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Re: A Spring Melody (An Erotic Horror)
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A Nathan heavy chapter and that's always a good thing in my mind. The mental instability of Tammy grows as she tries to get close to someone else who has been touched by the fingers of Summer and of course Nathan would react in that way to someone considering what he went through in the house. I really liked how Ashleigh handled the situation and explained how it wasn't Nathan's fault, another scandal would not do good for him!
The scenes that followed with Posy were incredible and so very erotic, I couldn't help but feeling a bit turned on myself reading that. Lovely description of them losing their clothes and his eager hands on her. More chilling when the reveal is given and he sees a figure from his past and now the meeting with Dark Jessica is on the cards. A final giggle from Posy made my day and I loved this character driven chapter.
A merit to be given once the system resets.

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Re: A Spring Melody (An Erotic Horror)
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Spilt Milk

It was a new morning on the south English coast and while the rain had finally stopped, a cold air from the Arctic lingered down and set its frosty breath across the countryside.
Nathan had barely slept. Only until his body,  fueled by the barrage of Scotch  whisky and exhaustion, fell into a troubled slumber in the  early hours of the morning. He woke as he heard a car start up outside. and the awakening  light from the winter sun glazed through the window.

He lay and pulled the blankets around him, not because the room was cold, but as a final ditch attempt of any comfort he could get. The events of the previous night flooded back to his already scarred mind and burned into its more disturbing memories to join the others he’d accumulated that year. “When would it end?” He thought as he checked the time on his phone and cursed that it was only 8 in the morning. Nathan had an appointment, and what would he expect, he was strongly uncertain and immensely fearful of. Who was Dark Jessica? Who was Bridget and how did the remarkable illusion of Posy come to be and what was its purpose? These were questions he wanted the answers to, but wether he’d obtain them, and what the aftermath of this journey was even more frightful.

Back in Rockford House, Clemente had awakened early to make Myles a breakfast. Or rather she woke to hear Enzo the cook, ringing the bell  after he  realized his key was not working, due to Myles’s one blocking from the other side of the door. She let him in and aside from telling him about the lost key, she just
made small talk with the chef, who himself told her mostly about his Sunday off and the dismal result of Bournemouth FC in the Premier League.

She mentioned nothing of about boxes, sexual frustrations, the Davenport deals or Roy Burnetts’s atrocious behavior, only telling him that Sue was taken ill and would not be returning for some time.
He seemed to accept it without further question.

Clemente then dismissed him to have a coffee and start the day relaxed so she could begin the process of attempting to make pancakes in the large clean antiquated designed kitchen. The chef made an espresso  and sat out in the large dining room readying  himself for the week with ease.

She felt she’d try and keep Myles sweet  and win his affections back through his morning appetite and pancakes were her speciality so she was told by her roommates back in college and her parents whom she missed terribly and who had no idea of her line of work, just as much as anyone else did in her real life.
She busied herself making batter, whipping cream and chopping fruit productively, as the simple task felt such a normality for such an extraordinary life. She’d made them for Myles before who rated them as “excellent” and he was sure to have calmed down and take the gesture of her breakfast in bed as a sign of affection and thoughtfulness.

Then Summer entered the room. Clemente looked to her as she stood chopping fruit still her nightgown and frizzy unkempt  bed hair and her eyes narrowed. Not just with the current overwhelming disdain for the younger girl but with the envy and almost admiration she could not even in her most professional way switch off.

Summer strode in with shiny black heels clicking along the polished marble tiled  floor. Wearing a tailored navy blazer over a white top and matching very form fitting navy slacks , holding a small white with  gold trimmed  china cup that she made her coffee in. Her hair was French plaited to two ponytails and her hair looked remarkably more silver than ever. It was only 09:00 am in the morning and Summer looked impeccable beyond belief. She was now a major threat and even after what Clemente knew she put Myles through, her deep flawless beauty would make any woman jealous let alone the circumstances. Clemente wasn’t so concerned with losing Myles in a romantic way, but losing it to Summer would undoubtedly jeopardize her mission or at the very least make it far more complicated. She needed Myles’s unconditional  trust if she was to gain access to the box, and Myles had already mentioned to her he’d moved it and not disclosed its location. Summer sipped her coffee and stared at Clemente her eyes dazzling,highlighted only by a subtle appliance of mascara.

“Pancakes?” She said scornfully . “You actually think pancakes are going to appease him?”
Clemente ignored Summer and carried on preparing the breakfast.
Summer watched her, and that alone agitated Clemente but she tried not show it.
“Father used to make us pancakes every Sunday when I was younger” Summer said calmly. “He had this recipe he said got from his mother and never shared it no matter what. We all used to ask him how he got the pancakes so crispy and how did he’d get them so nice. He didn’t even tell my mother. Not that he told her everything he done. He took his pancake secret to the grave” She said with a far away look.

Clemente looked up at Summer. “I don’t care Summer ok, I don’t care about you, your past, present or future. So enough of your stories. Go and tell Enzo the chef or the gardener when  arrives, or the bloody seagulls for all I care, but I don’t want to hear them. I’m making pancakes for Myles and you know what?”
She didn’t wait to be prompted.
“ Mine are going to 100 times better than your father’s ” She said smugly as she tossed one in the pan.
Summer’s eyes narrowed and she stood most assertively, with feminine power.
“Are you challenging a dead man to pancake making contest! That’s rather bizarre”  She contemptuously.
Clemente said nothing as she tried to ignore Summer.
“You do know I don’t like you, I don’t want you here and until you are gone, I’m just going to ignore you” Clemente said in a rather cool and collected manner.
“Many have tried to ignore me and many have failed” Summer smiled mischievously.
“Well I’m not one of your lapdogs” Clemente said with her own contempt and emulating a certain feminine power herself.

“Lapdogs?  That’s a bit unkind calling your Myles, a lapdog” Summer toyed with her hair as she toyed with Clemente’s inevitable temper she was mining for.
“Myles doesn’t  like you!” Clemente flared up. “He hates you actually and I can really see why after 5 long minutes in your company” Clemente’s wrath was so sudden and exploding she knocked milk all down the kitchen counter.
“Easy, petal!” Summer said with complete patronizing mockery.
“Spilt milk, is nothing to get so flustered about” She smiled pleasantly again as Clemente began wiping it up.
“Split milk, a good metaphor for Myles actually, my spilt milk! Oh how I’m inspired now and you barely  had to say a word. Though it’s been awhile since Myles spilt anything over me or in me, but I’ve always got the memories” Summer let out an acted blissful sigh as if mocking lost love.
Clemente looked at Summer with her hateful hazel eyes. Even for someone as refined and playing her mission with chess like patience this was too insolent.
“You missed a spot” Summer jibed. “Spilt milk indeed!” Taking  her coffee she  walked out once again a victorious woman

She found Enzo in the dining room and while Enzo had been warned directly the first time he’d met her that she was not a friend of the house, he saw no issue in her at all. Like most men who came into contact with Summer , he was taken away by her beauty and features and her cold but attractive mannerisms. He found himself talking flirtatiously towards her as if deep down he wanted her approval among other things.
She spoke to him pleasantly and made small talk. Enzo had got onto talking about Sue and her assumed sudden “sickness”. When Clemente holding the breakfast tray past them. She looked at Enzo coldly for merely being in Summer’s presence.
“I’m finished in there, you may start your work!” She said with blatant authority to her tone.
“Ok Clemente, right away” Enzo stood up and brought his empty cup in with him.
“Myles said, you’ll need to start doing the dining room cleaning now, as we are without Sue, he’ll talk to you today about extra money” Clemente said with still a firm commanding tone. Enzo just nodded as Clemente left not even giving Summer a glance.
Summer’s eyes followed her out. “Does she always speak to you like that?” She asked not waiting for an answer.
“Anyone would think she was the Lady Of House”

Myles who was supposed to get a harmonious breakfast in bed was merely handed the tray as he sat up, and accosted by the exasperated Clemente.
“She has to go Myles, she really has to fucking go! She’s beyond insolent!” It was worse that Clemente knew herself she was losing control.
“Good morning to you too…..” Myles said with irate startled sarcasm.
“I mean it Myles, we’ve asked her to leave she’s still here, that’s aggravated trespass, I’ll get the police up here to get her out!” Clemente had been rattled way too far to gain any sort of control over her usually sterile and settled emotions.

“She can’t stay forever shes got university studies she’ll have to go back” Myles began picking his pancakes apart. 
“Why won’t you act on this? It’s your house!” Clemente exclaimed.
“She’s seen her sister now that’s it, your house!” Clemente paced around fidgeting in a growing anxious fuzz.
“She’s got a right to be here and see her sister, it’s legally obligated” Myles said flatly. “As you well know”

“It’s not how the law works Myles” Clemente barked at him.
“You are legally obliged to look after Dawn  I get that, but you can certainly stop someone entering your house if she’s a threat  and she most certainly is……to Dawn!”  Clemente said darkly.
“How so?” Myles asked still munching the breakfast.
“Well, if you are worried that she’ll steal Dawns precious box to the point you’ve hidden it. You obviously don’t trust her. Not to mention what you’ve told me she tried to do with the love triangle she created  with all of you. Her disregard of boundaries is disturbing” Clemente went on.

“Then there’s  Dawn, she done something to Dawn or at least…….allowed something to happen to her” Clemente said with a pause.
“What do you mean?” Myles asked with a sinister curious tone.
“Did Dawn ever tell you anything about her past Myles? Did she ever tell you she was…….perhaps raped ?” Clemente shuddered at her own words.
“What the hell are you getting at Clemente?” Myles got up forgetting the breakfast tray.
“She’s had more than just a mental breakdown hasn’t she Myles? She’s got a darkness there I’ve seen in women before” Clemente stared at Myles accusingly.
“Just like that Tammy, it’s all linked”
Clemente realized she may be saying too much.
“That’s preposterous!” Myles snarled.
“What are you looking to achieve here?” He looked filled with such malice and a deep lurking anger had come to the surface. Clemente knew she’d hit the nerve. It was now looking like what  Tammy had said carried some truth.

“Dawn’s father was murdered by her own mother, who stopped him from beating her brother to a pulp, and it all happened on her 26th birthday, do you think that’s just slightly enough for anyone to go into a mental breakdown?” Myles said contentiously.
Clemente said nothing. “I mean I’ve lost my parents too” Myles said as he turned his back to her.
“What’s going on here Myles?” Clemente asked him softly this time. “Nothing adds up, the way you are so affable with Summer, Dawn’s condition, the box?” What’s going on here Myles?” Clemente tried to softy put her hands around his waist to try a different approach. He pushed them away.

“What’s going on, is you aren’t happy here obviously, and no matter what I do and say you’ve got a problem with it, so maybe I’ll fetch you a taxi to the station and it’s time for you to go back…..” He stopped.
Clemente’s eyes widened. Then he laughed as he shook his head.
“This is it, go back to who Clemente? Or where do you go back to? Where’s home? Who’s your family? I actually know nothing about you…… yet you question me” Myles’s eyes were accusing and Clemente felt her mask was being pulled heavily forward.
“I have my parents, I’ve told you about them, they want to meet you!” Said Clemente
. “I have my online clothes  business to run which I will be all week. You even met Chris my friend from college” Clemente suddenly felt she was justifying herself too much.

“Oh yes Chris. How could I forget him?” Myles began to get changed.
“Tell your parents to come down here for Christmas then!” He challenged.
“They won’t come here Myles, they just don’t yet understand the house. Why don’t you come with me to spend Christmas at theirs and you’ll see them?” Clemente said almost defiantly. 
“Because I don’t want to” Myles said with a shrug. “Honest answer! Right I need to sort out the locks on the doors, need to contact Sue and make sure she’s ok, and get onto the security company for a date to install the cameras outside. And I’m thinking about hiring more staff. First though I’ll go and see to Dawn. Have you anything else to say to me?” Myles new he had won.
Clemente was speechless. “Myles I…..” She was cut off. “Of course if you want to just take some time away, then be my guest, I’ll manage fine” Myles said as he got changed for the day. Clemente stood motionless behind him, realizing she was losing the Game of Rockford House.

Dawn was already dressed, and made ready by Summer who was leading her to the front door. Dawn muttered like a senile old woman as her sister helped her down the stairs.
“Where do you think you are going?” The stern voice of Myles came from the top of the stairs.
“She’s going for a walk, she needs some fresh air look how pale she is” Summer said with her usual faux concern. Dawn mumbled something about grass and laughed to herself.
“Like hell you are, not without me, I can manage. Why did you dress her like that are heels wise?” Myles looked at the long smart velvet dark red dress with a slit up one side and shiny matching heels that Summer had decked her out in as if she was a living doll.
“If only someone had bothered to dress this cretin  and made sure she looked respectful in the past she might not be where she is  now” Summer said with her  sly smirk.
“I can manage my sister I think and I’m pretty sure she’ll be better for it. You look like you’ve not slept Myles . Were you too busy thinking about me?” Summer smiled at him. “Kept your hands busy did I?” She knew Clemente was approaching earshot.

“Nothing of the sort” Myles said remaining calm. “You aren’t in my level anymore Summer and I thought you’d have realized that by now, but you can carry on with your fantasies. They don’t harm me” He said as he brushed past them both.

“Not you I was looking to harm” Summer said darkly as she gazed up to Clemente who stood staring back down insidiously.
“I’ll take my sister for a walk, If we aren’t back in 2 hours. Then presume I threw her off the cliffs” Summer laughed wickedly.
“Are you sure you don’t want to come?” She called to Myles. He didn’t answer.

“What about you? It’s only polite to ask!” Summer said with her snide yet tactful pleasantness to Clemente. Clemente smiled back and then gave her a finger gesture. Summer laughed at her. “How mature, and classy. You two must get on well” She said referring to Dawn. Myles did always have a thing for common girls, you are no exception to the rule I see. Right cheerio”

Summer said as she led Dawn out the door. Clemente felt something gentle tear into her head at the word “cheerio” and for a moment was dazed. She regained her balance and suddenly realized she was close to falling down the stairs.
“What the hell was that?” She thought frantically as she backed into the corridor. She then retreated upstairs back to the master bedroom and threw herself onto the bed and for the first time in her mission she began to cry.

Summer led Dawn down the stairs that brought them to the lower garden and hedge maze that badly needed attention. The summer house stood in front of them on the gravel. A man stood at the Summer House as he inspected it the gutters around it. “The new gardener I imagine” Summer said more to herself than Dawn. Then she looked up again and the man was gone. “Oh the old gardener then” She said as if it was such a normal occurrence.

She led Dawn linking her arm as she strode around the maze inspecting it as if she felt it needed her attention as if she could heal the decay. “What do you think Dawn, If I was to just leave you here. I wonder how long for your gallant and brave Knight to come and save you! Though there’s hope for you yet, he seems to be not getting too well with that magpie who seems very aloof doesn’t she” Summer wasn’t looking for any response from Dawn.

“The…..west……yes it does!” Dawn said with her eye glancing all around her as if trying to capture any glimpse of reality. Summer led her back to the summer house and opened the door. It was still in its clean condition from the day before and warm.
Summer sat down on the weaved fabric sofa.
“It’s so nice here isn’t it?” She glanced up at Dawn who looked around it with a curious expression on her face. “I visit this place many times in my day dreams when I’m not here, I suppose you get dragged here during your nightmares!” Summer laid back and got her phone out and began texting someone.
“It’s for brushing hair …..” Dawn said finally. So detached from reality, even Summer for a slight second glanced at her was if with sympathy but then it quickly faded away to and her hate manipulated her features.

“You know I love seeing you in this condition, you deserve every bit of it. I tried to help you Dawn, I tried to be a sister to you but you were so consumed by your own inadequacy you were beyond help” Summer spoke with bitter past feelings.

“You broke every rule that Father laid down and if it wasn’t for Mother’s soft spot for you being a failed artist like she was, then you’d have maybe got the kick you deserved and it might have set you straight. A girl is born on a perch, but it’s an easy perch to fall off and it’s all a woman will be remembered for” Summer’s eyes narrowed and all her disdain and contempt for her sister gazed out of her oversized windows to her dark soul.

“It’s how you allow your falls to shape your destiny that you will be judged. You didn’t fall off the perch Dawn you jumped off it and wanted to be seen as the degraded whore that you made yourself. Then that didn’t work out too well for you did it” Summer gestured with her hands holding her flat stomach to simulate Dawn’s one time aborted pregnancy.

“You wanted to come back to the top levels……, you thought that dating a man like Myles was going to get you back into the club……..” Summer broke into laughing as Dawn just bit her lip as if it was irritating her.

“I done everything according to what was expected of me,  I done everything to make my parents proud and be the good girl on the perch , I didn’t just stay on the perch I created a higher one  and where did it get me Dawn? I got me resented in school by the shallow bitches, bullied by cousins, having deceitful flutter box being my sole friend , boys who didn’t satisfy me in any way either. Then if that wasn’t enough I got to see you waddle about  to  have your ungracious arms  around a man I damn well wanted and deserved!” She raised her voice but then realized Dawn wasn’t there. Only  just as a dummy figure in the background.

“Knowing you are forever stuck In your level is the best gift this power could give me Dawn. Knowing that you’ll be trapped and tormented until your last memory is tainted and violated is forever my glory and no matter what I do in life, I’ve achieved my purpose” She smirked as Dawn mumbled more incoherent words. Summer opened her handbag and took out  a small red apple toying it with her hands.

“I’ve decided to treat myself before going back to Ascot, I was set on a walk to the cliffs and perhaps I will after, but first I’ve got someone who will want to see you…….again” Summer glared dangerously at the muttering Dawn, while through the gates of Rockford House, and up the driveway the silver BMW car belonging to Jaime arrived.

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Re: A Spring Melody (An Erotic Horror)
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Fantastic chapter that ends on a very chilling finale that I'm excited to see and yet terrified at what might happen.
Summer once again controlling the narrative of the scenes and making sure that she is on a level higher than those around her. A conversation about pancakes hiding hidden meanings and motives and who couldn't see the implications of what spilt milk really is for those involved.
Clemente is so frazzled by Summer that her mask begins to slip and are we seeing the beginning of the end in regards to her secret identity as Myles starts to pick apart her life.
Summer taking Dawn out can only end in danger and disaster and bi had to laugh at the line saying if she isn't back in two hours assume she's been thrown off the cliff as I can see Summer doing just that!!
Bringing Dawn face to face with a rapist of her past is going to be something and I'm not sure how Dawn will react to that situation but I'm going to be enjoying reading about it.
Amazing story of characters that pushes the plot forwards and I'm giving out a merit right now for your hard work.

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Re: A Spring Melody (An Erotic Horror)
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Once more you prove that the characters drive your stories not the sex! just how stupid if Clemente if she thinks a pancake breakfast will appease Myles after her blunder that endangers the security of Rockford House!
So Clemente doesn't like Summer- newsflash so don't most of the people populating this series. For me it's put up or shut up time- do something about her before she destroys your cover and really turns Myles against you!

Speaking of Summer what plan does she have in store for Dawn. Will this completely destroy Dawn or could it being back the spirit of her parents to rescue Dawn from Summer's evil?

Love how this is racing forward and can't wait to read more! Merit when allowed!
When I get around to it, I'll write