Author Topic: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr, violent)  (Read 12217 times)

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Disclaimer: This is fiction. Do not interpret it as anything else. This is a story with themes of non-consent, rape, reluctance, sexual manipulation, abduction and violence. The acts depicted in this story are criminal and are only acceptable in fantasy. If you are not interested in this type of story, please look elsewhere. Only read this if you are over 18.

It was March 2018. They had spent two years planning this trip. Finally, they were there: Virunga National Park, Republic of Congo! They had been there for a few days, sightseeing and never trekking very far from the cosy resort lodge they were staying in.

They never strayed from the safe trails, as the trip advisor had instructed them to. Today, they were going farther, some 15 kilometers inside the Park, in a very remote area, for a chance to take a look at the famous mountain gorillas.

Stacy and Richard were 22 and 24 years old respectively and had been together since high school. They were from Sheffield. Jennifer, 22, and Philip, 26, had been introduced to each other by Stacy and it had been instant chemistry between the two of them. Always better when you meet in person. Fuck Tinder!

Stacy was the tall brunette Richard had been dreaming of for almost a year until he got the nerve to ask her out; at the time, he was one inch shorter than her, but now he was a half inch taller, with black hair and a finely trimmed beard, and a babyface that had Stacy's heart melting. Philip was a very tall, cool blonde guy with a stubbly beard; overall, he sported an air of rugged mystery, especially when he wore his sunglasses; Stacy secretely wanted to have sex with him. Jenniffer, or Jenny, was a slender, attractive blonde, petite and shorter than Stacy. 

At the resort, they had met a German couple from Zurich: Hans and Jenna. Hans looked just as cool as Philip with that light-brown hair so typical in Germans; Jenna was a real cutie, slender with tied-back hair, styled in small braids, a perfectly symetrical face and sheeny skin; she usually wore a white shirt or some very bright color to highlight her chocolate-brown complexion. They got along fine and had gone trekking together. The two white couples were far too civil to comment on it, but their Libertarian minds found it refreshing to see, at last, one white man in a relationship with a black woman.

What Stacy and Jennifer would never tell anyone, it's the fact that deep down, they would never consider getting into a relationship with a black man; perhaps a fling just to try out the experience of "riding a nigger cock", but not anything more than this. They often felt ashamed of these unpolitically correct thoughts. Their boyfriends were blunter in their minds: "Sex with a black woman? Never in a hundred years!"

On that morning, they were getting on three jeeps with armed rangers and were off to gorilla land! They needed an escort, as these were remote and sometimes dangerous parts, but they had this innate sense of safety you so often see in Westerners: like, yes there are stats and bad things happening, but we'll be all right! You tend to feel this way when you've spent all your life in a safe environment, like these young tourists, all born in well-off families. The travel agencies knew this and made lots of money out of it.

So they got on the bumpy road of dirt in the back country; the three jeeps following one another in a small convoy. They chatted, admired the tall, majestic trees, the breathtaking views, the wildlife...

At one point, a mere few minutes after setting out, they stopped to take pictures. Stacy plucked a few flowers as Jenny clowned around with her straw hat near some bushes. The men took photos for keepsake.

They were having such a wonderful time!

Hans and Jenny were alone at some distance, kissing and perhaps some more. Richard noticed Hans was gently caressing Jenny's firm boobs through her white t-shirt while Jenny was teasing him into holding himself back and waiting for tonight. He took a look at Laura, the female ranger who was in their jeep and wondered how it would feel to become intimate with her. Laura took notice and looked at him back with eyes that said "Don't even think about it!"

She must have had some entitled tourists hitting on her. She looked quite intimidating with her fierce eyes and her assault rifle; he surprised himself in feeling an urge to fuck her and felt a nascent erection. Wow! Life was so full of surprises! Truth be told, he never had sex with anyone other than Stacy, who had made him wait for "the right time"... some two years into their relationship. And sex with Stacy was plain vanilla; it was missionary or she riding him, and sometimes doggystyle on a hot night; dick sucking was never on the menu. He somewhat envied Phil, who no doubt had started banging Jenny right after they met and hit it off with instant chemistry. Richard could easily picture Jenny doing a full blowjob to Phil and swallowing his goo... Yeah, Phil was a lucky guy!

Some distance away, perhaps 10 or 12 kilometers, they saw some men in uniform, a group of four, walking on a field near the road.

These men were not armed, but the tourists felt the rangers were growing nervous. Stacy didn't like at all the way these men had been looking at them... at her; there was something bizarre in their eyes, something kind of predatory. She felt a diffuse sense of fear. Something was off.

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Nice setup and photos. Look forward to reading more.

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Nice setup and photos. Look forward to reading more.

Thanks! Glad you like it. It's not even "started" yet!  ;D

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Hi.  Very nice start.   I look forward to continuing this reading.   

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Stacy started to calm down, as everything seemed back to normal, their three jeeps bobbing at slow speed on the winding dirt road. Suddenly they came out of the bend and there was a roadblock about 50 yards away with some 10 uniformed men with their leader signaling them to stop.

"Oh my God! It's an ambush!!!" cried Laura as she released her rifle safety while ordering the driver to turn around. Upon hearing this, Stacy let out a short squeal as she felt terror taking hold of her.

The three jeeps had stopped and were in reverse to quickly turn around as the ranger in the lead jeep aimed at the roadblock, ready to fire back if these men shot at them, but many other uniformed men suddenly sprung out of the nearby bushes on either side of the road and their officer bellowed with a thick French accent: "Freeze or we shoot you like dogs! (then in French) ... et vous les rangers, vous n'avez aucune chance, jetez vos armes ! TOUT DE SUITE ! (And you rangers, you have no chance, throw down your weapons! NOW!)"

The three rangers threw down their weapons and got off the jeeps with their hands up. So did the drivers and the now-unfortunate tourists.

Stacy and Jennifer felt both terrorized as these armed men kept looking at them—the white girls—far more than at Jenna and Laura. They looked so fierce with their assault rifles, their black stern faces and especially their eyes that seemed to look at them through their clothes.

"Oh shit! We're screwed!" Stacy felt like her legs were paralyzed out of sheer terror, but at the same time, her nipples started to harden and her breasts to swell under her light top, as if the clothes-piercing gaze of these savage men on her had awaken her female body to a life of its own, completely out of her control. What's more, she didn't even wear a bra, as was required by a plan she had put to work earlier during breakfast -- she and Phil were left between themselves for a short while as usual, and she had found some pretext to lean over and offer Phil an "accidental" peek at her tits; she heard a very low whisper from Phil (oh good God!) and then she rose back and smiled at him; they had looked at each other, none of them speaking, until the others came back; then she had been so shaken by the rush from Phil's look on her breasts that she had forgotten to put on her sports bra... Now, amid her fear and terror, she felt a weird sense of excitement in knowing that only the tiny fabric of her white top stood between her delicate, sensitive boobs and these men's gazes... and hands; she felt her nipples harden more. With shame and utter astonishment, she found herself briefly thinking about discovering these black men's dicks to see if it was true that the Congolese men had the biggest shafts on Earth.

Her thoughts were brutally interrupted by the officer's voice. He ordered them to walk in front of them toward the outlawed soldiers waiting for them at the roadblock. She heard the men catcalling her and the three other women. Both male rangers were mocked and hit by the men, most of whom knew them by their first names. Jennifer started to cry as she walked by Phil... "They're going to rape us!!! ... No!!! ... aaaahhhh..." Phil held her and tried to comfort her... "Don't worry Jenn, I've read that 99% of the time, the tourists are released unhurt a short time later for a ransom... I'm calling the British Ambassy right away!" Phil thought in his Libertarian mind that it was about time that we stopped viewing African men like brutal savages; all humans were alike and equal.

Then the officer spoke. He said something in French* as he didn't speak much English. Laura translated for all the tourists to hear: They were to give them all their belongings -- wallets, papers, and iPhones.

Jenny and Jenna kept crying as they all complied and walked to meet the men at the roadblock, who waited with a big ivory smile on their black faces. Laura kept her cool; whatever fear she felt was well hidden beneath her poker face. Stacy felt like she had just walked into a living nightmare.

*French is Congo's official language.
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Hi.  Very nice start.   I look forward to continuing this reading.

Thanks! Glad you're enjoying it. I can't wait for writing what comes next! Those sorts of stories are one of my all-time best fantasies.

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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Interesting story that ought to amp up now that the rebels have them in their grasp! Merit awarded from me!!

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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Interesting story that ought to amp up now that the rebels have them in their grasp! Merit awarded from me!!

Thanks! I'm having quite a blast writing this!

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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When the captive tourists, rangers and drivers arrived at the road block, the officer used his iPhone and spoke in French, probably with his superior. The roadblock was made up of one large beat-up pickup, one car and one larger military truck, all parked in such a way as to completely block the way for any oncoming vehicle.

The men catcalled and groped the women nonstop, but they didn't molest them further. Stacy kept yelling at the men to stop, while against her will, her cunt went wet in her panties as she felt the black men's rugged hands on her through the thin fabric of her fancy clothes; she always had at least two male hands on her. Jennifer kept squealing and screaming and crying as she tried to fight off the laughing men; her boyfriend Phil punched one soldier square on the jaw and sent him to the ground, but it was a big mistake: four men struck him down with their rifle butts and pummelled him into bloody submission. Richard was paralyzed with sheer terror. Hans and Jenna tried to remain stoic, but Jenna found herself screaming and protesting upon being groped by these disgusting men. What's more, many of them wore the uniforms of the governmental forces.

The ranger Laura kept her poker face as she felt the men touching and taunting her. She was angry with herself about not having listened to her gut feeling and failing to tell and call the drivers to turn back to the resort: the four uniformed men they had noticed some way back were no doubt spotters who had called these troops, who had then lain an ambush at this perfect spot; they knew their jeeps were going to be coming this way today. Someone at the resort had tipped them off! Now it was too late...

The driver of the large military truck took his place behind the wheel and a half dozen rebels climbed on the pickup. They were about to be walked to their camp. It was going to be a long walk, if Laura was right about its approximate location.

She knew from victims' accounts what awaited them there! She chose not to tell the tourists, as the men might try something desperate and get killed as they were now surrounded by a full platoon of 25-30 armed men, and their women would end up with the same treatment anyway. She prayed the Lord to give herself the strength to go through this.

The officer had finished talking over the phone and he gave some orders to a middle-aged warrant officer. Laura didn't hear anything because of the distance and all the noise of these men laughing and jeering while the women screamed and protested -- especially Jennifer.

As soon as the orders were given, all the nearer soldiers laughed and smiled and they immediately rushed at Jennifer and Jenna. Phil was already beaten up, but he did try to get up, but a rebel brutally kicked him in the midsection, while three soldiers gave Hans a slugfest of rifle butts. Jennifer and Jenna both screamed and squealed at the top of their lungs as the black uniformed men seized them and took them to the large military truck and tossed them onto the trunk. Six or seven soldiers climbed up after them, where five other grinning men waited for the women. Stacy could no longer see Jennifer and Jenna, but she clearly heard and she began to cry: the men were all laughing and joking as the women kept screaming with a heart-breaking shrill "Noooooo! Please don't!!! ... Stop! Noooooooooooo!"

"You fucking black dogs!" yelled Phil, still hurt and threatened with two Kalashnikovs. "Blutige Schweine!!!" (bloody pigs!!!) bellowed Hans and added many other German curse words as he was reeling from his beating. Their guards mocked them in French as they kept kicking them.

Jennifer and Jenna began to scream even louder as the driver started the engine. The men-loaded pickup took off with the car once the officer was in it. Stacy was bitterly crying over Jenny's fate. Then she and the other captives quickly had their hands tied up in front of them and were leashed to one another in order to prevent any individual escape attempt; they were told they would all be shot if they tried to run. Then someone barked at them, first in French, then in broken English: "Allez vous autres ! En avant marche ! ... Let's go, you! March!" The began to walk under the watchful eyes of some eight Congolese rebels. Other soldiers had taken the keys from the drivers and followed them with the jeeps on idle. There again, Stacy found this very strange. Why weren't they taking off?

Stacy started to walk at Richard's side near Laura. She was crying out loud and thinking at what Jenny— her best friend since highschool—was going through in the truck at the hands of these black savages. She and Jenna were getting gang-raped by all these men! She didn't want to acknowledge the evidence and tried to think she was mistaken, but deep down, she knew it couldn't be otherwise. She felt so powerless... And Richard... He was also crying and did nothing to comfort her. For the first time, she saw him break down; she also noticed something on his khaki Bermudas, at his crotch—a wet spot!? Richard was so scared that he peed in his pants! She surprised herself at her feeling upon seeing this: for the first time ever, she felt contempt for her 7-year boyfriend, who had started to cry and cower instead of helping the men defend Jennifer and Jenna. She no longer felt guilt and shame at the idea of cheating on him with Phil.

Aboard the truck, Jennifer had painfully landed in the trunk. Before she knew what was happening to her, the men around her grabbed her arms and legs and violently pulled down on her skyblue Bermudas. She screamed at the top of her voice, even louder than when they had first seized her, and tried to free up her arms to fight them off, but there were far too many of them. She heard one soldier curse in French, as her hips were a little too wide and her Bermudas got kind of stuck, but then she felt a jolt of pain in her hips as the soldier pulled harder and all of a sudden she lost her Bermudas and her panties with it. She was now stark naked from the waist down—except for her hiking shoes—and then she screamed even shriller and louder than ever as she felt one male hand inserting a finger in her vagina as she helplessly squirmed with all her strength.

To her left Jenna was screaming just as shrill and loud as her. She tried to grasp the horror of what was going to happen: both of them were going to be ruthlessly gang-raped NOW by all these black soldiers... "NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ... NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!"

While the truck bobbed about on the dirt road at very low speed, Jennifer screamed and screamed and screamed; she felt the men holding her motionless as one of these filthy savages knelt down in front of her crotch and quickly took down his pants. He took out his cock—It was huge, all dark brown, the thickest and longest she had ever seen, all veiny with sheeny skin... all rock-hard and ready to burst! She kept screaming as the man laid down over her. In a burst of courage, she spat in his face, but the man just laughed it out, and what he did next surprised Jennifer so much that she briefly stopped screaming: instead of hitting her as she had expected, the soldier rubbed off her gooey spit and used it to lube his shaft; then he used one hand to guide it to her entrance, and she resumed her panicked screaming as she felt the big dick forcing it's way between her labia and then brutally invading her vagina, and she screamed out in pain "Aaaaahh... It's too big! Too big! Nooooooooooooooo!" The man was on her, and she could feel his breath on her face and hear up close his groans of satisfaction as he started to pound her with unrestrained abandon in the missionary style. She screamed in pain and wailed, "Noooooooooo! Stop! Nooooooooooo!" She felt her vagina painfully stretched to its limit and some more as the giant dick raped her in quick angry bursts, and the pounding—and the pain!—was further amplified by the truck's motion. Beside her, Jenna also kept screaming as she was being raped under the laughs and jeers of the other men.

"WHY... WHY... WHY" Jennifer started to repeat this as she sobbed and felt her sense of self utterly destroyed... "WHY... WHY... WHY" Why were they doing this to her? She had always been so nice to black people! Oohhhh, he was so BIG! It was so PAINFUL! Physically. Morally. Emotionally. It occured to her that she didn't have much of a spiritual side, and perhaps this was why she was being punished, by being treated like a priceless animal... To these pieces of shit, she was indeed just a piece of meat to play with. She felt many hands assaulting her breasts, and the contact was skin on skin!? She realized that in her pain and despair, she hadn't been aware of them ripping off her top and yanking her bra from her. They kept telling the same thing in French... "La femme blanche ! La femme blanche ! La femme blanche ! ..." Her French lessons in the high-end college from her highschool years were far behind her—light years away and ABOVE the hellish pit she was presently in—but she understood that "blanche" was female gender for "white" and readily deduced that they were chanting "The white woman! The white woman! The white woman!..."

Above her face, the man breathed and panted as he grunted louder, as he intensified his pounding; she felt her naked boobs bouncing between the other men's tumultuous assaults as the truck kept bobbing on this remote road. Suddenly she felt his dick twiching inside her and then there was one big wave of warm, gooey semen flowing inside her as the black man breathed his climax scream right against her face... Some of his saliva dripped on her cheek. She kept sobbing as the man exited her and said something in French, and all the men started to laugh as Jenna kept screaming under her own rapists. "WHY... WHY... WHY..." Why were they doing this? She was such a good Libertarian who always spoke loud for equality and social justice! It wasn't fair!

Then another man lay down on her and it all began anew: her screaming, her loss of self, the man's disgusting breath on her face, his sweat mixing with hers, the brutal pounding inside her violated cunt, the unbearable pain from the huge black cock, the men mocking her and calling her all sorts of names in French... And Jenna's nonstop screaming and protesting in German...

She was in darkest Africa. And this was Hell! Did Life had a purpose? Did Life chose to punish her so brutally to make her understand something? Through all this, she struggled to make sense of this nightmare... And this was just the beginning.

The second man had released his load inside her... He was quickly replaced. The pounding began, ever amplified by the bumps of the road. By this time, Jennifer was in utter pain, as her vagina was getting sore from such brutal abuse, and these Congolese dicks were so ungodly large! Her screaming grew weaker and she now only squirmed feebly... She felt exhausted. Then came another wave of warm semen inside her as the man let out a groan of contentment against her face. As soon as he was finished, a new rapist forced his big black cock deep inside her and resumed her ordeal.

Jennifer turned her face to her left, where other men held Jenna, her back flat against the trunk floor. It was all so confused; all she could see through the men's limbs and torsoes and exposed brown, sheeny butts was glimpses of Jenna being rocked, her perky brown boobs bouncing along with the ruthless pounding and her hair flying as one uniformed man was looking down on her, his mouth wide open with glee as he raped her forcefully. Other men kept holding their screaming victim and one man eventually succeeded in getting his cock inside her mouth after grabbing her head with both hands to keep it from turning away. But then there was a bump on the road and the man lost his balance and Jenna's mouth was free again to scream.

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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Surprised all the females wasn't gangraped by the black men. it's almost as if the troopers were told in advance that the white women were coming your way!. Love the way the story is progressing Merit from me when able to!

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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I have so many questions. What will our tourists find when they reach their destination? Are there other foreigners being held captive back at the camp? What will happen to Stacy...will she be comparatively luckier than Jennifer and Jenna...or receive even worse treatment? What else will Phil and Richard be forced to witness? Your sense of urgency, as always, pulls me right in.
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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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Fabrice was the Sergeant commanding the section chosen to escort Stacy and the other captives (except for Jennifer and Jenna of course). His commander, Colonel Piety Ntumba, had a special plan in store for this nice tall English brunette and Fabrice loved this assignment! She was to be walked to the camp along with Laura, a ranger whom he knew by name, except she didn't. Having an informant among the drivers and another at the tourist resort was always handy!

They had been tipped about these two white girls and everything went just as planned! Colonel Ntumba had insisted he wanted a slender brunette with long brown hair, her looks as similar as possible as this Belgian journalist they had narrowly missed last year. Fabrice and the informants had been given a picture of her. Now, at last, they had one girl that fit the bill! And she was such a cutie! Fabrice couldn’t take his eyes off her since the ambush. He had sized her up from head to toe, and he kept looking at the perky breasts he could make out through her light powder-blue top. The girl was obviously terrified, but he had felt something strange in her air and look; it was as if she somewhat felt arousal at being looked at by him and his men. He couldn’t wait to rip this top off her and discover her wonderful cream-white breasts and then mounting her like a stud under the African sun! He loved raping white women, especially brunettes like Stacy. For now he had to wait a little and spend some time looking at Stacy walking near him; his pleasure would be even greater later!

Stacy took several looks at the tall and well-built Sergeant who was left in charge. The man kept sizing her up all the time. She chanced to look at his crotch and noticed he was walking with a powerful erection and he wasn’t shy nor trying to hide it; why on Earth would he at this point? Then a powerful sense of horror made her entire being shiver: they were going to gang-rape her! Sooner or later. This was inevitable. She cried, but kept on walking, everyone being leashed to each other. At the same time, she felt her cunt was still wet from an independent process of arousal and her nipples were still half erect under her light top. She took another look at the well-built Sergeant and realized with a shock that she found him very attractive and that some secret part within her actually WANTED him to fuck her long and hard!

Fabrice was a very well-built man—a stud among studs! He was tall, strong and broad shouldered with an angular, symmetrical face and healthy, sheeny skin. It looked like nature had given him everything!

Stacy thought about a little incident she had in the Subway during her previous University term in London... It was nothing serious. She got off the Tube at a somewhat deserted station and there were three black rappers chilling with their back against the wall. When she passed them, all three of them had looked at her and sized her up from the head down. She accelerated her pace and ignored them, and that was the end of it, but she clearly felt they had been on the verge of going after her. The experience had sent two opposite currents within her being; a sense of “Thank God nothing happened” for her head... and something else for her sexual core: a sense of unfathomable arousal that had her cunt soaking wet as she kept walking in the streets of London and onto the campus. As soon as she was back in her room, alone, she masturbated to this fantasy: these three black rappers had caught her, and then they had seized her and carried her in some deserted back alley, where they had brutally undressed her stark naked and then taken turns in savagely raping her with their huge cocks; she came very forcefully – her most intense climax ever – as she pictured herself being held by the arms and feeling the forceful ramming as the third man was drilling his monster dick deep inside her while holding her thighs, his muscular arms under her knees and groaning like a wild beast. And each of them had done this to her, one after the other, with her moaning and groaning all the time and entangling each of them inside her legs as she crossed her ankles and felt her naked feet sometimes colliding with her rapist’s loins throughout the forceful pounding. It had been so intense and erotic! She had felt totally and utterly TAKEN by these hot black studs and it had been so GOOD! It became her favourite fantasy.

Now, as she walked as a captive deep in darkest Africa, she mostly felt an intense, unfathomable terror at the prospect of going through this inevitable and traumatic gang-rape, yet somewhere deep down, she found an unspoken and unspeakable desire of being gang-fucked by these black studs.

She looked at Phil. He was quietly sobbing as he kept walking and so did Hans. Poor them! They must be feeling so powerless and stung by a deep sense of failure in their male pride: they had failed to protect their girlfriends. But what could they do? How could have they foreseen this turn of events? And what about her boyfriend Richard? She had just seen his true nature: Richard was a weak man, a pretty boy who looked good in London, where he led a carefree lifestyle as the son of a rich lawyer, but when he had been confronted with something awful and scary, he had collapsed. She was bitterly disappointed in him; she knew nothing could be done under thirty Kalashnikovs, but she still had hoped there would have been some fight in him, like Phil!

Then her secret part took a twisted turn in her thoughts: Will Phil be turned on and have an erection from watching these black men ripping her clothes off and savagely raping her? She felt very much ashamed as she acknowledged that she hoped he’d be randy from watching her being gang-raped by the Congolese soldiers!

As she was harbouring these thoughts, they had turned into a small windy dirt road that led to a very secluded clearing. The black Sergeant ordered them to stop. Then he spoke with the other soldiers and everybody smiled and grinned between themselves. She understood some little French, and she overheard something like “Oui. Ici ce sera parfait !” (All right. This place will do!”) Then she felt her heart stopping to beat and started to scream with terror as the Sergeant and his men went straight at her and Laura!

“Now! At last!” said Fabrice to himself. He ordered four men to keep their assault rifles pointed at the other prisoners as the other men – four of them – untied Stacy and Laura. Stacy was going frantic and screaming, but Laura kept her cool as best she could and told her to be strong as just a single tear flowed down her cheek. The three men driving the jeeps had cut off the engine and came running to join in the fun. Fabrice was very happy: the Colonel had given him permission to “play a little bit with her” as long as they washed her thoroughly after they were done and followed the special instructions before taking her to him. A good leader this Colonel! He knew how to keep his troops contented!

The men brutally separated Stacy from Laura, who was directly taken to where the jeeps were parked; Laura started to squeal and protest. He ordered Stacy to take off her hiking shoes; as she hesitated, two black soldiers pointed their weapons at her and she complied, sobbing. “Faster! Faster!” the impatient Sergeant commanded. Fabrice knew this shoes-off thing was often a pain in the ass and took longer, but he always wanted to rape his victims barefoot, especially when it was a white girl. Seeing a white girl's feet was a total turn-on for him!

At the jeeps, three or four soldiers urgently undressed Laura from the waist down and they were bending her over a jeep hood, all laughing and ignoring her frantic screams, when Stacy was done taking off her shoes and socks as she was ordered to. Then Fabrice’s men brutally seized her and walked her to some clear ground near the jeep trail. She let out shrill screams and tried to fight and flail, all in vain, as two soldiers firmly held her arms and they were far too strong for her. Richard, Phil and Hans as well as the captive male rangers and drivers shouted insults at them as the pack of soldiers closed in on poor Stacy who was screaming at the top of her voice... “Nnnnnnoooooooooo! Please! Noooooooooooooo! Stop this... Please!... Phil! Help me!!!... Noooooo!”

She cried and bawled as Fabrice and the other men pulled up her pale blue top and took a peek at her braless breasts! Then, Fabrice let out a loud groan of satisfaction as he ripped her top off and unveiled her tits in their full white glory under the African sun. He always adored this moment – the SCHRRR of torn fabric and the girl’s breasts flashing out and overflowing his eyes with their pure whiteness! Nothing compared with the rush of raping a young white woman. Stacy was a brunette with a medium skin color, somewhere between pale and olive. Her breasts were average to small and very perky with pinkish brown nipples...

He cupped them both in his hands and immediately started to lick them as Stacy bawled and cried, begging them to stop; the three white men kept shouting insults at them. He didn’t care: there was nothing they could do other than watch their women getting raped right in front of them. But oooh, these white tits tasted so damned good! He took one nipple between his lips and pulled it gently; then he licked the areola in a counter-clockwise motion using the tip of his tongue. Her nipples grew hard and fully erect; he kept on sucking and licking as he softly rubbed her boobs with his dark brown hands; her white skin was so soft and delicate! He felt her dainty breasts swelling under his hands and mouth! He felt some strange force at work deep within her and... did she just moan amid her screaming!? He could tell she was resisting less.

One of his men had heard it too, as he said “Elle aime ça ! Vous avez entendu ?” (She likes it! Did you hear?) and they all started to laugh as she screamed and begged them to let her go.
Then Fabrice felt a violent, unstoppable urge to rape this classy British girl. As he quickly undid her belt, Stacy panicked and tried to break free using all the energy she had, but the lustful men kept their unescapable hold on her. Fabrice loved the way her perky breasts bounced as she squirmed and wiggled; then he pulled down her dark khaki Bermudas and tore away her navy blue panties with uncontrollable urge, and he let out another loud groan of satisfaction when he saw the tiny line of hair she had above her cunt.

He felt his cock rock-hard and ready to burst under his pants: he was going to rape this white British tourist girl right in front of her boyfriend and this was going to be so much fun! He quickly got rid of all his clothes – boots and all – as he ordered the other men to lower their screaming victim to the ground, where she was forced to sit in her full-bloom beauty. She was gorgeous!

Fabrice stood right in front of her, his huge black dick protruding and towering above her horrified – yet somewhat fascinated – eyes; it was all swollen with small veins all over, like one big pillar of African meat ready to pound into her pussy; it had a throbbing life of its own! As the other two soldiers held her ankles to spread out her legs, he spat to lube his massive cock and he urgently kneeled in front of her crotch. Then he feverishly worked his hard meat between her labia as she screamed in a piercing and far-reaching shrill, the two Congolese soldiers always holding her arms as she vainly tried to break free. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! ... NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!...”
Fabrice felt an unfathomable rush of bliss throughout his entire body as he felt his massive brown dick forcefully invading Stacy’s vagina as she kept screaming and wiggling under the men’s vicelike grasp. Not without surprise, he noticed that her cunt was already soaking wet as he speared his shaft into her. Was she aroused!? Yeah, it happened sometimes, much to the victim’s shame, and of course it was a taboo subject everywhere. His large African dick went all the way inside the British girl – England’s finest – and then he firmly grabbed her hips and forcefully lifted her midsection off the ground and started to pound her with ruthless abandon. OH MAN, THIS WAS SO FUCKING GOOD! ... OH YES! WE ARE RAPING THESE FUCKING LIBERTARIAN WOMEN! ... OOOOHH! YESSSSS!!!! ... ahhhhhrrr! ... ahhhhhrrr! ... ahhhhhrrr! ... ahhhhhrrr! ... ahhhhhrrr! ... ahhhhhrrr! ... ahhhhhrrr! The Sergeant stud groaned and grunted as he raped Stacy with all four men holding her limbs, Stacy sobbing and groaning in pain.

Fabrice let go all restraint and kept pounding Stacy for several minutes, fiercely and urgently, like a beast, and enjoying every second of it. Stacy screamed and begged, but do what she will, she also started to moan. The soldiers holding her heard it as well as Fabrice. They laughed and commented... “Oh! Elle aime ça la salope !” (Oh gosh! She likes this! What a slut!) “Oh la vache !” (Holy cow!) “Alors ça c’est une vraie pouliche !” (Now, this is a real fucking whore!)

Fabrice loved feeling Stacy’s silk-soft thighs against his flanks every time he forcefully pushed his rock-hard shaft deep inside her; he also loved to watch Stacy’s breasts bouncing, her hair flying and her head bobbing at the same beat as his beastly hip thrusts. Drilling white women was so much fun! It always gave him the very best climaxes. He loved his job on those days!

Stacy had quit screaming and kept sobbing; she was also moaning louder and louder as she approached a shameful climax from her own rape. Now he heard her positively groaning and he pounded her harder and faster, his grunting mixing with her ever-increasing groaning and moaning. He felt she was just about to have an orgasm... He loved this so much! He wished it would never stop! The build-up to climaxing was pure paradise and he wished if he just could hold, oh shit... Suddenly, his dick twitched and went out of control inside Stacy and his entire body was taken by a tsunami of unstoppable bliss as he let out a loud groan and forcefully ejaculated deep inside the panting Briton girl, overflowing her cunt with his warm load of African semen. OH GOOD GOD! THIS BRITON GIRL IS REALLY GOOD FUCKING! OH IT’S SO FUCKING DELICIOUS!!!

As he exited Stacy, he uncontrollably let out a second load of cum, which shot up and fell on her breasts. One of the black men rubbed it all over her tits, saying “On va la crémer un peu cette salope anglaise !” (Let’s cream up this English whore a little bit!)

Fabrice got back up, his legs all wobbly from the intense orgasm, while a Corporal quickly replaced him and gleefully drilled his own swollen dick into Stacy; he immediately started to ram her repeatedly in a frantic beat spiced with wild groans each time he rammed his dick home inside this English cum-soaked pussy, as Stacy’s body kept being rocked and rocked again, her breasts bouncing, her hair flying and her head bobbing in complete submission as she now feebly screamed... and she kept moaning and groaning in uncontrollable pleasure under the uniformed man’s beastly assaults.

The Sergeant looked on at the brutal abuse as the black man took his pleasure, this time missionary style with her back flat against the ground. He loved to watch her dainty feet, their soles dirty with Congolese sand, as she curled her legs around her rapist’s back and hips. She had almost stopped resisting; she kept moaning... Before long, she groaned out loud and let out a high-pitched and far-sailing scream of bliss and shame as she had a very intense orgasm under the black soldiers’ brutal pounding. The rebel Corporal raped her harder and faster, with frenzied abandon as he groaned, his mouth wide open with frantic bliss. Presently, his body was seized with a wave of delight and he screamed at the top of his lungs as he forcefully released a massive load of cum. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHRRRRRRRRRRR! ... OH OUI ! ... OH LA FEMME BLANCHE ! OH LÀ LÀ !!! NON MAIS QUELLE PUTAIN DE BAISE ! AAAaaah ! Ça c’est le pied !” (... OH YES! OH, THE WHITE WOMAN! OH LORD JESUS CHRIST! NOW THIS IS A FIRST-PRIZE FUCK! Aaaaah! I can’t believe how GOOD this is!)

The third soldier was very tall and thickly muscled. He was stark naked and Stacy let out a scream as she saw his incredibly massive dick hanging from his crotch, a sight not unlike the trunk of an African elephant. He easily switched her position, and it was all the easier as Stacy was now much more docile.

He placed her on all four and kneeled behind her. He rubbed his growing erection on her firm butt and as soon as it was hard enough, he entered Stacy’s cum-drenched vagina; she screamed in pain, “AAAAAAAIIE!” But the Congolese giant ignored her screaming and seized both her forearms near the wrists as he savagely rammed her all the way in, and he started to fuck her doggystyle, Stacy screaming in utter pain all the time and repeating “No! It’s too big! It’s too big! Nooooo! Stop! Please!... Aaaaaahhhhh! ...”

The giant African man kept pounding her like this a few minutes, holding her wrists and pulling her arms back so her ass forcefully collided with his large pelvis each time he rammed his monster dick inside her. Stacy’s body was rocked back and forth under this barrage of unrestrained primal violence and fury as the colossal black soldier loudly groaned and grunted his utter contentment; it looked like it was his first go at a white girl and he raped her in total frenzy! Fabrice loved the way Stacy’s tits were bouncing under her as the human gorilla kept savagely fucking her with his beastly ramming and monster cock! Suddenly Stacy moaned out loud and started to groan uncontrollably in a series of high-pitched screams... She was climaxing again!!! Her giant rapist picked up his speed as he grunted in wild abandon... He knew his ejaculation was going to be MASSIVE!

The fourth soldier couldn’t wait any longer. He had been naked for several minutes with his dick erect from watching his comrades raping this young English tourist. He laid down on the ground and put his erect shaft just under her head, then he seized her by the hair and said, in English, “Now, you suck my dick!” It wasn’t easy, as she was being rocked quite a bit by her grunting gorilla rapist, but he guided her head with one hand, his dick with the other, and as she groaned and panted, he inserted his meat in her mouth. Then he took her head with both hands and imposed his rhythm as she started to blowjob him while the giant black soldier kept doggystyling her. Wow! It was such a beautiful abuse!

Then came a wild, unrestrained scream of bliss as the king-size human gorilla forcefully cummed in a massive load of his gooey semen deep inside Stacy’s cunt, and a lot of it overflowed as the man’s dick was so ungodly big. Then shortly after, the man who had Stacy doing a blowjob let out a groan of utter contentment as he cummed deep inside her mouth and let the giant wave of bliss take its course throughout his entire body. OH MAN! THIS WAS SO FUCKING GOOD! HE HAD JUST FACE-FUCKED ONE OF THESE WELL-THINKING LIBERTARIANS, RIGHT IN FRONT OF HER BOYFRIEND! NOW SHE KNEW WHAT AFRICA WAS ALL ABOUT!

When the men were done with her and Laura, Stacy was left stark naked on the dirt road, crying in a half-sleep of exhaustion with soreness making its painful presence felt in her private parts; at the same time she wondered at all the contradictory feelings she’d had coursing and cursing her being during this long ordeal where she had two unvoluntary orgasms. She watched as Laura was left crying and sobbing, still naked from the waist down, her chocolate brown butt and legs clearly visible with the sheen of her skin under the sun, and still bent over the jeep’s hood, where several troopers had violently raped her. She counted in her head – she’d been raped by the Sergeant and four men, and then... three for her? Oh my God! The guards for the other captives must have been relieved by contented rapists and... Seven!? Or perhaps she’d had a fifth man on her and she didn’t remember... She was visibly too deeply shaken to move for now. This must be a dream! It had to be! Upon realizing she wasn’t waking up in her Sheffield apartment, she started to sob and wail uncontrollably. They had used her like a whore! All of them!!! She felt like she was dying deep inside. She closed her eyes and tried to enjoy the wind over her battered body.

Then she felt something wet and cold on her crotch and something like a sponge was gently inserted inside her vagina... She opened her eyes and tried to get up, but she had four men holding her legs and arms. She started to squirm as she heard Fabrice’s voice, who spoke in broken English: “Little miss, do not worry! We... We wash you!” She quit fighting back and let herself be washed by the soapy water in her private parts and all over her raped body; after this, they touroughly rinced her. She felt so utterly exhausted. She didn’t try to understand the reason for this either. They actually did a very clean job.

Then a soldier approached her and – strangely enough given the context – saluted her very civilly. He sorted out three khaki field shirts, took a good look at her and then he picked one. He presented her the shirt; through obvious signs of him (as he didn't speak English) she understood and put the shirt on, which fit perfectly. She found it so weird that these men gave her some clothing after gang-raping her with unrestrained savagery! Even stranger: the soldier presented her some kind of black pearls necklace adorned with many small silvery plates and he made it understood that she was to put it on, which she did; it was actually very beautiful and nicely crafted. Stacy found her Bermudas lying at some distance, then her hiking shoes and socks. She quickly dressed up again. Her panties had been torn out of use, but at least she was dressed again! She was so exhausted and forgetful of where she was that she thanked the soldier who had given her the necklace and had staid there to enjoy her beauty some more as she was getting dressed.

Laura had also got dressed again. Stacy flew into her arms and started sobbing. Laura held her, silent and her eyes dead.

As she cried in Laura’s arms, Stacy went inside her head and relived the entire ordeal she had just gone through. She had screamed and panicked when the black soldiers had carried her at the spot where they would all rape her. Somewhere amid all this horror and pain, she had experienced one of the most intense sexual experience she ever had. Her thoughts took her back to when Sergeant Fabrice had uncovered her bare breasts...

... As he ripped her top off her, she screamed and also moaned with excitement. She couldn’t control it; she found it so intensely erotic to be topless in front of these horny black men! This Sergeant was so handsome! When she felt his hands cupping her boobs and then his mouth sucking her nipples, and the tip of his tongue gently licking the sensitive skin all around her areola, she felt her breasts swelling, her nipples getting super-hard and her cunt going soaking wet, as her own body slipped out of her control.

... When she was all naked in front of him and saw his huge manhood towering above her, she secretely WANTED to feel this big Congolese dick deep inside her and fucking her senseless!

... As the four men held her arms and legs and the Sergeant was pounding her with animal-like abandon, she felt exactly like she had felt back on the London campus, masturbating intensely and groaning as she was picturing the three black rappers gang-raping her in some back-alley at the Tube station. As she was nearing her orgasm, she felt the wet warmth of his cum spilling deep inside her as he loudly groaned in utter ecstasy... And she had secretely loved the fact she had given this handsome man this much pleasure. How shameful! She felt dirty and valueless.

... Then the second soldier raped her missionary style. She could hear his groans right against her ear and feel his panting breath on her cheek... The climax has been so incredibly intense! It was like wave upon wave of bliss coursing every inch of her body! When the third man had his turn on her, she felt so utterly TAKEN as he switched her position like she were a playdoll! At first there was the unbearable pain from his ridiculously large dick and the sense of horror and shame from being doggystyled in front of all these jeering men somewhere on African dirt, but then she quickly felt a second surge of pleasure; she was presently picturing herself captured by a group of mountain gorillas and the Alpha male was raping her doggystyle. This shameful fantasy increased her pleasure tenfold and she let out unrestrained screams as she experienced her second orgasm, just as intense as the first one! At that moment, she found herself impatiently waiting for the big Congolese soldier to cum inside her so she could feel the sticky warmth of his gorilla semen! Oh Good Lord! How shameful!!!

... Just after her orgasm, she felt the fourth man taking hold of her hair and a big black cock was suddenly right under her mouth, seemingly out of nowhere, as the giant black soldier kept pounding her doggystyle with his monster cock and sent waves of pain mixed with bliss throughout her utterly raped body. She took the black man’s dick in her mouth and she was in such an aroused state that she didn’t feel disgust at the strong bitter taste nor at the shameful fact that she was being used like a whore in darkest Africa; in fact, picturing her predicament in these remote parts increased her arousal. And when the fourth black man cummed in her mouth, she felt the same shameful sense of “accomplishment”: she had secretely enjoyed the fact she was pleasuring him so much, which was very audible from the loudness of his climax groan.
Then she snapped out of her thoughts as the men barked orders.

She and Laura were leashed back with the others and they walked into an area where the jungle grew thicker. As Stacy kept walking, Sergeant Fabrice kept looking at her – She was walking like a soulless being, her eyes cast down... And she was so beautiful in her new clothes!

Oh Good God. He couldn’t wait to fuck her again!!!

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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Didn't read what, but can you say: will their hipstery beards be shaved? As a scariest of possible perils.

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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What a chapter, now the true story really begins! We learnt that they were indeed set up. some even claimed! Can't wait to read what happens to the soldier who breaks that claim has happen to them! Great use of photos to enhance the story! Merit awarded from me!

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Re: Young Britons and Germans kidnapped in Congo (Illustrated, interr)
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Cool story and I am loving the images.  Those big black cocks are a real turn on!