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Her First Massage
« on: May 16, 2021, 10:01:30 PM »
This story is based off of a lovely date and interaction I had about a year ago with a handsome friend of mine who treated me to a massage and a romantic dinner. ❤️ This story is completely fictional in it's themes of rape,  was simply a fantasy I had about how that date could have gone... I do not condone real rape in any way shape or form, this is purely for fantasy only. Play safe and enjoy!

He was well more than half her age. His neat hair and facial hair complimented his rugged good looks. His attire was handsome as well, a dress shirt, the first few buttons left undone leaving peeks of his grey and black chest hair exposed, a vest with pinstripes going down. His dress pants fit well, enough to show his muscular legs, and to leave her eyes lingering near his bulge for a second too long. He had a smirk on his face as he went to hug her. 

"Hello my dear! You make it here with no troubles I hope?" He asked her as they hugged. She hugged him back saying a warm hello and reassuring him she got there safe by bus. He didn't let go of her though, keeping his hand at her lower back, pressing her to himself. She shyly looked up at him trying to keep her blush at bay.

"I have one more appointment before your massage, and then we will have the spa to ourselves. I'll pour you some wine and you can use the soaking pool before I come get you for your massage, that sound good?" He looked down at her, her blushed pink cheeks made him smirk even more.

She felt relieved when he finally did let her go and disappeared to grab the wine. That was the first time they had ever really touched let alone been that close, she thought to herself. She had thought about him touching her the entire 40 minute bus ride here and got bashful when he finally did... How stupid, she thought.

When they worked together in the past he had always kept a professional distance from her at the spa she did reception and laundry work at, but she took every opportunity to see him and say hello all the while forming an infatuation with him. Just shortly after she started working at the spa he moved locations though... She thought she had missed her opportunity once she heard he had told everyone he would be leaving but was pleasantly surprised when he asked to host her at his new place of work for a massage... She had figured he wasn't intrigued by her the way she was intrigued by him, perhaps looked at her like an annoying young child who tried to follow him around the spa any second she got. She had accepted his offer for a massage eagerly, trying her best to conceal her absolute giddiness.

She saw him reappear with a chilled bottle of wine and a glass. A drink would surely help her nerves. She found him to be dreamy and he made her belly do flips and flutters when he was so near her. He was quite romantic, but she figured he was this welcoming to all his guests and coworkers as he was a very friendly man.

He poured her a glass of wine and handed it to her. He kept his hand on her lower back as he showed her around. He left her to change and use the pools as she wished. The wine hit her sooner than she expected as she sat in the hot bubbling water. She got out and sat in the sauna for a bit before a knock at the glass door rattled her to reality. He slowly opened the door offering her a robe and towel.

"I'm ready when you are." he said to her and she took his hand to help her step out of the sauna. He let her change and dry off in the restroom. She stared at her pair of panties she had brought wondering if women usually wore panties to massages? She shook her head and quickly pulled them up before putting on her robe deciding she felt uncomfortable without something to cover her. She followed him down the hall and to a quiet massage room. A few candles were light and soft music played. He shut the door and went in a walk in closet to collect a few things and told her she could undress and get onto the bed, face down.

She did as she was told, nervously taking off her robe and quickly got onto the bed and under the covers for modesty. When he came back out he had a bottle of massage oil and what looked like fabric straps or something... She didn't think anything of it though and just focused on where he was walking in the room. He started at her feet, slowly working his way up her body. He was strong, slow and a warming touch that made her want his hands in other places... She especially felt this when his hand would touch her inner thighs, almost grazing her privates.

He felt her tense shyly when he would come near there and didn't push any further, wanting her to relax and trust him, for now... He instructed her to turn over and began at her feet again and worked his way up. He seemed to pause at her hips this time and pay extra attention to them, enjoying her soft lubricated skin as his hands glided over her with the massage oil. Each circular motion he made from her knee traveled up and closer to her inner thigh. He began to get a little too close for her comfort now and she shyly clenched her thighs closed. His touch felt so good but she began to feel ashamed and uncomfortable with the intimacy of his hands. He took a hold of her knee and pulled her leg back out and bent it a bit exposing her panties to his view.

"Just relax, dear. This will feel good." His voice was quiet and calming but it made her blush and try to stifle a nervous whine. She couldn't relax when he was touching her like that and now spreading her legs... He continued to massage her inner thigh now, his fingers creeping closer and closer to her cute cotton and lace panties till she could feel him nudge them. She let out a whimper barely heard by either of them, he let her knee go and moved to do the same on the other leg. Once finished with the second leg he could feel her melting a bit more into the bed and he moved the sheet to expose her top while massaging her side all the way down her hips and legs before working back up to her ribs. She instinctively covered her breasts with her arms but he didn't apologize or offer to cover her with the sheet. Instead he pulled the sheet completely off her while switching to the other side of her body. To this she froze at first, then looked to him hoping he would see her nervousness and offer the sheet back for modesty...

"You look so cute when your nervous. It's barely lit in here and I can see your blush all the way to your chest, darling..." His voice was low and husky, his warm breath on her skin made her shiver.

"C-can I have the sheet, it feels a bit cold..." She tried to make up a lame excuse but he only chuckled at her.

"I'll warm you up." He moved up till his face was at her face and he gently moved her arms from hiding her chest. When she started to protest slightly he pressed his lips to hers. He smiled into the kiss when she pushed her lips to meet his with the same passion he knew she had been holding back. When she felt his hands on her breasts she tensed up again and shied away from his kisses.

"I-I don't think we should-" she started but choked on her words when she felt his hand travel down her belly and to the waist band of her panties. He took his other hand to force her face back to his and kissed her to keep her quiet as his hand reached into her panties and touched her warm core.

She whimpered into this kiss and then yipped when his fingers dipped between her lips and touched her sensitive pearl. He chuckled again and broke the kiss at last.

"The noises you make are intoxicating." he said as she gasped for air and words to say. His finger moved down and slipped into her tightness. She wasn't very wet and he heard her gasp in shock and perhaps a bit of pain from his intrusion.

"That's just one finger honey, you'll need to fit at least three if you don't want this to hurt." he said with a wink and she felt him press his bulge against her.

"I-I don't think we should be doing this!" she blurted it out as fast as she could and clenched her thighs closed in an effort to make him stop but it only trapped his hand there and he let the finger curl inside her and move in and out. This brought a cry from her lips, part pleasure, part shock, perhaps part defeat.

"Just relax and let it happen. I don't give my other clients massages like this so you should feel special. I'm hosting you here out of the kindness of my heart and you wouldn't want to disappoint me would you?" He said this as if reasoning and manipulating a child and it made her angry.

She pushed his hands away from her and went to get up from the bed and leave but he held her fast. He had both her struggling hands in his one large palm and pressed them to her chest and pressed her back down onto the bed. Her legs kicked wildly and started to make quite a fuss.

"Let me go!" she yelled at him fighting with all her might but he was too strong for her.

"I was hoping you would just be good and listen but if not-" He struck her on the face hard enough to stun her and she stilled long enough for him to grab the fabric straps he had brought out. "I grabbed these just incase!" he said this with a touch of humor and a smile while he strapped her hands together infront of her at the wrist. She began to struggle again but this time she didn't yell at him, instead her water works turned on and she whimpered and cried for him to stop, to slow down, that he was hurting her, that he was scaring her.

He licked the tears off her face and kissed her eyes, cheeks and lips passionately as she wiggled under him.

"There's nothing to be afraid of, little love. It's just you and me here and if you be a good girl nothing bad will happen so just do as I say and I'll get you home safe and sound after we have some fun!" She shook her head "no" at him trying to protest through her cries but she could barely breath through her sobs.

He pulled Her down the table so that her legs dangled off it and her hips could meet his. He grinded on her panties while touching all of her exposed body. Her cries became more intense and he worried of people hearing her even though the spa was closed. He cupped a hand over her trembling lips and came down to her ear and whispered sweetly to her.

"If you don't fucking shut your mouth I'll stuff your panties down your throat till your gagging and tie that other strap around your mouth to hold them in."

She couldnt stop herself from crying but she quieted down a bit. He was pleased with this and gave her a kiss before he leaned back up and started touching her through her panties.  He pulled the crotch to the side and slipped two fingers in her, she was a little more wet this time, but she was tight even on just two fingers and he wondered how she would feel on his cock. He stepped over to the side of the bed were her head rested and began to undo his pants as he pulled her face to his cock. Her tear streaked face was still cute even with her makeup running like a whore's down her cheeks. She opened her trembling lips without prompt and he guided himself inside her warm wet mouth.

He gently slapped her face as he let her suck him, his slaps getting rougher each time untill she stopped sucking him, flinching and cowering at his hand, her mouth openly crying around his cock. He thrust himself in and out of her mouth now, holding her head  as he fucked it. Her cries felt like vibrating hums on him and he let his head roll back in pleasure as he groaned. He suddenly stopped and repositioned himself at her hips, pulling her to him till his cock rubbed against her panties. He yanked her panties off from her and she started to squirm and protest for him to stop.

"Please stop! I-I won't say anything, just untie me and I'll get myself home. I won't say anything I promise, please, please..." He shoved her panties in her mouth and grabbed the other fabric straps and tied it around her mouth and the back of her head.

"As promised, princess." he said finishing the knot roughly. He spread her legs and gazed down at her pink, and clean shaved pussy. She had a small patch of pubic hair in the shape of a heart, he held her legs open with his one arm and let his other hand explore her, parting her lips to expose her clit and little opening below it.

He guided his cock to her opening and she tensed up when she felt him start to push for entry. Her muffled cries and "no's" only turned him on further as he pushed inside her. He got his head in with some resistance, he looked at her scrunched face, her tied hands were outstretched trying to push him back to relieve some of the pressure.

"Fuck, baby... That's just the head!" she started to cry harder and he comfortingly shushed her as he pressed his cock farther in making her gasp and whine as he stretched her and filled her to the brim.

He was fully in her now, his hips grinded against hers as the head of his cock pressed against her cervix. His thrusting slowly started to pick up untill he was pounding into her, making her body jolt forward with each hit. He leaned down over her, kissing her salty tears, kissing her trembling gagged lips and down her pretty neck. His thrusts were violent and painfully for her but she slowly started to adjust to his size and the pain subsided to a dull ache with a touch of pleasure each time he hit deeper and deeper. Her little cries turned into gasping squeals that spurred him on.

"Good girl, just relax and let it happen." He whispered in her ear and she shivered at his husky voice.

She kept her eyes closed and whimpered, wishing it to be over already. But he was just beginning, she felt his thumb rubbing at her clit and her eyes shot open. She could see the smug smile on his face  as he knew what he was doing. Her back began to arch and her legs shook at his sides and clenched onto him. She did her best to not feel the sensations he was giving her but it was all too overwhelming and she couldn't stop herself and the few whimpered moans that escaped her lips.

"That feels good doesn't it, you like my cock inside you, huh? How long had you been fantasizing about this? How long had you let that dirty little mind of yours run with thoughts of me ravishing you? I saw the way you would look at me and the way you'd find any little excuse to talk to me. You couldn't fool anyone with those puppy eyes following me all around." He laughed to himself as she continued to clench her eyes shut. 

He reached into his trousers pocket and pulled out his phone while she clenched her eyes shut and whimpered in pleasure. He started to film her as she arched her back fiercely, grinding her hips to his despite her occasional tears of shame that rolled down her cheeks and sobs of defeat.

"Say you like it. Say it. Say I like your cock pumping in and out of me, Sir" his voice was stern but she didn't comply, only whined and shook her head. He struck her on the face hard enough to make her head violently turn.

When she finally opened her eyes to look at him her heart sank when she saw him holding his phone  before her. She openly cried and covered her face with her tied hands. He yanked her hands down and held them near her thighs for leverage to fuck her.

"Don't make me ask again." His voice sounded scary and she didn't wish to test his promise.

"I-I... I like you-your cock in me..." She sobbed and he only shook his head.

"That's not what I said. You have one more chance." he growled at her.

"I like yo-your cock pumping i-in and out of me.." He had began to cock his hand back to strike her, he raised his eyebrows and tilted his head like you do when a child doesn't do as they are told.

"S-Sir! Sir! I-I like your cock pumping in and out of me, Sir!" She cowered under his hand and sobbed as she finished saying it.

"Mmm, that's a good girl. That's a very good girl." He hummed to her and continued to play at her clit, his camera catching it all on film to be saved forever. He strummed at her clit and she was soon whimpering again in pleasure in-between her sobs of defeat. Her legs shook violently and she gasped for air. She soon was tilting over the edge and he fucked her mercilessly making her give in to the pleasure. She convulsed and squealed, her pussy clenching around his cock in unbelievable ways.

She cried for him to stop as she twitched uncontrollably. He didn't stop his thrusting, rather picked up the speed and force but he did take his thumb away from her throbbing clit. Her high of the orgasm subsided and she began to quietly cry. He didn't pay any attention to this though, grabbing her tits and thrusting himself inside her with a force that hurt now. He soon came as well, groaning and cursing above her. His thrusting slowed down to a stop and he dropped his weight onto her. He kissed her neck as she gently sobbed and rubbed her shakey thighs comfortingly.

When he finally got up off her he chuckled to himself.

"See, it wasn't all that bad, you even enjoyed yourself! I don't know what all that crying was about." He spanked her ass playfully. He untied her arms and as soon as she was free something came over her. She rose from the bed and flung fists at him angrily. He merely pushed her off him and back onto the bed. When she came back to strike him again though he back handed her making her fall to the floor and see stars. She stayed there, not sobbing, not yelling, just sat on her knees, clutching her face. He cleaned himself up and the space around them as she sat in shock on the floor. He tossed her clothing to her and left the room. She let herself sink all the way to floor and cried again thinking he was finally leaving her alone...

He came back about 10 minutes later though to find her still naked on the floor. In her hysterics of crying she crawled her way under the massage table away from him. Hiding like a frieghtened puppy.  He laughed and bent under the table to grab her arm and drag her out. She fought him a bit as she cried. He didn't strike her this time but shook her a bit and spoke sternly.

"That's enough!" he said to her and she settled down, covering her face with her hands as if she was too afraid to look at him. "Never seen a god damned girl cry so much in my fucking life! Usually they stop putting up a fuss in the first 10 minutes... Not this one, no!" He said this to himself, mocking her in a way as he pushed her to lay on the floor.

She was confused at first and resisted thinking he was going to try and fuck her again but then she felt him cleaning her up and pulling her clothes on her. She layed back and let him dress her like a limp doll before he tugged her back up to put her shirt on her.

"Come on I have to get you home and showered." He said this a matter of factly and stood up offering his hand out for her. She didn't take it and struggled to get up herself. She walked past him and out the massage room.

"I'll get home myself, I don't need anything else from you." she said. He followed her to the exit and grabbed her arm.

"No, I'm taking you home and that's final." he said this sternly, his hand squeezing her arm painfully. He pulled her to follow him and they exited the Spa out the back and she saw his motorbike parked with two helmets on it. She shook her head no and came to a stop in her tracks. He grabbed a helmet and came towards her but she pushed it away.

"I will not tell you put this helmet on and get on this bike. if it comes to that I will have you sprawled unconscious on the ground and dump your fucking body in the river down the road, do you understand me?"

He offered her the helmet once more and she complied with him letting him buckle it on her. He smiled and closed the eye opening to shield her eyes from the wind but more so to hide the mascara tears she had dried on her cheeks from pressing cars. He got on the bike and she regretfully followed suit sitting behind him. She refused to hold onto his waist until he started to drive off suddenly making her almost loose her balance on the back seat. She soon clung to him like a baby monkey clings to their mother.

"Why can't I take myself home?" she asked him, he didn't answer her but soon turned his head over his shoulder at a stop light and replied "You'll see soon enough. And you try any funny business and you'll get your ass beat when I get you home and I'll post that fucking video to every internet site known to man."

They didn't say anything else the entire ride back to her place. She held in her cries best she could but he could still feel her chest heaving with sobs occasionally. He almost felt bad for her. Almost.

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Re: Her First Massage
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2021, 12:41:46 AM »
I liked this Babydoll. Great storytelling and made even better by it being inspired by a real event.  You really let your imagination go.
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Re: Her First Massage
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What a merit worthy story written from experience. Love that no physical violence was needed to achieve what he wanted. Such a perfect setting, that the story wrote itself!
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Re: Her First Massage
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Wonderful build up! Well done!
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Re: Her First Massage
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This is such a well written story!