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Vicky Greenhouse Stripped and Robbed
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Everyone in town knew that Vicky Greenhouse was filthy rich.  Her late husband had left her swimming in doe.   How she got it was the talk of the town.  A gold digger they said.  A young woman with blonde hair and decent body who kept him happy to get his money.  Others were less kind.  Slut, whore, and vamp were words commonly used to describe her.

Enter Craig, and his girlfriend/ partner in crime, Lisa.    The two were a sort of modern-day Bonnie and Clyde. Their exploits were manly small-time stuff, but now they had set their sights on Vicky herself.  The rich bitch would give them a bigger meal ticket and free transportation out of town to more lucrative prospects.

A creature of habit, Vicky loved to shop, loved to spend money on things to pamper herself with.  Returning from a shopping trip, she was at the door when Craig and Lisa suddenly appeared behind her.   Something was felt pressed against her back. A voice told her not to scream of she would be shot.   Forced to open the door, the two followed Vicky inside.

Craig immediately shoved Vicky against the wall and grabbed her purse, tossing it to Lisa who began rummaging through it at once.  The exasperated Vicky watched as Lisa pulled a few hundred dollars from her purse, tossing credit cards and other valuables aside like trash. With Craig pinning her against the wall, there was little she could do but plead with them to stop, which, of course, they had no intention of doing.

Just inside the door was a dining room table with some wooden chairs. Craig pulled one out and forced Vicky to sit in it.

“I’m really disappointed that a rich bitch like you didn’t have more money on you,” Lisa quipped. But it may not be a total loss for me.  Looks like we are about the same size, and that is a nice outfit you are wearing.”

Vicky had returned from shopping dressed in a white skirt with matching jacket over a black slip over top and black leggings.

“Hand me her jacket!” Lisa demanded as she stood in front of Vicky brandishing the pistol Craig had given her.

Vicky put up a small struggle, but Craig easily peeled the jacket off and handed it Lisa who shed her leather jacket and modelled the new one with a grinning satisfaction, then ordered Craig to remove the skirt.

Vicky refused at first and was forced to her feet by Craig, who pulled her arms behind her and held them with one hand while he snaked the skirt down her legs with the other.

“I’ll need that top too,” Lisa teased as she waved the gun to signal Vicky to take her top off as well.  When she refused, Craig strong armed the top over her head revealing the bra and modest tits of their captive.

“Bottoms. Let’s go,” Lisa ordered as Vicky shook her head tearfully and pleaded with her not to make her take them off.

Craig again strong-armed Vicky’s shoes from her feet and then snaked the leggings down her feet as she wept in shame for standing in front of them in just her bra and panties.

Vicky was then forced to sit in agonising shame as Lisa stripped herself down to her bra and panties and began putting on the entire outfit.

“Oh my god, look at this,” Lisa exclaimed. “They fit me perfectly.”

Watching Lisa prance back and forth in the clothes that she had just purchased made Vicky feel sick at her stomach.

Lisa looked at Vicky with a victorious sneer.

“I think we should make her take those off now,” She grinned, referring to Vicky’s underwear.

“No, you can’t,” Vicky screamed tearfully. “You got what you wanted, just leave, please.”

“And miss the fun of seeing you naked?” I think not. Off with them!” Lisa snapped.

“You can’t do this to me!” Vicky wept as she felt Craig unsnapping the bra from behind her.  Craig tossed the black bra into the floor and then grabbed the top of her panties.

“Noooo!” Vicky wept shamefully as she covered her tits with the palms of her hands.

“What’s with all the ink?” Lisa inquired as she gazed at the several tattoos on Vicky’s body. “You look like a cheap stripper!”

Successful at stripping their victim totally naked, they forced her back into the chair while Lisa gathered up the stolen goods and prepared to leave.

“Let’s tie her to the chair before we go. That will give us a longer head start before she can wiggle out and call the cops,” Lisa instructed.

Vicky began weeping hysterically at the thought of being bound and discovered butt naked by a neighbour or someone.

“Well if you are going to cry like a baby, I will just give you something to cry about,” Lisa snorted as she motioned for Craig to pull her up from the chair.

Lisa sat on a nearby sofa and patted her lap to instruct Craig to lay Vicky face down over her lap. She then had him go into the bathroom and fetch one of Vicky’s hairbrushes.

The smack of the brush against Vicky’s bare ass was in sync with Vicky’s screams as her butt cheeks began turning red.

“Stop. This is so humiliating,” Vicky wept at being spanked by another woman while naked.

“No, humiliating would be me forcing you to rub your little kitty while I spank your bare ass.  Yes, that would be humiliating, so do it!” Lisa demanded in a stern tone.

“Oh, God no!” Vicky wept.

“Lisa cruelly spanked Vicky’s ass harder, advising her it would not stop until she began pleasuring herself as ordered.

To save from getting the nice skirt all icky with Vicky’s juices, Lisa draped a flowered cloth from the table over her lap and continued.  Soon, the humiliated and defeated Vicky guided her hand to her shaven mound and began rubbing it.

By the time Vicky had made herself cum, her ass was glowing a fire engine red.  The two laughed and then again bound the sobbing and very naked Vicky into wooden chair, sitting it directly in front of the door so anyone would see.  They then sped off with their haul.

Unfortunately for Vicky. Some neighbour hood teens out playing spotted her through the door. Rather than give assistance, they mocked her as the took loads of pictures which were sure to wind up on social media.
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Re: Vicky Greenhouse Stripped and Robbed
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Loved it. Is this how Vicky became the neighbourhood agoraphobe? Hoping more of the local kids gets brave enough to drop in on her, Seems she could use the company! Merit awarded from me!

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Re: Vicky Greenhouse Stripped and Robbed
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Thanks my friend. Little ditty that popped into my mind from a video I saw.

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Re: Vicky Greenhouse Stripped and Robbed
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Another great humiliation story and I really think you are a master of this.
I bet Vicky is going to have a job to live this down
Good as always Darklord and merit from me

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Re: Vicky Greenhouse Stripped and Robbed
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Thanks, Jessica.  You’re too kind