Author Topic: A Twist of Fate  (Read 951 times)

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A Twist of Fate
« on: February 04, 2021, 08:11:05 AM »
A while later, Ali smiled and crawled her way on top of me, and the way she kissed me with everything she had, it wasn't long till she had me hard again.

But this time, I had the pleasure of smiling up into her eyes as she rode me.

And good god what a night we had.

In the morning when I opened my eyes, I felt different somehow, like a weight had been lifted off me. And when I turned my head, I was happy to discover that it wasn't a dream, and Ali and I actually had made love for hours last night.

She looked like she'd been awake for a while, already sitting up with a pillow behind her, softly smiling as she looked out the window at the snow still coming down, with the sun just breaking through the clouds.

I reached for her hand, and gave it a squeeze, and murmured, "Morning."

She looked down at me with a smile I'll never forget, she just looked so at peace and so contented. Of course seeing that look on her face had me smiling too, glad that she didn't seem to have any regrets.

"I never thought I'd be so happy to see it snow," she said. "I just checked the school website and it's a snow day. So I have nowhere to be..." She smirked as she slid down into the bed, wrapped her arms around me, pressed a kiss to my chest, looked up at me and touched a finger to the end of my nose as she murmured, "...except with you."

I pulled her on top of me, and gazing into each other's eyes, we smiled, just happy to be together.

"The funny thing is," I told her, "the weather forecast for yesterday predicted that the storm was either going to hit us with a wallop, like it did, or miss us completely. And if we hadn't got hit with this storm, we would never have gotten together. You would have gone out with your friends, and I would have had dinner on my own."

With a happy little sigh, Ali wrapped her arms around my neck and hugged me tight, and whispered against my chest, "Maybe Mother Nature had a hand in this."

I chuckled as I hugged her tight against me. Looking up at the ceiling I said, "Well then, thank you Mother Nature, for sending us this storm."

We both laughed at that, at least until she started sliding her hot little pussy up and down along my rapidly thickening shaft, till she had me fully erect and throbbing like a bitch to get inside her again.

She cupped my face in her hands and looked into my eyes. "So, you don't have to be anywhere today?"

I shook my head as I slipped my hands down along her waist, till I was sliding my hands over her soft little backside. "No, not today. I do most of what I need to do from home, unless I have to get out to check a venue, or meet up with a band."

"What is it you do?"

"I'm a music promoter."

"Wow. That must be an interesting job. No wonder you're so into music."

I shrugged. "I enjoy it, especially when everything goes to plan." Then deciding I couldn't wait anymore, I kneed her legs apart and began to push my way inside her, still amazed by how tight she was, like pushing into a warm, tight glove. "But right now," I said, feathering little kisses across her face, "I can't think of anywhere else I'd rather be, than with you... like this."

Her eyes lit up with a beautiful smile, and she wrapped her arms around my neck and slipped her tongue into my mouth as I groaned and nudged my way deeper into her body.

When she sat up on me, and really began to ride me, looking up at her with her hair tumbling down her back, and that happy little smile on her face, I just knew she was it for me.

And when she threw back her head, moaned and cried out, "Oh, wow," I felt it too, right to the soles of my feet. As my body began to tense and I let go, I pulled her into my arms and kissed her. And as I pulsed inside her, she wrapped her arms around me, and clung to me as what felt like an epic tremor ran through us, making us shudder and hug each other even tighter.

Until her, sex had never been anything like this for me. But now with Ali, it just felt so all encompassing, like an arrow shooting straight through my heart.

Finally, she looked up at me, softly smiling as My Valentine filtered from the speakers in my room. "This is such a pretty song. Is this Paul McCartney?"

I nodded and smiled up at her, as I realized that the lyrics could have been written for us. "What if it rained, We didn't care, She said that someday soon, The sun was going to shine, And she was right, This love of mine, My Valentine."

Later, still in bed, sitting up against the headboard, with Ali snug in my lap, her back to my front with my arms wrapped around her, as we gazed out the window together, I don't think I'd ever felt as content. And as Anita Baker softly sang, "I'm caught up in the rapture of love, Nothing else can compare, When I feel the magic of you... I want you in my life for all time..."

Ali turned her head, looked up at me, slid her hand over my cheek, and quietly whispered, "I really love this with you," and as she softly kissed me, I swore I could feel my heart melting in my chest.

I realized that I wanted her for way more than just my Valentine's date for the night. I was kind of thinking that Anita had the right idea; I really was caught up in her.


Now I wondered where we stood. Last night had been amazing, undoubtedly the best night of my life. But now it was morning, and I wondered if this would be it, and we'd go back to just being friends and neighbors. And I didn't want it to end.

"Well, I guess Valentine's is over," I said, wondering what he'd say.

At first he just made me shiver as he brushed the hair from my neck and pressed a kiss to the tender spot behind my ear, and then licked at my earlobe making me laugh.

But then he made my heart soar, when he whispered into my ear, "Valentine's might be over, but we don't have to be."

Turning my head to look at him, I smiled and gazed into his eyes. "So... you're saying you're going to be my forever Valentine?"

He nodded and whispered against my lips, "I would say that's a definite yes."