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Breakfast of Champions
« on: January 14, 2021, 07:29:55 AM »
Well it's no secret that Mondays suck. But my morning routine for Monday is the saving grace of the week. It's made Monday one of my favorite days. We've been practicing a D/s relationship for almost a year now. The sex is amazing. The emotional connection is like nothing I have ever experienced. Over time, we've added a few rituals. Just to name a few, he picks out my panties every morning and I text him a picture of my plump bum filling in those panties after my morning shower every day, I kneel at his bedside in the evening and ask permission to sleep next to him and then there's Monday. Oh Monday how I love thee.

** "Blasted alarm." My hands reach far above my head, my breast arch to the ceiling, I lock my leg muscles and point my toes, stretching my self awake. My body relaxes and slumps back onto the ever inviting warmth of the mattress beneath me. Ugh...mornings. Never have I been a morning person. Maybe it's the terrible sound of the alarm. Maybe it's that I just really like my sleep. Whatever it is, I'd much rather sleep through the morning and wake at noon. I like noon.

I yawn lazily and start running the day through my head. "Start a load of laundry, get the coffee going, prepare breakfast...BREAKFAST! It's Monday!" A silly grin creeps across my face. I wiggle giddily and throw off my covers that were my best friend just 30 seconds ago. Now I cant get them off fast enough. Like a bull breaking free from it's confines, I buck myself out of bed. I skip to the closet and go straight to the XXX rated attire."I feel like the woman on" "Pink lace teddy? No. School girl skirt and tie? No." And then it hits me! "Apron! Only an apron" I smile and skip to the kitchen naked, breast bouncing, hiney shaking, hair swinging.

My black, white and red flower 1950's housewife style apron hangs just next to the pantry. I grab it from the hook and slip the neck hole over my hand and begin to tie a bow in the back around my waist.

** His alarm goes off in the distance and it causes a reaction of warmth and moistness between my thighs. My hands slowly run from the bow in the small of my back and over my hips, finding their way to the apex of my creamy white thighs and pussy. I close my eyes, breath deep, my breast expanding outward. Standing there for a minute, I imagine his hands in the place of my own. Two of my fingers trace over the outer lips of my sex and I begin to tingle at my core. The pantry door seems to invite me to lean against it and encourages me to deepen my fantasy. My fingers run across my warmth again only this time my middle finger finds its way into the center of my pussy lips and slips between. Slick and sexy is how I feel. I pull my finger back out only to slip it back in a little further this time. My free hand moves up to massage my breast and trace circles around my excited nipple. Pinching lightly and pulling on the tender bud. My head goes back and...

"Good morning, love. I see you've started without me."

I'm pretty sure I have jumped out of my skin and I'm just a mere skeleton blushing in his presence. Oh I am so embarrassed that I stutter and blink awkwardly as if I could have anything intellegent to say right now. " see I have your coffee here honey!" I cringe and smile and hold his coffee out for the taking, my face is as red as my cheeks will be later for this one. He's made it very clear that I'm allowed to touch myself any time I like, but I must ask first. No exceptions.

"So. What's for breakfast this morning, love? Or have you gotten that far?" He chuckles and smiles from ear to ear and rocks back on his heels and to his toes again as he takes a sip from his coffee.

"Well? Um? Toast!" I think I'm shouting in my nervous state.

"Toast? Ok toast. Anything else?" He glances around the kitchen.

"Um? Yes! Eggs! We're having eggs!" Yup. I'm shouting. This is me shouting his breakfast order. I can feel my pale behind stinging already and nothing has even happened yet.

"Toast and eggs. Ok. That sounds perfect, honey." He smiles again. Only this time his head is lowered a bit and the corner of his mouth is turned slightly up as he takes another sip of his coffee. No. This is not the same smile. We've just gone into dark mode. I feel my clit pulse once and begin to swell. A shiver runs from my moist pussy, up my spine and raises the hairs on the back of my neck. I LOVE dark mode.

"Wildflower? What were you doing when I came in the kitchen?" He cocks his head to the side a bit. As if he doesn't know. Really?

I busy myself and ignore his question. "Scrambled or fried eggs Sir? And would you like something on your toast this morning? I bought that local apple butter you like so much. Ill put the apple butter on your toast" I don't even look up.

"Wildflower?" His voice is a bit lower and a bit menacing.

"Do you need a refill on your coffee Sir?" I move towards him keeping my head down and reach for his cup. He quickly and firmly grabs my wrist. In one swift move he has my hand behind my back and I'm pulled against him, my ass resting against his cock. He runs his fingers from my temple down my neck, where they stop as he whispers in my ear.

"I asked you a question Wildflower. It would be rude not to answer me." My clit pulses several times and my heat begins to build. His fingers begin to move again, slowly tracing their way across my collar bone, my heavy breathed chest, cupping my breast and continuing down the center line of my belly. I shiver. They make their way to the top of my pubic bone where he presses his full palm and fingers against me. With his foot, he taps both my feet gently easily persuading me to spread my legs further apart. His hand slides between my aching thighs and over my begging pussy.

"We're you touching yourself when I walked in? Did you have your fingers in your cunt when I came in?"

I take a deep breath and and exhale before answering. "Yes Sir."

He dips his thick middle finger in my juices. "You didn't ask permission." He removes his finger and places it on my lips. "Open." I open and suck my own wetness into my mouth and clean his finger. "You know I never deny you. I always allow you to play with your self but you must ask Wildflower." He pulls his finger from my mouth and I stutter.

"Y...Yes Sir."

My knees are weakened as I feel his cock bulge and press against my ass. Oh how I want him inside me. I feel my clit pulse again. Just bend me over and fuck me now! Please! But he lets me go. He walks around to the front of me and he has a filthy grin on his face. He knows what I'm thinking and he's going to make me wait.

"I'll take that toast and eggs now, honey. I like your outfit by the way, but it's missing something. I'll be right back." He saunters out of the kitchen with a little extra pep in his step. I take that as my cue to get breakfast going.

I grab the eggs from the fridge, salt and pepper from the cabinet, top off his coffee and swing by the pantry for the bread before he's back.

"Love? Place your hands on the counter, bend over and stick that pretty little ass out for me."

I do as I'm told. "Yes Sir." I give a little extra wiggle of my bum for effect and grin. He stands behind me and rubs my cheeks tenderly. *Smack* His bare hand lands hard across my right cheek and I yelp. *Smack* Again, now the left side. Oooo that stings. Several more follow until I feel my rear glowing hues of pink and red. He reaches around me for the grapeseed oil, a favorite in our house for anal lube. I feel a liitle dribble down the crack of my ass and over the slit of my pussy. I love that feeling. His finger touches my tight asshole and he massages until I'm leaning into his hand and swaying with his circular motion before he presses in and massages me from the inside. I revel in the dirty little intrusion and bite my lip and close my eyes, throwing my head back. My breath is deep, slow and deliberate. As I begin to relax he slides in another finger.

"You like that slut? Do you like it when I fuck your ass with my fingers? Tell me."


"Say it little girl. Tell me you like being fucked in the ass with my fingers. I wanna hear you."

"Yes Sir. This slut likes it when you fuck her ass with your thick fingers. Please don't stop Sir."

And he stops. I knew I shouldn't have said that. Ugh. Just as I drop my head in disappointment I feel a cool sensation on my asshole. I feel the pressure and realize what was missing from my outfit. My glass anal plug adorned with a black, white and grey fox tail. I feel the fur tickle the backs of my thighs and goosebumps cover my arms and legs from the sensation. I've never been into pet play but the fox tail plug is just sexy. He puts a little more pressure and I feel my self start to stretch. But I feel like it's stretching more than usual, hurting a bit even, and my eyes widen as the plug reaches it's widest point and pops in. I feel a good bit fuller than normal as well. There is no way this is my small plug. He pats my ass and rubs my hips placing a kiss on my lower back.

"I think I'll have scrambled eggs this morning. And that apple butter sounds lovely. Of course not as lovely as the new large plug your ass just swallowed. Good girl!"

I go about finishing breakfast as he sits at the kitchen table, sipping his coffee and stroking his cock while watching me. I love the feel of the soft fur tail swinging across my backside and I can't help but blush and feel incredibly sexy. The extra fullness of the new plug in my ass has my juices dripping between my legs and my thighs are slick. What I would give to have his juicy cock invade my pussy and cum inside me. But I know better than to ask, especially after being busted fingering my self earlier when I should hsve been making breakfast and getting ready for our Monday morning ritual.

I plate his breakfast and bring the coffee pitcher with me to the table to serve him. He's slowly stroking his rock hard dick and eyeing me lustfully. I place his breakfast on the table, top off his coffee and ask if he would like anything else. He says no so I place my hands behind my head and spread my feet far apart as I stand next to him. With his first bite of toast he moves his hand up to my thighs and grins.

"Wow, honey. Impressive! We might need to put a towel on the floor because your pussy is wet enogh to make a puddle. I like this new plug."

He slowly fucks my pussy with his thick fingers and I moan in appreciation. This goes on for a few minutes and once he pulls his fingers out I know what to do. My favorite part about Monday. This is where I get down on all fours and crawl under the table. Every Monday morning, I suck his beautiful cock while he eats his breakfast and finishes his coffee.

As I lower myself to the floor I look up into his eyes and smile. I can't help but lick my lips as I seductively crawl towards his lap. Before starting, I admire his impressive dick. I lean in and breathe hot air on to the tip and it twitches in approval. I kiss the end as a thank you. Again, I get painstakingly close and breathe hot air onto the tip. It twitches again and again I kiss the tip only this time giving a little swirl of my tongue across the opening on the end. I love his cock. Using my hand, I lift the shaft and press my tongue into the center of his balls and firmly flick my tongue back and forth, moving up the entire length of his shaft and kiss the tip with another swirl of the tongue. I spit a good amount on the end and swirl it all the way around, wrap my lips around my teeth and slowly put him all the way in my mouth. He moans in approval and I moan back. My juices running down my leg betray me in how much I love to suck his cock.

"I love the way you suck my dick little girl. You suck it like a slut. Sloppy. You enjoy my cock in you mouth don't you?"

I moan in approval. I'm his cock sucking slut and proud. I quicken my pace up and down his shaft. Each time hitting the back of my throat. I stop at the bottom and it triggers my gag reflex and my throat convulses around him. He likes this a lot. I bob up and down again, swirling my tongue around the tip each time I pull back. I move down to his balls again and stroke him with my hand while I suck his balls into my mouth and massage them with my tongue. I move back up to the tip and place both of my hands on his thighs and dig my nails in. I bob again, up and down his swollen hard shaft placing pressure on the underside of the tip when I come up. He starts to tense and moan as his head goes back. I can't help but moan with him. Each time I move my body back and forth I'm reminded of the fullness in my ass. I wish I could have his cock in my ass and mouth at the same time. His hands grab fists of my hair and he pumps his dick in and out of my mouth at his own rapid pace. Before I know it, he's holding me all the way down to the hilt of his cock, pulsing and filling my throat with his hot delicious cum. I close my eyes, thankful for his gift and swallow it all. He releases me and l am obliged to lick him clean. Mmmmm...Monday mornings.

I crawl out from uder the table and into his lap. He holds me tight and kisses my forehead and strokes my hair.

"The eggs were delicious Wildflower. Thank you for breakfast my love."

"You're welcome Sir. Thank you for my breakfast and fixing my outfit." I smile and nuzzle into his chest, ready to start the day. Oh how I love Mondays.