Author Topic: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)  (Read 4330 times)

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Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
« on: February 03, 2021, 06:48:01 AM »
I had swung shut the door for the cab, waving again to the pleasant older man who had given us a lift home from our friend's house party. It had been the first time out in a bit for us and my husband Mark had certainly taken advantage of the night. The cabbie had been great about it, helping me settle him in the back and letting me sit up front. I'm sure he wasn't overly upset with having a chatty and obviously buzzing auburn haired woman sitting beside him. Since it had been a relaxed little get together I wore light colored leggings which I thought did wonders for my butt and a longer t-shirt with a wide v neck. I watched his eyes dart across my chest a few times and found myself shifting during the ride home letting him enjoy the view. Glancing in the back seat I had a pretty good suspicion this was likely the only action I was going to be getting tonight!

The drive home had been quick and with some prompting the walk to the door was not too difficult. Mark is one of those guys that gets silly when he's had a few but is never difficult about it. Which is good since he is huge, over six feet and built like a powerlifter. I always felt small next to him despite being 5'9 and pretty athletic myself although it seemed the curves had taken over the last few months. As the cab eased out of the driveway I wasn't too surprised when I felt his hand grabbing my butt and squeezing with a little shake. Turning to face him I pressed in close, draping my arms up across the back of his neck.

"Hey now mister," I said softly, "Don't be getting that started unless you're going to follow through!"

Mark just smiled as both hands massaged my butt for a moment before creeping under my shirt.

"Yikes! Cold hands!" I said with a slight shiver. Mark laughed gently as his hands found my breast, squeezing through the material of my bra. Mark is very much a boob guy, which is lucky for me as I'm fairly busty and can let him play with them all day. I quickly looked around the quiet street, it was not too late but most of the windows were dark in our little corner. I feel a buzz of excitement at our little public play, wondering fleetingly how many of our neighbors are peeking from behind the blinds right now.

I bit my lip and decided to go with it since I was feeling more than a bit frisky myself, helping by pulling my shirt higher. He responded eagerly, flipping the cups down uncomfortably and massaging with his calloused hands. As his thumb flicked across my nipple I reached back and unhook my bra, laughing as I twisted about to pull it off and through my sleeves.

"Oh yes," I said as he pushed my breasts together, pinching and licking me. I pulled myself against him, sliding my hand across his body to cup his crotch with a squeeze. With a low growl he took both my nipples in his mouth, tongue flicking madly as I grabbed his head to pull him closer.

"Oh fuck you know I love that," I breath in his ear, my hand grasping his cock and massaging through his pants. I know he had a lot to drink tonight but with the licking my boobs are getting i was not letting anything pass by.

Laughing at my writhing against him he slid a hand into the front of my leggings, cupping my pussy and moving in slow circles. I clutch against him tightly feeling my legs get weak as he moves us to the side of the house. I leaned against the wall as his fingers moved in rough circles, cupping and pressing against me as my hips pushed against him. I'm already excited and being pressed between the front of the house and him, in plain sight of anyone who may look outside was even more exciting. I felt my breathing getting faster, short gasps as he found my clit, his mouth still sucking my boobs like a madman.

Just as I was feeling the wave build the outside light turned on! Mark quickly pulled away as we heard the front door open to see our sitter's, Sarah, boyfriend Dan peeking his head around the corner.

"Oh hey guys," he said with a tone of relief as he watched us step back to the walkway from the side of the house. In the light he can see my breasts swaying under the shirt like two puppies wrestling and Mark stepping back with a broad smile.

"Sorry, we thought we heard a car but figured it was up the road. Then, um, there was a bang." His voice trailed off as he suddenly realized what he had interrupted.

Dan was in his early twenties and had been with Sarah for about a year now. Sarah had been sitting for us off and on for a couple years so when we knew she was back in town from university we made sure to give her a call whenever we had plans to go out, not that it happened much these days. Dan was a bit over six feet and slim with a mess of black hair and glasses. A slightly shy and awkward guy I had to smile at his attempt to forget what he had just interrupted.

"It's fine Dan," I said walking forward, wrapping my bra in my hand. His eyes drifted from my face to my swinging chest, the perky nipples leading the way. Slipping past him I had to admit I enjoyed the look although my body was desperate to get upstairs and let Mark continue to ravish me.

I half listen to Mark and Dan chat, knowing they are both checking out my butt as I climb the short flight of stairs to the door. Stepping past the short wall I waved at Sarah, just stepping back from peeking out the window at us. Sarah was a thin shorter girl with dirty blond hair to her shoulders with the dark rimmed glasses. Her lean face and stern thin lips always looked like she was disapproving something, funny when you consider how gentle and quiet she was.

"Hey, how was the night?" I asked leaning against the wall for the moment. My pussy was burning for attention but I couldn't just blow past them coming home.

"Good! Everyone has been sleeping for a couple hours now, no problem at all," Sarah said smiling, "How was yours?"

She gave me a mischievous wink as she asked, knowing how some of these nights go.

"Pretty good so far," I said laughing at her smile, "Hopefully Mark hasn't gone too far tonight so haven't lost all hope yet."

Mark and Dan walked in, Mark making a show of grabbing my butt again as Dan eased past to sit awkwardly by Sarah.

"Hi Sarah," Mark said as he stopped beside me.

"Hey! Did you guys have a fun night?" I had to laugh at the glint in her eyes as she asked.

"Not too bad at all," Mark said lightly patting my ass.

"That's great! Hey we had just started a movie a few minutes ago. Are you ok if we stay for a bit?"

"Sure, stay all night if you want," I said as Mark stepped back with a wave and started walking up the stairs to our room. "You know where the blankets are so get comfy."


The smile on her face was priceless as I stepped out of the room into the kitchen to get a glass of water and pop some headache medication for the morning. A few minutes later I tip toed upstairs and stood in the doorway to our bedroom, growling under my breath. After getting me going on the front lawn, I now gazed lovingly upon Mr Man wrapped in a blanket on the bed, snoring enough to wake the neighbors.

"Seriously", I muttered. Still feeling the pressure of his fingers and his mouth on my chest, I half considered laying beside him and riding my vibe loud enough to wake him or at least annoy him. After a few moments of letting my fingers roam over my nipples under the shirt I let out a disgusted sigh and slipped out of my leggings into shorts before walking back downstairs. Hopefully Sarah and Dan didn't mind company for their movie!

I move quietly out of habit, kids make you do that, so Dan and Sarah didn't notice me coming back down. Walking through the kitchen I stepped around the corner to see Dan and Sarah on the couch and to see the corner of what they were watching.

It was one of those anime type shows, but not like anything I had ever seen before. I watched for a few minutes, feeling an odd stirring in my chest as the rather busty women in the video were worked over by strange tentacle bearing beasts, their high pitched cries of pleasure barely audible with the tv turned low. Sarah had turned off the lights but I could see them clearly in the flickering light.

I was surprised to find Sarah watching something like this, then blinked at seeing what they were actually up to!

Sarah had her head on Dan's lap, the blanket pulled around them. His pants were down and she was almost casually licking his dick, pulling it past her lips as her free hand massaged his balls. He was leaning back, hand massaging Sarah's breasts, eyes fixed on the video. I felt a wave of heat, crossing my arms and toying with my nipples as I watched from the darkness. The sight of these two young lovers was so amazing, the voyeuristic thrill of watching their pleasure making the moment all the more incredible!

The urge to watch and maybe get myself off was too much to miss. I eased back against the counter, my hand slipping down my shorts to find my already wet pussy. My fingers found my clit quickly, spreading my lips to tease the hard little nub. I bit my lip, my fingers moving quickly in my leggings as my free hand twisted a nipple roughly. I could feel my denied pleasure from earlier building quickly and leaned back, my hand moving quickly as I watched Sarah suck Dan's cock. Which of us would come first?

Then it happened. I put my hand on the counter as my fingers started getting me there, when my hand slipped back banging against a cup I had laid out earlier!

Sarah jumped up immediately as Dan pulled the blanket over his lap, hiding his erect damp cock. Sarah pulled her shirt closed as she peered in the darkness.

"Hello?" she asked, embarrassment in her voice.


"Oh hey, sorry! Just me!" I said trying to sound casual and taking a moment to step into the room, "I was just coming down for a drink, Mark passed out. What are you guys watching?"

I hoped the forced relaxed tone would give them the impression I didn't know what I had just watched.

"Hi," Sarah said, trying to hide her open top, "It's a, um." Her voice trailed off embarrassed as Dan shifted under the blanket.

I sat on the couch beside Dan, alcohol and my incredible feeling of hornyness making me bold. On the screen the action continued as some woman was serviced by a bunch of rather licky smaller creatures. In the flickering light my nipples stood out like beacons under my shirt.

"Wow, she is really into those little guys!" I said, enjoying the feeling of tension in the air.

"Ah yeah," Sarah said, "I'm sorry we should have told you."

"No geez, it's fine!" I said, my eyes flicking between the screen and the bulge under the blanket. "This is pretty intense stuff!"

I smiled as I saw Dan open his mouth to explain and Sarah gave him a little swat on the arm to be quiet. We sat quietly for a few tense moments, me watching the screen and them watching me, the electric tingle in the air feeling like it was ready to explode any second.

Saying nothing I gently brushed my nipple through the thin material of my shirt, the video pushing me right off the edge. It felt so good watching the crazy action on the screen that I just had to keep going. I shifted my leg to bump against Dan, smiling when after a few moments I felt his hand resting on it carefully. With the touch I let out a small sigh, letting them know I was more than interested.

I could feel Sarah pause, unsure what to do, but the room was so charged she quickly gave in. Moving the blanket back she lowered her head back to Dan's still hard cock, her tongue moving in slow circles. His hand squeezed my thigh as I brushed it against him, the caress making my pussy ache even more for attention. None of us said a word. I caressed Sarah's hair while she sucked her boyfriend, slipping my hand to her shoulder a few times. Dan ran his hand along my inner thigh, his fingers brushing against the edge of the material teasingly.

Unable to resist anymore I leaned forward long enough to take my top off, letting my breasts fall free. Sarah stopped licking Dan's twitching cock to look up, her eyes widening slightly. I gave her a wink then gasped as she pushed herself forward and I felt her tongue flick my nipple.

The touch was unbelievable! I never thought of Sarah this way but as she started pumping Dan's cock she moved to her knees so she could suck my tits. Dan's fingers finally found their nerve, brushing over my pussy through my shorts, probably scorched from the heat I was feeling.

"Oh fuck guys," I whispered as Sarah's tongue flicked my nipple before sucking it back into her mouth. I reached up to hold her smaller breasts the same time Dan did, each of us teasing her and smiling at her sharp breath of pleasure. I had a fleeting thought I should stop, but between the night and the video these two were irresistable.

"I've always loved your tits," Sarah said as she got up to move to the other side of me.

"Thanks hon," I said breathlessly. She quickly settled on the other side and started sucking and licking like a mad woman. Dan, twisting to the side took the other, his hand massaging and thumb flicking my nipple.

I focused on the video and the feel of them touching me, my breathing fast as pure pleasure engulfed me. Reaching out I grasped Dan's cock, pumping and massaging, while I played with Sarah's breasts with the other. Dan's free hand cupped my pussy, pressing against the material, my hips bumping forward to meet him. I felt a wave of frustration, delightfully trapped between these two, that I couldn't take my shorts off but pushing against his thumb and knuckles with the amazing tit sucking was still getting me there fast.

"Ah, guys," I said with a tight gasp and my hips pushing harder, "Please don't stop!"

I could feel Sarah's smile on my breasts before she started sucking harder. Dan, taking the other nipple in his mouth was enough to set me over the edge, my hips jerking against his hand as he rubbed my clit through the wet material. I grabbed both their heads, biting my lip as my body shuddered, finally getting the orgasm I had been chasing all night.

As I finally settled they released me and Sarah quickly stood up in front of me. As she pulled her clothes off I ran my hands over her, teasing her breasts and caressing the smooth mound of her pussy.

Dan quickly wiggled out of his pants and leaned back on the couch as Sarah lowered herself facing him.

Oh, so that's their thing then, I thought, well I can play this game.

Standing I moved behind Sarah, playing with her breasts as she rode Dan. His hands grabbed her ass tightly, pushing himself up as she rocked back and forth.

"That's it baby, ride his cock,' I whispered in her ear before nibbling on the lobe. Her high pitched whimper told me she was enjoying the attention as I rolled her nipples between my fingers and bit her neck gently with my breasts pressed against her back. I could feel her body tense just before she buried herself in Dan's shoulder, her muscles rigid. Reaching down I cupped Dan's tight balls, massaging as I felt them pulse with his own orgasm.

As they relaxed in each other's arms I stepped back, still horny but not wanting to take their moment. Sitting on the couch I picked up my top, figuring I should head back upstairs in case these two needed a round two.

"Hey, Mrs D?" Sarah asked as she eased herself off Dan.

"Yes honey,"

"Um, can you stay down a bit longer. Maybe finish watching the movie with us?"

I glanced at the movie still playing and thought about being between these two for another little while.

"Hon, I would love nothing more!"

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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
« Reply #1 on: February 05, 2021, 06:44:12 PM »
What a hot story! I loved the first person perspective and the "realism." Totally captivating writing. merit to you!
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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
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Well done, and super HOT!
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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
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Great story!  I am looking forward to another instalment!

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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
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It's going to be a long wait as she was banned on May 11, 2021.
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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
« Reply #5 on: July 14, 2021, 03:02:06 AM »
It's going to be a long wait as she was banned on May 11, 2021.

Ahhh, well that explains some things!
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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
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Swoosh! what a great story.

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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
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A very nice story.  Please continue!
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Re: Helping Out the Sitters (Group Sex)
« Reply #8 on: September 03, 2021, 04:19:55 PM »
Copied and taken from someone else! An insult to all of RUs writers. Demerit given.