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« on: October 30, 2020, 03:38:36 PM »
I have access to a story that I did not write. The story has long disappeared from the internet. The author is listed here but there is only one story from him. The author is rf riverrat. The story is called "The Rape and Brutalization of Diana. It was never finished and is 30 chapters long. Someone plagiarized the first half of the story on another site but not the whole thing. I wonder if and how can I post it it here? It used to be hosted on two different sites long since defunct. I think it's his magnum opus and I want to share it with people on a site that seems to be in no danger of disappearing. It def.belongs with his sole story enshrined here.
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If you post it with a proper attribution, that should be fine. Just repeat when you post the stuff you said here at the very top.
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