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Violet's fuck toy
« on: May 04, 2021, 12:09:12 PM »
DISCLAIMER: Naturally, I don't condone the kidnapping and rape of men or women in any way, shape, or form. This story is fiction based on fantasy. It's based on a fantasy I like to play out.

Brief Story Synopsis

Klaus is kidnapped by an immortal and powerful woman who wants nothing more than to use him as her own personal fuck toy.

Chapter One

Violet hovered over Klaus, dragging his naked body back to hers every time he attempted to squirm away. They were in a dimly lit room, but not so dim that he could escape the image of this domineering woman above him. She had informed him shortly after she took him that she was going to use him as her personal fuck toy. Sure, some people might assume that a strapping young man in his prime would love to be used as a fuck toy, but this case was different seeing as it would be entirely against his will and by a total stranger. Not to mention the fact that she was quite older than him and he felt child-like in her presence, despite not being a child.

"Stay still." She demanded harshly, her eyes narrowing at him as she scanned her green eyes over his body. Her long black hair brushed over his skin, creating goosebumps amongst it. She was thrusting her bare cunt over his cock, soaking it with her juices. Klaus shuddered with revulsion, trying to put on a brave face despite his terror. How had he landed himself in this situation? How was he going to escape?

"I don't want to do this!" He stammered, already knowing that it would do him no good.

"Did I ask what you wanted?" She questioned harshly. She gripped him by the roots of his hair, entangling her fingers in the blonde lockes as she forcefully pressed his face into her bare cleavage. Klaus's chest heaved as he tried with all of his might to pull back for a breath of air. She was smothering him with the contact, not allowing him to pull back until she was good and ready to allow him to speak again.

"I'm a virgin!" Klaus informed her after letting out a breathless gasp, his cheeks tinged pink with humiliation. He naively hoped that informing her of this would change her mind. Perhaps she was one of those feminists who had a vendetta against men under the assumption that they all wanted one thing from women. If he informed her that this wasn't the case, maybe she would let him go.

"Even better." Violet smiled, tracing her hand over his smooth bare chest, admiring the abs forming. He was young and fresh, well-toned, and ready to be used for her pleasure. But she immediately flipped the switch by climbing off of him. "But, don't worry. I'm not going to take your V-card."
Klaus exhaled a sigh of relief. But, what Violet said next caught him off guard, "You're going to give it to me willingly."

Klaus scoffed. Had she lost her mind? She had literally snatched him off the street against his will. No way was he going to give her his first time.

"You see, I don't really like strapping people down when I want them." She continued as if she hadn't noticed his repulsion. "I want a willing and enthusiastic participant and you're the one I've chosen."

"But, I'm not willing and I'm not enthusiastic! I'm pissed and I'm not putting my dick anywhere near you!"

Her firm expression didn't falter and she didn't miss a beat when she responded to his rejection, "You'll be on your knees begging to have sex with me by the time I'm through with you."

"I will not!" Klaus jumped to his feet, slamming his fist into her jaw. She stared at him with a little smirk.

Naturally, he tried again. He growled with frustration as he repeatedly hit the woman without so much as a flinch from her. Instead, she wore an air of slight boredom. How was this possible? Surely his hits had to be hurting her a little. And yet, she seemed unaffected. Klaus's heart raced with panic as he continued to fight for his freedom.

After a while more of this, Klaus grew increasingly tired and Violet grew increasingly bored. Klaus stared up at her with wide, confused, and fearful eyes. She was unphased by his physical attack on her, that was evident enough, but why?

"How?" He asked, knowing that he wouldn't likely receive a clear answer.

"How what?" She asked.

"How come I can't hurt you?"

"I don't know. Maybe you're not skilled enough."

"I am!" Klaus defended himself indignantly. "My father's a professional bodyguard! He taught me a lot of what he knows!"

"Then maybe he's not a very good teacher." She mused, igniting a fiery rage inside of Klaus.

"He is! There's something-There's something wrong with you! You're not able to be hurt!"

Violet laughed. "I'm sorry, I'm not understanding here. How is that wrong? If anything, it's just another benefit for me given what I want to do in life."

"What? Rape people?!" Klause glared.

"Yes." She replied bluntly, "That's one of the things I want to do. But, I have other goals in life as well. None that concerns you, though. See, I'm a very busy woman. I'm almost always working, but on my off time, I need someone to help me relax and give me pleasure. That's where you come in and it's the only thing that you need to be concerned about."

"Well, you can just fuck off, because I'm not doing it!" He said defiantly. He couldn't believe that she had the audacity to demand something like this from him. The craziest part was that she had no shame about it. She just acted as though her plans were factual and that he didn't have a say in the matter. It was infuriating.

"Yes, you will."

"No! I won't! I'll just fight you if you try and touch me!" Klaus snatched one of the pillows on the bed, properly covering his crotch with it and away from her prying eyes.

"As I've said, there'll be no point in fighting, because you'll be doing it willingly."

"You're delusional!"


She raised an eyebrow and waved her hand in a swift motion to the left, muttering something unintelligible under her breath. Instantly, Klaus's skin felt warmer and more relaxed. A tingling sensation climbed down his neck, shoulders, chest, and pelvis. He gasped as the pleasurable feeling climbed down to his penis, erecting the shaft and swelling his testicles. Klaus was beet red, pressing the pillow tighter to himself in hopes that he could quell the invasive feeling.

"Something wrong?" Violet asked knowingly, amusement in her stare.

"N-No."  Klaus croaked. "What did you do?"

"What do you mean what did I do?" She feigned confusion, but there was undeniable mischief in her eyes. Klaus was at a loss. Surely, he was the delusional one now. After all, how could the woman have caused this? Maybe he was just anxious and his body was having a strange reaction to it. After all, he was a guy with a naked woman who had just been grinding over his junk. Naturally, he was going to have a biological response to the stimuli.

"Nothing. Just get out." He was unreasonably hot and bothered and he needed to take care of it before he blew a load all over the pillow. That would be beyond embarrassing.

"No. You're the one who wanted to leave." She mused, "Get up and go if that's what you want."

Klaus was confused, but a wave of relief washed over him. Finally, she was seeing sense! He started to stand, but he cringed, not moving immediately. He didn't want her to see how hard he was. She might assume that he was getting off on this whole senario and that was the last thing he wanted her to think.

"Give me my clothes back and I will."

"You're clothes are in the bathroom. Go get them yourself if you want them."

Klaus almost groaned with annoyance but held back. He didn't need to make her angry right now. She might change her mind about letting him go and all he wanted to do was go home.

"Fine. Turn around." He requested, "I don't want you seeing me without clothes on."

"No." She responded simply.

Klaus rolled his eyes, standing up, making sure to keep the pillow over his middle. He wanted to use it as a protective shield from her view.

"Wait. That's my pillow." Violet pointed out. "I never said you could take it off the bed."

"Oh, come on." Klaus seethed.

"Why do you need it?" She smirked slyly. "Is there something you're trying to hide?"


"Yeah, well I've already seen it plenty this evening." She reasoned. "I remember what it looks like. Why are you suddenly so shy now?"

"I-I always was! I just didn't think you would let me go, therefore my priorities were different." He answered. He could feel his dick getting more and more rigid, blood rushing straight to the head. It would be undeniable. She would use it against him. But, did it really matter? Maybe she wouldn't go back on her word. Maybe he had gotten the message across with the physical attack.

"Put the pillow down." She ordered.


"Put the pillow down and go get your clothes." She said, her tone sharper this time.


"Oh. Do you want to stay then? You want to stay and be my fuck toy?"

"Absolutely not!" He glared.

"Then get up." She glared back.

Klaus stood to his feet, cringing as he removed the pillow and angrily threw it to the side of the bed. He tried to cover his erect cock with his hands, but it was impossible to hide. He ended up doing the walk of shame, trying to ignore the fact that she was watching him.


"Shut up."

Klaus strode towards the bathroom, feeling her gaze on him as he did so. He was about to reach the doorway when she blocked his way with a sly smile, eyes downcast towards his erection.

"Stop it. It's not what it looks like." Klaus said defensively.

"Looks like a hard-on to me." Violet taunted.

"Probably caused by adrenaline or whatever."


"Yes. Now move so I can get my clothes and get out of here."

Thankfully, she stepped aside for him, but he had not been prepared for what she did next. She slapped him on his bare ass as though he were livestock.

"Hey!" He turned around furiously. As if he hadn't been degraded enough. Now she was treating him like a piece of meat that she could touch however she pleased. He shoved past her and into the bathroom, hearing her laugh to herself. He slammed the door behind him, his hand immediately going to his cock. He wanted out of that house as soon as possible, but he needed to relieve the swell between his legs first.

'Come on. Just cum already.' He thought to himself with frustration. He didn't want to have to go back out there with tented shorts. He jerked himself off thoroughly, his hitched breath quickening as he tried to work himself up enough to blow. But, it wasn't working. He was still as hard as a rock. He groaned. Maybe the anxiety of his situation was affecting his ability to get off.

"Something wrong in there?" Violet asked from the other side of the door. He could tell that she knew exactly what was going on by the tone of her voice. He just didn't know how she knew.

"No. I'm almost done." He growled.

"I could help, you know."

"Fuck off."

Klaus decided to give up on getting it down after a few more agonizing minutes of struggling. He needed to get out of this hell hole and back to his family. Surely they would be looking for him by now.

Klaus put on the clothes that were left by the sink. It was the outfit he had been wearing when she took him; a plain maroon T-shirt,  a pair of grey shorts that reached his knees, and his black tennis shoes. He mentally kicked himself for wearing these shorts. The material was comfortable, but it was easy to see the bulge. He exited the room with annoyance, hoping Violet wouldn't comment on it again. Violet has fully clothed again, donning a blue dress and a brown leather corset.

"Well, I'll see you in a few days." She said, "If you last that long."

"What are you talking about? I'm not coming back here."

"You will." She insisted with a slight shrug. "And then you'll be cumming deep inside me. It'll be the best orgasm you'll ever have."

"You're disgusting." Klaus shoved past her and exited the room, making his way down the staircase and out of the front door of her house. There was nothing in the world that would make him go back.
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Re: Violet's fuck toy
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What a perfectly written reverse rape. Rarely do we get such a story from the female perspective that was as well plotted out as this. Love how you left it hanging to come back to it. Can't wait to read more of this. Merit from me!

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Re: Violet's fuck toy
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Thanks so much for the comment and the merit. It's very much appreciated! This story is based on an actual in-bedroom BDSM RP that my girlfriend and I have been playing out together. She is an excellent fem dom when she wants to be. ;) She's writing journal entries from Violet's perspective that I plan to add onto this story eventually. If you like reverse stuff, it's definitely worth the read. I really like it when the male character doesn't end up liking it in stories. At least not mentally or emotionally! I also like stories like this, because I want to help get rid of the myth that all guys want sex from every attractive woman that they come across, therefore making it impossible for them to be raped without enjoying it. Besides, it's more fun this way in my opinion. :)
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Re: Violet's fuck toy
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Love this reverse storie. Looking forward what she´s allready in mind for him >:D
Thank you
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Re: Violet's fuck toy
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Thank you so much. I really appreciate it and will post more soon!