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Ties that Bind
« on: April 27, 2021, 01:18:02 AM »
Hey pervs. Some of you seemed to enjoy the last story I posted. Sorry I disappeared, I was dealing with some pretty heavy medical problems and didnt have anything left to put into writing. Im getting my shit back together (fuck cancer, but so far Im winning) and I want to put some time into writing again so.... Im back.
I'm currently planning to work on periodic updates to Lucky Finds, especially since I have an entire long arc (like might end up novella length) in mind. However, I recently had a scenario pop into my mind that I found too juicy to ignore, I started putting some stuff down and here we are.
As always I welcome any feedback eagerly. If you like something let me know.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction and is pure fantasy. Actual rape is horrific and should never be tolerated. CW non-consent and violence.

My breath was just barely visible in the night air as I crouched at the tree line watching my prey. I could see them through the floor to ceiling windows of the lake house and I grinned to myself. The three women were utterly oblivious, totally unaware of my presence. Of course, I'd been preparing for tonight for almost three months. I knew them all, and couldn’t wait to introduce myself. As I watched, two of the women stepped out onto the patio with wine in hand. I wasn’t close enough to make out words but their voices were clearly audible, feminine and sultry. I lifted the binoculars and took the opportunity to admire them.

Claire Williams was just past 40 and she was breath taking. Her dark hair fell in loose curls to just below her shoulders, and framed a face that had moved with elegance from youthful loveliness to womanly beauty well. Her features were fine, with a graceful strong nose and sensual lips. She was slender, and about five foot eight. She was currently wearing a blanket wrapped around her shoulders but I could see the skin tight yoga pants on her lower legs and my mind filled in the details. Long well shaped legs, well-shaped ass, and an impressively well-preserved C cup.  From my preparations for tonight I knew she spent serious time at a yoga studio to keep her figure trim and shapely. She was the sort of upper middle class woman who turned heads and starred in soccer mom fantasies.  She was stunning but of them all she was the least interesting. It was the woman next to her that had my interest.

Where Claire was beautiful, Emma Williams was stunning. She was the reason I was here. Where her mother was slim and athletic, Emma was lush, full figured, and ripe as a fresh peach. I remembered again the first time I saw her, working as a hostess at a bistro near my office. It had been like an electric shock from my balls to brain. Stunning grey-blue eyes, long black hair in luxurious gentle curls to her lower back, and a face that could stop a heart from a dozen yards. Pouting lips, perfect nose, and the faintest dusting of freckles to highlight cheek bones. Hers was a face that belonged on a magazine cover. Her complexion was flawless, brought into perfect focus by the waterfall of dark hair. She'd been wearing a little black dress that, while modest, had made the figure under it obvious. Since then I'd seen enough of her to know that as good as I'd thought she looked, I'd underestimated her. Emma might just have the best tits I'd ever seen. Tonight she was wearing a sun dress and a hoody much too large for her. It hid her bust but emphasized the long well-toned legs. I felt my cock stir in my pants and snorted. Not just yet.

I watched from the darkness while the mother and daughter strolled down the crushed rock path to the lake. As they left the circle of light I stepped out of the tree line and headed to the house. I carried a military style 'tactical' backpack over my shoulders, and jogged lightly over the dark lawn. I circled wide, putting the house between the women heading for the lake and my path. Inside I could hear a Netflix drama playing on the flatscreen. I ignored it, and skirted the gravel of the drive way as I crossed to the black sedan parked in the open garage. They'd left the windows open so I leaned in and popped the hood. Disconnecting the battery was done in a couple moments. I paced back out of the garage and made my way to the house. I hummed softly under my breath as I crouched next to the utility box. I'd prepared it that morning, removing the screws holding on the front, and the panel was held on only by a shred of duct tape. I popped the lid, reached in, and unplugged the internet feed. The sound of the TV inside cut out nearly instantly. I placed the little black box in my other hand on top of the utility cabinet and flipped it on. The box didn’t look like much but it was now creating a bubble of electronic static about a block in diameter. I was pretty confident their cell phones didn’t work up here but I wasn’t ready to take chances tonight. The cell jammer was illegal, but that was hardly a concern at this point. I replaced the cover and headed inside.

The first floor of the Williams family lake house was essentially a single large room. The end facing the lake was floor to ceiling windows and sliding glass doors opening onto the wrap around patio. The opposite end was a small kitchen and the middle of the room was dedicated to luxurious couches and the TV. There was a stairwell on one wall that led upstairs to the 2 bedrooms. The house had been built long enough ago that the original structure had been a log cabin. The glass at the end marked a much more recent addition, but most of the inside was still beautiful golden natural wood with heavy posts and beams exposed. The furnishings were minimalist but high quality and spoke to real money, but none of it was new.

When I came in the kitchen door my third target was crouched in front of the entertainment center poking at the expensive router and muttering in frustration. Madison Williams was getting ready to start her freshman year of college, and was head to toe the perfect example of barely legal sweetness. Madison wasn’t the stunner her big sister was but she was a head turner. Where Emma leaned to classic preppy girl style, Madison was clearly in a goth phase. Her naturally black hair was trimmed short, just a little above her shoulders and currently pulled into a cute pixie girl pigtail look. She had the same grey-blue eyes that the other two had, but her face was less elegantly beautiful than her mother or sister. Her face was rounder, closer to cute than the captivating gut punching beauty of her sister. She was skinny, and the tight black halter top she wore showed her high proud little tits to advantage. The tight little shorts showed off the incredible ass that was, in my assessment, her best feature. Like mother and sister Madison was leggy, but unlike the other two she was a track and field runner. Which is why Id decided that catching her first was critical. She was poking at the router as I stepped fully inside the house. I was already half way to her in a silent rush as she stood and turned to look.
"Hey Mom? The Internet jus…." I saw her eyes go wide in panic and shock and then I was on her. One hand onto her shoulder, I pulled her into me, spinning her and sliding the arm down. She was pinned with her back to my chest, my arm restraining one of her arms and holding her tight. The other hand went over her nose and mouth and the rag I had in my palm muffled the scream. Her head jerked but I had a good hold. She tried to kick, but Id been ready for that and I spun with her towards the stairs. She gasped and then her muffled shriek went shrill with terror. Shed smelled the chemicals in the rag. She was already going limp, her struggles getting feeble. I pulled her head back against my chest and bent to smell her hair. She mewed then her eyes going vacant as she fought the drug. I placed a kiss on the side of her neck and then gently nibbled her ear. The last thing she heard as she slipped into stupor was my voice in a husky whisper.
"Does this rag smell like chloroform to you baby doll?" I'd always wanted to use the line.

Madison couldn’t have been more than 90lbs and she felt feather light in my arms as I stepped to the stair case. I needed to get out of sight from the windows. I didn’t think that her sister or mother would be back so soon but I wasn’t willing to take chances on it. I bounced up the stairs and slid into the bed room facing the garage and the woods. Judging from the two twin beds and the bags it was the girls' room. With gentle care I placed Madison on the bed, and then shucked the backpack. She was already stirring groggily. I was unwilling to risk damaging her so the dose Id had for her was low. Just a couple minutes, but that was all Id need. The heavy leather restraints went onto her wrist and ankles in a couple moments. I pulled out the compact little power drill and went to work on the bed frame. The heavy metal rings were incongruous against the stylish hardwood bed frame but they'd hold. The lengths of chain were next, followed by small padlocks to secure them against rescue attempts. In less than five minutes the girl had been stretched taught on the bed, spread eagle. I'd put her face down, and slid a pillow under her belly on impulse. It put her perfect ass at just the right angle to be fucked. I let myself take a moment to caress her, sliding a hand up the warm pale flesh of her thigh and then to cup the firm perfection of her cheek. She made a noise, a thready uncertain little gasp and I knew she was coming out of it. I reached down and flipped open her little suitcase. She had a pair of quite conservative granny panties on top and I pulled them out, wadded them into a ball, and then shoved them firmly into her mouth. She made a little squawk of protest that cut off as the panties filled her mouth. The duct tape that sealed them in brought her fully awake at last and her eyes went wide with terror. I smiled and then straddled her, my knees on either side of her hips. I let myself enjoy the warm firmness of her against me as I slid one hand under her and caressed her taut flat belly. The other took her by her slender throat.
"Shhhhhh. If you scream now you'll go and make me upset. You be a good quiet girl for me and nobody needs to get hurt tonight. You understand babe?" She nodded reflexively and I felt her swallow hard. I gave her a wink, and slid the hand caressing her belly up under her little black halter top and gave her right breast a slow firm squeeze. She turned her face away from me and screwed her eyes shut, burying her face in the clean comforter. When I moved my hand to find her nipple between thumb and forefinger she gave a soft little whimpering moan. Her nipple was rock hard and when I took it in my hand she shook like a leaf. I gave a chuckle and tweaked it hard enough to get a little squeal of shocked pain before I released her and stood.
"You're a fine little piece Madison. I hope nobody does anything stupid tonight. Damaging you would be a real shame. Quiet like a mouse now baby doll." I killed the light in the room and then closed the door as I stepped into the hall.

I crossed to the other bed room. It was dominated by an elegant four poster queen size bed, and was lit softly. I crossed to the windows staying to the side where the cascade of curtains would help obscure me from outside observers. I gave a silent sigh of relief. Emma and Claire were still sitting on the dock looking up at the night sky. I hesitated, considering. With Madison secure I was confident now. I knew both women were in decent shape, but they weren't runners and it was a long mile and a half out to the road. A little less than half that to the nearest house, but that was through rough terrain and night shrouded woods. Sweet little Maddie might have been able to make that run but I doubted Emma or Mommy was going to make it. I shrugged, stepped back into the hall and moved the pack to hold it in one hand. Back downstairs I took a moment to turn on the small light on the stove and the bathroom light. Then I killed the lights in the rest of the room and the exterior lighting. I heard a cry of surprise from the dock and then Claire's voice raised in an annoyed yell.
"God DAMN it Maddie, that’s not funny its dark as shit out here! Turn the light back on!" I moved over to the wall and crouched behind an overstuffed chair and waited. I heard their feet on the walk outside first, then the door slid open. Claire came in first, with Emma just behind her. Claire was muttering darkly about stupid jokes as she moved along the wall to reach the main lights and Emma followed giggling. I waited until Claire flipped the lights back on and then I rose smoothly from the corner and in two steps I had my hands on Emma. The little rag pad did its work perfectly. Her gasp of shock took a full load into her lungs. Even in that instant I marveled at the feel of her body. She tried to struggle but was going limp by the time her mother realized what was happening. When she turned to face me Claire's face went slack in an expression of shock and total horror. I held Emma's limp body against me with both hands and I gave the last free member of the Williams family a winning smile.

"OK Momma bear. I'm sure you don’t want anybody to get killed so I'm going to need you to do as you're told. Be smart and obey and you and your girls don’t need to die. Understand?" She gaped at me in stunned silence and then managed a shaky nod. I let Emma's limp body slip to the ground gently and then reached into the backpack I'd left behind me for restraints. "Turn around and put your hands on the wall Mom, above your head."
She hesitated and then complied with a whimpering sob. I stepped forward and grabbed the blanket from her shoulders and tossed it away. I took a moment to appreciate her again, the slim fit lines of her legs and full perky ass in her yoga pants. I stepped into her and took one arm, brought it down and began buckling the first of the cuffs in place. She gave a little whimper when I touched her.

"Please… mister don’t hurt us. I… I have money. I can-" I jerked her arm up behind her just enough to hurt, forcing her face and torso against the wall with enough force to discourage further dialogue.
"Shut up." She did.

It didn’t take me long to have Claire set up the way I wanted her. Leather cuff restraints on her wrists held together at her lower back by a carabiner to keep her docile, and then a slender leather collar with 4 equally spaced metal rings for attachments around her elegant neck. When that went on she started to sob aloud but she didn’t say anything. I pulled the leash out of my pocket, looped it over one of the light fixtures to tether her in place, and then clipped the lead to the loop. She had a few feet of slack but wasn’t going to be going far. Claire was crying softly when I turned back to Emma. She'd sat up from the floor where I'd left her and was staring in shock and horror at what had happened while she was out. I grinned and stepped towards her. Behind me Claire spoke up, her voice tight with terror and desperation.

"Please sir. Don't… Don't touch my girls. I'll do whatever you want, just don’t… hurt them. Please…" I paused and eyed Emma. Her massive lovely eyes stared up at me in transfixed terror where she huddled against the back of a couch. I gave her a winning smile and shrugged.
"Hear that babe? Mommy will do anything I want. Anything. What do you think? Should I take your mom upstairs and fuck her silly?" Emma just stared mutely back at me her mouth making little motions of shock and horror. I grinned and reaching into my backpack I tossed her a collar.
"Put this on honey. Be quick and don’t give me trouble. I'd rather not hurt any of you ladies but I will. And take off that hoody." She tried to catch the collar reflexively but fumbled it in the remainder of her drug haze and then dropped it. She picked it up, her hands shaking as she tried to figure out the clasp. I grinned and pulled out the little drill again. This time I screwed the single eye ring I needed into one of the massive hardwood posts in the wall. When I was done I turned to see Emma just finishing up with her collar. She stared at me and I pointed to the floor at my feet and clicked my tongue like I would have for a dog. She flushed beet red and started to get to her feet.
"No. I want you to crawl over here like a good girl." She hesitated almost long enough to make me angry and then with her face burning red she did as I said. As Emma got on her knees I became suddenly and pressingly aware of my growing erection. She looked amazing, her little white sun dress's light fabric showed off her curves to advantage, and as she began to crawl to me I admired the curves of her ass as the dress rode up her waist.  Much as I wanted to I didn’t touch her, just ran the second leash Id brought through the ring on the wall, and then clipped it neatly to the girls collar. With a flourish I produced a small padlock, and clipped it home. Neither leash or collar could be undone without the key and Id checked the inside of the house the day before and knew for a fact there wasn’t a screw driver or piece of metal that could handle the hex head screws Id used. Emma wasn’t going anywhere without help.

"Be a good girl now little doll. Im going to take mommy upstairs and have a nice long chat about your future. If you get bored you can always play with that cute little pussy of yours." I gave her a wink and then turned away. I lifted Claire's lead from the convenient light and gave her collar a single hard tug. We headed upstairs, leaving Emma alone in the dim light from the bathroom. I could hear her soft sobbing and the low metal on metal clinks as she desperately tried to break free. I ignored it and led her mother upstairs with a bounce in my step.

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Re: Ties that Bind
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I led Claire into her bedroom, tossed my backpack onto the bed and then turned to admire her. Her eyes were red and tear tracks had ruined her mascara but she was still beautiful. As I looked her over with frank appreciation she managed to sneer back at me, the glare turning her lovely face hard. I didn’t mind. After all, breaking the stuck up ice queen of a soccer mom was a substantial part of the allure of my plan. I stepped in without warning and brought my hand around and delivered a wringing open hand slap to her face, and she howled in shock as much as pain and spun half around before she lost her balance and dropped. I stepped in and delivered a sharp kick to her ribs before I dropped, to straddle her chest. I forced her onto her back, pinning her restrained arms. One hand went to her throat and I squeezed. The howl of shocked pain cut off instantly and I held her there, struggling desperately for air for long moments. I admired the way her breasts stood out proud and firm through the tight fabric of her shirt. I let my other hand slide over her chest. I couldn’t feel much through the sports bra but the sensation of my hands on her breasts redoubled the woman's desperate struggles. I just sat it out. It didn’t take long before her struggles went soft as she ran out of air. I held on as I watched the dawning realization I was killing her show in her eyes. I stared down with a small smile as her eyes began to flicker and …. I let go.

Claire gasped for air like a landed fish and sobbed in silent terror. I slapped her again, and then backhanded the other cheek. I noted that Id split her lip a bit as a smear of blood trickled from her mouth. She was staring up at me and I knew in that moment there was nothing else in her universe.
"Now that you better understand your position we can talk Mommy dearest. I would be somewhat put out if I was forced to kill you, but if that is where things go… Well, I'll have your girls to console me wont I?" She flinched like Id struck her again and I slid my hands down to her chest again. "You really are a beautiful woman Claire. Such a waste that you haven't been seeing anybody since the divorce. But perhaps we can make up for lost time tonight?" I stood suddenly and then grabbed her by the leash right at the collar and yanked her upright. She was still gasping and the pressure on her neck made her panic for a moment. I grinned as I held her upright as her feet scrabbled for an instant,  and I waited until I was sure she was standing steadily. I unclipped the leash and stepped back, tossing the leather lead onto the bed.

Claire took nearly a full minute to catch her breath staring at me as a single tear made its way down her cheek. I couldn’t tell if it was rage or pain, and ultimately I didn’t much care. It was perfect.
"Now Mrs Williams we can get down to brass tacks. You were telling me that you'd do anything to protect your girls. And I must admit that I admire that dedication in a mother. Ive decided to take you up on your offer. In a few moments I'm going to free your hands. When I do I will give you the rest of the evening to persuade me to use you instead of your incredible daughters. Since you'd planned to make it a long weekend up here, we have lots of time to pass together, and I am a hard man to keep satisfied. On the other hand you're a real classy bitch and I like that." I let the small smile blossom over my face as she went pale and finally realized I wasn’t just a random home invader. That I knew her name. That I knew her weekend plans.
"Oh yeah, I know everything. Your girls going off to school next week. The money problems. Your plan to sell this place to keep afloat. One last trip as a family. Very sweet." I shrugged. "Of course if you'd rather change your mind I can chain you up like a dog and go find my entertainment downstairs… I'm sure Emma's pussy would be just as much fun…"
"No!" The word was dragged out of her, and her voice was hoarse with the damage I'd done choking her. "No please, I… I'll do it. Ill fuck you. I'll suck your cock. Please… let… Use me instead." I studied her and gave a slow nod. Wordlessly I stepped in close to her once more, spun her, and released the carabiner securing her wrists together. She gave a little sigh of relief as the tension came off her arms and I made a mental note that she found the position unpleasant.

I didn’t give her time to get her balance. Instead I slid a hand down and caressed her ass, enjoying the warm resilience of her body as much as the start of fear my touch inspired.
"Now STRIP you stupid bitch." I paced back and then perched on the end of the bed and cocked my head expectantly. I could see in her eyes how badly she wanted to yell at me, to resist. The flush of embarrassed helpless rage made its way over her elegant cheek bones and I cleared my throat expectantly. "NOW Claire?" She nodded shakily.
She fumbled for a moment with the hem of her black athletic t and then pulled it over her head. Her body really was great, not an ounce of flab, toned firm belly, and shockingly full breasts in that sports bra. She had great hips, and I could feel my cock pulse against my pants uncomfortably. When her shirt came free she tossed it aside and paused to glare at me, her hands positioned protectively over her breasts. She wasn’t trying yet. She was cooperating but not participating. I could fix that. I sighed heavily and stood, shaking my head.

"Well that’s that I suppose. If you don’t want me to enjoy you I won't force things. I'll just get you leashed up again and go next door. I was quite taken with Maddie's ass when I was getting her tied up." I let my voice carry a sense of weary disappointment and mild resignation. Claire stared at me dumb struck, and In that instant I decided I wasn’t bluffing anymore. She needed to experience consequences. I grabbed her leash and in one quick movement I stepped in, and clipped it back to her collar. I pulled on it HARD, and twisted tossing her easily onto the bed. She squealed, and then screamed but I didn’t mind. Nobody was going to hear her except her girls and they weren't coming to help. I pinned her hands behind her back, and one at a time I twisted them back and around until I could use the same carabiner as before. This time however I forced her into a reverse prayer position clipped to the collar at the back of her neck. Her arms were straining and I could see instantly how uncomfortable she found it. I rolled her over and she gasped in pain as she was forced onto her contorted arms, back arching. She didn’t even see the knife before Id slid it up under her bra, sawing at the taut fabric. It parted nearly instantly and her bra came apart. She froze at the sensation of cold edged metal against her belly, staring up at me and I took a moment to admire her breasts. They were fake, which surprised me, but they were clearly top shelf work. I suspected they'd been a gift from or for the Husband before she'd left him. She'd clearly had them a long time, the scars were nearly invisible. I flipped the k-bar casually and then slipped it back into the sheath at my lower back. I reached down and took one breast in my hand, caressing, kneading, and then finally squeezing until she gave me a little gasp of pain. They really were lovely work. I clicked disapprovingly and shook my head as I gave the C cup breast in my hand another squeeze.

"Jesus, you really are a fuckin whore at heart aren't you Mrs. Williams? Fake titties for a fake stuck up slut. You spent all this time trying to lie, and one look at that chest of yours tells the whole world what you are." I chuckled, and then as she gaped up at me I shoved the penis gag into her mouth. Claire's eyes went huge and she nearly puked as the rubber hit the back of her throat. She tried to bite at my fingers but was far too slow and unprepared. I tisked her, and then with casual brutality I shoved her head to the side, jerking her around by her rich curls of dark hair. I held her there one handed while the other did the buckles. The gag was shaped to brutally fill the mouth, and while it wasn’t long enough to block breathing it would certainly feel otherwise. At the mouth it ended in a cherry red ball gag shape that showed her perfect teeth and forced her jaw open brutally, and was held in place with black leather. It was a splendid punishment device. Once I was satisfied with the gags placement I stood.

Once more the little power drill whined and in a few moments I admired the freshly installed steel tie down ring on the wall near the door to the hall. Id set it at about head level for her. When I turned back Claire had managed to scrabble her way onto her belly to get the pressure off her arms and was sobbing into the gag. I didn’t bother speaking, just grabbed her by her beautiful mane of dark hair and dragged her up off the bed. She howled again, but it was greatly muffled by the rubber cock filling her mouth. I didn’t let her get her feet under her this time, just dragged her across the bedroom letting her bare feet kick and struggle behind her. At the door I pulled her upright and slammed her into the wall for the second time that night. She couldn’t have been more than 110lbs, and I decided I quite liked manhandling her. She hated it which certainly helped. Id read the divorce papers during my preparatory research. She'd confronted him on the affair but it was when he hit her that shit had gone off the rails. She'd apparently told one of the cops that she would never let a man hit her without consequences. I was going to test that vow. I looped the leash through the new hoop and pulled it taught until she only had a few inches of slack before I tied it off. I stepped back and she stood there panting and staring at me with rage and killing hate in her eyes. The reverse prayer forced her shoulders back and the posture forced her breasts up and out beautifully. I reached up and tweaked her nipples playfully, toying with them, enjoying watching them respond, hardening, and Claire whimpered, and then moaned into her gag.

"You really are a sexy fucking whore, but you've made it clear you don’t really want to keep me happy. But don’t worry your pretty head Mrs Williams, I have plenty of ways to entertain myself." I reached into my pocket and pulled out the little egg vibrator there. She blinked, not recognizing it at first. When I used the other hand to adjust the control at the other end of the wire she jerked back and shook her head. I just grinned. She couldn’t move, and if she tried to kick she'd choke herself on the short lead. I tugged the yoga pants down with both hands and took in my first sight of her pussy. She had her mount well groomed, trimmed into a neat little exclamation mark above her pussy. It was starting to grow out into stubble, clearly she had decided with bathing suit season at an end she could stop maintaining. That would change, but I decided I quite liked what I saw. Her pussy was sweetly pink and neat, and as I crouched and drew close to her I could smell her musk. Clean, healthy, delightful. When I slid a finger over her she shook like a leaf and the noise of desperate horror she made was pure delight. I slid my finger into her slowly and was pleasantly surprised.

"Wet as a cheerleader on prom aren't you momma? Well you passed up on first crack at getting dick tonight, but I have a consolation prize." I slipped my finger out of her and she gasped, jerked, managing to gag herself a little on her collar. I slid the plastic shell of the toy against her, back and forth, letting her lubricate it a bit before I slid it home in a single thrust. She gave me another one of those low moans and I grinned as I pulled her yoga pants back into place, the wire trailing up her mound and the control hanging free over the band of the pants. I stood and suddenly she was face to face with me. I flipped the controls to high.
Claire's whole body went tense and she shoot like she was being electrocuted, and a low surging sob of a moan was starting. With malice I took her breasts in my hands again and began to toy with her breasts. She came for the first time staring up at me in humiliation and horror. With a grin I kissed her gently on the forehead.
"That’s a good little whore. You just sit right here and cum like a dumb slut. I'll be right back." I slipped past her into the hall.

In the other bedroom I knew instantly that Madison had pissed herself. The smell was unmistakable and she was sobbing with desperate intensity as she struggled against the cuffs. When the door opened she froze and turned to crane her head back looking over her shoulder to stare in horror. Her eyes were wild and her pale skin was beaded with sweat. I crouched beside the bed where she could see my face clearly and without strain. I gently brushed a damp strand of hair back into place off her forehead and she flinched.
"Well hello again baby doll." I leaned over and began to whisper into her ear. She listened, and then as she sobbed and nodded I grinned and reached down to her restraints.

<<<<  >>>>

I gave her a few minutes to get herself ready, but I was too hard to wait long. If I didn’t get my cock inside one of these girls I was going to stroke out. Maddie was waiting for me in the middle of the room. She was naked except for the leather restraints. Id left her a collar which was buckled snugly around her slender neck. She stood with her arms behind her, and a deep flush was making its way down from her cheeks to her breasts. I paused to take her in. Madison was the smallest of the three, barely a few inches over five foot, and slender. Looking at her there I decided skinny was uncharitable. She was slender, graceful, with long slim limbs, coltish, still coming into her womanhood. Her hips were already full, and the soft sweet curves of her belly made me want to throw her down and explore her with my mouth until she howled with need. Her breasts were sweetly small, A cups but perfectly shaped. Her nipples were up turned and as sweetly pale pink as her mothers. She was clean shaved and I reached down and slid my fingers over her clit and pussy. With the duct tape removed her full pouting lips were able to part and her sweet little voice gave me a real moan.
"Are you ready to give a total stranger your pussy sweet thing?" She was sniffling a bit and blinked back tears but she nodded and gamely tried to muster a smile. It looked sick and terrified. I didn’t know if Id ever seen anything more lovely.

"Please…. Sir? Be gentle? I…. Its my first time" I paused and stared at her intently, judging. Not a lie, a real sweet little virgin. I grinned and leaned down and kissed her. The hand at her pussy kept working its gentle circles, but my other went to the back of her head and grabbed on. I tangled my fingers in the sweet softness of her hair and wrenched her head back, forcing her mouth up to meet me. She froze and then moaned against me and as her lips opened I forced my tongue into her mouth. She was sweet and soft, and as merciless as the kiss was she melted into it. As she began to kiss me back I slid a finger inside her and she gasped, going tense. I held the kiss for a few moments longer and then released her, chuckling.

"You're going to make a spectacular little fuck slut Madison Williams." I took hold of her arm and dragged her across the hall and into her mother's room.
When I dragged Madison into her room Claire went ballistic. She howled against her gag, and hit the end of her leash so hard she nearly threw up. Sobbing and dry retching with her mouth full of rubber and her eyes staring hate she might have been, but even then I realized I wanted her nearly as bad as her trembling little girl. Then again, what I was about to do to Madison would out class anything I was ready to inflict on Mommy Dearest. I took Madison into the center of the room and she gasped as I spun her around to face her mother. I let her take in the state of her dear mother as I ran my hands over her supple, slender body. I took my time, I caressed the sweet tautness of her flat belly, cupped her pert little breasts and played with her nipples all as her mother panted and gasped, her naked breasts shaking with every motion.
"God you're going to be a magnificent little slut Madison." I crooned in her ear, just loud enough for Claire to hear clearly from ten feet away. One hand was now cupping and kneading one young breast and the other was busy between her legs. I reveled in the sensation as Madison's body shook against me, in terror and shame, but increasingly in arousal. "You're a natural little fuck toy, just like your mother. Look at her, she was born to please men." As I spoke I watched and the panic and fury in Claire's eyes began to flicker. She'd been able to ignore the toy Id left inside her for a few minutes powered on rage but not forever. I crooned to Madison, narrating her mother's distress.

"Look at your mommy little doll. She's been brutalized, she's watching her little girls torment, and she's about to have an orgasm." Madison suddenly realized what was happening as Claire shook her head in desperate denial. Even as she did her eyes screwed shut and she began to pant, gasping and trembling. "Go on Baby, tell mommy to cum, tell her how much you want to see her cum prettily for us." Madison hesitated for an instant and my playful caresses became a firm grip on her clit and she gasped. I gave her the slightest squeeze and she nodded vigorously. Poor Claire was so far gone she didn’t even notice the byplay, but she noticed when her daughter started speaking.

"G…Go on Mommy, show your little girl how you ….cum." Madison's voice was shaky and hesitant but she quickly gathered steam. I knew what she watched on her laptop, and I'd made some pointed suggestions. I resumed playing with her clit to provide extra encouragement. "Oh GAWD mommy, please, show your baby girl what a whore you are, let me cum with you Mommy" I accelerated and began to tease at her nipples with my other hand. Madison's hand was suddenly with mine at her crotch and her other was cupping her free breast. I leaned down and began to kiss her neck, nibbling my way up to her ear in exaggerated tenderness and she moaned.

"Good girl, damn good, keep this up and I won't even have to cane mommy's pussy to punish her for earlier." I murmured it into the girls ear carefully pitched too low for Claire to catch. The response was immediate. Madison began to work her hips against me, and then she came, long and sweet and shuddering. I held her against me and felt her legs nearly give way. She tossed her head back and offered me her mouth and I took it, kissing her deeply. Savoring her. I heard Claire's howl of torment and hate and I couldn’t hold out another moment. I slipped my finger out of Madison's pussy and released my belt one handed. When my pants came loose I let them fall to my ankles and stepped out of them, my painfully erect penis springing up in sweet relief. Madison looked over her shoulder at me and I saw something deep in her soul break in her beautiful grey eyes.

"Please sir, would you bust this little sl… slut pussy? I… I need it so badly." Her voice broke twice getting that out and she nearly started crying but she managed a rictus of a tortured smile. I caressed her, feeling her perfect body tremble under my touch like a terrified animal.

"Are you sure? Do you really want me to bust that virgin pussy right in front of your mommy while she cums like a fucking whore watching us?" The look on Madison's face would still be fresh in my mind if I lived to be three hundred years old. Her beautiful eyes sparkled with tears and she nodded, biting her lip in terror.

"Y-y-UhhhYes Sir" She moaned as my hands tweaked her nipples. "Make me into a whore like Mommy, fuck my pussy and fill me up Sir, pleaaAAAAEEEE" Her final word became a howl of incomprehensible sensations as I bend her over, crouched to get the angle, and slammed myself into Madison William's pussy. In that one thrust I sank myself all the way to my balls. I felt her hymen pop and she jerked in my arms, writhing and shaking. I felt the walls of her pussy convulse around me, and she wailed low and soft. I ground myself into her, and felt the tip of my cock slamming into her cervix. "Oh god, OH GOD, please sir, you're hurting meeeee!"

I roared aloud now, and in that instant I don’t think I could have stopped if my life depended on it. I spun Madison to the bed, threw her face down over the end and then slammed myself back inside of her as hard as I could. I crushed her delicate body against the bed, pinning her thighs in position with mine. Her hands found the comforter with a white knuckle grip and she hung on for dear life. I fucked her with the focused rage of a long days tension, the lust of the hunt, and my need to make this sweet little thing feel as used and violated as I could. Madison howled, she sobbed for me to stop, and then I took her throat in one hand and put a stop to that. I was in the end stretch now, and as Madison's face turned red I could feel the orgasm building in me until my balls hurt with the force of it. I forced out words in an inarticulate snarl.
"Cum for me you little fuck rag, cum if you want to breathe again." And to my shock she did. Delicate, virginal, sweet little Madison came like a cheap whore as I blew my load deep inside of her. For a long moment I actually thought I might black out. I braced myself with both hands as I gasped myself into some functionality again. I realized that my cock was still hard and buried inside of Madison. I looked up and met Claire's eyes across the room. I blew her a kiss as she came for the toy shoved inside of her yet again. Madison's body shook under me with tremors of orgasm and pure terror. I grinned. When I started to pull out she gasped in relief. It was short lived. I slammed myself back into her, and grinding my hips against her flawless ass I growled into her ear.
"We're just getting started Madi-girl."

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Re: Ties that Bind
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Excellent! It'll be great to see where this goes

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Re: Ties that Bind
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Interesting start, like how you separated them before using them. Will have to keep an eye on this one to see where it leads us! Merit awarded from me!
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Re: Ties that Bind
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Very good start, looking to see where this goes.
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Re: Ties that Bind
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Chapter Three

I've heard people talk about religion for most of my life. People claiming to have a personal relationship with God, or Christ, or whatever idiot big juju alien space bat they think is real. I've heard people talk about seeing God, about life altering experiences. For nearly forty years I've considered them to be idiots, gullible sheep. Imagine my chagrin when I found what they'd been talking about for years. I found it on a peaceful night in early September in a cute little vacation spot on the lake. Granted, I think most of the people who I've met who think like that might have been upset or offended by where I found the Divine. Turns out it was always out there waiting, I just had to slam myself balls deep into a beautiful virgin begging me to treat her like a whore while her screaming mother was shaking through her fourth forced orgasm not ten feet away. If I'd realized that I'd have gone looking for God sooner.

I stood panting in the middle of the living room, fully naked now. I'd blown my second load inside of Madison's cunt and needed to catch my breath. She'd just pulled her legs up into a fetal position at the foot of the bed, and had been crying softly for the last few minutes as I basked in the body high of what I'd done. Claire Williams wasn’t yelling anymore, just leaning up against the wall on visibly shaking legs as another orgasm built up. The toy I'd put inside her was high end and had a kick like a mule. The last woman Id used it on had flatly refused to try it a second time. Claire wasn’t going to be offered a choice though, so I'd gone for the good stuff. I bent down to my discarded pants and pulled out the pack of smokes and lighter and stepped out onto the second floor patio. I lit up and as I pulled in the first deep drag I reveled in the sensation of the cool night air over my sweat soaked skin. I only got through about half the smoke before I felt the first tremors of lust starting again. I ground out the cigarette and left it on Claire's patio table.

Back inside it was clear Mommy Dearest wasn’t likely to last much longer in her current position. I walked over to where Claire was still gasping and unclipped the collar from the leash holding her up. She dropped like a sack of potatoes. I considered giving her time to recover and then my cock twitched with growing arousal. I wanted to get back inside her daughter soon. I grabbed her by the hair and dragged her over to the elegantly stylish chair in the corner and dropped her into it. She sprawled awkwardly and stared up at me in dazed pain and confusion.

"Claire, do you want that toy out of your pussy?" I had to ask twice before she was able to comprehend what I was asking. She nodded frantically and the desperate look in her eye was exquisite. If she hadn't been to thoroughly gagged Id have played with making her beg, but instead I just shrugged and told her to stand up. That took a few moments as she struggled to find the energy and coordination to stand with her arms still in the savage reverse prayer Id left them in. When she made it, I grabbed the hem of her yoga pants and slid them down to her ankles. I had to steady her as I worked the tight fabric down and then over the ankles. Only when Claire was fully naked did I reach up and turn off the toy. She sagged in relief and gave a low groan as I slid the toy free of her slit.

"Christ you really are a nasty fucking whore Claire… You're sopping. Just can't keep from getting off on watching your little angel getting her pussy fucked? What a great mom." She just moaned. I knew she wanted to sag in relief but with her arms secured like that she had to keep her back straight and her shoulders back. I paced over to my pack and gave a mental grin. Id need to go get the main supply cache soon, I was running low on entertainment. Low, not empty. When I turned around and came back I'd made it nearly to her before Claire saw what I was holding. The dildo was about 9 inches long and girthy, with a heavy spread of ribbed fake veins over its surface. Its base was a sculpted set of artificial balls and a suction cup. When I crouched in from of her she was already staring at it the way a wounded calf watches wolves. I let my grin show.

"OK Claire, I know you weren't a big fan of the egg in your pussy so I've got you a different toy!" I kept my tone artificially cheerful, as though I were discussing a park day with a small child. She squirmed and tried to pull away. "Its OK mommy, I know he's a little intimidating but you'll get used to it." I slammed the dildos base down between her thighs, onto the smooth wood of the chair and the suction cup took with a meaty THOC sound. "Now sit on it." Claire shook her head no. Just the once, and I think it might have been involuntary but I didn’t care. I slapped her, hard across the face. The tits. The face again. I kept them coming until she realized that the only way to stop the abuse was to obey. With her arms in agonizing immobility and the constant blows she had a hard time standing and an even harder time getting herself in position over the toy. By the time she managed it her face and tits were red with the blows and she was sobbing so hard that the howl of pain and humiliation as she impaled herself on the firm rubber of the toy was almost lost to the background suffering of her cries.

As soon as she was fully impaled on the unforgiving shaft of the toy I went to work. In a few moments ankle cuffs were strapped on and then zip tied to the legs of the chair securing her legs. The leash I'd hung her next to the door with was looped around her hips and then through the chair frame so that she couldn’t stand or slide far enough forward on the seat to break the suction cups contact with the smooth wood of the seat. She couldn’t get off the toy, she couldn’t relax her posture without sending spikes of agony through her arms, and if she relaxed her legs the dildo drove ever deeper into her pussy.

When I was done admiring my handy work I turned back to the bed. Madison had sat up and was staring at what I'd done to her mother in silent horror. Her sweet girl next door face was pale in terror, blotched from crying, and her pretty grey eyes with red with tears. I strode to the bed, took her chin in my hand, and forced her head up to look at me.
"I think it's time you asked me to fuck your pussy and cum right inside your womb again, don’t you kitten?"


I law on my back in the luxurious four poster bed, hands behind my head and a dreamy smile on my face. Madison's hands were planted on my chest and her lithe little body shone with sweat. Her hair was soaked and tousled, but her adorable little pig tails were still there. She was squatting with her delicate little feet on either side of my hips, and working herself slowly up and down my shaft. On every slow thrust down she bottomed herself out on my cock, griding me against her cervix. Every time she'd pause, rocking her hips until she was trembling with the effort and pain before she slowly slid herself up again. I was nearing the end of my stamina, even with the aid of the little pills Id knocked back an hour into our night. Madison's sweet young face was blotchy with tears and her expression was vacant as she stared into space. If she broke her rhythm or paused I'd pinch her nipples and twist them until my little toy screamed like a scalded cat.

Claire's torment was still ongoing in the corner. At first she'd tried to keep up off the cock as far as the leash would allow, but her legs had eventually given out. I'd moved to doggy style and turned Madison to face her mother, and told her that if she looked away from mommy I'd dump mommy's corpse in the lake. Madison had gotten front a row seat to watch as little by little the struggle to maintain her posture became a grinding of hips as the veins on the toy did their work. I'd blown my third load of the night inside Madison's cunt watching Claire's first orgasm of the ride. With midnight just past Claire had nothing left. She'd just accepted the shaft of the toy, and now perched on the chair, totally impaled on the dildo. With her arms tied up to the back of her collar she couldn’t even let her head hang forward, so she sat there rigidly and watched sweet little Maddison ride my cock as tears slowly trickled down her cheeks.

Finally I couldn’t hold off any longer. I grabbed Madison by the waist and slammed up with my hips as I pulled. By now her poor little cunt was raw and when I slammed myself into her as hard as I could her whole body spasmed. Her eyes went huge and she screamed aloud as I ground myself inside her. Her hands scrabbled at my forearms but she was kitten weak by now. I rolled us suddenly, planting her on her back beneath me, and then I grabbed her ankles and forced her long graceful legs back and up until I had her pinned with her knees on either side of her head. Then I started to fuck her. I slammed myself into her as hard as I could as she howled. Id pinned her arms down to the mattress with her legs, and her hands scrabbled against the covers until she got full handfuls and hung on, white knuckled.  I leaned down and met her gaze, her wildly staring eyes.

"You were born for this you little slut, this is what you were made to do, now fucking BEG ME FOR IT." Madison's voice was raw and wild but she obeyed.
"Please sir, please cum in this cheap little cunt sir" I gave one last thrust and then came at last. We lay there, her sobbing and crushed under me, me basking in the glow of it for a while. When I felt myself start to doze off I shook awake and sprung up off the bed. My cock came out of her with a wet slurp and her silent sobs became a moan of shame. I looked down at her perfect pink pussy. It was oozing mess, load after load from me and more than a little blood. I grinned and forced her legs apart into a split and then back so that her pussy was presented for inspection.

"Hold your legs there, and don’t fucking move or I'll beat the skin off your tits with my belt." She didn’t say a thing, just nodded as she sniffled in terror and humiliation and did what I said.

I turned back to face Claire at last.
"Hey there momma bear, you ready to have your arms down and get that big ass cock gag out of your mouth?" Claire couldn’t speak, and I knew moving hurt but she managed a tiny nod and a "YEETHHPHH" sort of moan and I grinned. When I unclipped her arms from the collar she nearly collapsed before the pain of what that did to the dildo buried in her guts made her sit up again. I laughed aloud and gave her tits a light smack as they bounced with her movements.

"Fuck you really are a hot little MILF, you know that? Well let's get this thing out of your poor mouth, wearing it this long could do permanent damage if we aren't careful…" When the dildo gag slid free it was glistening with drool and the saliva dripped from her slack jaw onto her tits. She gave a soft moan of release and then sobbed as she tried to raise her limp arms to her mouth and was struck with agony once again. "Now now Claire, it will pass. You need a few minutes to let the muscles work themselves out. If it hurts just remember you deserve it. If you hadn't been such a stuck up bitch before I wouldn’t have had to punish sweet little Madison's pussy like that." Her eyes were full of tears and she gave the tiniest shake of her head as if in denial.

"Hell babe, if you'd been a great little fuck Id have blown off most of my steam in you before I'd ever have considered poor little Madison. Everything I just did to her is your fault Claire. Now I need to step outside and get some air. You're going to go over there and clean your little girl up real nice for me. All that mess would really fuck up your towels though… Why don’t you use your tongue and mouth?" She stared at me in dawning horror and I shrugged and then pulled the little go-pro out of the side pocket of my bag.

"Just to make sure you do a good job and we have some records of this event for posterity Claire." I used a zip tie to fix the camera to the bed frame and adjusted the angle until It was perfect. The shot looked down from behind Madison's from a 45 degree angle, so that Claire's face and mouth would be perfectly visible. When I was satisfied I turned back and strode to where Claire was still sitting impaled on the toy. I considered punishment for lack of enthusiasm for a moment but decided her arms probably couldn’t handle freeing herself yet. She sat hunched over, arms wrapped around herself, part protectively and partly to try to ease their discomfort. I unfastened the leash looped around her waist and the ankle restraints. I left the cuffs on, I liked the dark leather's look on her pale skin.

"Up and at it mommy dearest, your baby doll needs cleaned up…" Claire stared at me and then at where her daughter sobbed on the bed. I looked over at Madison and grinned like a shark.
"Damn Fuck Toy, its like mommy doesn’t remember what happened to you the last time she didn’t want to play…" Madison gave a soft little whimper and let her head fall back to the bed, her pretty eyes screwed tight shut.

"Please Mom, please… do it…  I can't take anymore…." I chuckled aloud, and snapped my fingers imperiously.

"No, not like that, you're a cheap little slut full of fresh cum. Beg mommy to help." Madison's voice was shaking and I could hear the damage I was doing to her psyche as she spoke again.

"Please Mommy, your little fuck slut need your tongue in her pussy… please clean me up Mommy" I lifted Claire up off the toy by the arm and grinned at the wet slurp noise when she came free of the rubber toy. I made a mental note to make one of the girls lick the mess off the chair later and shoved Claire towards the bed.

"Get on your knees Claire, get your face in there and clean her up. When I come back from my walk if she isn't lovely and clean or if I catch you with without your tongue busy…. Well I promise you that a sadistic monster like me will make both of you regret it for the rest of your lives. Such as they'd be. Oh… And SMILE babe, you're on camera. So don’t try anything fucking stupid since I can watch you on my phone too. Now get in there and enjoy that sweet little pussy."
 I scooped up my clothes and dressed as I spoke, grabbed my backpack, and headed down stairs.

When I came downstairs Emma was sitting in a fetal position under the leash with her back to the wall. I guess I hadn't given her enough slack to reach a comfortable position. Oops. She'd obviously been crying and when I came downstairs she was staring at me with desperate terrified intensity. I wondered how much she'd heard from upstairs. I paced over to her and crouched just beyond where she'd be able to reach if she did something stupid.

"Hey baby-doll. I know you must have been so bored down here alone. Sorry I let mommy and sweet little sister get all the fun tonight. But don't worry, I have big plans for you angel. Very big plans." She stared in uncomprehending fear as I stood and paced around the living room until I found Claire's purse and the car keys. I was pretty sure the girls upstairs would stay put based on pure terror but better safe than sorry. I slipped the keys into my pocket and stepped outside with a wink to Emma.

Outside I turned off the signal jammer for long enough to check the GoPro feed on my phone. Claire's mouth was latched with hungry intensity on Madison's slit and her hands cupped the girls ass, helping to keep her in position. Madison's head was back and her mouth was open in an expression of shocked humiliated pleasure. I grinned. This was going to be a real hit online when the time came for that. I switched the little black box back on and turned into the woods. It was about 3/4 of a mile straight shot to where I'd hidden my van. I figured I could take up to 40 minutes before Claire would dare to stop eating Madison out and think they might have time to try an escape. I made the van in ten and in five minutes more I was pulling it into the drive.

I hopped out, circled and opened the panel door. The remodel work I'd done to the non-descript work van was obvious the moment you saw the back. Sound proofed panels on the walls, floor and ceiling. Steel mesh cages glittering softly in the moonlight. The heavy steel tool boxes full of restraints, toys, and treats for my new pets.

I stretched and rolled my shoulders, grinning up at the crescent moon and the stars. It was only Thursday night. We had three full days and not a soul would be expecting to hear a peep from my pets until Monday at the earliest. This was going to be a weekend to remember.

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Re: Ties that Bind
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Now is that nice to abuse poor little Madison like that leaving Little Emma all alone downstairs! love the action with mommy Claire bet she loved every moment being 'toyed' with! Merit awarded from me!
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