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Just A Swingin
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(This short story is a work of fiction, nothing more. The author does not condone shaming others for the size and shapes of their bodies.  It is just a story.)

Abby was what you would call a full-figured girl.  In High school that can be a cruelty all its own.  Big girls are often made fun of and even shunned.  At Seventeen, Abby had a stringy head of shoulder length auburn hair, puffy C-cup tits, wide hips, and chubby legs.

And, of course, there was the nude pic of her someone hacked, and it made its way all over school, adding even more to her awkward teenage blues. It showed an obviously nervous and very naked Abby grinning into the camera lens.  Doing so would make her popular someone told her.

Unfortunately, the pic only added to her humiliating days.  Fall was coming on and Abby, bored as usual took a walk.  She found herself on the old playground of the now closed elementary school. 

“Hey, Abby, what’s up? She heard the voice of a classmate, Sara, and her best friend, Jenny. 

The three girls talked about how they used to play on this lot.  Abby’s favourite thing was the old rubber tire swing.  It was still hanging there.  Someone had put a new tire and chain on it.

“I used to crawl in on my belly and swing back and forth pretending I was the Flying nun like on TV.”  The other girls giggled and made a remark that those days were gone.
Abby took that as a challenge and walked over to it. 

“What are you doing?” Sara called out.  That thing will not hold you.  You will fall flat on your face.”

“Just watch me,” Abby smirked as she gave the tire swing a couple of shoves then bent over and slowly begin to wedge herself into the centre hole.

“Come on and shove me,” Abby called to the now giggling girls.

“It’s your funeral,” Jenny replied as the two gave Abby a couple of shoves. To say that Abby looked ridiculous was an understatement.  Her arms flailing about and the weight of her body putting an obvious strain on the chain.

As Abby sailed back and forth, she broke into a giggling fit, which made the other two girls laugh as well.  The fun and games ended however when the swing stopped.  Abby tried to slither her way back out of the hole only to realise she had become hopelessly stuck.

“Hey, you gotta help me. I am stuck!” Abby blared.  “I’m serious, I can’t get out, help me!” Abby cried out in a desperate voice.

“Geesh. Why did you get in there?”  Sara grumbled as he and Jenny tried hopeless in vain to pull the rotund girl out.

“Well, for one thing, your jeans are catching the tire around your waist, and that is preventing us from pulling you out frontwards or backwards.  Suck in. Take a deep breath!” Sara instructed.

Abby took a deep chug of air and held her breath as the two girls once again tried to free their now very stuck classmate.

When Sara breathed out, she felt one of the girls undoing her shoes.

“What are you doing?” Abby inquired nervously.

“Well, if you want out of there, some of this clothing has to go.  Relax. There is no one here but us. We are going to have to pull your pants off!”

“Like hell you will. Oh no.  You aint taking my pants off in broad daylight.  Call the police of the fire squad.

“Don’t be ridiculous, Abby. If we did that half the town would be up here in ten minutes gawking at you.  You want your picture in the paper with your fat ass stuck in a tire swing?” Jenny huffed as she pulled one of Abby’s sneakers and socks off.

With the shoes and socks off, Abby then felt the hand of the two girls crawling under her belly and felt them unsnap her jeans.

A blush of raw crimson filled her cheeks as she felt her jeans being tugged down.

“I can’t get em off!” Jenny snorted. The bitch is too fat!  Oh, sorry Abby, I didn’t mean that in a mean way,” Jenny recanted.

“Alright.  On the count of three, we both pull on her pants as hard as we can.  They got to come off.  She will stand a good chance freeing herself with these off.

“ONE….TWO…THREE!”   The girls pulled with all their might and the jeans freed themselves from the tire confines, but along with the jeans came the light pink panties Abby was wearing.  She howled like a wolf at the realization that her bare ass was on display in broad daylight.

“Get me out of here.  Cover me up with something,” Abby shrieked.

“OK. Here we go. We are going to try to pull you back one more time.  Each girl grabbed on of Abby’s naked legs and began to pull backwards.  The sight of Abby’s fleshly humps jiggling like jelly caused both the girls to break out into hysterical laughter, especially when they inadvertently spread her legs and exposed her pussy and butt crack.

While the effort did move Abby a little, it did not free her. 

“Come on, let us try the front. Try pulling her out by her arms. “Sara quipped.

“For god’s sake cover up my bare butt!” Abby squealed helplessly.

“With what?” Jenny asked. “You want us to help you or not?”

Abby was wearing a light pink pull over shirt, and that day she had been too lazy to put on a bra.  As the girls worked feverishly to pull her out, the shirt came flying off, leaving poor Abby butt naked, stuck in the tire swing.  Her round ass visible from the rear, and her ample tits now hanging down in front of her.

“Oh my fucking god. I am naked!  Help me!” Abby shrieked.

“That’s it, dumb ass.  Keep yelling and get more people up here to see your naked ass,” Sara scolded. “There is only one thing to do.  We must go get some baby oil or lube and lube you up to get you out of there.

“You ain’t fucking leaving me here.  I will kill you; I swear.” Abby snored, her face red and glowing, a stark contrast to the lily-white globes of her bare ass.

Abby was in tears at the prospect of being left alone in a state of nudity.  “Please, one of you stay with me, please!” she pleaded.

“We will run home.  We will be back in five minutes.  Look, no one is around.  Just stay quiet.  We will get you out, I promise, “Sara assured her.

The silence engulfed her.    She felt the air whizzing over her exposed crotch and bare skin.  In the distance she could hear dogs barking, and the faint laughter of kids playing.  She silently prayed no one would find her in this embarrassing dilemma.

“Well, will you fucking look at this!” a male voice spoke.

Abby froze.  She wanted to crawl into a hole and disappear forever.  Two lone males, wearing black leather jackets and smoking a cigarette drank in the sight of the naked girl.

“I’m not even going to ask how the hell you wound up like this.  Is this one of those frat initiations or something?”

“Hell, she is too young to be in college,” The other one remarked as she put his hand on her bare ass and began tracing the valley with his finger until he came to her pussy and began rubbing it.

“My friends will be back any minute.  If you molest me in any way, we will call the police and you will go to jail,” Abby stammered.

“From were I stand sweetie, the only one that would be going to jail would be your naked ass.  Public indecency, and lewd conduct,” the other replied.

“Just go.  Leave me alone,” Abby hissed.

“Now, that is no way to say thank you to two strangers who stopped to help a lady in distress, and you are most definitely distressed,” The man spoke as the two broke into mocking laughter.

“I think I hear them coming. You better get the hell out of here now!” Abby barked in a feeble attempt to scare the two off.

“I guess we could go, as long you suck our cocks in return for us stopping to help.”

“You sick bastards.  Get the hell out of here and leave me alone!” Abby snarled as one of the males unzipped his pants and fished out his thick cock.

"Relax girl. We ain't gone to rape you or nothing like that.  We would go to jail for that shit, but a little head surely can't hurt anything."

Before Abby knew what was happening, he had shoved it into her mouth.  She cocked, gagged, recoiled, but to no avail.  The cock hardened inside her and she soon found herself having no choice to but to give this stranger oral sex.

It was t he most degrading moment of her life.  When he spunked, he filled her mouth with the foul-tasting semen and Abby nearly threw up while he gently pulled out.

The second man wasted no time in fishing his cock from his pants and shoving it into Abby’s reluctant mouth.  Again, she found herself sucking on a strange cock while being imprisoned naked in a tire swing.  No one would ever believe such a thing.

His cock spasmed and she felt the hot jets fill her mouth and ooze down her throat.  The two men zipped up their pants, patted Abby on her large, bare butt, and walked away, once again leaving Abby imprisoned and doubly humiliated as the cum oozed down her chin.

What was taking Sara and Jenny so long?  They should have been here by now,” Abby though to herself as again the eerie silence enclosed her.

“What in the name of hell?” a female voice was heard.  Abby heard footsteps coming up from behind her.  It was not Sara and Jenny.

“Oh my god. That bitch is naked. Totally naked.  Come see this, girls.”

Abby soon found herself surrounded by the last sight she ever wanted to see at this point.  The mean girl gang from school.

“Well, she obviously wants to swing.  Let’s give her a hand,” One of the girls teased.

“Noooo. Please, just go and leave me alone.  I got stuck in here and my clothes ripped off trying to get me out.  Please go away, “Abby pleaded.

“A pathetic excuse if I ever heard one.  You want to be seen naked, don’t you?  You want people looking at your most private parts, staring at your tits and ass, and gawking at your damp little pussy, don’t you?”

“No, that is sick. Please leave me alone,” Abby sobbed in shame.

Before Abby could regain her composure, the girls began to swing the tire back and forth.  Every time Abby swung back; they would swat her bare ass until it was glowing red.  Others would reach between her legs and tweak her clit and torment her pussy before shoving her forward again.  A few of the girls up front would stop the swing and twist Abby’s nipples, making her sob aloud, then shove the swing back to the girls who would torment her sex even more. The sadistic girls made her cum several times before giving her another round of spanking and then walking off laughing.

It was getting dark when she heard Sara and Jenny returning. “Sorry to take so long.   Like to never found anything,” Sara remarked.

Abby did not dare tell the girls what had happened while they were gone. It was too embarrassing.  The two oiled Abby’s body until it shone with a gleam under the overhead lamp that was not illuminated.
She felt the two girls tugging on her body, and finally felt herself slowly slipping through the hellish tire that had imprisoned her.

Abby lay naked on the ground, trying to catch her breath as she fumbled for her clothes.   The walk home alone was another torment.  Every step she replayed the humiliating ordeal over in her mind until a new wetness had formed in the crotch of her panties.

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Re: Just A Swingin
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Great premise darklord. +merit

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Re: Just A Swingin
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Thanks Mike. Love you work too.

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Re: Just A Swingin
« Reply #3 on: November 26, 2020, 07:31:38 AM »
Aww Darklord that was just cruel! And here I thought you were a gentleman. Poor Abby!
Liked the realism and dialogue was really on point.
Great humiliation story and really added everything this section requires.
Merit earned and happy Thanksgiving xxx

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Re: Just A Swingin
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Lol.  Thanks Jessica.  Happy thanksgiving to you as well

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Re: Just A Swingin
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Hell the only think missing was cell phone footage of her going online! Love how her own stubbornness got her into the situation, when well people listen to what they are being told. Merit awarded!

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Re: Just A Swingin
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It’s true.  Thanks carhamgrater

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Re: Just A Swingin
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Certainly a different kind of story and one that was a delight to read. Really cruel treatment from you Darklord yet fitting for the theme of the section.
A sticky situation to say the least and you made it all the better by having poor Abby left swinging like that waiting for her friends to return. I'm sure the memories will keep her warm on the way home though!
Great tale and a deserved merit.

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Re: Just A Swingin
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Thanks Rachel.  Appreciate you much