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Cheaters Never Prosper by RuinGirls4Fun
« on: April 30, 2021, 05:33:17 AM »
Disclaimer: All characters in this story, as well as the events that take place, are completely fictional. The author does not condone the behavior or view points contained in the following writing. This is a purely fictitious work.

Sophia squirmed in her chair in the middle of the large lecture hall. She looked fantastic dressed in a lime green top and daisy dukes that contrasted her wide framed glasses and tied up auburn hair, but she certainly wasn't feeling fantastic as her eyes scanned the first page of her intro to biology exam. It was as if it was a foreign language as Sophia tried to make sense of the questions on the page. The clock was quickly ticking by and Sophia had made little more progress than writing her name at the top of the page, and at this point she was questioning if even that was correct. Sophia felt like she was on the verge of tears as frustration and fear bubbled over, she'd never scored below a 'B' on anything ever before in her life, but of the 50 short answer questions in front of her, Sophia was laying a huge goose egg, and she knew no amount of bending over or sly flirting would get her out of this one. So she did the only thing she could think of, she knew the nerd sitting next to her was practically a prodigy, so she leaned slightly to the side and started to peer out of the corner of her glasses. Sophia went from frustratingly stagnant to writing down answers furiously as she shamelessly copied off of the student next to her with a new lease on life.

Professor Tonyan sat at the front of the silent class as he administered the intro to biology course. Tonyan had long since lost his passion for teaching, but the pay and the job security that tenure provided were way too nice to pass up. It's a good thing Tonyan had tenure, because in the last 4 or 5 years, there had been multiple discretionary instances that would've sent any new professor packing. But for Tonyan he just got stuck babysitting the freshmen in one of the easiest classes on campus. Freshmen classes did have their perks however, which Tonyan was fully exploring as he browsed through Sophia's instagram, resisting the urge to touch himself at the sight of the slutty freshman in tiny bikinis and suggestive poses. Tonyan had had his eyes on Sophia from the instant she entered his class. He could tell she was far from the sharpest tool in the shed and knew it was only a matter of time before she came to him looking for extra credit.

Professor Tonyan peered up from his computer to sneak a peek at Sophia, he really loved to watch stupid freshmen squirm, but a sly smile crept across Tonyan's face as he looked up to see Sophia obviously cheating off of the student next to her. Of course, probably more than half of the class was doing the same, but none of them held Tonyan's attention quite like Sophia did. Tonyan's brain started turning with some sadistic ideas as he got up from his desk. It had been a while since he had the chance to punish a student in class, the last time was with a cute little Jewish girl in a material science class, he took extra pleasure in making sure that she wouldn't be accepted into another university when he was done with her. Sophia knew she was running out of time on her exam as she was lost in her neighbor's test, feverishly scribbling down all she could read off of their paper before they inevitably finished. "Ahem!" Sophia froze in place as she heard the professor clear his throat from right behind her chair...

Sophia's body stiffened as she could feel the eyes of her professor on her from behind, she prayed to herself that he didn't notice her blatant attempt at cheating or that he'd just leave her with a warning this time. But poor Sophia's prayers would go totally unanswered as Professor Tonyan slid in right next to Sophia, "Please come with me to the front of the classroom." Tonyan whispered into her ear, quietly but sternly. Sophia's heart was racing as she instantly began to panic, she'd never cheated before in her life and she hardly understood the potential consequences; could he fail her in the class? Could she be suspended? Expelled? While Sophia was worrying, Tonyan snatched up her exam and led the way towards the front of the class, Sophia sullenly followed her professor as her heart raced and her mind feared for the worst, as the rest of the class began to understand what was going on, a low audible "Ooooooo," carried throughout the lecture hall.

Professor Tonyan stepped up to his desk at the head of the room, with Sophia following closely behind him like a puppy-dog on a leash. Initially, Tonyan was trying to figure out what he could get away with, but the profound look of fear on the freshman’s face reassured Tonyan that this would probably be easier than he thought. Professor Tonyan stood behind his desk, jotting down some notes as Sophia stood in front of the desk, unmoving as she waited to hear from the older professor. "Do you have any idea how seriously this university takes cases of academic dishonesty?" Tonyan rhetorically asked, without even looking up from his notes. "Academic Dishonesty?" Sophia responded, flabbergasted. Tonyan looked back at the young woman flatly, "You may be an idiot, but I certainly am not." Tonyan callously responded. Sophia was stunned by her professor's blunt insult as she still stood uncomfortably at the front of the class, beginning to draw some eyes of her classmates who enjoyed the sight of the tight, squirming, freshman.

There was long silence between Tonyan and Sophia as the professor began typing on his keyboard, presumably crafting an email to the dean of the university. Sophia couldn't let this happen as she pled to her professor, "Please just let me off with a warning this time. I'm really sorry." Sophia used her very best persuading voice and tried to use her patented puppy-dog eyes to convince the professor. Tonyan looked up and practically stared a hole through Sophia, as she stood there, withering on the vine. Without any words, Tonyan grabbed his red pen and crossed a huge 'X' over Sophia's exam. At the top of the page he wrote;




Professor Tonyan scrawled these words across the top of the page as Sophia could do nothing but watch, with tears welling up in her eyes. "Please, I'll do anything!" Sophia quietly cried out on the verge of tears. Tonyan looked back up at Sophia, "anything?" Tonyan responded with a worrying look of interest on his face.

Sophia's skin crawled as she regretted her word choice, hearing the words slide out of the professor’s mouth. "Please just let me off with the failure this time, I promise I'll never do it again." Sophia pled desperately. Tonyan wouldn't let it on, but he was loving every second of Sophia's clear discomfort. "Of course I can let you off with a warning Sophia," He responded warmly. Sophia's heart fluttered for a moment as she fully believed that she would be off the hook. "But first my darling, I need you to face the class and do 25 jumping jacks." Sophia's heart immediately came crashing back down into her stomach, "What?" Sophia responded with intense confusion as she tried to understand what her professor was asking. Instead of answering Sophia's question, Tonyan stood up to address the whole class.

"Excuse me. Excuse me class.” Tonyan loudly grabbed the attention of all of the students in the lecture hall. “Time is up for your exam and you can head out whenever you'd like. But one of your classmates here, has been caught with an extreme degree of academic dishonesty and for the rest of class time she will be trying to make up for it." He announced to the class. Sophia's stomach turned over as she scanned the class room, a couple of students here and there collected their things, deposited their exams and heading out, more than happy with their early dismissal, but a large majority of the predominantly male class room didn't budge, as Sophia suddenly became the center of attention. Sophia looked back at Tonyan in disbelief, "Please don't make me do this..." Sophia whispered under her breath.

Tonyan just beckoned for Sophia to step up and start her punishment. After a couple of moments of uncomfortable silence, Sophia swallowed her pride, stepping forward with all eyes in the class on her. Sophia took a deep breath before starting her jumping jacks, counting to herself with each jump. Some of the enraptured audience was initially confused by the punishment, until it became very clear that Sophia had neglected to wear a bra for the exam. With each and every jump Sophia's tits nearly popped right out of her lime green top, Sophia cursed herself as her modest tits bounced up and down.

14, 15, 16...

Sophia counted to herself wanting to just get her punishment over with and get as far away as possible from her pervy professor and the peering eyes of her classmates. Tonyan devoured every moment of Sophia's humiliation as he watched the young woman's tits bounce with every jump.

17, 18, 19...

Sophia's face was a crimson red, and certainly not from the physical exertion as she continued her punishment. While Sophia tried not to pay attention to the crowd, she noticed more than a couple of the boys in the class sneaking out their phones to take picture and videos of her humiliating ordeal.

20, 21-

"AAAIIIIE!" Sophia shrieked, just as she was reaching the end of her punishment, her worst nightmare took place as her left breast bounced free from her tight top. Looks of excitement came across the faces of the classroom as Sophia immediately stopped jumping and covered up, turning away to put away her bare skin and adjust her top...

If Sophia's face was red with humiliation before, now it must've been on fire as Sophia quickly popped her tit back into her top. She took a moment with her back to Professor Tonyan and the class to try and collect herself. "This can't be happening to me," Sophia whispered to herself in disbelief. Tonyan tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for Sophia to get herself together to finish her punishment. After a few more moments, Sophia turned around, "Okay, I did it, can I go now." Sophia asked with pleading, impatient eyes to the sadistic professor. At this point Professor Tonyan was rock hard, less so from the involuntary nudity of his student, but more so due to the profound humiliation he was putting the young woman through. Professor Tonyan thought to himself, stroking his salt and pepper goatee, for a little bit before responding to Sophia's question.

Tonyan looked back at the eager classroom full of students, all hoping to see a little bit more of their distressed classmate, and he had no intentions of disappointing them. "Well... you already gave them a peek, how about you take it all off for them." Tonyan ordered emotionlessly. An excited murmur carried throughout the students in the class at the professor’s order, Sophia was frozen in shock from Tonyan’s instructions. "WHAT?!" She asked back, thinking she must have misheard him. "I want you to strip off all of your clothes for the class." Tonyan reiterated as if there was nothing strange about his demand. Sophia scanned her classmates, seeing nothing but perverse excitement staring back at her, even among the few female students who had stuck around.

"This is sick," Sophia spat back. "I'm not doing this," she said as she turned to the door to leave. "Alright, I'll just send your exam along to the dean then..." Tonyan called back to the retreating freshman. Sophia stopped in her tracks, she'd never experienced someone abusing their power dynamic like this, and she knew this couldn't be allowed but she wasn't willing to chance it, not with her whole future on the line. Sophia was on the verge of tears as she stepped back in front of the class. In front of Tonyan's desk, Sophia turned her back to the class and quickly unbuckled her belt as she started to fiddle with the button and zipper on her tight shorts. "Slower," Tonyan ordered sternly. Sophia had to choke back tears as she slowed herself down. She tossed her belt off to the side and successfully unzipped her daisy dukes. Sophia took one deep breath, before sliding her shorts down her thin legs, exposing her white lace panties underneath as her shorts came to rest around her ankles.

Any student that didn't have their phone out recording before, were certainly doing it now as Sophia's cute little ass was exposed to the world with only her skimpy, white, lace panties protecting her. "This has to be a nightmare," Sophia thought to herself as she stood at the head of the class with her shorts around her ankles. While Professor Tonyan specialized in the more humiliating aspects of his own sexual perversion, the sight of Sophia's tight, cute ass was certainly a turn on even for him. Sophia stepped out of the daisy dukes and took a deep breath before turning around to face the class. Her hand instinctively covering her crotch as she uncomfortably stood in front of Tonyan's desk. "Can I stop now," Sophia begged, with tears welling up in her eyes. Tonyan looked back at her with a disgusted look on his face, "Jesus, you're even dumber than your grades say, I said strip." Tonyan ordered callously, now feeling fully in control of his pupil. Sophia finally broke as she peered out at her classmates, tears started to freely streak down Sophia's face, making her heavy makeup run, accentuating her desperation.

Sophia needed to take off her glasses both to continue undressing, but also so that she could no longer look out at the eager faces of the students gobbling up her humiliation. Just wanting to get things over with, Sophia gripped the bottom of her shirt, before slowly pulling it up off of her head. As the class had already gotten a sneak peak of earlier, Sophia had neglected to wear a bra under her top today as her firm, perky breasts bounced free. An audible gasp hit the room as Sophia stood at the front of the class in just her lace panties, crossing her arms over her chest. Not being able to see the audience helped Sophia get through it a little easier, but hearing the gasp from the crowd caused a fresh set of tears to flow, Sophia's face was a total was as she was sniffling while all of her makeup was running down her face with her tears.

Sophia knew by now that the only way out was through, as she hooked each of her thumbs in the waistband of her tight panties and shimmied them down her legs. Tonyan licked his lips at the sight of Sophia's freshly trimmed snatch, and as she bent over, sliding the panties down her legs, Sophia's tight ass was also fully exposed. Now Sophia stood stark naked, in the most humiliating and uncomfortable situation in her life, as the eager eyes of professor and classmate alike scanned every inch of Sophia's soft, perfect skin. "C-c-can I s-s-stop now," Sophia choked out between sobs. Professor Tonyan seemed to consider her pleading for a moment before responding, "Well, first off. I think you had a couple more jumping jacks to finish up..."

Sophia looked mortified as she listened to Tonyan's response. This was already, by far, the worst day of her life and Professor Tonyan seemed intent on wringing every ounce of humiliation out of the poor girl before he let her go. Sophia was still openly sobbing as she took a deep breath and tried to remember how many jumping jacks she had left.

21, 22, 23, 24, 25

Virtually everyone in class had their phones out as Sophia gave them the most fantastic spectacle. Her free tits bouncing with each and every jump, nearly smacking her in her tears-soaked face. Her cute little ass also had a heathy bounce with each jump and every moment of her most humiliating task yet was caught on camera.

As soon as Sophia finished the jumping jacks, she covered her chest and turned her back to the class, who were more than happy to get a nice view at the cheating freshman's nice ass. Sophia loudly sobbed to herself as everyone in the room seemed to be feeding off of the poor girl's ordeal. Sophia didn't even want to ask if she was done or not, she just waited for her next orders from Tonyan as she wailed in front of the horny class. Professor Tonyan observed his watch for a moment before addressing the rest of the class. "Alright class, we've used up most of our allotted time, but I have just one more task for Sophia here. Start to gather your things and turn in your tests on the way out. Oh and one more thing, if you have a sharpie, feel free to leave a message on the cheater on your way out." Tonyan added.

Sophia shuddered at Tonyan's every word, as she heard the class slowly start to pack up, still unsure of what her final punishment might be. Tonyan wouldn't keep her wondering for long as he dragged a chair over to Sophia and set it up right next to her. She turned to face him just as Tonyan took a seat and beckoned for Sophia to lay across his lap. "Puh-puh-please no..." Sophia whined through tears. Tonyan just returned a smile to the mortified girl and said, "Oh you've come so far, do you really want to back out now?" Yet another fresh set of tears sprung from Sophia's eyes as she took her position over Tonyan's lap, she cringed as she felt Tonyan obvious erection through his pants. With Sophia across his lap, Tonyan grabbed her hair and held her head down, and with his free hand, he raised it high over his head and...


"AAAAAAHHHHH!" Sophia wailed in abject horror as Professor Tonyan began spanking her bare ass. She futilely squirmed over his lap as he struck her ass time and time again. As Tonyan was relentlessly spanking Sophia's ass, some of the students started to make their way to the front of the class with their exams in hand. One male student placed his exam on Tonyan's desk and stepped over to Sophia with a black sharpie in hand. Sophia could feel the male student scrawling something across the small of her back, just above her quickly reddening ass.


Tonyan continued to spank Sophia's ass as students lined up at the front of the class.











Finally, all of the students had turned in their exams and exited the class. Sophia's ass was beet red and her body was covered with humiliating insults, thanks to her callous classmates. Sophia quietly sobbed as Tonyan gave her ass one final spank and push her off his lap onto the floor of the lecture hall. Tonyan was as hard as he'd ever been in his life as he looked down at his cheating student. Sophia's face was coated with tears and her running makeup, her ass was sufficiently tanned from his spanking, and her body was marked up with various insults from her face, to her tits, to her ass. "Hhh, hh, ca-can I go n-now," Sophia finally choked out between tears.

Tonyan rubbed his cock for a moment, still looking down at the sufficiently broken student. "Just one more thing and you're free to go." Tonyan said before grabbing a handful of Sophia's hair and dragging her around to the other side of his desk. Sophia's scalp seared in pain, but she was so defeated and humiliated that she crawled on her hands and knees behind him. The professor beckoned Sophia under his desk and Sophia complied, crawling under the small wooden desk. Professor Tonyan pulled up his chair and took a seat, before unbuckling his pants and whipping out his rock hard cock. "Once you take care of that, you're free to go," Tonyan called beneath the table.

Sophia broke into another round tears as she stared at Tonyan's long, veiny cock. She couldn't believe that she was about to do this but she couldn't turn back now, not after everything she’d been through. While Tonyan sat at his desk, Sophia got to work on his cock, first giving it a couple of hearty strokes with her hands before opening her mouth and beginning to suck. Tonyan quietly moaned to himself as Sophia worked to bring him towards a much needed climax. While Sophia was sucking his cock under the table, Tonyan started typing away on his keyboard as if he was simply checking his emails. Sophia cried to herself as she expertly worked the far older man's cock, bobbing her head up and down in a humiliating display under his desk. Unbeknownst to Sophia, Tonyan was composing an email to the dean of the university, calling for Sophia's immediate expulsion from school and requesting that she be kicked off of campus housing effective immediately due to an “abhorrent display of academic and moral dishonesty.” Just as Tonyan hit send on the email, he finally reached his climax, exploding right down the cheating student's throat.

"AGGH, AU!" Sophia choked from the unexpected cumshot down into her mouth. Tonyan scooted back his chair and looked down at Sophia. "Good work, you're free to go. Now get out of my sight and never step foot in my classroom again." Tonyan ordered. Sophia scurried out from under the desk and started to collect her clothing. She pulled her top back on and bent over to pick up her white lace panties. Tonyan snatched the thin material out of her hands, "I'll be keeping those," he said as he stepped back over to his desk. Sophia didn't even question it, quickly pulling on her shorts, grabbing her glasses and scampering out of the classroom and heading right into the bathroom where Sophia locked herself in a stall and loudly cried to herself. It took nearly an hour before the young woman finally stepped out of the stall and started to clean herself up.

Meanwhile Tonyan printed out a couple of pictures back in his office, he grabbed Sophia's exam, along with a couple of slutty pictures from her instagram that he'd printed out. Tonyan stuck all of them into a folder along with Sophia's panties, he opened a drawer in his desk and slid Sophia's file in next to countless other files with the names of former female students. Sophia had finally washed the cum out of her mouth, the makeup off of her face, along with the visible insults on her body. All Sophia wanted was to go back to her dorm and take a shower, but when she finally made it across the darkened campus she found all of her belongings in a box outside of her room, along with a notice that told Sophia she was evicted, effective immediately. All Sophia could do was cry to herself as she collected her belonging and tried to muster up the courage to call her parents.


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Re: Cheaters Never Prosper by RuinGirls4Fun
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Loved it.  Would have really loved if she was made to apologize to the student she cheated off of also. Good to see the class  gets some free enjoyment from her and a new not pad to write on! Will merit this when I'm allowed to!

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Re: Cheaters Never Prosper by RuinGirls4Fun
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Loved it.  Would have really loved if she was made to apologize to the student she cheated off of also. Good to see the class  gets some free enjoyment from her and a new not pad to write on! Will merit this when I'm allowed to!

Much appreciated!