Author Topic: Best VDay Ever: Mom & Daughter ( incest )  (Read 821 times)

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Best VDay Ever: Mom & Daughter ( incest )
« on: January 14, 2021, 03:09:33 PM »
BEST VDAY EVER: Mom & Daughter

Life is full of surprises

One day you're devastated because your husband left you for a younger only who are on the website (

Three months later a moment rekindles a past you had pushed far, far away and life is good!

I came home at lunch to pick up the snacks for the afternoon PTA meeting (the divorce settlement had left me still able to be a stay-at-home mother, although with Tess in her senior year I was pondering what to do next) when my taboo past came flooding back out of the woodwork in one stunning reveal.

I noticed Tess was home, which was rather unusual, so I headed to her room to see if she was okay; usually she would text me if she was coming home sick or if she forgot something (which she often did) to have me bring it to her (truth be told I was pretty much her servant).

I heard her cry out, "Oh yes, fuck me harder, I'm so close,"

I froze.

She came home at lunch to have sex?

I was pissed. I mean she is eighteen and I was not naïve enough to think she was a virgin, but fucking some guy right here in my house!

I was about to burst into her room when I heard a female voice, "How bad do you want it, Tess?" A voice I instantly recognized. It was Jane, my neighbour and my daughter's best friends' mother.

"So bad, just pound my cunt," my daughter moaned, clearly close to an orgasm.

"You're turning into a perfect little lesbian slut," Jane approved, as I listened in awe, flashbacks to my own lesbian teen past immediately flooding back... especially my sexual submission to my own former neighbour and my mom's best friend Kendra.

My teenage degradation had gone from eating her pussy while in bondage:
To Mistress Kendra sharing me with other women of the neighborhood:
To her fisting me:To how I made the cheerleading squad:
Chills went through my body and wetness flooded my panties at the memories of my taboo past... one I'd quit cold turkey (or cold fish lol) when I got pregnant in my last year of college (never actually graduating) with the man I would marry. A man from a family of privilege, although it turned out he used that privilege to cheat on me at work while I stayed home and raised four kids (one a doctor, two in college and my youngest, Tess).

I hadn't tasted pussy in twenty-five years.

I hadn't wielded or been fucked by a strap-on in twenty-five years.

For the past two, I had only been fucked by my one old vibrator.

Yet suddenly, without even seeing the lesbian act happening in the next room, my past came flooding back and so did my hunger.

I couldn't resist, my hand went to my panties as I listened to my daughter having lesbian sex.

"Oh God, I love how you fuck me so much better than the boys," Tess whimpered.

"Because only girls know how to please girls," Jane said, something I would have to agree with... all my greatest orgasms had come twenty-five or more years ago from a female tongue or a plastic cock.

"Oh God, fuck, shit," Tess babbled, her orgasm obviously imminent.

I could no longer resist peeking around the corner and watching, my own orgasm building quickly.
As I snatched a quick glimpse of my daughter on all fours getting fucked (my favorite position), I found myself looking at Jane, who was looking right at me.

I quickly darted away and scurried out of my house and into my car and drove away.

I pulled over and collected myself.

What had just happened?

As I replayed what I'd witnessed, I moved a hand back to my fevered pussy and quickly finished the orgasm that had been interrupted by Jane when I was caught watching.

I drove to the bakery to pick up something for the PTA meeting since I'd forgotten it a second time in my hurry to leave... then something occurred to me: why had I left?

I had done nothing wrong!

Yet, even though I had only seen my daughter getting fucked for a few seconds, I couldn't get the image out of my head.

When I did come home later, nervous both about what to say to Tess and what she may say to me, she acted normal. It seemed Jane hadn't told her.

So, unsure what to say, I decided not to mention anything, but I did investigate. I asked, "So how is Mike?" Mike was her boyfriend. Or maybe he still was.

"Fine," she answered.

"Any Valentine's Day plans?" I asked, Valentine's Day only two days away... a day that happened to also be my birthday... a coincidence which I hated.

"Not sure," she answered.

"No big date?" I continued.

"With Mike?" she scoffed. "He doesn't even know what dating is."

"Are you two not together anymore?" I asked.

"We hang," she shrugged. She then added, "I'd rather spend the day with the birthday girl."

"Sweet," I smiled, "but you have a love life to lead."

"So do you," she said, having been bugging me to get back in the game for months.

"Ugh, men," I sighed.

She shrugged, "Then date a woman."

"Tess!" I gasped, even though that idea had been marinating in my mind ever since my lesbian encounter trigger earlier in the day.

"What? It's 2018. The rules are changing."

"Well, I'm an old-fashioned woman," I lied, thinking, if she only knew I'd eaten at least fifty girls' pussies before I met her father.

She shrugged, "Just saying. Who knows, you might like it."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah," I said, waving her off. If she only knew!

That night, I was watching lesbian porn for the first time in years, when as I got close I imagined Tess and her cheerleading friend Nicole getting it on together... which got me off in seconds.

The next morning, don't ask me how horny, I looked out the window and saw Tess and Nicole, Jane's daughter, waiting for the bus together.

This made me wonder if those two had ever had lesbian sex together.

"Ooooooh," I moaned to myself, imagining them in their cheerleader outfits having some fun.I ended up coming in my front room while staring at my daughter, imagining her wanting me.

Once I came, I cursed myself for my taboo thoughts.

I was fantasising incest.

I was her mother.

I shook my head and took a shower... a very cold shower.

That afternoon though, as if my fantasies were foreshadowing, I came home and again heard moaning coming from Tess's room. "Oh God, Tess, that feels so good."

"I knew you would like that," Tess responded.

"I can't believe we're missing gym to do this," said a voice that was undoubtedly Nicole's. I guess that answered my question!

"No worries, Mrs. Winston is a lesbo too," Tess revealed. Mrs. Winston was the principal.

Instantly, my naughty twisted lesbian mind went to another hot visual.I was imaging my daughter with Mrs. Winston when Nicole moaned, "Oh fuck, Tess, you're so much better than the boys."

"Tell me about it," Tess preened, as I again had to peek into the room, curiosity killing the horny mother's pussycat.My daughter was licking and fingering Nicole, who was moaning like crazy, her orgasm obviously close.

"Oh yes, oh yes, fuck, fuck, yes," Nicole babbled before she suddenly came.

"So yummy," Tess purred, eagerly licking up Nicole's pussy cum... which I instantly wanted to taste.

"You're amazing," Nicole declared, as her body finally finished quaking with ecstasy... I wonder if it was a like mother, like daughter thing... as I was once an amazing pussy pleaser.

"That's what your mother says, too," Tess purred.

"I can't believe you're fucking my mom," Nicole said, obviously something she had only learned today.

"I can't believe you're not," Tess responded, an incest reference, which made my mouth drop open. Would Tess commit incest?

Would I, given the chance?

I backed away as Tess got off the bed. "Now it's time to repay the favour."

"I don't know how," Nicole said.

"It's easy," Tess said, "now crawl over here and get licking."

"So bossy," Nicole joked.

"I need to come now," Tess said.

"I'll try," Nicole said, as I peeked back into the room just in time to see Nicole on her knees, between my daughter's legs.

"That's it, just pretend you're licking the cream out of a French pastry," Tess instructed with a moan, "make me say 'ooh la la!'"

Nicole seemed dazed and intoxicated, just like I'd been the first time I tasted heaven, as she replied, between licks, "You taste so warm and sweet. Gooey. Maybe you're right, maybe I should ask my Mom if she wants to play."
And I couldn't deny it, I wanted to taste my daughter.

Suddenly Tess's cell phone rang.

"Dammit," Tess sighed, moving away from the eager teen.

I took that as my hint to leave and I snuck back out of my own house for the second time in two days... wondering how long Tess had been playing with girls.

That night, while I got myself off again, I imagined Tess and Nicole playing together while Jane watched:
This led me to frantically fucking myself until my subversive mind took control and I was imagining not Tess and Nicole, but Tess and myself... in a 69.
And God did I come hard.

Then I cursed myself for thinking such inappropriate thoughts.

Then I remembered Tess's incest statement.

Then I drifted to sleep wondering what if.....


The next day was Valentine's Day.

My birthday.


First thing in the morning I walked past Tess's room and she called out, "Happy birthday, Mom."

I turned to and began to say, "Just another year closer to...." But I stopped as my daughter was putting on a thong and was dressed so inappropriately. Two days ago I would have scolded her for such an outfit, especially for school, but instead I stared... my pussy tingling and my mouth watering.
"...death," she repeated... apparently I used that expression too much.

"Exactly," I nodded.

She stood up once her thong was on and asked, "Like my outfit?"

"It's a little much," I pointed out, even as I stared at the exposed bottom halves of her tits.

"No rant?" she asked.

"What?" I asked.

"I was trying to see how long it would take before you made me change," she smiled. "Aren't you putting your foot down this morning and saying something about my disgracing the family name?"

"Brat," I said, "too late, I think your father already did that," shaking my head, as she pulled down her skirt in front of me, covering up her sexy thong. Drat!

I started to leave, temptation swirling around inside me, when she asked, "So any plans today?"

"Ice cream and Sandra Bullock and Meg Ryan movies," I said, as she took off her shirt, okay, half-shirt.

"It's a date," she said.

"Really?" I asked, surprised she would spend the evening with me.

"It'll be Sleepless in Boston," she joked.

"Or You've Got Ice Cream," I countered.

"Or just plain You've Got Cream," she quipped with a strange tone as she put on a pair of jeans, while I made a shitty attempt at not staring at those ripe tits.

I didn't respond to her inneundo, as I didn't get it at the time, instead just admiring my daughter's body.

Once she was dressed properly, making me feel strangely disappointed, she gave me a hug, her tits crushing into mine, and said, as she gave me a quick peck on the lips, "Happy birthday, Mom."

"Thanks, Sweetie," I said.

"And do I have a great present for you," she said, as she walked out of the room.

"I hope it's Hugh Jackman," I called out.

"Better," she yelled back.

I heard her close the front door a minute later and I went to the washroom.

I then was walking past her room when I noticed her thong lying on her bed.

When and why had she taken it off? Had she replaced it with anything?

Or were they just yesterday's and I just hadn't noticed them? Before I even knew what I was doing, I was shrugging out of my robe.
I knew it was wrong, but I wanted to smell her scent... a woman's pussy scent the most intoxicating scent in the world... at least I'd thought so back in my youth.

I pulled the thong, still damp, to my nose.
"Ooooooh," I moaned to myself, my head going light at the flowery sweet scent of my daughter's pussy.

God, I wished she weren't my daughter.

God, I wished I knew how to get back in the lesbian game. Maybe Jane...?

I fell back onto my daughter's bed, brought her thong to my nose and mouth again and moved my other hand to my fevered pussy.

I began rubbing myself, again closing my eyes, this time deciding just to give in to my lesbian incest fantasy.

I sniffed her intoxicating scent, as I babbled, imagining a sweet 69 again, "Oooh yes. Oh my God! Right there, Tess. Ooooh. Lick Mommy there."

I sucked on her thong, tasting her sweet nectar. God, it was heaven.

I sucked on her thong.

I smelt her thong.

I moaned, "Oh yes, lick Mommy's pussy, baby," and "Mommy really wants to lick your cunny, honey."I moaned, my eyes closed as I imagined tasting her full nectar directly from the source as she licked mine, "Oh yes, make Mummy cum while she eats your yummy pussy."

I was so close to coming, the naughty idea of having sex with my daughter really turning me on, when I was startled by a single word, "Mom?"

I heard her voice and my mouth reacted quicker than my fingers as I kept rubbing even as I gasped, "What? Tess!"

Tess came closer as she asked, "What are you doing, Mom?" Before I could respond, not that I had a good answer (praying she hadn't heard me moaning about her), she added, "Are those my panties?"

I wanted to joke, 'actually it's your thong.' But instead I asked, "Um, um, what happened? Why are you back here?"
"I missed my bus," she explained.

Mortified at getting caught, I said, "I -- oh God. I'm so sorry and ashamed, sweetheart. There's no explanation I can give you."

Instead of being angry, or horrified, or even vaguely disapproving, she smiled. Her response confused me completely. "Yeah, right. Except the obvious one."
"What?" I asked.

"I heard you say you want to eat my pussy," she smiled. "Actually you were crying it out rather loudly."

"Oh my God," I gasped, even as I realized I was still holding her thong.

"That was so wrong," I said.

"What? Being horny for your hot daughter?" she asked.

"Yes," I admitted, "I mean, no."

"Which is it?" she asked, her hand going to my leg.

"Okay, the answer is Yes, you made me horny, but it's wrong," I answered.

"It's your birthday," she said, her hand slowly slithering up my leg. "You get one birthday wish."

"I don't know," I said, even though I wanted her so badly.

"Simple question," she asked. "Do you want your birthday present to be me?"

"Oh, Tess," I groaned hopelessly, wanting to say yes, but unable to say it.

She didn't say a word, just immediately stood up and began undressing.

I watched unable to speak... although my lower lips were trembling and dying to speak up. Have you ever had your own pussy wanting your attention so much you felt it was tugging on your sleeve?

"How long have you wanted to eat my pussy, Mom?" she asked nonchalantly.

"Tess!" I gasped at the frank question.

"Sorry, do you prefer the word cunt?" she asked. "I mean cunt is definitely a nastier word, a hotter one. Will it turn you on more if I talk dirty? How long have you wanted to eat out your daughter's juicy cunt, you sexy Mommy slut? Is that better?"

"I can't believe this," I said, unable not to stare as she was now completely naked.

"What?" she asked. "That you're about to have your first birthday pie ever? Shall I stick a little candle in my twat for you to blow out?"

"Oh God," I said.

"I hope to be screaming that very soon, Mommy," she wickedly said, as she lay on her bed and spread her legs. "Now crawl between my legs and get your first birthday present of the day."

"I can't believe this," I said, even as I felt my body moving towards hers.

"I wanted to give you the perfect present," she said.

As I stared at her tantalizing twat I nodded, as I morphed into my old lesbian self, craving teen cunt, "You just did, sweetheart!"

As I extended my tongue and licked, she moaned, "Oh yes, Mom, lick my pussy!"

"I've dreamed about this for so long," I moaned, as I licked her delicious ripe cunt, before adding, "so yummy!"
to be continued..........