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I have watched
« on: May 03, 2021, 07:55:38 PM »
The following is a work of fiction. Rape is a heinous crime and I do not condone it.

Basically the idea here is someone goes out of their way to realize their rape fantasy making up a stupid excuse to be in a bad situation and gets in over her head but from the rapists perspective

I have watched

"I want you to try and rape me"

The words were a shock to Vince especially considering  considering his history. Specifically his internet search history over the last 12 hours and his criminal history from like 15 years ago.

"Ummm… What?"

The source of this question sighed and put her fingers to her temple adjusting her large glasses. She was legal but from Vince's perspective, this whole situation still felt wrong.

 She was his neighbor's kid, he had known her since she was maybe 10. He had even babysat in emergencies but that was kind of short-lived because of the 'vibes' he gave off around her. Her name was Charlotte and she had just come back from her freshman year at MIT and she was making the most insane request. 

"Are you going to make me say this five times? This is very hard for me. You know I'm bad at social interactions… I …want you to try and rape me."

Vince swallowed as he stared at the young girl. She stared back waiting for a response. He was about to say 'No' but then he thought about how his cock got a little harder each time she said the word 'rape'. He should make her say it again. Maybe beg for it not to happen.  He started to sweat a little. Flashes in his mind of Charlotte with her shirt half ripped open, with her mouth gagged with her panties, with tears rolling down her face as she begs…

"I can't do this." Vince thought as he scurried back to the couch in an attempt to hide his now raging erection. 

Vince and Charlotte had become friends throughout the last few years in a way. 

They saw each other often in the morning when she would head to school and he would start his morning commute. Small talk turned into deeper conversations and before you know it Vince found himself being sad when she first went off to college.

But now this same girl is trying to ask to be defiled in the worst way.

Well, Is it so bad?  If she is asking for it, literally? The legal imp-

Vince shook the thoughts of it out of his head, and silently wished he could slap the sense back into hers. Vince then leaned forward as the thought of slapping Charlotte made his dick grow a little more. 

He remembers the dreams he had been having about Charlotte recently. He was her parent in the dream and she had just done something bad and needed to be punished. In the dream, he pointed and she begrudgingly walked over to him and placed herself over his knee. Vince would lift her miniskirt and place his h-

"Vince! Are you OK?  You have been staring at the wall for three minutes?"

Vince composed himself. He hadn't been this horny in a long time. Something about this situation is really pushing him. "I … I um… I … Why?" He eloquently stated.

He looked at her choice of outfits. She wore a black sweater that buttoned over her breasts via silver hooks and a very short skirt made resisting this request so much more difficult.

Charlotte started to pace in front of the couch. "Why?… Well, I am dropping out of MIT. And going to a closer school. A larger state school full of jocks and frat boys. So… I started taking self-defense in preparation because, you know, the statistics are crazy. I need to know how to defend myself against weird perverts and aggressive men and, well, you are kind of both. I figure worst case scenario I have sex with my weird perverted neighbor."

Vince thought that he should point out that this whole plan is stupid.

 The dumbest idea that probably ever came out of her book smart brain. They could just spar and get the same effect. Also, most of those classes are bullshit because rapists expect people to physically fight and thus should be prepared for a few kicks in the privates.  He was more focused on how she described him. 

"I am not a pervert."

"Really? Do you really have to walk in front of your window 20 times in 30 minutes when I am sunbathing? Oh and forget about your internet history."

Vince's throat started to feel dry, suddenly.

"How would you-"

"I study computer science at MIT and you steal our Wifi. Your password is Redsox. Come on, old man."

Vince started to sweat. How much did she know about his internet usage? That was private and he would be ruined if his job or anyone else in the community found out about some of those sites.

"And listen, Rest in Peace to r/ageplaypenpals, and r/strugglefucking. I know that  you still have all the other almost quasi-banned subreddit to beat it to, but those must have been such a huge loss to you. Also , man,your Bing searches and your rule 34 history more than makes up for it. Anyway, once I was able to log into your discord-"

"Are you fucking trying to blackmail me!"

Charlotte's eyes widened in earnest surprise.

"What! No! Vince I would never do that to you. I just wanted to see if you would possibly agree to this. I don't care about what you want to jerk off to I just want you to drop the whole 'Well, I never' routine and focus on what I am asking you."

Vince took Charlotte in. She was dressed in a manner that only increased his general yearning. Her black skirt was way too short compared to what she normally wore. Her sweater pulled over her chest barely held together. She was wearing fishnet stockings and strappy shoes with a low heel. He noticed she was shuffling on her feet a bit from being eyed like this.

"You search for pictures of big-tittied goth girls a lot. I know that I  have a little bit more of a tan than-"

"OK. That's it. You have to leave." Vince stood up and placed his arms on her shoulders and started to push her toward the door. 

"Oh come on Vince! Just try and do it." Charlotte protested digging her heels into the rug trying to stop her forward progress. As he pushed he felt her lithe shoulders in his hand and noted how easily he was able to negate her resistance. Vince got a little kick out of manipulating her body. He looked down at her sweater as she was slowly being pushed to the door. 

He made a decision.

He slid his right hand forward cupping her breast and wrapping his other hand around her stomach and pulling her right against his body.

"Wha- What?  What are you?… Oh? Oh!"

Her surprise even though she asked to be attacked made Vince laugh, probably more evilly than he would have normally.  Predictably she tried the classic, over-the-shoulder throw on Vince, the kind they teach you on day one at the Flaming Tiger dojo or whatever. As soon as he felt her try and move his groping hand up he shifted his right leg in front of her right shin. He let her get some leverage and when his left leg left the ground he quickly wrapped both of his legs around her so effectively all his weight was on her back. This caused both of them to lose balance and fall headfirst into the door. 

"Ow! Fuck," she said rolling away from him slightly. 

"Fucking oak doors... Shit!" Vince said rubbing his head. 

For one second they were back to normal, neighbors and friends despite the age gap. One second, then Vince made his move. 

Vince scrambled over the floor quickly and was soon sitting on Charlotte's stomach facing her feet. He flipped up her short skirt ripping the fishnets and started yanking her simple white panties straight up into the air. Charlotte tried to resist by keeping her legs down which achieved the desired effect of stretching her underwear so effectively, it would be easy to push aside when the time comes.

"Ugh… Fucking… Stop!" Charlotte clearly thought this would go better for her. Her composure and confidence were melting away. She was wailing on his back and occasionally getting his kidney with a good shot. She must have thought that a little pain would make him cower and groan and roll away. She had no idea who she was dealing with. 

Her pussy more or less exposed, Vince shoved a hand into her stretched underwear and felt the dampness. He easily put a finger inside her.

"Stop… Please… Don't touch me there!"

"Looks like someone has been enjoying my internet history a little too much." Vince laughed out loud happy to get revenge for the breach of his privacy. The blows to his back stopped. Maybe this will be even easier than he thought.

Then came the kicks. 

A knee to the forehead is a lot harder to ignore than a punch to the back.  Vince kept fingering her through two kicks before he had to use both hands to block. Eventually, he managed to grab hold of one of her legs and was able to go back to molesting his neighbors wet pussy for a moment before the other leg landed a blow that forced him to roll off her. He had the presence of mind to block the door but this had been a lot of blows to the head in a little bit of time. Violating your neighbor's daughter's holes is great and all but he still needs to report to work on Monday and a minor concussion wouldn't help. He had to change his tactic.

Charlotte scrambled to the other side of the couch. Her eyes were wide, wary with a few tears. Vince could have sworn that a hint of a smile went across her face, she must gave been satisfied with being able to get away. 

He quickly slid his sweatpants down, trying to not allow her to get to the door. She frowned at the erect cock poking through his boxers.

"Bigger than you thought?"

She rolled her eyes "It would have to be. Now, let me get out of here and you go back to your online fantasy world. You are not raping me today."

"OK.  Pretty confident from someone who just had my finger in her." Vince put a finger in his mouth. "Mmm, you taste fresh. I can't say the same for how my cock will taste in your mouth."

"I will bite it off"

Vince shrugged. "it will feel better in your ass anyway."

Charlotte tried to dart to the left and then to the right. Each time Vince was there and she retreated. Little by little, he was getting closer to the couch. 

"You know what's funny, Charlotte, I tried for so long to not do anything like this to you. A younger more disturbed version of me would have started groping you a while ago. I thought I was better now ready to be a part of regular society. But here you come, literally asking for it."

He was, at this point, playing a role one that he was comfortable with enough in online roleplay. If it made her uncomfortable then all the better. Fear causes panic and makes orgasms more intense so everybody wins.

"Well… Say hello to the old me."

Vince, in two steps, leaped over the couch. Using the back of the couch to make his forward dive a little bit higher than she expected. Charlotte attempted to positions herself to do another throw, steadying her body to use her enemy's forward momentum. She was too surprised by the move and soon she was down on the living room floor and Vince was back on top of her holding her arms down as she tried to buck him off of her torso. This position was so hot to Vince he thought he might cum right there and Charlotte was saying all the right things. 

"Ugh you fucking pervert, let me go… God damnit let me go… Please… Please get off of me… grrrr crap fuck this hurts… You disgusting old pervert…. No n-n-n-no please!… Please don't rape me!

Vince had managed to get his cock against her pussy, which is what inspired that last phrase. He thought maybe she never really expected him to go for this all the way. 

He thought that this will make for a learnable moment for young Charlotte.

He slowly slid his cock inside of her while the bucking and pleading intensified. 

"I win Charlotte, and my prize for winning is getting to use your body, you're my rapeslut now. Please continue to cry and beg as I fill you with cum."

It sounded so evil in his head and so ridiculous when he said it. Either way, it affected her in a way that made this whole thing even more enjoyable, if that was even possible. 

Her face, the mix of anger and pleading, drove him crazy. He was pounding her pussy like a machine and she just stared back at him with that look. He shifted his grip so that he could hold both of her hands with one of his. It was a risk, but her breasts were right there bouncing in time with his trusts, he wasn't going to let any of her body not be played with.

He slid his hand back under her revealing sweater. Her perfect c-cups felt amazing in his hand. He pinched her right nipple until she yelled in pain, followed by a short moan that was gasped away. 

"Goddammit! Just fucking stop."

She squirmed a little more vigorously, but Vince barely noticed except for how the angles of his thrusts changed inside her. Is she struggling or is she trying to slyly get him to hit the right spot?

Pondering that question is what caused him to lose his concentration and be completely surprised by the elbow that collided with his head right under her ear. 

"Ow! Fuck me." Vince wasn't a punk but he also didn't get hit in the face all that often. Actually, it hasn't happened to him while he was sober ever. The knee to the groin was also a first. 

Vince felt coldness on his shaft as Charlotte scrambled away from him. He yearned for that warmth again, pain or no pain she couldn't get away. She was his to use and the thought of her getting away was unacceptable.

Also having her run half-naked out of his house probably wasn't the best thing for his image in the neighborhood.

He sprinted after her not nervous or panicked but determined. Her hand reached the doorknob and adrenaline surged through his body as he could see a sliver of the starry night sky outside of his apartment. 

He closed in on her. In the second that it took him to open the door about six inches. Vince slammed into her knocking the door shut again and then this sweet sound of anguish erupted from her throat as his erection poked against her again. 

"No," She sobbed, "No please don't-"

His hands were all over her. She was no longer a person to him. She was prey. He grabbed her pleading face forced her to turn to face him halfway and then spit at her. 

"Shut the fuck up, you asked to be raped and now I am making your dreams come true."

He pressed her head against the door, her portal to freedom, bending her over he lined the head of his dick with her squirming pussy. She screamed in dismay as his head entered her again. Sobbing and muttering as he pistoned inside of her, pausing only to press deep inside of her and to tell her that her pussy was his. He grabbed both her arms and held them behind her using them to help him thrust deeper. She seemed to give up to accept her place. After a few minutes, his grip on her loosened and that is when in a flurry of movement she ran. 

Suddenly she was charging up the stairs. Vince managed to grab her ankle about halfway up, but she kicked so violently that he had a hard time pulling her down. He reached his other hand up and managed to grab her skirt, which tore off with her loosened panties as she escaped his grasp again.

A few feet behind her, Vince noticed that she charged into the bedroom and tried to close the door behind her. Vince was there though and they spent a moment with her struggling to close the door on her rapist.

"This is silly now. You are my victim. Just accept it. You are stuck here. Your self-defense is useless. You can't escape and I won't stop." Vince said while easily, but slowly, pushing the door open.

And then they were standing there. Vince pants-less, wearing a grey t-shirt dripping in sweat from the exertion but otherwise calm. Charlotte, also exposed from the waist down, shirt ripped and hanging from her shoulders, breasts exposed, shifting her balance in her feet looking like a skittish deer looking for a way out.

Vince casually looked at his nails and flicked a piece of dirt off of them. "I am going to fuck you in the ass," he said nonchalantly.

"Wh… What?

Vince smiled taking a step closer to Charlotte with each word. 


"Please don't, Vince come on."


"Y- you win ok, I will even suck your dick"

"Fuck you"

"You fucking piece of shit. Just fucking stop."

Charlotte backed up to the bed now, defeated she just sat down and put her face on her hands, and started to cry. 

Vince put a hand on her shoulder almost lovingly. She looked up at him, big eyes full of tears and fatigue and maybe a little hope.

"In the ass," Vince says softly and he slaps Charlotte across the face causing her to reel back on the bed. Vince quickly jumped on top of her pressing her face into the bed. Her hands were flailing behind her as she desperately tries to save her virgin asshole, but as Vince was trying to use spit to lubricate his cock he got a sensation from her that was new. A sensation of utter defeat.

"No! N-n-n-no! You are hurting me."

"You are mine to hurt. You said it before, 'i Won' and I am going to claim my prize." 

Whilst Vince relished in Charlotte's anguish, a little voice popped up in his head. He imagined that it was over his right shoulder

"Maybe raping her ass is a little much…"

Another ephemeral voice could be heard over his left shoulder.

"Maybe she should have thought about that before initiating this whole thing! Fuck it, you are probably going to jail after this enjoy all of this bitch. Don't let this angel fuck up your last chance at this!'

"Maybe if you take it easy she won't go to the cops right away and-"

"Don't be a pussy! Just fuck her ass and we can figure out how to make her not snitch."

The head of Vince's cock starts entering her ass. 

"Mmm shit that is tight. This feels great, I could be wrong here," The good part of Vince's conscious said to the sounds of cheers from the devil's on the other shoulder.

Vince shook the imaginary voices out of his head and focused on the whimpering of Charlotte.

"P-please… Stop… J-j-just… Fuck my pussy…. Please … Rape my pussy."

Vince stopped. "What did you say?"

"Um… Fuck my pussy?"

Vince yanked Charlotte's hair and slapped her across the face. "Don't fucking lie!! What did you just fucking say!"

"R-rape my pussy…

Vince pulled Charlotte back by her hair and slapped her across the face, continuing to drill his cock deeper in her ass.

"You don't fucking tell me what to do, slut. Your ass is mine, your pussy is mine, your fucking whole body is mine. Maybe if you understood what it meant to be raped by me then you wouldn't have been so eager to play this game."

The sobs that follow sent a thrill through, Vince's spine. He was doing it. She was practically a kid, innocent and he was ruining her making her his cock whore. He felt his cock spasm at the idea of owning this body underneath him and doing whatever he wants with it. He quickly pulled out of her ass and pressed it into her wet pussy again, moaning at the warmth of it. Thrusting slow and deep he taunted her. 

"What if I came inside you. Wouldn't you love that? The cock of some old pervert twitching as my kids travel into your womb. Oh, I wonder how deep I can get my dick inside you." He started to quicken up the pace. 

Charlotte starts shaking her head, not wanting to communicate orally unless she suffered some sort of consequence. He could smell the fear on her. He didn't know what she was so afraid of, he just slapped and choked her a little bit. There was so much more he could do. Charlotte was too easy to break. She needs mental endurance lessons. Vince could provide that service. 

His body convulsed. The visions of him teaching Charlotte how to be tough. He envisioned further abuse, maybe next time in her house. He thought about groping her while her parents were in the other room. Of waking her up with probing fingers. The thought of the continued abuse caused him to finally climax. He had meant to cum on her face but her womb was just as good and her additional sobs once she felt him were delicious.

He felt the energy drain out of him. He thought maybe he would feel guilty after it was done. But seeing her sniffling lying on his bed, holes just violated. He knew he was going to do it again. He was going to fuck her whenever he wanted unless she figured out a way to stop him. Jail would be likely, eventually. But he wasn't going to let that ruin the moment. He went around the bedroom gathering power cords from various electronics. Then approached her still sobbing form.

"Now I am very tired so I am going to get you set up," Vince said as he stared tying the cords around Charlotte's wrists with minimal resistance from his victim. "And I am going to sleep. 

In the end, Charlotte had her wrists bound together and tied to the headboard of the bed. Vince made a note to find a proper rope and to look up some videos on knot tying.  He laid next to Charlotte who just stared at the ceiling silently sniffling and fell asleep with one hand rubbing her pussy. 


"Mmm. Bacon."

Vince woke starving. His groggy mind registered the smell of his favorite breakfast meat. It was almost like he was a kid again, and his mother was preparing Sunday breakfast. He was still was really tired or else he would have noticed right away that his captive wasn't in bed. Instead, he went to check himself in the mirror and brush his teeth. Wiping sleep from his eye he thought about his childhood and that one time his mom was drunk and they played that 'special' game. He splashed water in his face to wipe that memory away and then his brain started working. 

Bacon… Breakfast… "Oh Shit… Charlotte!"

"Yeah?" Came to a monotone response from outside the bedroom. 

"Um, you … Um…"

"I got free, I couldn't sleep like that and you kept fingering me in your sleep," Charlotte said with a yawn. "You aren't very good at tying knots. Anyway, I made breakfast when for when you come down."

"This is wrong." Vince thought to himself.  "This is too… mundane." He put her through something yesterday there should be something other than a balanced breakfast waiting for him this morning. He suddenly felt impotent.  Maybe Charlotte is in denial. Maybe she needs a serious conversation to remind her that he is her rapist. He started to stroke himself at the memory of yesterday. 

Vince smirked at himself in the mirror. Maybe she needed to be reminded of what happened. He decided clothing would be optional at breakfast and maybe Charlotte would get a special protein drink. 

Naked and fully erect Vince bounded down the stairs ready to let the fun begin again and eat some smoked pork product but he stopped short when he arrived at the kitchen. 

Charlotte nodded to him as she limped around the kitchen preparing coffee. She was wearing one of his large black t-shirts nothing else. When she bent over he could see her whole ass and pussy. She was bruised in several places including her face. When she sat down she sucked in a breath of pain. She didn't seem to acknowledge that Vince was naked, and his erection did acknowledge that she was hurt. 

"Are you OK?" He asked and immediately regretted it.

"Well considering my neighbor raped my ass and spewed in my pussy yesterday. And he is looking like he wants to skip breakfast and go for some more. I am fine" Charlotte nodded to Vince's dick. 

"I just did what you asked!"

"And I made you breakfast now sit down!"

They ate in silence for a while. Charlotte barely looked up from her plate. The bacon was good.

When he was done she turned the young woman and touched her hand that made her flinch.

"You are going to stay here. I am going to, at some point, rape you again."

Not looking up from her plate. Charlotte swallowed and whispered.


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Re: I have watched
« Reply #1 on: May 06, 2021, 04:51:28 PM »
Enjoyed this very much!! :emot_thedrool.gif: merit earned
Love the way the both slipped into a situation they can´t control
Would like to hear more about Vince and Charlotte
Your fan
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Re: I have watched
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Enjoyed this very much!! :emot_thedrool.gif: merit earned
Love the way the both slipped into a situation they can´t control
Would like to hear more about Vince and Charlotte
Your fan

Thanks so much! I haven't written that much in this genre so I am not sure what people like or not. Just writing down the ideas in my mind hoping people dig it. I appreciate the feedback. I definitely have some ideas about the next phase for Vince and Charlotte.

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Re: I have watched
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Yes, this was very hot indeed ... well written too.  Thank you for sharing!
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