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A Peculiar Turn of Events
« on: January 30, 2021, 03:49:55 PM »
A Peculiar Turn of Events

By fantasybear369

Lisa makes an unusual deal with a demanding incubus

Supernatural; forced; oral; anal; FF; M/F; demon; bondage; pregnancy; demon futanari

**Author’s note: This is completely a work of fiction. I do not condone harming any living being. Creative expressions offer a means to excise all the inner demons that caused by stress and the out-of-control parts of our lives. This is simply a story that hovers on the edge of good taste and delves into the fantasy realm. If it isn’t your thing, please don’t read it. If it is right up your alley, please enjoy and feel free to offer constructive criticism.**

I slouched against the wall next to me, eyes locked on the decidedly plain redhead sitting alone at a table near the bar. She looked so out of place in her simply black dress, especially when compared to the other females in the haughty establishment.

Left to my own devices, I wouldn’t have given the girl a second look. She was far too maudlin for my tastes. Her green eyes seemed dull and her shoulders slumped ever so slightly. A betting woman might guess she’d endured a recent breakup and was suffering through the obligatory therapeutic all-girls outing.

I scanned the rest of the bar, eventually locating her friends bobbing and weaving on the dance floor. All three of the perky girls clung to grinning guys wearing skin-tight muscle shirts and expensive jeans. So much for sisters before misters.

Whatever, their inattention made my task a great deal easier.

I finished my gin martini–stirred, not shaken–and slid a generous tip and my phone number to the brunette tending bar. She flashed a smile, stealing a quick glance at the plunging neckline of my dress. I pretended not to notice as I mentally plead my case one last time. The barkeep, with her hazel eyes and intricate body ink, was exactly what I liked when I played with other ladies.

Unphased, He pushed my attention back to the redhead. No doubt her obvious angst enticed Him.

C’est le vie, I’d entertain the brunette another time. Given the precarious nature of our relationship, giving into His demands was always in my best interest. I couldn’t complain, not really. My life improved drastically after I made the deal with Ir’enath.

I worked my way through the crowd, deftly sliding around a pair of giggling, drunken blondes as they meandered towards the nearby bathroom. Redhead finished her drink, a beer by the looks of it, and carefully slipped off the stool. With a quick glance towards her preoccupied friends, redhead made a beeline for the bathroom.

Perfect, I’d intercept her escape near the dark front door of the bar.

Redhead disappeared into the lady’s room, followed closely by the still tittering blondes. I was very thankful Ir’enath didn’t have a thing for blondes. Tempering my impatience long enough to procure one for his entertainment might have proven an impossible task.

Stepping out of the smoky, sweltering club, I inhaled, pulling the fresh air deep into my lungs. Clubs were never my scene. I preferred little hole in the wall joints that offered crappy burgers and local craft brews. But I’d made a promise, one that I couldn’t afford to break.

I pulled a silver cigarette case from my clutch and fiddled with it as I ruminated over the events of the last few months. All in all, my life had improved immeasurably. I’d found a publisher willing to give life to the sordid, twisted tales that I wrote. I had a reader fan base clamoring for more of my demonic romance stories.

And I owed it all to an incubus named Ir’enath.

He and I met under peculiar circumstances. More accurately, I acted the fool and was fortunate that Ir’enath was the demon that showed up. After my fiancé of two years dropped me like a bad habit, I was in one hell of a rut. One could never ascribe the term level-headed to me on a good day. Emotionally devastated, I evolved into a complete train wreck with questionable decision-making skills. One day after the man who professed to love me crushed my heart, I quit my job and moved halfway across the country for a new start.

I found a mind-numbing data entry job that let me work from my tiny apartment and spared me the agony of interacting with other humans. My employer almost never checked in with me, so long as I met my weekly work quota. Often, I’d let things pile up until Thursday evening, then I’d binge watch a show on the streaming movie service while I typed away. It was an easy way to pay the rent and an even easier way to get myself in a nasty place mentally.
After a few isolated months, my hormones kicked in and I found myself craving sex. I cruised the dark corners of the internet, searching vainly for a man or woman that could scratch my itch. I spent a fortune on sex toys, some of which bordered on the cusp of good taste. It was a good thing my job paid well, and my rent was relatively cheap. I enjoyed my toys, but silicone and vibrations couldn’t take the place of a hard cock or someone else’s erect clit.
I tried cruising the local bars to no avail. My heart wasn’t in it, so I didn’t put out an appealing vibe. I was miserable and lonelier than I’d ever been.

One alcohol infused evening, I stumbled across an erotic writing community whose members embraced the darker side of human sexuality. I read stories detailing abuses that made me weak with hard core, raunchy lust. I joined the community and wrote my very first erotic story, a revenge piece where the jilted protagonist visited some heinous torments on her former lover. I didn’t know it at the time, but my career as a romance novelist was born on those twisted community boards.

Authoring perverse stories was an outlet, but the activity left me hornier than ever. I still had no desire to put in the work necessary for a relationship. Or even a quick tryst. I toyed with some sexting and even ventured into a few video chats. But I needed someone to pin me down to the bed and violently fuck me senseless. I had a few internet friends that I quasi-trusted, so I mentioned my predicament. Everyone had some type of advice, most of it was laden with the stale ‘get back on the horse’ sentiment that only served to piss me off.

One woman–at least I assume it was a woman–made a vastly different suggestion. She introduced me to the concept of incubi and summoning the demons for sex. The idea was foreign and far different from anything I’d ever considered. She only logged in on the weekends, and even then, only for a few hours. I languished for days, eagerly waiting for her to log back in so I could learn more.

I waited a week.

Two weeks.

Finally, I saw her screen name light up on the community user board. I pounced, sending a private message almost immediately. Smooth was not my operating style. After a lengthy typed conversation, she asked for my private email. I gave it without a second thought.

She made me wait three more days before sending me an email with a short attachment. Her message was brief, warning me to use caution. Of course, I ignored her advice. I hastily opened the attachment, then immediately set about preparing the simple ritual it described.
"Excuse me.”

I jerked, embarrassed at my inattention. The redhead was trying to step out the club door and my daydreaming self was very much in the way.

“Sorry,” I mumbled dejectedly. “I . . . I was waiting for someone.”

The redhead paused, lured by my downtrodden demeanor.


“Are you all right?” she asked quietly.

I shook my head. “I will be,” I said. “I think my fiancé just let me know that we’re done after all.”

“Shitty way to do it,” the redhead replied.

“Yeah.” I pulled my cigarette to my lips. “Crap! You wouldn’t happen to have a light, would you?”

The redhead shook her head, then cast a quick glance at the club door. She fidgeted with her tiny purse and offered me a shy smile. I didn’t get the impression she was into other women, but she did seem lonely. That I could work with.

“Hey, I really don’t want to be alone right now and I sure as hell don’t want to go in that dump. There’s a pub a few blocks from here, wanna keep me company? I’ll buy dinner.”

“I don’t even know your name,” the redhead said warily.

“Lisa Banner.” I extended my right hand.

“Sue. Sue Ryder.”

I smiled, friendly and inviting. Only a little of Ir’enath’s persuasion wafted from my body, just enough to get Sue comfortable with me.
“Lisa, I’m . . . uh, I’m not into other women,” Sue stammered.

I arched an eyebrow at her.

“Me neither,” I huffed. “I just got dumped via no-show and I want another female to commiserate with. Two chicks hating on guys kinda thing, ya know?”

A cab rolled slowly down the street; a convenient assist provided by my resident incubus. I made an unnecessary show of hailing it, then opened the back door and waved Sue inside.

“I’ll pay for the cab and the pub,” I offered amicably. “I could really use some company right now and I don’t exactly have friends here. Yet.”

Sue hesitated. The club door started to open, and the redheaded woman scurried for the open cab door. Sue apparently really wanted to ditch her friends. I slid in beside her, careful not to crowd the antsy woman and gave our driver the address of the pub near my apartment.

“Lilith’s? I don’t think I’ve ever heard of that place?” Sue mentioned as the cab started rolling. “I’ve lived here for three years.”

“Lucky you. I just moved here a month ago. At least I insisted on getting my own apartment,” I said wearily. “I’d have been screwed royally if I moved into that asshole’s place.”

We made small chat for the fifteen-minute drive to the pub. I learned that Sue was an avid reader of historical fiction. She liked dogs and hated cats. And her boyfriend of three years just dumped her, all because she wouldn’t agree to a three way with another woman.
“What an asshole!”

Oh, if she only knew.

Sue shrugged as the cab rolled to a smooth stop. I reached into my clutch and pulled out the cab fare, plus an extra twenty. Ir’enath’s minions were all decent lower-level demons, so I tried to help them out when I could. The driver cautiously flashed a fang-laden smile before driving into the darkness.
I guided Sue to the dimly lit front entrance of Lilith’s Pub and Grill.

“Seriously, best bacon cheeseburger anywhere,” I informed her as I opened the door.

Some girls–and guys for that matter–succumbed to alcohol. Sue Ryder’s poison was a good bacon cheeseburger paired with a creamy microbrew stout beer. We sat in a cozy corner in the back of the pub, eating and drinking while we compared notes on our failed love lives. Gradually, Sue drifted into comfort and viewed me as a new friend.

If only she knew what I–well, we–had planned for her.

By closing time, Sue was pleasantly inebriated and virtually eating from the palm of my hand.

“Hell, I’mma need a cab,” she slurred as we left the pub.


“My cell’s dead, can’t call you a cab.”

Sue fumbled with her own phone. “Damn. Ho’d that happ’n? Mine’s dead too.”

We looked up and down the deserted street.
“My place is a five-minute walk that way,” I pointed towards a side street. “You can crash at my place, if you’d like.”

Wrapping my arm around Sue’s waist, I half carried the drunk woman to my apartment building. The doorman, a lower demon named Saglith, grinned at me as he pulled the front door open.

“Enjoy your evening, Ms. Lisa,” he crackled.

I rolled my eyes and guided my victim to the elevators. I didn’t let my guard down, though. I couldn’t afford to, not until Sue was secure in my apartment on the top floor. The ride skyward was uneventful, and I managed to get my drunk companion into my apartment with minimal effort. I steered her towards my bedroom.

“Uh, no!” she called out once I opened the door. “No sex.”

“Easy, Sue. I’ll sleep on the couch,” I lied.

The drunk woman squinted at me for a moment before staggering towards my large canopy bed. In her state of inebriation, Sue failed to notice the heavy rings and attachments cleverly hiding in the ornate designs on the bed’s metal posts. Each post resembled a stylish tree branch. The concrete floor and ceiling of the apartment firmly anchored each bedpost. Ir’enath spared no expense when he outfitted our torture chamber.

I helped Sue remove her clothing and shooed her under the covers before she realized she was naked in a virtual stranger’s presence. She passed out almost immediately.

Breathing a sigh of relief, I shed my own clothing and headed for the shower. I liked to be clean before I raped our victims.
I cranked the shower water to the hottest level I could tolerate and stepped into the generous spray. Leaning my head against the smooth river stone lining the walls, I focused on breathing and getting myself together.

“Well done, my pet.” Ir’enath’s voice echoed in my head, adding to my growing headache.

“Be kind to this one, Ir’enath,” I asked simply. “She’s been through a lot.”

“I reward those loyal,” he replied. “Ensure she understands.”

His presence left my thoughts, freeing me to enjoy my shower. Sighing, I scrubbed my body and let myself sink into my thoughts.
I clearly recalled the night that changed my life.

Drunk and lonely, I stumbled my way through a summoning spell that I’d learned from a total stranger. A mistake of epic proportions, though some higher power must’ve been looking out for my foolish ass that night. I lit candles, mispronounced complicated phrases in who knows what language. By the end of it, I was not surprised in the least when absolutely nothing happened. At least I hadn’t given the mysterious lady any money.

Dejected, I spent the rest of the evening sucking down a bottle of Jack and watching some mindless comedy on the streaming service before passing out face down on my rumpled bed.

Alone. As usual.

Peculiar dreams troubled my inebriated slumber. Vivid, sordid dreams kept me from resting, though I wasn’t quite awake either. What little sleep I did have offered exceptionally disturbing images.

And then I felt it.
Pressure on the mattress next to me, as though someone was leaning over my body. I struggled to wake up, to speak, all to no avail. My limbs refused to obey my brain’s commands. Panic burned away any alcohol left in my bloodstream and I fought to control my useless body as the weight of a frigid, muscled body pressed against my back.

My legs parted, pulled away from center by my unseen assailant. Under the terror that permeated every fiber of my being, a certain excitement built between my thighs and radiated through my core.
Cold finger slid along my sex, giving rise to lusty thoughts that were wholly inappropriate given the circumstances. Unable to voice my disapproval, I could only lay sprawled on my belly. I grew wet despite every effort I sank into rebuking the experience.

Suddenly, my unseen attacker flipped me over, leaving me on my back with legs spread lewdly. Above me hovered a dark shadow of a creature, something aggressive and masculine. Terrified, I struggled to make my body move. Dark orange eyes, inhuman and exuding arrogance, hovered in the air above my frozen body.

Unable to utter even the slightest sound, I resigned myself to my fate and prayed I would survive.  I felt the tip of its strangely icy cock press against my sopping wet slit. A quick thrust of its hips and it penetrated me. I gasped at the intrusion of such an oddly shaped cock. Strange ridges ringed the long, thick phallus and those features rubbed against previously unknown parts of my inner walls.
I regained a small amount of control over my vocal cords and opened my mouth, intent on telling the bastard to stop. To my utter embarrassment, I began moaning like a whore. My attacker must have enjoyed hearing me lose my battle with self-control. I reached my climax far too soon, thrusting my newly freed hips upwards as the creature above me drove inside me. Somehow, I realized that the being raping me in my dreams intended to plant his viral seed in my womb.

The water cascading over my body began to cool, a sure sign that I’d been daydreaming for far too long. I had work to do. Ir’enath’s work to do.
Sue remained blissfully unaware of her impending fate, something that made my task much easier. I carefully secured her upper appendages, wrapping the wide leather restraint cuffs around her wrists with practiced ease. Next, I moved to her legs, repeating the same motions around her pale ankles. Once the cuffs were in place, I needed only secure them to the leather straps magically fused into the corner bed posts.

The redhead sighed in her sleep but didn’t rouse to my manipulation. I had a few minutes to drink a cup of coffee.

I carefully closed the door to my soundproof bedroom and ventured to the kitchen for my refreshment. I’d always adored coffee, something Ir’enath knew well. Whenever I pleased Him, I would find containers of exotic blends on my kitchen counter. The incubus showed his affection in many ways, though the gifts of coffee were among my favorites.

I decided to brew a pot of Black Insomnia coffee, opting for caffeinated punch instead of flavor. Who needed sleep when I had an incubus-enhanced body?

“She is ready,” Ir’enath’s voice whispered.

I’d grown used to the incubus drifting in and out of my consciousness, especially immediately before I worked over one of his selected victims. It used to bother me, but discomfort gradually gave way to normalcy. His interjections often fueled some of my most creative–and depraved–stories.

“I’m taking my time with this one, Ir’enath,” I informed Him. “She could use some TLC.”

A shiver ran through my body, originating and returning to the bundle of nerves between my thighs. I gasped, letting my head fall backwards as the incubus stimulated me.

“Stop trying to rush me,” I groaned. “We’ll both be happier if I make this last a while.”

An icy finger slid past my sphincter, tickling the sensitive tissue lining my anus. Ir’enath made certain those devoted to Him enjoyed the spoils of his attention. I was very, very loyal to Him.

I drained the last of my coffee in one gulp, pausing long enough to enjoy its boost to my heart rate. I carefully set the empty cup in the sink and padded back down the hallway towards the bedroom.

Sue was about to have the most exciting night of her young life.
I stood over the bound, sleeping woman and let my imagination run wild. Heat built inside me, scorching my nerves, and sending me into a lust-filled frenzy. Licking my lips, I ran my gaze along the girl’s nude body, planning my every move. Our every move.

Ir’enath’s power coursed through my body, His icy presence pushing my lust into overdrive. Moaning, I arched my back as the change morphed my body into His tool. Pain erupted as my clit changed. Elongated. Thickened. Panting, both with need and in discomfort, I forced myself to watch as my feminine nub of flesh grew into the lengthy, thick phallus of the incubus Ir’enath.

My transformation, a condition of my arrangement with the incubus, never ceased to amaze me. His cock sprouted from the valley between my legs, its entire length as sensitive as my clit in its normal form. The wide head formed an oval that angled upward at the perfect angle to capture a human female’s cervix. Broad ridges ran irregular paths along the shaft, every inch intended to maximize the female’s stimulation. Even the most resistant woman reacted to its thrusting stimulation–I certainly had. The base, though, was my favorite part. A thick knob circled the base. A knot that inflated just like that of a canine’s cock. A hefty pair of well-rounded balls hung low behind the shaft, tickling my outer lips with every thrust of my hips.

Initially, the transformation terrified me. I quickly grew accustomed to my new anatomy and, with Ir’enath’s guidance, I was exceptionally proficient in its effective use.

I ran my fingers lightly along the shaft, momentarily losing myself in the sensations rippling through my body. Deep within my mind, Ir’enath rumbled approvingly. The cock tied us together, linking us in sexual bliss as I carried out his will. The sensations were indescribable. Addictive. I became hooked the first time I forced myself on His unwilling victim.

Sue shifted, her brow furrowing when she couldn’t roll over. Gradually, her eyes opened, then widened to find me towering over her.

“What the fuck?” she demanded

The redhead’s anger permeated the air, a deliciously sweet aroma that made me grow even harder.

“It’s your lucky day, m’dear,” I replied casually. “I’m not into redheads, but my companion is. So, here we are.”

I spread my arms wide, letting her get a good view of the cock that she was about to experience.

Sue blinked a few times, then began tugging furiously on her bindings. I walked around the bed, slowly running my hands along the shaft of my borrowed cock. She started screaming for help. I giggled.

Licking my lips, I crawled on the bed and dropped along side of her, letting her feel every inch of cock against her skin. I sucked on a nipple, biting, and lapping at it until it grew hard.

Yeah, Sue wasn’t into other women. My ass.

Sue’s voice broke, her scream dying away in her dry throat. Ir’enath pushed at my mind, eager to inflict some pain. I yielded to his demand, rising from the bed with nary a sigh before crossing the room to fetch my favorite riding crop. I couldn’t begin to imagine that little ole Sue had any experience with the rougher side of sex, making the crop a perfect choice. Her story struck a chord with me and I wanted the woman to enjoy herself.
Hell, if she behaved Ir’enath might consider making a deal with her.

“Let me go,” she commanded in a shaky voice. “Don’t you dare hit me with that, you freak!”

I smiled and slapped the wide leather across her erect nipple.

Sue grimaced, but made no sound. Her eyes burned with a fury I respected, so I slapped her nipple again.

And again.

I walked around the bed slowly, tapping her skin with the leather crop and loving every shudder. I crawled on the bed, sliding between her spread thighs so I could inhale her delicate scent.

Sue was soaking wet.

“You like it,” I noted.
“Fuck you!”

“Oh, sweetie, by the end of the night you’ll beg to ride me.”

I kissed her inner thigh. More shudders. The redhead fought her body’s reaction to my stimulation.

“She will be a treat,” Ir’enath panted in my head.
I kissed and nipped her flesh, gradually working my way to her sopping pussy.

“Nononononono!” Sue shrieked.

I smiled then ran my tongue along her outer folds. Sue grunted, her hips hitching upward. Her juices tasted sweet, so I greedily lapped them up. My lips found her clit. Spurred on by her whorish moans, I sucked the fleshy nub until her hips jerked erratically.

“Oh, God. Please . . . no,” she whined.

I sucked harder. Her body shook as she climaxed. When her excitement hit its apex, I pulled away and slapped the riding crop against her throbbing sex. Sue’s body jerked as though I’d electrocuted her. A second orgasm powered through her undulating body and Sue howled like a wild animal.

Ir’enath forced himself to the front of my brain, shutting off any restraint I had remaining. Snarling, I lunged between her thighs and rested the thick head of our cock against her spasming, dripping sex.

I grabbed her head, pulling it off the pillow she’d been resting on. Sue blinked and moaned feverishly. I kissed her dry lips, sliding my tongue deep into her mouth and meeting no resistance. The redhead moaned into my mouth as she tasted herself on my lips. She ground her hips against the thick cock between us, leaving me to groan as our kiss deepened.

She was ours.

I pulled away, flashing a devilish grin before I thrust inside her. Sue’s eyes went wide as the oddly shaped cock filled her. I held still, just for a moment, giving the woman a chance to understand what was happening.

“Accept him, Sue,” I whispered as I started thrusting my hips. “Give him control and you’ll never suffer again. No human male can hurt you.”

My thrusts increased in depth and speed. Sue squealed and bucked beneath me as Ir’enath’s venom oozed into her sex. Every thrust robbed her of her will to resist. Every jerk of her hips gave more of her soul to the incubus.

Sue’s resistance died away to nothing, fading from her eyes as she started fucking me back.

Ir’enath pushed me aside, seizing control of my body and leaving me adrift in a vast ocean of orgasmic pleasure. He drove into Sue’s pussy, His pace rapid yet so controlled. He adjusted our hips, grinding those cock ridges against all those special places inside her.

Sue’s body spasmed, yet another orgasm exploding within her.

“Accept my seed,” Ir’enath whispered with my voice. “Carry my offspring, little Susan. Worship me.”

The room filled with moans and the sharp sound of slapping flesh. Ir’enath drove into Sue relentlessly, knowing the woman had already accepted Him.
The bonds holding her in place fell away, freeing Sue’s limbs. Ir’enath pulled us out of her trembling pussy and sprawled on our back, arms tucked carelessly behind our head. Sue gingerly pulled her limbs close to her own shaking, quivering body. The woman would accept him, or she would try to run. Either way, her womb would be heavy with an incubus pup before the end of the night.

My own body ached for more. For delicious release. Ir’enath chuckled in the back of my mind, clearly enjoying my discomfort.

After what seemed an eternity, Sue’s body gradually moved. The woman, so meek and timid, crawled across the expansive bed and threw a quivering leg over our hips. She hovered over Ir’enath’s impressive cock, her entire alive with need.

“Will you kill me?” she whispered.

Ir’enath released his hold on me, his intention clear. I surged up, capturing the frightened woman’s face with my hands.

“Obey him and you’ll be rewarded, m’dear,” I whispered huskily. “You’ll know pleasure beyond your comprehension. You’ll never want for anything.”

Before Sue could speak, I pulled her into another deep kiss. As our tongues tangled, she slowly lowered herself on our cock. I moaned as the sensation exploded through my overstimulated body.

Sue pulled away and started riding our cock, her bright eyes closed as she lost herself in the act. I laid back, simply watching, and feeling as the woman rode Ir’enath’s cock hard. Somehow, the riding crop ended up in my hand. I slapped the end against her nipples, over and over, until the motion of her hips grew erratic and she fell victim to another powerful orgasm.

My own orgasm hovered dangerously close, enough so that Ir’enath resumed control. He rolled Sue’s body beneath mine and thrust his hips forward, burying our cock inside her very willing pussy.

Sue inhaled sharply as Ir’enath’s cock formed itself around her cervix. He pushed forward again, burying his bulky knot inside the woman. The sensation of his knot swelling pushed me over the edge, and I dissolved into a screaming orgasm as the incubus emptied himself directly in the woman’s womb.
He left me abruptly and I collapsed on my side, next to the trembling girl we’d just raped. I brushed my hair from my face and eyed the young woman as she lay panting. Ir’enath’s magic rippled over her skin, giving her a faintly purple aura.

“He made me pregnant,” she muttered, her voice dazed.

“Mhm,” I agreed quietly.

“Now what?”

“Show him loyalty and he’ll care for you,” I murmured. “Lots of sex, especially when you start showing. He takes care of his own.”

“Sex with you?”

“Sometimes. He’ll start visiting your dreams, too.”

I shifted my body until the covers came free from our sweating bodies. Sue waited for a moment, then slipped beneath the covers herself. She wrapped a thin arm around my waist and nuzzled her face against my neck.

Ir’enath wasn’t much of a cuddler, so I appreciated Sue’s attention.

“Is there more pain?”

I grinned. “M’dear, you have no idea what’s in store for you.”

Neither of us said anything else, we simply drifted into slumber and hoped Ir’enath was waiting for us.
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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
« Reply #1 on: January 30, 2021, 05:31:09 PM »
Want to wish you luck in the contest, you are the proverbial rookie against some veterans on the site! Love the background detail you provided, hope this continues through the entire story, making it a must read story!
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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
« Reply #2 on: January 30, 2021, 07:48:20 PM »
Thank you, there are some awesome stories. I'm just happy to get a story out there.
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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
« Reply #3 on: January 30, 2021, 07:59:53 PM »
As a huge fan of the Supernatural I have to say this was a very good story.
Descriptions really made me feel I was there and a very hot sex scene.
Well done on posting and all the best in the contest, a merit to show appreciation.

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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
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A very worthy addition to the story contest, fantasy bear!
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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
« Reply #5 on: February 01, 2021, 11:27:19 AM »
Thank you all!

I'm working on a plot arc for the rest of the story in my spare time.  ;D
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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
« Reply #6 on: February 02, 2021, 07:32:54 AM »
Really liked this and we’ll get on the next part.
Great writing and hot. My favorite section on the site and great to see more additions here merit from me.

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Re: A Peculiar Turn of Events
« Reply #7 on: February 09, 2021, 07:25:22 PM »
Really liked this and we’ll get on the next part.
Great writing and hot. My favorite section on the site and great to see more additions here merit from me.

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