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A Night of Unconditional Submission
« on: March 03, 2021, 04:06:49 PM »

Do you ever wish you could just go back in time and do things over, knowing all you know now?

Like wouldn't it be sweet to get in your souped-up DeLorean and go back to your teens and early twenties and undo some of your past mistakes? Of course, you would...we all would. We were really fucking stupid back then, even though we thought we knew everything. Of course, I thought with the wrong head ninety-nine percent of the time and didn't know a fucking thing about women. Shockingly, reading Maxim doesn't give you the true insight you think it should.

Well, now in my mid-twenties I have learned many things, most completely irrelevant to this story. I won't get into a big The World According to Mike (although it is sufficient to say that on its own it would make a riveting read). What I have learned that is relevant to this already meandering tale is that women are just as perverted and just as horny as we are. They just do a much better job of hiding it.

For example, when girls are alone together they can be just as foul- mouthed and sexually explicit as us men. Mind you, they do actually have other conversations as well, while men focus on sex, sports, cars and not getting sex. Men call that staying focused on the fundamentals.

So what is the point of all this rambling? Well, I recently bumped into my ex-fiancée, a woman I dated for seven years before we mutually, more me than her, broke it off. We agreed to meet for supper and catch up later that night and that got me reminiscing about our past.

Funny thing, reminiscing. We tend to remember only the good things and easily forget why we broke up in the first place. I remembered fondly her smile, the way she laughed, her long legs almost always in pantyhose or stockings, and that she was a pretty good little minx in the bedroom.

I recalled how she was rather shy and timid at first, each of us being virgins when we started dating in our senior year of high school. Truthfully, we dated for over a year before we went further than heavy petting and marathon make-out sessions. Christ, I was nineteen when I finally lost my virginity on her eighteen birthday. But like happens often in relationships, life got in the way.

When we were in the bedroom life was good, but that became less and less as time moved on. For all her great traits, her one major flaw drove me nuts. She was incredibly high strung and stressed about every little thing, which is the complete opposite to how I work. I always thought she would eventually change, for example, when she finished college and got a teaching job, but then the new stresses were lesson plans and marking papers. It was always something.

After graduating college, she got a teaching job three hours away, while I continued my schooling in medicine. Distance will always play havoc with a relationship, and ours was no different. We still saw each other every couple of weeks, but things were beginning to unravel. During the summer, I suggested we take some time off and she didn't fight it. I got busy in my internship and screwing nurses, while she did whatever she did. I called this my slut phase as I refused to exclusively date anyone, instead choosing to play the field. It was during this time I learned that women were just as sexually devious as men. It was also during this experimental period that I realized Jasmine was submissive and I, being too nice a guy, had missed so many obvious signs in my inexperienced younger days.


Seeing Mike brought back every insecurity and unfinished feeling I had kept buried the past three years. Mike was my first love and although I had dated a couple of guys since then, none compared to him. He was funny, sexy, intelligent, well-mannered and great in bed. Also, and I am sure this is odd, his scent alone was a turn-on. When I moved away from him to teach, I actually took his pillow so I could still be close to his scent.

The thing was we never really broke up. We took a break and next thing you know one year becomes three and you are left wondering what happened and where the time has gone.

I had hoped he had turned into a fat slob or something, so that when the inevitable bump into each other occurred, I could clearly be the one who had moved on.

When I saw him in the hotel lobby, though, I realized it was me who never moved on. I still wore stockings or pantyhose almost every day, something I did originally because it was his fetish. Even odder, he insisted I only wear sheer, sandlefoot stockings as he wanted to clearly see my toes at all times, which I still wore. He was a leg and toe freak, and by pleasing him so long with this attire, I had become a stocking freak too.

Thus, it was ironic that when I bumped into him after all these years, I was in jeans, just having got off a three hour flight, the day before Valentine's Day.

When I saw him,I flashed back to our lengthy relationship. He was my first serious boyfriend, and the boy I lost my virginity to. He was my first and only true love. Even now with other men, I compare them to him, although that's so unfair.

At one point we were to be married. We even had our two childrens' names picked out: Ethan and Savannah.

One last problem was we were both each other's firsts and onlys. When I moved away to teach I began having doubts. Would he be the only one I ever was intimate with? The longer we were apart, the more curious I became. Plus, no matter how much I hinted that I needed to be told what to do, he never caught on. I realized he was too nice to treat me like the submissive slut I fantasized about. I myself didn't understand it, but I craved being told what to do, to just let go and be submissive. It was the complete opposite of how I lived the rest of my life, where I had to be in control of everything. Things had to be perfect and structured. I needed order to be comfortable or I stressed out. I admit it, I am really high maintenance. That was probably why I craved the complete letting-go in the bedroom, but Mike never caught on to my many obvious hints.


Dating lots of women over the past three years, I learned a lot. One thing I learned is that often women in positions of power or authority often are very submissive in the bedroom. I wondered on occasion, when I thought about Jasmine, or watched any of the five different porn videos we made and I kept, if she was submissive. She didn't fit the textbook definition in regard to her job, but in retrospect she definitely had some tendencies that had me wondering. When I was nineteen, such a concept wasn't even on the radar, but now, many years and experiences later, it kind of makes sense. In retrospect, Jasmine gave me many hints that my younger ineptself never caught on to.

For example, she is still one of only two women to allow me to videotape some of our sexual encounters. Of course, all but one included a fair amount of wine, but still she willingly allowed me to tape her sucking my cock, fucking her trimmed but hairy pussy, and me going down on her. On top of that, she always wore pantyhose or stockings for me, when we went out, when we were driving on a trip and even at home when we were lounging around. No women since had been so accommodating to my stocking and foot fetish.

Lastly, I recall one nightcap particularly. We had broken up, like we often did, but this time she had begun seeing some other dude. It had only been a couple of weeks and I was pretty sure she hadn't done anything too extreme with him yet. It was December in the middle of college finals, so she was pretty stressed out. Once finals were done, she headed home to spend the holidays with her father and three siblings. To Jasmine's surprise, I was already at her dad's house having coffee when she arrived. As expected, she had not yet told her dad about our break-up. Her father loved me and so I decided to try and win her back.

We never had a chance to talk all night, as we were kept busy with catching up and playing cards with her family like we always did. Once it was bedtime, Jasmine went to brush her teeth and I followed her in a few seconds later. Instantly, she asked why I was at her father's house. I responded that her father had invited me, which was true, and that I really enjoyed spending time with her family, which was also true. This softened her heart because she came from a very poor family, but her father meant everything to her. I leaned in and whispered into her ear, her ear and neck being her weak spots, 'You look good enough to eat.' She allowed my hot breath to linger on her ear for a few seconds before pushing me away. She weakly reminded me she had a boyfriend and I shrugged and said 'So you do.' I brushed my teeth, but was confident she would be mine again soon. We had never slept in the same room at her father's house out of respect to him, so I had to wait till the next day to test my theory. In the morning, during breakfast I mentioned I would be going home early tomorrow morning to make it in time to see my parent's on Christmas Eve, a family tradition. As I anticipated, Jasmine was surprised that I was leaving so soon. Knowing she hadn't told her dad about our breakup, I made sure to kiss her, hug her and hold her hand in front of her family. I could tell she was wavering by the look in her eyes and the fact that she took my hand when we and her younger siblings went for a walk. It was just a habit, but still it was obvious her body was taking control of her conscience. That night, at bedtime, we again ended up in the bathroom and this time I took the risk. Once the door was closed and locked, I pushed her down onto her knees and unbuckled my jeans. As expected, she pulled out my seven inch hard as a rock cock and took it in her mouth. Now usually she was tentative when sucking my cock and only did it long enough to get me primed to fuck her. But this time she bobbed up and down eagerly like a little slut. The fact that it had been a couple of weeks since I last shot a load and the thrill of her submissive attitude as she gobbled me whole had me boiling in only a couple of minutes. I warned her I was going to come, because she hated swallowing my cum, and much to my surprise she kept going and allowed me to spray my seed into her mouth. Some hit her cheek and the floor, but the sight of her being a cock hungry slut was really hot. I pulled her up, unbuckled her jeans and fingered her. I explained that she was mine and she was to get rid of this other guy. She whimpered in agreement as my finger pleased her. I nibbled on her ear, hard enough to leave a small mark and teased her that the mark was a symbol of whose girl she was. When I knew she was close, I pulled my finger out of her and told her I would continue pleasing her after she had got rid of the other dude. She whimpered and begged me to finish, but instead I walked out the bathroom, leaving her revved up.

A few days later, she returned to college, and we met for a pretty great New Year's Eve two person party that included our first porn video, and our most powerful love making session ever. She was a different person, so eager to please me, but I was too stupid, naive and inexperienced to realize what I had, a completely submissive woman.

During the evening, Jasmine admitted she had not yet broken it off with the guy, saying she felt she should do it in person. The next morning, there was a knock on her door and she freaked out, knowing it was probably the boyfriend. I ordered her to answer the door naked except for the somewhat ripped black thigh high stockings she was currently wearing. She hesitated, gave me a pleading look, but obeyed answering the door naked.

I walked up behind her, naked too, and said, "Hey, I'm Mike."

He looked dumbfounded. Jasmine began to explain, but the guy walked away with a stunned look on his face. I led Jasmine back to the bedroom and we had a glorious morning fuck. Within seconds, her guilt and humiliation was replaced with raw sexual energy. It was the rawest, most powerful sex we ever had. Unfortunately, I didn't clue in to the obviously sweet situation I was in.

As the years passed and my sexual conquests grew, I realized the obvious signs that I missed before.

I often wondered how things might have turned out differently if I had known then what I learned now.


Men are stupid. I mean I gave so many hints of what I wanted, and yet he never caught on. I wish I could have just said it, but a part of me was ashamed by what I desired. Such naughty desires were not what a dignified woman craved.

I remember the Christmas break when he was so determined to win me back. He was a different person that week. He showed a confidence and arrogance I didn't usually see in him. I mean he was always confident in whom he was, but then he was so dominant and cocky. When he pushed my head down to suck his cock while at my father's house, instead of thinking you got some fucking nerve, I got instantly wet and rewarded his domineering move by attempting to swallow his cum, something I had only done on a couple of occasions. His power over me was overwhelming and I, of course, dumped my boyfriend, who I was just using to get back at Mike, and went back to him.

When he, a few days later, had me go to the door naked and humiliate myself in front of Greg, I thought he finally understood the power he had over me. I thought finally he understood what I needed. Alas, he didn't. Men are stupid.

My last ditch attempt at letting him know my feelings was when we were apart for a couple of months. In his usual humourous way, he sent me an application form he had made, called Application to One Day Marry the Legendary Mike Weber. I still have a copy of the form and my answers. I decided to take a chance and answered the questions with shockingly upfront honesty, presenting to him, I hoped, my completely submissive nature.

Application to Marry Mike Weber

Please answer all the questions to the best of your ability. If the questions are answered truthfully and to my sexual satisfaction you will be well on your way to marrying the great Mikester and his amazing Wally.

1. What is your full name?

Jasmine Alice Luntz

2. Describe your dream man.

I always wanted to marry a man that my family loved, but it was crucial that this man had to be good with kids. That is what makes you so great. My dad loves you, my sisters love you and you are amazing with my nieces.

3. What is your favourite sexual position?

On my knees before your delicious Wally.

4. What are your goals in life?

-to marry one Mike Weber

-to be a submissive and completely obedient wife to one Mike Weber

-to have 2 cute babies with one Mike Weber

-oh yeah, and to be a teacher who impacts millions of students; lives blah blah blah

5. Describe in detail your dream pounding.

We are out at a lake and you make food for a picnic (no..I make it, otherwise it would be pizza pops and coke). We have a picnic, near a lake, on a blanket, drinking liquor and cuddling. Cuddling leads to making out and you pound me out in the open, oblivious to anyone who may see us.

6. Describe how much you like Wally.

I love Wally so much that I could handle worshipping him every day for the rest of my life . . . yes and this includes LONG after our wedding day.

7. What do you think about when you masturbate?

Brad Pitt.

Just kidding . . . kind of.

Honestly, me pleasing you and you pleasing me.

8. What is the naughtiest thing you have ever done?

-sucking your cock and swallowing your cum at my dad's house was pretty naughty

-I also think obeying your order to go answer the door naked was pretty naughty

-allowing you to videotape us fucking was also rather naughty

-admitting in this application that I WILL OBEY YOUR EVERY SEXUAL DEMAND is also very, very naughty

9. Do you promise to suck my cock every day?

If ordered, although I sure would like my vagina pleasured every day as well.

10. Spit or swallow?

Whatever you desire, Master. What about facials for the camera?

11. Will you do anal?

Yes . . . but please be gentle.

12. Do you promise to wear nylons every chance you get?

Don't I already?

I _______________ want to marry Mike Weber and will do whatever he wishes to become Mrs. Weber.

I thought these answers would finally make aware my true desires and needs. Alas, I think he took my answers as sarcasm, being very sarcastic himself. That said, I am not remotely sarcastic, so he should have caught on.

Alas, men are stupid.

I always wondered how things might have turned out drastically better if he wouldn't have been so dense or I would have just verbalized my needs.

To make matters worse, I sent back a special application myself.


Sexathon Rules

1. Sexual positions must be thought up beforehand and submitted to the Director.

2. If you did not submit the above, you are to obey your partner's demands completely.

3. Sex can occur orally, anally or the old fashioned way.

4. Each couple is required to have sex 7 times within the next 24 hours.

5. At least four different rooms and three different locations must be used.

6. At least one of these locations must be outdoors.

7. The word 'no' does not exist during the sexathon.

8. The applicant is to submit exciting sexual positions and activities and the other partner is to enjoy everything to the fullest.

I _________________ consent to participate in the sexathon and promise to bring my partner unlimited pleasure.

Alas, we never had our sexathon. Even though, seriously, how did he not catch on?

So I spent the next few years experimenting with different men, mostly bad boys, who would fuck me like a slut like I needed, but none of them had the warm heart Mike did when we weren't in the bedroom. So when I saw Mike in the hotel lobby my first thought was 'I have a second chance'. The fact it was the day before Valentine's Day seemed as if Cupid was watching from above.


Then after all these years, there she was checking in the same hotel I was already staying at. I realized this was a chance to rekindle a romance and maybe find out if all my assumptions were correct.

I decided clearly this was fate and my chance to finish something I never completely started. I tapped her shoulder, "Hi, Jasmine, long time, no see."

As soon as I heard his voice, I knew who it was without turning around. My knees weakened and I instantly had butterflies in my stomach, just like I had back in grade twelve when he asked me out after a basketball game. I nervously turned around. "Hi, Mike."

He looked better than I could have imagined. He had bulked up a fair amount and his dazzling smile still had me hypnotized.


Funny how time has a way of changing your memories. I forgot all her annoying habits and her excessive anxiety issues and remembered fondly, almost longingly, the good times.

We chatted briefly about why we were both here and I suggested we meet the next day for supper.


As soon as he suggested we meet for supper, tomorrow, Valentine's Day, my emotions went ballistic. I was excited and scared, but attempted to show neither as I agreed, "That would be great."

His smile never flickered. "Excellent. There is an amazing restaurant across the street. I'll meet you in the lobby at 5:30 tomorrow."

"Ok," I replied, attempting to hide my giddiness.

He started toward the elevator before he stopped and added, in a rather authoritative tone, "The place is pretty nice, pumpkin, so dress up."

He turned around and disappeared in the elevator. I received my room key and headed to the elevator, my head spinning while I tried to read into Mike's intentions.


knowing Jasmine, she is trying to figure out my intentions. I am not even completely sure I know my intentions. Do I want her back? I don't think so, but maybe. Do I want to fuck her tomorrow? Hell, yeah. But mostly I want to test my theory of her submissiveness. Telling her what to wear was step one. She knows I like pantyhose and stockings. I always expected her to be wearing thigh high stockings when we were in public, just as a tease or for easy access to her private area if I was so inclined. I wanted her in a dress, stockings and open-toe shoes. I loved to see her toes in stockings, when she was I know she was ready and willing to play. Now I will have to go deeper though to see if she is as submissive as I think she is. I jumped in the shower contemplating how I would play tomorrow.


As I showered, I wondered about Mike's intentions. Did he just want to have supper and catch up or was he hoping for something more? And if he wanted something more, was he looking for a one-nighter or to rekindle our past relationship? His tone showed a hint of aggression, like he had on rare occasions when we were together, so I assumed he was thinking of getting a little action at the very least.

What did I want? Oh sure, I wanted to fuck him badly, but did I want something more?

That night, I masturbated myself to sleep, like I often did. My fantasy was of Mike forcefully taking advantage of me. It was a fantasy I had played in my head for years, but tomorrow, maybe, just maybe, it would become a reality.


I woke up after a rejuvenating sleep and went to my conference. It was ok, but my naughty mind kept distracting me with the potential of a great night. I spun a variety of posssible scenarios in my head, all, of course, ended with her and me in bed. One thing certain was that when Jasmine got drunk she got ridiculously horny and way more adventurous. The plan was simple: a great meal, a shitload of wine, a play and a lengthy fuck session back at the hotel. If I was right, Jasmine would go shopping today and purchase a whole new wardrobe for tonight's date. She would have either a dress or a skirt, short enough to tease and stockings that tell me without words she is willing to please.


I ditched out of my last session to go shopping. I didn't bring an outfit that would work for the classy supper or the outfit that told Mike I was willing and able. I spent over an hour choosing the right ensemble. The perfect ensemble was a silver dress long enough to be formal, but with a provocative slit for temptation, with beige thigh highs and matching three inch heels with open toe, for his weird stocking toe fetish. After a long shower, I painted my nails ruby red and got dressed. I wore my hair down, just the way he liked it. I took a long look in the mirror, took a deep breath and headed to the lobby.


A triumphant smile crossed my face when I reached the lobby and saw Jasmine. Dressed in a sexy dress, dark stockings and open toe heels, she was obviously dressed for me. My confidence blossomed as every assumption I had made was right so far. My cock rose in my pants with anticipation.


As soon as I saw him in a tie, I got a chill up my back. He knows that I have a weakness for guys dressed up all preppy. And like his odd fetish for stockings, I had a similar one for ties.

He greeted me, "You look beautiful, Jasmine."

I smiled at the compliment and returned one back. "You look pretty damn good yourself, Michael."

"Well now that we have all the opening bullshit out of the way, let's go catch up."

He grabbed my hand, entwined his fingers with mine like we had so many times before. To me it felt as if we never broke up.

I was silent until we reached the restaurant. The ridiculously pretty, busty, redheaded maitre d' greeted Mike, "Oh Mike, you are back in town." Once she saw me her tone and facial expression changed from flirtatious and sweet to possessive and resentful. I liked the look. It meant I was a threat to her. I smiled my fake smile, which I hope told her 'I'm fucking him tonight."

She led us to our table and I was pleasantly surprised when he pulled the chair out for me, something he had never often done for me when we were a couple.


After we were seated, I ordered a bottle of wine and some appetizers. We spent the next twenty minutes drinking, eating and catching up, ignoring the underlying sexual tension that was clearly resonating between us. Her father was doing well after surgery on his knee, her three sisters were all doing things I instantly forgot and she was now the head of her English Department. I was just taking the first bite of my steak when I felt her stocking foot search for the inside of my pant leg.


Determined to make my intentions clear, I made the first move by slipping out of my left heel and using my stocking foot to tease him. His startled expression was well worth it and he stared at me smugly as my foot found its way under his pant leg. I wondered what he was thinking and decided to find out. I finished the second glass of wine and provocatively asked, "So what do you want to do after dinner?"

His naughty coy smile had me melting. "Oh, I have it all planned out."

"Oh, you do, do you?" I teased, my foot slowly caressing his leg, "and what would that be?"

His smile never changed as he took another bite of his steak and after finishing chewing. "All in good time, my dear. They say all good things come to those who wait."

"I see," I replied, playing it cool. We finished our meals in silence. I assume each of us was trying to figure out what the other was thinking.


I was pretty confident she was mine, but decided to take a major risk. We were in a relatively private booth, as I had requested, so slyly unzipped my pants and pulled out ol' Wally the Great. I had gone commando, of course. I asked Jasmine innocently, "Would you like dessert?"

She responded, "You know the answer to that, don't you?"

I chuckled, "Yes, you have always been one to keep room for dessert."

She gave her cute signature shrug.

I smiled and said matter-of-factly, "Your dessert is under the table."

"Excuse me," she sputtered.

"You heard me. Your dessert is under the table." I looked around, made sure the waiter was not coming, and ordered, "Get under the table Jasmine and get your dessert. I think you will enjoy it."


I couldn't believe what he had just said. Here I was hoping he would be more aggressive, but this was one giant fucking leap. I looked into his eyes to see if he was kidding and although part of me was humiliated by the order, a bigger part of me was incredibly turned on. We were in a secludeed section and the table cloth would definitely hide my naughty deed. So deciding to make it clear I was his tonight, I gave a quick look to see if anyone was watching and quickly slid off my chair and under the table. I let out a gasp when I saw his erect penis already stiff and saluting me. I crawled between his legs and began stroking his cock with my hand. My pussy tingled with anticipation of having his delicious cock in me later. I attempted to take his cock in my mouth, but banged my head on the table. I repositioned myself and pulled his cock down a bit so it was staring straight at me like a missile. I licked the head. I used my tongue and spun it around and around his plump mushroom head. I went stiff when I heard the waiter's voice. I couldn't make out every word, but I heard Mike speak too, and a brief chuckle. Now slightly mortified, I wondered if the waiter knew what I was doing. I contemplated moving back out from underneath the table, but only briefly. Instead, I became determined to suck his cock and swallow his cum. He had clearly challenged me and being the stubborn woman I was, I never backed down from a challenge. I took his cock in my mouth and began bobbing up and down, taking as much of his cock as I could in this awkward position. I used my saliva to get extra lubricant, something I had learned from a former colleague who loved using me as his personal cocksucker at school after hours. As I continued my steady pace, I closed my eyes and fantasized about the night ahead.


I couldn't believe she did it. I thought she might. I hoped she would. Yet, I still wasn't sure. Her stroking my cock while I was ordering dessert was incredibly hot and it got even hotter when she wrapped her lips around my cock and began blowing me. After a couple of minutes of sucking she did something new and I immediately grabbed the table with both hands. My cock felt like it was swimming in an ocean of warmth all the while she kept bobbing on my dick. As I felt my cum beginning to bubble in my balls, the waiter returned with the cheesecake I had ordered. I grunted a thank you and he caught on to what was happening underneath the table. He gave me a knowing smile and wink and left me alone to shoot my load.


Desperate to taste his cum and please him, I continued sucking and noticed his legs stiffen, like he always did when he came, and I was soon rewarded with a large load of his hot seed. I kept his cock in my mouth, extracting every last drop of his sperm. Once I felt his cock begin to shrink, I took his cock out of my mouth. I heard him say the coast was clear and I quickly crawled out from underneath the table and back onto my chair. I immediately looked at Mike and said, "That is the best dessert I have ever had."

He smiled. "I thought you would like it." I watched him as he clearly was trying to put his cock back in his pants.

"It is a taste that never gets old," I admitted.

His smile remained. "You have learned some new tricks."

"Well, I was a lot younger and inexperienced when we were together."

"Well," he said, as he handed me a fork for the cheesecake he had ordered, "whatever you were doing with your saliva was amazing. I was trying not to come so quick, but I couldn't help it."

Going for broke, I flirted. "Well I hope you have some left for later, I was hoping for a late night snack."

"Jasmine, the night has just got going," he said, foreshadowing a naughty night of sin, I hoped.


All the naughty innuendo had my dick already rising in my pants, so I changed the topic to non-sexual conversations. "How long you here for?"

"One more night," she replied.

"How was your conference?"

"It was a conference. Mostly the same babble I have heard for years, although I did get some cool new ideas for teaching with a Smartboard."

"Cool," I replied, as I finished my half the cheesecake. An awkward silence lingered. I glanced at my watch and saw that I only had twenty-five minutes to get to our second stop on the seduction tease. "We need to get going if we are going to get to our next location, gorgeous."

She took the last bite of her cheesecake before inquiring, "And where would that be?"

Taking a second risk, my smile faded and was replaced by a serious facade. "Let's make something clear Jasmine, tonight I am master and you are my willing slave. Is that understood?"


I couldn't believe the words out of Mike's mouth. After all these years of desperately wanting such forcefulness, I was still incredibly stunned when it happened. Part of me, the feminist side, was like 'what a pretentious little prick making such a forward and degrading statement', yet, not surprisingly, the much bigger naughty side was like 'about fucking time'. I looked him dead in the eye, but didn't speak. I wanted him to sweat a little. Then, keeping my eyes locked on his, I responded, "Yes, understood."

The smile returned to his face, "Excellent. Let's get going."

"Yes, Master," I responded purposefully, which seemed to startle him a bit. He grabbed my hand and we walked out of the restaurant. I was dying to know where we were going next and was pleasantly surprised when we arrived at a Broadway theatre. I looked up and saw we were going to see Miss Saigon, a musical I had wanted to see forever, although Mike could not know that. He handed the man two tickets and we went inside. We got in line for a drink and he ordered, "Get some chocolate almonds, a glass of red wine and yourself whatever you would like."

"Sure thing," I responded.

He gave me a look of impatience, but said nothing. I was confused by the look until I realized he was expecting a different response. I gave him exactly what he was expecting. "Sure, Master."

A couple of others looked my way, hearing my words and probably heard his degrading response, "That's better slut, don't you dare disappoint me again."

He handed me a couple of twenties and turned and walked away towards the washroom while I turned back in line to wait, my panties already damp. Humiliation burned slightly, knowing others heard him call me a slut. Yet, such words only made me hotter. I was also frustrated. All I wanted to do was go back to the hotel and fuck the shit out of him. I got our wine and almonds and looked for him. A woman about my age looked at me with disdain. I assumed she heard our brief conversation. I contemplated saying something, but decided not to start a scene. Mike returned a few seconds later and took his drink.


"Thanks, are you ready for the show?" I asked.

"Yes, Master," she replied, like the good sub I knew she was.

I took her hand and led her up the stairs to our third level balcony. Our semi-secluded seats were excellent and would be shared with one other couple. We sat down in the far two seats, me in one at the end and Jasmine beside me. Now I eagerly waited to see who else would join us, as I hoped to push Jasmine even more if I had the right couple arrive. We held hands like a sweet normal couple while we waited for the show to begin. Just a couple of minutes before the show started, the other couple arrived and a devious grin crossed my face. They were probably just a couple of years out of high school and would be the perfect pair to humiliate Jasmine.

I greeted the young couple, "Well, you are a rather young couple. What is the occasion?"

The guy responded, "It is our two-year anniversary."

"Well Happy Anniversary," I responded, "I am Mike and this is Jasmine."

He responded, "I am Harold and this is my fiancée Ellen." We shook hands and the girls did their girly thing.

Before I could push the envelope a bit more, the lights dimmed. Ellen sat beside Jasmine and I smiled as my plan began to fell into place. We watched the first act like a normal couple, holding hands. Jasmine, as expected, was right into the show. When the break started, I began the test, "Ellen and Harold, what would you like from the bar?"

Harold responded, "Oh no, we can get our own."

I waved him off. "Oh, no, no, I wouldn't think of it. It is your anniversary and it is the least I can do."

"Well that is really nice of you. I would like a white wine and Ellen would you like the same?"

"Sure," the cute fake blonde replied, "thanks very much."

"No problem Ellen. Jasmine, please get two white wines and two red wines," I politely asked, like she was my servant.

Ellen stood up and offered, "I will come with you Jasmine."

Jasmine's face went white as she realized what I was making her do. She gave me an 'are-you-serious' look and when I didn't respond with any sympathy she stood up and said, accepting her humiliation, "Yes, Master."

Ellen looked stunned by Jasmine's words, but followed Jasmine as she left to get our drinks.

Harold had a look of utter confusion. I explained, "Sorry if that surprised you a bit. Jasmine is my submissive slave. She obeys any order I command."

"Really?" Harold asked, flabbergasted.

"Oh yes, many women are submissive at heart and need to be told what to do."

"Ellen would never," Harold began.

"Don't be so sure, I had no idea that Jasmine was submissive till years after we broke up. Girls who are proper and dignified in public and have to be in charge at work often need to let go when outside of work. They need to be told what to do."

"I just can't imagine," Harold said, clearly reflecting on his own situation.


Ellen and I walked in silence to the line. I could tell she wanted to ask, so I finally explained, "I am sure you are curious about what you just heard."

Her face was red with embarrassment. She whispered, "I just can't believe someone as classy as you would call your husband Master."

I smiled at the thought of Mike as my husband and at being called classy. I whispered back, "You must understand that many women are naughty deep down. They crave a certain sort of discipline in the bedroom. You see I am a teacher and always in charge at work. When I am not working, I want to just let someone else make my decisions. Does that make any sense?"

Ellen contemplated my words. "I guess."

I asked frankly, "Does Harold please you in the bedroom?"

Her face went ruby red, "Oh my."

"No seriously, do you come?"

Her face went even redder if that is possible, assumedly embarrassed by such a question being asked by a stranger. She stammered, "No, never."

We got to the front of the line and ordered our wine. Once we were walking back to the men, I pulled her aside. "I am going to tell you a secret." I could tell Ellen was eager to hear my words of wisdom. "I never came either until I realized what I needed."

"And what was that?" Ellen asked.

"To be submissive. To just do what I am told. I am sure Mike is going to test me in front of you, but even though it may be embarrassing and undignified for a lady, especially at such a classy event, I will obey whatever he orders."

"Like what?" the very curious girl asked, clearly trying to process this strange conversation.

"Honestly?" I asked.
"Yes," she whispered, slightly embarrassed to be asking.

"He may make me suck his cock in the second act in front of you two, for example," I said rather casually.

"Oh my God!"

"And I will do it and get wet doing it. I can't explain it, but obeying gives me a pleasure like no other. All my best orgasms come from such domineering submissions."

She looked at me and said, "I could never do anything like that."

I shrugged, "Never say never, girl. But maybe you are content with your sex life and are completely fulfilled, although it doesn't sound like it. Sadly, for me, I must be treated like a slut to get off, it is almost unexplainable, undignified and embarrassing, but true." I glanced at the clock and added, attempting to push her a bit as I expected Mike would expect from me, "We should get back to our Masters."


"The girls will be back soon. Just follow my lead and I almost guarantee you will have a much naughtier, submissive fiancée at your beck and call," I advised.

Harold, still mystified by my philosophy, nodded 'yes' in a reluctant and probably unbelieving way. I smiled, knowing that I was right.

The girls returned with our drinks and I immediately started the game, "Thank you, slut."

She didn't even flinch as she responded, "You are welcome, Master."

I looked at Ellen, who was watching the conversation like she was watching a movie. I smiled and said, "Jasmine, take off your panties, good sluts don't wear any."

"As you wish, Master," Jasmine responded, and handed me her drink to hold. She then looked at the young girl and slowly bent down and rather expertly, I must say, pulled off her undies. She handed them to me. Not surprisingly, they were very, very damp.

"Slut, your undies are soaked, why is that?"

"Being your slut turns me on, Master."

The lights flickered, implying we were to be seated. "We should sit back down for the second act."

Once seated, I pondered my next humiliation. I could make her suck my cock. I could make her finger herself. I may even be able to fuck her slyly. Then out of the blue, the naughtiest idea ever came to my mind. One I had no idea would work. One so extreme it could make everything fall apart or it would be the perfect next level of Jasmine's complete submission. As the curtain went up, I contemplated if I should do something so extreme. I tossed the idea around in my head as Act 2 began.


I glanced at Mike and saw a devious smirk on his face. I could tell he was thinking of what he was going to make me do next. I anticipated him suggesting a hand job or a blow job, but then he just intently watched the first two songs of the second act. My pussy had been on fire all evening and now with no underwear, I could feel just the slightest bit of juice leaking out of me. Mike knew I was a flooder when I came and that I easily leaked, so it was a conscious decision to let me sit here in my own juice.

As the third song began, I started to relax thinking maybe Mike had tested me enough. But then he leaned towards me and whispered into my ear, "Jasmine baby, are you hungry?"

Thinking I knew what my snack would be, I purred like a naughty kitty, "Famished, Master."

"You want to suck my cock, don't you?"

"Of course, Master," I replied.

"Pull up your dress, Jasmine," he ordered, surprising me. What did he have in mind?

I hesitated briefly, before awkwardly pulling my dress up enough to reveal my uncovered pussy.

"Hand me your shoe," he instructed.

I looked at him quizzically, but did as ordered.

He took my shoe, and, without any more words, used the long heel as a toy. He rubbed it around my pussy lips and smoothly inserted it in my cunt.

I let out a moan and looked at Ellen who was staring at me stunned. I mouthed, 'I'm sorry'.

Through the next three songs, he used the shoe to slowly fuck me. After years of pleasing me, he knew I was getting close to coming from the naughty exhibitionist act and suddenly pulled the shoe out and placed the heel at my lips. I opened my mouth and sucked my juice off my heel.

My face was flushed with a mixture of humiliation and horniness, but mostly horniness. He suggested I put my shoe back on and pull my dress back down.


All four of us sat in silence for the remainder of the show. I really considered ordering Jasmine to drop to her knees and offer to eat Ellen's pussy, but at the last second I couldn't go through with it. I had no idea how Ellen would react and truthfully, unless she had changed her tune since we were together, she was not even remotely curious about experimenting with another woman.

On a few occasions, I glanced over at Ellen, who seemed determined to pretend to be intoxicated with the show. Harold had a smile on his face I can't even begin to describe. Jasmine's hand lay conveniently on my crotch, a constant tease. When the play ended, Ellen quickly exited our booth, pulling her fiancé along like a puppy. Jasmine and I left, hand in hand, and slowly made our way back to the hotel. I joked, "Your room or mine," but I had already decided it would be my rather large suite on the top floor. As soon as we reached my floor, we entered my room, I closed the door, and set the tone for the remainder of the evening. "Slut, take off your dress."


The aggressive and arrogant nature was so different from the Mike I remembered. The moment he called me a slut and ordered I get undressed I instantly got wet again. I had no idea if we would ever be a couple again, but either way I was going to make sure tonight was a night to remember. I attempted to act sexy as I slowly slipped out of my dress.

Once standing in only my bra and thigh highs, Mike walked over to the phone and said into the phone, "Please bring up items I requested." Instantly, I wondered what he had in mind for me.

Once he hung up, he smiled at me and asked, "You are still wearing your bra?"

"You never told me to take it off, Master," I explained.

"Touché," he chuckled. "Take off your bra, Jasmine."

I obeyed again, releasing my small, but still firm, breasts. A shiver went down my back, feeling the chill of the hotel room.

Mike looked me over. "Man, Jasmine, you still are one sexy bitch."

I smiled, greatly flattered from the ass-backwards complement. Just as I was about to respond, he turned his back to me and went to the TV. I couldn't believe it; he was watching the sports highlights. He sat on the couch before looking back towards me and ordered, "Crawl over here, baby."

Frustration began to build, as did my need to come. But keeping to my solemn oath to myself to obey everything he ordered today, I responded, "Yes, Master."

I couldn't tell from my view on the floor, but I assumed he had a smirk on his face. I recall him saying back when we were dating that getting a blow job while watching sports and drinking wine was the ultimate dream and I had never given it to him. I imagined he was about to make his own dream come true.

I crawled like an obedient dog to my Master. Once I arrived, he stood up and quickly got out of his pants and boxers. Once again seated, he opened his legs and looked down at me. "If only I would have known your submissiveness all those years ago."

I responded, with a witty smile, and pointed out, "Well, I gave you lots of hints."

He chuckled, "Yes, yes you did. I was a dumb fuck, but they say better late than never."

"I have to agree," I said, attempting to be demure.


I looked down at my ex, her blue eyes looking directly back at me, seemingly waiting for further instructions. I ordered, "Jasmine, worship my Wally."


I hadn't heard the word Wally in years. Just hearing the nickname for this cock, memories flooded back to me.


She hesitated only briefly, before leaning forward and taking my already stiff rod in her perfect red lips. I let out a moan instantly as her warm mouth engulfed my cock. Her tongue swirled around my head and she began to tease the head of my dick. A couple of minutes of this teasing and there was a knock at the door.

Jasmine froze. I called, "The door is open, come on in."

Jasmine took my cock out of her mouth, assumingly to make herself remotely decent, but I ordered, "Keep sucking, my slut."

The moment of truth was at hand. Would she willingly suck my cock like a dirty little slut while a stranger brought in wine and food? She looked me dead in the eyes, smiled and purred, "You are really a fucking asshole."

I smiled back, "And put on a show for our guest."


I took his cock back in my mouth just as I heard the door open. Unlike the teasing I had been doing, I began to bob up and down like the complete whore I was tonight, the complete whore I had desperately wanted to be.

I listened closely to Mike and the male delivery guy.

Mike suggested, "Please bring the tray right over here."


The young black man rolled over the tray and I watched as he finally noticed what was going on. The deer in the headlights look was priceless and he suddenly stopped dead in his tracks.

I grunted. Jasmine was really putting on a show for the guy. "Could you pour us a couple of glasses of wine, please?"

"Um-yeah, sure, sir," the guy stammered, clearly out of his comfort zone. He moved the tray closer and kept glancing at my slut while he poured the wine.

Once both were poured, I asked, "Could you bring them here please?"

"S-s-sure, sir," he stammered.

He handed me mine and seemed unsure what to do with the other glass. I ordered, "Jasmine, could you please take your glass of wine?"


The attempt to push my limits continued. I took his hard cock out of my mouth and looked up from my subservient position and directly into the eyes of a young, handsome black man. My pussy instantly leaked a bit, as my other fantasy is fucking a big hung black guy (but that would have to wait for another day!).

I took the wine and kept my eyes on the young black man, knowing he was staring at my tits. After taking a lengthy sip, I said, "Thank you very much, I needed that." I put my half empty glass on the nearby table and took Mike's erect cock in my hand. Turning to Mike, "May I continue, Master?"

"Of course, slut," he responded, with an amused smirk.

I took his cock back into my mouth and, unlike the show I was putting on when the guy got here, I took my time lavishly playing with his cock.


Things were going even better than I had imagined. I thanked the waiter and told him the tip would have to wait till later. He shook his head in understanding and slowly left, glancing back a couple of times before leaving.

Fuck. The Oilers lost again. Seriously, how many years in a row can a team be rebuilding before they acknowledge that the real problem is drafting, management and the fucking money teams like the Red Wings and Rangers can just throw around? My team losing always brought me down, but having a beautiful woman sucking my cock helped soften the blow (pardon the terrible pun). I actually just sat back and enjoyed her mouth and tongue on my cock while I watched the sports highlights. It was such a man thing to do, but hey, I'm a man. She licked my pole with her tongue, she sucked my balls in her mouth, she teased the head of my cock and she deep-throated me. Clearly she enjoyed teasing me as much as I was enjoying her submissiveness.


My jaw was killing me, and I was inwardly thrilled when I heard the signature ending of the sports highlights. I assumed that meant we would be on to some other naughty act.

"Baby, fuck you have got good at that," he purred.

"Thanks, Master," I purred right back, attempting to stay in the dominant-submissive relationship the evening demanded.

Mike finished his glass of wine and I did the same. After filling our glasses back up, Mike pulled me and led me to the bed. Like a caveman, he pushed me onto the king sized bed. "Let's see if I remember all your weak spots." He took my left foot in his hand and bit my toes gently through the sheer nylon. After sucking and nibbling on all ten toes, he moved up my body with slow soft kisses on my legs, my thighs and my belly, purposely missing my impatient pussy. He moved up and kissed my small breasts briefly, remembering that my breasts do very little for me. He moved to kiss me, but as I puckered for the passionate kiss, he instead went to my vulnerable neck. I instantly let out a loud moan, my neck being one of my two kryptonites. He spent enough time on my neck, so that I began to worry about him leaving a mark, but it faded when he did a double knock-out of my erogenous zones. As his lips and tongue went to my ear, his knee put hard pressure on my pussy. This was his signature get ready in a hurry move. I could feel my juice leaking onto his knee as he whispered in my ear, "Fuck, Jasmine, you are so easy to get revved up and raring to go."

"Please fuck me, Mike," I begged.

He bit my ear hard. "First off, this is a marathon not a sprint. Secondly, I am your Master tonight."

I let out a whimper, as he moved his knee in a circle on my cunt. "Sorry, Master, you just get me so horny that all I want to do is be fucked by you and your big hard cock."

"That's better, slut," he purred, pulling on my ear one last time.

He slowly meandered down my body until he reached my not-so-forbidden fruit. He rubbed my hard clit and I gasped, "Oh yes...."

"You still get wet so easy, Jas baby."

"Only for you," I moaned the truth. No man had ever been able to make me so weak at the knees, so willing to do such slutty naughty things as he could.

"Is that so, baby?" he asked.

"Yes, Mike, I mean Master, no one has ever been able to please me like you have."

"I missed you too," he said, his voice sensitive for the first time this evening. We gazed into each other's eyes for what seemed like forever, before he broke the touching hallmark moment with a sudden slap on my clit. Not hard, but not tender either.

"Aaaah," I screamed, surprised by the sudden slap.

"Ask for another," he ordered.

"Please Master, may I have another?"

"Another what," he teased, his finger gingerly teasing my pussy lips.

"Please Master, can I have another slap on my cunt lips."

"Fuck, I love hearing you say cunt."

"Then please slap my cunt, finger my cunt, lick my cunt and fuck my cunt. Tonight you own my cunt."

"Fuck, you are a hot bitch," he said and slapped my cunt.

"Aaaaah, more Master."

A third and fourth slap teased my pussy, before he countered the slight pain with his lips as he buried his head between my legs.

"Oh my God, fuck Master, lick my cunt," I moaned, needing to come so badly.

He licked and licked and before long I was getting close. Suddenly, he stopped.

"Nooooooo," I moaned and begged, "Please Master, please let me come."


Watching her wiggle around like a bitch in heat was hot. I slapped her cunt one last time before explaining, "Don't you dare come without my permission, slut."

She pleaded, desperately, "Can I come, Master, please. I will do anything."

"Yes, yes you will, but first I want to fuck that tight hot cunt of yours."


He finished undressing and grabbed our wine. He handed me mine and I downed the whole glass. I was famished for an orgasm, but would have to quench my thirst for the time being with wine.

He dipped his cock in his wine glass and suggested, "Well if you are that thirsty, here have some more."


She didn't need to be asked twice. She got on her belly and leaned forward and took my cock back into her mouth. She savoured the taste of wine and for the next few minutes the cycle continued. She sucked my cock slowly, I pulled my cock out of her oasis of pleasure, I dipped my cock in my glass of wine again and shoved my cock back in my ex's cocksucking lips. She retrieved every last drop of wine from my cock.


Drinking wine from his cock was an amazing turn-on. When the wine was all gone, he flipped me onto my back and in one quick movement buried his cock deep inside my cunt. I moaned, "Yes, Master, fuck me, fuck my cunt, fuck."

He thrust in and out of me. I screamed, "Yes, fuck my cunt, make me your slut."

He nibbled on my neck. I moaned, "Don't stop, Master."

He slowed down to almost a stop. I pleaded, "More, Master, more, please keep fucking your whore."

He pounded me hard and fast. I bellowed, "Yes, Master, pound me, pound your puppy."

He bit on my ear. I shrieked, "Oh my God, I need to come so bad, Master."

He devoured me whole. His cock lodged deep in me, his hot breath on my ear and neck, I was a puddle of goo. I begged again, "Please Master, may I come?"


Watching her writhing around pleading desperately to come was fucking hot. The feeling of power was overwhelming. Instead of allowing her to come, instead I warned, "Don't you dare come, Jasmine."

"Please," she whimpered.

"No," I said, my voice tense.

Her face was one of utter desperation. I loved it. I lay on top of her, face to face, ""You know, it was only a month ago, I found the marriage application and sex Olympics thing. I can't believe I didn't catch on back then."

"You found that?" she responded, clearly remembering the silly, yet hint filled paper.

"If I recall, you guaranteed me access to all three holes, did you not?"

Her face went red. "Yes, I do recall that."

"Has your ass ever been fucked?"

"No, Master," she admitted.

"Do you want me to fuck your ass?"

"Yes, Master, if that is what you want."

I stood up and went to a bag on the table. I returned with a toy the saleslady called a rabbit. I handed it to her and instructed, "This is supposed to be a great toy for a woman."


I looked at the odd shaped toy and tried to figure out how it worked. I turned it on and jumped a bit. It was quite powerful.

Mike ordered, "Put it in that sloppy cunt of yours."

I obeyed and instantly was back in a state of bliss. The toy pleased inside, while it teased on the outside. I whimpered, "Oh yes, Master, fuckkk."

"Don't you come, slut," Mike ordered, pulling the toy out of me. I watched him go back to the table and return with what I assumed was lube. He handed it to me and I obediently lube his big cock, a cock that was soon going to try and penetrate my ass. Once it was very, very generously coated, he turned me around and applied even more lube at my anal entrance. The cold lube gave me a chill and I tensed up a bit. I had a finger in my ass a few times and had tried a very small vibe on my own, but it had never gone overly well. Yet today, the thought of giving my ass to Mike was a huge turn-on, as was the toy Mike was putting back in my gaping pussy.

I moaned loudly, "Oh yes, that feels so good."

Mike went behind me, and I felt his stiff cock between my ass cheeks. I stiffened briefly; waiting for the pain I knew would follow. "Are you ready for me to take your last cherry?"
"Yes, Master. You were the first cock I had in my mouth. The first cock I had in my cunt. And now, the first cock in my ass."

He spanked me playfully, pulled apart my ass cheeks and began to slowly push forward. The buzzing inside my cunt was a great distraction from the slight burning already brimming in my rectum. Each slight push tore my rectum open and I whimpered in pain.

Mike stopped and sat lodged just barely in my ass. I wanted to please him, but the pain was just too much. Mike seeing tears just beginning to roll down my cheeks, pulled out and flipped me back on my back. The toy still in me, he leaned in and kissed me tenderly. His gentleness was such a contrast to his domineering personality all night that I was worried he would wimp out again. He broke the kiss. "It's ok baby, anal is not for you, at least not without proper training. But you are still my slut, understand?"

"Yes, Master and thank you," I responded.

He rolled me on my side, pulled out the toy and replaced it with his hard cock. He held the toy, still on high vibrations, to my clit while he began fucking me again. His breath on my back was sweaty hot and his words just kept making me wetter.

"You are such a fucking slut, Jasmine, aren't you?"

"Yes, Master, I am a fucking slut, your fucking slut. Now please hammer your slut's dirty cunt."

"And whose cunt is it?"

"Your cunt."

"And tell me slut, besides today what is the sluttiest thing you have done?"

A few things flashed in my mind. But one stood out in particular. "When I was in Toronto last year, I sucked three cocks at a gloryhole at a rather seedy bar," I revealed, while moaning, getting wetter thinking about that slutty night.

"Fuck," he grunted, "you really have turned into a fucking whore."

He began to tap the toy on my clit, while continuing his fast paced assault in my cunt. My breathing picked up and I once again begged, "Can I please come, Master?"

"Only sluts beg to come."

"Can your slut, come?"

"You can beg better than that," he teased, now holding the toy on my clit with pressure.

"Aaahhhh, oh my God, Master, I need to cum so bad. Finger my ass. Call me names. Just please let me come," I pleaded, almost crying I needed it so bad.

His finger obliged, sliding into my ass and then with just three words I had the most intense, earth-shattering, leg stiffening, body quaking orgasm I had ever experienced. "Come now, slut."

"Oh fuckkkkkkk, yes, Master, thank youuuuuuuu," I screamed, surely waking up the hotel guests next door. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, keep fucking me, it feels soooo goooood." The orgasm continued to pulse through me while Mike continued fucking my pussy and fingering my ass.


Watching her orgasm was so sexy. Even though I had trea