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by Regis

This story is an excerpt from a novella titled Helicopter Bitchwhackers by Regis, which is appropriately posted in EXTREME Stories on this page.  This excerpt is about sensuous risqué behaviour, NOT the extreme violence that later befalls these ladies, and several others.


Tanya and Caitlan were best friends, and both girls worked in large companies as executive assistants to the CEO.  The companies were across the street from each other, and they worked out together at a gym just a few blocks away.  They had risen as high as a woman could go in their male dominated companies, and were well paid for their efforts.

They started at eight in the morning, were seldom finished before seven in the evening, so they worked out and then ate out after work, and then hit the bars, where the most interesting men could be found, looking for a hook-up.  Neither had any interest in long term relationships with men, but loved to work together on the men they connected with.

The great trio sex they took part in resulted in satisfied guys, and a gift to each, usually in a small stack of hundred-dollar bills.  They were not call girls, but a girl could always use some extra cash, and they never turned any down.  They only picked up high rollers, and the men liked to express their appreciation with folding currency.

One night they hit the jackpot.  The bartender, who got the occasional blow job in the back room in return for looking out for them, steered them to a well-dressed man in a booth sipping a scotch on the rocks.  They connected, and he turned out to have an estate up the coast, and invited them to join him on a helicopter ride. 

The man introduced himself as Tom, and he said he had several friends up for a party, and wondered if they’d like a helicopter ride us to his estate.  They were delighted, and with a call to his chauffer, his limo was waiting for them outside.  An hour later they were at the private estate in a large recreation room, introduced to Tom’s friends.  For the girls it was all about sex, and it looked to them like they’d hit the jackpot.

"We work hard during the week, so we're damned well going to play hard on the weekend," one of them said, throwing an arm around the smiling Caitlin. He appreciated her physical build, and the warmth of his hold said so. She felt secure and confident with these men, and looked forward to getting it on with some of them.
The talk turned to fitness and exercise, and Tanya and Caitlin each described their strenuous work-out routines.  They stood and demonstrated their descriptions, which pleased their hosts.  Their builds were quite different, and so were the fitness regimes they both maintained to keep fit.
"So which of you two beauties has the better body?" asked one of them. It was the man introduced as Phil. Tanya pointed at Caitlin.
"She's got the big tits, fellas," Tanya said, grinning.
"Ya, I can see that," said the outspoken Gary, "but the question is, which one of you has the tightest ass?"
"Oh, I think I could give her a run for her money on that one," Tanya giggled, and swung her shapely butt around toward him. The tight dress stretched across what was clearly a well-conditioned ass. As the girls had said, they were in terrific shape. "I'd say I'm more built for speed, but why don't you guys decide?" Tanya teased.
"Hey, good idea!" piped in Harve. "Tell you what, I'll give a thousand bucks to the girl who does the hottest striptease!" He began pulling bills from his thick wallet. The girls looked at each other and shrugged. What the hell, they were far away from the city, and this was a totally private party.

They saw no conspicuous signs of cameras, so whatever they did that might not bring pride later would stay here, far from any of their friends that might embarrass them if they knew. It was party time, and these girls were game, and as good at partying as the best of them.
"You go first," Bill said, pointing at Caitlin. "Let's see how well you can move it." The buxom blonde grinned and rolled off the sofa. These two were not hookers or call girls, but they could use a thousand as much as anybody, and it would be fun strutting her stuff in front of these horny guys and getting their pricks to become erect.

The ladies were certainly not above accepting gifts, and all indications were that these men were prepared to be particularly generous with their money, if they got what they wanted.  There was little question in anybody’s mind what they wanted, and the ladies had come here to make sure they got it in spades.

Caitlin sashayed over to the stereo system, doing her best sexy walk to the hoots of the men. She slinked her big round ass in the tight dress from side to side, and could imagine the bulges beginning to rise in the men's pants. She loved to turn guys on. She put a heavy metal disk into the state-of-the-art CD system, and jerked up the volume.

She stepped onto the raised area in front of the big screen of the room’s expensive projection TV. The elevated platform was ten feet long and four feet wide, and served as a natural stage for her impromptu strip show as she shimmied and bounced to the throbbing beat.  It was clear to everyone this lady knew how to move it.
Giving the audience a pout, she knocked the straps of her dress off her shoulders, leaving it held up only by the pressure of her sizable breasts in the thick, velvety fabric. Despite the tightness of the bodice, every jiggle of her heavy bosom caused the cleavage-exposing neckline to slip further and further down.

Just before the dress dropped over her nipples, she clapped her left hand to her chest and gave the boys a stern schoolmistress look, wagging her index finger at their eager faces. Then she turned and started grinding her hips, wagging her remarkable ass in the tight short skirt of the dress so that it rocked from side to side in an incredibly seductive movement.
She completed the move by throwing both hands over her head. The sudden action lifted and flattened her large breasts, and the dress immediately freed her large breasts fell to her waist. She turned again to face them, and held up a full bare breast in each hand, squeezing them to cause the nipples to point at them as if displaying trophies.

The guys hollered wildly and punched each other in the arm as they enjoyed the wanton display of the high-class blonde's big pale tits.  This wanton bitch was a real prize.  They congratulated their host Tom on bringing them a winner.  These men were all CEOs of companies most of them owned, and they appreciated the cunt Tom had brought them.
Caitlin stood at the edge of the stage and shook her mammaries at the crowd, while the men moved forward and jostled below her like animals at feeding time. When she saw they were anxiously awaiting the next revelation, she slid the dress off over her hips, gracefully lifting her silver high heels out of it as it collapsed on the floor.

Now she wore only her dainty white silk panties and her heels. She continued to dance seductively to the pulsing and driving beat, without making a move for her underwear. Tanya watched her friend move her voluptuous body wantonly with real admiration. They were both expert in the art of sexual seduction, and both enjoyed the rare opportunity of watching the other at work.
"Panties too, woman!" Andy shouted and the others joined in the rude chorus. "We want to see your cock holster!" one of them shouted.
"That'll cost you another $500!" Caitlin shouted back over the raucous shouting and the pounding of the music. She was an amateur, but she knew how to work an audience. Her experience told her they would not blink at such a figure just to see some cunt. She had shown them enough wanton behavior to suggest there was much more to come.

They all immediately began digging into their pockets and producing cash. These guys were really loaded. Caitlin smiled knowingly and spun, so that her back was once more to the audience. Bending forward and thrusting her thumbs into the waistband, she slowly peeled the back of her panties down across the expanse of her shapely buttocks, revealing the deep crease between her buttocks.
"CUNT! CUNT! CUNT!" the men chanted, thrusting their closed fists into the air.  At the moment she felt like one, and was proud of it.  She was in control, and was giving these horny guys a look at what a real woman could do, given the opportunity.  The voluptuous executive assistant would give them cunt.
Caitlin scowled at the naughty boys, but fully intended to give them their way as she wriggled her ass, then continued sliding her panties past the lower fold of her buttocks. She now moved her hands to the front, and hooking her thumbs into the front of the panties, sliding it downward with her back to them. The tiny garment slithered smoothly down her long lean legs and she let the panties drop to the floor, then stepped out of them.

Still with her back to them, Caitlin placed her palms against her tummy, and slid her hands downward. She spread her knees wide, and the men saw her fingers appear in the seam between her buttocks. She was embracing the organ they were all waiting anxiously to see, and teasing them shamelessly. Her hands travelled on down her thighs, and her knees came back together.
Turning ever so slowly, gyrating her hips, she came gradually around as the guys strained to catch their first eyeful of her bared pussy. Suddenly there it was, the whole package. A pretty face with green eyes and a mane of thick blonde hair, creamy pale skin covering big breasts and a flat tummy, with a tidy hairless pubic mound between smoothly muscled thighs on long shapely legs, to arched feet in 5” spike heels.

Peeking through the fleshy hairless outer lips were the wavy folds of flesh of her inner cunt lips, teased out by her skilled fingers, and their appearance brought her a cheer from her appreciative audience. They had called for cunt, and she was showing it to them. She was proud of her pretty organ, and of what she could do with it, which is why she kept herself perfectly shaved.
Once more her knees parted, and her hand returned to her love nest. This time she parted the delicate lips, and buried three fingers inside herself. The boys rolled in mock pain as they watched her wriggle her fingers inside the moist warm grip of her fuck-shaft like a wanton whore.  Her other hand came to her organ, and she spread it wide, pulling it open to show them the interior moist pink penis-gripper walls.

They loved gorgeous high-class women who behaved like sluts. These men had seen many such women, and had put them through their paces here, women who wore the finest New York and Paris fashions, and who looked better than the models who had displayed them. The best party girls were always the amateurs, when only the best amateurs were selected.

The men had found gems in Tanya and Caitlin, and were enjoying the show the large bosomed bitch was putting on for their entertainment. Before long she would entertain them with her screams. For now they were collecting impressions of her in control so they would better appreciate the bitch fully out of control.
Caitlin brought her fingers, moistened by her vaginal excretions, up to her lips, then thrust the same three fingers into her mouth. She closed her eyes and gave a look of ecstasy as she tasted her own sex moisture. This classy lady was pure cunt, reducing herself to the basest form of  sexual behavior for their benefit. The men loved it.  She was not only beautiful, but she was also a tramp.

She squealed with delight as she pranced off the stage and snuggled onto the arm of Tom's chair, leaning into him naked, with her arm around his neck to watch Tanya's show.  These friends were not competitive, but where able to give the men the impression they were, so that they could get them going, and set them up for some amazing sex.

Tanya took a deep breath. It would be hard to outdo her well-endowed friend, but the chance choice of ehr going second had given her time to plan.  This strip competition really wasn't so much over the money, which they would share, but was for bragging rights.  The girls always participated equally and without reserve when they were in the sack with a man, neither trying to outdo the other, but instead cooperating to give him a night to remember.

However, being judged sexier by a group of impartial guys was a reward in itself.  These men wanted to observe a highly sexual competition, and the girls were giving it to them. She just wished she had known they might be doing this, and she would have worn something more suitable for a striptease.
At the same time, she knew how to make the most of what physical attributes she had, and that was the trick to a successful striptease dance. She had the figure to do the job, because she kept it trim and could move it as well as the best of them, and she did so with assertive grace, a rare combination that had the men's eyes locked on her.
Tanya changed the disc to a techno/pop number, featuring lots of drums. Disdaining Caitlin's stage, she headed for the rear of the room. She hoisted herself into a seated position on the bar, her gorgeous legs crossed, and she smiled and beckoned to the men, who had turned in their seats to see what she was up to.

There was a quick stampede of eager men, and soon every bar stool was pulled back and occupied as she pulled herself to a standing position on top of the bar and strutted her stuff along the polished mahogany surface.  Unlike Caitlin, she was well tanned. She had great legs, and fiery red shoes with spike heels.

Her red dress was low cut and had a built in support, pressing up and together her firm round breasts. The dress was very short and clung to her torso, revealing every movement of every muscle. It was a party dress that had cost her five hundred dollars, designed to ensure she was seen as a sexual animal, and to bring her the attention she craved, and was now receiving.
Tanya knew that victory depended on being different, and even more sizzling than her friend. That would be a challenge, but she felt up to it, and enervated by the competition. Unbeknownst to the audience, she had picked up a lemon peeler from the bar equipment and had the small round-bladed knife concealed against the palm of her hand.

She strutted and posed, bent and twisted her gorgeous body, showing the agility she had developed as a teen high school cheerleader and in college a jazz dancer.  Caitlan wasn’t the only one who could move it, and she was showing them some moves her friend could also do, but had left to her.  They were a team.
The men were impressed at the erotic movement, but were getting impatient for her to strip. They were, as she had seen from Caitlin's performance, cunt men, fanciers of the female sex organ. She had taken this into account as she planned her act, but was not going to give them anything before she was ready.

She knew that holding something back always increased their appetites. She wanted to ensure they were fully randy before she got down and dirty.  She had planned at the last moment something they would be astonished to see, and was going to make them puzzle as to what was causing what unfolded.
As she caressed her undulating body in time to the rhythmic music, tiny slits began to appear in the shiny red fabric of her mini-dress. The tightly stretched material opened at the slits, revealing that her tan covered her whole body. The men were baffled about why they were suddenly enjoying flashes of skin.
Then, in one seamless motion, she sliced the front of the garment open from the bust-line right down to the top of her panties, pulling her hand downward as if she had undone a zipper, although there had been no zipper there. The men who were her audience cheered as they realized what was happening.

Because she was purposefully destroying her expensive garment in front of them, they understood this wild chick they had obtained was not planning on ever wearing the costly dress again. The split fabric now flapped to the sides as she danced, giving tantalizing and ample glimpses of her bare breasts.

Although smaller and firmer than Caitlin's, her melons were nicely sized and shaped, and fit perfectly with her lithe, athletic form. The former cheerleader's agility and flexibility were on full display in her sensual movements in time to the beat of the music, and the guys were drinking it all in.
Tanya turned, and slashed the dress from the top of her buttocks through the hemline. She motioned for two of the men directly behind her to stand, and when they did she put a flap between the teeth of each man. The men quickly understood their job and pulled to the side as the brunette wriggled, rubbing her panties-encased bottom against their faces.

They could feel the firmness of her buttocks as she moved, and their rigid penises bulged in their pants with the daring of her outrageous dance. This cunt was a winner.  They pulled their heads steadily back, and the split rapidly travelled up the back of the dress and tore it cleanly in two.
The expensive garment fell into a red puddle on the wooden bar-top, and Tanya flicked it off with the toe of her open-toed shoe. Then she pushed her panties down to the fold at the base of her ass cheeks, and massaged her buttocks as they made slow, grinding circles above the upturned faces below her.

They thought they were going to spot her cunt, but she stopped short of removing the panties entirely. Only her firm young buttocks were fully revealed.  She turned so that she faced the men. The waist band of the panties was still above her pubic mound. The crease in her panties showed the men she was now as randy as she hoped they were.

A woman in panties was no better able to hide her sexual arousal than was a man in jockey shorts, once she was sexually aroused.  Her pubic mound had slightly swollen, and the puffed-up inner lips were pressing against the thin fabric or the tight panties.  These were intentionally a full size too small.

Her vagina was now depositing telling moisture that quickly penetrated the translucent satin fabric, producing the female version of pecker tracks.  She even thought of releasing a little spray of piss through the gleaming cloth, but realized these men were strangers, and might find something that dirty to be offensive.
Now Tanya lay down on the bar, stretching her lean figure under the very eyes of the viewers, who had all pulled their stools right up as close as possible, not wanting to miss the scent of this young nearly-nude woman. They got a new look at her remarkable figure, with her panties pulled down at the back over her firm round buttocks.

She extracted a pair of ice tongs from the bar implements, and put the hinged end into her mouth, with the pincers protruding between her glossy painted lips. She slithered along the bar like a snake, sliding on her belly on the slickly polished mahogany toward the man sitting at the end of the bar.
She clicked the long ice tongs between her teeth as she slid on her compressed breasts and tight belly, squirming seductively as she moved. She reached forward as if to kiss him, but nipped him on the nose instead. As he laughed, she moved forward further, and bent over the end of the bar, dropping her head toward his lap.

She worked the tongs with her mouth so that they opened and closed with a clack, looking somewhat like the beak of a predator bird.  Her firm breasts took her weight on the edge of the bar as she leaned further forward and reached toward his crotch. She could see his erection through his pants.
"Oh no you don't!" he yelled, clapping his hands over his groin. The other men laughed, and he joined them. This female cock-tease was proving to be very good.
Tanya drew herself up and rolled onto her back. With an abrupt motion, she threw her legs over her head, lifting her weight onto her shoulders, pointing her bare butt toward the ceiling. The flexible girl continued to stretch her legs back, bringing the front hem of her panties closer and closer to the tongs in her mouth.

With a lunge she caught the waistband and began lowering her legs over her head, peeling the tiny panties off as she slowly twisted her torso back and forth.  The men cheered her innovative striptease.  They also cheered her daintily shaven pussy.  It too was aroused, and the inner lips pouting outward.  She and Caitlin really were two of a pair.
Once the sexy panty removal was completed, she took the tongs out of her mouth and effortlessly stood up again in a show of torso and leg strength. Without missing a beat of the music, she plucked a spritzer bottle from the shelf behind the bar and placed a three-ounce crystal pony glass upside down in front of her.

Tanya now commanded the full attention of the men, who were fascinated by the erotic potential of ordinary bar tools in the hands of this sexy young woman. For this exciting cunt, getting naked was just the beginning. They had no idea what she was about to do next, but were eager to see how she would entertain them with her bar props.
Pointing the nozzle of the bottle between her legs, Tanya spritzed her outer labia. The carbonated water was colder than she expected and she gave a tiny yelp of surprise, which was drowned out by the cheers of the men. The wetness made the sides of her naked pussy slick and shiny, giving it the appearance of drooling wantonness.
She made direct eye contact with one of the men. "Want some sparkling water?" she asked.  He nodded, hanging his tongue out and panting and panting in mock thirst and open lust.  Tanya moved the chainmail-wrapped bottle between her parted legs, slipped the angled silver nozzle deep into her vagina, and when it was in its full length, pulled the release lever. The water felt good, like a cool, sparkly douche.
When she was filled and water sprinkled out around the shaft and over her hand, she clamped the muscle of her cunt tight to retain the liquid filling her, and slipped the nozzle out. She kept one foot on the bar and brazenly placed the other foot in its red shoe on the shoulder of the man next to the intended recipient.

She carefully bent her bare knees to position her dripping cunt a foot above the man’s eagerly open mouth. She released some of the liquid from her cunt, warmed by her body heat. The pissed-out spray of bubbly water splashed his face as he eagerly swallowed the slightly tangy mouthful. 
Tanya strolled along the bar, holding the bottle pressed between her breasts.  Here eyes swept the row of attentive men, who were not sure who she would pick next.  "How about you?" she huskily asked an overweight guy, who was sweating in response to the two hot strip shows. "You look like you could use a little water."
"Ya, s-s-s-sure!" he stammered. Tanya grinned and squirted him right between the eyes with a stream from the bottle. His friends howled as he wiped himself off, spluttering.
The nude Tanya, wearing only her heels, paraded back along the bar and carefully replaced the spritzer bottle in its original spot on the shelf. She took down a bottle of expensive scotch and set it at the edge of the bar. Then she planted her spike heeled red shoes on either side of the upturned pony glass.

She looked down at the sparkling cut crystal measuring glass, standing with its bottom pointed up. It was like an oversized shot glass, and the men were excited by the possibilities as the striking young woman tapped her index finger on her pouting lower lip. Suddenly she brightened, miming that she had an idea.
Abruptly, she threw her hands above her head and did the splits. Faster than the eye could follow, her shoes slid apart across the polished mahogany, her torso dropped, and her moistened bald cunt dropped onto and engulfed the whole small glass as her groin hit the bar top. The men were impressed.

This brazen young bitch knew exactly the value of her cunt. A small miscalculation would have led to severe genital lacerations, but this girl was daring enough to take the risk, just to put on a great show. She clearly had her share of self-confidence. That was not a move to attempt without rehearsal.
Tanya moved to a sitting position, gripping the glass in her womb so that its open end was exposed, and by looking into the glass, the inner muscles of her fuck shaft were wide spread and visible, though somewhat distorted through the cut crystal. She dangled her legs over the side of the bar.

She had one on either side of a tanned good looking man in his early thirties. She smiled at him, and picked up the scotch bottle. "Fix you a drink, mister?" she asked. Unlike the fat guy, this one was cool and in control. His eyes were locked on the shiny, transparent leaded glass object spreading her pussy lips, firmly gripped inside her fuck slot.
"Sure thing, bar keep," he said, grinning at the incredibly assertive nude, "Make mine scotch!" Tanya opened the bottle and lay back on the bar. She raised her knees to her chest, elevating her crotch so that the pony glass was now upright.  She reached and used her left arm to hold her knees in place.

With her right hand, she poured the amber liquid into the glass. The men began to chant "DRINK! DRINK! DRINK!" as she held her balance, keeping the glass upright as she replaced the lid on the scotch bottle and set it aside.  The outrageous performance had her so stoked her breasts were firming and pointing obscenely.
"Okay," she said, "Bottoms up!" The man moved his head to her crotch, placed his lips on the rim of the glass, and she gently rocked forward, gradually tipping the glass toward him as he took the contents into his mouth. When the glass was emptied, Tanya had reached a sitting up position.

The man stood and embraced the nude performer, and brought his mouth into close contact with hers. She had served him a triple, but now he was sharing it with her, and the men cheered the impromptu drinking game. These guys were great sports, and both nude girls were truly enjoying themselves.
Holding her feet braced apart and her knees widespread, she invited the man to remove the glass from the grip of her cunt. Without hesitation he reached forward and grasped the exposed rim of the glass. She was not certain if it was intentional, but he also painfully pinched one of her delicate cunt lips between his thumbnail and the glass.
Without warning he suddenly pulled the glass out of her, and it came free with a sharp "pop" which brought another laugh from the men. They started to move back, but Tanya laughed, and instead of getting up, she reached for a tall glass holding a variety of glass stirring rods.  She withdrew the longest, which was a foot long. 

It had a 3-dimensional ornament on one end, and a small round ball on the other.  She lay on her side, lifted the upper knee to give the men a great look at her shapely limb, the spike heel planted firmly on the mahogany bar, forcing her foot into a severe arch.  She leaned forward so that her medium breasts gave their largest look, giving her easy access to her vagina with both hands. 

One was used to pull her inner shaft open, and with the other she pushed the stirring rod into her depths.  Nearly half of it stood out of her organ, but the ball had reached the end, where the pad of her uterus stopped its progress.  Now she got the full attention of all of the men.  She moved the rod around, apparently seeking the dimple of her cervix. 

She found it.  Now she worked the rod carefully, gently pressing, until the ball found its way into her cervix, the entry to her uterus, and it entered.  She pressed the rod, and it moved inward until it had entered her its full length!  The men whistled and cheered her self-impalement of her internal gonad. 

She turned, went onto her back and raised her hips, now supporting herself with both feet, and held her hips high.  She threw her head back and began rapidly pumping the glass shaft in and out, amazing the men by using the long stirring rod to fuck her own uterus with wilful abandon.  This Tanya bitch was a true cunt!

Even Caitlan was astounded at what she was doing.  She had never seen Tanya do this before, and she believed it was done on an impulse, with no forethought.  She loved the way her friend pushed the boundaries, and always found new ways to shock the men they entertained.  Her bitch buddy was always capable of amazing her.

Suddenly Tanya jerked the glass rod out of herself, pushed the end into her mouth, and jumped quickly to her feet just as the music ended.  Her outrageous act was over, and the beautiful tanned amateur entertainer slipped gracefully down off the bar.  She moved over to Caitlan, and the two nude friends embraced.

"All right, gentlemen," Tom said, moving to the middle of the room, and beckoning the girls to join him. "We need to determine a winner!" He was handed an open bottle of grenadine from the bar. "Does first prize go to the curvaceous Caitlin?"  He raised the bottle, and let a stream of the sticky red sugary liquid pour over her breasts and run down across her belly.

She was startled at the effrontery, but did not react. "Or does first prize go to the slinky fox Tanya?" He poured the gleaming red syrup over Tanya's smaller round breasts, and it also ran across her tight tummy, running over the rounded bald pubic mound and then dripping from her dangling pussy lips.
"TANYA!" the men shouted in unison. It was unanimous.  It turned out that Caitlan licking her own cunt juices from her fingers did not rate with Tanya feeding the men their drinks from her cunt, and fucking her inner gonad with a stirring rod.  It was a friendly competition, and Caitlin was pleased she and her friend had entertained the men so well with their impromptu strip acts. 

Although the men’s penises had remained tucked in their pants, the girls were pleased they could see fresh pecker tracks where the men’s pre-ejaculation fluid had leaked from their raging dicks.  When she had done the trick with the stirring rod, Tanya had watched two of the men actually cream in their pants, involuntarily ejaculating with their sexual excitement she had stirred in them.  The men had all been turned on by the exhibition of raw sexuality, and both ladies were certain the night would be one of frolicking sex.
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Chapeau Regis!
Love your picturesque descriptions made me almost feel amidst the action.

Like mentioned before, an exceptional hot striptease scene, hardly to find comparable.     :emot_thedrool.gif:
Merit for presenting it to the sensitiv Readers.

Once God create the male. Examining each angle he thought: I can do better! And he did...

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Thank you.  We must take care of the delicate among us.


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This story is an excerpt from a novella titled Helicopter Bitchwhackers by Regis, which is appropriately posted in EXTREME Stories on this page.  This excerpt is about sensuous risqué behaviour, NOT the extreme violence that later befalls these ladies, and several others.

If you are interested in the full story, and the destructive behaviour of a group of sadistic men just having fun the way they know how, it is in Literature>EXTREME Stores>Listing of All Regis Stories>Helicopter Bitchwhackers.  It is truly extreme!