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Char - Female - Switch
« on: May 21, 2021, 07:22:28 PM »
Evening, everyone. I'm Char. I identify as a woman and use she/her pronouns. I'm 26 currently and likely define myself as a switch. I can both get enjoyment out of playing a sub or a dom. I am happily in a relationship, but am open to occasional roleplays and writing/reading stories.

Introducing my sub side:

I have a couple of different modes as a sub. As stated above, I'm happily in a relationship. My partner and I often do BDSM role plays and some of them do consists of consensual non-consensual roleplay. We also enjoy the consensual powerplays as well. But during these roleplays, I switch between being the dominated or the dominator.

Generally speaking, I like to play between the ages 13-35 as a sub. I don't often go higher than mid-30's. I'm only in my mid-20's myself. I enjoy a resistant sub roleplay in the beginning that can transcend into obedience if I'm doing a consensual non-consensual role play. But I also deeply enjoy just being over the top obsessive as a sub when it's simply a powerplay. I enjoy being deflowered as a sub in a consensual non-consensual roleplay. I enjoy a boy/man dominating me as a girl/woman.

These are a few of my sub sides I get into.


I enjoy playing as a middle (ages 12-17). I will occasionally play as young as 9, but I don't really go below 12 too often. More times than not, I play as 13 as my youngest age. It only very rare one shot scenarios that I can put myself younger. I enjoy playing as 13-17 because I enjoy being back in my middle school and high school days being taken by either someone around my age or some adult that I can't fight off. I know as a teenager, I myself was very prudist and also not at all ready for sex. Not that anyone is ever ready for rape, but the idea of having sex forced on me in this age range is especially appealing to me in fantasies because I would have been devastated beyond repair. It also just feels like a very venerable age. It's an age that you're just starting to learn who to trust and what you even think about yourself and others. You're developing opinions on the world now without the biases of your parents. Being taken and used at this age to fulfill some man's fantasy can morph your mind in all kind of ugly ways. It's thrilling to me as a sub to place myself in a position like that.

As an added note though, because I've seen a post already on some people not approving of underage content, I wanted to clarify that everything I'm describing is total fiction and fantasy. I DO NOT condone real rape of any form. I would never want harm of a child to occur. I am all for consent in a relationship. I do BDSM roleplays, not rape. The moment my partner feels uncomfortable, I stop getting enjoyment out of it. And furthermore, both of us are adults who are consenting to this kind of role play with each other. No minor is actually being harmed.

Service Sub

As a service sub type I can play in any age range. If it's a consensual non-consensual roleplay, usually like the play as a girl/woman who resisted serving their dom at first and was eventually broken down into submission. If it's a consensual powerplay, I enjoy being over the top about my servitude. I could get into calling the dom master and wearing lingrie 24 hours of the day so my dom/master could always have access to my body as he choses.

As a service sub, I get into degrading myself and giving my dom/master pleasure even if I get no pleasure in return. It's all about pleasing my dom/master when I play as a service sub.

Horn Dog

So, I find that I can be a horn dog as a sub or a dom. But as a horn dog sub, I'm likely to be beyond a service sub, I'm likely to be down right desperate for someone to fuck me. I'll beg, whimper, roll on the floor, and grind obsessively against my dom/master to get their attention and turn them on. I will put myself in any degrading position and eagerly and vulgarly provoke my dom/master to come fuck me. During my horn dog modes, I'll likely be the type to shout phrases like "I want you to fuck me so hard I won't be able to walk for the rest of the day!" or "Ravish me! Consume me! Take me! Make me take it! Fucking use me, please!" or "Mark me up! Give me hickies all over my neck and breast! I want to see evidence of your ravishment even days after you're done with me!"

Essentially, me as a horn dog sub is a sex addict with literally zero control or concern as long as you'll use me. I'll act like I'm dying if I don't have my dom/master at least touching me every few seconds.


This sub mode is only used for consensual non-consensual roleplay. As a resistant sub, I'll likely fight my dom/master to the bitter end to keep their hands off of me. I will scream, cry, kick, claw, bite, plead, buck, beg, and bargain for my dom/master not to take me. As a resistant sub, I might also be a schemer. One who fakes compliance in order to scheme their way into trying to overpower my dom/master. While playing as a resistant sub, I enjoy having my dom/master have little to no mercy on me. I want him to ravish me and not care about the distress he's causing me. As long as he's getting pleasure from using my body, he's unconcerned with the aftermath I'll go through.


As well as horn dog, I also enjoy brat behaviors. I like to throw water bottles across the room just to irk my dom/master. I like to tease and challenge. I like to disobey the rules on purpose. I like to say "make me!" Brat mode is pretty much my default mode in life.

Introducing my Dom side:

As a dom, I primarily get enjoyment of playing as young adult or an adult (ages 18-35). I can occasionally get into being younger, but I don't usually go younger than 15 as a dom. I enjoy dominating boys/men between the ages 12-25. If the boy/man is around mid-teen to young adult, I often like to play around their age or an adult well beyond their age. If the boy is 12-15, I'll like enjoy playing more as a young adult woman taking him.

Generally speaking, I often play a dom with my partner in a consensual non-consensual role play as I'm not too good at being a dom full-time. I'm much more sub than I am dom, but I have some dom spikes where I can dominate him since he's heavily a switch.

These are my dom sides.


If I play as a middle as a dom, I'll likely be dominating someone within two to three years of my age to keep it realistic enough. If I play as a middle, I might add elements such as I'm using drugs to dull my sub's fight or I'm keeping them bound or I have more strength them them. Generally speaking, if I play as a middle to dominate a boy, I'll usually be both calculated about my approach to dominate them and purely lustful and have a lack of impulse control.

Horn Dog

As much as I love being a horn dog as a sub, I can also get into it as a dom. I can enjoy being driven by lust and unable to keep my hands off of my sub. I'll enjoy mocking or laughing at my sub during this mode and want nothing more than to use them to pleasure myself. I like to ride my sub but also force them to finger me and get ontop as well. I'll get a thrill out of deep penetration and demanding them to cum inside me so that I can then talk to them about how much I can tell they enjoyed their ravishment by just how large their load was.

I'll be one to bite, claw down their stomach and back, and leave hickies all over my sub in this mode. I like writing degrading things on them or places temporary tattoos to show my ownership of them.


As a dom, I mostly like to play as a person in control. I'll have a cold/distant vibe that leaves no room for the sub to guilt me out of what I want. As a calculated dom, I might be more aggressive on punishments too. My calculated dom side is one that plots out her moves carefully and will counter any attempt to stray from course. I'll probably be more demanding during sex, more interested in making my sub participate than taking the pleasure myself.

Anyhow, this is some info about me and who I am. I guess I came here just to sorta be in a community of like-minded people. I'm considering writing stories and posting some as well as joining in on some chats around here. I'm open for role play requests, but I'll likely be a type that can't give you consistent/constant replies. I may be here one day all day long and then gone for the next three or four days. You'll have to be patient with me if you decide you want to role play. I'll also be careful about over loading myself on a roleplay request. If I have one or two already going with someone else, I'll probably tell you I'll have to wait.

Feel free to talk with me though. I'm open to anyone. Hope everyone's having a good day. Thank you for accepting me on the site. :)

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Re: Char - Female - Switch
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Welcome Char! Enjoy your time here.

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Re: Char - Female - Switch
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Welcome to our little corner of the web. Thank you for the in depth introduction. You are making approaching you with ideas easier! Have fun while you're here- that the most important thing at all times!
Real rape is wrong fictional rape can be fun!

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Re: Char - Female - Switch
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Welcome to RU! Looking forward to seeing more of you around!
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