to slide down toward her throat. She began to

"If you gag Michelle, I am going to shove a beer bottle
up your asshole! It's very rude to gag at your
boyfriend's pricksnot. You have to learn to
love the flavor of his fuckslime. Now Ryan, very gently
using your dickhead, rub the pre-fuck evenly over her
tongue. Cover her whole tongue with it. My God boy, you
are a leaker."

"Yeah, I can't help it. The fucking bed sheets are soaked
every morning," the sixteen-year-old jock said, rubbing
his cock knob all over the poor sobbing girl's tongue.

"Michelle, you really must stop your crying...the tears
are diluting the fucksnot. I want you to get the full
flavor. This is your boyfriend... your lover... the most
important person in your life. Very good Ryan, you are a
pro with the girls, I can tell that. No wonder they go
nuts over you. Now take your leaking dickhead and rub it
all over Michelle's face... let's really turn her face
into a slopsewer. Smear that dickslime all over her
pretty face. She will look so pretty that way. Make sure
to squirt some up her nose too, so she can really inhale
the scent of boydick."

Pretty, young, Michelle Adams was a fucking mess. Pre-
fuck glistened on her soft face and dripped from her
nose, lips and chin. Her fragile breath came now in huge
gulps... like she couldn't get enough air, and her teen
titties heaved and bounced, she groaned... not making
words, trying to beg for mercy, but unable to talk
because fuckslime was dripping down her throat, clogging
her vocal cords.

"Thata girl Cuntface. You are going to make a fine
girlfriend. Remember you always want to make your
boyfriend proud of you. Your lips look so shiny and
pretty covered with Ryan's fuckslime... I think you
should carry a little bottle of his pre-fuck around with
you and make sure your pretty lips are always coated with
it during the school day. After all, cock hungry twat
that you may be, you can't have his dick all the time,
the boy has to go to classes, and do sports, and flirt
with other cunts. But you could carry a little bottle of
his dicksauce to remind you of him. Well the time has
come Cuntface to actually lick your first boydick."

"Fuck yeah," Ryan hooted, making a fist, his prick
sending a spray of prefuck arching toward Michelle and
landing in one of her eyes. "Men, Michelle, love to get
their cock's sucked. It's a simple fact of life. It's the
most natural thing on earth and girls were born
cocksuckers. Society has fucked that up and made some
twats think cocksucking is wrong... but it's not honey,
its right as rain. And it won't be long before sucking on
cock is your favorite pastime.

"I promise you, the time will come, when your thoughtful,
sweet boyfriend will say to you...'what do you want to do
tonight Cuntface? Go to the movies, or out to dinner?'
and you my dear dick hungry slut will answer...'Can't we
just stay home, and I can suck your cock all night?' Now
I know that doesn't seem possible to you now, you never
having had the wonderful experience, but wait until
you've sucked cock a couple of hundred times in the next
month or will grow to love it. Now to begin with
Cuntface, why don't you lick Ryan's prickhead. Look how
big and swollen it looks.

"My oh my are you ever a lucky girl to have a boyfriend
with such a big cock. Now don't touch it with your
hands...we'll give you lessons on how to handle a cock at
a later time...for now, just open your mouth, stick out
your slime covered tongue and lick the cockhead. Lick all
that sauce off the piss hole."

"Please Mr. Black, I'm going to throw up. I'm going to be
sick." The room was spinning around poor virginal

"Honey if you puke, you are going to have to lick it up
and then I am going to shove that beer bottle up your
asshole and then you are going to have to lick his dick
anyway. So save yourself the pain and inconvenience and
don't get sick. Think of the big fucking cock as a big
juicy lollypop, just for you."
Ryan laughed.

"I love you Michelle, I really do. I love you so much."

"There Cuntface, what more could you ask for. You lucky
girl. Your boyfriend really loves you. Now show how
grateful you are and lick his cock knob. If you don't
start soon, I am going to have to spank your pussy lips
with a ruler, and that really hurts."

Michelle was beaten. She had no fight left. No dignity.
She leaned in and swiped at his slime-coated cockhead. It
wasn't so bad...just more of the same foul tasting crap
that had leaked from his dick. The smell from his big
hairy sweaty balls was almost worse. Next the fourteen
year old girl was ordered to lick all over the prick,
from head to root... up and down, over the veins, along
the prick ridge...into the wiry haired bush. She did a
good job, and Mr. Black was proud of her. After about
five minutes, when Ryan couldn't take any more without
bursting, Mr. Black ordered her to stop.

"Now Michelle, you have to learn how to lick and suck a
boy's balls. This is very important because a guy's
fucksack is a source of great pleasure to him. Most high
school boys love to kick back watching a football game on
TV, while their girlfriends kneel between their wide
spread thighs and lick their fucksacks. You have been
sheltered for too many years Michelle, but believe me, I
am not exaggerating when I tell you that all over the
country each weekend, there are parties where jocks sit
bare assed watching TV while their girlfriends lick and
suck their balls.

"If you are lucky, Ryan won't shower after sports
practice, so his balls will be extra salty and sweaty and
tasty when you lick them after school. He'll probably
bring some of his buddies around to get their balls
licked too...and of course you will accommodate them. I
mean after all, Ryan's buddies are very important to him,
and part of your job is to make him proud of you. The
smell of a guys sweaty nuts is a special aphrodisiac to
most twats. Smelling Ryan's nuts should get your cunt

"I want to go home...." Michelle wailed, saliva running
out of her mouth and nose alone with pre-fuck.

"Don't be silly haven't even been fucked

Mr. Black watched as fourteen-year-old Michelle Adams
sucked her first cock. It was so cute. She looked like
she was going to choke on the big fat prick of her
sixteen year old boyfriend, and of course Ryan didn't
help matters any by being such a randy young stud, that
he bucked his hips and tight young ass to force more and
more dick into the poor girl's mouth. Her eyes went wild
and snot ran from her nose as she tried to accommodate
the huge drooling fuckslab forcing it's greasy way down
her throat.
"Congratulations Cuntface, you are a real cocksucker now.
You can never not be a cocksucker again. Most guys can
tell when a girl is a cocksucker. They can tell by the
shape of her mouth, and also by the way the cunt looks at
their dicklumps. You are going to be a champion
cocksucker, I can tell already. Maybe your boyfriend
should enter you in a cocksucking contest. They have them
you know. High school boys from all over the country
bring their girlfriends to see who is the best
cocksucker. It's a great contest... lots of fun. Relax
your throat more Michelle, that's a big cuntstuffer your
boyfriend has there. Relax your throat and breath on the

Mr. Black moved in and massaged Michelle's cock stuffed
throat... easing it, working it to accept the sixteen
year old boy's prick. Ryan just kept fucking harder and
harder...not happy until his fat teenage boy balls were
bouncing on Michelle's sweet little chin.

"Ryan, I can see you are one hell of a facefucker. Good
job my boy. But grab the bitch by the ears and use them
for handles, that way you can fuck your dick deeper down
her gullet."

"Ugh...ugh...ugh..." Ryan grunted between violent thrusts
of his hips.

"She's not sucking sir."

Mr. Black slapped Michelle's tits hard. "Suck Bitch,
don't make the boy do all the work... selfish sow, you
want all the pleasure don't you. Think about his
enjoyment too. Use your tongue on that tasty piece of
prick. Respect a man's cock."

Michelle thought she would die. Part of her wanted to
die. The thick slimy dick was ripping at her throat. Her
teary eyes rolled in her head. Mr. Black, knelt down and
watch the action more closely. He reached about and felt
the boy's big bursting balls.

"Won't be long now, this young stallion is ready to
unload. When he shoots bitch, make sure you swallow it
all. Don't spill a fucking drop! I don't want to ever
have to repeat that again." Now, Mr. Black reached out
and with two fingers began to pinch Michelle's exposed
clit. Michelle felt waves of something shoot through her
young innocent body.

"You lucked out Ryan, she's a real fucking whore...a
piece of fucktrash. Look at how her pussy is juicing up.
Most girls would be a little shy about their first
cocksucking experience, but not our little Cuntface...
she's starting a puddle here on the chair seat. This slut
definitely needs dicking very badly. She probably sits at
home looking at her daddy's dick in his pants and
drooling. She probably masturbates herself with a
hairbrush while sucking on the stinking pouch of daddy's
dirty underpants. I know all about bitch boxes like this
one... come on boy, I wanna see your ass muscles tighten,
you can fuck that mouthtwat harder than that!"

Michelle made some kind of wounded animal sound, as Ryan
grunted and slammed her face into his pubic bone. "Come
you fucking piece of shit, suck that ball juice out of

The young athlete rose up onto his strong toes, arched
his back and blasted wad after wad of boyspunk down
Michelle's throat. The good part was she was in such a
state of shock, she hardly felt or tasted the hot slop
filling her teenage gullet.

Finally she felt the prick soften a bit and pull out. It
hung there inches from her fourteen-year-old mouth,
strings of fuckslime connecting the two. Some of the
sperm had backed up and ran from her cute perky nose. She
looked darling, and Mr. Black hoped the cameras had
caught it all. He gave her clit a really hard pinch, and
the little tramp arched her back and had an orgasm. Cum
burped out of her mouth and ran down over her tits. She
started to sob. Ryan stood there...dumb jock in the
afterglow of a damn good cum.

Mr. Black rose to his feet. He twisted his hand into
Michelle's long beautiful hair. "Always thinking about
yourself, aren't you Cunt? I was nice enough to give you
a cum, what about attending to your duties? After a boy
is nice enough to unload his slop down your throat...your
first duty is to clean off the beautiful prick that gave
you so much pleasure! You thank the boy for the wonderful
face fuck and then gently and lovingly lick the dick nice
and clean. Do It, Bitch!"

"Tha...thank you Ryan for the wonderful face fuck..."
Michelle stammered.

"No problem Twat...we're gonna do that at least three
times a day." She sniffed back a fresh load of tears and
set about licking the fat still partially swollen dick
clean. She licked in all the cock wrinkles... and at Mr.
Black's urging licked the sweaty ball bag again and then
sucked any remaining slop out of the pisshole. Then she
leaned back in the chair, legs still over the arms...and
closed her eyes exhausted and in a state of shock.

"Very nice, Michelle. Now remember when a boy fucks clean him with your mouth afterwards too. Its
just being polite...after all you are the one that got
your greasy pussy slime all over his big handsome dick.
Now while Ryan is getting his second wind, so he can pop
your cherry properly...."

Michelle shook with sobs.

"While Ryan is doing that why don't you entertain us a
little, to thank us for taking so much time teaching you
what you should have learned by nine or ten years of age.
Show us how you crawl around the room Michelle. When Ryan
has his buddies over to watch football games on TV and
you are there to serve drinks and stuff, he may want you
to crawl around the room for them. So show me how you

Michelle looked at Mr. Black through cloudy eyes. She
couldn't believe what he was saying. No human being could
think like this... talk like this.

"Get your cheap whoring cockcrazy fat ass onto the floor
now, you fucked up piece of skank!" he screamed, and she
dropped to the floor, her legs cramping from having been
held wide for so long. "Now crawl around the room... go
on, on all fours, crawl for us. Oh shit, you fucking
bitch, I just knew you couldn't even do that right. You
are such a waste of carbon, you stupid sow!"

Mr. Black effortlessly slid his belt from the trouser
loops and smashed it across little Michelle's soft young
ass. She screamed and crawled faster, but he followed her
across the room and thwacked the belt into her ass cheeks
over and over.

"Not like that. When you crawl, arch your back so your
fat ass rides up high...arms farther apart so your udders
swing when you crawl. Swing those fucking udders, bitch!
Now spread your legs more so we can see that pussy mound
beneath your pink puckered shithole. All your holes must
be visible and available at all times, haven't I told you


"That's why you exist, that's the only reason you exist,
you are living breathing collection of cockholes! Nothing
more. If you have any life at all other than as a
dickdump, it is only because you have an exceptionally
kind considerate compassionate boyfriend. What the fuck
did you stop for, Hole? Crawl until I tell you to stop
crawling, crawl around the room, ass high, pussy
open...tits swinging. Open your mouth, let your tongue
hang out, pant like a fucking dog in heat. That is the
correct way to crawl for Ryan and his friends. That is
the correct way to crawl for any man."

"Fuck it Mr. Black. She looks so frucking hot like that."

"Then make her crawl more often boy. After school make
her crawl to your car. And don't be afraid to take a belt
to her ass, that's why cunts have such flabby asses...
for belts to whack. Be careful not to make her crawl in
front of teachers though. That might cause trouble they
are so dull and dreary when it come to having a little
innocent fun. All right slug, that's enough crawling, I'm
bored. Look at the bitch perspire. Remember Ryan, boys
sweat... cunts and sows perspire. Over onto your back
whore, and put some fingers up your slopslit."

Michelle rolled over and lifted her legs, she rubbed her
pussy. "I didn't tell you to play with your lips Twat, I
told you to shove some fingers up your ditch... now do
it, at least three."

Michelle tried, but her little pussy was so small and
tight. The three fingers hurt her terribly. She chewed
her pretty lower lip and cried and pushed three digit
tips into her delicate virginal gash.

"All right Bitch, time for you to learn once and for don't do what I tell you, you get punished. Put
your hands behind your head. Now lift and spread your
legs as wide as you can and that better be fucking wide.
Now because you didn't shove your fingers deep in your
hole as requested by me. I am going to whip your cunt. I
am going to whip your pussy lips. This is going to hurt
terribly Michelle, but remember you have no one to blame
but yourself. Once you learn to obey any and every male
instantly, you won't have to go through things like this.
I don't like to hurt you, I don't want to hurt you."

"I want to hurt her," the naked frigging Ryan muttered
under his breath.

"That's different Ryan, you are her boyfriend, and pain
should be a part of your healthy teenage sex play, but I
think of myself as her mentor, her teacher if you to help you kids get started on the right
foot. I want to see her happy. But when she is a bad
little cock piggy, then she must be punished. Now
Michelle, listen carefully. I am going to whip your cunt,
and if you close your legs, I will double the punishment.
You keep your legs open nice and wide, so I can get my
belt right down deep into your cuntal gash. Ready
Sweetheart? Oh look Ryan, how cute she curls her toes and
I haven't even started yet."

Mr. Black brought back his arm, and then swung it around.
He brought the belt tip down on the teenage girl's
cuntlips with practiced expertise. Michelle made a
gurgling noise and her body flopped like a fish out of
water... it was pretty fucking funny, and Ryan had to
laugh out loud. His big teen prick was harder than it had
ever been in his sixteen years. Shit, this was the way to
treat bitches...this was the way to treat all cunts."

He imagined whipping his own mother's pussy, and his dick
throbbed and leaked. Thank God for Mr. Black.


Blow after blow snapped down on the pathetic little
girl's raw cunt. Michelle was out of her mind with pain
and horror. She flung her head from side to side, her
pretty hair a tangle over her tear washed face. Drool ran
from her mouth. Her fingers clawed at her neck, but still
she kept her legs up and spread. She was learning.

Finally Mr. Black stopped. He was breathing heavily and
sweating slightly which he didn't care for. "Time to fuck
the bitch Ryan!"

Michelle was getting fucked. The fourteen-year-old girl
was getting her first cock up the twat. Cameras were
catching every groan, every cry, every moan, every
movement of her sweet naked bucking hips. Mr. Black
carefully positioned the two young teens so that nothing
would be lost for his customers. He wanted them to see
the fat, long teenage boy prick stretching the tight
virginal twat lips of the poor girl.

"Ugh, ugh, ugh," Michelle grunted, as Ryan slammed his
dick in and out of her cunt. Blood and cunt juice dripped
from her pussy lips and from his fucking dick. While he
fucked her, the boy squeezed and mauled her delicate
breasts, pulling and stretching the rubbery brownish pink
nipples. Michelle screamed a soundless scream.

When she finally found words, she croaked, "Take it out
please, it's too big. You're killing me! Ugh... ugh...
take it out please! Please not so hard! Not so deep."

"Ah the joys of young love." Mr. Black observed sipping
his martini as Ryan slammed balls deep once again.

The only problem with teenage fuckers is they couldn't
hold back long enough to inflict exquisite agony on the
fuckees. They came before the fucking grew into
unbearable torture. Ryan blasted a teenage slop load into
Michelle and the girl sobbed for her lost virginity, for
the pain she felt, and also for the fact that Ryan wore
no rubber and she could now be pregnant.

"Plop" the fat dick popped out of the stretched cunt.
Ryan rose to his feet, sweat pouring from his athletic
young body. His half hard prick hung obscenely, dripping
cum and sex juice and virgin blood.

Michelle chewed her lip to fight back the pain. "Ah...
Mr. Black, I have to go to the bathroom." She wanted to
wash the slop out of her cunt the best she could.

"Aren't you forgetting one of our rules, Cuntface? After
a boy fucks his girl, it's her job to thank him by
licking him nice and clean."

Michelle stared at the filthy greasy, stinking piece of
fuckmeat hanging from Ryan's crotch. "Oh God. Please not
like that! There's blood and... and... Oh please, I just
"Can't is a word not in your lexicon anymore, you little
fucking slut," Mr. Black lashed out with one Italian
leather loafer clad foot and kicked the poor girl right
in her recently fucked cunt. Michelle wailed and rolled
up into a little ball, her body wracked with pain.

"I warned you, you dumb cunt about disobeying me. I
warned you about making us angry. But you just can't seem
to get it into your pretty fuckfaced head that you have
no fucking choice but to obey! Now open that dick drain
and lick your boyfriend's scum coated prick nice and
clean and don't forget the balls. Lots of cuntal juice
and blood dripped onto the balls."

Mr. Black watched critically as Michelle licked Ryan's
slimy fuck tool and nuts clean. "Its the least a cunt can
do after her boyfriend is kind enough to fuck her. I
don't understand young girls today... too independent,
that's the problem. They have begun to think of
themselves as more than just stupid cumdumps and that's
dangerous. I don't mind a girl having a job and competing
in the business world, as long as she realizes her only
real function in life is to satisfy a man's need to
cockspurt. No wonder so many men today are turning to gay
sex. At least faggots know how to properly worship prick.
They live to serve dick. That's how women used to be and
still should be."

Soon Ryan's healthy pink teenage prick was clean as a
whistle. "There now, isn't that nice? Look how beautiful
your boyfriend's dick is honey. Tell Ryan he has a
beautiful dick."

"You... you have a beautiful dick Ryan." Michelle said,
trying to ignore the horrible taste in her mouth, leaking
down her throat. Trying to ignore the pain in her cunt.
Trying to ignore the fact that she might be pregnant.
"May I go to the bathroom now please?"

"Not yet, honey. You have more clean up to do." Mr. Black
handed Michelle a spoon. "Spoon your boyfriend's fuckslop
out of your fucked formerly virginal cunt and eat it."

When Michelle did nothing but stare, Mr. Black warned
her, "Do you want me to kick you in that filthy cunt

She sat there on the floor, spooning the cuntal slop out
of her pain-wracked pussy and eating it. She told herself
maybe at least this way, she wouldn't get pregnant. She
had begged Mr. Black to make Ryan wear a rubber before he
deflowered her. Mr. Black had taken her face in one large
hand and squeezed it until she thought her jaw would

"You listen tome Cocktramp, and listen good. I will only
say this once. Don't you ever ask a boy to wear a rubber
on his dick when he fucks you. It ruins his fuck. In fact
if a boy or man starts to put a rubber will beg
him to fuck you without it. IS THAT CLEAR, YOU

She had been so scared, she had yelled, "Yes Sir!" Mr.
Black and Ryan had a good laugh at that.

"Are you on any kind of birth control?" Mr. Black asked.

"No... no I'm not..." tears formed in the pretty eyes.

"Tough titty! Maybe you'll be a little mommy in nine
months." Mr. Black laughed. And now poor fucked Michelle
was seated on the floor, legs spread, red raw cunt
throbbing with pain... spooning the dicksnot and
cuntjuice and blood out of her own twat and eating it.

Mr. Black started to undress. "Hurry up, Cuntface and go
shower. I want you to be a nice clean little teenybopper
when I fuck your ass!"

Mr. Black and young Ryan watched Michelle shower. The
cameras caught every angle of her fragile teenybopper
fourteen-year-old body. Mr. Black loved to watch young
naked girls shower, sleep, frolic, always naked. Sweet
young practically hairless pussies open and exposed, tits
bouncing. That's how he believed young twat should be
kept most of the time. If he had his way every cute young
girl would be sent to school in a see through blouse and
a short skirt with no panties. (Just like they were going
to send Michelle to school) Girls would be forced to show
any boy who wanted to see, their cute little pussies.

Young schoolgirl twats would be required to keep their
nipples erect so they poked out through the thin shirt
material. They would have to sit with their skirts up and
legs spread at all any teacher or male student
could see their cunts. Of course, most girls wouldn't
need regular classes...they would take special courses
like Cocksucking 101, Cuntstuffing 306, Anal penetration
204, Doggie Training 108, Gang Bang Technique 209, etc.

Mr. Black intended to do a little ass stretching himself.
When Michelle lingered too long in the shower, he stormed
in and dragged her out by her hair. She screamed and
trembled as he threw her on the floor.

"Honey, you must learn never to keep a man waiting too
long. Don't ever be a cockteaser...its much better to be
a cockpleaser. Now get up on your hands and knees and put
your face down on the carpet...and then reach up and back
and spread your asscheeks for me, and I hope I don't have
to tell you twice."

"Please don't hurt me any mmm... more... please." She was
shaking either from the shower or from fear. Ryan who was
once again stroking his teen pecker hoped it was fear.

"My intent is not to hurt you darling, but to prepare you
for your place in life. Sometimes it hurts a little to
stretch and work new muscles... you know that, like a
really rough aerobics exercise. Well in the same way, it
hurts the first dozen or so times you get a big thick
fucking dick up your tiny little virgin asshole."

"Oh please, don't do that to me... oh God... please. Fuck
me again, you can fuck me like Ryan did. I'm already
broken in that way, do that. I'll be good, I promise.
I'll give you a good fuck, but not back there... please
not back there."

"Thanks for the offer Twatface, but I want to fuck
uncharted territory. Here take a look at what's going to
plow your poop chute."

Mr. Black has slipped off his shirt to reveal a very well
defined chest. Now he lowered and stepped out of his
expensive trousers. His erect prick was almost nine
inches long and very thick. And Poor Michelle thought she
would die. She felt her heart thumping in her chest and
couldn't breath.

"Oh Dear God, no... I can never... it's too... please...
it's too big."

"Nonsense my dear. Girls far younger than yourself have
experienced the wonders of my fuckmeat. If a ten year old
girl can take it up the ass and live, then a nice mature
young lady of fourteen can certainly handle it."
"Shit Mr. Black, you ass fucked a ten year old girl?"

Ryan almost came.

"Now, now, Ryan, that's a story for another time and
another place. Why speak of Rita's defilement when we
have lovely Michelle here to make crawl like a fucking
sow and beg for dick up her ass. Now Michelle, if you beg
me to fuck you in the ass, if you beg me to fuck you in
the ass real nice, I might let you suck on my dick to
lubricate it a little, so it doesn't go in raw and dry.
That could be painful for both you and me. So why don't
you be a good little whore and beg me to fuck you in the

He kicked her in the tit just enough to lift her body up
off her knees. She flopped back down and stuck her ass
up, in a state of horror and shock impossible to

"Puh... puhlease... fuck me in the... the... ass." she

"What honey? I can't hear you. Be a good little fuckpig
and speak up."

"Puh... lease fu-fu-fuck me in the ass." She stammered.

"Louder fuck whore...I want you to shout it nice and

"PLEASE FUCK ME IN THE ASS!!" she screamed at the top of
her lungs, body shaking.

"My, my. The dirty little cunt is anxious to get dick up
her ass. But I don't think I want her to get up off the
carpet to get my dick lubed, she's too cute down there
like that. Ryan get on your knees and suck my dick until
it's nice and wet."

The high school jock couldn't believe what he had just
heard. "Are you shitting me?" Mr. Black backhanded the
kid across the mouth.

"In this world, we pay for what we get. Now you wanna be
a tough jock stud who orders the cunts gotta
pay your dues. Get on your knees and suck my dick. Come
on, its just between you and me, no one else will ever

Yeah, except for the dozen cameras catching it. Poor
sixteen-year-old Ryan had to lick Mr. Black's dick until
it was nice and juicy. It was Ryan's turn to gag. He had
never done anything queer. But Mr. Black loved to humble
everyone, put everyone in his place. When his dick was
hard and dripping with jock spit, Mr. Black had the boy
hold Michelle still, and he ruthlessly thrust the entire
cock up the poor screaming girls asshole in one push.

He buried himself balls deep and Michelle fainted from
the pain. "Ok Jock stud... piss on the cunt's face to
wake her up. I don't want her to miss this assfuck."


Mr. Black was plowing the 14-year-old girl's virgin
asshole. She was in such pain she blacked out three
times. Each time, he ordered her high school jock
boyfriend Ryan to piss on her face to wake her up, so she
wouldn't miss any of the fun of turning her asshole into
a dick-trench. Mr. Black fucked hard and deep, each
thrust sent him balls deep and sent Michelle's tortured
body sliding across the carpet.

"Ryan... get down there and lick my balls while I fuck
her." Mr. Black loved to keep everyone in their place,
beneath him. The poor high school jock stood there, hard-
dicked, in a state of shock.

"Sir... I'm not gay... I don't do queer shit."

"Look've seen what I can do to your sow-
cunt of a girlfriend, don't you think I can do the same
thing to you if I choose to? Now, I am giving you a well
trained girlfriend. You can show a little respect, now
get the fuck down there and lick my balls while I ass
fuck her. I love a little scrotal stimulation when I ass

Ran sank to his knees, shaking wanting to refuse. Jesus,
what if his buddies ever found out about this. Of course,
he didn't know about the dozen or so hidden cameras
taping his every move. He leaned in and brought his face
to the fat full low hanging swinging sweaty scrotum. He
closed his eyes and started to lick the man's fuck sack
while the man ass plowed his girlfriend. Poor little
Michelle who had been a virgin that morning and was now a
fucked out mess, groaned as the dick in her rectum seemed
to grow thicker and harder. Mr. Black fucked deeper.

"That's it sow, tighten up that trough for my dick. Lick
my nuts boy... show Mr. Black the kind of respect he
deserves. Now Ryan, lets give the little whore a real
treat...crawl down and shove your fat teenage dick up her
cunt while I am stuffing her asshole."

One wouldn't think it possible for a 14 year old girl and
a small boned petite thing at that to survive such an
ordeal...but poor Michelle did. She threw here tender
young torso around the floor as both males fucked her at
the same time. He sore little pussy was swollen and
stretched around Ryan's demanding teenage dick while Mr.
Black's monster fuck-meat ripped at her asshole. Then
both men shot off and relaxed.

Ryan pulled out a long string of fuck slop connecting his
dangling prick to the girls grotesquely stretched twat.
His dick made a popping sound, as it pulled loose. When
Mr. Black pulled out, his dick was still half hard and
the poor little girl's body rose up off the floor and
followed the dick before it popped loose and flopped back

She wanted to die. She wanted to just curl up and die.
She hoped her ordeal was over at last.

"Aren't we forgetting something, Sow?" Michelle opened
her beautiful tear filled eyes and looked up at Mr.

"Didn't we teach you that part of a sows job is to clean
her men off after a good fuck and thank them for fucking
her worthless body?"

Michelle looked at Ryan's sperm slick flaccid cock, then
at Mr. Black's dick covered with spunk, blood and shit.

"Oh dear God, I can't. Please don't make me, not that..."


Mr. Black's belt slapped down across the poor girls tits.
She tried to crawl into a fetal position, but he kicked
her with his naked foot until she lay on her back, then
he whipped her poor tits until they danced and the
nipples turned deep purple. At last she begged to clean
their dicks.

She knelt before them like a good sow, going from dick to
dick, licking scum and slop and shit and blood off the
fat hanging man tools.

"That's a good little fuck-cow, now you are learning how
a good little slut is supposed to treat her boyfriend and
her boyfriend's friends. You should be grateful to have
such a handsome popular boyfriend. I don't dislike you
cunt-face, in fact, I like you very much. Its just that
you have been brought up wrong by that miserable whore of
a mother of yours, that much seems clear, and I don't
even know the bitch. Maybe I should pay her a visit, I'll
bet your daddy would be grateful. Don't forget to lick
the fuck-sacks clean too; lots of slop drips onto them.
Your fucking mouth is just like a sewer Michelle and
that's how it should be."

Mr. Black threw down a spoon. "Now spoon all our nice
fuck-slop out of your cunt and asshole and eat it like a
good little fuck-sow. Never waste a man's sperm." Imagine
learning about sex at fourteen in this manner. Imagine
what this would do to poor Michelle's life, how it would
change her forever. But that was the idea, wasn't it, to
change her, to turn her from a stuck up bitch into a
proper serving make her into a good little dick
ditch, designed to please men.

"Now go take a shower and clean out your holes, Ryan here
wants to thank you for the lovely afternoon. He is going
to take you to the movies."

An hour later, Ryan pulled up outside the porno store.
Michelle was dressed in one of her new required outfits.
She had on a short very short black skirt, if she bent
the slightest or moved wrong, her pussy and ass would be
clearly visible. She wore very high heeled black shoes,
and on top a very see through white blouse, tied under
the tits. Her big sore nipples could be easily seen
through the material. She was scared out of her mind.

Mr. Black has impressed his power on her before she had
gotten dressed. He'd said to her. "Now Michelle, I want
to make this very clear. I don't want to hear that you
ever disobey Ryan here...or any male for that matter in
even the slightest way. For example, if I light this
cigarette lighter and I tell you to stick your nipple in
the flame, you will do it, won't you?"

She was only fourteen and didn't have much fight to begin
with. Now she was a poor shell of her former self, in a
state of shock. He reminded her of the cunt and tit
whippings and all the other things that could happen to
her and she chewed her lower lip and leaned forward so
her left nipple went into the flame. A moment of searing
pain, then Mr. Black flicked the lid of the lighter
closed. The metal clamped down on the girls titty bud.
"Good sow. You see, a moment of pain to prove your
loyalty. If you had been a bad girl and refused, I would
have had to burn both nipples and your clit. So you see,
it pays to always obey."

It pays to always obey.

"I thought we were going to the movies..." Michelle said
in a hesitant whisper. Ryan liked her to talk in that
dumb Marilyn Monroe kind of whisper.

"We are sweetie cakes, but a different kind of movies,
now come on, I wanna show my new girl off."

He led her into the porn store. Dozens of guys thumbing
through magazines and fingering hardons turned their
heads to see the young baby whore follow the jock into
the store. These guys practically drooled, they whistled
and made nasty comments.

"Look at the cunt!"

"What a sweet piece of fresh young pussy...."

"Look at the baby whore, hungry for some dick honey?"

"She been fed yet tonight?"

Michelle started to cry again. She cried so easily.
"Ryan, I don't like it here, lets go home. I should be
home already anyway. I have to babysit my little brother

"Shhhhh, be a good girl now, so I can give Mr. Black a
good report. I want you to see this movie. You'll love

"But I don't like dirty movies, and my body is so sore,
it hurts so bad... please Ryan."

Ryan led her back to the movie booths in the dark back
room. About nine guys followed now.

"Here we are. I saw this movie here last week and the
chick in it reminded me of you. Look! 'Sandy Gets Black
Fucked!' See, here is Sandy, doesn't she look like you in
the pics? She gets fucked by sixteen big black guys."

"Ryan, please, for the love of God, what has happened to
you. What has happened to my life?"

"Mr. Black has happened to us. He knows how fix lives,
how to straighten kids out. You're gonna be a different
chick from now on, the kind of girl you were meant to be.
Now, here's what we're gonna do and by the way, I'm only
a dumb jock. I'm not nearly clever enough to think of
this, this little game is all Mr. Black's idea. He's
trying to get me to be more creative in our sexuality. He
says it keeps a girl happy and on her toes.

"So anyway, I got a shitload of quarters here. I'm gonna
show you the movie. You are going to go into the booth,
strip bare ass naked. Now sit on that spunk encrusted
bench there, lift your legs, and masturbate your twat
while you watch the movie. And I'm going to leave the
door open, so all the guys here can watch."

Amid the cheers that went up in the porno shop from the
fifteen men gathered, squeezing their dicks, nobody heard
Michelle sobbing. She began to undress.


The fucking fourteen year old bitch was sitting naked in
a porno movie booth, legs spread so here swollen raw
teenage pussy was on open display to the eighteen men
now gathered to watch her finger fuck her teenage twat
while her boyfriend gave her directions. She was
hysterical with fear, exhaustion, and pain. Her teen
tits heaved with each finger thrust. She diddled her
swollen clit as directed and stuck three fingers deep
into her violated cunt.

"That's a good girlfriend Michelle. You are becoming the
best girlfriend in the whole world isn't she guys?" The
guys all cheered and played with their hard dicks in
their pants. "Watch the movie Michelle watch how the
girl in the movies who looks like you, only a few years
older is fucked by all those big black dicks. That's
what you want, isn't it Michelle?"

"No Ryan please, I want to go home."

"Yeah, sure, that's why your ditch is leaking like a
faucet you are nothing but a fucking sex sow Michelle. A
fuck-pig. Guys, the store out front is full of sex toys.
Why don't some of you boys go buy some toys for Michelle
to play with?" She moaned and the guys did. They brought
back dildos of every size and shape.

"Look at this one, Pig, this one is big and black just
like in the movie why don't you shove this one up your

"You're killing me Ryan."

"When I want a medical opinion, I'll get a doctor. Shove
that dildo up your slop-hole, shit-face!" Michelle
forced the huge black artificial penis up her already
stretched and sore pussy. It hurt so badly she almost
blacked out.

Finally it was half way in she looked at Ryan hopefully.
He shook his head and smiled. "All the way, Sperm-

She grunted and forced more of the ten-inch prick up
into her burning aching cunt. When it was all in, and
sweat was dripping from her titty tips, the guys
applauded. Ryan smiled and threw the whore a seco

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Re: Michelle's Torment (Mm/f MMMf mmf)
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What happened to the rest of this great story?

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Re: Michelle's Torment (Mm/f MMMf mmf)
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What happened to the rest of this great story?
Exactly what I was going to ask!!