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Disclaimer: This is a work of satirical, fantasy, fiction. It is only a work of fiction. It is pure fantasy. I am in no way endorsing real rape, kidnapping or crimes of any kind. I have never done any such thing, and in “real life” they are real crimes with real victims who are harmed. This is produced with the idea that these fantasies are pleasureable for those who enjoy the FANTASY. They are not meant to cause harm or distress. Any depictions of celebrities are satirical only and for entertainment purposes and should not be taken as an endorsement of any physical abuse, rape or other criminal act. Pictures included are thought to be public domain and used for visual reference only (and can be removed if requested). If you are offended by dark sexual fantasy and erotica, rape and abuse, kidnapping or other taboo themes, please do not read. If you are under the age of 18 or in a location where such material is not permitted - do not read.

Background: This is part of an ongoing fantasy world that I write stories in. More of these stories and a blog are available at It is private however and you will need to request access, otherwise it is entirely free. Please remember the above disclaimer applies to all content there in.

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This is the second part of an ongoing story that will evolve to have more rape/taboo - this particular chapter is consensual, but given the Lesbian theme I thought it good to put here.

Part 1 can be found here:

The Spoils of War - Part 2

The Warrior & The Princess

Hali knelt quietly before the Emperor and Princess, her head down and hands on her lap. She had been in the guard for two months and it was everything she had hoped. Just being in his presence made her feel powerful. And when not on duty, she was treated well. Slaves brought her food, wine, and pleasured her when she demanded. When training she fought alongside the greatest warriors in the Empire. She felt as if she belonged, but even that was not what had truly enamored her to life in the palace.

After her initial encounter with the Emperor, there many others over that first week. As it turned out, Ziax had a thing for redheads, curly ones at that and so she was an instant favorite of his. Often she would be used by him and the Empress together, something Hali came to enjoy. The empress was strong, and powerful and enjoyed pushing Hali (and any woman she used) to her limits.
The Warrior & The PrincessBeing a favorite of the emperor and empress was not without its own challenges. She was envied by many of the Jin'Dai, some of whom had only been used once or twice by the Emperor. Only the High Mistress, Wendy, seemed to not care, even though Hali was used for pleasure more often than the mistress herself. Wendy was proud of her, and found enjoyment in her success with the court. And besides, once the emperor was done, she would often go to Wendy's chambers and they would share in the power together.

A month after she was raised to be a maiden, the Emperor called for her to come to his chambers. She went at once to find him with the princess. Mikaela was the true daughter of the Emperor and Empress. She shared their dark hair and eyes, and rumor has it, their dark lusts as well. She was sixteen and her body was that of a womans. She was small, like her mother and stood over a foot below her father.  That day she wore a black gown that showed off her small but well formed breasts. Her gaze was intense and powerful as she watched the Jin'dai enter. Both were silent. A nod from the emperor made clear she was expected to kneel before them and she did just that.

"So you are the Jin'dai my father has been fucking so much," Mikaela said bluntly. Hali was surprised at her brashness, especially in front of the Emperor. "Don't be shy girl," she continued, "I may be the 'princess' but I'm no prude. He fucks me too you know." The princess laughed as she ran her hand along her fathers leg, leaning against him to rub his cock through his pants. Hali was a bit surprised at her brashness, even the Empress was deferential before her husband. Hali had heard rumors of how he spoiled his daughter despite her rebelious side, but had not expected quite expected this.

Ziax tuned and kissed his daughter as she groped him, his own hand reaching down to rub her clit through her skirts as their tongues intertwined. Mikaela shifted her gaze to stare directly at Hali as her father kissed her neck. The power of the two was palpable and Hali almost began to orgasm from just being in their presence as they fondled one another but as she felt her desire building, the Emperor gently pushed his daughter away. "Now now my princess, we will indulged later," he told the girl, making her pout slightly before grinning in delight.  "As for you Hali," I have a command for you.

"Whatever you wish my lord and emperor," she bowed her head, still kneeling.

"My daughter," he began, "is growing quite powerful as you can tell. She also has a tendency to be quite... independent. She wanders off in the valley looking for adventures and what not," he explained. The princess started to speak up but a look from the emperor kept her silent. "She needs to learn to fight," he said to her, "and I want you to train her. She is no Jin'dai, but she is strong and powerful in the d'ala-ki, and so I think she will learn quickly." Hali was not sure what to think, this was surely an honor but the princess... she was an unknown. She was notorious for being capricious as well as sinister at times. She was concerned that not only would she fail to train her because of her flightiness and lack of discipline, but that she would then suffer for it. And what if she harmed the girl? Would she be punished? Executed? Would the girl just take it upon herself to kill her? What if the princess commanded her to do things.

He must have sensed all of her doubts because the Emperor spoke up, "I have made it clear to the princess that you are not hers to command. Nor are you responsible for protecting her beyond your normal duties. And if in the course of training she is hurt... that is understandable. I have confidence that you can avoid doing any permanent damage. She is, during your sessions, your trainee.

"And then I may ask sir," she took her work seriously and was not going avoid the difficult questions, "if I feel she needs physical punishment to impart the training?"

"Then she will submit to it," he answered with no hesitation. And oddly, the princess nodded.

"I will take all you offer maiden," she declared, "I am looking forward to it." She was strangely serious. And seemed almost eager at the thought of the training. Perhaps the little princess enjoyed pain as much as she enjoyed causing it. Hali was beginning to rethink her attitude toward the girl.

Both girls spun and turned with the bladed yajak in one hand, panting and grunting as they parried and dodged the deadly weapons. They were clothed in the traditional tight fitting leather tunic and skirts of the Jin'dai. Hali wore the silver trimmed gray consistent with her position as High Maiden of the Jin'dai Guard. The princess on the other hand, wore an all black ensemble she had chosen herself. It suited her position and stature in the court - as she was well known as a force to be feared. Daughter to the Emperor and Empress she had a quick temper and rather intense tastes. Indeed when Hali had started training her she assumed she would be a... brat, for lack of a better word, but she had been surprised.

Mikaela was not only disciplined and intent when she needed to be; she was strong, athletic and a quick learner. She practiced incessantly, and already had attained a level that would surpass some similarly experienced Jin'dai.

Their bond had grown over the course of the month or so they had been training. With the princess more than once teasing the Jin'dai with a soft kiss or a gentle caress along her breasts. She complemented her frequently on her tight red curls, always making a point to bring up her father and how much he enjoyed fucking the Jin'dai. Generall this was followed by Mikaela's very vivid descriptions of her own personal sessions with her father. Hali prided herself on toughness but she had to admit, Mikaela was more than capable of making her blush.

So it isn't like Hali had ever felt a sense of desire and arrousal around the young princess, but she certainly thought it was under control. Yet that day, in the midst of training, something came over her...

What happened next, Hali would play over in her mind again and again in the coming months. It all happened so quick, and she would never fully be able to explain what came over her. The intensity of training and her growing respect for the princess certainly had something to do with it. Certainly she had become bolder since her promotion, but she would always wonder if perhaps Mikaela used her power on her. The princess was known to have some Mistani ability... could that be the explanation? Countless times after when Hali asked however, Mikaela would deny doing anything.

During that session, Hali had delivered a powerful strike against the princess, knocking her yajak across the room before shoving the shaft of her own staff against her chest hard, knocking her to the ground. Hali came to stand over her, looking down at the princess as she lie there, body glistening with sweat and her breasts heaving in the tight leather tunic. And as Hali let down her own guard as she stood there and that's when Mikaela used her leg to sweep Hali's legs out from under her. She dropped her staff as she went down and caught herself as she came down right on top of the princess.

And there they were, warrior and princess, inches from one another. Blood racing, sweat dripping, breath panting... a moment so intense and raw. They say that fighting together bonds warrior sisters, that they begin to feel one another through the power of the dala'ki. Hali had certainly felt a bond forming with the princess, but this was different. In that moment, her blood was on fire, her heart was pounding and she could think of only one thing - how bad she WANTED this princess. And so, she grabbed the girl's wrists and pinned her to the mat as she kissed her deeply and passionately. She had acted without thinking, overcome by the intense sexuality of the Emperor's daughter.

As she did this - pinning the young princess to the ground and feasting on her lips, neck and tits - she thought for sure it would be the end of her, but the hunger and desire she felt was so intense that she did not care. Hungrily, she ran her lips and tongue along her neck and ear hungrily, biting at her ear before licking the soft curves of the tops of her breasts. She was hungry, passionate, overcome in a way that she had never felt before.

And in that moment, as she thought that surely she would be executed for attacking the princess in this way, she realized that the princess was kissing her back. She felt Mikaela's legs wrap around her and pull her closer their hips grinding together as she could feel the sexual energies from her cunt pulsating wildly.

The two women began to grind against each other harder, grunting, moaning and panting as they kissed, sucked, licked and gyrated against one another. Hali tore open the princesses tunic to bare her tits and feasted on the as Mikaela yanked hard at her hair. Hali could sense the throbbing power of the princesses womanhood as she felt her own pussy grow wetter. The ache of the her desire was intense, and she pressed her body harder against the princess, grinding desperately. After feasting on one another's neck and tits, Hali felt Mikaela guiding her head lower even as she lifted the leather skirt. Hali obliged, lowering her head as she pushed aside the thin panties the princess wore and ran her tongue along her throbbing, powerful clit.

The taste of the princess was beyond intoxicating as her juices flowed through the Jin'dai's body, setting her blood and mind on fire. The princess gasped in pleasure, letting out a long groan.

"Yes," the princess moaned, "yes my high maiden whore... feast on the power of your princess' sex... worship me, devour me, consume my power as my gift to you even as you give yourself to me." The words were filled with power and energy as she probed the princess deeper with her tongue, rubbing her pulsating clit as her tongue worked up and down her pussy, devouring every drop of her. Hali's mind was reeling from the pleasure of it all - she could not get enough of her juices as she feasted on her. Every drop was power and she wanted it all.

"Oh fuck yes my Jin'dai pet," the princess groaned as she grabbed Hali's thigh and helped the warrior straddle her face. Gripping the guardian by the ass, Mikaela pulled her face against the warrior's clit and pussy and began to lick, suck and devour her with a wild hunger. Hali let out a scream that she felt vibrate against her own pussy as the girl first began to probe her and Mikaela responded with a deep groan of her own.

And there they lay, gyrating, twisting, licking and sucking at one another. Moans and screams, muffled from their faces being pressed into one another's cunts filled the chamber. Mikaela's tongue danced along the clit and pussy of the guardian, driving her toward a powerful orgasm while Hali was desperately devouring every drop of the princess she could consume. The power in the room - the sexual energy of the d'ala-ki was intense. Hali could sense the circle of power they created through this bonding and she could feel the princess' thoughts. Together they continue to lick rapidly at one anothers clits, driving their tongue deep into their pussies again and again. Tongue fucking each other hungrily, desperately, each wanting to feel and taste the other girl's orgasm.

And after what seemed like a beautiful eternity, filled with some of the most intense pleasure that either girl had ever know - they both came.

As they came, they shooked and tensed in a wild frenzy of orgasm and hunger. Each shaking with a powerul orgasm while trying desperately to consume every drop of the other's juices. Later, slaves elsewhere in the palace would say that they felt the power of that combined orgasm on that day, some dropping to their knees to feel that same orgasm themselves.

Hali fell back off the girl, satiated, pleasured and exhausted. The princess laughed in utter delight as her body trembled with the remnants of her orgasm.

Turning to the warrior, she kissed her, her hands sliding along the toned woman's legs and thigh. Pushing aside the sweat soaked red curls, Mikaela ran her tongue around the curve of Hali's ear and whispered.

"I think I need more training my guardian love," before beginning to run the Jin'dai's clit with her hand, smiling as the redhead closed her eyes in pleasure. "A lot more."

To be continued...

Lord Ziax
Emperor of the Sindaran Empire