Author Topic: Pretty Boy Twink (FTM) Gangraped in Club Bathroom: MMM/FTM  (Read 2112 times)

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Pretty Boy Twink (FTM) Gangraped in Club Bathroom: MMM/FTM
« on: September 29, 2020, 01:43:31 AM »
So, I've lurked on this site for a couple years on and off just reading stories, I typically don't even write smut just roleplay it, but I recently found a site that operates as a dungeons and dragons kind of style but with an ai and a custom option so you can write a scene with an ai and this one got really hot so I thought, why not post it here! Let me know if this isn't allowed and I'll delete it! This story also isn;t really formatted as a proper story really, it's primarily a roleplay with an ai so sometimes the ai would say something a little weird or out of the blue and I would just go with it, and sometimes I would have to be very blunt and clear about what I wanted to happen in the story to get the AI to pick up the porn. ^v^; So it's kinda short, and kindaaaa shit tbh and not framed as an actual story more like a roleplay thing, so if a story being strictly set up with a narrative is more your thing then this won't appeal to you, this is legit just porn without plot.

FYI: I don't condone rape, transphobia, or homophobia. I myself am a biromantic/demisexual trans man who likes to dress up like the character in this, so its kinda just a shameless fantasy I guess? I was looking at cute skirts while writing it x'D This is all purely fantasy, none of this is okay under any circumstances except for fantasy or a consensual environment. TRIGGER WARNINGS: Use of the f-slur, the t-slur, some misgendering, really rough gangrape and sexual torture. For context, the ai brought up the slurs and I figured, what the hell. May as well leave it in.

You are a gay trans twink. You have a tight, plump pussy, a big tight bubble butt ass, and a nice set of perky B cup tits. You are at a gay club, wearing a tight pink crop top and a short black skirt that just barely covers your ass and has slits up the front with ties on it. You are wearing black nail polish, black eye liner, mascara, and teal eye shadow. You are on the dance floor dancing with other men all night before going for drinks again. You start to feel a little lightheaded so you head for the gender neutral bathroom. You do your business in the stall and come out to find three tall men, all at least 6 feet tall with thick, broad shoulders and arms, blocking your way out.

 "Hey boys," one of them says. "What's this I hear about you being a guy?" The three men laugh and then turn back to you.

"Um..." You're not really sure what to say so you ignore them, shoving past them to the sink where you wash your hands, cocking your hip to the side as you lock eyes with the leader of the group in the mirror, looking away and blushing as you watch his eyes flick down to check out your ass.

"In that get up? I think faggot is more accurate." He grins wide as he watches your body stiffen and your cheeks flush red.

"Oh my god! Are you...are you a tranny?!" The men laugh as you stand up straight, turning on your heel. You are 5'2 only but you are wearing platformers that make you stand at a solid 5'5. You put a hand on your hip, cocking it to the side as you glare at them.

"What's your problem!?" The men burst into laughter as leader steps forward. "What's your name, sweet cheeks?"

"None of your business, asshole!" You snap. He smirks as he stares at you.

"I don't think you understand how this works, sweet cheeks."

"Oh yeah? Explain it to me then." You snap, your voice barely containing the anger of being sized up and objectified in front of a packed club.

He smirks and looks over your body again. "It's really not that complicated...and I think you know what we're here to do." You glare harder. 'This isn't what it seems.' You tell yourself as you ball your hand into fists and start towards the door. "I have better things to do."

"Better find a new line of work then, pretty boy." One of the men say as you turn your back on them and start for the door. "We don't got all night you little fucks." The leader snaps as he grabs your arm, spinning you around to face him. You try to pull away but find that he has much more strength than you thought. 'Is this it?' You think as the man stares at you.

"Come on boys...let's make this fun." He smiles as he pulls his pants down to reveal he actually isn't wearing any underwear. You stare in horror as his friends quickly copy and you realize this is a set up.

"No-" You move to push past him and run out, panic fueling you as the man smiles.

"Oh yes. Let's see that pretty little...pussy." He says as he pushes you up against the wall, hand going to your skirt.

"NO-" He pins your hands above your head and lifts your skirt up over your ass, grinning as you try to fight back. He quickly parts your legs and tears off your panties before shoving his fingers into you. You try to scream but find your mouth covered by his other hand. You hear his friends laughing as he bends you over the sink, shoving your panties in your mouth as he pins your hands to the sinks counters. You can barely move, you're so scared as he fucks you hard against the wall. He fingers your tight little hole as you buck against his hand and before long you find yourself releasing onto his fingers. He grabs your hair and pulls you away from the wall as he slides his slick fingers into your mouth, tasting yourself. He stops as he hears his friends laughing and glancing over his shoulder he smirks.

"It's been too long since we've had a good gang-bang, isn't it?" He says as he spins you around, taking his fingers out of you. You gasp as his friend comes up behind you, holding your arms tight against your back as he squeezed your plump ass while the first guy starts to pinch your tiny nipples to hardness through your shirt.

"See, you are a slut! You're not even wearing a bra!" He laughs as he lets go and you try to turn around but end up falling against the sink as the first guy, Drake, takes your arms and pins them over your head. "Ah! Let me go!" You gasp as he pushes your face against the mirror as they start spanking your ass before taking his belt off and using it to spank your ass and thighs bright red, making you scream.

"Mm you're so pretty when you scream like that. I want to hear you scream for us again while we fill this tight little hole." The man says, tapping his finger on your dripping pussy and scooping some of your cum on his finger and using it as lube for your ass. "Or should I say, 'holes' plural?"

Your eyes shoot open wide as you scream at the top of your lungs, begging them to stop "Oh I think she likes being called a 'Slut' and a 'Whore' don't you pretty boy?" The other man says, as the one who is flogging your pretty little behind smirks.

"Nonononono this can't be happening, pleaseno" You whisper-hiss as the man continues to smile.

"God, I'm gonna love breaking this bitch in." He chuckles, spanking you harder and pulling your head up by the hair, taking your panties out of your mouth and tossing them aside, he crushes your lips with his, shoving his tongue down your throat and biting into your lip as you gag.

"Ah ah ah! I think she likes being called a 'Bitch' don't you, darling?"

"Well!?" He pulls away from your mouth to let you talk.

"Go... to hell." You spit out the blood in your mouth into the sink as he grins ear to ear.

"Oh, you little fucking faggot whore, don't you get it." He bites down hard on your neck, leaving a hickey with each new sentence. "You're ass, you're pussy, and these fucking sexy little lips here all belong to us now. You're going to get gangraped so hard, and the best part is you'll enjoy every fucking minute of it because that's just what pretty boys like you are good for."

"Now, let's see if I got this right..." He turns you around and kisses you roughly on the mouth as the other two hold your arms away from your body. "You're going to be our little personal cocksleeve while we're in this city..."

"You gonna teach him how to be a real man, won't you?" You squirm back and forth and start screaming.

"HELP! SOMEBODY! ANYONE! HELP ME PLEASE!" They continue to hold you firm, smiling as one of the other men, Ryan, spanks your thighs.

"Nobody's gonna come help you, bitch. Your in a bathroom, that only other tranny's use, in a gay club, which probably sees men fucking eachother in bathrooms very regularly, during remix night, where the music is going to be loudest. Ain't nobody gonna hear your slutty complaints. But please," He leaned in close, his fingers brushing against your nipples. "Scream for us more, it gets me sooo hard and just makes me want to fuck you more." He takes his finger and runs it over your lips. "Now, tell me. What's a pretty boy like you doing in a place like this?" You tremble as you realize that they planned this. They chose this bathroom, specifically because it locks and people rarely use it. They chose this night because it would be the loudest so nobody would be able to hear you scream. And they chose you because you're so tiny and weak that you couldn't stand a chance against them. They're going to do horrible things to you... You feel fear creeping up, as this plan has worked. You're trapped, and there's no chance of rescue. The 3 of them have you outnumbered and you're terrified.

"Just... tell me what you're going to do to me..." The one who is holding your hands laughs.

"What, are you afraid? You're going to be sooo much fun." He spanks one of your thighs hard, as the other man laughs.

"You wanna know bitch? We're gonna use and breed you, pretty boi, this cunt of yours is so tight it's like a vice around my fingers. I can't wait to feel how it is around my cock."

"Maybe he's a virgin" Chase, the youngest of the men, points out causing them all to start staring you up and down even harder.

"Is that what this is all about?" Drake grins. "You a horny little boy? It's okay if you are..." He starts unbuttoning his fly. "We're gonna take care of that. Wouldn't want you to bust your cherry too soon..." Ryan laughs and takes a longer look at you.

"Everybody lets take a vote," Drake locks eyes with you as he slowly pulls out his giant 10" cock, smirking as your eyes fill with tears. "I personally can't wait to tear his pussy apart."

"Mmm that mouth of his is sooo very filthy, it looks so sweet. Perfect for choking on my fat cock."

"I don't give a shit what anybody else does to him, I just want to be the first one to pound that fat ass of his." As you listen to their plans, you begin to cry. You're scared, and you're unsure of what's going to happen to you. You feel soiled, like your soul is impure somehow.

"Right then. Me first." Drake grins and grabs your arms, pinning them against your back. "Bend over, slut!" He spins you around and bends you over the sink again, spanking your ass hard as he grabs it. "Spread those cheeks, let's get to work."

"nonononono please, please no, I really am a virgin, I'm sorry, I'll leave, just please, don't do this!" The men all start laughing as Drake stands behind you, lining his giant member up to your hole.

"Too late for that, pretty boy."

"No, wait, I-I can get you money, please, anything but this, you can't do this to me!" You try to beg one last time but it's no use.

"Shut up and take it, fucktoy." He laughs as he forces his huge cock into your pussy. You are so tight he can only get it halfway in before he has to pull out and try again, but your pussy is already bleeding all over him. You let out a yelp as he rams into you again and again, each one harder than the last. "Is this what you wanted? You were asking for it. Wearing this tiny skirt and that crop top, you weren't even wearing a bra you fucking cock tease! You've been slutting it up with guys all night, now take this fucking dick in your slutty little pussy, sissy boy!" Drake pulls your hair as he continues to violate your body, as the other men just watch. Occasionally one will grab your arms to keep you in place, or lean in to whisper another degrading comment in your ear. You sob and scream as he yanks your head back by the hair, spanking you hard and riding you like a horse as his friends violate your body even more.

"Ooh yeah baby I can't wait to hear these pathetic cries of yours when you've got a cock in your mouth." Drake grins as he cums deep into your pussy before slowly pulling out, rubbing his cum and your wetness over your clit, fucking your clit hard as your nipples harden under his fingers. Chase pulls your shirt up and starts to nip and bite your nipples. You cry out as you feel yourself moaning from the pleasure. Drake grinned.

"Aww, does baby boy wanna come on daddy's cock now?" You cry out as he suddenly slams back into your pussy, digging his fingers deep into your pussy as he starts pounding you again. You eyes are wide as you scream as he jackhammers your insides, coming right then as you beg him to stop, the overstimulation of his previous fucking and his cock pushing his cum deeper into your womb driving you insane.

"Please! No! It's too much! I'm going to die! Oh my god I'm going to die!" you scream, as Drake grins and spanks your naked body. He pulls your arms back and holds them straight as he uses them to pound into your pussy harder and harder, spanking your big ass and spit on your crack, fingering your ass roughly as he fucks your raw pussy.

"Come for daddy, sissy." He smiles as you feel your womb tighten and clench, as you let out a yelp as you're filled with his baby batter. He cums deep in you a second time, all the cum in your pussy too much as it starts to run down your legs as he pulls out, breathing hard as he backs up to sit on the toilet and rest while the other advance.

"I don't want this pussy so messy." Ryan sneers as he bends down and eats out your ass and pussy, nipping at your clit and making you yelp and moan as his mouth eats out your cunt until most of the come dribbling out is gone. He then takes a butt plug and stuff your pussy with it so no more come will escape. Chase grabbed you by the hair and forced you on your knees, slapping you in the face with his cock. You stare up at him in horror and he grins as Ryan spanks your ass, hooking a finger inside your ass to lift it up higher.

"Better get to it, you're gonna want something to muffle her when I go in." He smirked as he slapped his dick on your crack and slowly moved back and forth so you could feel every inch of his 14" cock. Your eyes bugged wide as you feel your heart pounding.

"W-wait, you can't, that will actually kill me-MM!" Chase grinned as he forced his 12" cock in your mouth. You try to struggle but he holds your head tight as he starts to relentlessly throat-fucking you, anything from 12" to 18" "NN-NN-NN-GLU-GLUL-GLU!" You start choking and gulping frantically, your mascara running down your face as he forces you to look at him and the horny pervert who's about to put his 14" in your tight virgin behind.

"Bitch, you look so cute when you struggle. You gonna be fun when I break you in, make sure you're ready for this sissy."

"MMMM!" You scream and try to fight back but Chase has a tight hold of your hair and arms, his belt tieing your arms up and allowing him to hold the end of the belt in his hands as he holds your skull in place for a rough pounding.

Ryan grins as he spanks your ass. "What do you think, boys, should i fuck this bitch raw?"

"YES!" They both yell in unison. You scream as you're butt is rammed, your eyes bulging out as you're hair is yanked back and your face slapped hard. "OH GOD This is a tight fit" He roars and grabs your hips and forces himself in you. "You're screaming now but I'm only 7 inches in. 7 more to go, faggot." You scream as you feel your rectum stretched to the limit, your tight, clenching around his fat member.

"Ooh yes, take it!" You gag hard as the guy in your mouth slaps your face and continues to feed you his cock. He cums down your throat and stays in your throat. You think at first he just wants you to swallow, but as soon as you do you can feel his dick get harder than even before. Your eyes bulge as you realize he's not going to stop.

"No, please!" You choke out, muffled but he locks eyes with you, smirking as he feels your voice vibrating up his dick and making it harder by the second. "I'm dying here! M-my throat...!" You can feel him start to throb and move his hips slightly as he holds you in place.

"Swallow it. Unless you want my load, in which case your gonna die happy. You. Are. My. property. To do with as I please. Now swallow. You. Fucking. Cunt." You choke as you swallow his huge load. He pulls out of your mouth and a long string of cum follows his cock connecting it to your lips and he rubs your saliva over you face before slamming back into your gullet again.

"Sorry baby, I'm. Still. Harrrd~" You try to scream but there's nothing left. Not even air. All you can do is feel as he fucks your face. "Breathe through your nose." He advises. "Unless you want to suffocate." You quietly cry as you try and do as he says. "Good girl!" He grabs your hair and starts face-fucking you even harder. You feel like your head is going to explode. He moans. "Oooh yeah, your throat is even tighter and when you breath, you dumb slut. Ooh yeah, I can fuck you. Even DEEPER!" HE gasps as he forces his cock balls deep in your throat. You feel as if you're about to pass out as the world turns fuzzy around you. But, as he said, you can just breath through your nose...

"I'm gonna come!" The guy in your ass cries out in ecstasy as he spanks your bouncing ass. "Keep filling her mouth boys, wait till im done." He pulls out of your mouth. You try and scream but he slaps your face hard. "Don't make me gag you! Beg for your life, you filthy little faggot!"


"Not good enough!" Drake laughs as Chase steps back to give him a turn with your throat. Drake brushed your tears away for a moment, his gaze softening briefly as he forced his cock into your mouth, forcing his brother's cum deeper down your throat, making you gag and swallow it anyway as he starts to fuck your throat roughly. "BEG!"

"P-please! M-maybe-MMF P-p-please!" You manage to get out between gasps of air.

"Good girl!" He smiles as he lets you have a full breath before he starts face-fucking you again. You can't take it. You start sobbing. "Don't cry, you're not done yet. I'm just getting started. But first, we have a decision to make..." (I genuinely have no idea what the ai meant by "decision" it never elaborated)  Drake says as he starts face-fucking you. Before you know it, he's coming in your throat. You swallow as best you can. "Good girl, I knew you'd be a good little cocksucker for me!" Drake smiles as he pulls out his hard, thick, sticky, delicious-(you know the drill by now) member. Then.... You hear a buzz... "You kidding me?" Drake asks as he grabs the small black device from where it was ringing in your ear. "It's ringing." He looks at the device and speaks quickly, "Yeah, yeah hold on a second...Hello?" You hear the guy on the other side greet Drake.

"Hey Drake, you ready to go?" Drake turns to you,

"Baby, this is your lucky day. We have business, so" He cuts you free, looking at ryan, "Wrap it up man, we gotta go"

"Ugh, fucking fine." Chase and ryan quickly start pounding your mouth and throat hard and fast, both desperate to release their last loads in you before leaving, pulling your head back as they jackhammer you brutally before cumming deep inside you. You try and scream through the mauling but all that comes out is a whimper, as they finish deep in your mouth and throat. "Bitches always ready, no?" Drake laughs as he and his brother grab their pants from the floor, putting them on. You're barely able to stand.

"Now, bitch." Ryan grab your hair and forces you to look at him. "You never saw us, right?" You nod vigiorusly. "One more thing," Chase grinned as he knelt down. "We'll be back for you again unless you can give me someone else to use instead of you" He grabs your chin, forcing you to look at him. "When we come back for you, I want you to be nice and wet for us. Understand?" Your so broken you're nearly in tears again, but you nod vigorously, you body aching as you can feel cum dribbling out of your ass. He gives your face a hard kiss, before letting you go.

"Use that tongue for later baby." Drake laughs as he and his brother leave the room.

"Oh, right, almost forgot," Ryan reached into your pussy and pulled out the plug he'd stashed in there. "Good luck with the pregnancy. I'll be keeping these." He dangles your panties in front of your face before slipping them into his pocket and leaving.  You slump to the ground, sobbing. You're so far past broken you don't know how to keep going. You just do...

(Soooo yeah, that was that. I know, it was pretty bad but let me know if anyone actually liked anything about this and maybe I'll write something more complete and structured next time! Again, if this type of thing is wrong or I've done anything wrong, just let me know and I can delete it, or ask the mods first ig if I can and then delete ^v^ Take care, luvs! Thanks for reading!