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Disclaimer: All characters in this story, as well as the events that take place, are completely fictional. The author does not condone the behavior or view points contained in the following writing. This is a purely fictitious work.

Tags: violent, Mdom, tort, humil, gang, ws

The sun had long since gone down as Megan stood outside of the busy night club dressed in her plain black tank top and camo joggers. Normally there would be more than one bouncer out front, but the club was understaffed tonight, and besides, Megan could more than take care of herself. The fit brunette was well known as a "badass" and she did some amateur boxing and cage fighting in her free time so the manager was more worried about the wellbeing of the patrons who got on her bad side, than on Megan's own wellbeing. Megan was bored out of her mind, she had taken this job expecting a whole lot more action, but a couple weeks in and the most action she'd gotten was dragging a drunk sorority girl out by her hair and yelling at a gay couple to stop fucking around in the bathroom. And while she had no idea yet, Megan would be in for more action than she could possibly handle tonight.

The club was nearly full, and there was pretty much no line outside when Megan spotted a group of four men staggering over. None of them were much to look at, none of them looked like they'd seen the inside of a gym in years and even though Megan was hardly 6" herself, she had at least two inches on the tallest of the group. Before they'd even made it through the line, Megan had already decided there was no way she'd be letting any of them in tonight, this was the hottest club in town after all, they didn't need to let in just any random group of dudes on a guy’s night out. Megan checked IDs and let people through up until the group of men. "Howdy there," one of the men greeted Megan with slurred speech, holding out his ID as the rest of the group fished through their pockets to produce their own. "Sorry, we're all full." Megan shot back shortly, hardly even looking at the men as she denied them entry.

The man that had initially greeted Megan looked immediately disappointed. "Oh come on, you just let those girls in," he pled. Megan just stared back at the man with a blank look on her face. The man leaned over to Megan holding out a twenty dollar bill, "Come on, it's my boy's bachelor party, we're just looking to get a few drinks and do some dancing." The whiskey on the man's breath was palpable as he leaned in close. Megan looked back at him with disgust, before shoving him back with one hand into the rest of his friends. "I said we're full imp," Megan spat as the group of men all nearly toppled over each other. The man who was pushed looked ready to fight, but his friend's held him back. "Hey fuck you, you ugly bitch!" The man yelled as his friends struggled with him, Megan just rolled her eyes and flipped the man off, causing him to struggle with his friends to try and get at the dismissive bouncer. "She's not worth it Eric, come on." One of the men said as he held Eric back. Finally Eric calmed down and the group stepped away, still grumbling about the bouncer, trying to figure out where they should go next. As they were chatting off to the side, they watched two young women walk up to Megan, a short, pretty brunette, and a tall, statuesque blonde, both dressed in skimpy outfits walk up to Megan, Megan checked their IDs and let them in the club without hesitation. Eric's face immediately went red with rage...

"Oh fuck this bitch!" Eric cursed as he began to storm back towards the club and Megan. His friends just shrugged their shoulders and followed him, looking to get a modicum of respect of their own. "Hey what the fuck?" Eric called as he angrily stumbled towards the club, Megan looked up at the small man charging at her with a sour look on his face, Megan just rolled her eyes, virtually unfazed by the man's vitriol. Eric's friends followed closely behind him as he approached the bouncer. "Hey I'm fucking talking to you!" Eric yelled as he stepped right up to Megan, looking up at her with rage in his eyes. Megan looked down at him with an unamused expression on her face, "What the fuck is your problem you ugly cunt?" Eric yelled staring up at Megan.

A spark of anger flashed over Megan's face as Eric hurled his insults directly up into her face. Megan pushed Eric's shoulder, knocking him back again and nearly dropping him down onto his ass. "Back the fuck up half-pint!" Megan shot back, "We don't need any fatass midgets in there." Megan continued. Eric reached his breaking point with his friends right at his back, he looked like he might be on the verge of tears, but Eric's fight or flight instinct kicked in the other way.

Eric dove right at Megan, trying to wrap up her legs and take her down to the asphalt ground. "Uggh, fucking twerp," Megan yelled as she stayed on her feet, off-balance, while the smaller man grabbed her tight, powerful legs. Eric was already starting to regret his choice as he clutched at Megan's ankles, Megan reached down forcing Eric’s face down at she started sending hard shots to the back of Eric's head. The short man grunted in pain as Megan hammered the back of his head relentlessly, Megan was totally wrapped up in fighting off Eric that she didn't even give his friends a second look as she tried to knock him loose. While Eric was getting pounded into the parking lot, his friends' exchanged uncomfortable looks before nodding to each other knowingly.

Megan managed to keep her balance as she pounded on Eric, "You stupid little fucker! Get off!" Megan screamed as she continued to rain down fists on the small man latched onto her legs. Megan only looked up as she heard the patter of feet running towards her. She looked up just in time to see all three of Eric's friends baring down on her, before she could open her mouth to yell, one of the men flung himself through the air, crashing into Megan and immediately knocking her off balance. Megan tripped over Eric and crashed down onto her ass on the hard asphalt. Megan groaned in pain, as she pushed the man who had jumped into her off to the side, "You weird fucking twerps," Megan commented as she kicked her legs at Eric.

As Megan started to work to get back up to her feet, the other two men from the group, Alex and Troy, swarmed her, not letting up. Alex grabbed a handful of Megan's tied up hair, "Let go!" Megan shrieked as he roughly tugged on her hair. While Megan was distracted, Troy grabbed the bottom of Megan's tank top, lifting it up and twisting it around her head. "AAAAANNNGGG!" Megan's screams of frustration were muffled as her own tank top was tangled around her head, blinding and bewildering her as she struggled with her top. Megan's tiny tits were exposed on her tatted, and muscled body as the men surrounded her. Eric, still on the ground, latched back onto Megan's ankles, restricting the blinded woman's movement. "Nasty fucking bitch," Jeremy, the man who had tackled her, commented before shoving Megan from behind. "Look at those little bug bites," Troy, the bachelor for the evening, insulted before buried his fist into Megan's bare, tight stomach.

"Oooof," Megan wheezed behind her tank top. While Megan was bent over, clutching her stomach in pain, Alex reached into the back of Megan's joggers, latched onto her black panties, and yanked up on a painful and humiliating wedgie on the "badass" bouncer. "AAAAAHHH!" Megan squealed beneath her top, before Alex kicked her right in the ass, dropping her flat, face first on the asphalt. Eric dusted himself off and started to get up as Megan groaned in pain. Megan panicked as she tried to pull back down her top, finally she managed to yank down the tangled top, just in time for Eric to slam his fist right into the left side of her face.

"Nnnnggg," Megan groaned in pain as Eric's fist slammed right into her face. With one hand Eric grabbed Megan's hair and pinned it down to the asphalt, as he started to repeatedly smack his fist into the left side of her face while mounting her back. After two or three shots, Megan covered her head with both arms, burying her own face into the ground. The left side of Megan's face was already red and beginning to swell as she covered up. "Don't like that huh, you ugly fucking bitch!" Eric yelled as he held Megan's face against the ground. Eric yanked up on Megan's hair, trying to pry her face off of the ground so he could continue his assault, but Megan proved too strong for him as she successfully shelled up beneath him. "Get offa me!" Megan screamed while still covering up. Alex noticed the stalemate so he got up next to the tangle of flesh on the ground and started sending swift kicks to Megan's ribs, Jeremy quickly caught on and went to the other side of Megan, sending his own kicks to the mounted bouncer.

"Oh, uh, nnn, STOP!" Megan yelled as she made the mistake of taking one hand away from her face to grab at Alex's ankles. With her hand away from her face, Eric reared back and slammed a haymaker into Megan's nose. The bouncer's face immediately exploded in an outpouring of blood as Megan's nose smashed beneath Eric's strike. "Oh, gawd!" Megan cried as her hands instantly went to her ruined nose. "Oh fuck, you're giving the ugly cunt a makeover!" Troy laughed from the sidelines as Alex and Jeremy continued ruthlessly kicking Megan in the ribs on either side. While Megan was stunned and wounded from her shocking broken nose, Eric grabbed her shoulder and turned the bouncer over onto her back as he took a seat on her stomach and chest.

Alex and Jeremy stepped back and stopped kicking the brunette bouncer after likely cracking a rib or two. Both of Megan's hands covered her nose as blood continued to pour down her face. "Fucking stop!" Megan screamed through her broken nose as Eric sat atop her. "Keep going!" Alex cheered on. "Smash her fucking face in!" Troy continued. Eric had heard enough as he let go of Megan's hair and began swinging both of his fists down at the woman beneath him. Megan stopped clutching her nose and tried covering her face as best as she could. Most of Eric's punches were blocked or deflected but every couple of them would land flush into Megan's unprotected face. "Uh, nnnn, ugh!" Megan moaned throughout as Eric continued to brutalize her ruthlessly.

The men were starting to get antsy watching Eric rain down punches that were mostly blocked by the experienced bouncer, so Troy and Alex decided to help out a bit. "Gimme a sec," Troy said to Eric as he and Alex got into position. Eric sat up but stayed on top of Megan, taking in some deep breaths as he looked down at the bloodied woman beneath him. Just as Megan thought the onslaught was over and she started to ease her defense, Troy and Alex suddenly grabbed each of Megan's wrists. "No! FUCK YOU!" Megan yelled as each man pried her wrists away from her face and pinned them down to the ground, leaving Megan utterly defenseless. It took all of Alex and Troy’s strength to wrangle the powerful woman, but once they did, it was open season for Eric.

"Let's see just how ugly you can get," Eric said before spitting on his left fist. "No! Please, I'm so-" Megan sudden apology was rudely interrupted by Eric's fist slamming right into her bare face. Megan's face whipped to the side before another punch whipped it right back. Eric's fists landed all over Megan's face, ensuring no inch of the bouncer's face went unbrutalized. "Guh, uck, UNnngh!" Megan groaned from each of the shots as Eric relentlessly rained down his punches. A loud crack rang out through the night as Eric smashed a couple of teeth down Megan's throat. But he didn't stop there, as he continued his extreme assault. Before long Megan's right eyes was red and swollen shut and her lip was fat from the beating. Jeremy walked behind Eric, "Holy shit!" Jeremy yelled looking down at Megan. "She's pissing herself!" Megan's camo joggers started to get wet around the crotch as Megan could no longer control her body. "What a nasty cunt!" Troy said with a laugh. Eric reared back for one more punch, smacking it right into Megan's mouth and knocking a couple more teeth loose.

Megan's entire body went limp as Troy and Alex let go of her wrists. While Eric had stopped punching, he stayed atop the unconscious bouncer, slowly catching his breath. Both of Eric's fists looked like mangled hamburger meat, and no one could tell if it was from his unprotected hands tearing up, or from the destruction of Megan's face. "Well fuck, that was a lot of fun." Troy said standing up. "We gotta beat stupid bitches senseless more often." Troy said as he, Jeremy, and Alex started to step away. "Where are you going?" Eric said blankly. "Well it's almost last call." Alex said looking at his watch. "If we wanna get Troy any ass before he ties the knock, we gotta get going." Alex continued as he and the rest of the men looked back at Eric. "Why don't we just fuck her?" Eric asked. "I figure she won't have too much to say about that."

The rest of the men looked at each other as if they were contemplating Eric's proposal. "Oh come on, I don't want to fuck that ugly bitch!" Jeremy said with a laugh, trying to convince the rest of the guys to move on with him for bigger fish. "Really Jeremy?" Alex said looking over to his friend in disbelief. "I've seen the chicks you take home at last call, she ain't far off." Troy and Alex laughed as Jeremy looked somewhat dejected from his friend’s barb. "Well shit let's get to it then." Troy said as he started walking back towards Eric and Megan with his other two friends following in suit. "Hold up, help me drag this whale around the side so we can get some privacy." Eric said as Troy stepped up. Eric and Troy each grabbed one of Megan's wrists and dragged the large, unconscious bouncer around the side of the club, away from the prying eyes of cars and club goers alike.

Megan's lifeless body dragged behind the two men, her right eye was bloodied and totally swollen shut, Megan's nose was smashed into an unrecognizable lump, her lip was purple and fat, and almost half of Megan's teeth were either loose or totally knocked free, and on top of that; Megan's joggers were humiliatingly soaked with her own piss. Troy and Eric dragged Megan around the side of the club over to the most dingy alley-way any of the men had seen in their lives. There was a large industrial dumpster pressed up against the side of the building as well as some filthy aluminum trash cans all around. Alex took in a deep breath of the pungent air, "Well it's definitely the right place to fuck this ogre." He joked. Troy and Eric placed Megan down right next to the dumpster. "I got dibs on her top!" Alex said as he rushed over to tear away Megan's tank top. "Alright, Jeremy you get her pants off." Eric ordered as he and Troy caught their breath. "Aww, come on, that's nasty. The bitch pissed herself." Jeremy complained as Alex pulled Megan's tank top away completely, exposing the bouncer's tiny tits for the second time tonight.

Clearly no one seemed to care about Jeremy's complaints as the rest of the men waited for him to finish stripping the once cocky bouncer. Jeremy finally sighed in frustration before he got to work stripping Megan the rest of the way. Jeremy tried to avoid the wet spot on Megan's crotch as he grabbed the waistband on her joggers and slowly slid the pants down Megan's toned, powerful legs. Jeremy yanked away Megan's joggers, pulling her shoes off along with them and leaving the battered woman in only her soiled black panties. "Hurry up Jeremy, don't act like you're afraid of a little piss!" Alex taunted as the rest of the men impatiently waited for Megan to be stripped. Jeremy grumbled to himself before tearing the black panties away from Megan's body in an instant. Jeremy held the ruined garment in his hand for a moment before throwing it at Alex. "Fucking nasty!" Alex cried as he tried to dodge out of the way of the flying panties. The men all laughed before Eric bent over and picked up Megan's piss-soaked black panties. Eric walked over to the unconscious bouncer and pried open her swollen mouth, before shoving the wet panties inside. "Now let's fuck her brains out!"

Megan's chest subtly rose and fell with her belabored, unconscious breaths as the men crowd around her. "I got dibs on her ass!" Alex announced as he started in on the downed bouncer. Eric sent a stiff elbow into Alex's ribs, "Ow, fuck! What the hell Eric?" Alex complained. Eric looked at Alex, "Don't you think the man of the hour should get first dibs," Eric explained, beckoning towards Troy. Troy's ears perked up with Eric's words, "I'll take her ass." He said with a wide grin from ear to ear, as he started in on Megan. "Fine, I'll get her nasty ass cunt," Alex conceded, following Troy over to Megan. As Troy and Alex stood over Megan, Jeremy stepped over towards Eric. "Well, it's not like we're gonna be able to titty fuck her," Jeremy said with a nervous laugh. "You wanna flip a coin for her mouth." Jeremy asked. Eric looked up at his friend and patted him on the shoulder, "Jeremy, I don't shit where I eat, you can take the dumb bitch's mouth. She shouldn't have many teeth left to bite you with." Eric offered. Jeremy looked shocked by Eric's response but wasted no time as he ran towards Megan with Troy and Alex. Eric leaned up against the brick wall of the alley and lit up a cigarette as his friends surrounded Megan.

While Megan was laying on her back, still out cold, Troy and Alex worked together to contort her lower body, lifting her legs up and twisting her waist so they could have access to her pussy and ass respectively. For Jeremy, the task was a little bit simpler as he simply pulled Megan's head off the ground by her hair, Megan's slack-jaw fell open as Jeremy held up her head. "You can start us off Troy," Jeremy called back to his friend and Troy wasted no more time as he plucked his hard cock out of his pants and guided it towards Megan's unprotected asshole. The rest of the men listened as Troy moaned in pleasure as his cock penetrated Megan's surprisingly tight asshole, Troy thrust his body into Megan, filling her with the full length of his cock. Now satisfied that Troy got first pickings, Alex and Jeremy followed suit, Jeremy slid his dick into Megan's open mouth and Alex worked his way into Megan's loose snatch. On the sidelines Eric watched on like a proud father, puffing away on his cigarette as his three friends annihilated the once proud woman.

Of course Megan's body had taken a massive amount of abuse so far tonight, but nothing like this, as each and every one of her holes were filled by the men that had previously helped in breaking every inch of her body. Megan was still fully unaware of her profound violation as she was still fully unconscious as each man used her body like a cheap flesh light. Jeremy pistoned himself in and out of Megan's mouth, while Alex rhythmically raped Megan's pussy. Around the other end, Troy slammed himself into Megan's tight asshole as if it was the last time he was ever going to have sex, beating on her ass cheeks with his fists like he was playing a bongo drum. Through the extraordinarily brutal gang bang Megan finally began to stir. She was broken and concussed and had pretty much no idea what was going on, but she could feel an intense pain all throughout her body. Suddenly Megan's left eye jolted open (her right eye still swollen shut) as the men continued to use and abuse her body. "MMMMmmnNNNffff, GGGGgDDDDD!" Megan screamed through Jeremy's face-fucking.

“Looks like the dumb tramp is finally waking up!” Jeremy called out as he held the full length of his cock deep in Megan’s throat. “GggkkkKKK!” She choked as her mind tried to process what exactly was happening to her, her ass and snatch were both getting pounded relentlessly as she struggled to breathe through Jeremy’s cock as her shattered nose gave her little in the way of air. Eric laughed to himself as he saw Megan’s panic while all of his friends’ used her body, he’d never felt more accomplished in his life than giving the bouncer her just desserts as he and his friends utterly ruined her life. “Don’t let up boys,” Eric called before taking another drag off of his cigarette.

The rest of the men didn’t need to hear it from Eric as they continued to demolish Megan, slamming into each of her holes as she sobbed and weakly tried to push them off of her. “Bet you’ll think twice before being a bitch next time,” Eric taunted as Alex moaned to himself, on the verge of finishing inside of Megan’s ravished snatch. “PlllsssssSSs!” Megan cried as she uselessly tried to push Jeremy out of her mouth to catch her breath. “Unnnghh! Here goes!” Alex called out before exploding inside of Megan’s snatch. A loud, high pitch whine escaped the bouncer as she felt Alex fill her up. “Fuck that was so nice,” Alex said as he slowly slid out of Megan’s body, his cum leaking out of her pussy as her slowly got back up to his feet, leaving Jeremy and Troy to continue raping Megan. “You want a go on her pussy, its better than it looks.” Alex offered to Eric as he lit up a cigarette of his own. “Nah, no sloppy seconds with her, she’s a single pump and dump for us tonight.” Eric explained taking another drag off his cigarette as he and Alex watched Troy and Jeremy finish up with Megan.

“Fuck, how you doing bro?” Troy asked Jeremy between short breaths as he continued to pump in and out of Megan’s ass, scraping his nails across her firm ass cheek to seemingly to as much damage as possible. “Hnnng, almost there.” Jeremy responded shortly as he slid himself through Megan’s nearly toothless mouth. Without another word the two men let out loud moans of pleasure in tandem as they each exploded simultaneously inside of Megan, filling her throat and asshole respectively. Jeremy immediately pulled his dick out of Megan’s mouth as she instantly sucked in air, inadvertently swallowing some of Jeremy’s cum in the process as she desperately sucked down some air. Troy took a moment, before slowly pulling out of Megan’s ass, giving her scratched ass cheek a stinging spank on his way out. “Fuck that was so good.” Troy said as he stood up, “Best bachelor party ever!” He proclaimed.

As Troy and Jeremy got up and began smoking cigarettes of their own Megan managed to cough up her soiled panties, now not only soaked with her own piss, but also Jeremy’s cum. With all of the men smoking up against the side of the building, Megan reached out her arm, slowly dragging herself away from the men, her entire body racked with pain. “Gimme a hand with her,” Eric muttered to Alex, tossing his cigarette off to the side. As Megan continued to torturously drag herself away from group Eric walked right up to her. “Where do you think you’re going?” He asked before stomping his foot down on Megan’s wrist, shattering it under his weight. “AAAANNNGGGGHHHHHH!” Megan howled like a wounded animal as she tried to grab her wrist with her free hand, while Eric kept his foot firmly pinning her shattered wrist down to the ground. “Let’s take out the trash,” Eric said as her reached down, grabbing onto Megan’s body, Alex joined him, helping to lift the large woman up as she groan and cried in pain.

Seeing what his friends’ were up to, Jeremy quickly snatched one of the aluminum garbage cans and moved it into place, heling Alex and Eric lift Megan before depositing her head first into the filthy trash can. Megan’s body sunk into the trash, so that only her ass and legs were sticking out, hardly moving as the men crowded around. They laughed and smoked, using Megan’s abused pussy and asshole as impromptu ash trays, singing her pale skin as people poured out of the club, completely unaware of what was going on just around the side of the building. After finishing their cigarettes the men jammed them into Megan’s ruined holes and started stumbling back out of the alleyway, singing along to drunken tunes as they stepped back out to the front of the club. Alex pulled out his phone and looked at the time; 2:30 AM. “Damn, we missed last call.” He cursed as they stepped up to the empty sidewalk. But just as the men resigned themselves to their fate at the end of the night, a couple of familiar girls stumbled out of the club well after closing, clearly very inebriated themselves as they nearly tripped over each other. It was the blonde and brunette girls from before that Megan had let inside instead of the men. Alex, Jeremy, and Troy all looked to Eric. Eric just smiled and said, “Well the weddings not till tomorrow, “I’m up for another couple of rounds…”

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