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My Shame (Complete tale)
« on: November 29, 2020, 06:09:32 PM »
Been bugged to post a story here but have never wrote about humiliation before so needed someone's opinion that what I wrote was acceptable. Now that i have it here is my first attempt

                                                                                                     My Shame

I was sitting there still questioning everything in my mind when it all became too late. Looking around maybe I still had a way out since Dr. Angekovic wasn’t the face staring at me from under the face shield and scrub mask! “Hello Janice I’m Dr. Feely And I’m replacing Dr. Angekovic while she’s in the hospital after her accident!” I tense up but then his words relaxes me “Now I know I’m not what you were expecting but I can reassure you that I have taken the Hippocratic oath and will handle this exam as professional as possible!” And like a naïve fool I accepted his words.

“Now what say we get this started, so we can finish before either of us starts blushing?” God he was so smooth that I thought he was actually fogging up under the face shield as he moved me into the proper position he wanted me. With a flimsy cover of a yellow cloth hospital robe covering me, I let him press me back into the chair as he gets under way. God I can feel his gaze onto my vagina, something only my father and a selected boyfriends outside of me have ever seen this close.

With my knees up like they were and the volume of the gown I was at a disadvantage of seeing what he was about to do. Oh sure there was a mirror but Dr. Feely was as wide as a football player! Damn he managed to take up every inch between my legs as spread as they were, everything was covered by him that I could only imagine what he was doing. Only his comment that I thought I heard told me that I should have said “NO!” and left until Angekovic returned. “Well isn’t this a delightful vulva!”
I swear I could feel something warm spread my outer labia “And what a lovely shade of pink!” Damn was he in reference to it or the colour creeping up my face as he continued! More of my labia is parted and I swear something was widening the space it covered opened to view.

I already knew the answer but I still foolishly asked “Is this really necessary?” God I could feel the shame on my face as the words left my mouth. The only thing that made it worse for me was when his assistance came in, apologizing for her lateness. Great now there were two sets of eyes on part of me that usually never gets seen! To top it off a sudden cold sensation sent shivers along my insides!

“Oh Janice I simply must apologize for failing to warn the speculum before inserting it, how careless of me!”  it expands and suddenly I can see the opening it created as Dr. Feely stood up and moved to get something from his assistance. A contraption that resembled a pair of binoculars on a tripod was placed in front of me and Dr. Feely took his position behind it. Oh god was I getting even more mortified as he seemed to gaze deep into my vaginal opening

“Well it appears that you haven’t been very active in your sexual career as Dr. Angekovic claimed in her last report!

A click of a button caught me so off guard! Was that a camera? In the six years  since I last had this kind of exam, I can’t remember pictures being taken before! Oh god I wanted this to be over with so I could get out of here faster than light! Even when the hand of his assistance landed on my shoulder to calm me down I still was thinking. *If I jumped up now and ran no one would be able to stop me until I was out in the parking lot!*

Strong hands hold me in place as the exam continues with more gazing through the binocular like device. “Well I have to say that your cervix looks perfectly healthy!” Another move then he returns with a vial in his hand containing a long cotton swab. “I’ll just take this chance to do a quick pap smear to satisfy my thinking that everything is perfect alright!” The vial is open and I feel something swishing around inside of me that wasn’t a cock nor a finger. “There I’ve got what I need!”  Turning his back on me as he walks away.

The cold sensation leaves my vagina and I can feel it beginning to return to its normal open size. The assistant helps me out of the chair and in a flash I’m into the curtained off area used as a change room. The gown now on the floor as my underwear is sliding up my legs fast enough that I could feel a bit of friction and trust me my pants didn’t do anything to shorten that feeling any. Placing my t-shirt over my chest, I’m tucking it inside as I hear the assistance asking it Dr. Feely wanted the sample in today’s pick-up. With my shoes in my hands I bolt from the curtained off area and run a direct path to the front door before either the assistant or Dr. Feely could say anything.

In my car, I don’t wait for the engine to fully start. Peeling out like I was just shot out of a cannon. Before I know it I’m a good half block away before I slow down. I had no idea that as I was leaving the scene of my shame Dr. Feely was in a state of confusion. “Damn did I do something to set this reaction off?  

“Not to my knowledge Dr. Feely!”

Dr. Feely saying something that would have made my insides turn to pure liquid if I had heard it with my ears “Damn sure this time I used the speculum to open her up and not my fingers?”

                                                                                                                     The End!
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Re: My Shame (Complete tale)
« Reply #1 on: November 29, 2020, 06:22:42 PM »
Well, being a male, I can imagine that the very act of GYN visit is humiliating by the very nature of it. Kudos for bringing that out in story form.

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Re: My Shame (Complete tale)
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From the "Humiliation Master" that is great praise indeed, like you i have never been to one so research and female assessmentwas required to prove that I read things right!

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Re: My Shame (Complete tale)
« Reply #3 on: November 30, 2020, 01:19:48 AM »
Agreed, I imagine it's totally humiliating having this medical exam.
So was the Dr a fake?

I too am working on a story when I have to put myself in the body of a young woman (not literally though, unfortunately lol)

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Re: My Shame (Complete tale)
« Reply #4 on: November 30, 2020, 01:01:07 PM »
Agreed, I imagine it's totally humiliating having this medical exam.
So was the Dr a fake?

I too am working on a story when I have to put myself in the body of a young woman (not literally though, unfortunately lol)

No the doctor was an actual doctor, a fake one came in Examination ( )  which I wrote in an earlier incarnation when here!

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Re: My Shame (Complete tale)
« Reply #5 on: December 01, 2020, 03:28:01 AM »
Great little story about a dirty doctor.
Captured this degraded but necessary exam quite well.
Really added to some already a great humiliation library
Well done and merit coming tomorrow when I can xx