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Little Asian, Big Prison
« on: March 11, 2021, 07:53:52 PM »
Little Asian, Big Prison

A young Vietnamese man gets sent to an all Black American prison in the South where his small size and Asian good looks makes him the object of some very unwanted attention that leads to big trouble.

M+/M, Interracial, Black on Asian, Rape, oral, anal, gang rape, forced homosexuality, foot fetish, NC, violence, Caution

Introduction:  This is a story that's been in my head for years but I have never tried to write it until now.  I have never seen a story like this before so its definitely new territory. Its a hot topic to me but I don't know how it will be received by others.  Consider this a concept story just to test the waters for its acceptance. 

The gates were opened as the big dark green prison bus drove through the triple razor wire fence carrying the latest batch of inmates into the large Alabama prison compound. "EVERYBODY OUT!" yelled the big stern faced Black prison guard with the loaded shotgun in his hand and the handcuffed prisoners began to exit. A steady stream of Black and brown faces was seen exiting the bus into the prison yard until one face stood out as being different from the rest.  Unlike the others, this face was Asian and the inmate it belonged to was much smaller than all the other inmates as they all lined up to be counted. A mere five feet tall and skinny he stood out as being small and child like compared to the much bigger Blacks who dwarfed him in size and physical strength.

He was scared but he tried not to show it. Although this was his first time in prison, he knew that showing fear was a bad thing to do that would only cause more trouble for him.  His name was Minh Nguyen.  The only son of parents who had emigrated from Vietnam to America when it fell to the communists in 1975, like a lot of other young Asian males, Minh had joined a gang when he got old enough.  At 15 he had joined the gang and left the San Diego area where his parents lived to move to other areas of the country. The Vietnamese gang members traveled together and lived together and they helped each other to make it. Minh had been with gang for more than ten years when the incident happened that got him sent to the big prison. Some of his friends had gone to Miami Beach, Florida and Minh wanted to go too but he didn't have a car.  He stole a car just so he could go to Miami Beach to party with his friends.  Driving the stolen car all the way across the country, he didn't have a problem until he got to Alabama and an Alabama Highway Patrol stopped him.  Like all the Vietnamese gang members, Minh carried a gun and when the cop came up to the window, Minh tried to shoot him. The cop shot back, barely missing him as Minh fled the vehicle and tried to escape in the nearby woods.  They called in a lot of other cops then and came with tracking dogs and caught him and arrested him. 

The charge was shooting with intent to kill and Minh spent six months in an overcrowded Birmingham jail waiting for his trial, where almost all the inmates were Black. Used to hanging around only Vietnamese people, it was a culture shock to be suddenly living with so many Black men who were very different from Asian men. Minh didn't like the Blacks who he saw as loud mouthed and arrogant but nobody had fucked with him there.  Everybody left him alone and Minh kept to himself as he waited to go to trial.

Even though he had never been in trouble before and had no criminal record, they went extra hard on him because he tried to shoot a cop and gave him 35 years.  His public defender didn't even put up a defense for him but just accepted the District Attorney's offer to avoid a jury trial which would be even worse.  Sitting in the jail after the trial, Minh learned that they were sending him to one of the maximum security prisons in Alabama which was called Southern Alabama State Reformatory. One of the Black men in the jail warned him that he was going to have a hard time there but he didn't explain what he meant by a hard time.  Minh, who didn't understand or speak English well didn't comprehend the warning that he was going to be rape bait at the big all Black maximum security penitentiary.

It was Monday of the following week when he was woken up around 3 AM so he could make the long bus ride down to his new home in the far South of the state.  Now he was standing in line with all the other Black men being counted to make sure nobody had escaped before the door of the prison bus closed and it drove out the same razor wire gate which then closed.

"MOVE OUT!"  barked a different Black guard and suddenly Minh was walking into another yard inside the prison grounds.  As he walked in the line of Black men, the fear came again, this time stronger than before.  He had heard some bad things about this place when he was in the jail and he knew it wasn't a place where anyone wanted to be sent.  It had a bad reputation.

Minh was 26 but like a lot of Asian men he looked a lot younger than his true age.  He looked more like an 18 year old and in prison this worked against him, where youth made a person appear to be a vulnerable target.  In addition to looking young, Minh had an Asian face that made him appear to be effeminate when in reality he was completely straight.  He was a proud straight male inside but in a prison like this it was not who he was on the inside that mattered but who he appeared to be to others on the outside. His young Asian good looks as well as his small stature made Minh a target of other inmates, although he didn't know it yet.

Led inside a door into a large entry way inside the prison, their handcuffs were removed before Minh heard the loud Negro voice yell "TAKE OFF ALL YOUR CLOTHES!  EVERYTHING!  ONCE YOU'RE NAKED GO PUT YOUR HANDS AGAINST THAT BACK WALL AND SPREAD YOUR LEGS APART!"  Hearing it, Minh felt humiliated that he was being forced to strip naked but he had no choice as he removed his clothes, first his shoes and socks and then the small orange jump suit he'd been wearing in the jail.  A hot draft of air rushed over his naked body as he looked around to see all the big naked Black men around him and his face flushed when he saw them.  Although Minh tried not to look, he saw their huge Black cocks that were so much thicker and longer than his tiny white Asian cock.  While Minh's tiny cock was completely limp, the Black cocks looked stiff and swollen and for some reason that filled him with an unexplained anxiety as he walked back to stand completely naked against the wall with the other men. Placing his hands on the white tile wall, Minh wasn't expecting anything bad to happen as he spread his legs wide apart like the other men were doing and waited to be searched.

Standing behind the long row of naked prisoners, eight Black security guards started putting on transparent plastic gloves so they could frisk the new inmates for contraband.  This was a standard practice at the prison since so many new arrivals attempted to smuggle in drugs and even cell phones and weapons on their bodies or in their body cavities.  One of the guards had a gold earring in his left ear as he finished putting on his gloves so he could check the assholes of the new meat, as he called them.  His name was Davon Brown and Davon was a homosexual who had purposely volunteered for this duty because he enjoyed putting his hands on naked men's bodies, especially men who had no control over what happened to them.  Besides putting his black hands on their bodies, Devon also liked to push his over ten inch long thick Black cock up into the anuses of any new meat that he found worthy of fucking. 

Looking up and down the row of naked inmates, Davon saw that among all the Black and brown skinned men there was one with a skinny white body that stood out from all the rest and he went immediately up to it.  Seeing it was an Asian man, he was surprised since they'd never had an Asian here before in the years he'd worked here.  Davon wondered what he'd done to get sent here as he dropped down to his knees to frisk the Asian since he was so small.  Rubbing his plastic gloved hands up and down his naked body checking all the usual places for contraband, he spread the skinny white ass cheeks wide apart to see if anything was stuffed up his ass.  It was when Davon was checking out Minh's asshole that he suddenly realized what a fine little Asian body he had as his big black hands rubbed up and down the naked white flesh from head to toe a second time, feeling Minh up.  Sensing that he was being touched in a sexual way, Minh felt the plastic covered Black hand reach around and grab his dick and he went ballistic. "HEY!! YOU NO TOUCH ME!!" he yelled loudly; red in the face and spun around and pushed the lewd Black prison guard away from him, who fell back on his ass in surprise.

Getting up off the floor red faced, Davon said "You're going to be charged with assault on an officer!" as he quickly put Minh back in handcuffs and started leading him away.

"I'M TAKING THIS ONE TO A PRIVATE CELL FOR A BODY CAVITY SEARCH!" Davon said loudly to the other officers as he began pushing the naked Asian man down the hallway toward some holding cells at the far end.  Unlocking the reinforced steel door of one of the cells, he pushed Minh hard inside the windowless room that had no furnishings except for a large steel table in the middle of the room.

"LAY DOWN OVER THE EDGE OF THAT TABLE!" he said and waited until the red faced Asian man complied before unlocking one of his handcuffed wrists and reattaching the handcuff to the steel table so the Asian could not get up. 

It was hot inside the room where there was no air circulation at all and Davon took off his shirt, exposing his big Black muscular chest as he locked the door from the inside so he wouldn't be disturbed.

Staring at the naked Asian man laying over the edge of the table, it'd be so easy to rape him in that position but this wasn't the time or the place.  There'd be plenty of opportunities for that later after one of the sexual predators on the yard had turned him out. With the way he looked they were going to be fighting over him.

Right now he wanted to show the rebellious little Asian who was boss and teach him his place as he suddenly rammed his black finger as hard as he could up his asshole.  Held down by the the handcuff on his wrist tightly locking him to the table, Minh was unable to do anything about it as the thick Black finger shoved up into asshole and started moving around inside of him.  His face burned and he felt completely humiliated at the invasion of his body by another man.  And then he felt the finger start moving in and out of him, finger fucking him and he yelled "HEY!!!!!" as loud as he could and started to struggle.

"SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU LITTLE GOOK FAGGOT!" Davon yelled even louder as he continued to finger fuck the scrawny little Asian hard.  Bending over him to speak into his ear, Davon said in a loud voice "You're going to be RAPED in here, repeatedly, so you might as well get used to it!" as he rammed his finger in and out of the tight asshole until the Asian eventually settled down and took it. "They're gonna fuck the SHIT outta you!  You're gonna be someone's BITCH!" Davon sneered into his flushed ear as his finger moved faster and harder inside of the chink.

The feeling of the big thick finger rubbing against him made Minh incredibly angry and he felt the adrenaline rushing through his skinny naked body as he listened to the big Black homosexual guard talking to him.  Although he didn't understand all the words being said to him, the threat of being raped was clearly on his mind now as he felt the unwanted sensations from the finger fucking.  Chills running up and down his back; Minh wasn't consciously aware that his previously limp white dick was swelling up into an involuntary erection as he thought for the first time about being raped by another man.

Pulling his finger out of him, Davon reached his hand around to grab the chink's dick again to discover it was hard. Seeing that his little white dick was erect after the finger fucking, Davon knew he could be turned into a Homosexual. "You like that that, huh. Next time it ain't gonna be no little finger!" Davon warned as he unlocked the handcuff around the table leg and snapped it back onto his other wrist.  Unlocking the cell door, he pulled the naked red faced Asian who was much more docile now back into the main reception area so he could continue to be processed.

Removing the hand cuffs from his wrists, one of the other guards told him to go take a shower in a big community type shower room.  Fortunately the other new arrivals had already taken their showers by now so Minh got to shower alone in the big white tiled shower room.  Standing under the hot water trying to forget what had just happened; being finger fucked by the Black guard made him feel degraded and the threats of homosexual rape had shaken him up. He was scared now as he realized this place was a lot worse than he had thought and that his physical safety might be in serious jeopardy here. He knew this was not a place to show fear, where fear was seen as weakness.  Even though he felt afraid, he had to act tough on the outside so he didn't appear to be weak so the other inmates wouldn't try to victimize him.

As the naked Vietnamese man finished his shower and started drying off with a thin white prison towel, he had no idea of the harsh reality he was about to enter into.  One of the worst Prisons in Alabama, the big all Black penitentiary had a reputation for violence. Overcrowded and understaffed because the State of Alabama wanted to spend the least amount of money possible on its prison system, inmates ran the prison and the guards just watched to make sure that everything ran smoothly. Inside the concrete walls three different Black gangs competed for control of the prison and its lucrative drug trade.  These were the Bloods, the Crips and the Eastside Boyz. The Bloods and the Crips were older west coast gangs that were represented in most prisons but the Eastside Boyz was a newer gang out of Georgia that was trying to take control from the older gangs and using extreme violence to do it. Everyone in the prison belonged to one of the three gangs.  Violent fights among the gang members were common but there was also a lot of stabbings. The prison factory made license plates for the good citizens of Alabama and shanks were made from the steel so that many of the gang members had access to razor sharp shanks and used them in violent knife fights.  You could get stabbed over a cheeseburger here it was so common.

As for sex, there were several options available to the horny Black men behind the prison walls.   Masturbation was common but a lot of men chose to have sex with other men just so they could fuck a warm body.  Homosexuality was rampant. Of course the prison had its stable of homosexual prostitutes who had sex for cartons of cigarettes and other favors but there was always an interest in something new and different among those who preferred to fuck men. Rape was common inside the prison.  Some of the biggest and most important gang members especially preferred rape to voluntary sex and they routinely sought out fresh meat among the new arrivals at the big Southern prison, where their position in the gangs allowed them access to the new meat that others didn't have. Corruption among the prison guards who were being paid off in cigarettes and cash to look the other way concerning the drug trade was used to get the guards to ignore the occasional sexual assault of any unwilling new convict to the prison who was desired by the gang leadership.

After finishing his shower, Minh was issued his prison clothing which consisted of black shoes, two bright orange shirts, two bright orange pairs of pants, socks, and boxers.  He also got bedding which consisted of a plastic mattress, a plastic pillow, a wool blanket and sheets. Along with a brown paper sack containing his meager belongings from the jail, Minh was ready to be escorted to his assigned cell in the prison.

"Follow me!" the stern faced Black guard said after he had everything and Minh followed him into the interior of the big sprawling prison.  He had to carry the heavy green plastic mattress for what seemed like a mile before finally walking up a long set of steel stairs to a closed metal door that was his cell. The guard's keys made a loud noise as he unlocked the thick steel door and opened it. 

Hoping he was going to be celled alone, Minh was dismayed to discover a big shirtless black man sitting in the cell watching a TV set with headphones on. Locking him inside the cell, the guard walked away downstairs leaving Minh alone in the cell with his cell partner.  He really didn't know what to expect but his guard was up as he stared at the big shirtless Black man who looked like he was around 45.  Staring at the big muscles in the man's dark brown arms, the Black man did not even acknowledge his presence in the cell but continued watching the TV as if he wasn't even there.

The cell was Spartan.  Metal bunk beds, a steel table with swing out-seats, a sink a toilet and a mirror inside a cinderblock room.  Of course Minh was on top as he put his plastic mattress on the top bunk and began making his bed that he was going to sleep in tonight.  Trying to ignore the big bald headed Black man in the cell with him, Minh climbed up onto his bunk and rolled up a cigarette and started smoking it.  It was then that the Black man got up from the TV.  Not saying anything to him, his cell partner wouldn't even look at him as he went over to the toilet and took a loud piss before flushing it.  Heading back to the steel table, the big man passed gas and Minh held his nose in disgust.  He hated being locked up inside a small cell with another man.  At least inside the jail he had been in a big open space with lots of room to move around but here he felt trapped inside the cell with the Black man.
More to Come
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Re: Little Asian, Big Prison
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We await his fate with baited breath >:D