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The Merging
« on: September 27, 2020, 12:42:05 PM »
     The Giant Octopus named Octo, had no idea what possessed him, nor that he was even a "he" for that matter.  He had no idea what a "He" actually was, till a brilliant bit of hot, sharp metal from an exploding surface dweller vessel,  hit him in the back of his large bulbous head. During that period there was much noise and rage in the skyies above him and in the seas below. Strange and massive metal sharks and fishes fought for dominance of the oceans while Octo's life passed. He continued to hunt and fish. Hiding, sleeping and breeding with others of his kind, but as they died off, he became aware he was quite alone, and quite old, at least for his species. Though he had no sense of time, he gradually acquired a wisdom of his surroundings and distances he travelled. On occasion he would come across some of his offspring, who also got old. He did not know he was self aware, but he knew what it meant and what it meant to think of other things besides basic challenges of surviving and hunting. One day he had travelled to the Med and was enjoying it's bright sun heated waters. Moments later he came across a surface being that lived above water. He searched his mind and remembered that the metal shard logged in his temple gave him unfounded wisdom. looking closer at this "Creature" he realized that she was a "Wo-man" or "Feeemayal". As he got closer to her he saw that she had no weapons on her other than a small blade or knife strapped to her leg. Hmmm he thought. She was unaware of his presence, but as he got closer to her body gave off a smell even underwater, like most fish or sharks. NO it wasn't a food smell it was something far more powerful and more intoxicating!

As Octo Swam closer his mind screamed YES, get closer, closer go faster swim faster toward her and see if you can catch her. Silently and swiftly the Giant Mollusc envisioned catching her like prey but NOT eating or biting her. Silently the sea creature he was persuing was close enough, for his to silently go above her. His two hearts beating faster and faster. Without effort he got behind her and his massive tentacles now entrapped the female. Her scent excited him and he could feel regions of his body coming to life and becoming engorged. Still unaware of him the young snorkeler woman suddenly felt restrained by soft yet firm bounds. Her legs and body were now entrapped by tentacles, and she looked in horror as the Octopus got closer. His tentacles now began to remove her top and bottom garments. She spun around in terror and her mind screamed. FK -LET ME GO, DAM YOU GET OFF MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!. With her bikini removed and floating to the bottom of the sea floor, Octo now moved his main body to the two rear openings of the female diver. Her screams filled his mind, and his ancient wisdom now told him to move a smaller tentacle close to her throat and slowly begin to wrap itself around her neck. He could sense her desperation. Stop screamed her mind - AIR, NEED AIR. Octo quickly realized this being needed to breath and quickly slid a smaller tentacle into her mouth. Open her mouth, said the ancient sounding voice that filled her head. The smaller tentacle continued to tighten. When I tell you to, open your mouth I will give you the means to breath, he said. The horrified female nodded and Octo understand that SHE in fact knew what he intended. loosening the smaller appendage - he ordered now and quickly she opened her mouth. Suddenly a thicker tentacle slid into her mouth. Now breath, and don't let got. I can provide you with life giving air but you must believe. She nodded again and slowly, like having a scuba reg in her mouth she took in great gulps of air and it felt wonderful.

Thank you, God thank you her mind whispered to him. I have saved you, now you must accept what I will begin to do. If you do not yield I will begin to cut off your air and chock you, do you understand. Yes screamed her mind, but, but. Then she heard him ease her mind, accept. She now took long slow breaths as she did, she felt various tentacles moving all around her now nude body. They encircled her breasts and milked them, while at the same time smaller tentacles near her Glutes began to be caressed by the thinner appendages. Her nerve endings shuddered and quacked. Slowly her heart rate increased. She was like a string puppet to Octo and he ensured that her arms and legs were still secured by his numerous arms. Relax, relax JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJean whispered Octo. How, how do you know who I am? I am reading you minds, seeing your memories JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJean. Now Octo began to insert himself into her two main openings. The Puckered coin of her anus and the warm pink petals in front of her birth channel. She would now feel the Mollusc filling her with his hot tendrils. She gasped and writhed now as her puppetmaster played her and teased her toward nirvana. Yes YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES, AWWWWWWWWWWW PLEASE DON'T STOP. He could read the fire and burning embers of her wild thoughs mind pictures formed of Jean floating in celestial pools of clear warm and hands and fingers exploring every feminine part of her. Octo undulated and wreithed with her. Their bodies merging and undulating in weightless inner space. His smooth merging body felt wonderous to the young snorkeler. Still securely trapped in his sensual gripe, he brought his large head closer to her. Taking in his life giving air she gazed into his large clear eyes which now changed colour over and over, purples, red, Organge, neon green. Octo, are you an Alien. Jean whispered? No JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJean I am from this planet, but I am OOOOOOOOOLD, very very old. He continued to pleasure Jeans insides and outsides. Upwards, up and up and up moved his thinner and ticker tentacles. Jean moaned hungrily. USSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSE MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE OCTO, USE ME, UUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGHHHH!! Go into my womb and fill me, fill me YESSSSSSSS!!

Hours passed in this under water heaven for Jean. Both she and Octo orgasmed repeatedly and endlessly. Mind numbing, body shattering organisms that made them quack and shudder for endless minutes on end. Stay with me Octo, NEVER, EVER left me forget this magic or this JOY PLEASE DEAR OCTO. Schhhhhh one more so that we will both never forget. She dangled like a puppet held up by his many appendages. Octo please BURN your being into my soul, always be with me Octo ALWAYS. Her mind and body now shuddered violently as Octo released ages of semen deep upwards into Jeans womb. As she screamed his name for the last time it was like she fell backward off a cliff and was plunging deeper ever deeper into dark warm inviting abysses. Her body relaxed and her eyes now wide open, she came to on a smooth ocean eroded flat, smooth rock. She heard sea birds and seagulls, and Cormorants. The sound of a fog horn. She was surprised to find herself where she had entered the water. She ached though, and when she tried standing up her legs gave out from underneath her. Looking into the crashing waves she smiled joyous and grabbed her fins. Thank you Octo - THANK YOU she whispered....

I have always loved Frogwomen, in vintage dive gear.  They are Hot, sensuous and deadly that is why I will never get tired of drawing them, nor writing sexual stories about them!