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Diapering Alexandra
« on: June 11, 2021, 09:24:51 PM »
Plot. Harriet Green pays Alexandra Daddario a visit at her hotel with the goal of making the actress her second regression victim.

Stroy two of the Regression and Diapering series.

Work of fiction.

The Artezen Hotel
New York City

“Room service,” a voice shouted from the other side of the door after knocking twice.

“Strange, I don’t remember ordering anything,” Alexandra Daddario said then got up from her chair and walked to the door. After turning the lock and opening it, she was greeted by a green burst from a spray can that caused her to stumble backward, cough and fall to the floor.

With her target out cold, Harriet Green rolled her cart into the room and locked the door behind her. She put the do not disturb sign in place prior to knocking so she wouldn’t have to worry about any interruptions.
After deciding whether or not to diaper Alexandra on the bed or where she currently laid, Harriet decided she was going to do her right here on the floor. She pulled the cover off the cart which revealed everything she needed for the regression of this actress. Two beach towels, a changing matt, a bucket of soapy water with a long bath brush, a pack of wipes, a bottle of baby powder, and of course, a small pack of Huggies.
Oh, and the needle containing her homemade regression serum too.
After rolling out the changing matt, Harriet dragged Alexandra onto it and positioned her body to her liking.
Instead of going for the needle, Harriet decided to do things a little differently than she did her first celebrity victim, Liana Blackburn, or Baby Number One as she called her.
Harriet settled herself on top of Alexandra and turned her head to the right so she could sniff her neck and whisper into her ear.

“Good afternoon, Ms. Daddario. I really love the smell of your perfume but I still think you’re in need of a bath and I got a very special one just for you.” Harriet paused to lick around Alexandra’s ear then shifted her tongue to her face and neck. “Oh yes, Mommy Green is going to clean you good before putting you in your diaper.”
Without further a due, Harriet popped the collar buttons of Alexandra’s blue sleeveless shirt then grabbed hold of the center and ripped it open. She smiled in delight as the buttons went flying. A second tug at the bottom opened the shirt the rest of the way and Harriet marveled at the sight of Alexandra’s breasts nicely bundled in her purple lace bra. The presence of a frontal clasp made the sight even better.

“Thank you for the quick access, Ms. Daddario,” Harriet said as she toyed with the clasps before popping it open and sitting Alexandra up to pull her shirt and bra from her body and toss them aside.

Next up were the jeans and panties. Harriet unsnapped the button then took her sweet time pulling her zipper down and smiled in delight upon being rewarded at the sight of purple lacey panties that a ribbon on the front. She took a second to fiddle with it before yanking Alexandra’s legs up and grabbed the jeans around the waist.
Since the only things covering Alexandra’s feet were her socks, Harriet was able to pull jeans straight off like a pair of gloves. They were a tight pair but they were no match for pulling power of Harriet Green’s strong arms. After throwing the jeans to the left side of the room, Harriet rolled Alexandra onto her stomach she could inspect her quarry’s booty and spank it five times. Alexandra’s ass looked pretty ravishing in her panties and for a brief moment, Harriet wished she had strapon so she could exert her power some more by taking this pompous celebrity from behind. Maybe she would bring one for her next target or maybe not.

In another display of her power, Harriet grabbed the panties by the waistband and ripped them right down the middle, and discarded them like all of the other items of clothing. With Alexandra already on her stomach, Harriet decided to start her bath now.
She grabbed the long bath brush from the bucket and scrubbed away at Alexandra’s back, thighs, and ass. She spanked it three times before flipping back onto her back and dipped her brush into the soapy water for round two.
From her neck to her pussy. Harriet scrubbed Alexandra good. She really enjoyed running the brush over her breasts but her most favorite area to scrub Alexandra was right between her precious legs. Her pussy looked so clean and tasty, Harriet decided to give it a few licks with her tongue. A very satisfying peach, she thought to herself
After drying Alexandra off with the other towel, Harriet moved her over onto the changing mat and grabbed the needle from the tray.

“Now it is time to become baby number two.” Harriet jammed the needle into her neck and the serum quickly flowed into her body. After writing the number two on her forehead
Despite the scrubbing, Harriet still gave Alexandra’s pussy a cleaning with the wipes before applying the baby powder. Harriet made sure her pussy was thoroughly covered.
Lastly, the diaper was snapped into place and a pacifier was put into Alexandra’s mouth.
When Alexandra came to, she instantly started flailing about and protesting beneath the pacifier but it sounded like gibberish.

“I’m gonna make you more famous than you are now,” Harriet said as she snapped several photos with her phone.
Later on that evening, the photos of Alexandra Daddario flailing on the floor of a hotel room in a diaper were all over the news.

Spoiler alert. Harriet’s next target will be Millie Bobby Brown.


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Re: Diapering Alexandra
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Further proof that sex isn't needed to make one hell of a hot story. Nice setup right rom the beginning! merit awarded from me!

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Re: Diapering Alexandra
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Alexandra Daddario in a diaper alone makes it worth the read :)