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Jessie's Induction
« on: September 27, 2020, 12:54:12 PM »
Jessie was relieved to get home from soccer practice. No one else was there yet, so she left a trail of wet clothes from the front door up to the bathroom. The cold rain had soaked her good. Now she stood under the steaming hot shower, letting the water streams warm her back up. She was just about done when the bathroom door burst open and her brother Mike barged in.

“Hey, being used!” she yelled from behind the curtain only for him to yank it open.

“Don’t tell me about your day, just listen up,” Mike said. Jessie let out a squeal and tried to pull the curtain shut. Worse still was that he wasn’t alone. His friends Josh and Craig were with him. She knew them both well, as Craig was her friend Trish’s brother, and Josh was the guy she had a major crush on. But that didn’t mean she wanted to parade around naked for him.

“Get out!” she screamed, clutching her hands over her body as well as she could while still grabbing the shower curtain. “Fucking pervs!”

“Jailbait. Listen, the rents want you to go over to Trish’s house as soon as you’ve freshened up. Like, soon.”

“Okay, okay! Now get out!” Jessie yelled.

“Bye, Jessie,” the other two boys said as the three of them retreated. She slammed the curtain closed and finished rinsing off. She tried to be madder, but Josh’s smile made it hard to be angry. It was more than a little exciting. If only her pervy brother hadn’t been there. And Craig. She finished and dried herself off before running to her room, towel wrapped around her slim body in case the boys were lurking. She saw no sign of them. Finally she dressed herself and put on a coat. She wondered why her parents wanted her at Trish’s house. She’d find out soon enough, though, since they lived next door, just a hundred feet away through the woods. She rang the back doorbell.

“Oh, hi there Jessie,” Trish’s mom said, opening the door.

“Hello, Mrs. Baxter,” Jessie replied. “Mike told me you all were looking for me or something. Is Trish around?”

“Oh, yes. She’s upstairs right now. But we wanted to see you first. Come on in.” Jessie took her coat off and went into the living room where she found that Mr. Baxter was already seated.

“Ah, Jessica, so nice to see you,” he said.

“Hello, Mr. Baxter,” she said. A moment later Mrs. Baxter followed her in with a tall glass of ice water.

“Here you are, dear. Now, you’re wondering why Charles and Meg wanted you to come over here, no doubt.”

“Yeah, kind of.”

“We’ll just let them explain a bit first, shall we?” she said, holding a DVD and popping it into the player. The image came up with her parents sitting with the Baxters in the same living room she was standing in right then.

“Hi Jessie,” her mother said.

“Hi there, pumpkin,” her dad added.

“We thought it would be easiest if we weren’t around today,” her mom continued. “That way what the Baxters and Trish and other are going to tell you will be easiest to handle. Just so you know, we’re probably at home now that you’ve left the house. If anything gets too intense for you, you can always come right home. But we hope you’ll keep an open mind and understand that we’ve always trusted you to grow up properly. We’ve never treated you as being younger than you are, and think you are perfectly capable of handling adult-like situations with ease. So just listen to what everyone says and trust yourself to act for the best.”

“That was weird,” Jessie said, looking suspiciously at the Baxters. “What’s going on? What did you want to tell me?”

“Oh, it’s not us,” Mr. Baxter said.

“Yes, we’ll just be around, in the house, to make sure nothing gets out of hand,” Mrs. Baxter added. “Trish will actually do the explaining. We just wanted you to see the video. She’s upstairs.”

“In her room?”

“Oh, no, she’s in the attic suite,” Mrs. Baxter said. That was odd. The attic was strictly off limits and locked. Jessie had never been there, and Trish supposedly didn’t know what was up there either. “You know the way. It’s unlocked. Go on in.”

“Okay. Thanks,” Jessie said, taking a long drink from her glass of water before heading upstairs. Climbing the last stairs was odd. She was convinced that she’d be yelled at like she and Trish and other friends usually had been over the years when they got too close. The door loomed over her like a magical portal. As if saying ‘open sesame’ would be needed to break its seal. But she saw that there was light coming from under the door, rare enough as that was. She almost knocked, but Mrs. Baxter had said to just go on in. So she did. She gingerly turned the handle and pushed the door open. Her eyes widened like saucers as she saw what was in there.

There was Trish, her best friend, older by less than a year, tied up hand and foot, kneeling, and completely naked. And standing over her was Mike. He had a fiendish grin on his face. “Hey there, jailbait. What’s cooking?”

“Wha… Huh? What’s going on! Untie her you fucking pervert!” Jessie nearly screamed.

“Now, Jessie, just calm down,” Trish said. “I’m here by choice. Mike is my secret boyfriend. Was. Not so secret now. We didn’t want to upset you.”

“I did,” Mike said.

“Whatever. We practice safe sex, but it’s also bondage sex. Mike ties me up like this, or in some other position, or uses chains, or whatever. But when we have sex I’m always completely helpless. He controls everything.”

“Oh, no, no, this is freaking unreal!” Jessie cried. “I’m not listening to this! Why would you even want to show this to me!” She turned and fled down the stairs, but not before catching a glimpse of Mike grabbing Trish’s hair and pulling her face towards his crotch. She fled past the Baxters before they could say anything and ran into the rainy woods. But she didn’t go home. She could see her parent’s cars there. Both of them. They really were home, so she couldn’t face them. She just stopped in the woods, and finally turned right and walked off the path, up the mountain. She knew it well, even in fading light, having grown up there. Soon she was out of view of all houses. She stopped and sat down on a log to cry. It was too much to see at once. The bondage, maybe she could handle that news. But her brother and her best friend.

“Hey there.” Jessie nearly jumped out of her skin. She had been followed! But she looked up and saw it was Josh, and she couldn’t help but smile. “You look unhappy.”

“It, you wouldn’t believe it!”

“Sure I would. Do you think Mike just ditched us after telling you to go next door?”

“Then, you know?”

“About Mike and Trish. Yeah, he bragged to all his friends. And your rents. Everyone knew but you. I think it was douchy to leave you out, but whatever.”

“Oh god!”

“So you’re not looking to get laid?” he asked.

“Not to Trish’s brother! Not to Craig!”

“Craig’s banging Ashley Rhett. Has been for months.”


“Me, silly. I was going to deflower you. Hopefully while you were tied up, but that’s up to you, more or less.”

“You, ah, me, heh heh!” she laughed nervously.

“And I hate to get my hopes up just be dashed like that, you know,” he added.

“So, heh, you want me, and you, like, today?”

“I was thinking of right now.”

“What? Here?”

“Yeah. Why not? It will be memorable. Go ahead and get undressed. You’re really cute, and I want to see you naked, Jessie.”

Her mouth gaping open, she wasn’t sure how to reply to that. But he was her crush, and popular and likable. It seemed right enough. Since she was already wet from the rain, she began by pulling off her sweater. A strip tease it wasn’t, but she pulled off each clothing item in turn, from her sweater and shirt, and then shoes and socks, and pants. She stood there in just her panties, grinning foolishly, and finally pulled them down and off. She stood there, rain falling all over her, stark naked, giggling. She’d never felt such a powerful rush of emotions, from giddiness to gut-wrenching nervousness. She grinned and shifted her weight back and forth from one foot to the other.

Josh smiled and leaned down to kiss her, once, softly, making her nearly melt. “You’re even prettier naked than I thought, and that’s saying something.”

“Really? Me?” she asked.

“Oh yeah. Everyone knows you’re cute. They just don’t expect you to respond to them. They think you’re not cool. That you don’t want to have a good time.”

“I like a good time!” she protested.

“I know that. We’re here, now, right? You’re naked, and letting me have fun with you. You’re not saying no to me, or making a bunch of excuses to not like me, right? You’re totally cool.”

“Yeah,” she said, lacking any other reply.

“Come on, lie down on the log, on your back. I want to tie you up.”

“You, wait, what? Tie me up?”

“Sure. Like Trish does. Like everyone is doing these days. Bondage is the new kissing.”

“I, uh, um, I haven’t heard that,” Jessie mumbled, getting scared now, but still not wanting to stop. Not when Josh was talking to her, and she was naked. “Why? I didn’t do anything to you.”

“You don’t need to misbehave to be punished!” Josh laughed. “Oh, wow. No, you’ve got it all wrong. You get punished as part of the fun. Like, you’re a naughty, naughty bad girl, and now you need to take your punishment, right? It’s erotic. Trust me. Trish loves it, according to Mike, and he’s not going to lie to me. Hell, Trish got herself all tied up and naked just so she could talk to you about it. Doesn’t that tell you how cool it is?”

“I, um, I guess,” Jessie said. The thought of having Josh in total control over her. While she was naked. She already felt an exhilarating quivering in her belly just being totally naked in front of him. Tied up. That would be something else. “How much? How about just my hands, okay?”

Josh turned away in disgust. “Wow. I really thought you were cooler than that. Or even smarter! When I kissed you, did you say ‘whoa, just kiss one lip. Leave the lower one alone’? Maybe I’m wrong. It’s cool, Jessie. Don’t worry. It’s my fault. I won’t spread it around.” He started to pick up his pack.

“No! Wait!” Jessie cried. “Don’t leave. Please. Stay here. Tie me however you want. I trust you.”

“So no more of this halfway stuff? You’re not going to repeat it the next time I surprise you with something?”

“No! I’ll just do what you want. I trust you. You’re not going to really harm me. I trust you. Do whatever you want. Tie me down if you want. Just don’t leave. Please!”

“Okay. But you have to mean it. No more stopping me. Because that kills the mood, and I think we’ve got something special here.”

“I won’t stop you. No matter what!”

He smiled and she melted a little. “That’s what I thought. You just got a little scared, that’s all. But that’s good. Bondage is scary. But it’s like a scary movie. You do it to be scared. It’s part of the fun.”

“Yeah, it is fun. I am scared, and it’s fun,” Jessie said. She laid herself down on the log and wrapped her arms around the back of it. Josh came prepared. He had rope at the ready and soon hand her wrists bound firmly. They didn’t touch. It was a wide log. But they were bound together and she wasn’t lifting either of them away. The rain continued to pour down on Jessie as he moved to her legs. She was almost hyperventilating as he parted them, exposing her slit and little folds in front of his face as he crouched down to tie her feet wrapped around the log as far as they went. She couldn’t remember even imagining it was possible to feel so vulnerable and helpless.

But now Josh stood over her, smiling down, still fully dressed and covered in a raincoat even. While she was soaked and her discarded clothes got more soaked. She felt the quivering from her sex. She’d felt it before, in private, when her thoughts wandered. That was nothing.

“Now you trust me, right?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she gasped. What did he have in mind now? She didn’t expect it was her panties. Wadded up, he pushed her worn panties into her mouth and then used more rope to tie loops around her neck and mouth to keep them there.

“You don’t need to say anything more, Jessie,” he said as she stared up at him, bug-eyed. “What happens now, happens.” He leaned in and sniffed her face, her mouth, long and hard. “Mm. Too bad you already showered. The ones you wore to practice would have been better.”

Jessie wrinkled her nose. What a gross idea! What a gross, humiliating, and maybe not such a bad idea. But it wasn’t to be. At least not that day.

Josh began running his fingers over her body. Lightly. Teasing. He didn’t focus in on her cunt or breasts right away, though they did get more attention than other parts. Still, his touch, combined with the rain, had her in desperate straits soon enough. It was just touching, but it felt really good. And right. She could just relax and let it happen to her.

“Shit, I can’t wait,” he said. She wondered what was next. Sex. Probably. Would he get undressed. Aside from that utterly unwanted image of Mike doing Trish a little while ago, she hadn’t seen a naked guy in person ever. But it looked like she still wouldn’t. Not yet.

John swung one leg up and over her and the log, straddling them. His rain coat covered up her thighs and waist a bit. She saw him fumbling around under the coat and soon she felt someone touching her vagina. Warm. Stiff. Not a finger. It had to be his cock. She couldn’t see it, but she could feel it sliding along her outside, along her wet, soaked body. His fingers were there too, guiding it. Pressing his cock to her opening, harder. It was such a little opening. She wondered if he could make it.

But that was soon a lost though. She felt the tip of it pressing inward. “This is going to hurt a little,” he said.

“I know,” she said, muffled by her panties. She’d literally forgotten she couldn’t talk. Wasn’t allowed to talk. But she could moan, and even squeal. He pushed harder against her, and it did hurt as he broke the maidenhead. Her body tensed up from head to toe. She was bound and being hurt. She couldn’t help it. But it soon passed as Josh pushed his cock up and into her. It was a strange filling sensation. It felt weird, but right. And then he began the sliding.

Jessie knew, from talking to other girls, two facts about sex that were absolutely, inviolably true, depending on who said them. One. Sex was not, in the end, very much fun. Boys liked it, so girls put up with it. It felt, at best, like rubbing soap on your elbow for three or four minutes. Two. Sex was so awesome and it was a lie that girls didn’t like it. Girls were, in fact, wired different and better and could like it a hundred times more than boys. If it weren’t for the cultural taboo, girls could really come out.

Now, being sexed, being fucked, Jessie was inclined towards the second one. When his shaft slid along and rubbed against her special spot she’d discovered a while back, that was as close to heaven as she could guess. He thrust hard and fast, though. Too fast, really. She screamed into her panty gag but had no way to tell him to slow down a little. She strained, pulling at her bonds as the sensation from her clit promised to give her joy and hell all at once. But it wasn’t for long. He stopped, buried deep in her. She felt extra warmth, deep. So, that was the cum. She knew about it. From health class. Now it was real.

She lay there quivering. From cold. But also from more. It was, interesting. Good, more or less. She knew about orgasm. But she wasn’t sure. She was pretty sure she hadn’t had one. She hadn’t ever played long enough with her special spot, and now she didn’t know. Not yet.

Josh finally pulled out, after getting soft in her. She felt him zipping up and getting off her. Now he was standing over her again, smiling wide. She was still naked and tied to the log.

“Wow, that was really fun, Jessie,” he said. “You’re going to make a great girlfriend.” Now Jessie blushed, not that the rain didn’t hide it. She was his girlfriend? Really? Really!

“Alright. Hey, you want to know what’s a fun part of bondage?” he asked with a grin she didn’t trust. She shook her head no. “It’s getting yourself free,” he said. “I’ll catch you later.” He began to walk away.

“No!” she screamed into her panties. She struggled at the ropes but she’d already fought them. She couldn’t get out on her own. Ever. Josh was out of sight and there was virtually no daylight left. Was he actually going to leave here there!

“Hey, just fucking with you,” he said, stepping back into view. He started by untying her gag and removing it.

“That wasn’t funny, you jerk!” she snapped.

“It was kind of funny,” he said. He began working at the ropes holding her hands. “Wow, you really pulled these tight.”

“You were mean to me!”

“I was not.” He got her hands free. She awkwardly sat up as he worked her feet.

“So,” he asked, “Was it really good?”

“Oh, really good? Not even, was it good? It had to be really good?” she asked.

“Uh, yes.”

“I think I enjoyed it,” she said coyly. “And they say the first time should be memorable. I’m not going to forget this!”

He got her legs untied, allowing her to stand. Wobbly, but she did stand up. She looked over at her pile of soaked and now muddy clothing. A stream of runoff had formed flowing around it. She held up her shirt. “Wow, what’s the point?”

“Your parents are home.”

“Yeah. Well, they knew about this.”

Josh gathered up her panties and put them in his pocket. Jessie just laughed. “Go ahead. You’re such a guy!”

“You know it, babe. Come on, I’ll walk you home.”

They left the dark woods and stood at the edge of her lawn. “See you in school tomorrow?”

“Yeah,” she said. She wondered how many people would know Josh banged her. Tied her up and banged her, even. She wasn’t sure she even cared. Now she faced her house, naked. She just didn’t want to put the dirty, soaked clothes back on. Not even her coat, chilly as it was out. Well, her parents sent her out to get laid, they could just deal with seeing their little girl naked. She barged in the front door. “I’m home!” she announced loudly.
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