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Character list and their back stories
« on: December 03, 2020, 08:01:14 AM »
Over the next couple of weeks I wanted to write a bunch of stories about girls being raped and I needed to make characters for the stories

Hair color:Blonde
Backstory: Kira is a short, popular girl who is also a bit shy around strangers but very vocal around friends. Being blonde haired and blue dyed she is one of the most beautiful girls amongst her friend group. She's very spoiled and always gotten what she wanted, and she doesn't like listening to others when they boss her around

Hair color:Blonde
Backstory:Courtney is a beach babe, always wanting to be at the beach. A cute pudgy face with small breasts and good figure on her hips. A lively girl, always happy and positive, seeing the best of people and the best of bad situations, you'll never see this blonde without a smile.

Hair color:Blonde
Backstory:Shelby is a country girl, independent and strong. A musician who has always had music in her life, she has been known to break out in song spontaneously should she feel the need to. A virgin girl, she follows her faith to a T and is a avid feminist.

Hair color:Black
Backstory:Brooke is a shy nerd of a girl, in love with video games and anime. Although a shy girl, she can be very feisty should she be pushed to the limit. She could be often seen with a large sweater on, covering up her C cup breast, and her large glasses on her face.

That's all the characters I have in mind for now, I already completed a small part of the first story involving Kira in the One on one tab. It's not that great but I plan on expanding upon it. I'm also open on other character ideas and I'll see if I can write a story about them if I like it  ;)
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