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The Club of Chester County: Marital Strife

Chapter 1: Check The Locks (descriptions of rape and violence, setup)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after ‘Bubbles Has Entered the Chat’ and ‘Teagan and Aly’.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

It was a Saturday in April, and Joe Collins spent it sitting inside his home office.  At least, he tried to spend it here.  It seemed like every time he turned around, some other mammal in the house was giving him a reason to get up out of his chair.  If it wasn’t his wife Mari, it was the oldest kid Justin.  If it wasn’t Justin, it was the middle kid Juliette.  If it wasn’t Juliette, it was the youngest Jayden.  If it wasn’t Jayden, it was that damn dog Pippen.  Each and every time he was about to sit down, someone made a noise.

Joe hated these kinds of days.  Sure, he loved his family, but he just wanted a little bit of peace and quiet.  And by peace and quiet, he wanted to jerk off to some newly created rape porn, curtesy of The Club.

Last week, his longtime friend Sam went on a special ‘field trip’ with one of their new friends Steve and an even newer friend, Bubbles.  They helped Bubbles drug, kidnap, and rape her girlfriend for the night, and Joe wanted to watch it again.  Not the parts with his obese friend fucking, but where Bubbles gets down and dirty with Brittany.

Joe had the secure connection in place, had logged in to the website, and loaded up the video on his personal laptop.  What he didn’t get to do was enjoy the video.  Each time he went to play it, someone else made a noise, a mess, or a noise while making a mess.

First Mari, his wife, walked in on him and told him that she had to leave and make a run to Target.  At 5’2”, she wore a pair of sneakers, workout tights, and a sweatshirt over a tank top.  The sweater did nothing to hide her large breasts, and her alabaster skin contrasted sharply with her red lipstick.  Her dark brown, nearly black hair matched her dark eyes and was cut short into the hairstyle that has become known as The Karen.

‘Great,’ he thought.  That meant he’d be at home with the kids for the next couple hours.  How in the fuck it is that she could spend 2 hours in there looking for one item, spend a couple hundred dollars, and forget the one thing she went there for amazed him.

Then, within milliseconds of Mari leaving, the kids did their usual try-to-kill-each-other-in-a-loving-way thing.  The oldest, Justin, was playing video games when Jayden wanted to play with him.  Justin pushed him away, then Jayden hit Justin with a toy, then Justin chased Jayden around, and just for good measure, Juliette joined the fray.  After a couple minutes, he got the kids calmed down.

Then the dog needed to go out.  Pippen, a Bichon Frise, was a little pain in the ass.  Joe wanted a big dog, not some little ankle biter.  Next time, he picked the dog.  So outside goes Pippen.

Just as Joe caught his breath, Mari called on Facetime.  Joe answered it.

“Hey hun.”

Mari’s eyes were on the road as she drove and spoke.

“Remember, after lunch you need to get the kids ready to go to Crystal’s house.  They’re going there this afternoon, staying over for dinner.  Make sure to pack extra clothes and swim trunks.”

“Swim trunks?  It’s like 60 degrees outside.”  Joe said.

“They have an indoor pool, remember?  It’s heated and covered.”  Mari sounded a little exasperated, like she’s had to tell him this 98,425 times in the past few years.

“Oh, okay.  Trunks and extra clothes.  Anything else?”

“Nope.  Need anything from Target?”

“Nope.  See you soon.”

“Okay, love you.”

“Love you, too.”  Joe hung up the call.  He looked at the kitchen window and quickly saw his reflection.  He was a good-looking guy for being in his early 40’s.  He still had all of his blonde hair, and his blue eyes were one of his best features.  He was healthy, working out when he could, and at 5’7” he was the tallest person in the house.  His zip-up hoodie hung open, showing a plain grey t-shirt.  His jeans fit with a belt, and the shoes, well, the shoes screamed ‘DAD’ in large obnoxious letters.  But that was his job, now.

The moment of self-reflection lasted almost long enough to take a sip of coffee before the 7-year-old girl Juliette started yelling at 5-year-old Jayden about taking her crayons.

“Kids, you have enough god damned crayons to supply a school district for years, you don’t need to fight over them!”  After getting those two under control, next was finding the dog.

Pippen was outside, digging in the big hole where the firepit was supposed to go.  The firepit he started working on with Sam as a cover for his introduction into The Club.

“Someone let the dog in.”  No one moved.  Joe shook his head, then let the dog in the house.

Next up was lunch.  This should be simple, but it’s not.  Joe made three sandwiches, all PB&J.  Justin decided that he wasn’t hungry, Juliette didn’t want grape jelly but wanted apricot jelly, Jayden only wanted candy and string cheese, and Pippen was perfectly content eating cat shit from the litter box.

“Jesus fucking Christ, has anyone seen the cat?”

“Dad, language!”  Juliette replied.

“Lucy Fur is upstairs.”  Justin replied, barely looking up from the tablet.

Joe shook his head.  Why he let the kids pick the cat’s name, he had no idea.  Eventually, lunch was solved.  Justin wasn’t hungry until he was suddenly famished and ate his sandwich, Joe made another one with apricot jelly to shut up Juliette, and Jayden nibbled at his sandwich while he snuck some M&M’s from the candy bowl.  And Joe ate Juliette’s old sandwich.

“Next time, we’re getting a big dog.”  Joe said, eating yet another PB&J in his life while that little ankle biter Pippen stared at him.  Joe tore off a little chunk for the dog.  Mari wasn’t here to tell him no.

It was an hour before the kids had to leave.  It shouldn’t take too long to get three kids ready to go see their cousins who have an indoor pool, but somehow it takes almost an hour.  In the few minutes that Joe did get away from them, he went back down to the office and queued up the video.  It was set to right when Bubbles was getting ready to mount Brittany.  His favorite part.  He’d have that ready for when he came back.  He figured that he’d have at least another hour or so before Mari came home.

That’s when the kids started yelling in the family room outside of his office.

“What now?”  He came out to see the kids screaming at each other over, well, it doesn’t matter what they were yelling about.  Someone did something and the other one got mad, and the third is asking where his swimming trunks are.  After a minute of arguing, the kids went up to their rooms to get their spare clothes and swimming gear.  This only took 3 trips each.  Justin, the 11-year-old, got distracted by something he saw on Roblox and forgot why he was going upstairs.  Juliette kept insisting on wearing princess costumes until eventually Joe helped her by grabbing a set of clothes that didn’t have Disney schlock splattered all over them, and Jayden kept playing with his toys each time he was supposed to get his clothes.

Joe went back in his office for a brief moment to check his messages from the Club.  Nothing too exciting today.  Steve had his kids this weekend, Sam was busy checking out some new real estate, and Ray was doing coke and grading tests.  It was shaping up to be a lazy Saturday.

The peace lasted a few minutes before the kids were screaming at each other again in the Family Room right outside of his office.

Joe came out, and the Pippen was chasing the cat.  Juliette and Jayden were playing chase with Justin, who just wanted to play on the iPad.  Joe asked everyone if they had everything, and if they needed to go to the bathroom.  Everyone said yes to having their stuff and no to going to the bathroom.

“Let’s go.”  Joe directed everyone to the garage and out of the house to his F-150.  As soon as they were buckled in, Juliette said she forgot her Elsa Princess swim towel and Jayden needed to go to the bathroom.  Joe took Jayden inside to use the potty and found Juliette’s towel.  Then in the car, Juliette needed to go to the bathroom.  One more trip inside, and it turned out that Juliette needed to poop.

Joe used this time to get his coffee and check out the office one more time.  Just as he opened the door, he heard his little girl yell from upstairs.

“DADDY!”  Joe sighed, and closed the door behind him as he made his way to the bathroom she was in.

“What is it, pumpkin?”

“There’s no more toilet paper!”

“One second.”  Joe found an extra roll of TP in his bathroom and brought it down.  A moment later he handed it to Juliette and she was done.  After being reminded to wash her hands, they went back outside.  Of course, Justin said he was thirsty, but Joe just stared daggers at him.

“Have some coffee or shut up, it’s not that long of a drive to Aunt Crystal’s.”

“Okay.”  He slunk down, head in the iPad.

As Joe pulled out of the driveway, he made sure the doors of the house were closed.  He ran a quick inventory in his mind.  All appliances off, dog in house, cat in house, doors closed.  Still, as he drove, he couldn’t help but think he forgot something.  He shrugged.  Must not have been that important.


A lot can happen in an hour.  For Joe and his family, that hour would change everything.  And like many things in history, it’s those small events that add up to make a huge difference.

What should’ve been a 5-minute drive to Crystal’s house was 15 due to an accident halfway between.  What should’ve been a quick drop-off turned into waiting another 10 minutes for Crystal to get back from the grocery store, as she was stuck in the same traffic.  A 30-second hand-off turned into 15 minutes as Joe had to listen to Crystal bitch about how bad traffic was from that direction, and how she should’ve gone across town to Walmart or Target instead.  What should’ve been 5 minutes back home took 10 with some creative detours.

A couple other things happened during that hour.  Well, slightly before.  Pippen chased Lucy Fur through the house and downstairs, to the mostly closed office door.  Mostly closed because Joe pulled it close, but it didn’t latch.  If he were paying attention, he would’ve noticed.  Pippen chased Lucy Fur into the office, where Lucy Fur jumped up on the desk and hit the mouse, keeping the computer awake.  Pippen, in all of his excitement, ran into the door, closing it and locking the two pets in the office.  Pippen then spent the next several minutes barking at Lucy Fur, who hit the spacebar and played the video.  The cat also bumped the volume control, increasing the sounds, shrieks, and cries of Brittany and Bubble’s rape from last week to an obnoxiously loud point.

And, in the cruelest twist of all, Mari finished her Target run early.  She found what she was looking for and was in, done, and out in less than an hour.


It took Joe about 20 minutes to realize exactly how deep in shit he was.  He pulled into the driveway next to Mari’s white 2017 BMW X5.  Joe looked at the clock.

“Damn, took too long.”  Joe turned off the truck and hopped out.  His next decision, whether to enter the house via the garage or the front door, carried more weight than he knew.  If he’d had taken the garage door, he might have heard the hell he was walking in on and prepared a defense.  ‘Oh, it’s just some new porn site, I thought it was something else, how’d that get there?’  It wasn’t the first time his wife caught him looking at porn, but it was never video of a real-life rape.

Instead, Joe took the front door.  The upstairs is soundproofed from the downstairs.  Speaker breaking screams only come out as muffled speech upstairs.  Joe dismissed any noises he heard as Mari watching TV.  While on the main floor, Joe took his time and finished his coffee.  Then he went to the bathroom and took a quick shit.


If Joe had gone straight downstairs when he came home, instead of drinking coffee and taking a shit, he would’ve heard the part of the Bubbles and Kim video where Bubbles was fucking Brittany and then Brittany woke up to a masked Sam fucking her while another masked man fucked the hot little Asian.  At that point, Joe could’ve still kept his wife of 12 years from breaking out of her stupor and clicking out of the video.

But Mari did break out of her stupor, and did click out of that video.  What she saw shocked her.  Shocked and terrified her.  Shocked, terrified, and excited a small, dark part of her.

She was in the main website for The Club, a web forum for rapists to share videos and discuss their craft.  And her husband, her meek, mild, damn near spineless husband, was a member.

Mari browsed around the site, saw Joe’s messages, videos he uploaded, everything.  She played one of the videos.  It was from a month ago, titled ‘Teagan and Aly’. 
The opening wasn’t like a normal porn.  It showed two young women, a skinny blonde and a curvy brunette, sitting on a couch when in walked a biracial man being held at gunpoint.  There was screaming, yelling, cursing, threatening, and crying.  It was loud, very loud.  Mari fumbled for the volume control and turned it down. 

The video cut to a shot of the blonde girl talking.  She said her name was Teagan, and she was terrified.  She was being asked questions by a man about who they were, why they were here, and what was about to happened.

Mari’s heart sank.  This wasn’t just anyone asking those questions, it was Joe!  Her husband was asking this girl what they were going to do to her.  He made this girl say on film that him and his friends were going to rape her!

“No, no, no.”  Mari said, over and over as tears came down her face.  She thought this must be a joke.  Then the blonde girl stripped.  It wasn’t a sexy strip, it was a mockery of a sexy strip.  The girl was now naked, and this masked man, her own husband, was telling her to walk over to his friend.

His fat friend.  Mari recognized Sam’s voice, too. “Oh god, no, no, don’t.”  Sam held a gun in his hand and pointed it at Teagan.  He ordered her to undo his pants and take out his dick.  He made her blow him!

Mari was going to be sick.  Never in a million years would she suspect that her husband’s best friend was a rapist.  But maybe Joe wasn’t?  Maybe this was an act?  She still hadn’t seen him do anything yet. 

She knew that was wishful thinking at best.  She was afraid of what she knew she was going to find.  She put a shaking hand around the mouse and clicked forward in the timeline.  The blonde was now getting fucked by Sam and the chubby girl, Aly, was getting fucked on the couch by an old man.

Mari clicked again, further along.  Aly was getting fucked by a tall guy and Sam at once.  The old guy was out of camera view, and the blonde was screaming “OPTION B, OPTION B!”  Joe dragged her over to the biracial kid on the couch and said some stuff she didn’t register.  He gave her a minute to strip the bound black kid.  All she heard was her husband drop the n-word a few times.  This shocked and sickened her.  Joe never talked like that around her or the kids, and for good reason, too.  They tried to be better around the kids than their parents were around them.

She hoped against hope that this wasn’t him, maybe someone put his voice on this video.  Then she saw him strip.  Not only was this the same way Joe took his clothes off at home, but the video was clear enough for her to see everything.  Including the same freckles on his back and ass.

She tried telling herself that her husband hadn’t raped anyone, just moved around and made some orders.  That ended when he stripped down, rubbed spit on his dick and said “My turn”, right before impaling the blonde with his cock.

With her cock.  That should be her getting fucked, not some little skinny blonde. That little whore didn’t deserve his cock, and how dare he fuck her like some piece of meat.  ‘Why didn’t he fuck me like that?’  Mari caught herself thinking.

This was all too much.  She was all of the emotions at once.  She was hurt, sick, scared, angry, jealous, and excited all at once.  But hurt was definitely at the top of the list.  Right at the top of the list.
As she played the video of her husband raping the blonde teen, that’s when she saw it. 

Joe, standing in the doorway to the office.
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
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The Club of Chester County: Marital Strife

Chapter 2: No Turning Back (viol, MF, oral, anal, rape, toys, bond)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after ‘Bubbles Has Entered the Chat’ and ‘Teagan and Aly’.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

Joe didn’t hear the noises coming from the office until he was right at the door.  But he didn’t need to be at the door to know something was off.  His office door was open.  No one should be in his office, nobody.  The door locked from the inside.


“Oh shit.”  Joe said to himself when he realized that the thing that was bugging him wasn’t the traffic, but that the office door didn’t close behind him.  He tried running through how bad it could be and should be, when he saw Lucy Fur walking around.

He locked the cat in the office.  And if the door didn’t close, that meant Pippen probably got in, too.  And that means...


That’s when he finally heard the noises.  He heard Teagan say her name and details.  He heard his voice give her directions to strip.  He heard Teagan’s screams and Aly’s cries.  He heard the video jump around, and heard Teagan scream ‘OPTION B’ right before he fucked her.

And he heard Mari, say nothing.

Joe stood there at the doorway, also saying nothing.  Like, seriously, what the fuck does one say when their wife catches them on video raping a young woman.  Pretty sure the Shaggy Defense ain’t gonna work here.

They looked at each other.  Neither said anything for what felt like an eternity.  The only sounds were those from the video of Joe fucking Teagan.  They were waiting for the other to say something, to do something.  They probably could’ve stood there in shock all day, if Joe on the video hadn’t screamed.

“Oh fuck, oh shit, oh fuuucck!”  Joe recognized that part of the video.  That’s right when he came in Teagan for the first time.

Mari recognized that, too.  He’s said that to her many times over the years when they’ve made love, right as he orgasmed.  Now, here he was, yelling that same thing as he came inside some little slut.

For most people, the Five Stages of Grief are Denial, Anger, Bargaining, Depression, Acceptance.  For an Italian woman, they are Denial, Anger, Anger, Anger, Accepting a plea deal.

Mari still had the mouse in her hand and whipped it as hard as she fucking could right at Joe’s head.  Her aim missed, and his Bluetooth mouse shattered on the wall next to him.

“YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!”  Out of all of the emotions she was working with, the roulette wheel landed on rage.  Mari stood up, launching the chair she sat into against the wall so hard it knocked a couple pictures off of the wall.  She immediately flew to the doorway.  “HOW COULD YOU?  WHY?”  Mari screamed at him inches away. 

Joe stood his ground in the doorway for two reasons.  One, he had no idea how he was going to talk his way out of this.  Two, he knew that as soon as she calmed down, this was it.  There’s no way a marriage survives one spouse watching the other rape some young woman on video.

“Let’s, just...”  Joe instinctively tried to calm his wife down.  She pushed past him with ease.

“DON’T GIVE ME THIS CALM DOWN BULLSHIT!”  She marched past him, through the family room and up the stairs.  Joe followed her.  He wasn’t sure what she was going to do, but didn’t rule anything out.  She went immediately up to their room and slammed the door behind her.  It bounced so hard off the door frame that it didn’t latch.  Joe walked in after her.

Mari was pulling clothes out of her dresser.  Joe sighed for a moment.  At least she didn’t grab her gun yet.

“Mare, just.”

“DON’T YOU MARE ME MOTHER FUCKER!”  Mari stopped emptying clothes from the dresser and made eye contact with Joe, her husband, the rapist.  “WHAT ARE YOU GONNA SAY?  WHAT?”  Joe stood mute as Mari waited for a response, then went to the closet to grab a suitcase.  Joe reached for the suitcase in her hands, and she swung it at him.

“What, am I not good enough for you?  25 years we’ve been together.  Was that bitch even 25 years old?  Huh, was she?”  Mari was now inches from Joe’s face.

“Do you want to hear...”  Joe tried to talk before he was cut off.

“Hear what, you gonna give me some bullshit excuse about how you ‘accidentally’ did that?  How do you accidentally rape two girls at gunpoint?  How much of a sick fuck are you?”  Mari did something she hasn’t done in all of their years of marriage.  She slapped him.  Then she hit him again, and again.  The blows rained down on Joe’s body, but all he did was take a defensive boxing stance.

“How was she?  How was she?  How much did you like fucking that little whore?”  Mari screamed as she hit Joe over and over again.

“ANSWER ME!”  The last slap got through and whacked him right in the ear.  Joe’s head rang, and at this point there was no going back.  He grabbed Mari by her wrists and swung her into the wall, hard.  The impact shocked her, taking her breath away.  He held her against the wall by her wrists, above her head.

“You never fucking listen so why should I answer you now?”  Joe’s voice shook, straining between what last semblance of control he held onto and rage.

Mari spit in his face and tried to kick him in the nuts.  She missed, hitting him the leg instead.  “How was that fucking whore?”  She tried again, and landed a glancing blow to his junk.

Whatever control he had left was gone.  Mari probably expected him to double over and let her go, and she’d run out of the house.  Instead, Joe pulled her away from the wall by her wrists and slammed her back against the wall.  The impact caused her to see stars.  Joe shifted his grip, holding her wrists above her head with his right hand while pressing his left arm against her throat.

“You really want to know?  Huh?”  Joe asked Mari as he choked her.  She struggled for breath, unable to say anything for the first time.  “You really want to know why I do what I do?  You want to know what it was like fucking those girls, making them do shit they’d never even dream of?  You want to know?”  Mari was on the verge of choking.  She couldn’t breathe.  She was scared that her husband, her Joe, might just kill her.

Joe released the pressure on her throat just enough for her to suck in some wind.  “I asked you a question.  Do you want to know?”  Mari didn’t respond for a long moment, until Joe applied pressure to her throat again, and she meekly nodded.

“Good, let me show you.”  Joe pulled Mari off of the wall and threw her onto the bed, onto her pile of clothes she was packing up.  She was trying to catch her breath when she landed on the bed, belly down.  In a flash, Joe was on top of her, his weight on the middle of her back.  She let out a cry as he sat down, and another as he grabbed her by the hair and pulled her head back with his left hand.  His right hand grabbed a pair of panties she threw on the bed.

“Can’t have you scaring the neighbors, can we?”  Joe shoved the panties in her mouth, gagging her.  He then grabbed her left arm by the wrist and pulled it behind her back.  She yelled into the gagged, the pressure on her shoulder more than she could bare.

“You know, on second thought, I’ve got another idea.  Flip, bitch.”  Joe moved, kneeing Mari in the side to encourage her to roll over on the bed.  Now she lay on her back, and saw her husband’s face for maybe the first time in a long time.  Gone was the look of submission and acceptance of the day to day life in his eyes.  Now, there was a hardness to his expression she’d never seen before.  He was brutal, he was decisive, he was in charge.  He was strong, in command, taking what he wanted.

For the first time in a long time, she was terrified.  And she was in love.

Joe saw her reaction change, but knew he couldn’t stop.  He had to see this through.  If he stopped and let her go now, this only ends in divorce.  Hell, it likely was anyway, but for once he’d show Mari who he really was, and how he was acting with her.

“Arm, now.”  Mari hesitated for a moment.  Joe grabbed her other arm and yanked it over her head.  He leaned in close to her face.  “When I say now, you do it now.  Got it?”  She nodded.  Joe took a t-shirt that was lying on the bed and tied her wrists together.  Expertly, too.  Mari pulled on them a little, but they weren’t going anywhere. 

He reached down and grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt.  He pulled up on the shirt, pulling her slightly off of the bed.  He used that to then get the shirt up enough to get it over her chest and head. He left the sweatshirt over her arms, restricting her movement.  Mari squirmed a little bit, but a light slap on her cheek grabbed her attention.

“No, no, no.  You’re not going anywhere.”  Joe looked around the bed and found Mari’s keys.  He grabbed them, and pulled one of them out and held it like a small knife.  “I think you’re wearing a little too much right now.”  Joe took hold of her tank top she wore under her sweater and pulled it up, giving him a place to make a tear.  After a moment with the key, he damaged the shirt enough for him to tear it apart with his hands.  A few rips later, and her tank top was torn in half.  She mewled behind her gag.

“Shut up, I’ll buy you a new one.”  His voice wasn’t the only thing getting hard.  Mari could feel his erection through his jeans.  They were going to fuck, whether she wanted to or not.

Joe reached down and unzipped her sports bra.  Her tits sprang free immediately.  The sports bra did a good job of holding her 36DD’s in place, but now that they were free his hands roamed over them, pinching her nipples and squeezing her titmeat.

“Whose tits are these?”  Mari didn’t say anything, so Joe pinched her left nipple.  “I said whose tits are these?”  Mari screamed in her gag.  “They’re mine.”  Mari nodded.  Joe bent down and sucked on her nipples, fitting the silver dollar sized areolas in his mouth.

Mari was frozen.  Part in fear, part in arousal.  She’d never seen her husband like this, never been more afraid of him, but at the same time never been more turned on by how he treated her.  She was afraid of what she saw him do, what he was doing here, but she couldn’t help but be turned on.  For once, Joe was taking complete command of the situation.  Taking command of her.  The woman who always had to take charge could now finally let her guard down.

Joe sucked and licked on her tits with a level of experience that only comes after half a lifetime together.  A few minutes of this and Mari was more turned on than she’d been in a long time.  But then he stopped, and Mari whimpered.

“You’ve got too many clothes on.  Time to lose’em.”  Joe shifted his weight off of Mari’s hips and used her momentum against her to pull them down.  He got them down far enough, right past her hips.  He pushed them down, but kept them on over her ankles, just in case she felt like trying to leave.  He knew she wouldn’t, but it helped. 

He kneeled between her legs.  Her creamy white skin showed a leg tone that was still admirable for a woman in her 40’s, and the only clothing she had left was a pair of around the house panties.  Joe pushed them to the side, exposing her dark bush.  He could see and smell her wetness.

“My my, what a little slut you are.  No need for foreplay, but still.”  Joe unbuckled his jeans with his right hand while he rubbed her clit with left thumb.  He undressed while diddling her, bringing her to the edge of an orgasm.  Her breathing became rapid, her legs shook, she was ready to cum.

Then he stopped.  Right as she was ready to have one the most intense orgasms of her life, he stopped.  He left her hanging.  As she came down, he started again, edging her closer and closer.  But once again he stopped right as she was about to cum.  Each time it took less and less stimulation.  He was toying with her.

She didn’t notice that after the last time he edged her, he grabbed something out of her nightstand.  But she heard her little egg start up.  Her eyes widened as she looked at her husband looming over her.

“You really want to cum, don’t you?”  Joe asked, holding the egg with his left hand.  She nodded enthusiastically.  She could feel his dick at her pussy entrance.  “I’ll only let you on my terms.  First, I need to take care of something.”  Joe slipped his dick into Mari’s pussy.  It slid in with ease, and he only pumped in and out a couple times.  She thought he was going to make her cum from fucking her.  Then, he pulled out and did something she never expected, nor let him do before.

He lined his dick up with her asshole and started pushing in.  She felt immense pressure.  She never let him do this before.  After getting the head in, she felt Joe slide the egg inside of her pussy and turn it on.  Then, there was the feeling of the KY lube on his cock as he slid it into her ass.  Then the fingers on the clit.  Then he pushed further and further into her ass, until he was able to fuck it.

The pain, the pressure, the buzzing, the stimulation, all of it was too much.  Mari came hard, harder than she ever had before.  Being used like this, being manipulated like this, being forced to do things she never dared think that Joe would do or even ask to do, pushed her over the edge.  She came hard for a solid minute, then again and again in rapid succession.  Her entire body felt like it was one enormous erogenous zone.  By the time she came down from her high, Joe had pulled out of her ass and wiped himself off with one of her other shirts.

“Flip over.  Now!”  Joe stood at the end of the bed and flipped Mari over by the hips.  She gathered her senses just long enough to follow Joe’s command and flip over.  She was bent over, ass end hanging off of the couch.  She felt him remove the vibrating egg from her pussy and was surprised to feel him hold it right over clit.  She was astonished when she heard and felt tape being pulled, ripped, and applied. 

Joe grabbed a small role of athletic tape when she wasn’t paying attention, along with a couple more of her sex toys.  He taped the egg over top of her clitoris and turned it on high.  Mari nearly jumped out of her skin at that sensation, but feeling her normal vibrator being pushed into her ass and turned on to high speed made her yelp.

“Oh, is that too much?  Don’t worry, I’ll take care of that.”  Joe spit out, then laughed as he started fucking her twat with abandon.  Mari was bent over the edge of the bed, one sex toy on her clit at full power, another in her ass at full power, and Joe was fucking her with full, long strokes.  Just as she tried to make sense of everything, he reached up and grabbed her hair with his right hand and pulled back, hard.  She screamed into her gag as he pulled on her short hair, making her arch nearly all the way back.  Her eyes watered as she felt not just the pain of being thrown around like this, but she felt that she was losing control and about to have another orgasm. 

“Whose pussy is this?”  Joe sternly asked in her ear.  She didn’t respond, too overwhelmed by what was going on.  He reached into her mouth with his left hand and pulled the gag out.  “I ASKED YOU A QUESTION, WHOSE PUSSY IS THIS?”

“YOURS!”  Mari cried out.

“SAY AGAIN!”  Joe demanded.

“YOOURSS!”  Mari yelled.

“YOU WANT TO CUM?”  Joe screamed at Mari.


“Beg for it!  Beg for it, or I’ll rip that off your cunt, along with all your hair!”  Joe kept fucking her hard while the toys did their work.



“PLEASE LET ME CUM!  PLEASE LET ME CUM!”  Mari screamed this plea louder than anything she’d screamed in years.

“Permission granted.”  Joe kept fucking her and twisted her head around to face him.  He planted the longest, deepest kiss on her that he’d laid on her in many years.

That did it.  All of the sensations, the vibrations, the pressure, the pleasure, the pain, the humiliation, were all too much and Mari broke down in her fourth and most powerful orgasm of the day.  Her whole body shook, and if it wasn’t for Joe holding her up, she would’ve collapsed on the bed. 

With her hands tied, she couldn’t catch herself as she plopped down on the bed.  She fell face down on the bed, trying desperately to catch her breath.

“Roll over.”  She did as commanded, and rolled over as she felt Joe pull out of her pussy.  She tried to get her bearings when Joe climbed over top of her, his dick in her face, right hand pumping away.  The left held, she couldn’t make it out.

“Open up and say aah!”  Joe pumped away at his dick and aimed it right at her face.  She opened her mouth just as the first blast of semen hit her in the mouth.  The second went higher, getting on her forehead and hair.  The third and fourth landed in her mouth and on her nose, and the last dribbled on her cheeks and chin.  He stuck his dick in her mouth.

“Clean it.”  Mari licked Joe’s dick as clean as she could.  She liked giving blowjobs, but just wished that he was more assertive in asking for them.  What was that saying, be careful what you wish for? 

“Swallow.”  Mari swallowed the cum in her mouth.  When he said “Open”, he pulled his dick out and held her mouth open his hand.

That’s when she saw the phone.  He had his phone in his left hand and just filmed him cumming all over her face.

“Excellent.  Now who’s my favorite cumslut?  Who is my favorite cumslut?”  Mari stared at the phone in shocked horror.  He grabbed her by the hair, ready to twist it.  “Say it, who’s my favorite cumslut?”

“I am.”  Mari meekly said.

“You are what?”  Joe put a little pressure on her hair, letting her know what he was about to do.

“I’m your favorite cumslut.”  The words hurt to say, especially on camera.  Mari was on the verge of an overloaded breakdown, when Joe did something he never did before.

He leaned down and gently kissed her, while covered in his cum.  He showed more tenderness in that kiss than he had in years.


Mari was absolutely confused. 

On one hand, she was absolutely terrified.  For all intents and purposes, she was just raped by her husband.  He made her do things that she never imagined, let alone try before.  He used her like a cheap piece of meat, like the whore in that video.

On the other, he showed her that he can be, and is, the man of the house.  He made her body react in ways that it hasn’t since, well, ever.  She can’t recall the last time she ever came that hard.

He also showed a loving side through all of the sex and abuse.  He could’ve easily tied her arms behind her back, but didn’t want to hurt her surgically repaired shoulder.  He could have fucked her in a few minutes and stopped, but he put her enjoyment foremost.  He could’ve forced her to do even nastier things, like suck his dick right after it was in her ass, but he held off from that.  He showed just enough to restraint to tell Mari that he was in charge, but he still loved her.

Also, the vibrator in her ass and the egg on her clit were still running at full speed.

“Holy, just, fuck, what, Jesus.”  Mari couldn’t get the words out, and her thoughts were all over the place.  An hour ago, she was ready to leave and file for divorce.  Now, she never wanted to leave this bed.

Joe stroked her hair and face before going in for another kiss.  Her breathing took a sharp inhale.

“Why?”  She asked when Joe broke the kiss.  He thought for a long moment, stroking her hair.

“Because I can.  Because you wouldn’t.  Because we were drifting apart and falling into our ruts.  But this...”  Joe waved over Mari’s body, “If I’m going to lose you, then I wanted to make sure you never forgot, and at least once let my guard down.”  Joe looked her in the eyes as he said the last part.  It had been a long time since he stood up for himself and met her gaze.

She leaned over to kiss him, just as another jolt hit her from the vibrators.

“You want them to stop?”  Mari nodded in between gasps.

“Then I’ll do this my way.  Grab the headboard and don’t let go.”  Mari reached up and grabbed the bedpost.  Joe kissed her down her body, paying attention to her breasts on the way down her belly, kissing her tiger stripes, then down to her hairy pussy.  “We’ll have to take care of this.”  Joe said, tugging on her dark fur between her legs.

Joe settled in between her legs and started undoing the athletic tape he used to hold the egg in place.  He did his best to not get it stuck in her hair before, but all the commotion basically meant that her tuft was completely intertwined with the tape. 

Joe pulled on a couple hairs, nearly pulling them out and making Mari scream.

“We can do this the hard way or my way.  Which way?”  He tugged on the tape again, pulling on a few more hairs.

“Your way, your way!”  Mari yelled, making sure to keep her hands on the headboard.  Joe reached over to the nightstand and found a small pair of curved scissors, the kind used to remove nose hairs.  Joe started cutting around the tape, and would kiss around where he cut.  Trim the hair, kiss the flesh.  He took his time, making sure that the vibrating egg stayed in place.  After about 10 minutes, Joe had trimmed her pussy of almost all of its hair.  Only a small patch right above her pussy remained.  The rest was cut very close, only requiring a shave in the shower to finish the job.  Each time he cut, he’d kiss Mari’s pussy. 

Eventually, he removed enough hair and tape to pull the egg off.  Mari was relieved, but saddened at the same time.  She felt that she was close to her, well, she had to count.  Her fifth orgasm of the afternoon.  She felt like she missed out on that magical number.

Then Joe replaced the vibrating egg with his mouth and ate her out.  His favorite technique of writing out the alphabet on her clit with his tongue was enough to push her over the edge.  Just as she was about to cum, she grabbed his head.  He stopped.

“Hands on the board, now.  And beg me to continue.”  Joe said with a harshness she was beginning to love.  Her hands flew to the headboard faster than a startled bird.

“Please lick my pussy, please lick my pussy!”  Mari thrust her pelvis into his face, offering herself to him.  He went back to eating her out, and in less than a minute she wrapped her legs around his head and screamed as she came again.

After she came, Joe removed the vibrator from her ass and climbed back up, his face covered in her juices.  They made out for a solid minute in after bliss.  She passed out, hands still tied together, falling asleep on Joe.
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
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The Club of Chester County: Marital Strife

Chapter 3: Unnatural Dinner Conversations (descriptions or rape and violence)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after ‘Bubbles Has Entered the Chat’ and ‘Teagan and Aly’.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

It was evening by the time Mari woke up.  Joe had been up for a little bit, cleaning some room off of the bed.  She yawned, then saw the difference in light out the bedroom window.

“Oh my God, what time is it?”  Mari had a panicked look on her face as she tried to make sense of the time.

“About 7.  You’ve been out for a few hours.  You needed it.”  Joe wore a pair of shorts and an old t-shirt from the band “30 Seconds to Mars.”

“Shit, we gotta get the kids, Crystal’s gonna be so pissed.”  She started to move, but realized that her hands were still tied together.

“Relax, I took care of it.”  Joe said, grabbing her bound hands.

“What?”  She looked confused.  Joe hated dealing with Crystal unless he had to.

“It’s fine.  I asked her if she could watch the kids overnight for a sleepover.  I texted her that we had some things we had to work out between us and it would be great if we had a night away from the kids.”  Joe said as he deftly untied the spare t-shirt he used to bind Mari’s hands.

“What’d she say?”

“She asked what kind of stuff, and then I texted her an eggplant, a peach, and a winking emoji.  She sent back a rolling eye emoji and said okay.”  Joe said with a laugh.

“You fucker.”  Mari leaned in and kissed him.  They wrapped their arms around each other and embraced for a while.  When they broke it off, they looked at each other for long moment.  Neither wanted to speak first, but Mari took the initiative.

“So, what’s the plan?”  Mari asked, knowing this could be dangerous.

“We order pizza for dinner, then figure out what we’re gonna do going forward.”  Joe said it a little too easy.

“Okay.”  Mari looked down for a moment.  Joe then grabbed her chin and lifted it so he could look in her eyes.

“It’s okay.  I don’t want to lose you, and I won’t lose you.  Not if I can do anything about it.  You’re the best thing that ever happened to me, and I won’t lose you without a fight.”  He was sincere about everything he said.  Especially the fighting for his Mari.

“This is big.  Like, really, really, really big.  I didn’t catch you jerking off to just any regular porn, I caught you starring in a rape video.  I saw you on video doing almost unspeakable things, watching you fuck some little blonde bitch while she blew her friend.”

“Brother.”  Joe interrupted.

“What?”  Mari was flabbergasted.

“That black guy she blew was her brother.  Well, step-brother.  Wait, other girl’s step-brother.  And it was his idea.  It’s a long story.”

“You gonna tell me this?”  Mari looked at Joe with a different kind of fear than she showed earlier.  This fear screamed ‘I need to know.’  Joe thought about it for a moment before responding.

“Yeah.  I’ll tell you.  If you want, I’ll show you.  You sure about that?”

Mari nodded.  “I don’t think I want to know everything, but I need to know everything.  You said we were growing apart.  You’re right.  I think, if we’re gonna have any chance going forward, we need to be honest with this.”

“Agreed.  Complete honesty, especially in the bedroom.  We tell each other everything we do and we figure out how to handle things.  We open up our histories and tell each other everything we did.”

“Yes.  And going forward, are we going to have problems going forward?  Are we gonna be faithful?”  Mari asked, not sure how Joe would respond.  When she caught him cheating years ago after he caught her cheating on him, they both promised to stay faithful.  That turned out to be wishful thinking.

“I think,” Joe said, pausing to form his thoughts.  “I think it’s a case by case basis.  It depends.  I don’t want to say I’ll never do this again, but I don’t want to promise on something I can’t deliver.  And I can’t be a hypocrite if you decide you want to sleep with some guy at work, but we need rules.”

“Yes.  Rules.  First, tonight you tell me everything you’ve done.  All the women you’ve...fucked.”  Mari stammered at the last word.  It’s not the right one for the situation.

“Say it, raped.”

“Raped.  You have to tell me all about whatever the hell you were doing.  And I want to see what the hell happened with that blonde and her step-brother.  And whatever else you’ve done.  Deal?”  Mari asked Joe.

“Deal.”  He replied.

“For going forward, we’ll play it by ear.  Who knows, something might come up.  We have to tell each other what we want to do, what we want to try, and we have to be open with each other.  Deal?”

“Deal.  First question.  Were you more upset at seeing what I was doing to that girl, or more upset that it wasn’t you?”

That question caught Mari off guard.  She hadn’t put much thought into it, but she knew the answer.  She was just afraid to say it out loud.

“After realizing that was you, and seeing this secret life, I was more upset that it wasn’t me.  I was angrier that she was getting my dick.  No one should get my dick, but here she was, and you were giving it to her.  At the same time, I wanted to see her suffer because she was getting fucked by you, and she didn’t deserve your dick.  How many?  How many girls did you rape?”  Mari asked.  Joe replied almost instantly.

“Never girls.  We’ve got two main rules.  No kids, no killing.  If you want an exact figure, it’ll take a moment.  But I’d say ballpark is between 10 and 15.”

Mari’s eyes went wide as saucers at that number range.

“And I will tell you about all of them, whatever you want to know.”

“H-how?”  Mari stammered, not sure how that was possible.

“It’s a long story, but I belong to a group that calls itself The Club.  We have very strict rules of behavior, but the short version is most of it is done through trades.  Person A supplies a victim to Person B in exchange for another victim.  They get together, do their things, then upload the videos.”  Joe was a hesitant to describe the Club in too many details, but knew that honesty might be the only thing to save his marriage. 

“There’s video of this?”  Mari’s voice changed from confused to intrigued.  Joe picked up on it right away.

“I got an idea.”  Joe pulled out his phone and started playing with it.  “I’ll order dinner, and tonight, I’ll show you what I’m talking about.  The kids aren’t here, so we can use the big couch.  That work?”  Mari nodded, and Joe kissed her as he finished ordering dinner.


Mari took a shower as dinner was delivered.  She was a mess.  Her hair and face were covered in cum, her ass was sore, and her pussy was a trimmed mess.  The only options she had with that was shave it where he trimmed it down or let it grow back.  She chose the former, and spent a good deal of time trying not to cut herself in the shower.

When Mari came downstairs, dinner was already delivered.  A two-pizza special, one pepperoni and one plain.  Joe wore his same t-shirt and shorts while Mari threw on some older underwear and a bath robe.  For some reason, she had a feeling clothes would just get in the way tonight.
They talked for a while over dinner about all of Joe’s activities.  He described the Club, what it was, and how he joined.  He talked about their levels of secrecy, how much trouble they’d be in if ever caught, and how none of this could ever leave the house.  He described how he was brought in by an old co-worker who later moved on to another company after one night at the bar several years ago they got to talking about their favorite porn sites.  He mentioned how he was vetted and met the tech admin of the Club, and how the trade system works.  He talked about his first trade, with their old babysitter, Mandy, in exchange for the step-daughter of one of the older members, Kelly.  Mandy was a college freshman at the time, a taller reddish-brunette with a smoking hot body, and Kelly was also in college, a few years older and petite.  Joe told Mari that one night when they went out, Mandy invited her boyfriend over to party.  Joe was pissed off about that and wanted to punish her but couldn’t do anything himself.  But he did know where she lived nearby and knew how to get into her house, and knew where she worked and how someone could get her work schedule.  He gave the site a copy of her key from under a potted plant in the garden and her and her parents schedule, then a few days later he received a video upload showing Mandy getting attacked in a van.  A few days later, Joe received an envelope at a P.O. Box across town with Kelly’s information and her schedule.  Joe waited for her in her apartment one day, then attacked her when she came home.

“How many times have you done a trade?”  Mari asked between bites of pizza.  Joe thought for a moment before responding.

“5, maybe 6 times.”

“You said you’ve done this 10-15 times.”  Mari was confused.  How did these numbers add up?  Joe took a sip of water and another bite before responding.

“I’ve had 6 trades, I think.  I’d have to check that out.  I was also involved in a few other events, helped on some other stuff, and had a trade for 2 women once.  The less said about that the better.”

“Wait, what happened?  Tell me.”  Mari gave him a look that said she wasn’t going to drop this.  Joe sighed and continued.

“Okay.  A while back I made a trade with a guy who said that he was offering a 2-for-1 deal.  I offered him up a pretty good-looking co-worker in exchange for these two women who were roommates.  He shows some pictures, they’re not bad but certainly not hot.  That mother fucker must’ve photoshopped them to be skinnier than they were.  I get there, and each woman was pushing 300 pounds.  Probably more.”

“What?”  Mari laughed.

“Yeah, big girls.  I never would’ve agreed to this deal if I knew the chunky photos he shared were before they ate their third and fourth roommates.”  Joe took a sip of water.

“What did you do?”  Mari asked.

“Well, you know how every rule exists because it was needed at some point?  The rule before this was that there was no walking out of a deal.  Looking at two women with a blood sugar level of Mountain Dew certainly made it a challenge.  I popped a couple Cialis, held my nose to ignore the smell, and fucked them.”

“Oh my God!”

“Not my proudest moment.  Really pissed at that guy, if I ever find him, I’mmma whoop his ass.”

Mari laughed, but that last comment stuck with her.

“Wait, you don’t know these people?  At all?” 

Joe finished his bite before continuing.

“For the most part, no.  Everyone is random on the Club, the usernames are all randomly generated.  Unless you work with a person, no way of knowing.  I’ve built a little tool that tracks user ID’s and assigns a name to them, but that only works for some people.  But after a while you can be like “Oh, that’s Steve, that’s Ray, that’s Becky, that’s Bubbles.”

Mari stopped in her tracks.

“Becky and Bubbles?” 

“Yeah, there’s some women in the Club.  They usually joined just like men, but sometimes they offer themselves up.  Other times, they might be just a sadist.  Like, there’s this one video you probably saw, it was two girls and two guys.”

“You mean Sam and that jackhammer dick from Teagan’s video?” 

“...Yeah.  They were asked to help the Asian girl, she’s called Bubbles, take care of her girlfriend.  Well, her girlfriend is a big girl.  Not fat, but tall, power lifter type of big.  Bubbles is like 60 pounds soaking wet wearing boots.  She ain’t moving Brittany on her own.  The whole thing was her idea, but she needed muscle to pull it off.  She booked the driver, the rental, spiked the drinks, paid for the hotel, brought the gear, all of it.  She just needed a guy or two to help with the physical labor.  She even paid for pizza and beer.”

Mari shook her head.  “Are you describing a gang rape or moving a couch?”

“When you put it like that...”  Joe chuckled.  Mari giggled a little.  He took another bite of pizza, then asked her something she should’ve expected.  “What did you want to watch first?”

Mari thought for a second, then started rambling.  “I’m not sure.  The whole thing is kind of fucked up to be honest.  It’s not like we’re picking an MCU movie or some show about flipping houses.  Like, there are so many questions, like is it wrong, is it illegal just to watch these, what if I recognize someone, how do you not get caught, is it weird that I get turned on by this, what do we do?”

“It’s okay hun, we got this.  The Club requires a secure VPN connection that hides traffic, so it’s a real pain in the ass to track.  You aren’t the first woman to get turned on by rape, and you won’t be the last.  It’s pretty common.  The stats for not getting caught are pretty good, but we have to be careful at all times.  Can’t do anything stupid like fire off a gun in a suburban house or start breaking shit to draw the neighbor’s attention.  And don’t carry guns or drugs on you after, that’s what cops use to bust people.  They don’t give a fuck about rape, but they’ll nail your ass to the wall for an illegal weapons charge.”


“Really.  Rape is hard as fuck for a cop to prove, but catching you with a stolen gun is easy.  Or drugs.  Or driving drunk.  And if you recognize someone, well, try not to run up to them at the cafeteria at work and be all ‘I watched you get raped, bitch!’  That’s kind of a dick move.”

Mari and Joe laughed.  “You didn’t use anyone I know, did you?”

Joe thought about that for a moment.  A moment longer than shoud’ve been comfortable.  “Well, there was the old babysitter Mandy.  Most everyone else was from work.  Oh, wait, remember Rebby from PTA?”

“Her?”  Mari was shocked.  Mari remembered Rebby from when she last had to partake in PTA.  Rebby, short for Rebecca, was a good-looking blonde who was always tanned and had a fit body, even after 3 kids.  But she always came off as a bitch to anyone that she couldn’t use.  Mari’s last run-in with Rebby ended when Mari ‘returned’ a casserole dish Rebby claimed was hers.  Mari returned it right underneath her rear tire in the school parking lot.  Those brownies sucked anyway.  “How?”

“Wanna see?”
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
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The Club of Chester County: Marital Strife

Chapter 4: Movie Night (viol, MF, oral, anal, rape, toys, bond, M+/F+)

Author’s Note:  This is a work of fiction.  All characters and locations are made up.  The acts portrayed are also fictional.  Rape is wrong, racism is wrong, violence is wrong, homophobia is wrong.

Author’s Second Note:  This is a sequel to the previous sections of The Club of Chester County, and happens directly after ‘Bubbles Has Entered the Chat’ and ‘Teagan and Aly’.  They aren’t required reading to enjoy this story, but it helps to set up some background.  All chapters are available under my page in the Author’s section.

Downstairs in the Family Room, Joe had the large screen TV hooked up to his laptop.  Mari sat on the couch, eagerly awaiting the video to start.  As Joe sat down, the laptop on the table in front of them, she could barely contain her excitement at Rebby’s video.

“Is this about that damn pie plate?”

“It was a casserole dish, and it was my dish.  That bitch tried blaming me for stealing my dish.  If she wanted it so bad, she should’ve checked under her tires before pulling out.”

“Fuck.  Well, speaking of pulling out, there’s not much of that in this video.  This is from a couple years ago, I think.”  Joe played the video.

On the screen, a scene of a bedroom appeared, a nice one with a king-sized bed and gray bedding.  The room is white, with white furniture.

“Ugh, it looks like she just copied what was hot on HGTV that week and did it to her room.  No taste whatsoever.”  Mari said.

The camera was placed higher up on the wall, almost like it was sitting on a bookcase or the top of the TV.  In the frame, a man of average height in build, wearing a black ski mask, a black hoodie, jeans, sneakers, and gloves, holds a gun in his hand.  He walks into frame, then back out.

“Wait, the guy’s already there?  How?”  Mari asked, curious.

“Long story short, Rebby was having an affair and turned off the security system every Thursday while her hubby was at work and the kids were at school.  From 9AM-3PM, she was guaranteed alone.  She’d send a text to the boy toy to come over right after she got home and turned off the alarm.  She’d unlock the doors for him to come over, go out for some coffee, then come back.  Boy toy worked for a landscaping company and he’d park down the street.  Well, that day when she sent the text and left, another guy showed up at the house.  That’s our friend.  A certain someone, aka me, told him about the schedule and he waited inside for boy toy.  He caught him, tied him up, then dragged him into the closet for the day.  Oooh, here she comes.”

The video showed a tall blonde woman in her early 40’s walking into the bedroom. She wore a light blue t-shirt and khaki capris.  She kicked off her shoes when she entered the bedroom, playing on her phone.  She walked through the bedroom to the corner of the screen where the bathroom was, which is where our assailant was hiding. 

An ear-piercing scream came from off-camera, followed by another couple screams of a woman than a low “Shut up, bitch!” yelled by the man, and a loud slap.  Rebby reappeared on screen, hands up in the air.  The masked man held her by her hair with his left hand and held the gun in his right.  He led her to the bed.

“Please don’t kill me!  Take whatever you want, but please don’t kill me!”  Rebby pleaded.  The man threw her down face first on the bed, then landed on top of her.

“That’s the plan, you stupid cunt!  Now shut the fuck up!”  He slapped her on the side of the head.  This instinctively brought her arms around her head.  The assailant used this to snap a pair of handcuffs around Rebby’s wrists.  As Rebby was trying to figure out the cuffs, he pulled back hard on her hair with one hand.  She opened her mouth to scream, but all this did was give the man a chance to shove something in her mouth.  A moment later, and he secured the gag with a roll of clear packing tape.

The man shifted his weight, letting Rebby get up off of the bed a little bit.  Rebby climbed to her knees, but he used this feeble attempt to escape to his advantage.  He kneed her in the stomach, causing her to collapse and roll onto her back.  He then jumped back on top.  After a moment, he grabbed her cuffed wrists and tied something to them.  It looked like a belt, and he looped one end around the cuff chain and the other around the bedpost before securing it.

“Time for some fun, bitch.”  The man spat at her.  From his back pocket, he produced a folding knife.  He grabbed her shirt in the middle of the plunging neckline and pulled, tearing it.  A couple more attempts and he used the knife to slice off the remains.

Rebby was crying at this point.  She was bound to her bed.  She was gagged.  Her shirt was ripped off of her body and this man, this stranger, was staring at her bra-covered tits.  The man leaned down, and with a quick cut, snipped the bra between the front cups, letting Rebby’s ample tits burst out.  The man leaned down and started sucking on her titties.

Mari watched the screen, transfixed.  On one hand, here she was, watching a woman about to get sexually assaulted in her own home, on her own bed.  On the other hand, it was Rebby, and Rebby was a complete and total bitch.  Mari leaned forward, watching with anticipation, mouth hanging open.

Back on the video, the man played with and sucked on Rebby’s tits for a couple minutes, taking his time while she cried into her gag.  He leaned back, sliding down her body.  He unsnapped her capri pants and unzipped them.  She struggled as he tried to pull her pants off, but all that did was delay the inevitable.  He stood up, letting her think she succeeded in getting him off of her, but he once again used her momentum against her and pulled her carpis down her legs.  He pulled them down over her ankles.  Rebby took a kick at him after he removed the shorts.

“Feisty, aren’t we?”  The man stood back as Rebby kicked at him.  He took this time to strip off his clothes.  He took off everything except the mask, showing a decently fit body that was hiding under his baggy clothes.  The only clothes left on were Rebby’s white panties.  And those weren’t going to stay on for long.  The man timed his approach between her wild kicks and jumped onto her legs.  He grabbed her panties and pulled up, giving Rebby a nasty wedgie, nasty enough she screamed a little louder behind her gag.  The man used the knife to make two cuts to her briefs, right at the waistband.  He pulled the tattered panties off, exposing her blonde hair-covered pussy.

Mari was lost in what she saw.  She jumped out of her skin when she felt a hand on her leg.  She looked and saw Joe.  He had already taken off his shirt and sported some serious wood under his shorts.  Joe slid his hand up Mari’s leg, then up to the knot of her robe.

“It’s okay, get into it as much as you want.”  Joe said as he undid her robe and slipped it open.  He slid his hand back down to her legs, which she spread further for him.

On the video, Rebby squirmed and shimmied as hard as she could to get away from her attacker, but his position on her legs made that impossible.  The man put the knife down, then went back to playing with her breasts, biting the nipples enough to make her cry.

“Yes, get the bitch.”  Mari couldn’t believe what she said.  Nor that she had spread her legs completely open, that Joe was fingering her, and that she had mindlessly started rubbing his cock.  Her hand slipped into his shorts and she was stroking away as Joe kept fingering her.

Back on screen, the man moved and forced himself in between her legs.  He spread them, holding her legs open with his hips.  It looks like he spit or did something to lube up his dick.

“Get ready, bitch!”  The man pushed into Rebby’s twat, causing her to scream into her gag.  She moaned and cried as the man pushed into her, bottoming out, then pulling back.  He started fucking her, picking up the pace.

Speaking of picking up the pace, Joe increased his fingerblasting speed on Mari, getting her more and more excited.  Between that and watching something so taboo, she didn’t know whether she should freak out, puke, or cum.  She decided on the latter.  She moaned as her body shook from the orgasm.  When she came back around, the rapist on video was fucking Rebby with a strong motion.  Joe took his shorts off and guided her over to him.  She mounted Joe in a reverse cowgirl position, keeping an eye on the action on the screen.


They fucked for a solid 40 minutes as they watched the rest of Rebby’s video.  They changed positions, always making sure that Mari kept an eye on the large screen TV.  They watched as the rapist fucked Rebby in a few different positions before pulling out and cumming on her face.  They watched and fucked as the video cut to the next scene, where the rapist took her ass and then wiped his dick in her hair.  They watched and fucked as the rapists dragged the boy toy out of the closet and made him fuck Rebby’s beaten pussy.  And they watched and fucked as the rapist left the two of them tied up on her bed, telling her that she had an hour to get untied and cleaned up before she had to pick up her kids.

Mari must’ve cum a couple times during that session, but she still wasn’t satiated.  Watching an old rival get raped on film clicked with her, and like a junkie after their first fix, she wanted more.

They watched the video of their old babysitter, Mandy.  She watched their kids a few years back when she was in high school, but stopped working for them shortly after going to college.  Joe never told Mari this until tonight, but he caught Mandy fucking her boyfriend on their couch while the kids were sleeping one night she worked for them.  They stopped asking her to work around that time. 
Mandy’s attack was a little different.  It took place in the back of a van.  Two men, a black man in his late 20’s and an older white man, probably in his 50’s, sat in the back of the van.  Suddenly the door opened and another two men, both white guys in their 20’s or 30’s, it was really hard to tell with the masks and dark clothes, dragged Mandy into the back of the van and held her down.  Mandy wore a black polo shirt and black pants, dressed like a waitress at a bar.  The van pulled off, and the four men in the back worked together to strip her, hold her down, and then take turns fucking her.  Two men held her while another two fucked her.  Eventually the van stopped, and a fifth man, a chunky black guy probably in his 30’s, joined in.  All five spent the better part of the next hour on video fucking the ever-loving shit out of Mandy in every combination they could think of.  At one point, all five joined in at once.  The chunky black guy fucked her mouth while the old white guy laid down and fucked her pussy, the younger black guy fucked her ass, and made her jerk off the two that grabbed her off of the street.  After they fucked her like a starfish, they wrapped up and drove the van somewhere else.  They made her get dressed then dropped her off somewhere in Collegetown, near where they picked her up.

Mari and Joe fucked the entire time during that video, only taking breaks after he came.  Even those were short lived.

They watched part of the video with Bubbles and Brittany.  Mari and Joe spent most of that video in a 69.

Eventually they ended up back at the Teagan and Aly video.  By this point they were pretty tired, but they kept fooling around with each other.  Mari acted a little differently during this video.  It was the first one with Joe in it.  The first time she saw her husband fuck that blonde, it pissed her off.  Now, she was cheering him on, watching how vicious and brutal he was as he fucked her.  He went out of his way to hurt her.  Unlike with Mari, Joe was fucking Teagan to prove a point, to show that he could take what he wanted.  Somehow, seeing him do that turned her on even more.  When Joe started fucking Aly in the ass, she asked him to pause the video.  She came back with the vibrator and lube from earlier and asked him to do that to her.  She let him fuck her ass while she used the vibrator on herself, while watching him fuck an 18-year-old in the ass while others watched.  It was one of the most intense and erotic moments of her life, and she damn near passed out from the pleasure.

When she was coming back around, it was getting late and the video was towards the end.  Joe was directing Blaine to fuck Teagan and Aly, like he was making a porno.  He made them do everything to each other.  Finding out that Aly and Blaine were step-siblings made the whole taboo mess even more arousing.

As they watched Blaine ass-fucking Aly into another dimension, Mari felt that she had to say something.

“So, I’ve been thinking, like you said, complete honesty going forward.  We have to be completely honest with each other.  That also means that if you do anything with this Club thing, you have to tell me.  You have to pass it by me.  Deal?”

“Deal.”  Joe agreed.

“Two more conditions.  Don’t ever bring one of these whores into our house if I’m not here, and I want in.”

That last part surprised Joe.  “What do you mean?”

“I want in.”  That comment surprised Joe.

“Like, help rape one of these women, or be raped?”

Mari thought about it for a long moment before responding.  “Yes.”

“You sure about that?  I can’t guarantee your safety if you’re set up, and I don’t want anything bad to happen to you.”

“I want to help, I want to know what it feels like to do that to another woman, and if there was a way to completely surrender, knowing I wasn’t going to die or be horribly fucked up after it, I want to try that, too.”

“Like some extreme roleplay session?”

“Exactly, but without the roleplay.  Would that be possible?”  Mari asked, looking up at Joe as they cuddled.  He looked at her, not sure how to go forward but saw the earnestness in her eyes. 

“Okay.  We’ll figure something out.  Try to figure out a woman you’re close enough to that you can get into their home or get them when they’re vulnerable.  I’ll see if a trade might be an option someday.  Also, I’ll let some of the members know what’s up.  Maybe a crazy party someday.  That work?” 

Mari smiled.  “That works.”  She leaned up and kissed him, then rested her head on his chest.  On the screen, Teagan and Aly were getting a bukkake bath.

“I love you.”  Mari said to Joe.

“I love you, too.”  Joe replied, as they watched him cum on the two abused girls on screen.
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
« Reply #4 on: May 27, 2021, 11:10:11 AM »
Awesome work.  I enjoyed this a hell of a lot.   ;D  Thank you for sharing!
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
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Well done! Thoroughly enjoyable!
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
« Reply #6 on: June 23, 2021, 01:25:37 PM »
I loved the cat and dog playing such a pivotal role. The level of detail in Lt. Broccoli's stories (fictional hockey team names, etc) is simply amazing. Right down to Mari being the kind of assertive, ball breaking chick who drives an X5.

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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
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Awesome work.  I enjoyed this a hell of a lot.   ;D  Thank you for sharing!

Thank you Grendel.  This will set up a big section of another story I'm working on.

Well done! Thoroughly enjoyable!

When the head... I'm sorry, ALLEGED head of the Obsidian Order takes notice of your work, it's both flattering and frightening.  Almost expect an exploding cake with a little too much thermite in it.  :)

I loved the cat and dog playing such a pivotal role. The level of detail in Lt. Broccoli's stories (fictional hockey team names, etc) is simply amazing. Right down to Mari being the kind of assertive, ball breaking chick who drives an X5.

Thanks MarvThor.  I try to make things feel as real as they can, even in a fictional city.  And Mari is like Queen Karen, and the most Karen of Karen's drive BMW SUV's.  Nothing says "I'm more important than you yet I need to impress the other Karen's and make them jealous" quite like it.  If the kids were older, she absolutely would be showing off their sports accomplishments with those stupid window stickers with their names and jersey numbers.  Every vehicle in my stories is a character in themselves, and tells a lot about the individual.  Joe's F-150 is the kind of truck that someone in middle IT management who thinks they're adventurous but never goes anywhere exciting would drive.  Sam's cars are mostly for transportation or work, except the convertible and he barely lets himself have fun.  I feel that a car says a lot about the person driving it, from where they're at in life to how they see themselves.

The craziness with the pets is something I've wanted to do for a while, and it always seems like the best laid plans get ruined by a stupid, looked-over detail.  And pets and kids screw everything up.
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Re: TCCC: Marital Strife (Tags in Chapter Headings, Updated 4-15-21)
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As long as you keep up the good work, you have nothing to fear, Mr. Barclay. See that you do.

No one bad is ever truly bad, and no one good is ever truly good.

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