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The Devil's Playground
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The Devil's Playground
Randy MacAnus

Copyright  2019 All Rights Reserved By The Author

Mm Rape, Oral, Anal, Public humiliation, TS, Body Modification

Privileged teen buys a Harley, looking to do the 'Biker' thing. The bike salesman directs him to an old house in the country, a 'friendly' biker bar, that would welcome him. In front of the bar's patrons, he is drugged, raped, has his genitals removed, and is sold into slavery.

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The owner of the Harley dealership couldn't believe his luck. While he was perfectly happy selling motorcycles to rich middle aged executives who wanted to play biker, it was a rare thing to see a hot little 18 year old walk in with a serious intent to buy. He figured if he played his cards right, he'd have both the commission and that tight little ass, despite the kid clearly being rich and straight.

“You're only just eighteen, and you don't have any credit. Your daddy may be rich, but unless he co-signs, or you pay cash, I can't sell you the bike.”

“Not a problem,” said the arrogant, privileged little shit. “Since I turned 18 today, I now have my own trust fund from my grandparents. My father might've never allowed me to have a bike, but he doesn't get a say, anymore. Shit, he'll never even know! I've moved into my own place, so he'll never see it. Or me. I'm done with my asshole family. Prep that baby, give me a price, and I'll do a wire transfer for the full amount.”

This was getting better by the minute! Since the little dickhead never even looked at the price, the Dealer charged him list plus $5,000. The stupid kid just looked at the number, and went online to do the transfer. The Dealer let him use an office computer. It had a keystroke logger, so the Dealer now had the boy's account information and password.

“We have a shop with gear in the back. If you're going to ride a Harley, you might want to be wearing something more appropriate. Khakis, a polo shirt and sandals don't exactly offer a whole lot of protection. Besides, other bikers would probably laugh at you,” the Dealer confided to the boy. “If you like, I'll help you pick out what you need to both be safer and look good on a bike.”

“Hey, thanks! You're all right!”

The Dealer managed to keep a straight face. He set the kid up with a nice, tight set of leathers. Black, of course. (The leather pants were tight enough to ride right up the boy's ass crack.) Plus saddle bags, biker boots—the works! And, because he was sure now, that he was going to own the kid, he cut him a deal. He only charged him double.

“I'm guessing you want the biker chicks checking you out and coming on to you, right?”

The kid blushed and grinned.

“Not to get too personal, but what kind of underwear do you have on?”


“Yeah, that's great for everyday, but not under leathers. The chicks go for a tight well-formed ass. And as you have one, it's in your interest to show that off. You either need to ride commando, or you need to wear something less baggy. Commando, you'll sweat a lot. I'd suggest these.”

He handed the boy what amounted to a leather G-string, with absorbent filling in the pouch. The boy looked at it wide-eyed. He had always dressed in a preppy manner. Then again, he had always just worn what the servants had given him to wear. He took the G-string.

“You can put your regular clothes in the saddle bags. We have a changing room in the back. If you have a problem with any of this stuff, just let me know, and I'll come back and help you out.”

The kid went into the changing room, never suspecting that the Dealer had cameras set up in there, and would be shooting video and stills of him. The boy quickly stripped off his clothes, revealing a tight, toned little body to the cameras.

His name was Reginald Baxter the fourth, but everyone called him Reggie. He was a pretty blue-eyed blonde, with delicate features, nice definition from working with a personal trainer, and a truly fantastic ass. He was 5 foot 9 and 140 pounds, with no excess body fat, and almost no body hair. Just pits and pubes. He didn't even shave yet. And because he was an arrogant jerk, had attended an all-boys prep school, had lived a life strictly regimented by his father, the dealer was sure he was a virgin.

The Dealer had taken his measurements, so everything fit like a very tight, form fitting glove. The Dealer was very pleased with what he saw on the video monitor. He emailed some naked pics of the boy to several friends, asking for comments and suggestions, as to what to do with him.

While waiting for the answers to come in, the Dealer put his detective to work, finding out whatever he could about Reggie. Then he took the boy out back to his training track, to teach the boy how to ride.

The kid looked very hot and oddly, vulnerable in his leathers. The face of the pretty blue-eyed blonde was at odds with the shiny black leather he had been basically poured into. He wore no shirt, as one had not been sold to him. His jacket was open. The Dealer had told him that was 'biker style.'

But instead of the usual hairy chest, muscular torso, and maybe a pot belly, the Dealer saw the toned, defined and slender hairless frame of a boy. And mounted on the big Harley, he looked over-matched. Trying to be a 'big boy' before his time.

It turned out the boy had used a tiny portion of  his allowance a few months back, to learn to ride on a friend's dirt bike, and get his motorcycle endorsement. So getting him up to speed took a lot less time than the Dealer had anticipated.  Once the kid had shown he could safely ride, the Dealer went back inside to check his email. Reggie continued to practice.

The detective had concluded, that with the boy having burned all his bridges, with family and school friends, and with him living in a paid-for condo, no one would miss him anytime soon.

Then the emails started coming in from the bikers he'd sent emails and pics to. The suggestions were exactly what the Dealer would have predicted. The consensus was, “Send him to The Devil's Playground.”

This was a biker bar roughly in the middle of nowhere. It had been a large farm, before an Agra-business bought up the surrounding farmland. The big house still sat on a 40 acre plot, with a barn and other out buildings.

The barn had been converted into a biker bar. The various out buildings were set up as play rooms, which could be rented out by the patrons. The house's kitchen and dining room continued their traditional functions, providing comfort food at a reasonable price. The bedrooms could be rented out by the week, day or hour.

The house had a large underground bomb shelter, built during the 1950's by a paranoid farm owner. It was now used to train and hold newly taken sex slaves. Some were kept by their original captors. Some were sold, usually at auction. And while most of the slaves were girls between 16-25, pretty boys were always welcome.

While there was a county Sheriff, there was no other law enforcement in the region. And the Sheriff was a regular. The regulars were a mixed bunch. No one cared about orientation, or gender identity. No one cared who was a rich weekend rider, and who basically lived on their bikes, or in a trailer somewhere. Anyone into power sex and bikes was welcome—as long as they payed their bills.

Most of the girls didn't even know they were slaves. They viewed themselves as 'biker chicks.' They were usually picked up hitch hiking. Many of the teens were runaways or throwaways. Most had at least one tat. They viewed themselves as trading sex for food and shelter.

They viewed it as survival sex, so the man they were with didn't particularly matter. They accepted that they would be whored out by their man, and traded when he wanted fresh meat. Most didn't know they were actually being bought and sold by the bikers.

But some of the girls, and nearly all the boys were there against their will. These had not had an interest in belonging to a biker. Few had tats. Most were teens and good looking. And most were, after training, sold at auction, rather than to a biker. These were kept separate from the others. In the bomb shelter.

The Dealer returned to the training track, and watched Reggie ride for a few minutes. He was learning quickly. As small as he was, relative to the big bike, the Dealer figured that sooner, or later, the kid would drop the bike or crash. As pretty as he was, the Dealer didn't want him maimed or crippled. He'd bring a good price if he was still in one piece. So the Dealer decided not to wait.

“You're doing well Reggie. I've got a suggestion though. Before you go off on your own, why don't you join me for a day ride. There's a biker bar, about two hours ride from here. It's all two lane road, with almost no traffic. Anyone on a bike is welcome. They won't card you, and if you get drunk you can rent a room for the night, and come back tomorrow. I'm going there for the weekend, so you can keep me company on the ride, and if you have questions or problems, I'll be there to help.”

Reggie, not being the sharpest tool in the shed, (although he was definitely a tool,) thought this was great.

“Any chance there will be biker chicks there?”

“Count on it!”

“I'm in!”

So off they rode. The ride was problem free, and Reggie was truly jazzed about his first biker road trip, and the possibility of losing his virginity. The Dealer was jazzed about taking his virginity! The Dealer knew that with his size, and martial arts skills, he could take Reggie physically, with no problem. He was 30 years old, 6 foot 4, and 220 pounds of solid muscle. But he had other plans.

With his friends notified of the plan by email, most were already at the bar when Reggie and the Dealer arrived. Reggie had never had alcohol before, his life having been  strictly regimented. He was looking forward to his first drink, as much as he was to the sex. Poor, foolish Reggie!

On entering the bar, the Dealer's friends spotted them and called out to them. Reggie and the Dealer joined them at a huge booth at the back of the large room. It was early yet, and other than the bartender, waitress, and the dealers friends, there was no one there.

The group included five men, and two very hot women. Reggie was seated between the two women, much to his delight. Drinks were ordered. As a first time drinker, Reggie was advised to try the 'house special,' instead of a beer.

The house special was a mixture of sweet red wine, fresh fruit, 190 proof grain alcohol, and Viagra. This was the special for guys. Roofies could be added, or substituted  for the Viagra. But while the Dealer wanted the boy's defenses down, he wanted him at least somewhat aware of what was happening to him.

“Wow, this goes down easy!”

“It's a good way for a new drinker to start, Reggie. Beer and hard alcohol are an acquired taste. I want you to enjoy your first time.”

Reggie grinned, as he looked at the two hot girls, who were looking right back at him! He downed the rest of his drink, and before the glass hit the table, the waitress, who was also eyeing him, set another down in front of him.

Reggie was in heaven! His little dick was already hard, and he could start to feel a buzz from his 'House Special.' He started on his second drink, and looked around the bar with excitement. As he drank from his second drink, he saw a new girl walk in the front door. A blue-eyed blonde with firm B cup tits, wearing biker boots, Dallas Cheerleader style hot pants,  and a halter top.

He would never have admitted it, but he was turned on because the blonde reminded him of his younger sister. Reggie would never have dared to touch his younger sister. She would have beat the shit out of him! Not to mention what his father would have done to him. But this blonde would be the next best thing! Or so  Reggie thought.

The Dealer grinned. Change of plans. He had been looking forward to taking the boy's virginity, from both ends, before passing him around the bar. But this would be something really special. So he decided to give the boy's mouth to the blonde.

He nodded to the blonde, and she came over to their booth. The girl on the end, got up and gave her seat to the blonde, who sat down next to Reggie.

“Well, aren't you the cute one! My name's Bobby,” the blonde said in a husky, sexy voice, as she stroked the inside of his thigh with long finger nails.

Reggie damn near came right then! He took a big drink of his House Special to calm himself. He didn't want his voice to squeak when he spoke to her. The little teen's head was spinning and his dick was dripping. The little pouch of his tiny G-string kept the pre-cum from leaking through his leathers, but the blonde could see the little tent in Reggie's pants, and smiled.

Still not ready to speak, but horny as hell, Reggie lay his head on the blonde's shoulder and nuzzled her neck. The blonde reached over, pulled Reggie's jacket away from his body, and stroked his torso with those long finger nails. Reggie finished his second drink in a gulp, just as a third was set in front of him.

When he began to moan, the blonde, and the girl on the other side of him, slid his jacket from his shoulders, and off, leaving him naked to the waist. The jacket was passed to the Dealer.

The blonde fed him his House Special, and slipped her tongue into his mouth, as the other girl slipped between his knees and began stroking a thigh with one hand, and pulling down the side zippers on his biker boots with the other.

Between the tongue in his mouth and the alcohol in his system, Reggie hardly noticed her efforts. She pulled his boots and socks off, then undid his leather pants. As the blonde invaded his mouth and stroked his nipples, the other girl slid Reggie's leather pants completely off. She handed the pants and boots to the Dealer, under the table.

Reggie was now wearing only the leather G-string. As the girl between his legs, kissed his cock through the pouch, the blonde whispered in the nearly naked teen's ear.

“Are you adventurous, my little stud? Are you ready to feel things you've never felt before?”

Reggie moaned and nodded.

“There are places in a man's body that can make him feel amazing. My friend is going to stimulate one of those for you, while we kiss. It will feel strange at first, but just go with it, and you won't believe where it leads.”

Again, Reggie moaned and nodded, as the Dealer and the others at the table watched and grinned. Reggie was completely lost in the moment. He was vaguely aware that the blonde had taken complete control. But as he wouldn't have known what to do anyway, and everything felt so incredible, he was happy just to let it happen. Poor naive Reggie!

The girl between his legs slipped off the G-string, leaving Reggie completely naked. The hot little teen would remain naked for the rest of his life. She gave the G-string to the Dealer, and received a tube of lube in return. As she didn't have long finger nails, she was the one who got to penetrate Reggie's tight virgin hole. The blonde rolled Reggie toward her, as she tongued his mouth, and stroked his rigid little member.

The finger in his ass, startled Reggie, and brought him back to reality, a little bit. But the blonde's surprisingly strong arms held him, and the finger reached his prostate before he could object. Reggie gasped. He'd never felt anything like that before! The blonde pulled Reggie further around, to give the girl on the floor full access, and the people at the booth a great view of that fantastic ass!

As the second finger entered him, Reggie started to struggle. The Dealer handed the blonde a bottle of poppers. She placed them under the naked boy's nose, and as he inhaled, he became even more disoriented and horny.

As Reggie continued to inhale, a third finger entered him. He hardly noticed. He held onto the blonde for dear life as his prostate was stimulated by the girl under the table, and his mouth invaded by the blonde's talented tongue. He wasn't even aware that he was humping the blonde's leg.

Reggie vaguely realized that through all of this, he had not even reached for those fantastic tits, yet. He tried to move his arm to the blonde's chest, but she took his wrist and moved it behind his head. Another hand took his other wrist and moved it behind his head as well. Reggie was confused about where the other arm came from. About that time, another arm locked a wide leather collar around his neck, and the attached cuffs were locked to his wrists.

“Just leave everything to me, little stud,” said the blonde.

Reggie struggled a bit against the cuffs, trying to figure out exactly what was happening. But the poppers were placed under his nose again, and the bound naked boy lost track of everything but the incredible feeling in his ass.

The girl between his legs removed her fingers and the man who had placed the boy in bondage slipped a vibrating butt plug into his ass to replace them. The girl under the table placed a spreader bar between the boy's knees, and extended it to full width.  The man next to him now placed a spider gag in Reggie's mouth as the blonde drew back, with a satisfied smirk. The confused teen was now utterly helpless.

“Let's dance,” said the blonde.

Now Reggie was really confused! But he didn't resist, as the blonde stood, and picked the boy up in her arms, then set him on his feet, bound, naked, and out of his mind with alcohol, poppers, and lust. Now everyone in the bar had a great view of the hot little teen, as he was 'danced' across the bar, the blonde turning him in a bizarre waltz, showing off that fantastic ass to everyone in the bar. She led him to a long, narrow table in the center of the room, lit by a bright overhead light.

When they arrived, the blonde moved to the opposite side, and pulled Reggie into a hot kiss. She slowly lowered herself and his head, forcing Reggie to bend at the waist over the table. Once his defined, smooth chest was laying across the narrow part of the table, she reached under and pulled a short chain bolted to the underside of the table, and clipped it to the front D ring of Reggie's collar.

With his wrists cuffed to the back of the collar, Reggie could not have reached the chain, even if he'd had his wits about him. The confused look on his face made it clear that the rich, arrogant white boy was utterly clueless about his predicament.

While this was happening, the Dealer came up behind the boy, and shackled his ankles to the floor. He stepped over the spreader bar, and pulled out the butt plug. The Dealer was giving the blonde the boy's oral virginity as a reward for her help, and the great show. But he was going to take the helpless, naked teen's anal virginity himself.

With his hands bound behind his neck, the collar chained to the table, his ankles shackled to the floor, the spreader bar between his knees and the spider gag in his mouth, Reggie was in the perfect position to lose his virginity with a public spit roasting.

Reggie watched in confusion, as the blonde removed her hot pants, revealing a rock hard seven inch cock. Transsexuals were perfectly welcome here, and at moments like this, they were truly appreciated for their special talents. They offered bisexuals the best of both worlds, while increasing the percentage of female presenting customers. Top, bottom, or versatile, they made the bar more interesting and entertaining.

As the blonde teased Reggie's mouth with her beautiful cock, the Dealer lined up his lubed eight inch pole with the little stud's pucker. The Dealer ran his big hands over the smooth, glorious globes in front of him, and pushed, as some of his friends recorded the moment with their cell phones.

Reggie, out of his mind with lust and drugs, and confused by the thing between the blonde's legs, was caught completely by surprise by the sudden penetration of his ass. Despite the drugs, lube, and butt plug, the huge cock caused considerable and instant pain.

The boy gasped, drew in a big breath to scream, but couldn't let it out. As he inhaled, his pretty mouth was plugged shut by the blonde's seven inch man rammer. The helpless teen struggled mightily, but futilely, as he was impaled from both ends, for the first time.

The blonde and the Dealer set up a nice rhythm, penetrating at the same time, then pulling nearly out together. They even matched the beat of the bar's music. The Dealer figured that might just make this a very tasty music video, as his friends continued to record.

Reggie moaned around the blonde's cock, as both his throat and his ass spasmed, providing delightful stimulation to his tormentors. As no one was bothering with poppers anymore, the boy's mind was beginning to clear a little. He was being turned into a special kind of Oreo—double stuffed!

He had figured out that he had a cock in his mouth. Although he couldn't figure out how the hot blonde came to have one. He was pretty darn sure there was another cock in his ass. It sure as heck wasn't a finger! But he had no idea who it belonged to. And he couldn't understand why the Dealer hadn't come to his aid. Reggie was rich and pretty, but he was a little slow on the uptake.

The blonde's continued throat fucking was depriving him of air, making him even more light headed than he had been from the house specials. And  the ass pounding the Dealer was giving him was hitting that amazing place in his ass, and sending him into orbit. Add the pain from having his little dick and balls rammed into the side of the table. The confused blend of sensations was fucking his mind as much as the two rapists were fucking his body.

Now, with the pain in his junk, his throat and his ass, blending with the stimulation of his prostate, Reggie was reaching a level of ecstasy he had never dreamed was possible! His erotic moans were entertaining to the gathering crowd, and they began to cheer the double rape wildly.

The Dealer and the Blonde grinned at each other, as they plowed their respective virgin holes. With a face full of cock, and pubes bumping into his mouth at a rapid rate, Reggie never heard the cheers or saw the gathering crowd. In fact, his eyes were crossed from the pain/pleasure he was being forced to submit to.

The bound and naked teen had begun to regain his senses. And at this point, he realized he was being raped. And that in fact, the rape was happening in a public bar, in front of other people. He put together in his mind, that the cock in his mouth really did belong to the blonde he'd been so hot for. And he was pretty darn sure the dick in his ass belonged to the Dealer.

He realized he was naked and restrained. And he also figured out that the Dealer could never afford to let him go. What he couldn't figure out is what was going to happen to him when this was over!

He thought the odds favored his being killed. Maybe not right away, if they decided to keep using him for a time, but he figured he was in for a short brutal life, whether it ended tonight, or at some point in the weeks ahead. It was a thought he couldn't handle, just then. The rape and his building orgasm were distracting him. Plus, he couldn't see any way out of his predicament! If they didn't kill him immediately, he would have to think about it, when his ass and mouth weren't full of cock.

For the moment, Reggie just gave himself over to the pleasure/pain. He felt that there was a very real chance that it would be the last pleasure he ever felt. And while this certainly wasn't the way he'd wanted it to happen, at least he was losing his virginity! And the blonde did have a great body and nice tits, even if she had a cock nearly twice as big as his!

As the pounding continued, the clothes Reggie had worn, his bike and all its equipment, were being returned to the dealership by an employee, who was a fuck toy of the Dealer. The Dealer had never registered the bike with the state as sold. So he would just turn back the odometer and sell it as new to someone else. Reggie didn't know it, but his wire transfer didn't go to the dealership. It went to one of the Dealer's anonymous offshore accounts. So there was no record of the boy ever having been there. Sweet!

As the Dealer continued to nail that sweet ass, he marveled at just how vulnerable the rich could be. Take away their money, and all the help and expertise money could buy, and many would be completely helpless. Reggie certainly was.

His arrogance, and assumption of superiority had worked against him. He hadn't learned the survival skills needed in a harsh world. So, when he found himself on his own with his trust fund, he had been completely unprepared to deal with real life. Well, it was too late for him now!

And to top it off, like many rich boys, Reggie's father was much more concerned with controlling his boy, rather than parenting. So Reggie had been raised to obey. To conform. And never to do his own thinking.

When he was young, anyone older was an authority figure. His father, teachers, the butler, his nanny... And so the boy had not been raised to be an alpha, ready to take over the world. He had been raised to be submissive.

Reggie 'going wild' and breaking with his family, moving into his own place, and buying a motorcycle, represented a desperate attempt to be an alpha like his father. But he simply didn't have it in him. The whole experience had had him in a state of ongoing panic.

Now, he was under someone's total control. And as terrifying as his future seemed to be, a sense of order was being restored. Some birds are not equipped to fly from the nest. Predators await. And the Dealer was the one who had snared Reggie.

As the Dealer and the Blonde reached orgasm, and shot their loads into the teen stud's battered holes, the crowd, now over 100 strong, roared it's approval. That Reggie heard! The Blonde smacked Reggie upside his head, and ordered him to lick her cock and balls clean. And, despite the spider gag, Reggie managed. He had slipped back into old habits. He didn't think. He simply obeyed.

The Dealer walked around to the boy's head and presented his cock and balls for cleaning. Reggie looked up at the grinning man, with the wolfish look in his eyes. Reggie certainly knew an alpha predator when he saw one. And he knew this one had the bound naked teen completely under his control.

So, even knowing where that cock had just been, he obeyed. Reggie stuck out his tongue, to show his submission. The Dealer removed the spider gag, and gave the boy full access to his balls. As the crowd applauded, Reggie licked the hanging stones, and then the massive man meat clean, swallowing all the yucky stuff.

The helpless teen's mind was still a bit fogged. But he was trying his best to survive. And if these people liked using his body, maybe he should cooperate with that. He certainly didn't have any other skills. Maybe if he got good at sex stuff, they'd let him live.

“Maybe if I'm a good boy,” thought Reggie, “I'll be allowed to live a little longer. Maybe if I could make myself useful enough, I could live a lot longer?”

The Dealer was never going to kill him, of course. His youth and beauty were a valuable commodity. But the boy couldn't grasp the concept of one of the wealthy elite becoming a sex slave, so he just assumed this was a rape and kill scenario, like he'd seen in the movies.

So when the boy had finished licking the Dealer's meat clean, he just kept licking. The Dealer, seeing this, grinned and shoved his hardening cock down the boy's throat. Intelligence didn't apply to Reggie, but he had good survival instincts.

He had heard from boys at his boarding school, that it hurt when girls had scraped teeth on their cocks. Cocksuckers were supposed to wrap their lips over their teeth to avoid this. So that's just what he did, when the massive 8 inch tool went down his throat.

Reggie didn't know how do deal with the gagging, but he did his best. And the Dealer didn't bother to tell him, because he was enjoying the feeling. But as his throat fucking continued, Reggie noticed that when he swallowed, the gagging wasn't so bad. So he started swallowing around the man meat in his throat, and began to get control of his gag reflex.

The Dealer was impressed. If the boy could figure out how to control his gagging, perhaps he'd turn out to have good instincts for giving pleasure. He certainly seemed to be programmed to submit.

In all his jack-off fantasies, Reggie would end by skull fucking the girl in his dreams, and requiring her to swallow every drop. The Blonde had shot straight down his throat, and with the spider gag in, he hadn't any choice but to swallow. So perhaps that was a thing? Reggie decided to swallow the Dealer's load, even if he wasn't told to.

So when the Dealer shot his load, Reggie swallowed. And kept swallowing. Then he licked the man's dick and balls clean. Then, just for the heck of it, with no real hope it would work, Reggie looked up at the Dealer.

“Sir, can you please let me go now? Believe me, I'll never tell anyone about this. Ever!”

The entire bar cracked up laughing! Reggie was confused. Then again, Reggie was easily confused. He looked around at the crowd that now numbered over 100, and had witnessed his deflowering. Bikers and biker chicks. All wearing either leather or denim. And all leering at his bound, naked body. He wondered if all the girls had dicks. And it occurred to Reggie, that maybe they planned to fuck him to death!

“Please don't kill me, Mister! I can give you money!”

“Is that your answer for everything, boy? Money? Well, you don't have money, anymore. When you did the wire transfer for the bike, I got all your financial information. And when you signed the paperwork, without reading it, you also signed a power of attorney, that gives me control of all your finances and property.”

The Dealer realized the boy was clueless as to his real intentions for him. He decided to use that to degrade the boy further. He was a natural submissive, so the Dealer would play to that.

“You don't have anything anymore. Even your bike and your clothes are gone. There is only one thing you can give me. And that's that hot little body of yours. I could use you for a while, get bored with you and torture you to death. That would certainly be enjoyable for me. Privileged little shits like you just generally piss me off.”

The boy's eyes practically bugged out of his head at this news. He was so fucked! He had burned all his bridges. No one would take him in. Even if he escaped, he'd be naked with no money and no clue how to survive. Reggie realized his only hope of survival was this man who already had complete control of him! He had nothing to offer but his body, and the Dealer already had that! The helpless boy panicked.

“I could get good at pleasing you! Honest! Just teach me what you like! I'll do it!”

The bar cracked up laughing all over again.

“Yes you will. You will do anything and everything I want. And once I have you fully trained, I will sell you. Not here in the States, where you might eventually escape, or be set free. I will sell you in some third world country, where a pretty blonde American boy is considered exotic, and will bring in a lot of money. You will be a real, life-long sex slave to someone you would have looked down on before today. How does that sound?”

“Couldn't I just belong to you?”

“You really are dumber than dirt, boy. You're cute, but keeping you for the rest of your miserable life? You definitely ain't that cute! Besides, I want my trophy.”

The terrified boy whispered, “Trophy?”

“Yes. I will sell you either to an Arab or a Nigerian. Arabs, remove a boy slave's cock and balls, and leave him smooth between his legs. The Nigerian I know is very rich from his oil holdings. But in Nigeria homo sex is not only illegal, it carries the death penalty. So he not only cuts off the boy parts, he gives them a full sex change.”

“He knows it's a boy, who will still get off on being fucked in the ass, as they still have a prostate. In fact, getting fucked in the ass, is the only way you'll ever get off.  He'd pay big money for you. Either way, I get to keep your cock and balls. I will have them stuffed and mounted on a plaque as a trophy, and put them in my trophy room at home. You will never get to stick your dick in anyone. How's that sound?”

The boy was stunned. He didn't want to die, but he really wanted to fuck women! He didn't think there was a chance in hell he could keep his junk, but maybe...

“Could I maybe have sex with women, before you cut it off?”

The bar cracked up laughing again. The blonde rubbed her cock over his face. Reggie moaned in resignation and defeat. As his mouth opened when he moaned, the blonde shoved her cock back down his throat. Reggie realized that this was the only sex with a woman he would ever have. So he licked and sucked and did his best to please.

Once the blonde was nice and wet, the Dealer signaled for her to switch ends. She promptly rammed her seven inches into Reggie's ass, while the Dealer made use of his mouth.

After that, the Dealer announced a price for using the boy, with the understanding that condoms would have to be used by anyone fucking the incredible ass. The boy was to be sold, and the Dealer wasn't willing to risk an incurable STD. Despite the price and condom requirement, the lines formed at each end. And for the next four hours, Reggie was fucked raw.

When they had finished, Reggie was hung spread-eagled from the rafters, and a laser was rolled out. The Dealer used it to permanently remove all of the boy's body hair.

The Dealer pulled out a straight razor, and slowly moved it to the boy's crotch. “Hold very still, boy!”

And with that, Reggie fainted. When he awoke, he found himself in a cage. Reggie didn't know where he was, but he was in the bomb shelter. He still had his junk, but it was caged. He couldn't even jack off! He was naked, and the Dealer told him he would remain naked for the rest of his life.

In the weeks that followed, Reggie was trained to give all kinds of pleasure. He found himself doing disgusting things he never even knew people did. And every day, the Dealer removed the cage, and tortured his cock and balls. And every day the torture was worse than the day before. The new slave cried and wept at the pain, but had learned quickly to never complain.

“You can stop the pain in your junk whenever you want, slave. All you have to do, is beg me to cut off your cock and balls.”

Finally, the day came when the hot little blonde simply couldn't take it anymore. No one was coming to save him. And it was clear the Dealer would never relent. Reggie finally said the words.

“Master, please cut off my cock and balls!”

With a satisfied smirk, the Dealer said, “As you wish.”

A biker who was a surgeon, was called in. The boy was taken to a room in the bomb shelter, that had been equipped for this purpose. Reggie was strapped to the table, and a mirror was placed overhead, so he could witness the removal of his manhood.

“Repeat your request to the surgeon, slave.”

And a completely broken Reggie did. Through tears of pain and regret, he saw his cock and balls removed, to become another man's trophy.

“Once you've healed, you will be sold. If the Arab buys you, there won't be any more surgery. If the Nigerian buys you, you'll be back here for tits and a pussy.”

The Dealer held Reggie's cock and balls in front of his face, and said, “Kiss your manhood goodbye.”

And, a completely broken Reggie did.

Three weeks later, the Dealer returned with a box. He opened it and pulled out a plaque with Reggie's balls, and rigid little cock stuffed and mounted to it. There was a plate on the plaque with Reggie's name, and the date he'd given up his manhood.

“I was thinking of sending this to your father, but I can't bring myself to give up my trophy. You will be auctioned off in the morning.”

The former Reginald Baxter the fourth, collared, naked, and newly neutered slave, curled up in his cage, and awaited his fate.