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The Regression of Liana Blackburn
« on: April 03, 2021, 09:37:07 PM »
Plot. A stalker snatches a woman and turns her into an adult baby.

AN. Although this story features a real person, the situation within is purely fictional.

After a long day at the dance studio. Liana Blackburn walked out into the parking lot with her bag in hand.

As she trotted toward her car, she was completely unaware that she was being watched.

From the bushes, Harriet Green was watching her through the scope of her tranquilizer gun. She had been tracking Liana for months and tonight, she was going to grab this actress/dancer and put her back into babyhood. She was the last one out of the building so the timing was perfect

Just and Liana was about to open her car door, Harriet fired and struck Liana right in the neck. The quick-acting serum flowed into her veins.

As Liana stumbled about after pulling the dart from her neck, Harriet sprinted across the lot and grabbed her.

“Relax baby girl, it’s going to be alright. Harriet said then placed Liana in the back seat and stuffed a pacifier into her mouth before buckling her up. With Liana secured. Harriet took the driver's seat and made a quick stop by the bushes to grab her gun before speeding off into the night.

Two hours later, Harriet pulled into the garage of her mansion and shut off the engine then got out to open the back door. After checking to see that Liana was still unconscious and pleased that she was. Harriet unbuckled her seatbelt and pulled her out of the car and tossed her over her shoulder.

"Time to get you to your room, sweetie. Harriet said then proceeded into the house. Passing through the kitchen and living room before walking down a long hallway where Liana’s new room awaited. Along the way, Harriet couldn’t help but smack Liana’s butt a few times.

Upon entering the room. Harriet laid Liana on the changing matt. With a diaper, a pack of wipes, and a can of baby powder already in place, Harriet rubbed her hands in anticipation and got to work.

The first things to go were Liana’s high-heeled shoes. Harriet swiftly unlaced them and pulled them off. Liana wasn’t wearing any socks so it was on to her shirt. Since she wouldn’t be needing it anymore, Harriet grabbed the middle with both hands and ripped it open revealing Liana’s black bra and since she wouldn’t be needing that anymore either, Harriet decided to rip it apart too.

“Let’s set you up for a minute,” Harriet said then pulled up Liana by her arms and pushed the torn garments from her body then pushed her back on the mat and rolled her onto her stomach.

“Let’s see what types of underwear you’re working with down here.”

Harriet grabbed the waistband of Liana’s yoga pants and pulled them down her creamy smooth legs then off her feet. After tossing them into the same corner as her shoes, Harriet turned her attention to Liana’s black thong.

“This is definitely not appropriate for a baby girl,” Harriet commented then with a solid grip and a firm tug, Liana’s thong was ripped away as tossed aside.

With Liana completely naked, Harriet rolled her back onto her back and pulled her legs up so she could place the diaper beneath her. With Liana’s legs still up in the air, Harriet reached over and grabbed a wipe. Liana began to stir and jolted when the wipe made contact with her pussy.

“Relax my little Liana, mommy is going to get you nice and clean for your diaper. Yes, she is, yes she is,” Harriet replied as she continued to wipe between Liana’s legs. Liana tried to protest through her pacifier but the regression serum she was injected with suppressed her ability to say anything beyond baby-like gibberish.

After a good coating of baby powder on Liana’s pussy and ass, Harriet snapped the diaper into the place and smiled in satisfaction at her handiwork.

“Okay little Liana, time for your nap.” Harriet scooped her off the floor and walked her over to the crib where she laid her down.

“See you in the morning sweetie,” Harriet said then gave Liana a kiss on the forehead then walked away.


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Re: The Regression of Liana Blackburn
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Interesting idea.
I take it "Fin" means no subsequent parts(?)

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Re: The Regression of Liana Blackburn
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An apology for missing this when it first was posted. Love the concept of the whole series, can just imagine who you have line upped to 'babyify'  Will merit this when the site allows me!