Author Topic: Treats Form Their Tricks  (Read 581 times)

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Treats Form Their Tricks
« on: October 29, 2020, 08:56:50 PM »
If you can't tell the difference between fiction of reality then stop reading. I would suggest going for help but it appears that you are to understand such a concept!

The following is pure fiction from the warped mine of this writer. At no time is it able to become true in reality, nor would this writer want that to happen!


They crept between the dense foliage of the two gnarly Willow trees, with a canopy that umbrellaed the ground for over twenty feet. All was in dark as Marjory split the drooping branches revealing a shape of a front of an old abandoned garage with yellow gloating light spilling out into the darkened sky!

“See Betty the old rumor of Treasure Trove Terrace was right after all “

“So there is light Marjory that doesn’t mean the supernatural is involved!” The brunette wearing a tight t-shirt that hung down to the vee of her legs, a pair of grey denim. Marjory dressed in a pair of black pants and a purple modified Superman top.

“Well Betty it does prove that on the all devil nights that demons come to the earth through gates in the underworld. Just think you can be the first editor of the Cuffed Body to be in on the truth I’ve been made to listen to all these many years from my family members! Marjory was a legacy member of the Union University  who has sworn to prove the members of her family were right about what goes on at Treasure Trove Terrace address or she would lose everything trying!

The light stayed steady in the branches the closer the pair crept closer a lit window came into clear view. Inside images of all different men came into focus as they pair took opposite positions from the main window that light was flooding through. Normalized faces that apparently never saw the two girls as they stared inside. A tape recorder whirling in Marjory’s left hand.

“Rumors abound that males of all types gathered in the old structure  and this person can agree with that statement made by others” A gasp as a shirtless male passed by the window. Making Marjory catch her breath at what she saw.  Once more she starts to dictate to the recorder. “Man I have to say I wouldn't mind getting a little close with that particular one!”

A sudden snap of a twig caught Marjory’s attention. Spinning around she sees two broad chested males, one with an unconscious Betty over his massive shoulder, the other one’s large ham hock fist barreling straight into Marjory’s face. All turned  black.

Marjory had no idea how long she was out or where she was as light slowly seeped back into her opening eyes. All was cold and something hard was pressing the blades of her shoulders and flesh of her ass cheeks. Head movement just caused Marjory pain, as if concussed. Closing her eyes to help ease the pain Marjory quietly called out for Betty “Betty are you near?” No answer is her only response. Even the voices of the various men seem silent to Marjory. When a breeze happened to cross the chest of Marjory. made Marjory to open her one eye to discover that she was completely naked  in a room that was lit but two wall sconces with four candles between them!

Try as Marjory might she couldn’t move either of her arms nor legs that were split wide apart on a solid grey slab of hardness. “Marjory are you awake” quietly shattered the sound of Marjory’s breathing, Betty was finally calling out. “Marjory, can you hear me?”

“Betty I’m in here tied to a slab!”

The words that greeted Marjory told her that things weren’t as they seemed “Really guys you can’t even follow a simple request to gag her?” Betty chastising someone before entering the room, followed by four barrel chested males. “Christ now I have to explain to her just like I had to do to her mother, years ago!” A sound of disgust in her words hanging on the air as the four males walked to the corners of the room, naked with extra candles in their hands.

“Christ even now if you want the master to be please you have to do everything yourself these days!” Betty came forward, a candle lit in her hands “Now Marjory this isn’t what you’re thinking!’ moving the candle so a few drops of melted wax would drip on the nipples of Marjory “You not going to some evil deity, just a misunderstood forgotten one from time past!” Lifting the candle, moving back away from Marjory. “And that won’t be until tonight disciple anoints you in the required seed of life!”

From the door a scrawny looking male standing six foot five weighting 150 dripping wet entered the room “Damn Bethula is that what I’m going to prep for “HIM”” At the mention of the word all inside bowed their heads and spoke something that was muffled, something like “Ubllathulu”
Turning her attention back to Marjory “Damn you would think in a hundred and fifty years some people would grow up by now!”

Shaky voice “Why-y-y-y-y are you-u-u-u-u-u doing-g-g-g-g-g-g this to m-e-e-e-e-e-e?!”

“Why because you and your family members are nothing but frigid nosy bitches that have to learn their place in the orders of thing’s”  Dropping the candle before stepping back to Marjory, “Haven’t you ever listened to what your family told you about us?” Giving a geez before dropping her left hand down between Marjory’s legs . The middle finger stroking the flesh of Marjory’s about to be violated passage. “Oh Christ apparently you haven’t or you would be wet already at the thoughts of what you will do tonight!” Turning from her, leaving her finger now inside Marjory’s passage “Nigel do you think you can manage to get it up or should I call for Colin?”

“No that pussy is mine to prep not that dweeb Colin!”

“Well then get that pencil up and ready!” Turning her attention back to Marjory “Pardon my pun but God I hope you're as much of a screamer as your grandmother was!”  Looking to those now assembled around the room “Damn that girl had a set of lungs on her that is until Ubllathulu got done with her that is!” Oohs getting her attention as Nigel stepped forwards, what passed for his cock was now a good seven inches long by an amazing one inch in girth.

“Ah Christ maybe Ubllathulu will draw out her screams before he is through with her!” Moving to the head of the stone altar “Well let this over with before the sun comes up!, Nigel you get to the opposite end of the altar and for god sake keep it up will you?” All around males moved into positions passed down to them for millenniums, most disinterested in the immediate part of the rite.

As all are in place an ancient drum beat echoes through the room. Males started stomping feet to match the beat. Above her head Betty began a strange vocalization which the males would repat in special sequences as the drum beat grew in intensity

“Za Chown megrad Ubllathulu trover undas millennium digrosret!” Males started stomping faster, harder. Nigel climbed  up onto the stone altar, a strange look on his face, his eyes clouding over “Ubllathulu crdeder Marjory opmthrer!” Nigel now on all fours between Marjory’s splayed legs, his pencil thin cock jutting out like an yellow HB pencil backwards. Up the captive body Nigel crawled as words took over all functions in his body. Delicately Nigel laid onto the slightly cold body of Marjory. Words reaching a crescendo s he aligned his cock to Marjory’s passage opening

“Trzse No Imawtfj, Nowheld MARJORY!” Nigel took over as each letter got louder, as they came to an end the tip of his swollen shaft penetrated the pussy lips of the sacrifice under him. As he enters his cock keeps traversing the barely moist passage. Like a demonized mechanical man, Nigel let millennia of knowledge take over all instincts of being!

A totaled stunned Marjory finally spoke, issuing the loudest plea ever from her mouth! “Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo” as a foreign cock moved back and forth inside her newly open passage. Marjory was in pain at all, she had experiences thicker and longer in her vagina but this insistence ploughing was making her moisten and turned her into a willing participant of this vile coupling. “Please I’ve never asked for thisssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss!” “Flailing her roped arms back and forth in time with her hair and head. Her body rising to meet what passed as the thrust of Nigel.

The more thrusts made an impression of Nigel shrinking in composure. His frame becoming even gaunter than when this all started, what appeared to be a spineless blob emerging in its place. A vocal cry of “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” was quickly replaced by screams of “Vendri Nuturia Ubllathulu!”  The mass that was Nigel cumming as it disappeared and reshaped into the obscene form of an ancient form.

“Oh Great Ubllathulu I have given you the means to enter this dimension!” The formless blob now flowing all over the bound prone form of Marjory. What appears to be a building penis in the place where Nigel’s member was, grew another in both length and girth, easily topping out at twelve inches and a good six in width. But what shocked all onlooking was the six inch by three inch cock growing from the section of blob that was beginning to cover the mouth of Marjory!

Soon new words from Betty shattered the air “Ubllathulu do with her as you did with millennia of her kind!” Ubllathulu never hesitating, with both appendages engaging the orifice it was aimed at. One being, being doubly penetrated by an ancient blob. A mass of jelly suddenly with a meaning as Marjory was used like never before. Now others were joining the blob to touch what available flesh Marjory has that was accessible.

Even Betty didn’t escape the libido of the aroused males in the room. Four tackling her to a spot on the floor, the candle Betty held was dropped into a mass of clothing, setting it afire. Much like Ubllathulu the faster the blob got the higher the flames rose, the denser the smoke got and the louder the screams of the rest rose.

All but Ubllathulu, Marjory, Betty and the four rutting escaped back through the smoke like fog in the back rooms. As the flames started to consume all the remaining flesh of all who were trapped a silver haze came over everything!


Marjory came two spread-eagle under one of the willows, naked as the day she was born, Both her throat and her vagina aching from sexual abuse. But that didn’t matter because Marjory was staring wide eyed straight up into the umbrella of the tree foliage. A cold snout roved over the cold flesh of her body but Marjory never flinched.

“Jesus lady are you alright!” A grey haired grizzly man came into view, a long rope that acted like a leash in his hand “Count you leave her alone and get over here!. A rustle of leaves and  the sound of padded feet moving away was all that could be heard until the far distance sound of sirens. An army of police Minutes pass before the scene is taken over but  a sea of blue.

Quickly Marjory is taken away in a gurney, through all the eyes and people a pair of eyes follow Marjory “Next time bitch i swear that Ubllathulu will have his entry into this dimension!”  moving tighter to the shell of the place “Damn will have to wait another generation before another one will come around!”!

Betty turned back into the shadows “ Oh well my position to watch that bitch should give me at least something to find funny!”  A long walk into the shadows as the police set up the crime scene tape!
                                                                                                                    The End!
Real rape is wrong fictional rape can be fun!

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Re: Treats Form Their Tricks
« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2020, 10:35:42 AM »
Excellent story and premise Graham.  Enjoyed how the friend and skeptic of the group was the one to set her up the whole time.  Merit incoming.
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Re: Treats Form Their Tricks
« Reply #2 on: October 30, 2020, 07:01:07 PM »
Enjoyed your story CMG and a humble merit when I can! I loved how your suggestion about Majory’s mom and her grandmum’s screams got me thinking all sorts of little stories. And how the mention of a forgotten deity and anointing of seed of life right after just dialled up anticipation and dread. I did have to get a ruler to check what “six inches in width” would look like.. you know, just 'cause...  *winces*
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Re: Treats Form Their Tricks
« Reply #3 on: October 30, 2020, 07:17:01 PM »
Oh this was very good indeed and I loved reading every bit of it!
Really enjoyed the little twist at the end which is synonymous with a story from you.
Sex scene was as always the right blend of hot and sexy with the threats we have come to enjoy.
Some fantastic characters in Marjory and Betty and as always you give them such rich dialogue and motivations for their situation.
Only you could make a blob of energy seem almost sexual with its proportions lol!!
Great story, best of luck in the upcoming contest and a merit for appreciation as always for it is richly deserved!

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Re: Treats Form Their Tricks
« Reply #4 on: October 31, 2020, 06:42:54 PM »
Excellent story, and erotic as anything you’ve done.
Liked the being altered from a different dimension and liked the rape scene it was detailed and Nigel was quite the man for the job even if he seemed not there
Very good work best of luck in the contest and merit well deserved as always xx