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The Scarlet S
« on: May 24, 2021, 07:27:49 PM »
Girls can be particularly cruel to other girls.  This is a know fact.   The following is a short story about an unfortunate freshman girl's initiation at school by a senior girl.

Erin was putting her books into her locker when an arm reached around her and shut the door in her face.

"You're Erin right?"

Erin turned to see a tall, dark haired girl with icy blue eyes staring at her, and nodded in the affirmative.

"I'm Crystal. The senior who will be initiating you this year.  It is Wednesday thru Friday.  The schools are cracking down on hazing stuff, but don't think that will let you off the hook.  We will just have to be careful.  Meet me in the hallway after first period Wednesday.  if not, I will come looking for you," Crystal fumed and strutted off.

Wednesday came and Erin spotted Crystal in the hallway, surrounded by her entourage.

"Turn around and put your hands behind your back!" Crystal quipped.

When Erin turned, her hands were cuffed.   A ball gag was placed into her mouth, and a doggie collar with a small chain was fitted around her neck.

"Between classes and breaks I will lead you around the school bound like this."

Erin blushed as Crystal, determined to humiliate Erin, guided into room after room bound and led by a chain.   The mocking laughter had Erin blushing even more.   This was the way her Wednesday was spent.

Thursday dawned and after the first class, Crystal was there like clock work. 

"Follow me," Crystal ordered as she marched Erin straight into the girl's restroom.  Once inside, she opened a stall and slammed Erin against it face first.   Erin squealed as Crystal hiked her skirt, and with one quick movement, pulled her panties down to her knees.

"Stop!" Erin bellowed as clumsily reached down to try and retrieve her panties.  Her hands were slapped by Crystal and she was told to stand still with her hands on top of her head.

Erin soon felt something pressing against one of her butt cheeks.

"What are you doing?" the bewildered girl questioned.

"Don't move!" Crystal scolded as she guided the bright red permanent marker to the ivory mound of Erin's bubble butt.   With precision skill, Crystal drew a bright, shiny S on the cheek of Erin's ass.

"There now.  You have a red S on your butt.  Know what it stands for?" Crystal chirped.

"," A nervous Erin replied.

"Slut, you silly girl.  Now pull your panties up and let's get you ready to make your rounds,"  Crystal ordered.

Crystal was calculating and knew exactly what she was doing as she led the bound and gagged Erin up the hallway.   Crystal stopped at the boys P.A class and looked in.

"Perfect timing. Coach Bellows is out of the room," Crystal beamed as she marched Erin into the room full of boys.  The mocking laughter and cat calls had Erin blushing crimson, but the worst was about to transpire. Crystal marched Erin to the front of the room and had her facing the wooden desk with her back to the guys.

"Now, we don't have much time, "Crystal announced to the excited males.  Get out your phones and get ready to take a picture.  Erin here has something special she wants to show you."

Erin was ordered to bend over the table with her hands on top of it.  She gasped as she felt her tartan skirt being pulled up.

"No. Crystal, no," Erin pleaded as Crystal draped the skirt across Erin's back, giving the lusty males a perfect view of her panty covered ass.

"One of you guys go the window and see if the coach is coming."  Crystal spoke.

When the coast was clear, Crystal reached over and with one quick pull, yanked the white panties down Erin's long legs.

Erin shrieked and her face blushed crimson as the room erupted in guffaws and laughter. Cell phones captured Erin's bare ass emblazoned with the scarlet S.  Erin was in tears as the boys were gawking at her winking brown eye, and the soft pink folds of her pussy.

By the time Crystal pulled up Erin's panties and marched her back out into the hallway,  Erin was in tears.  Crystal was not done with the humiliation however.  This time she marched Erin into the senior girls classroom.  Again, the teacher was out and again Erin had to suffer the indignity of bending over and letting Crystal expose her ass for everyone to see.   Pictures galore were taken as the girls teased and taunted the humiliated Erin.

Finally, Friday came.  Erin spent the day as usual, being paraded around the school as Crystal's little slave girl.  Friday night was the girls' basketball game and Erin was on the team.  Crystal had a very unpleasant surprise waiting for Erin.   On a jump ball, the signal from Crystal was given and one of the girls yanked down Erin's' shorts along with her panties.

There, in the middle of the gym floor, Erin's bare butt glistened with the blazing red S on the left cheek.  The entire gym erupted into howling laughter as Erin fought desperately to pull her shorts and panties up.  In the melee and hysterics a couple of the girls were standing on her shorts and Erin could not pull them up.

When she finally did, the humiliated girl sprinted from the gym and ran to the locker room where she spent a good time bawling in shame.

The red S had a life of its own. Pictures continued to circulate and Erin had to live with the shame the rest of the year.

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Re: The Scarlet S
« Reply #1 on: May 24, 2021, 08:00:18 PM »
Love it  and would really like to read a revenge story where Erin humiliates Crystal, leading to a free for all where both are humiliated in front of the whole school! Merit awarded from me!

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Re: The Scarlet S
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Thanks.  That does sound yummy

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Re: The Scarlet S
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A classic premise and you are spot on girls can be the most unfair sex when it comes to bullying. Poor Erin and I agree with Graham I want to see some revenge on that bitch Crystal!
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Re: The Scarlet S
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Wow, ok...  Like Jess and CHG have written I wonder if they will escalate throughout their school year past part 2.

EDIT - And merit naturally when I may.
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